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Africa Association, Ltd. He is a Director of
the Federation Syndicate, Ltd., Orangia Main
Reef, Ltd., New Transvaal Coy., Ltd., Jooste
Claims Syndicate, Ltd., New Options Syndicate,
Ltd., East Band Gold Mine, and Alternate
Director of The Premier Transvaal Diamond
Mining Coy., Ltd. His recreations are the study
of geology and economics. Mr. Bleloch was
married on July 11, 1901.

SIE, R.N., Orders of the Osmanieh (3rd class) and
Medjidieh (3rd class) ; of Alexandria, Egypt ;
5, Stanley PL, Chester ; and of the United
Service and Pall Mall Clubs, was born at Steven-
age, Herts. Mch. 3, 1835. He is son of the late
Rev. G. B. Blomfiekl, Rector of Stevenage and
Canon of Chester Cathedral, whose brother was
Bishop of London from 1828 to 1856, his mother
having been Frances Maria, dau. of the Rev.
Richard Massie, of Coddington, Cheshire. The
present admiral was educated at the Rev. Jn.
Seager's Private Classical Sch., at Stevenage,
and entering the R.N. served throughout the
Crimea as Mid-Mate and Lieut, of H.M.S.
Agamemnon and Royal Albert, flagship of Sir
Edmund Lyons ; was Mate of 1st launch of the
Royal Albert, in the Azoff Expedition in 1855 ; and
Capt. W. R. Mends, who commanded both these
ships from 1853 to 1857, on giving up the com-
mand certified that " Lieut. Blomfield is dis-
tinguished for patience and coolness in a moment
of trial. I have had a good opportunity of
judging of the qualifications of officers during
the war, and Lieut. Blornfield's are of a high
order." (Crimean medals, Sebastopol, and Azoff
clasps). Lieut. Blomfield was on board H.M.S.
Hero conveying his present Majesty, when
Prince of Wales, representing the Queen, to
the British American Colonies and U.S.A.,
and back to Eng. in 1 860. He was selected as
Commander of H.M.S. Agincourt when the
Admiralty flag was first hoisted ; in Executive
command of the Channel and Reserve Squadrons
in Apr., 1869 ; was mem. of the Admiralty
Confidential Torpedo Committee from May 23,
1873, to July 28, 1876. As Capt., at the request

of Khedive Ismail, the Admiralty appointed
him Controller of the Port of Alexandria in
Aug., 1878, and he held that post from May 19,
1879, to July 1, 1901, since which date he has
been Controller-Gen, of Egyptian Ports and
Lighthouses. The Order of the Medjidieh
(3rd cl.) was conferred upon him in Aug., 1883,
and he received the Egyptian war medal, with
Alexandria clasp, and the Egyptian star for
services rendered to the British and Egyptian
Govts. during the events of 1882. He was
present during the bombardment of Alexandria
on board H.M.S. Invincible, by invitation of the
C.I.C., Sir B. Seymour, and landed with the party
under the commander of H.M.S. Monarch to
take possession of the forts and town on the
morning of July, 13. Adm. Blomfield received
an official letter from H.M. Principal Secy, of
State for Foreign Affairs, expressing the ap-
preciation of H.M. Govt. for the valuable
services rendered by him to the Expeditionary
Force in Egypt during the campaign of 1882,
and for the zeal and ability with which he
served his country during the operations. He
married, July 3, 1877, Rosamond Selina, dau.
of the late Rt. Rev. C. Graves, D.D., Bishop
of Limerick, by whom he has two sons, Capt.
C. G. Massie Blomfield, 6th R. Warwickshire
Regt. (b. 1878), and H. Massie Blomfield,
B.A., of Oriel Coll., Oxon (born 1881).

