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responding to those ideals, have manifested their
approval of the motives which prompted Real-
art's inception.


General Manager Pinnacle Productions, Inc.

Nathan A. Woody, born at Thorntown, Indi-
ana in 1893. Received common school education
in Thorntown, engaged in the banking businses
with his father as a young man. Later attended
Wabash University and from there entered the
banking business with Meyer & Riser, of Indian-
apolis. During the World War enlisted as a
private, working his way through the ranks and
was honorably discharged as a first lieutenant in
the Artillery. Re-entered the banking business
with Breed-Elliot & Harrison in Indianapolis
where he remained until with his father, Hugh
Woody and C. E. Eckels, they formed a partner-
ship during the early part of 1919 for the purpose
of starring Neal Hart. Continued as a partner-
ship until July 9th, 1920, whereupon they in-
corporated Pinnacle Productions Inc. Mr, Woody
is married, lives In Indianapolis and in -.
dition to being an active officer in Pinnacle Pro-
ductons is a director in a number of banks '.
corporations. He is a member of the Delta Tau
Delta Fraternity and is a shriner mason by Scot-
tish right.


President Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Adolph Zukor, son of Jacob and Hannah Zukor,
was born on January 7, 1874, and at the age of
16 came to America. His first position in this
country was as a sweeper in a fur store. The
boy worked hard and advanced rapidly an ad-
vance hastened financially by the invention of a
patent snap in furs. In 1894 Mr. Zukor left for
Chicago, where he entered the fur trade and it
was there he met his future wife, whom he mar-
ried in 1897. Returning to New York in 1903,
he ventured with Marcus Loew in the Penny


Compiled by

Ivan Abramson Productions, c/o Merit Film
Corporation, 130 West 46th St., N. Y. C.

A mure Films, Inc., 1562 Broadway, N. Y. C.

Amadee J. Van Beuren, president and general
manager; Clayton J. Heermance, secretary; A.
E. Siegel, treasurer; Rutgers Neilson, adver-
tising and publicity. (See also AyVeeBee Cor-
poration. V. B. K. Film Corporation, Timely
Topics, Inc., Fables Pictures, Inc., Timely
Films, Inc.)

Affiliated Distributors, Inc., 135 West 44th St.,
N.. Y. C. Charles C. Burr, president; W. T.
Lackey, secretary and treasurer; Raymond L.
Schrock, scenario writer. Studios 54th St.,

Affiliated Enterprises, 301-302 Merchants Nat'l
Bank Bldg., Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. Ex-
change Dept., 730 So. Olive St., Los Angeles,
Cal. Ernest E. Gagnon, general manager.
Producers and state right distributors. Will
also operate in N. Y. C. as Affiliated Enter-
prises, Inc.

Aladdin Comedies. Series of one-reelers, released
by Realcraft Pictures Corporation.

Alexander Film Corporation, 130 W. 46th St.,
N. Y. C. William Alexander, president; Jack
Levy, secretary; Harry H. Thomas, treasurer.

Allied Distributing Corporation, 117 West 46th
St., N. Y. C. Chas. H. Rosenfeld, president and
general manager; Frank D. Reitman, vice-
president; Murray F. Beier, secretary; Samuel
D. Scherlin, treasurer; Chas. Ver Halen, adver-
tising and publicity; Murray F. Beier, sales
manager. Company is in the market to handle
meritorious productions which will appeal to
Independent state right exchanges. Policy of
Allied to help the legitimate state righter to
exploit his local territory and enable him to
make real money on his buy. (See also Tri-
Star Pictures Company, Inc.)

All-Story Films Corporation, temporary offices,
45 Pinehurst Ave., N. Y. C. Rev. Clarence J.
Harris, president and general manager; George
B. Bender, assistant manager; Edwin S. Mer-
rill, treasurer. Specialty, short subjects of his-
torical and educational value. Two-reel feature

