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the River Barm Navigation Works in Ireland.
He was for some time engaged on the Bristol and
Exeter Railway under Mr. Francis Fox, and for
the last 30 years has been engaged on the Cape
Govt-. Railways. He married, Dec. 3, 1867,
Miss Augusta Sarah Rhodes.

Town ; was born at Cape Town in 1835 ; was
educated at the Normal Public Sch. and at
J. Gillard's Academy. Since 1860 he has taken
an interest in all matters political and social.
He was Town Councillor in 1880-81, unsuccess-
fully contested Cape Town in 1884, but was
elected for that constituency in 1 894. He was
for many years an active member of the Cape
Town Chamber of Commerce.

68, Victoria St., S.W., was born at Victoria,
Australia, May 29, 1855, and is son of David
Bruce, who put up the first quartz crushing
mill in Bmdigo about 1855. Col. Bruce was

educated at the High Sch., Stirling, N.B., and
Edin. University, where he took his M.B., C.M.,
and the Cameron Prize. He entered the R. A.M.C.
in Aug. 1883, served in Malta from 1884-9, and
while there worked at Malta fever, discovering
its cause in the Micrococcus Melitensis. He
taught pathology and bacteriology in the Army
Med. Sch:, Netley, from 1889-94; served
in S.A. from 1894-1901, two years of which
(1895-6) he spent in Zululand investigating the
Nagana or Tsetse Fly disease. In the S.A.
War he was at the siege of Ladysmith, a,nd was
with Gen. Buller in his march to Belfast. He
was member of the Parliamentary Comm. to
investigate the cause of dysentery and enteric
fever in the Army. He received special pro-
motion (medal, 7 clasps) : was appointed mem-
ber of the Advisory Board, War Office, 1901, and
Director of the Sleeping Sickness Comm., Royal
Society, Uganda, 1903 ; became Col. Dec. 10,
1903. Col. Bruce was married in 1883 to Miss
I Mary Elizabeth Steele, of Reigate, Surrey.

LL.D., F.R.S., M.P. for Aberdeen, of 54, Port-
land Place, London, and Hindleap, Sussex, and
of the Athenseum and National Liberal Clubs ;
is the son of James Brice, LL.D., and Margaret,
dau. of James Young, was born at Belfast,
March 10, 1838, and was educated at High
Sch. and Univ. of Glasgow, Trinity Coll., Oxon,
and became Fel. of Oriel Coll. , Oxon ; graduating
D.C.L. of Oxon., Hon. Lit.D. of Camb. and of
Victoria Univ., and Hon. LL.D. of Edin.,
Glasgow, St. Andrew's and Michigan Univer-
sities ; Doctor of Political Science of Univ. of
Buda Pest. Prof. Bryce was called to the Bar
of Lincoln's Inn in 1867, and practised as
Barrister for several years. He has had a
distinguished political career, entering Parlia-
ment in 1880 as member for Tower Hamlets,
and has represented Aberdeen in the Liberal
interest since 1885. He was Under Secy, at the
Foreign Office (1886), and thereafter Chancellor
of the Duchy of Lancaster in Mr. Gladstone's
Cabinet of 1892 ; was Pres. of the Board of
Trade, 1894, and Chairman of the Royal Com-
mission on Secondary Education in 1894. The
following year he made a hurried tour of
S:A., including a trip through Rhodesia, and
recorded his " Impressions of South Africa " in
1897. He has also written books on a variety
of different subjects, his last work being " Studies
in Contemporary Biographies " (1903). In 1904
he was unanimously elected to the French
Academy in the place of the late Prof. Lecky.