BLYDEN, DR. EDWARD W., of Sierra Leone,
was born in 1832 in St. Thomas, Danish West
Indies. He is of pure negro blood, and went
to the United States at the age of seventeen to
improve his education. Being a coloured man
he found racial feeling too strong, and accord-
ingly he went to the black republic of Liberia
where he studied further and became a Presby-
terian preacher. Dr. Blyden interested Mr.
Gladstone in his schemes in 1859, and two years
later was sent by the Liberian Govt. to the West
Indies to encourage a return of negroes to West
Africa. He was accredited Minister for Liberia
at the Court of St. James' in 1877, and again in
1892. He has travelled in Syria and Egypt;
has made two journeys in the hinterland of
Sierra Leone on behalf of the British Govt.,
and has lectured in the U.S.A. on Liberian affairs.
He is opposed to the idea of the Christian faith
being suitable for African negroes, as is shown in
his book " Christianity, Islam, and the Negro
Races" (1886), and has since preached the
Muhammedan doctrine amongst natives. In
1895 he was appointed Agent for Native Affairs
in Lagos. He then occupied a similar position


in Old Calabar, and in 1 899 opened up Muham-
ruedan schools in Sierra Leone. The year 1900
he spent as professor of languages (of which he
speaks four) in Liberia, and in Aug., 1901, he
was appointed Director of Muhammedan Educa-
tion for Sierra Leone by Mr. J. Chamberlain,
with the object of opening up further Moslem
schools in that colony. Dr. Blyden visited
England in 1903, and was entertained there at a
large negro banquet.

BOGGIE, ALEXANDER, of Old Meldrum,
Aberdeenshire, and Bulawayo, Rhodesia, is the
eldest son of the late Alexander Boggie, of
Liverpool, and his wife, M. A. E. Boggie, who
was the only dau. of Dr Milne, of the Scottish
Regiment, and connected with the Argyle
family on her father's side He was born May
8, 1861, at Liverpool, and was educated privately
and at various public schools in Aberdeen,
Edinburgh arid London. Mr. Boggie went
to S.A. in 1809 with his parents. He was
at the Diamond Fields with his father in 1871,
when the Kimberley Mine was discovered. He
returned to Scotland with his mother, on the
death of his father in 1875, and went back to
S.A. in 1883. He joined in the rush to the
Kaap Gold Fields in 1884 ; visited Swaziland
in 1886, and opened negotiations with Um-
bandine, the Swazi King, with a view to getting
a gold concession in his country. This he suc-
ceeded in doing, and as soon as this became
publicly known the rush for concessions to
Swaziland took place. In 1888 he visited the
King of the Matabele on a similar errand. He
was through the Matabele Rebellion, and during
the late S.A. War acted as Special Correspon-
dent for the Rhodesian Press in the Natal
Campaign. Ever since the occupation of
Rhodesia he has taken an interest in its affairs,
both commercial and otherwise. He is on the
local board of several gold mining, land, and
other companies in Bulawayo. He is also on
the board of most of the local public bodies of
that town. At various times he has taken part
in hunting and exploring expeditions to various
parts of S.A.

BOLUS, GILLHAM, of Maldivia, Wynberg,
Cape Colony, and of the City, and Civil Service
Clubs (C.T.), and the Rand Club, is eldest son of
Walter Bolus, of Bournemouth, Hants. He
was born at Port Elizabeth, Oct 11, 1863, and
was educated at King's Sch., Canterbury.
He married, July 23, 1889, Maud Constance,
4th dau. of Arthur Gates, J.P. for Cape Colony.

Essex Regt., of Arthur's, Junior United Service,
and Bath Clubs, is the eldest son of the late
Edward W. Bonham, H.B.M.'s Consul at Calais.
He was born Jan. 3, 1869, at Naples, Italy,
and was educated at Charterhouse, and the
Royal Military Coll., Sandhurst. Capt. Bonham
entered the Army 1899, and graduated at the
Staff Coll., 1899. He served throughout the
S.A. War, and was twice mentioned in des-
patches, and awarded the D.S.O. In Dec.,
1902, he was selected to raise and command 100
Boers for service in Somaliland. The Boer
Contingent under his command sailed from
Durban on Jan. 15, 1903, and landed at Obbia,
in Italian Somab'land, on Jan. 22. The Con-
tingent formed part of the advanced flying
column throughout Gen. Manning's operations,
being present at the occupation of Galkaya
Wells, on March 4 ; Dudub, March 29, and the
capture of Galadi, March 31. On the night of the
Gumburru disaster, April 17, 60 of the Boer
Contingent, under Capt. Bonham, formed part of a,
small mounted force which made a successful
march to the relief of Col. Cobbe. The Con-
tingent, at the conclusion of their six months'
engagement, returned to S.A. in July, 1903.
For his services with the Contingent Capt.
Bonham was promoted to the rank of Brevet
Major. Unmarried.

