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'dtarX. Ferform.

Kemember. Play.
3eQ\n. V\edc^e.

Finish. ^poneor.

Laarn. Farewell

Join. Colophon.


TIk? Calyx
Voluma CVIII


Executive' EJltor
Kdly Jo M. iareen

f\ee\eXa\\X EJltore
Hoiie Stafford and Catheme 5wa\]

W^diititjton and L?^ Lliiiv(?r6ity
L^xin(3toii, VwTQUa










A "^J

4i\' ■-'



3\/ iioiiiin^^tioii ^nJ votc^ of thc^ tjmJuatiiitj membere

of XW' C\aee of 2005, thie book is? hereby

LieAcaXed Xo

The Class of 2005 brothers of Beta and SPE: Fransico Meija, Gavin Molinelli, Mike Waldron, Drew Lawhome, Pat Collins, Mike LaBagnara,
Jay Zygmut, Drew Jones, Chris Weingartner, Mike Baracco, Bobby Bitterman, Matt Renwick, Noble Stafford, Matt Clauss, Dan Pabst, Justin
Baccary, Adam Nails, Ben Morris, Eric Koch, Ryan Valeri, and Ryan Murphy

"deXa 'W^eXa Pi and &\cjma V\i Epeilon

"Have you heard? It can't be true. Can it?" These were just a few of the frantic questions asked over the summer of 2003 as a scat-
tered student body attempted to figure out the biggest rumor of recent memory. Only it wasn't a rumor, it was true. Sigma Phi Epsilon
nationals revoked the charter of the Virginia Epsilon Chapter on July 1, 2003 citing alcohol abuse, low GPA, and low numbers as reasons
for dropping the Washington and Lee chapter. The brothers firmly denied all the allegations, explaining that their grades and numbers
placed them squarely in the middle of the pack for the university Greek community. The house also prided itself on being one of the most
diverse houses on campus. After ditching the SPE ties, the brotherhood tried in vain to colonize a new fraternity. Alpha Delta Phi. In the
end, many of the Sig Ep's found a home as social members of Phi Kappa Psi, a house who had previously been struggling with numbers.
Unfortunately for the University Greek community, the SPE drama cast a national spotlight on our beloved community. The Administra-
tion promised not only a crackdown on hazing, but also to bring the local fraternities into line with their national fraternal guidelines.
Pledgeship 2004 was marked with rumors, accusations, trials, and the death of the "Big Four" After a lengthy investigation of pledgeship
hazing violations. Beta Theta Pi was suspended for one year from all campus activity. Months later. Beta Nationals revoked the chapter's
charter for a full three years, time for all remaining members of Beta to graduate. The Beta brothers of the Class of 2006 are currently at
work, in hopes of bringing Beta back during the 2005-2006 academic year. It remains unclear if they will have any success. However, one
thing does hold true: when the Class of 2005 arrived as young freshmen in Fall 2001, fifteen fraternities greeted them. When the Class of
2005 graduates, they bid farewell to only thirteen, and a greek system very different from the one they originally knew.

'W^e 6pf?akiiio TmJitioii

When high school students visit W&L, the friendly hellos and smiles they encounter on the Hill are just an introduction to the
community nature of Lexington. W&L's Speaking Tradition has long stood as a mark of positive distinction for the school. When then
President Robert E. Lee mandated that all students and university community members treat each other with civility by saying hello, he
started a tradition that would carry on through the 21st century. However, it seems that the Speaking Tradition has been dying a slow
death over the last few years. As cell phones find their way onto our Colonnade, it seems fewer and fewer people are pausing to say hello,
give a friendly wave, or even just a head nod of acknowledgement. It is the wish of this, the graduating Class of 2005, that the Speaking
Tradition carry on for many years. So next time your pass a friend, an acquaintance, or even someone you've never seen before on the
Hill, be sure to say hello. After all, it's tradition.

4 eX^<■X.