Arcade, a feature then in vogue. This was the
foundation of the Marcus Loew Enterprises of
which Mr. Loew became president and Adolpn
Zukor treasurer, extending soon to a chain of
theatres all over the East. Shortly after the be-
ginning in the exhibiting end of the moving pic-
ture business, the photoplay began to lose its
first novelty because of the crude pictures which
the producers of those days turned out. Mr. Zu-
kor soon realized that unless the standard of the
screen was raised the industry was doomed to
perish, and he wrote to the various producing
companies begging them to raise their standards.
Mr. Zukor stated that if they didn't give him
better pictures he would make them himself.
This decision resulted. In 1912, in the forn,.
of the Famous *-;H> s *"m Company, for which
Mr. Zukor secured the services of Daniel J
man. In Septemoer, 1913, the success of the
first features attracted into the field other con-
cerns which adopted the policy of the Famous
Players, among which were the Jesse L. Lasky
Feature Film Company and Bosworth, Inc., who
combined their distributing sources in order to
give exhibitors a more extended service, for
which purpose the Paramount Pictures Corpora-
tion was launched. On July 1, 1916, the Famous
Players Film Company and the Jesse L. Laskv
Feature Play Company combined under the name
of Famous Players-Lasky Corporation. On Sep-
tember 1, 1916, the Famous Players-Lasky Cor-
poration absorbed the Oliver Morosco Photoplay
Company and Bosworth, Inc. The latter was
producing under the title of Pallas Pictures. In
October, 1916, the Artcraft Pictures Corporation
was created to distribute productions of Mary
Pickford and other stars and producers. On
January 1, 1917, Paramount Pictures Corporation
was absorbed by Famous Players-Lasky Corpor-
ation. On April 15, 1917, Artcraft Pictures Cor-
poration was absorbed by the Famous Players-
Corporation, and Paramount and Artcraft Pic-
tures was placed on the open market by the
Star Series plan, beginning August 5, 1917. In
January, 1918, the sales and executive depart-
ments of Artcraft and Paramount were coordin-
ated and the corporate names of these concerns
were discontinued, but retaining the trademarks
and making all sales through Famous Players-
Lasky Corporation.


Laurence Reid

Alpha Pictures, Inc., 126 West 46th St., N. Y. C.
M. Rothfleisch.

Alt & Howell Comedies. (See Union Film Corn-
Ambassador Pictures Corporation, 906 Girard St.,
Los Angeles, Cal. B. P. Schulberg, president;
B. P. Fineman, vice-president and general man-
ager; J. G. Bachman, treasurer; J. A. Barry,
scenario editor and production manager; Wal-
lace Worsley, director; Katherine MacDonald,
star; James Hurnm, studio manager; Floyd
Meuller, art director. Company successors to
Katherine MacDonald Pictures Corp. Trade
name for product, Preferred Pictures. Releas-
ing through First National.

American Cinema Corporation, 411 Fifth Ave.,
N. Y. C. Walter Niebuhr, president.

American Film Company, Inc., 6227-6235 Broad-
way, Chicago, 111. Samuel S. Hutchinson, pres-
ident and general manager; M. D. Hutchinson,
vice-president; John R. Freuler, secretary and
treasurer. Studio Santa Barbara, Cal.

American Projecting Company, 6227-6235 Broad-
way, Chicago, 111. Samuel S. Hutchinson, pres-
ident and general manager; John R. Freuler,
secretary and treasurer; H. C. Winchell, adver-
tising; J. Hobart Hutchinson, sales manager.
Factory, 6229 Broadway, Chicago, 111. Com-
pany manufactures and exploits portable pro-
jecting machines. (See also American Pro-
jecting Company and Signal Film Corpor-

Apex FUms, 140 West 42nd St., N. Y. C. P. P.
Craft; L. J. Rubinstein.

Apollo Trading: Corporation, Longacre Theatre,
48th st., and Broadway, N. Y. C. L. Lawrence
Weber, president; Benjamin Hicks, vice-presi-
dent; Bobby North, secretary, treasurer and
general manager. Exporting American films to
all countries of the world. (See also L. Law-
rence Weber Photo Dramas, Inc.)

Ardath XLNT Comedies. Series of two-reel com-
edies, released by Arrow Film Corporation.

Argrus Enterprises, Inc., 815-823 Prospect Ave.,
Cleveland, Ohio. H. H. Cudmore, president;
Geo. W. Armstrong, vice-president; C. E.
Roesch. secretary; H. A. Brereton, treasurer.


Arizona Motion Pictures, inc., 205 International
Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. Dr. Norman H. Mor-
rison, president; J. B. Bayless, vice-president;
Elton E. Kunselman, secretary and treasurer
and general manager; C. L. Emigh, adver-
tising; Camille Fox, scenario editor; J. H.
Holt, technical director. All productions
made under personal supervison of Leon de la
Mothe, general director of company. Studio
Phoenix, Ariz.

