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History of Calhoun county, Michigan : a narrative account of its historical progress, its people, and its principle interests (Volume 1) online

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they are located they are certain to be centers of influence, the leading
and effective men and women in their respective communities. A fair
pi-oportion of every graduating class find their way into the ministry,
and this in spite of the fact that Albion is in no sense a theological school.
The writer once asked in a business session of the Michigan Conference
that all those who were educated at the state university to rise to their
feet. Three men responded to the invitation. He then asked that all
who had had their training at Albion, in whole or in part, to do the same.
A very large proportion of the conference rose in testimony of the power
and influence of our church school And so time would fail me to tell of
Cole, Darling, Northup, Eiddick, Stonex, Gillette, Mount, Ward, Whit-
wam, Hallenbeck, Jones, Wilcox, Allman, Bancroft, Buell, George, Lau-
bach, Hunsberger, Varion, Daniels, Taylor, Davids, Mosher, Desjardins,
Cai-rier, John Buell, Loomis, McKoy, Jno. A. Bready, Chase, Healy,
Moon, Wolfe, J. C. Cook, William T. Cook, Slather, MacCarthy, Scripps,
Hipp, L. E. Lovejoy, Brown, Floody, Holmes, Weldon, Armstrong,
Owen R. Lovejoy, Warren Palmatier, Dodds, Ellet, Williams, C. E.
Allen, Camburn, Coffin, Crampton, S. B. Ford, Newman, Phelps, Whit-
man, E. Allen, Deal, Griffin, Johns, Perrin, Colvin, Goodyear, Kendrick,
Kobayashi, Leeson, ]\Iaywood, MacDonald, Seeley, Simmons, Burnett,
Pearce, Tullar, Miner, Rondenbush, Simmons, Steward, Whitney, Foy,
Gosling, Healey, Meader, Rhodes, Silverthorne, Cottrell, DeViney, T.
H. Martin, McAndrew, Price, Cleaver, Hazard, Kyes, Lawrence, Pollok,
Becker, Critchett, Norcross, Reuseh, Day, Johnston, Merrill, Lancaster,
Quant, Yinger, R. T. Baldwin, Field, Lescohier — these all and others,
who through faith have subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, were
valiant in fight and have obtained a good report. Those mentioned
above are full graduates of the college, and a multitude of others ought
to be mentioned who did not graduate, but who are today the strength
of our ministry.

At the present time Albion is very strong in most of its departments.
There is an imperative need for two or three additional chairs, and it is
needless to say that the college will always need more money and re-
sources. The writer believes that there is no place in the wide world
where money will go so far and do so much as that which is placed in the


endowment fund of a Christian college. Does tlie olnucli at la rye iukIit-
stand that money so placed can never be expendeil, but is set at work
repeating itself over and over while the institution endures? A hun-
dred or a thousand dollars, earning five percent interest, will repeat it-
self ever}- twenty years whether tiie donor is dead or alive; whetlier he
is generous at the present time or not; whether he regrets his former
gift or is ghid of it. This is the exceeding precious consideration eoii-
cerning every gift made to the college.

The year book of the college for 1911-12 shows the following names
of those who at that time were members of the Board of Trustees and
the Faculty.

Board of Trustees: Samuel Dickie, ex-officio; Rev. D. H. Ramsdell,
D. ^I. Christian, Rev. William Dawe, James 11. Simpson, Rev. C. W.
Baldwin, Durand W. Springer, Rev. D. D. jMartin, M. L. Cook, Rev.
John Graham, E. K. Phelps, Edwin N. Parsons, Rev. Hugh Kennedy,
Frank A. Fall, Rev. Luther Lovejoy, Charles M. Ranger, Robert W.

Faculty: Samuel Dickie. 'SI. S., LL. D., John Owen, professor of
philosophy; Delos Fall, Sc. D., LL. D., David Preston, professor of
chemistry; Frederick Lutz, A. M., Litt. D., professor of modern lan-
guages; Charles Elisha Barr, A. M., jirofessor of geologj' and biology;
Frederic Samuel Goodrich, A. M., D. D., alumni professor of the English
Bible, acting professor of Greek language and literature; i\lrs. Helen
Kuapiien-Scripps, A. ^I., dean of women, instructor in English literature ;
Frederic Coe Demorest. A. .M., D. D., professor of Latin ; Charles Henry
Woolbert. A. ]M., professor of English and oratory (W. Scott Brown chair
of Belles Lettres) ; Clarence Wilson Greene, A. M., Ph. D., professor of
physics ; Frank Tracy Carlton, A. M., Ph. D., professor of economics and
acting Henry M. Loud professor of history ; E. Roscoe Sleight, A. M.,
W. H. Brockway, jtrofessor of mathematics, acting Ezra Bostwick, pro-
fessor of astronomy ; John Zedler, A. ^1., associate professor of motlern
languages; Frank W. Douglas, A. M., assistant professor of chemistry;
Eleanor T. Avann, A. M., assistant professor of Greek; Charles Albert
Langworthy, A. B., instructor in English; Harlan J. Cozine. director of
eon.servatory, instructor in voice and the art of siiii;iiii;: liiiymoiid L.
Havens, head of piano department, pianoforte; T. St,iiilc,\ Sl

Online LibraryWashington GardnerHistory of Calhoun county, Michigan : a narrative account of its historical progress, its people, and its principle interests (Volume 1) → online text (page 20 of 74)