S^p 9 f^

In K/\emory

Zachary Farmenter

Zachary A. Parmenter was killed in a car accident on Interstate 81 near Lex-
ington on Friday evening, July 23, 2004. Parmenter, 20, was a member of
Sigma Nu fraternity and the Generals Christian Fellowship. He was a gradu-
ate of University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio. Parmenter was working on
campus during the summer as a researcher in the physics and engineering
department, studying chaos synchronization in diode lasers with Assistant
Professor David Sukow. "Zach had a quiet but keen sense of humor, and took
pleasure in the small, daily absurdities that arose in the lab," said Sukow.
"He thought clearly and spoke articulately, which gave him a real knack for
explaining his insights to others. In only two months of lab work, he had
already acquired the single most important capability a research student can
have - a certain intellectual courage, the willingness to try things even when no
one knew exactly what the outcome would be. He will be greatly missed."

-Courtesy of Wasliington and Lee News Office

Michael Gorman

Michael K. Gorman, director of the Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts,
died Wednesday, March 9, 2005. He was 52. Gorman joined W&L in his cur-
rent position in 1991, just months before the opening of the $10 million facility.
"For the last 14 performance seasons, Michael has been central to the phenom-
enal success of our performing arts center," said Joseph Martinez, associate
professor and chair of the W&L theater department. "This community owes
a debt of gratitude for his vision and selfless dedication to bringing world-
class performing artists to W&L and to our region. Michael helped to bring
the world to our little mountain town." He is survived by his wife, Linda;
a daughter, Elizabeth; a son, Christopher; his parents, Harry and Barbara
Gorman; and siblings, Harry Gorman III, Barbara Piccirilli, Thomas Gorman
and Richard Gorman.

-Courtesy of Washington and Lee Neivs Office

Vree\denVe Meeea^e

To the Class of 2005,

As I watch you prepare to leave Washington and Lee - at
least for now - I am struck by the fact that you all preceded me
here. While generally it is the institution that accepts and wel-
comes the new faces on campus, teaching them both the formal
traditions and intangible ways of the University, it was in many
ways you who played this role for me.

When I began my presidency here in 2002 you had com-
pleted that expansive journey of Freshman Year. At a school like
Washington and Lee, where the traditions are palpably strong and
the campus extraordinarily close, you already knew much of what
it meant to be here, were already infused with the affection and the
enthusiasm that our great school seems unfailingly to breed. You
had experienced life at Washington and Lee enough so that it was
familiar to you, but still had so much to look forward to in your
next three years.

It is the example of that poignant moment - simultaneously
appreciating and anticipating your time at W&L - which you gave

to me. It is important as president that I continue to both love what is and anticipate what will be here at Wash-
ington and Lee. I will not forget this lesson.

For you all, however, the time has come when you are looking forward to things far beyond this campus.
You are anticipating careers and families; exotic adventures, travel, further study, homes of your own. Cliche
though it is, it must be said: you have your entire lives before you.

With the education you have received here there is no opportunity closed to you. You are an extraordinary
class of scholars, artist, athletes, writers, activists, performers, leaders - a comprehensive list could not be com-
piled so varied and talented are you. You think clearly, speak passionately, act energetically. You most certainly
will change the world, each of you, in your own way.

It is my profound hope for you that you will always keep the same gift you brought to life for me - the glo-
rious feeling of appreciating your present while happily anticipating your future. In this balance of contentment
and inspiration is fulfillment.

The list of plans you look forward to surely includes things noble and great. I hope among those lofty plans
you are also looking forward to returning to W&L, early and often. Your life has become a permanent part of this
University and I hope that this University has become a permanent part of your life.