Arrow Film Corporation, Candler Bldg., 220 West
42nd St., N. Y. C. W. E. Shallenberger, presi-
dent; W. Ray Johnston, vice-president and

The Art Anima Film Studio, 113-115 Nineteenth
st., Rock Island, 111. C. B. Holmes. Makers of
films for announcement trailers-presentations,
merchant and manufacturer advertising indus-
trial photoplays.

Artcolor Pictures Co., Inc., 126 West 46th St.,
N. Y. C. Louis J. Dittmar, president.

Artigrue Animated Cartoons, Lissner Bldg., Los
Angeles, Cal.

Art-O-Graf Film Company, Inc., Guardian Trust
Bldg., Denver, Colo. Studio Englewood, Colo.

Artograph Productions, Merchants Nat'l Bank
Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.

Ascher Productions, Inc., 117 West 46th St., N. Y.
C. Sidney Ascher, president.

Associated Exhibitors, Inc., 25 West 45th St., N.
Y: C. Samuel Harding, president; Paul Gus-
danovic, vice-president; Roy V. Crawford, sec-
retary and treasurer; the executive committee,
consisting of Arthur S. Kane, chairman, Elmer
R. Pearson, John C. Ragland, Samuel Harding,
Paul Gusdanovic, in charge of general manage-
ment; Joseph A. Brady, advertising and pub-
licity; John E. Storey, sales manager; Phil L.
Ryan, franchise manager; Arthur S. Kane, Paul
Brunei, Samuel Harding, John C. Ragland, El-
mer R. Pearson, Paul Gusdanovic, board of di-

Associated First National Pictures, Inc., 6-8 West
48th at., N. Y. C. Robert Lieber, president;
James B. Clark, vice-president; Jacob Fabian,
2nd vice-president; John H. Kunsky, 3rd vice-
president; H. O. Schwalbe, secretary and treas-
urer; J. D. Williams, general manager. Board
of directors: J. G. Von Herberg, E. B. Johnson,
Col. Fred Levy, Robert Lieber, Harry O.
Schwalbe, N. H. Gordon, J. B. Clark, A. H.
Blank, Moe Mark, J. J. Allen, Samuel Katz.
Executive committee: H. O. Schwalbe, chair-
man; N. H. Gordon, Moe Mark, Samuel Katz,

A. H. Blank. Exchanges: 729 Seventh ave.,
N. Y. C. ; 215 Franklin st., Buffalo; 832 So.
Wabash ave., Chicago; 7-9 Isabella st., Boston;
125 Meadow st., New Haven; 21st and Payne
st., Cleveland; B'way Film Ex. Bldg., B'way
and Pioneer sts., Cincinnati; 408 Loeb Arcade
Bldg., Minneapolis; Toy Bldg., Milwaukee;
Film Exchange Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.; Iowa
Bldg., Des Moines; 314 So. 13th st., Omaha;
1339 Vine st., Philadelphia; 1922 Elm st., Dal-
las; 506 Film Bldg., Detroit; 119 Ninth st.,
Pittsburgh; New Jersey Exchange, 729 Seventh
ave., N. Y. C. ; 2023 Third ave., Seattle; 9th
and Burnside sts., Portland, Ore.; 12 So.
Church st., Charlotte, N. C. ; 148 Marietta st.,
Atlanta; 3319 Locust ave.. St. Louis; 122 W.
New York st., Indianapolis; 91 Queen st., East,
Toronto; Albee Bldg., Mayor st., Montreal; L.
E. Tillman, P. O. Box 36, St. John, New Bruns-
wick, Can.; 146 Golden Gate ave., San Fran-
cisco, 1318 Standard Bank Bldg., Vancouver,

B. C. ; Elma Block, Calgary, Alberta, Can.; 918
So. Olive St., Los Angeles; 916 "G" St., N. W.,
Washington; 445 Main st., Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Can.; National Theatre Bldg., Louisville; L. L.
Hall, 60 Exchange place, Salt Lake City, Utah;
J. H. Ashby, 1732 Walton St., Denver; 1401 Tu-
lane ave., New Orleans; 304 West Reno st., Ok-
lahoma City, Okla.

Associated Photoplays, Inc., 25 West 45th st., N.

Y. C. and Baker-Detwiler bldg., Los Angeles,

Cal. S. H. London.
Associated Producers, Inc., 729 Seventh ave., N. Y.

