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after Wale, 16 by 11-in., 12s 6d

5926 Another early impression in colours,
but margin cut, 10s

5927 Showing the Grand Walk and
Orchestra, with the Musick playing, after
Wale, 1751, size 1 by 10-in., early coloured
impression, but margin cut close, 8s 6d

5928 Grand Walk, etc., from the Entrance,
by Rooker after Canaletti, 16 by 10-in., 6s^

5929 Another, curious early " reversed "
view, coloured, 5s

5930 _ Grand Walk, etc., taken from the
Entrance (about 1744) size 11 b 7 7-in., 5a

5931 _ Grand South Walk, with the Tri-
umphal Arches, etc., engraved by Muller
after Canaletti, 16 by 10-in., 5s 6d

5932 Another, early coloured impression,
margin cut close, 6s


LONDON, continued

5933 Vauxhall Gardens Grand South
Walk, Orchestra, Music Room, etc., series
of early views by Cole and others, sm. folio,
4s each

5934 Centre Cross Walk, etc., engraved
by Rooker after Canal etti, 1751, size 16 by
10i-in., 8s 6d

5935 later impression, in colours, 7s 6d

5936 the Company listening to a Concert
in the Orchestra, after T. Rowlaudson, by
R. Pollard, size 29 by 19-in.. VERY FINE
close, 10

5937 Concert, the Orchestra illuminated,
by Rowlandson and Pugin, 1809, coloured,
with numerous figures, rl. 4to., 10s 6d

5938 Orchestra and artificial Cave, 2
minutely finished drawings by R. B.
Schnebbelie, about 5 by 2^-in., 12s the pair

5939 on a Gala Night, by Rhodes, in
colours, 1804, 4to., 4s 6d, or uneoloured, 3s

5940 Tom, Jerry and Logic making the
most of an evening, coloured aquatint by
Cruikshank, 1821, rl. 8ro, 3s 6d

5941 Rural Beauty, or Vauxhall Gardens,
View of Orchestra and Company, with
Music beneath, by Bickham (1737), folio,
7s 6d

5942 Adieu to the Spring Gardens, view
in Vauxhall Gardens, with Music beneath,
engraved by Bickham after Gravelot, 1737,
folio, fine impression, 8s

5943 ' One half of the World don't know
how t'other Lives,' showing the Orchestra,
with Dignum singing, 4to., 5s

5944 Chinese Pavilions and Boxes, en-
graved by Bowles after Wale (1751), 8s

5945 Early coloured impression, but mar-
gin cut, folio, 7s 6d

5946 Temple of Comus, etc., engraved by
Muller after Canaletti, 1794, 16 by 10-in.,
7s 6d

5947 Inside of the Elegant Music Room,
engraved by Roberts after Wale, size 17|
by 13-in., 8s 6d

5948 The same, reduced plate, 17 by
111-in., 7s 6d

5949 Vue interieure d'une belle Gallerie
conduisant aux Jardins, early coloured
view, size 16 by 10-in., 8s 6d

5950 Triumphal Arches, Mr. Handel'
Statue, etc., by Muller after Wale (1751),
16 by 11-in., with old colouring, margin
cut, 7s 6d

5951 Same view, reduced plate, 11 by
7)4-in., 4s 6d

5952 Handel's Statue, engraved by Bar-
tolozzi after Rebecca, 1789, folio, 7s

" This Statue is now (1829) in the hall
of Behnes the Sculptor, in Dean St. , Soho.
It is damaged, the Lyre being broken in
two." Note on engraving.

5953 King and Miller of Mansfield, See
Saw, Blind Man's Buff, Leap Frog, Sliding
upon the Ice, by Truchy after Hayman,
from paintings at Vauxhall, folio, 4s each