Pam joins me in sending our best wishes and our warmest congratulations.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas G. Burish

5 Start.


We've probably all been told that when we die, our
lives will be represented by two dates and a dash. Our
tombstones will simply say the day we were born and
the day we died. A single dash will represent every-
thing we've done in our lives. People are always telling
us to make that dash count. However, when we die, we
leave much more behind than just a dash. We leave a
legacy. Hopefully, our legacies are something of which
we can be proud. I often wonder, is Benedict Arnold
proud of his legacy? Or Aaron Burr? Merriam-Web-
ster defines a legacy as "something transmitted by or
received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the
past." This definition focuses only on legacies as inher-
ited, but yet, we leave legacies of our own. We will for-
ever be a part of the legacy that is Washington and Lee
University. And Washington and Lee will always be a
part of our legacy. We are building our legacies during
every hour of every day. Our legacy are built by the
actions we take, the decisions we make, and the people
we meet along the way. Our legacy will include W&L.


Top: Camille Morrison '07 lends Iran Kim '05 a helping hand.

Above Left: Juniors Ryan Coppersmith and Joe Franzen

Above Center: Phi Psis buy Walmart out of animal print fabric.

Above Bottom: The men's lacrosse team shares a moment together
in the pool in Daytona Beach.

Left: Jenny Lu invites her friends o\'er to ti\ o ' ■
ing experiment.

'dtarX, R(?iii(?nib(?r, ^djin, Fiiii!?h. L?:arn. Jo'wi Ferfonn Flay. FleAje. t'yoneor. fareweW. Colophon

No matter what we do with the rest of our lives, our lega-
cies will forever include freshmen roommates, pledgeships,
frat parties, and everything in between. Our W&L legacy
will include streaking the colonnade, playing on a sports
team, making facebook friends, and trips to Goshen. W&L
will give us many aspects of our legacies. W&L will give
our legacies a bit of honor, character, and a lot of integrity.
The things that have been passed onto students for genera-
tions will be passed on to us, but it will be our responsibil-
ity to take those characteristics and do what we will with
them. How we incorporate W&L into our legacies will be of
our own choosing, but it is impossible to say that W&L won't
be part of our legacies. We are forever bound to Washing-
ton and Lee; it is a part of who we are and who we become.

o o

Above: Will Lewis is not entertained.

Above Right: Members of the wrestling
team, Dave Shukick, Anthony Boniello,
Erick Gagne, Walter Hoyt, Peter Law-
rence, Jessup Sataloff, and Ben Riggs,
support their fellow athletes, the foot-
ball team.

Near Right: Unaware of anyone else
at Polehouse 4, Mike Baracco '05 and
Whitney Doss '06 are completely
absorbed by the music.

Far Right: Ken-Cheng Hsing '07 and
Jenny Lu '05 try their best to hide
among the coffee plants during a
Christmas Break trip to a Costa Rican
coffee plantation.

start. Kemember. 3e4\x Finish. Ltfarn. .loin, ?erionn Pby. VleAy-. Syoneov. F.=irt?wc'll. Colophon,


Above Left: George Hunter, Jesse Brundige, Buck
Fletcher, Mike Diverio, Curt Speershneider, and JD
McDermott take to the ice for W&L Club Ice Hockey
in Roanoke.

Above Right: Anxious to meet their new Theta sisters,
pledgesisters Lindsey Lecky '07 and Ashley Hurt '07
reminisce their own Theta bid night just one year ear-

Left: Bose Bratton '07, Jim Ryan '07, Peter Goodwin '07,
Ryan Light '06, and Matt Arcati '07 wait for the ladies
to arrive for yet another rocking County Seat party.

Below: Amanda Strickler '06 tries out her latest wres-
tling move on Christine Bender '08, but Bender is more
entertained than she is scared.

W&L will forever be part of us, yes, but we too will
forever be part of Washington and Lee. The actions we
take as students will impact fellow students for genera-
tions. Goals will be rewritten. Decisions will be made.
As young adults, it's hard for us to think of our actions
impacting generations, but yet we still need to be con-
scious of it. The University is in a time of change; the
Strategic Plan outlines proposed changes, some good
and some not so good; the Greek System is very dif-
ferent from the one we initially knew. Will we stand
by and watch our University change before us? Will
we be part of that change? Will be stop it, encourage
it, or ignore it? And how does that change effect the
legacy already existing at W&L, the legacy set by pre-
ceding student generations? We are the caretakers of
their legacy, their tradition. Washington and Lee now
includes our legacy. What will that legacy look like?