C. Oscar A. Price, president; Thomas H. Ince,
Chairman board of directors; Marshall A. Neil-
an, vice-president; J. Parker Read, Jr., secre-
tary; Mack Sennett, treasurer; Al Lichtman,
general manager; Arthur M. Brilant, director of
publicity and exploitation; Sam W. B. Cohn, ad-
vertising manager. Exchanges in principal

Associated Screen News, Inc. 120 West 41st st.,
N. Y. C. G. McL. Baynes, president; J. S. Den-
nis, vice-president; R. G. Reber, secretary; Je-
rome S. Hess, treasurer; G. McL. Baynes, gen-
eral manager. Laboratories, Flushing, L. I.
Company publishes Kinograms. The organiza-
tion combined endeavors to produce the best

news reel on the market. Kirtograms distributed
by Educational Exchanges under the name of
First National Kinograms. (See also Kino-
gram Publishing Company.)

Astra Film Corporation, Glendale, Cal. L. J.
Gasnier, president; Mrs. Emma Gasnier, vice'-
president; Thomas P. McKenna, secretary and
treasurer; A. T. Dobson, general manager; G.
A. Cowan, advertising and publicity; E. L. Mc-
Murtrie, technical director. Studio Verdugo
Road, Glendale, Cal.

Atlas Educational Film Company, 29 E. Madison
St., Chicago, 111. I. R. Rehm, president; J. M.
Boggs, vice-president; C. A. Rehm, secretary
and treasurer. Studio and laboratory, 1111
South blvd., Oak Park, Chicago, 111.

Atlas Film Company of America, Inc., 705 West
8th st., Los Angeles, Cal. H. A. Kremp, presi-
dent and general manager; H. C. Anderson,
vice-president; Frances S. Van Vlack, secretary
and treasurer; George Elroy, purchasing agent;
Walter Ellinger, production manager; Paul En-
right, scenario editor; N. J. Fleming, publicity
and advertising; Enright and Ellinger, direct-
ors; Charlie Conklin, star; Cliff Blackstone,
Cameraman; H. C. Anderson, technical direct-
or. Releasing one comedy a month on a con-
tract of twelve with Mt. Olympus Distribut-
ing Co., of New York.

Jimmy Aubrey Comedies. Series of two-reel com-
edies, starring Jimmy Aubrey. Made at Vita-
graph Studios, Hollywood, Cal. Produced by
Vitagraph Company.

AyVeeBee Corporation, 1562 Broadway, N. Y. C.
Amadee J. Van Beuren, president and general
manager; B. Van Beuren, vice-president; Clay-
ton J. Heermance, secretary; A. A. Woods,
treasurer; Rutgers Neilson, advertising and
publicity. (See also Adventure Films, Inc.,
V. B. K. Film Corporation, Timely Topics, Inc.,
Fables Pictures, Inc., Timely Films, Inc.)

Aywon Film Corporation, 729 Seventh ave., N. Y.
C. Nathan Hirsh, president.


Gerald F. Bacon Productions, Fulton Theatre
Bldg., B'way and 46th St., N. Y. C.

Leah Baird Productions, Ince Studio, Culver City,

Snowy Baker Productions, Inc., 3800 Mission
Road, Hollywood, Cal. Corporation capitalized
at $300,000. Organizers and stockholders, W.
N. Selig, Sam E. Rork, Snowy and Ethel Baker.
Distributing and producing series feature pic-
tures starring Snowy Baker.

Hugo Ballin Productions,. 366 Fifth ave , N. Y. C.
Hugo Ballin. Product released by W. W. Hod-
kinson Corporation.

Balshofer Productions, Inc., 1329 Gordon st.,
Hpllywood, Cal. F. J. Balshofer, president; Ed-
win W. Moore, secretary and treasurer, F. J.
Balshofer, director; John Clymer, scenario
writer. Producing features 5 to 7 reels In

F. J. Balshofer Studio, 1329 Gordon st., Holly-
wood, Cal. Capacity two companies including
offices, dressing rooms, two dark stages, direct
current lighting equipment, properties, sets.,

Monte Banks Comedies. Series of two-reel com-
edies, starring Monte Banks. Released by
Federated Films Exchanges of America.

Reginald Barker Productions, care Goldwyn
Studios, Culver City, Cal. Reginald Barker.

