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L. N. Coffey Va.

W. C. Coulbourn, II K A ; <I< A * Va.

R. G Craft. * A A Va.

C. C. Crockett Ga.

C. W. Crush Va.

H. F. Day Va.

W. E. Denny La.

L. A. Dillon, H X Va.

F. Darnall, A K E Va.

W. H. Dorsey, i 'I' E Tex.

D. B. Dolly. K 2; * A A Va.

W. G. Edwards Va.

P. W. Ely Va.

S. L. Fellows Va.

C. B. Foster. A T A ; * A $ Ark.

K. J. Francis, II K A; * A A ; II A X Ky.


C. C. Geiselman Tex.

J. B. Glover. A 2 * N. C.

H. B. Goodloe. 'I> A A Va.

E. B. Green, K A Fla.

R. L. Grecory. 'I- F A Mo.

R. F. Garcia Fla.

R. S. Hansel Va.

J. N. Harman. 'I' AH; II A X Va.

S. B. Harper, 2 X; II A X Ark.

O. T. Henry Tex.

T. P. Heavers Penn.

\V. L. Hocue, A T A ; W. F Ala.

A. T. Hope Va.

J. C. Hudson Va.

C. E. Hunter, 2 •!■ E; A <!> Va.

G. C. Jackson, 2 X ; (I A *. Yjf. p.; 2. Okla.

L. V. Judson Va.

T. L. Keister, * A A Va.

H. W. Kelly Va.

J. O. Knotts. ATQjW.F Md.

W. M. LaFon W. Va.

P. B. Lantz, II K A ; ■!• A * ; W. F. ; 2

W. Va.

T. G. Leap. K 2; E \ X \Y. Va.

E. L. McFarlane Va.

H. P. MacFarlane. K A; W. F.; 'I' A '!<. .Fla.

C. S. McInturff Va.

E. S. Merrii.i Va.

S. R. Millar. 'I' S K; * A * ; n A X; 2. .Va.
J. H. Miller, Jr.. K 2; 6 A * ; II AN; 1

W. Va.
S. E. Moore, A. M. P. O D. C.

3fltniOt Lain Class Uoll Continued

\V. L. Newman, K: W. Va

W II. Oast, K \ \'a

J. S. OsBORN W. \'a

S. Parkins Va

C. M. Peck, 2 X; tf \ A Cal

W. R. Pennington, * K ■!•; * A A Va

J. E. PlFER Va

C. A. Poweli N. Y

J. L. Powell. * r A Va

J. W. Pulley Va

J. M. Q.UILLEN \'a

H. E. Recknacel Conn

D. Register Fla

II. L. Robinson \Y. \'a

J. T. ROTHROCK, II K A; 6 A *; II \ \


J. Rukner, Jr W. \'a

B. W. Rutrough. Jr Va

R. D. Sams Tenn

P. Saunders, Is \ ; •!• A A Va

R. A. Scotti Fla

J. N. Slater. K 2; W. F Ga

W. H. Smathers, * K i; N. C

Claude Smith Okla


II \ \ Va

II A N ; 2 Va

S . Smi 1 II. Is \

I SnMI K\ Mil. ■!' I

Terry, 1 V E ; 6


I 1 I HOMPKINS, - X. . Ark

F. Trimhi I . 'I' K -I' [). C

0. Trenor Va


F. VORE Okla

F. Wai KER, 'I' A A Va

E. Ward. >p A A Mi ss

D. Watts Tex

B. Webster. K A; 6 A *; H \ N .Monl

P. Webster, II K A \' a

M. Weeks \'a

1. \\ iiitelaw \ik

H. Williams 1 enn

\ Woods Va

M . Woodward \'a

W. Wright * A A Va

Wyatt .

1 ONI E,

S. Yocum, II K




"One pound o] learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply H."