Osmanieh(3rd class) ; of Khartoum, of 5, Hyde
Park Square, London, and of the United
University Club ; was born in London, Apr. 2,
1870. He is son of Henry Bonham-Carter and
Sibella, dau. of Geo. Warde Norman. He was
educated at Clifton Coll. and New Coll., Oxon.,
where he distinguished himself at football,
having been a member of the Oxford University
Rugby Football XV in 1890 and 1891, whilst
in 1890 he played in the English Rugby team v.
j Scotland. Mr. Bonham-Carter is a Barrister of
| Lincoln's Inn ; was appointed Legal Secy, to
! the Sudan Govt., and Judicial Commissioner in
1899, and is the author of a note on the History
of Legislation in Great Britain relating to
Alcoholic Liquors, published in the Report of
Lord Peel's Commission. Unmarried.

BOSHOF, FREDERICK, of the Waterberg
District, Transvaal, was born at Philippolis,
O.R.C., in 1848. His father fought at Boom-
plaats, and then trekked across the Vaal to the
i northernmost corner of the Waterberg, where
young Boshof was brought up amongst only




semi-civilized surroundings. He served the
Hervormde Church for eight years as deacon,
and for four years as elder, and in 1891 was
elected to the Second Volksraad of the S.A.R.
as member for Waterberg, in which he sat as an
uncompromising supporter of the Govt.

BOTHA, REVD. J. B.,a wavering minister of
the Dutch Reformed Church, who apologized
to the Afrikander Bond for having urged the
people to accept British rule and declaring that
the continued resistance of the Boers was an

BOTHA, J. N. P., was senior member of the
Cape Legislative Assembly for Aliwal North
until the general election of 1904, when he did
not seek re-election.

BOTHA, P. M., a farmer of the Kroonstad
District, O.R.C., was elected member of the Free
State Volksraad in May, 1879.

BOTHA, HON. R. P. ; was born in the
Swellendam dist., C.C. ; was elected member
of the Cape Legislative Council in 1883 ; was
returned to the House of Assembly in 1895 ;
and subsequently represented the Midland
Province in the Cape Legislative Council. He
is an ardent Afrikander of independent views,
and was once Pres. of the Bond.

ton Keep, Pretoria, and of the Pretoria, Durban,
and City (Cape Town) Clubs ; is the eldest son of
John Bourke, one of the early colonists of Natal.
He was educated at private schools, and at
Maritzburg Higli School. He received his busi-
ness training in Natal, and went to the Transvaal
early in 1887 before annexation ; returned to
Natal for a short time in 1878, and settled finally
in Pretoria in 1879. Immediately taking an
interest in nmnicipal affairs, he was elected a
member of the first Pretoria Municipality. This
election was cancelled upon the retrocession of
the Transvaal in 1881. In spite of taking an
active part in the mercantile business of Bourke
& Co., and other commercial undertakings, and
of being an active Director on the Board of the
National Bank prior to the war, he devoted him-
self with great energy and public spirit to many
public and philanthropic institutions. Before
the occupation of the British he interested him-
self very largely in the hospitals and nursing

homes, where his administrative and business
abilities were of the utmost value.

During some months of the war he served as
Acting Burgomaster of Pretoria under Gen. Sir
J. G. Maxwell, and was appointed to a seat in the
Legislative Council of the Transvaal after the
war. He isnowChm. of the Pretoria Chamber of
Commerce, Pres. of the Irish Association, Chm.
of the Bourke Trust & Estate Co., and of several
mercantile concerns, and was elected Mayor of
Pretoria at the end of 1903.

Mr. Bourke has also been associated pro-
minently with all athletic sports. It was
mainly through his efforts that the visits of the
English Professionals, BrockwelJ. Trott, and
Braund to Pretoria took place. Mr. Bourke
married, May 18, 1881, Eleanor, third dau. of
Henry Griffin, of Woodford, Maritzburg, Natal.