5954 Vauxhall Gardens Tickets of Ad-
mission engraved from the silver Medallions-
by Stow, 1825, folio sheet, 3s 6d

5955 Portrait of C. H. Simpson, Master
of Ceremonies, lithograph by Gear, folio, 3s

5956 House and Water Gate entrance to-
the Gardens, 1858, water-colour drawing,.
4to., 3s 6d

5957 The Old Tap House, with plan, 2;
water colour sketches, 8vo., 6s

5958 Plan of the Gardens in 1859, water
colour sketch, folio, 6s 6d

5959 Plan showing where the Gardens
formerly stood, water colour sketch, folio, 5s-

5960 Vauxhall Sailing Match, 1800, 8vo,
scarce, 2s 6d

5961 A Fort at ' Foxhall ' said to have been,
erected during the Civil Wars, folio, 2s 6d

5962 Manor Hou^e of Fawkeshall or Vaux-
hall, from an old pen and ink drawing, with-
plan of its Environs, large paper, folio, 5s-

5963 Collection of, 6 engravings, etc., illus-
trating Tom and Bobat Vauxhall, in colours,
The Guard's Institute, St. Peter's Church,
Vauxhall Bridge, etc., uniformly mounted,,
roy. folio size, 8s 6d

5964 Vedest (St.) Church, 4 view of, and
rubbing of a brass in, 4s 6d

5965 Vintry Ward Volunteer, by Row-
landson, 1798, original coloured impression,
4to., 6s 6d

5966 Walbrook, collection of 6 Views, in-
cluding St. Stephen's Church, one in col-
ours and plans of the parishes, 10s 6d

5967 and Dowgate Ward, Map, 1754, folio,
2s 6d

5968 - Ward Volunteer, 1798, by Rowland-
son, original coloured impression, 4to., 6s 6d

5969 Wards and Liveries View of the

Court of, with the Officers, Servants, and
other Persons there assembled, a most
curious engraving by G. Vertue from a-
picture, temp. Q. Elizabeth, evidently-
giving portraits of the Officers assembled,
18^ by 18-in., 15s

5970 Warwick House, Charing Cross,,
Residence of Princess Charlotte of Wales,
scarce coloured view, 8vo. cut close, 3s

5971 by Rawle, 8vo. scarce, 2s

5972 Warwick Lane 4 engravings, etc.,,
illustrating the Oxford Arms, College of
Physicians, etc., 3s 6d

5973 Waterloo Bridge, with Somerset
House, St. Paul's, etc., by Whittle and
Laurie, 1816, in colours, folio, 6s

5974 Opening in 1817, by Prince Regent,
and the Duke of Wellington, scarce engrav-
ing, 1817, 4to., 4s 6d

5975 Collection of 42 engravings, etc. r
some scarce and in colours, showing Bridge
during construction, opening Ceremony,
freeing from toll, etc., uniformly mounted,
folio size, 25s

5976 Collection of 11 interesting engrav-
ings, 4to. and folio sizes, including some
scarce ones, 16s 6d



LONDON, continued

5977 Waterloo Place, and the Colonnade
of the King's Theatre, by Whittle and
Laurie, in colours, 1818, folio, 10s 6d

5973 Wapping, 4 engravings including St.
John's Old and New Church, plan of the
Parish, etc., 7s

5979 and Shadwell, plan of 1755, folio, 3s 6d

5930 Watllng St. Collection of 10 engrav-
ings, etc., of St. Austin's Church, St.
Antholin's Church, St. Mary's Aldermary,
etc., 6s 6d

5981 Wax Chandler's Company Facsi-
mile of the original Charter granted by K.
Richard III., beautifully reproduced in
colours, rl. folio, 3s

5982 Waxwork Exhibition Collection

of 34 Old Show Bills, describing Old Wax-
work Shows, uniformly mounted, roy. folio
size, 10s

5983 WestbOUrne (The) Procession, scarce
caricature, published for the Satirist, 1809,
size 14 by 7^-in., 5s

5984 West Cheap as it appeared in 1585,
from a drawing by R. Treswill, folio, 3s 6d

Showing St. Michael's Church, the old
Conduit, part of Paternoster Row, etc.