Class Officers

R < HOOD.. ...President

I \MI S SOMI RVILLE, JR.. Vic i I'm „:-i m

W I Mil. MNC Secretary

J W HEATH Executive Committeemai

IRA I IAIMON Historian

Tampa, Florida

This concentrated essence of ubiquitousness was born in
Baltimore, Md„ June II. 1893. Some say William is Irish,
but as a matter of fact, his remote ancestors made a clean
get-away out of Egypt with certain jewelry several millenniums
ano. with ireful old Pharaoh in hot pursuit. William came
from Hillsboro High School to Washington and Lee in 1909
and straightway began to distinguish himself, seizing a chemistry
scholarship the same year. He is hard to down, is William
I I. when he thinks he is right, and William 1 1. is generally
and usually of that opinion. Note his achievements: Assistant
Marshal at "Wash" Celebration and at final celebration, 1911;
Historian Florida Club; Alternate on debating team, 10-11;
gymnasium medal for mats, 11-12; winner of debater's medal
at "Wash" Centennial Celebration. 1912. He expects to give
pills to sick people.

Alexandria. Vircinia


This star track performer was born at Concessit
lion. La., August 3rd, 1892, and has been on the run eve.
s'nce, and winning for the most part. I le attended Episcopal
High School before he decided to come to Washington
and Lee in 1908. George allowed the II A X's to make a
goat out of him, but he is all to the good. In addition to
being a good student he has done the following stunts: Track
•team. '09, '10, 'II, '12; Secretary G A. A.. 'I0-'II; Secre-
tary and Treasurer Combined Musical Clubs, 'I1-M2; Manage;
Mandolin and Guitar Club. '1I-'I2; Captain Track Team,
I'll I. He has chosen for his career that of a capitalist. Be-
ino a rood runner, handicaps will not disturb him.

Asheville, North Carolina

This perpendicular giant was born at Asheville. May 23.
1890. It is said that when he was little he was not so tall as
he is now. Ed came here from Bingham School, Mebane.
N. C, in 1908. He has done various things since he has
been at Washington and Lee. He made his class Football
Team in '09. '10. and 'II. Alkie says he is going into the
real estate business. He is a good fellow, and will give his
customers a square deal. He won't be mean enough to sell
land covered bv the Atlantic.


Bakersville, North Carolina

This is the only original "Bill" Bailey oul of captivity.

The others air cheap imitations. Bill was born at the afore-
said town Tel. ma, v >\ 1889. Before coming to Washington
and I ,ee he attended Bingham School. Asheville, N. C. and
Baker-Himel School, Knoxville, Tenn. We welcomed him
here in 1908. "Bill" is not guilty of pilfering any scholar-
ships, but he gels there just the same. Look at that massive
brow! What potentialities for grand achievements! Daniel
Webster, sit down well in the rear! "Bill" was Secretary -

[-reasurei North Carolina Club, 'lO-'ll, and High Mogul of
the same. Il-'li. lie expects to study law at Harvard and
plead it he knows not where.



Behold what makes Ronceverle famous! This voung man
was born at Dayton, \'a.. March 19. 1889. He graduated
from the Ronceveilc High School in 1908 and hurried on lo
Washington and Lee. Robert is a genial little fellow but a
slm I disciplinarian owing lo his being associated with the
library as Assistant Librarian since 1909. Washington and
Lee has never known a more zealous worker In ihe Literary
Society. He was Nice-President of the Graham-Lee. '10;
Vice Presidenl bum Societies, "lO-'ll. He is also a member
of the West Virginia Club. Robert likes lo go oul on ihe hills
and admire naluie. but he shuts his eyes when he sees a wire
fence under reilain conditions. He expects lo be a sure-enough
Libra, lan.

Yards, Virginia

You now see a real genius of uncerta
that he ,s not as old as Methuselah. 1
somewhere in \ nginia some time betw<
What a pity he could not be present to
John Smith from her angry papa. Frede
( .,11, or sum, limr .liter the Paleozoic

n age. It is evident
le savs he was born
en 1776 and 1907.
ee Pocahontas rescue
ick attended Graham
Era He came lo

first ordet
promptly .

nd L.

in 1909 and has been a shark of the
Johns I lopkins will give him an M. D.

Washington, D. C.

A target for the arrows of Dan Cupid.