1. Phi Kap Bahamas Party. 2. Stu-
dents rally outside the courthouse
for Roe vs Wade 3. Richard Bruno
'06 and Matt Garcia '07 await their

shoe-shines at the Kappa Sig Formal. 4. Tom
Wolfe signs his books in the Commons. 5. Seniors
Noble Stafford and Andy Clayton at the Chi O
semi-formal. 6. Juniors Meredith Elkins and

Christine Gray at Buckingham Palace 7. Andrew
Guevera gets down and dirty. 8. Kelly Jo Larsen
'05 and Thomas Grattan '07 on KJ's 22nd birth-
day 9. Swim team members at Pink to Drink.

1 etai^.

1. Chris Walker '05 hangs out with some juniors. 2. Lil Brandler '08 glia '08 6. Pi Phis ready for the Dukes '05 at FD. 10. MoUy Drake, Wliitney

and George Singletary '05. 3. Juniors John Rizzo and Drew Hotal- of Hazzard. 7. That's right, an emu. Doss, and Theresa Anderson. 11.

ing at FD. 4. Kate Lester '06, Kitt Murphy '05, Louisa Feve '06, and 8. Sigma Chi's Lip Sync. 9. Jess Lloyd PoUna Berlin '07 and Josh Dodds '08

Erin Rathbone '05 at the Palms. 5. Jimmy Dunn '08 and Jim Tarta- '06, Tom Hunt '06, and Marisa Meyer 12. David Coman '07 at Fiji LslaJids.

1. Kate Zawyrucha '06 and Eric
Bokinsky '05 have some Mardi Gras
fun. 2. Sophomore Kappa Sigs and
their dates. 3. Thomas Gift, Chris

Lauderman, David Harrison, and Tim Smith 4.
Juniors Derrick Lott and Nikolas Gogol. 5. Allen
Barry '05, Rian Lewis '05, and Drew Hotaling '06.
6. These Junior girls are ready to party. 7. Susanna

Brailsford '05 and Tricia Williams '07 share the KC
love. 8. Ready for another fun mixer! 9. Huan Jir
'07, Jenny Lu '05, and Yena Lee '06 show every-
one how to ice-skate.

1 2 Start.

1. Stick out those tongues a little more, gents. 2. McLean
McGregor '05, welcome to Egypt. 3. Femi Kusimo '08 and Adam
Chesbrough '05. 4. The I-House ladies at FD. 5. Rory Dowling
'05 and Katie Long '07. 6. David Startsman '05 and chicken.

7. Kim Babbitt '07 and Chris Lalli
'07 at the Under Armour Formal. 8.
Juniors Drew Davenport and Chris
Lauderman. 9. Corbin Blackford as

Santa. 10. Chi Os at the beach. 11.
Dianne Winter '05 being a goofnut
in Florida 12. Clayton Edwards '07
and Rob Rain '07 wait for the ladies.

1. Jamming out. 2. Prepartying the
Roots concert. 3. The men's soccer
team gets friendly in the training
room. 4.Yes, Christine Gladvsz '06

and Emily Wolfing '05, those are hot lips. 5. Steph
Weichmann and Kristine Holda 6. Fun at Theta
and Kappa's Kite and Key semiformal 7. Taylor
McConnell and Scott Gosselink watch the Fijian

sunset. 8. Paul McClure demonstrates his grilling
talents. 9. Seniors McLean McGreagor or Eliza-
beth Wilson take in a view from the top of the

1. Juniors Julian Ledford, Chris Lauderman, and Drew Daven-
port. 2. Chi Omegas out for the night 3. Beer, Boat, and Sun: all
Noble Stafford needs for a good day 4. Spring Term. 5. Clark
Finney demonstrates his dance talent 6. lowans Sarah Bloom,

Mike Yoimg, and Kelly Jo Larsen.
7. Tropical 8. Peter Goodwin '07 at
the Phi Kap Rave. 9. Kevin Pharris
works on his tan 10. Steve Raymond,

Spotty Robins, and Ned Rider with
fratty hair. 11. Erin Waskom and
Kate Norby. 12. Andrew Lloyd and
Christine Fritz at Foxfield.