5985 West India DOCkS, finely coloured
engraving by Rowlaudson and

4 to., 5s

5986 Plan of, by Ralph Walker,
folio, 2s 6d

5987 the Warehouses, old coloured en-
graving by King, 1803, size 16 by 12-in., 5s

5988 Westminster Abbey, Westmouas-

teriensis Ecclesiae fades occidentalis, by W.
Hollar (1650), size 10 by 6>^-in., 4s

5989 facies aquilonalis, similar, 4s

5990 facies australis, drawn and engraved
by D. King (165C), size 12^ by 7-in., 4s

5991 _ North Prospect (before the addition,
of Wren's Towers), a large engraving by J.
Collins, 27 by 19-in., 7s 6d

5992 with the Towers and Spire as
design'd by Sir C. W-en, engraved by Toms,
16> by 12)-in., 3s 6d The same engraved
by Fourdrinier, 19^ by 16^-in., 4s

5993 North View (for Stow's Survey, 1755)
folio, 3s

5994 East Prospect of the Abbey, etc., by
B. Cole (1756), 16 by 12-in., 4s

5995 South View showing Dormitory, by
Courtenay, 1758, 4to., 3s 8d

5996 N.W. View, aquatint by Malton,
1793, folio, 5s

5997 North Front, similar, 5s

5998 North East prospect of the Abbey

6003 Westminster Abbey and St. Mar-
garet's Ch. from Westminster Bridge, by
Chapman, prettily coloured, 8vo., 2s 6d

6004 St. Margaret's Church and the New
Square from Parliment St. 1812, coloured
view with coach and costumed figures, size
18 by 12-in., 7s 6d

6005 Hospital, etc., fine coloured litho-
graph, by Boys (1840) rl. folio, 4s 6d, or
uncoloured, 3s

6006 Collection of 63 engravings, etc.,
illustrating the Exterior, Interior and
numerous Monuments, uniformly mounted
roy. folio size, many scarce, 21s

6007 Collection, 17 engravings of the Ex-
terior and Interior, of which 8 are in colours,
uniformly mounted, roy. folio size, 15s

6008 The Nave, curious old view by
Bowles, with old colouring, 1753, size 16 by
11 -in., 6s

6009 The Nave, aquatint by Bluck after
Rowlandson and Pugin, 1809, coloured, rl.
4 to., 5s

6010 Interior view from theW. Entrance,
fine aquatint, by Malton, 1793, folio, 4s 6d

6011 Transept, similar, 4s 6d

6012 North Transept, original drawing,

8-in., upright, 6s

Pugin, rl 6013 Choir, fine pencil drawing (Signed)
by W. Richardson, 13^ by lO^-in., slightly

stained, 5s

6014 Arches and Details, water colour
sketch, by W. Richardson, 13 by 9-in., 3s 6d

6015 Henry VII. Chapel, interior, fine
aquatint by Malton, 1791, folio, 5s

6016 Henry VII. Chapel, interior, etched
by J. Morton, 1810, rl. folio, 3s 6d

6017 Sacristary leading to Henry VII.
Chapel, aquatint by Malton, 1793, folio, 4s 6d

6018 Henry VII. Monument, fine early
engraving by Vertue, 1735, folio, 3s

6019 Chapel of St. Benedict, St. Paul's
Chapel E. and W. sides, St. Nicholas Chapel,
St. Erasmus's Chapel. St. Edmund's Chapel,
Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, and
other fine plates of Monuments from Ack-
ermanu, 1812, in colours, 4to., 2s 6d each

6020 Edward the Confessor's Chapel,
finely engraved by J. Coney, c. 1815, folio, 4s

6021 Shrine of Edward the Confessor,
engraved by G. Vertue, 1724, size 25 by

3s 6d

6022 Monuments to Bishop Dudley, Ann
of Cleves, Henry V., King Sebert, Abbots
Kirton and Eastney, Aveline, wife of Ed-
mund Crouchback, Thomas Vaugham, folio,

19-in., scarce, 18s

5999 _ Henry VII. Chapel exterior, aqua-
tint in colours, by Bluck, 1811, 4to., 5s

6000 old line engraving, 11^ by 9-in., 3s

6001 Chapel of Henry VII., etching by
Coney, 1822, size 17^ by 14-in., 3s 6d

002 and St. Margaret's Church, N.W.
View, old coloured engraving by Bowles
and Carver, folio, 7s 6d

by 3-in., 4s

6024 Captain" James Cornewall'a Monu-
ment, similar, 2s 6d

6025 Monument of Robert, Lord Boucher,
by Basire, folio, 2s 6d

6026 Monument of Henry V. similar, 2s 6d

! 6027 Stone over the grave of Handel the
celebrated composer, vxiter colour drawing,
6 by 8-in., 5s