This chap lent lustre to our National Capital bv putting in
his appearance there April 3. 1886. He showed up at
Washington and Lee in '08 after having attended Central
High School and George Washington University. Johnnie
has made an intensive study of Greek since he has been in
our midst. Johnnie is an incandescent light in the Literary
Society. He is and has been: member Southern Collegian
Staff. '08-09; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. '09-'l2; Vice-President
Washington Literary Society. '09-' 10; Chief Marshal Final
Celebration. 'II; Vice-President Joint Societies. 1 I ; Presi-
dent Washington Society. '12; member Albert Sidney Boat
Club and Congressional^. He is going to preach.

Woodstock, Virginia

Carl was born somewhere in Shenandoah Counly. Virginia,
some time in the 19th century. He completed a business course
at Massanutten Academy before coming to Washington and
Lee in '08. He broke into the Wash Society on his arrival
and has been one of the faithful-to-the-end. He was President
Washington Society, '10; Centennial debater tor February cele-
bration, 12; member Albert Sidney Boat Club; on Attendance
Committee of Y. M. C. A. Carl is taking Junior Law this
yeai and expecls to be a full-fledged lawyer next vear.
Undoubtedly he will be too, for the word "flunk" is not in
his vocabulary.


Dillwvn. Virginia

This serenely smiling voung gentleman was born at the place
above indicated about February 24. 1888. He honored Fork
Union Military Academy and the University of Virginia Summer
School by his presence before deciding to cast his lot with
us in '09. Since then he has pursued the even tenor of his way.
smiling, but saying little. Edgar intends to go into business;
and we predict that he will succeed because he attends strictly
to his own business.

Lynchburg, Virginia

I lerc you sec a genial young man solid as a slum- wall
He was born in Lynchburg, September 3. 1886, and came
10 us from the Lynchburg High School in 1909. Since then
Lloyd has parlicipaled in all the heallhful activities oi college
life. The Freshmen made him their historian and the Sopho
mores insisted on his serving them in the capacity of secretary
lie is an ex. ellenl student, having captured .in uup..il.int
scholarship, a feal winch his genuine modesty forbade him
to allude lo. Lloyd is going to enter the ministry.

C hum ii. Florida



reader, it would never do lo call this lively younps'cr
There is nothing negative about him. fie is a genius
in the conservation of energy but pulls down A's without
raising the appearance of a sweat. In a word, he sees the
p.,inl without straining his eves. First, James was born at
Chipley. Florida. September 7, 1892; secondly, he attended
Palmer College in his nalive slate, thirdly, he came I.
Washington and Lee in '09; and fouithly. he is coming ba-':
here next yea: lo study law despite ihe fact thai he "cusses"

Charlotte. North Carolina

A patriotic, though deluded. Tar Heel who dreamed that
North Carolina is the center of the universe an. I C li.ul.lt.
its garden spot. He is thinking of organizing a Greater
Charlotte Club. He is at present Organizer. Historian and
Secretary-Treasurer of the North Carolina Club. Cy was
born in A. D., IH9I at Mini Hill, a little village near Charlolle.
and attended the Charlotte University School and Charlotte
Military Institute before he matriculated at Washington and
Lee in '07. We missed him during the session of 09-10
Cyrus will study medicine at Penn.



Martinsville, Virginia

Isn't that a pre
And who could da
Martinsville Noven
lat.ng all the infol

tty name — Gustave, with the "a" broad?
re say it is not fitting? Gustave was born at
iber 14, 1892. After absorbing and assimi-
rmation that Martinsville High School had
.. stock, he came to Washington and Lee in 1908. He is
a close follower of all the sporting "dope" on the various
pink sheets and. bv-lhe-by, has played both baseball and
basket-ball for his class. He will study medicine at Johns

Christiansburc, Vircinia

An unclassified genius. Author of the Passion Cry; skilled
in mimicry, giving life-like imitations of all manner of noises
from the bray of a jackass to the lamentations of an elderly
maiden lady; has the names of famous actresses on his tongue
and neuritis in his heel; authority on the drama; musician
of no mean repute. Willie came among us in the fall of '08.
What he is going to do after June the fifteenth the Lord only
knows— Billy doesn't.