5f3f 4t




Section Editors

Kh^ki Howe & Lauren Kowe

Remember. The Rugby Team welcomes your daughters.

Remember. Creating a last minute Halloween costume on
the day of the Windfall party, spending way too much time
and money at Walmart.

Remember. Watching the football team pull out an amazing
victory over Parent's Weekend.

Remember. Fraternity parties with the people who pay your
bills (and take you to Walmart).

Remember. Boys actually thinking that their ugly Christmas
sweater, tacky tree covered suspenders, and reindeer antlers
make them adorable and girls actually agreeing.

Remember. Trying to coax the FD theme out of your friends
on the FD committee.

Remember. Having to come back to Lex Vegas after three
months on the beach in Australia. Or the bustling streets of
London. Or the museums of Rome. Or

Remember. Tubing down the Maury River.

Remember. Naps on the front lawn in the beautiful spring

Remember. Watching as your friends graduate and realizing
you're now a senior.

Legacy. Smiling, laughing, and shaking your head in amaze-
ment at the wonderful memories you've acquired and the
things you've learned that have absolutely nothing to do
with the books you've read.

Aeeietant Section EMtore
\/\ac}c}\e Canby & Lindsay lecky


Welcome to the best four years of your life.


On September 4, 2004, the Washington and Lee community
welcomed 460 freshmen from 39 states, 12 foreign
countries and the District of Columbia. Those
460 represent a pool from 3,649 applicants,
1,078 of whom were offered admission. The
freshman notched an average SAT score of
1380 this year, fourty points higher than
their senior counterparts who only averaged
a 1343 (though only 39 of the freshman were
thier high school validictorians ivhile 49 of the
seniors garnered that honor). Families trekked
across townor across the country to drop their students

off in

Lexington. With the help of the Freshman Orientatioi
Committee and a number of other organizations the neu
students lugged their baggage and began their fou.
years at W&L. Roommates met and friendships weri
kindled (hopefidly).It didn't rain on move in day
Will tradition hold? Check hack with us in fou
years and see if it rains on their graduatin day
Oh and to those poor freshman fathers: Yes, tlu
Rugby team welcomes your daughters.

Right: A new freshman moves the necessary Dell com-
puter, which will become essential for late night papers
and AIM conversations.

Above: As usual the Rugby Team
volunteered to move in the new
class. Here Steve Lamb '07 gener-
ously offers his services.


Dean Watkins.

Right: Hopefully this freshman
boy has cleaned his room since this
picture was taken. Better yet, has
he actually used that iron?

1 ? ^iii<»iiilvr.

Left: Elizabeth Robinson '07,
Sarah Beth Campbell '06, and
Provost Tom Williams assist other
members of the Freshmen Orien-
tation Committee at doing a stellar
job unpacking. Good job girls.

Below: Security Guard Larry
helps direct confused freshmen
parents to the proper place to
unload and park.

Left: Freshman get to relax after
the long process of moving in at
the annual cookout in the BDG

Above: Calvin Awkward '06 reg-
isters freshmen.

Right: Chris McNamara '05 escorts
the Homecoming Queen, Chi Psi
Nominee Katie Abplanalp '05.

Below: Pi Beta Phi Nominee Su-
san Somers '05 and her escort, the
one and only Jeb Brooks '05, took
home second runner up.



B'V''^^ ."