C.M.G., J.P., of St. Andrew's St., Durban, and
the Durban and Royal Natal Yacht Clubs, was
born at Winchester, Hants, May 3, 1863, and
is the eldest son of the late Rt. Rev. Henry
Brougham Bousfield, D.D., Bishop of Pre-
toria, was educated at All Hallowes, Honiton and
Sherborne. He was attached to H.M. Ordnance
Dept., Transvaal, 1879-80 (Zulu and Sukukeni
wars) ; joined the Transvaal Civil Service (Col.
Secy's. Dept.), 1880, and was employed on
staff duties during the siege of Pretoria in the
Boer War of 1880-1 ; attached Acct.-Gen.'s
Dept. of the Army at Pretoria, Aug. 1881, and
was appointed to the Natal Civil Service in the
following Sept. Subsequently he became Chief
Clerk and Registrar of the Circuit Court ; J.P.
for the County, 1886 ; and acting Magistrate
in Durban in 1889. He resigned the Natal
Civil Service in Oct., 1890, and was called to
the Bar of the Inner Temple in Nov., 1892. He
was admitted Advocate of the Supreme Courts
of Natal (1893), and the Cape of Good Hope
(1899), and was Commissioner in Natal of the
Supreme Court of the Transvaal in 1902.

He joined the Royal Durban Rifles as Lieut,
in 1886, was Capt. in Natal Royal Rifles 1888,
receiving his majority and the command of
the Durban Light Infantry in 1893, and trans-
ferred to the Reserve, Natal Volunteers, 1895.
During the S.A. War he acted as Station Staff
Officer at Durban, 1899-1900, being mentioned
in despatches and receiving the C.M.G., 1902.
Col. Bousfield has now retired from the service.
He married, Apr. 22, 1890, Coral, second dau.
of the late Rt. Hon. Sir Harry Escombe, P.C.,
Q.C., LL.D., M.L.A., late Premier of Natal.


E. Africa ; was educated at Clifton Coll., and
joined the Colonial Audit Branch of Exchequer
and Audit Dept., Jan. 20, 1890 ; was sent to
Hong Kong, Dec. 12, 1897 , Local Auditor
British Central Africa, Sept. 7, 1895 ; Local
Auditor East African Protectorate and Uganda
Railway, Juno 5, 1899 ; and was appointed
Treasurer of the East African Protectorate,
Oct. 1, 1901. Mr. Bowring was awarded the
Hong Kong Gold Plague Medal, 1894.

BO YD, CHARLES WALTER, of 1, Whitehall
Gardens, Lond., S.W., and of the Garrick and
National Clubs, is son of the late Very Rev.
A. K. H. Boyd, D.D., of St. Andrew's, N.B.,
where he was born Apr. 11, 1869. Educated at,
Fettes Coll., Edin., and at Edinburgh University,
he read for the Scottish Bar, but drifted into
journalism. contributing articles to the " Saturday
Review," "Times," and various other journals
and magazines. From 1895-97 he was Priv. Secy.
to the Rt. Hon. G. Wyndham, M.P., and from
1897-98 he acted in a similar capacity to Dr.
L. S. Jameson. He was also for some time
Political Secy, to the late Rt. Hon. C. J. Rhodes.
He is now Joint Secy, of the Rhodes Trust,
Mem. of the Executive of the Imperial S.A.
Assoc., and Mem. of the Committee of the S.A.
Colonization Soc., and of the Victoria League.

BOYD, HENRY CRAWFORD, of the Rand Club,
Johannesburg, and of the Caledonian and
National Clubs, London, is 5th and youngest
son of the late Very Rev. A. K. H. Boyd, D.D.,
of St. Andrews, N.B., where he was born,
Sept. 26, 1870. He was educated at Fettes Coll.,
Edin., and is at present on the staff of Messrs.
H. Eckstein & Co. of Johannesburg.

BOYLES, GEORGE J., of Bulawayo ; originally
came from Lady Frere, Cape Colony ; joined the
Border Horse in the late S.A. War ; was taken
prisoner and released after four months' captivity
by Gen. French at Nooitgedacht. He then
continued fighting on the British side, and gained
a Lieutenant's Commission.