He married, July 23, 1889, Elizabeth Marion,
dau. of Thomas Ashton, of Fordbank, near

View, Gore Park Road, Eastbourne, and the
Constitutional Club, S.W., son of the late Wm.
Anderson Bryden, of Surbiton, Surrey, and
Maria, dau. of the late Wm. Cowper, of
Boddington, Northants, was born in Oxford-
shire in 1854, and educated at Cheltenham
Coll. and at the Rev. Brackenbury's, Wimble-
don. In his younger days he was known
as an athlete, representing England against
Scotland (Rugby rules), and winning some
forty prizes, chiefly for long-distance running.
He first visited S.A. in 1876, when he
resided in some remote and wild mountain
country near the eastern extremity of the Great
Karroo, interesting himself much in sport and
natural liistory. Has since visited many other
parts of S.A., mainly in search of sport,
nature, and wild life. Has resided in British
Bechuanaland, traversed the Protectorate and
Khama's country, crossed and shot through the
Northern Kalahari, and hunted big game in
Ngamiland, where he had much success. Has
travelled in the Transvaal, O.R.C., and many
parts of Cape Colony. His travels in Ngami-
land and the Kalahari were utilized by the War
Office, and various desert waters, places and
roads, now found in the maps of the Intelligence
Department, are the results of his observations.
Is a keen angler, and has fished much in Norway
and elsewhere. Was a member of the South
African Committee, formed during the Bechu-
analand troubles in the eighties, and served
thereon in company with Mr. Chamberlain,
Mr. H. Arnold-Forster, Sir Thomas Fowell
Buxton, the late Rev. John Mackenzie, and
others. When Khama came to England in
1895 to protest against his country being dis-
membered and handed over to the Chartered
Company, Mr. Bryden lent the aid of his pen
towards the objects of the Chief's visits. In
the result Khama's country remains as the
Chief and his people desired under direct
Imperial control. Mr. Bryden has written
much on S.A. Among his books are
to be mentioned " Kloof and Karroo " (1889),
" Gun and Camera in Southern Africa " (1893),
"Tales of South Africa" (1896), "Nature and
Sport in South Africa " (1897), " The Victorian
Era in South Africa " (1897), " An Exiled Scot "
(1899), "Great and Small Game of Africa"
editor and part author, 1899), " From Veldt

Camp-Fires" (1900), "Animals of Africa"
(1901), "A History of South Africa," and
"DonDuarte's Treasure" (1903). Mr. Bry-
den is greatly interested in all kinds of field
sports, and has published, in addition, " Hare
Hunting and Harriers" (1903), "How to Buy
a Gun " (part author, 1903), and " Nature and
Sport in Britain " (1903). His main recreations
are natural history, shooting, fishing, hunting,
lawn tennis, and cycling. He married, 1881,
Julia, daughter of the late J. P. Wright, of
Priors Marston, Warwickshire.

Second Volksraad as member for Lydenburg,
Transvaal. He almost invariably voted with
the Conservatives.

BUCHAN, JOHN, of 3, Temple Gardens,
London, E.G., and of the Bachelors, Union, and
Vincent's (Oxford) Clubs, is the eldest son of
the Rev. John Buchan and Helen, dau. of John
Masterton, of Broughton Green, Peeblesshire.
He was born at Perth, N.B., on Aug. 26, 1875,
and was educated at Glasgow Univ. and at
Brasenose Coll., Oxford, where he graduated
B.A., and took the Stanhope Prize, the New-
digate Prize ; 1st class Lit. Hum., and was Pres.
of the Oxford Union. When he left Oxford he
acted for some time as Assis. Ed. of the " Spec-
tator." He had then the good fortune to be-
come Assist. Private Sec. to Lord Milner in
1901, and retained the position until 1903. In
the latter year he was appointed Acting Com-
missioner of Lands in the Transvaal, and Acting
Sec. to the Inter-Colonial Council of the
Transvaal and O.R.C. Amongst his published
works are several novels, " A Monograph on Sir
Walter Raleigh " (1897), a " History of Brasenose
College" (1898), and " The African Colony:
Studies in the Reconstruction" (1903). His
recreations are shooting, fishing, mountaineering
and travel.

the late Justice BUCHANAN of Griqualand
West ; married Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Sir
Pieter Faure (1902).