LONDON, continued

6028 Westminster Abbey Paintings and

Stained Glass, by J. Carter, carefully col-
oured, folio, 2s
'6029 Painting of Richard II. in the Choir,

engraved by G. Vertue, 10^ by 21-in., 5s
6030 Jerusalem Chamber, 4 Views of the

exterior and interior, 1805, 4to., 4s
6031 Entrance to the Chapter House,

etching by Carter, 1782, folio, 2s
6032 Collection of 16 engravings (some in

colours), of the Interior, uniformly mounted

roy. folio size, 12s 6d

6033 Westminster Bridge. North View

by Bowles after Labelye, 1751, in colours,
folio, scarce, 7s 6d

6034 drawn and engraved by Boydell,
1753, size I6y 2 by 10>^-in., 5s 6d

035 from Lambeth, by Bowles and
Carver, folio, 5s

6036 from Lambeth, engraved by Fourd-
rinier after Maurer, 1754, size 16 by 10-in.,
4s 6d

6037 fine aquatint by T. Malton, 1792
folio, 6s

038 View on the Bridge showing West-
minster Hall, the Abbey, etc., similar, 6s

6039 and Lambeth Palace, beautifully col-
oured engravingby Havell, 13 by 9-in., 12s 6d

6041 Map of the New Roads from, folio, 3s

6042 Disembarkation on Lord Mayor's
Day, from painting by D. Roberts, 1844,
folio, slightly cut, 3s

6043 Collection of 46 Various Views, some
in colours,\ot the old and present Structure,
uniformly mounted, roy. folio size, 18s

6044 Collection of 9 interesting Views of
the Bridge, including Bluck's coloured aqua-
tint, an original drawing, etc., 4to. and
folio sizes, 23s

6045 View from the Bridge, showing the
Hall, Abbey, Towers, etc., pretty aquatint
by Arnold, 1803, 4to., 3s 6d

6046 Westminster Hall. Sala Regalis
cum Curia Westmonasterii, engraved by
Hollar, size 11 by 6-in., 6s

6047 Civitatis Westmonasteriensis pars,
showing the Hall, Abbey, and Parliament
House, by Hollar, 1647, 11 by 6-in., 7s 6d

6048 The Champions performing the cere

mouy of Ye Challenge, early engraving, 4to.,

6049 Interior during the banquet given in

honour of the Coronation, etched by Thos.

Dighton, folio, 5s
6050 curious early view, with border, 4to.,


6051 Entrance, and Prospect of Guildhall,
2 early views on 1 sheet, folio, 5s

6052 The First Day of Term, interesting,
showing the bookstalls erected within the
Hall, by Mosley, 1795, 13^ by 12^, scarce,

053 The Pillory Triumphant, 1765, scarce
caricature of Wilkes in the pillory outside
Westminster Hall, 13_^ by ll^-va., 5s

6054 Westminster Hall, The Law Courts
Collection of 20 interesting woodcuts of
the various Courts, uniformly mounted,
roy. folio size, 15s

6055 Collection of 19 engravings, etc.,
some scarce, of the Exterior and Interior,
uniformly mounted, roy. folio size, 16s

6056 Westminster, from Narrow Wall,
Lambeth, aquatint by^Fellows after Arnold,
1807, 4to., 3s

6057 from Waterloo Bridge, coloured
lithograph by Boys (1840), folio, 3s 6d

6058 An ancient view of St. James's
Palace, The Abbey, Hall, etc., from the
' Village of Charing,' sm. folio, 3s 6d

6059 Palace, plan of, by Wm. Capon,
measured and drawn between 1793-1823,
double folio engraving, 4s

6060 Vue du Palais Episcopal, curious
coloured engraving, a Paris chez Daumont,
folio, 6s

8061 The Burning of William Flower,
1555, early woodcut, 8vo., 3s

6062 Charley's Theatre, coloured plate by
Cruikshank, showing the bear baiting there,
8vo. cut close, 2s 6d (

6063 Dog Pit, fight between a Dog and
Monkey, by Cruikshank, |1820, coloured, rl.
8vo. scarce, 3s 6d

A singular illustration of depraved taste.