Fort Worth, Texas

Another pretty name for a prelly good fellow. The veiy
pose of this dignified chap bespeaks slaggering erudition in
chunks and dabs. Elmo was born in far off California, April
12, 1890. He attended Fort Worth High School and Avslin
College at Sherman, Texas. And for that town he has con-
ceived a violent and perennial affection. Best of all is his
high opinion of his father whom he verily believes to be the
greatest man in the world. May the old man see this! Flmo
cast his lot with us in '09. He intends to be a physician.



Shi phi rd n n W i - Vircinia

Precious articles come in small packages. And little
Charlie is certainly no exception. He is in Class A morally,
mentally and physically. I harlie was born at Shepherdstown,
Oclobei 24, 1892, and entered Shepherd College and the
Slate Normal before he matriculated here inJW. He made
the Gym learn in '09-'IO, and mde the Ge.man I In >■■ in
Hi II. for which he received a medal. He was Secrelarj
ol Washington Literary Society. 'I0-'II, and a member of
ils Judiciary Committee, "I1-'I2. He is also an enthusiast
member of the Harry Lee Boat Club. Charlie will enter
the ministry I le will probably stand on a stool

Lexington, Virginia

This guy has a hearl as big as a mule, a hand like a
ham. a horrid habil ol snatching college honors while you
wait, and has never learned I" write legibly. He was born
in this village October 6, 1891, valedicted al the High School
in '08 and is going !.. infln I the saw op.-. alien .,n .,< mno. .-nK
in June. Look here: President Freshman Class. '08 '09;
member Washington Lileiaiy Sociel\ ; Track Team. DK'II;
record breaker on high hurdles. '08-'09; Basket-ball ream,
'08"ll; Manager same. 'lO-'ll; elected Captain ol same,
•||-'I2. bul resigned; Harry Lee Boat Crew. in In
University Debal.ng Team vs. Johns Hopkins, '09-'IO;
President' Y. M. v A 'lO-'ll; Cabinet of same. '08- - l2;
Class foolball and baseball. '09-'12; represenlalive I las. ,,l
'12 on Executive Comm.llee. '09-MO. Tomm.e will leach Foi
several years and then lake up some p. ..(ess. on.

( I I M'.l I S IM\< KNI > GRANTH \M '■'- * >
I HOM \svn i i . Georgia

"Pink" was born al Monticello, Florida. March 12, 1890,
and came to Washington and Lee in '09 because he knew
more malh than was in the curriculum of the Universil) ol
Geoi ia He has initialed our "l.rv" into ihe secrets of the
fourth dimension. He was Executive Committeeman of ihe
Sophs. '10 II; Ii.asuie, Y. M. C. A., "M-'I2; \ . I....I
Manager Baseball. '12, and belongs to the While Friai
Ribbon Society. "Pink" is an ardent admire, ..I Underwood
and hop.- lo make thai gentleman president ol these United
Slates. lb- will pinb.il.lv enlei ihe diplomat service "I
Uncle Samuel.


Proctor, Texas

On October the twelfth, 1889, the citizens of Stephensville
in the great state of Texas sat up and took notice; for
this youngster of red locks had suddenly come into their midst.
After taking a B. S. at Daniel Baker College he hiked it
for Washington and Lee and a B. A. He hit town first
in '09 and again in '11. He is Secretary of the Texas Club
nd of the Washington Liter

the Albert Sidney Boat Club,
representing his Society in lh<
ary 22, 1912. He would fit
at repartee — but he declines
captain of industiy.

ary Society, and a member of

Charles Cecil is some debater.

Centennial Celebration. Febru-

/ell in Congress — he is so gifted

lo serve his country save as a

Savannah. Georgia

Here is another of those human bipeds analogous to gymno-
sperms in that they wear the minimum quantity of clothes
prescribed by law. Gordon runs round the track for the
pleasure of it, and for the glory of the University. He was born
at Savannah, February 24, 1892, attended Savannah High
School and Somerville Prep, and then made a bee-line for
old Washington and Lee. After he gels his B. A. he is
going to Johns Hopkins lo study medicine. He has made a
good record here, both in and out of the classroom. He
plays some species of stringed instrumenl, we believe, in the
Mandolin and Guilar Club. He also talks Dutch al the
Ge : man Club.