M.A., J.P., of the Pretoria Club, was born at
Clifton, Bristol, Sept. 14, 1873 ; was educated
at Charterhouse and Keble Coll., Oxon, and is a
Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple. He has
filled the appointments of Commissioner of
Patents, Registrar of Trade Marks, ar d Regis-


trar of Companies for the Transvaal, June, 1902 ;
was appointed J.P. for the Transvaal in 1902,
and member of the committee of the Transvaal
Zoological Gardens in the same year. He is the
author of " Birds of Surrey," and other ornitholo-
gical publications. He married, Sept. 18, 1901,
Alice Mary, youngest dau. of the late Admiral
Sir Geo. Richards, K.C.B.

of the Junior United Service Club, is son of
T. H. Bullock, Deputy Commissioner at
Berar, India, where Geo. Bullock was born,
Aug. 15, 1850. He was educated at Cheltenham
Coll., University Coll., Oxford, and the R.M.C.,
Sandhurst, passing into the old llth Foot in 1872.
He commanded the 2nd Devons from Jan., 1897,
to Nov., 1900, and arrived in S.A. from India,
where he held several staff appointments, in
time to take part in the relief of Ladysmith
and battle of Colenso. He afterwards com-
manded the Sub-Dist. of Volksrust, and from
Apr., 1901, until the end of the war he com-
manded a column (despatches, brev. of Col.,
Queen's medal with 3 clasps, King's medal with
2 clasps, C.B.). Proceeding to Egypt, Col.
Bullock acted as A.A.G. from NovT 1902, to
Mar. 31, 1903, when he was appointed C.S.O.,
Egypt. He married June 5, 1884, Amy Isabel,
dau. of Jas. Fred Thomson.

BURGER, SCHALK W., was member of the
Volksraad for Lydenburg, and member of the
Executive Council of the late S.A.R. He
was Chairman of the Industrial Commission
appointed to inquire into conditions of the
mining industry. The report was a general
condemnation of evils under which the pros-
perity of the country languished, and many
progressive recommendations were made. The
President characterized Mr. Burger as a traitor
to his country for having signed such a report,
which was no doubt framed with an honest desire
to remove abuses and to introduce concessions
which would benefit both the mining industry
and the State. He became Acting-Presi-
dent of the S.A.R. after Mr. Kriiger's flight to

in Lydenburg, Transvaal, io 1848, his father
having been a prominent man in the old Re-
public of Lydenburg. At the time of the
annexation he was one of the Committee who
kept the spirit of " passive resistance " alive
until the time for striking a blow arrived. In

the war of independence he fought as Field-
Cornet at Majuba and Laing's Nek. In 1882 he
was elected to the Raad for Lydenburg, and
when the Second Raad was formed in 1891 he
was returned for Ermelo, and was unanimously
elected Chairman of the New Chamber. " Oom
Kootje," as he is called, is a member of the
United Dutch Reformed Church.

BURNHAM, MAJOR F. R., was born in the
United States. He took part in the first Mata-
bele War (1893), and was one of the only two
who escaped from Allan Wilson's fatal Shangani
patrol. In 1895 he took charge of an expedi-
tion to N. Rhodesia. He rendered some fine
scouting services during the second Matabele
War (1896), when he was credited with having
shot the M'Limo. In 1899 he visited Klon-
dyke, and is now representing the East African
Synd., of which he is Managing Director, near
the Anglo-German frontier line on Lake Victoria.
His home is in America, and he has a son in the
U.S. Army.

Coleman's Hatch, Tunbridge Wells, and the
Royal Thames Yacht Club, was born in 1854.
He visited Natal, the Rand and Kimberley in
1889, and subsequently became associated with
Sir Charles Metcalfe, Mr. B. B. Trench and
others in the formation of the S.A. Trust and
Finance Coy., Ltd., of which he remained a
director until its absorption by the Johannes-
burg Consolidated Invest. Coy. He has been
a Director of the Van Ryn Gold Mines for many
years, is on the Board of the Wassan and other
W. African Cos., and is interested in some
Rhodesian enterprises.

BURTON, A., R.E., late Editor of the
" Cape Government Agricultural Journal,"
was appointed (1902) editor of the " Agricultural
Journal," a journal started under the auspices
of the Transvaal Agricultural Department. He
has written an account of the Cape Colony's
urban and rural industries, entitled " Cape
Colony for Settlers " (P. S. King & Son).