6064 James I. (Privy Council of) "The
Demandes of Thomas Harlowe for the keep
of Prisoners committed to the Gate House,
in Westminster," 25 Mch. 1607, a very
curious document, with signatures of the
Earls of Shrewsbury, Nottingham, North-
ampton, Worcester and Salisbury, Sir
Julius Caesar, and others, folio, 12s 6d

6065 Volunteer, from Rowlandson's Loyal
Volunteers, 1798, original coloured impres-
sion, 4to. slightly stained, 6s 6d

6066 Light Infantry, similar, 6s 6d

6067 Penitentiary, coloured view, from
Ackermann, 8vo., 2s 6d

6068 Plan of part of the City from Aggas's
Map, 1578, 4to., 2s 6d

6069 Map of the Parish of St. Margaret's,
1755, folio, 3s 6d

6070 A collection of 70 engravings, etc.,
many old and scarce, illustrating the
School, Earl Grosvenor's House, West-
minster from Lambeth, Waterloo Bridge,
etc., Charley's Theatre in colours, Millbank
Prison, Fox's funeral procession, etc., uni-
formly mounted, roy. folio size, 2 17s 6d

6071 Whiteehapel Church, the Altar

Piece, old engraving, folio, scarce, 3s

6072 Davenant's Almshouses, from draw-
ing by Schnebbelie, large paper, folio, 3s 6d

6073 Meggs's Almshouses, from a drawing
by Schnebbelie, large paper, folio, 3s 6d

6074 Map of the Parish, 1755, folio, 3s 6d

6075 Collection of 48 engravings, etc. in-
cluding plans of the Parishes, London
Hospital, Old St. Mary's Church, Mariner's
Church, Wellclose Sq., Meggs' Almshouses,
etc., uniformly mounted, roy. folio size,
16s 6d



IiONDON, continued

6076 WhitCOmb Street, Ruins discovered
in 1821, by Banks, 1822, folio, 3s 6d

077 White Conduit House, rare little
engraving, about 1750, 8vo., 3s 6d

078 Game of Cricket, 2 interesting col-
oured etchings, from rare originals, showing
the game being played in 1784 and 1787,
4to size, the pair 15a

079 Cricket played by the Gentlemen's
Club, 1784, aquatint from a very rare en-
graving, 4to., 2s

080 brilliant original water-colour draw-
ing by Pailthorpe, showing the old House
with boys playing in the foreground, size
10^ by 8-in., 30s

081 Whitefleld's Tabernacle, Moor-
fields, Hare Court Chapel, Aldersgate St.
and the White Hart Tavern, mounted on 1
sheet, 3s

082 " Baskets," a prettily coloured Lon-
don " Cry," 1804, 8vo., 3s 6d

083 White Hart, Bishopsgate St., 1800,
India proof, large paper, folio, 3s 6d

One of the finest of the old London inns.
It bore the date of 1480.

6084 Whitehall Palatium Regis prope
Londinium, engraved by W. Hollar, 11 by
6-in., 4s

6085 Palace, from a drawing by Hollar,
showing Holbein's Gateway, etc., large
paper, folio, 4s

086 Prospect from the Park of St. James,
engraved by J. Kip (circa 1720), size 13^
by 8>-in., 6s

Showing part of the Canal. Mounted
troops exercising in the foreground.

6087 Perspective View, drawn and en-
graved by Maurer (1740), folio, 6s

6088 Survey and Ground plot of the
Palace, by Vertue, 1747, double folio, 6s 6d

6089 Royal Buildings for his Majesty's
Horse and Foot Guards, fronting the Ban-
queting House, interesting view with Royal
Coach, by Boydell, folio, 7s 6d