Clarksburg. West Virginia

Would you ihink it. people? He. only a few ye
constituted fifty per cent, of the erudition of the G

class, and you must admit that is
was born at Moeshville, W. Va., ir
May. 1888. He graduated from Br
and came on lo Washington and Le
alely. He was elected Execulive
class for '10-11. but could not serv
Arlos is a level-headed young man,

future vocation is best

some erudition
the beautiful

laddus Institute
forthwith and
on account of

lot at all hysleri

enled by X. That




This wise littler man was born way down yonder in New
Orleans, Oclober 30. 1887. When the Staunton High School
had finished with him he came lo Washington and Lee. which
was in 1906. As has been indicated, there is more under his
hat than modified epidermis. Scholarships just naturally
come his way. He has appropriated two. the English and
Vincent L. Bradford Scholarships. He has also been Cox
swam of the Harry Lee Crew. Although serving a sentence
of two years in the "Co-op." he finds time lo edit the Ring
Turn Phi and lo handle the funds of the Senior Class.
Palmer will probably lake up journalism. We tremble for
the security of Dana's reputation.

Amiii km. Virginia

Oh, my! Oh. me! He gels just the sweelesl little letters
from the dearest little girls. Taylor Berry, not Hucklebeny.
was born at Amherst September 1. 1891. He landed in
Lexington in '08 after having attended ihe Lynchburg High
School. Taylor believes in having a good time and generally
has it. He belongs to the II A N Ribbon Society, the
Lynchburg Club, and the "13" Club, and is on the Final
Ball Invitation Committee. He made the Freshman Baseball
Team, and served on the Finance Committee for the Junioi
dance. Fie has not derided lo what account he will turn
his talents.

ifc 'fc 1

Ro< KtimncF Baths. Virginia

all right. He can't hel
n is a good boy and a
been going out on the g
and with no flattering
is born at Rockbridge
I ligh School at
ind Lee in '08.
A. Cabinet; L<
ngton Lil<

•nded the
M. C.
•sident \\
at Club;

...... I.

Varsity squad

I las

p his being so big and awkward,
faithful one. For several years
ridiron. plugging away without a
prospect of making the Varsilv.

Baths, Oclober 6, 1889, and
lhal place I |e matriculated al

Freeman is a member of ihe
ader Ministerial Band; Vice
Soc.ely; member Albeit Sidne)

|-<.oll.al I Tea
will enter ill,

If) III. and the


Port Gibson, Mississippi

Unlike most of his compatriots from Ole Miss, his fame
is executive rather than oratorical. In a word, he has acquired
the habit of managing things. He has managed the Junior
Basket-ball Team, is "President Mississippi Club; Executive
Committeeman Senior Class; was Chief Marshal Graham-
Lee Celebration; Chairman Invitation Committee Fancy
Dress Ball; on Invitation Committee Sophomore Cotillion;
and has played football for his class. John was born in
the hamlet mentioned above January 23, 1891, graduated from
Chambeilain-Hunt Academy in 1908. and came to Washing-
ton and Lee the same year. He expects to study law, and
we predict his election to the United States Senate in less
than a decade.


Peterstown, West Virginia

They call him Heavener, but he is leally Palnck Henry
II. When he speaks you can hear the proverbial pin fall.
This full-blossomed orator was born at Eggleston, Virginia,
May 5, 1889, graduated from Alderson Academv in 1909.
and straighlway set his face towards Lexington. He won the
Graham-Lee Debaters' Medal. 'II; represented Washington
and Lee in the Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest, 10; was
member Debating Team against Gettysburg College, Penn.. 'II.
He was President Graham-Lee in 191 I, but look lime to pluck
a German Scholarship. At this minute he is Historian of the
West Virginia Club. Paul will study law.