BURTON, HENRY, M.L.A., represents Albert
in the Cape Legislative Assembly, for which
constituency he was returned unopposed in the
Bond interest in Nov., 1902, and again in Feb.,

F. R.C.I., of Johannesburg and the Rand Club,


was born at Port Elizabeth, Nov. 24, 1846 ; is
3rd son of the late Hon. Chas. Henry Caldecott,
M.L.C., of Grahamstown, and was educated at
the Diocesan Coll, Rondebosch, and St.
Andrew's Coll, Grahamstown. He is a
Director of the Johannesburg Consolidated
Investment Co., Johannesburg Estate Co.,
Glynn's Lydenburg, and other Cos. He is also
Chairman of the Witwatersrand Council of
Education, and Member of the Technical
Institute recently appointed by Govt. During
the late S.A. War, Mr. Caldecott rendered good
service in many ways, especially as Chairman
of the Uitlander Committee in Natal, and later
as Commandant of the Boer Refugee Women's
Camp at Howick, for whose comfort as well as
for the physical and mental education of their
children he worked indefatigably. He married,
Mch. 1876, Martha Johanna, dau. of the late
J. J. Sauer, of Aliwal North.

C.M.G. (1901), of 10, Earl's Avenue, Folkestone,
was born in London, in March, 1872. He was
educated at Dulwich Coll. and received his
medical training at St. Bartholomew's Hospital,
graduating M.D., B.S. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng.,
and L.R.C.P. Lond.

He served in the S.A. War during 1899-1900,
attached to the Portland Hospital, receiving the
C.M.G. in connexion with services then rendered.
He married, July 27, 1901, Miss Evelyn Doneet.

Mount Edgecombe, Natal, and of the Durban
Club ; is the son of William Campbell, of
Muckle Neuk. He was born July 10, 1848, and
was educated in Natal. Mr. Campbell landed
in Natal when eighteen months old. His father
was one of the first to start the sugar industry
in the Colony of Natal, which he has successfully
continued to the present time. He built the
Natal Refinery and the Tongaat Central Sugar
Co.'s Estate, of which at one time he was half
owner. Mr. Marshall Campbell was M.L.C.
when Natal was a Crown Colony. On Natal
being given responsible government, he was
nominated for the Upper House for Victoria
Country, which seat he holds to the present day.
He was asked by Gen. Buller to collect
Indian stretcher bearers during the war, and
sent 600 to Colenso and 700 to Spion Kop.
Mr. Campbell was appointed as the Natal Com-
missioner in the Natal-Transvaal Boundary
Delimitation Commission. For the excellent
work he did while on this Commission he re-

ceived the thanks of Lord Milner and the
Govt. He has been appointed as one of
the two Natal Commissioners on the South
African Native Commission. He is largely
interested in the Natal Estates Co., Ltd., holding
the position of Managing Director ; he is also
acting Chairman of the Tongaat Central Sugar
Co., Ltd., and the Molassine Meal Co., Ltd.,
and is Director of the Elandslaagte, Ltd.
Mr. Campbell has travelled largely in S.A,
and in 1871 left the Cape for the Victoria Falls,
but just failed to reach them through fever and
scarcity of water. In the early days he shot a
great deal over Zululand, and won the cup given
by the Natal Gun Club for the best shot in 1871.
He married, in 1877, Ellen Blarney.

Vol. Med. Corps, J.P., of Carndonagh, Musgrave
Road, Durban, and the Durban Club, was born
at Muckle Neuk, Victoria Co., Natal, July 25,
1861. He is the son of William Campbell, of
Muckle Neuk, a Natal sugar planter, and was
educated at Hermansberg, and Bishop's Coll.,
Natal, and at Edinburgh and Vienna Universi-
ties, graduating M.D. Edin., F.R.C.S. Edin.,
M.R.C.S. Lond., and D.P.H. Edin. He served
in the Natal Civil Service as Dist. Surgeon and
Indian Med. Officer 1883-5 ; was Med. Officer
of Health, Durban, 1890-1902, and served with
the Natal Volunteer Med. Corps during the Boer
War (Siege of Ladysmith). He is member of
the Durban Hospital Board, and J.P. (Natal).

Capt. Campbell played in the Rugby Fifteen
at Edin. University in 1879, and was elected
Capt. of the Durban Polo Club, 1903. He
married, in 1886, Margaret W., dau. of Jas.
Dunnachie, J.P., of Glenboig, Scotland.