^zf \W


■!ld '\fi







WT ^





Above; Kappa Delta Nominee
Marion Frierson '05 and Kappa
Sigma Nominee Elizabeth Amoni
'05 pose with their Kappa Sig
escorts, Aaron Metrailer '05 and
Marshall Viney '05.

20 Rc'iiic'iiilvr.

Right: Athletic Director Mike
Walsh welcomes two W&L
alums, Howard Dobbins and
Frank Brooks, into the Hall of


Cocktail Parties, Drive-by Truckers, and the Annual Football Game.

Nohting, not even rain, can put a damper on W&L student
spirits. Especially when you give them an excuse to attend
a football game in a sun dress or pastel polo. Keeping
the Homecoming winning streak alive, the W&L
football team pidled of a stunning victory against the
Randolph-Macon Hornets at a score of 17-0. During
Halftime, Kathekon officers Thomas Worthy and
George Craft azvarded Theta first prize in the banner
compeition and then croivned senior Katie Abplanalp
Homecoming Queen. Congratulations to Katie! Athletic
Director Mike Walsh inducted tzvo alumni into the W&L

Athletic Hall of Fame. As always, the evening luas

filled with bands and cocktail parties. Seniors

joined recent alums in the Pavillionfor the

annual Alumni Association Wine Tasting.

Not everyone had the oppoturnity to enjoy

the festivities though; for everyone that

suffered through the LS AT on homecoming

weekend: we hope you did well!

Above: Kappa Kappa Gamma Nominee CT Stroud
'05 and her escort, Charles Anderson '06, stroll down
the football field.

Above Left: Avery Lovejoy
'07, Caroline Simonson '07,
prospective Mallory Van
Home, Lindsay Lecky '07,
and Alex Laymon '07 in
the Sigma Chi basement
awaiting the evening's

Above Right : Phi Delta
Theta Nominee Kelly Jo
Larsen '05 and her escort,
Tyler Archie '05. Shout
out to our lovely yearbook
Editor-in-Chief. We love ya!

Left: Homecoming Nomi-
nees and their escorts
line up awaiting the final
result. Congracuiati.-'-:- I
all who v/ere namii ■


Ghosts, Waldo, Girl Scouts, the Jamaican Bobsled Team, and costumes of all sorts.


Beta Theta Pi came hack from the dead for
an evening to join their fellow "Big Four"
Fraternities, SAE, Phi Kap, and Phi
Deltfor their annual Halloween party.
Hundreds of students trekked out to
Windfall Hill for an evening complete
with a great hand and all the dancing
one could want. Smoking Jim served up
spicy hot harbeque all night long, dressed
as, what else, a firefighter. Students came in
all sorts of costumes. Some were funny, some

ivere cute, and even some were a hit strange.

Some dug through closets, others traveled to

Goodwill, and others just hought costumes

straight off the rack at Wal-Mart, but in

the end, it was a great event that everyone

at Washington and Lee could enjoy.

Left: Washington and Lee University's very
own Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Morgan
Hill and Anne Taylor Tipton, came out to the
festivties at Windfall.


Above: Caution!
Pearson Pendergrass
'05 gets caught in
a detour of Senior
Kappas. Which turn
to take though?

Right: Perrin Monroe
'06 spins out of the
Solar System (aka his
pledge class) tempo-
rarily to get a smooch
from Pink Lady Kar-
ina Schless '07.

Far Right: Pretty in
pink Julie Jackson and
Sarah Bloom show
off their muscles as
Cadav-hers before
heading out to Wind-
fall Hill.

2 2 l?c'ni(?nil^i?r.

Left: Gladiators Sophmores Kath-
ryn Heaberg, Megan Walker, and
TricJa Williams take a break from
battling it out.

Far Below: Freshmen Girls head
out for their first WLU Halloween.
That's a lot of duck tape.

Far Below: Sophmore Firefighter
Walker Humphrey rescues VMI
Maggie Canby.

1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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