090 Fine aquatint in brown, by T.

Malton, 1794, folio, 6s
6091 Palace, temp. James II., engraved

1808, large paper, folio, 3s 6d
092 Bird's-eye view from the River,

temp. James II., interesting pencil drawing,

size 9 by 7-in., 4s
093 Veue et Perspective du Palais du

Roy qui' sapelle Whitehall,

engraved 1808, after Silvestre (circa 1660),

9)1 by 5%-m., 3s 6d

6094 Banquetting House, early engraving
by Terason, 1713, size 22> by 16-in., 16s

6095 Banqueting House, pretty coloured
view from Ackermaun, 1816, rl. 8vo., 2s 6d

096 "Knives to grind," a prettily col-
oured London " Cry," 1804, 8vo., 3s 6d

6097 View of the Place and Manner of
K. Charles I.'s Execution, 4to., 4s 6d

6098 Execution of K. Charles I., engraved
by Thornton after Kneller, sm. folio, 5s

6099 Whitehall Gate, said to be designed
by Hans Holbein, drawn and engraved by
G. Vertue, 1725, size 10^ by 16>-in.,
4s 6d

6100 Portrait of Charles I., with the
palace in the background, finely engraved,
folio, 7s 6d

6101 fine coloured lithograph by Boys,
rl. folio, 5s

6102 Exact Draught of the Fire Work
that was perform'd on the River Thames
July 7th, 1713, being the Thanksgiving day
for the Peace, drawn and engraved by J.
Thornhill, 17 by ll^j-in., SCARCE, 15s

6103 Chapel, distributing the Maundy
Money, original pencil drawing by T. H.
Shepherd, size 6% by 5*/^-in., 5s

6104 Lord Herbert's House, Elevation by
Hulsbergh, c. 1737, folio, 2s 6d

6105 View of the New Public Ofl&ces
(Treasury) by Highham, folio, 4s

6106 A collection of 90 engravings, etc.,
many scarce, illustrating Privy Gardens,
Banqueting House, Treasury, Foreign
Office, Downing St., etc., uniformly
mounted, roy. folio size 2 15s

6106A White Horse Inn, Fetter Lane, the
Cambridge Telegraph Coach about to start
by Hunt after Pollard, in colours, size 22^
by 18-in., in maple frame, 2 12s 6d

6107 White's Club Lord Alvanley " Going
to White's," interesting coloured caricature
portrait by Dighton, 1819, 4to., 7s 6d

6108 Wigmore Street, showing the corner
of Welbeck St., clever water-colour drawing
from the original by Hosmer Shepherd in
the British Museum, size 9% by 7-in.,
12s 6d

6109 North Side, built about 1750, show-
ing the residence of Mr. Grace the collector,
interesting water-colour drawing from
original by Hosmer Shepherd, in the British
Museum, size 9 by 7^-in., 12s 6d

6110 Winchester Palace South View,

from a drawing by Whichelo, 1812, large
paper, folio, 4s

6111 View of the Hall as it appeared after
the fire, 1814, large paper, folio, 4s

6112 Wych Street, Strand, sepia drawing
by H. Richardson, size 9^ by 7-iu., upright,
7s 6d

Interesting in view of the recent demoli-

6113 interesting water-colour sketch, size
7 by 10>-in., 6s

6114 York House, from a drawing by
Hollar, 1808, large paper, folio, 4s

6115 York Street, St. James's : Interior
of Wedgwood and Beverley's Showroom,
scarce coloured view, 1809, rl. 8vo., 3s

8116 York House, Whitehall, engraved by
Medland, 1795, 4to, Is 6d

6117 York Buildings : View of the Stairs,
with the Water Works and a distant pros-
pect of Westminster Bridge, etc. (circa
177C), sm. folio, 2s 6d


LONDON, continued

6118 York Stairs ; View of the Barges con-
ducting his Danish Majesty from Whitehall
to the Temple, 1786, contemporary engrav-
ing, 4to., 4s 6d

6119 View of London from the Stairs,

early engraving, sm. folio, 4s

6120 York Stairs, Elevation of, by Huls-
bergh, c. 1737, folio, 2s 6d

6121 Zoological Gardens, 5 interesting;
lithographic views (2 after Scharf), 4to.
size, 7s 6d


6122 Aekermann (R.) The Microcosm of
London, over 100 splendidly coloured plates
by Roiolandson and Pugin, including Bar-
tholomew Fair, the Royal Cockpit, Fleet
Prison, Gaming House, Drawing a Lottery,
Pantheon, Pillory at Charing Cross, Sadler's
Wells, Tattersalls, Vauxhall, etc., etc.,


4to. original calf, binding of vol. III.

broken, 18 Aekermann, 1808

6122A AddiSOn (C. G.) History of the

Knights Templars, the Temple Church and

of London, by 0. T. Clark ; Chapter House-
of Westminster, by G. G. Scott ; Sculpture
in Westminster Abbey, by Prof. Westmacott ;
Westminster Hall, by E. Foss ; Record Office.
by J. Burtt ; Royal Picture Galleries, by G.
Scharf, etc.