M. R.C.I., of Heatherdene, Bagshot, of Salisbury
House, London, E.G., and of the Blenheim,
Sunningdale Golf, and other Clubs, was born
at Grahamstown, Cape Colony, in 1862, and
was educated at Grahamstown and Port Alfred.
Mr. Cannell was one of the early pioneers of the
Rand, where he joined the Johannesburg firm
of B. M. Woolan & Co. Coming to England,
Mr. Cannell took up the London Agency of
several companies controlled by the Woollan
group, and very soon entered a larger sphere of
usefulness, greatly extending his interests in the
Transvaal and Rhodesia. He is a Director of
the Consolidated Rand-Rhodesia Trust, the
Bulawayo Estate and Trust, the Elandsfontein
Deep, Monastery Diamond Mines, the Eur-


african Corporation, Belfast G.M. Co., the Rand
Investment Corporation, and the "African Re-
view." In the early days of the late S. A. War
he acted as Hon. Capt. on the H. Q. Staff of
the Army Remount Dept. (1899). He is keen
on shooting, hunting, and motoring, and married,
in 1891, Miss Eva Bright.

GARDEN, JOHN CECIL, of Redhouse and
Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony, and of the River
Club, is the 2nd son of the late Maj.-Gen.
George Garden, who commanded the 2nd Batt.
of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers. He was
born August 3, 1870, at Glasgow, Scotland, and
was educated at Llanclaff, S. Wales. Mr. Garden
is well known in sporting and dramatic circles.
In 1892-3 he was Pres. of the Eastern Province
Rugby Football Union, and in the latter year
he was president of the South African Swimming
Union. He is the stage manager and one of the
founders of the Port Elizabeth Amateur Operatic
Club. After a successful business career he is
now junior partner in the old established mer-
chant house of Blaine & Co., at Port Elizabeth.
He married, Nov. 15, 1894, Amy, dau. of the
late William CaldweU Elliot.

CARNWALL, MOSES, J.P., Hon. Assoc. of the
Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Erinville,
Kimberley, and the Kimberley Club, was born
in Dublin, July 6, 1841. He is son of Wm.
Carnwall of Dublin, by his wife May Teresa,
dau. of Moses d'Arcy of Wexford, Ireland. He
emigrated to S.A. in 1859, and was one of the
early settlers in the Diamond Fields in 1870.
He was Mayor of Kimberley in 1881, 1882, and
1898 ; represented the district of Kimberley in
the Cape House of Assembly from 1884-1888.
He was for many years member of the Borough
Council and Divisional Council ; is chairman of
the Kimberley Hospital Board, the Public
Library, and the Rhodes Memorial Committee.
Mr. Carnwall served in the Griqualand West
War of 1878 as a volunteer (medal and clasp),
and during the Boer War he served in the Kim-
berley Town Guard (medal and clasp and Mayor's
siege medal). He married, Feb. 29, 18G4, Mar-
garet, dau. of Wm. Lundie, of Co. Monaghan,

K.C.B., K.C.M.G., of Perrott's Brook, Ciren-
cester, and of the Naval and Military Club, was
born at Cheltenham, Aug. 23, 1844, and is son
of Edmund Carrington, J.P. of that town. Sir
Frederick was educated at Cheltenham, and

passed into the army at the age of nineteen, and
has seen very considerable service in S.A. ever
since 1875, when he organized and commanded
the Mounted Infantry in the Griqualand West
Expedition. In 1877 he raised and commanded
the F.L.H. in the Kafir War, fighting in the
battle of Quintana and in the later operations
in the Transkei and the Peri Bush (despatches).
He also commanded the Transvaal Volunteer
forces again Sekukuni in 1878-9 (despatches,
medal with clasp, brevs. of Maj. and Lt.-Col.,
C.M.G.). During the siege of Mafeteng by the
Basutos he was in command of the C.M.R., and
later, in the Basuto War, he had command o
the Colonial forces, and was severely woxinded.
Sir Frederick commanded the 2nd Motmted
Rifles in 1884-5, and was commandant of Native
Levies in Zululand in 1888. He then com-
manded the B.B.P. until 1893, when he was
appointed Military Adviser to the High Com-
missioner during the first Matabele War. He
commanded the Infantry Brigade at Gibraltar
from May, 1895, until March, 1899, with a brief
interval in '96, when he commanded the troops
in the Matabele Rebellion of 1896. With the
local rank of Lieut.-Gen., Sir Frederick com-
manded the Rhodesian Field Force in the S.A.
War, Feb. 1900, to April, 1901, taking part in
the operations in Rhodesia, Western Transvaal,
including the actions at Elands River, the Cape
Colony, and the North of the O.R.C. Gen.
Carrington married, Nov. 18, 1897, Miss Susan
Margaret Elwes.