Summit Point. West Virginia


To be
from Sun
6. 1890.
Charles C

Academy, wh-

Vice-President Washington Literary "S

will probaf


t, this chap was born on the farm five miles

Point. Jefferson County, West Virginia. July

place will certainly be famous some day.

ame to us in '08 from the Shenandoah Valley

he had sojourned three years. Since then he

A. and boning the catalogue. He was

•ty in 'II-'I2. He

teach a few years in order to replenish the

and then go to Princeton in quest of an M. A.


Clarksburg, Wesi Virginia

Bob wears a perennial smile, and attends prayer meeting
regularly. Bui, fellows, thai old "truth and veracity" joke
positive!) won 'l pass. He uas born in Weston, West Virginia,
in IHHft and came lo Washington and Lee from the Clarks-
buig High School in '08. lie has annexed college honors
In |he following lune: II A \ and Sigma Ribbon Societies;
Assistant Manager Y. M. C. A. hand-book. '09-'IO; Chair-
man Deco.alion Commiltee Junior Prom, 'II; member Cotil-
lion Club; President Senior ( lass; Secrelarj Y. M. C. A..
'II-'I2; member Graham-Lee Literary Society; Chairman

Reception Comm • Fancy Dress Ball. '12. 'Bob is going

lo practice medicine.

Roi k 1 . Mm n i . Virginia

Demosthenes turns over in his grave with green-eyed envy
when he orales. lake il from me. Dear. Waller Lee is
some arlisl when il comes to orating. He walked off with
oratorical honors ..1 William and Mary before he came into
our (old and seized the Orator's Medal before our very eyes
in Ihe Wash Centennial Celebration, February 22, 1912.
Young Demosthenes was born al Rocky Mount, Virginia,
in September, 1890, and matriculated al Washington and Lee
in 1911. Naturally he is going lo be a lawyer. No jury
can resist his matchless eloquence

North Wilkesboro, N. C.

II he were two days older Lemmon would have entered
the world on the fourteenth of February, with a very
appropriate nam. foi a valentine. He turned to literature
foi consolation. He was hist pocl and laler historian of
tin class ol 1912, a member of the judiciary committee of
the Giaham-Lee Society, on the Ring-Turn Phi staff and is al
presenl editor and author of Southern Collegian, where

he tries I nceal Ins identity sometimes under the pseudonym

ol Rubiz On, He says thai he was prepared in LI co/i ie
V'u (N..tc: Ira is a member of the French Club); and,
therefore, expects lo go out and preach that a rich man can
not enlet the kingdom ol heaven.

Bladen Sprincs, Alabama

He:e, you see, ladies and genllemen, what we

call a shark.

Geology or Biology, languages, living or dead, are

all the same

to him — and dead easv. He won the Latin Si

:holarship m

'10 and one in Geology and Biology in '11. He

is instructor

in Biology and has been for two years Seer

elarv to the

Registrar. In his freshman year he was a me

mber of the

Wash, the Football Squad and the Freshman Fo

olball Team.

Mac can do three men's work and then read

all the best

sellers, with time to spare. He was born at Bl

aden Springs

July 5, 1892, and came to us from Bliss Militai

y Academy,

Macon, Mo., in '09. He says he is going in f.

,r Ecological

Atlanta, Georgia

It would do your heal t good to hear him pound
out of the ivories, for he has well-developed musical pr
silies. has Brooks Mell. For instance, he performs il
Glee Club, the Orchestra, and the University Band. B
was born in Atlanta, October 8, 1889. and tried four sc
in lapid succession before he found the one fitting his di
fied talents. Thev were Riverside Military Academv. D
Fiaser. Stone Mountain, and Georgia Tech. He has
identified with the following: Varsity Baseball Squad;
Football and Baseball ; Sophomore Dance Committee.
Secretary-Treasurer Georgia Club, * 1 0- "11; President of
'll-'IZ; Secretary Wash Society, '12; Harry Lee Boat
Business is his chosen vocation.

i the

Lexington, Vircinia

If there was ever a good boy, here is one. William is
going to be a preacher, and his splendid manly qualities and
clean life will have no less influence than his words. He is
moreover a student and an athlete. He was bovn at Middles-
borough, Ky., in the latter part of the nineteenth century
and matriculated at Washington and Lee in 1908. I lis

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