6131 Arnold's Chronicles : The Customs-

of London, otherwise called Arnold's
Chronicle, containing, among divers other
Matters, the original of the Celebrated Poem
of the Nut-Brown Maid, 4to. half calf, 6s-


the Temple, front., sq. 8vo. half calf gilt, 6132 Arundell (T.) Historical Reminiscences
5s 1842 j of the City of London and its Livery Com-

6123 Addresses, Remonstrances and Peti- panies (pp. xii. and 444) 8vo. cloth, 5s 1869

tions presented to the King and Parliament
from the Court of Common Council, from
1760 to 1776, 8vo. tree calf, yellow edges,
6s (1777)

6124 AinSWOrth (W. H.) May Fair : a Satiri-
cal Poem in Four Cantos (with contents and
pp. 184), 12mo. half morocco, SCARCE, 4s


6125 Akerman (J. T.) Tradesmen's Tokens,
current in London and its Vicinity, between
the years 1648 and 1672, described from the
Originals in the B.M. and in several private
Collections, 8 plates besides woodcuts in text,
8vo. cloth, SCARCE, 10s 1849

6126 Allen (T.) History and Antiquities of
London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts
adjacent (Vol. I. 5 prel. 11., pp. 468 and in-
dex 8 11. ; Vol. II. 4 prel. 11. and pp. 589 ;
Vol. III. 5 prel. 11. and pp. 788 ; Vol. IV.
5 prel. 11. and pp. 574), 37 plates, besides
numerous wood engravings, 4 vols, 8vo. half
calf, 14s 1827-8

6127 Another copy, later edition, continued
to the present time, plates, 4 vols, 8vo. half
calf extra, nice copy, 18s 1839

6128 Alleyn (Edward) Memoirs of, the
Founder of Dulwich College, including some
new particulars respecting Shakespere, Ben
Jonson, Massinger, Marston, Dekker, etc., by
J. P. Collier, 8vo. cloth, uneut, 3s 6d

Shakespeare Society, 1841

6129 Antholin (S.) Budge Row, Parish
Registers from 1538 to 1754, and the Regis-
ters of Baptisms and Burials of S. John
Baptist, Wallbrook, 1682 to 1754, edited by
J. L. Chester and G. J. Armytage, imp. 8vo.
half morocco, 10s Harl. Socy., 1883

6130 Archaeological Institute Papers

on Old London read at the London Con-
gress, July 1866 (pp. xi. and 376), 8vo.
cloth, 5s 1867

Includes Military Architecture of Tower

6133 Ayloffe (Sir J., Bart.} Account of some-
Ancient Monuments in Westminster Abbey
(title and pp. 15), 7 large plates, rl. folio,
sewed, 6s 1780

6134 Baddeley (J. J.) Account of the Church
and Parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate,
illustrations, rl. 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d 1888

6135 Balloon (A) View of London, published
by Banks & Co., 1851, size 43 by 24-in., on
linen, folded, 4s

6136 Barber-Surgeons (The Annals of the)
of London, compiled from their Records and
other Sources by Sidney Young (pp. xii. and
623), numerous fine plates, including inter-
esting facsimiles, portraits, etc., many of the
plates in colours and several large folding-
ones, thick sm. 4to. buckram, gilt top, 16s


6137 Barrett (C. R. B.) The Trinity House
of Deptford Strond (pp. xii. and 159), with
an etched frontispiece and several illustra-
tions, 4to. cloth, unopened, 4s 6d 1893

6138 Bartholomew Fair : Bartholomew
Faire, or Variety of fancies, where you may
find a faire of wares, and all to please your

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