K.C.B.,C.M.G.,of Gonnubie Park, East London,
Cape Colony, and of the Naval and Military
Club ; was born in 1839, and has had a long
and distinguished career in politics and arms.
He entered the 2nd Derby Militia as Ensign in
1855, and joined the Cape Mounted Rifles with

similar rank in 1855, from which he retired on
half pay with Captain's rank in 1870. He
entered the arena of politics as M.L.A. for East
London in 1873, and was re-elected in the
following year. In 1878, he was appointed
P'ield-Commandant of the Cape Colonial Forces ;
became Colonel of the 1st Cape Yeomanry in
1879 ; was made C.M.G. in 1880 ; was re-elected
member for East London in 1882, and again in
1888. He was a member of the Defence Com-
mission in 1896, and in 1897 was Pres. of the
South African League. Gen. Brabant served
through the S.A. War, at first in command of the
Colonial Division and subsequently as Inspector-
Gen, of the Colonial Defence Force, until the end
of 1901, when he retired under the new scheme
of Colonial Defence (despatches, medal, and
clasps). He resumed his duties in the Cape
Parliament, and soon after seceded from his
old political leader Sir Gordon Sprigg, and joined
the new Progressive party under Dr. Smaart,
with whom he was associated in connection with
the Suspension movement. He resigned his
seat in Parliament on his re-appointment in
Dec., 1902, to the command of the Cape Colonial
Forces, from which he retired in 1904. He was
a keen sympathiser with the loyalists who suffered
from the effects of the war, and marked his
departure from England after the Coronation by
the public declaration that " Loyalty does not
pay." Gen. Brabant married Mary Burnet,
dau. of the Rev. Canon Robertson, of Canter-

J.P., of Dordrecht, Cape Colony ; was born in
1838. He is senior partner in. the firm of Brad-
field & Bro., law agents, of Dordrecht, and a
deputy sheriff for the Wodehouse Division. He
was member of the Tembuland Commission in
1882 ; represented Wodehouse in the House of
Assembly from 1873 to 1883, and was elected to
the Legislative Council as member for the
Eastern Province in 1891. Mr. Bradfield is a

BRADFORD, THOMAS, was born in 1877. He
is a professional hunter who has been in some of
the wildest parts of Africa. In six months with
two guns he shot 2,780 of heavy game, including
elephants, lions, hippopotami, giraffes, leopards,
rhinoceroses, etc. At his headquarters in Africa
he has the carcase of an elephant that stands
15 ft. 9 in. high said to be the largest elephant
ever shot. Mr Bradford served throughout the
S.A. War (1899-02) in a Colonial Corps.



of 18, Berkeley Place, Wimbledon, and of the
Travellers' Club ; is descended from Sir John
Bramston, Knt., Chief Justice of England in the
time of Charles I., and is the second son of T. W.
Bramston, of Skreens, M.P. for South Essex.
He was born at Skreens, Nov. 14, 1832 ;
was educated at Winchester, and Balliol Coll.,
Oxon. ; Fel. of All Souls' Coll., 1855. Sir John
Bramston has had a very distinguished career.
He was Private Sec. to the Governor of
Queensland, 1860-1 ; M.L.C. Queensland,
1863-9 ; Attorney-Gen, of Queensland, 1870-3 ;
Attorney-Gen, of Hong Kong, 1874-6 ; Assistant
Under Secy, of State, Colonial Office, 1876-97";
and is Registrar of the Order of St. Michael and
St. George, 1892. Sir John married, Dec. 14,
1872, Eliza Isabella, dau. of the Rev. Harry
Vane Russell.

BRANSON, MRS. KUHNE, the well known
sculptor, better known as Mrs. Beveridge, of
89, Park St., Mayfair, is the dau. of Phils Judson
Beveridge and Ella Beveridge, now Baroness
von Wrede. She was born at Governor's
Mansions, 111., U.S.A. on Oct. 31, 1878, and was
educated at Dresden, New York, and Paris.
Her works include a monument of Rough Riders
charging San Juan, and she has executed statues
of Grover, Cleveland, Sarah Bernhardt, Cecil
Rhodes, Major Ricard-Seaver, E. Windsor
Richards, Hon. M. W. Elphinstone, Tom L.
Johnson, William Jennings Bryan, H. H. Marks,
M.P., Buffalo Bill, and many others. Her
statue of Rhodesia is considered a very fine work
of art. She married William Branson, of
Johannesburg, Aug. 25, 1903.