CARS WELL, R. G., of the Port Elizabeth
Swimming Club. In the 1903 S. A. Swim-
ming Championships he was second to E. M.
Wearn (q.v.) in both the 500 and 200 yard,-,
his tune being 7 min. 24 4-5 sees, for the former.
In the latter he was only beaten by a couple of


CARTER, REV. JAMES, M.A., was Precentor
of Grahamstown Cathedral from 1890 to 1893,
after which he was for seven years Rector of
St. Paul's, Port Elizabeth, subsequently holding
the living of Graaff Reinet. He was appointed
to the living of Plymbridge, near Stonehouse, in

BOROUGH, Bishop of Pretoria, D.D. (Oxon. ),
of Bishop's House, Pretoria, and Beechwood



House, Hook Street, Johannesburg, is the son
of the Rev. W. A. Carter, late Fellow of Eton
Coll. He was born in 1850 at Eton, and edu-
cated at Eton and Pembroke College, Oxon.
He was ordained in 1874 by Bishop Selwyn, of
Lichfield, and was appointed curate of Christ
Church, West Bromwich. He took charge of
the Eton Mission, Hackney Wick, E., from 1880-
91, during which time the misson greatly nour-
ished and the name of Bishop Carter became a
household word. In 1891 he was appointed
Bishop of Zululand, but after a year's services
in this diocese he received the appointment of
Bishop of Pretoria, 1902.

CARTWRIGHT, ALBERT, of Rosebank, near
Cape Town, was born at Manchester, Eng.,
Dec. 25, 1868, and is the son of a Lancashire
bookseller. Educated at Davyhulme Wesleyan
Gram. Sch., Lanes., he emigrated to the Cape
at the beginning of 1889 ; served three years on
the staff of the " Cape Times" ; then founded a
weekly paper,"The South African," now defunct ;
became sub-ed. and afterwards asst.-ed. of the
" Johannesburg Star," from which paper he re-
signed in connexion with the Raid ; then edited
the " Kimberley Advertiser," until in 1898 that
paper's pro-Rhodes policy necessitated a change
in the editorial direction. In 1889 he became
first editor of the " South African News," and was
sentenced during the war to a year's imprison-
ment for reproducing from English papers the
letter of an anonymous British officer, asserting
that he had received orders, should he overtake
Gen. de Wet, to take no prisoners. In 1903
Prof. Fremantle (q.v.) became associated with
Mr. Cartwright in the editorship of the " South
African News." He married in 1901, Anne, dati.
of Christopher H. Robertson, shipbuilder, of
Cape Town.

returned to the Cape Parliament as one of the
Progressive representatives of Cape Town at the
general election in Feb., 1904.

CASEMENT, THOMAS, was Acting Commis-
sioner of Mines at Barberton for nearly two years
when (in 1902) he was called to Johannesburg
to take up an important position in the Mines

CATLIN, ROBERT MAYO, of Vermont, Nevada,
California ;^ of Johannesburg ; and the Rand
and New Clubs, Johannesburg, was born at

Burlington, Vermont, June 8, 1853, and is of
English descent. He was educated at the
University of Vermont. Since 1875 he has been
managing mines, including the Navajo, Belle
Isle, N. Belle Isle, Commonwealth, Nevada
Queen, N. Commonwealth, Del Monte. Inde-
pendence and Mardin in America, and since
1895 he has been Gen. Manager for the Deep
Level Cos. of the Consolidated Gold Fields of

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