BREBNER, JOHN ; is eldest son of the Rev.
John Brebner (died Nov., 1902), at one time
Minister of Education for the O.F.S. He
was Minister of Finance for the late S.A.R.,
and was one of the signatories of the Peace

BRECKER, B. G. ; was born in Namaqua-
land ; was educated at the S.A. Coll., and went
to the S.A.R. in 1875, trekking through the
Kalahari, Kimberley and the Free States, and
settling in Utrecht Dist. He served in the Zulu
War " for money," and in the Transvaal War
for his adopted country. In 1884 he joined the
filibusters who founded the New Republic, after-
wards incorporated with the Transvaal, and
recently tacked on to Natal. He was elected
for Vryheid in the Transvaal Second Volksraad;;

was balloted out of the Raad in 1891, but was
afterwards re-elected by a large majority.

BRETTON, LORD MONK ; formerly in the
service of the Foreign Office, and was attached
to the Embassies in Paris and Constantinople
before he became Assist. Private Sec. to
the late Lord Salisbury. His lordship subse-
quently occupied an important position in the
Colonial Office, and accompanied Mr. Chamber-
lain as Principal Private Sec. on his S.A. tour
in 1902.

ROBERT GKORGE C.B. (Military), 4th Class
Osmanieh, of the Naval and Military Club, ; was
born in London, Mar. 14, 1862 ; is son of Thos.
Broadwood, of Holmbush, Crawley, and was
educated at Charterhouse and Sandhurst, passing
into the 12th Lancers in 1881. He joined the
Egyptian Army in 1892, and served through the
Dongola expedition in 1896 (despatches, Brev.
of Lt.-Col., Egyptian medal with 2 clasps and
medal). In the Nile Expedition of 1897 and
1898 he was present at the action of Abu Hamed,
the occupation of Berber, and the battles of the
Atbara and Khartoum (despatches, Osmanieh,
4 clasps to Egyptian medal, and medal). In
S.A., 1899-1902, after commanding the 2nd
S.A.L.H. he commanded the 2nd Cavalry
Brigade with rank of Brig.-Gen. He was
several times mentioned in despatches ; was
appointed A.D.C. to the King, and received the
King's medal with 2 clasps, and the C.B. Col.
Broadwood is now in command of the troops in

Wall Buildings, Lond., and of the Bachelors'
Club, Lond., was born in Aug. 1873 ;
was educated at Winchester, and entered the
service of the B.S.A. Co. in 1897. He was
appointed Joint Asst. Secy, of the Chartered Co.
and Joint Secy, to the Rhodes Trust in 1902.

BROOKS, F. G. ; was educated at Bedford
Gram. Sch. He is a well known athlete, and
has played in international football. He went
to S.A. in Oct., 1902 to take up an appointment
in the Rhodesian Civil Service.

and of the East India, United Service and the
Alpine Clubs ; was born at Treveandrom, Tra-
vancore, India, Apr. 27, 1858. He is youngast



son of the late John Allan Brown, F.R.S., late
Director of Observatories, Travaneore, and was
educated at Lausanne, Stuttgart, Paris, at
University Coll. and Sch., London, and at the
French Forest Sch., Nancy. Passing into the
Indian Forest Service in Nov., 1877, he was
appointed to the N.W. Provinces, Ouclh, Dec.,
1880, as Asst. Conservator of Forests. In July,
1888, his services were lent to the Burmese
Govt., and he was again lent in Dec. of that
year to the Govt. of Ceylon. In Dec., 1891, he
was appointed Conservator of Forests, Ceylon, and
in Dec., 1901, he became Director of Woods and
Forests under the Sudan Govt. His sports are
big game shooting, mountaineering, and lawn
tennis. He married, Oct. 4, 1892, Emily Hilda
Mahala, youngest dau. of the late James Howard,
J.P., of Clapham Park, Beds, at times M.P. for
Beds or Bedford,

BROWN, J. FRANK, formerly of Pietermaritz-
burg, was appointed Postmaster-Gen, of the
Transvaal under the British Administration.

BROWN, JOHN, C.M.G., of the Thatch,
Rondebosch, C.C. ; and of the Civil Service
(C.T.) and Kimberley Clubs. ; was born
Apr. 27, 1844 ; is eldest son of the late John
Brown, of Marlborough, Wilts ; was educated
at Streatham, and was articled as pupil to the
late Sir John Coode at Portland Breakwater,
and served under him as Engineer in charge of

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