Baumer Films, Inc., 6-8 West 48th st, N. Y. C.
N. J. Baumer, president. Branches in Boston,
Chicago. Exchanges in principal cities of
United States.

Bay State Film Company, Sharon, Mass. J. A.
Coram, president; W. N. Brewer, vice-presi-
dent; Chas. H. Cole, secretary and treasurer;
C. W. Earle, general manager. Distributors,
Bay State Films Sales Company, Inc., Com-
monwealth Industrial Corp. Manufacturers of
negative and positive raw stock.

Rex Beach Productions. Product to be released
by United Artists Corporation.

Bear State Film Company, Inc., Hollywood, Cal.
C. Hanford Harrison, president and general
manager; Winfield Hogaboom, vice-president;
E. M. Graves, secretary; Norval MacGregor, di-
rector. Studio Hollywood, Cal. Laboratory,
7520 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.

Arthur F. Beck, 135 West 44th st., N. Y. C.
Features; serials.

Whitman Bennett Productions, 537 Riverdale
ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Whitman Bennett, pro-
duction manager; W. O. Hurst, studio mana-
ger. (See Whitman Bennett Studios).

Whitman Bennett Studios, 537 Riverdale ave..



Yonkers, N. Y. Whitman Bennett, sole owner;
W. O. Hurst, general manager; Bert Adler,
advertising and publicity director; Lyman
Ketcham, technical director; Dorothy Farnum,
scenario editor; W. O. Hurst, studio manager,
" Speed and efficiency " is the slogan in the
Whitman Bennett studios. Conceded to be one
of the most efficient single unit producing
plants in America. Mr. Bennett purchased the
plant from Triangle Film Corp. Plant has just
completed a series of pictures for First Na-
tional, with Lionel Barrymore as the star, and
is about to launch a series of specials for
United Artists in connection with Rex Beach,
who will supply the story material.

Berwilla Film Corporation, 5821 Santa Monica
Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Ben Wilson, president;
John B. Roberts, secretary and treasurer; Wil-
liam La Plante, vice-president and general
manager; operating studios where Ben Wilson
productions, starring Jack Hoxie, and Ben Wil-
son serials, starring Anne Little, and Berwilla
productions starring Neva Gerber are made.
Productions released through Arrow Film Cor-
poration, 220 West 42nd St., N. Y. C.

Betzwood Film Company, Empire Bldg., 13th and
Walnut sts., Philadelphia Pa. Studio Betz-
wood, Montgomery County, Pa. P. O. address,
Port Kennedy, Pa.

Big V Special Comedies. Series of two-reel com-
edies with special casts. Made at Vitagraph
Studios, Hollywood, Cal. Produced by Vita-
graph Company.

Biograph Studios and Laboratories, 807 East
175th St., N. Y. C. H. H. Bruenner, Thomas A.

Bioscope Film Manufacturing Company, Tampa,

Blanc hard Film Company, 7870 Santa Monica
Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Wm. Eckhart, presi-
dent; Pridgon Smith, secretary; Wm. Eckhart,
treasurer; Dudley T. Blanchard, director; John
Eyerman, cameraman. Company makes slow
motion pictures of % reels. Title of subjects
Cinal Process Pictures. Makes slow motion
photography for other studios Mary Pickford,
Irvin Willat, Douglas MacLean, etc., Company
incorporated under California laws for $20,000.

C. O. D. Blanchfleld, 212 Superba Theatre Bldg.,
Los Angeles, Cal. Independent distributor;
supervising business management of produc-
tion companies; exploitation; general sales.

Blazed Trail Productions, Inc., 19 Elm St., Glov-
ersville, N. Y. John L. Russell, president;
Royal W. France, vice-president and general
manager; Alfred D. Dennison, secretary and
treasurer; Hadley & Diggs, advertising and
publicity; L. Case Russell, scenario editor.
Studio 19 Elm St., Gloversville, N. Y.

Bloom Film Laboratory, 7520 Sunset Blvd., Holly-
wood, Cal. John M. Bloom, proprietor and
manager. Present capacity, positive, 100,000
daily; negative, 100,000 daily.

The Border Feature Film Corporation, Bisbee
Ariz., Los Angeles, Cal., office, 527 Wesley Rob-
erts Bldg. Miles M. Merrill, president; .Grant
H. Merrill, vice-president; Rex Thorpe, secre-
tary, treasurer, general manager and director
general of productions; Nick Steel, publicity
and sales manager; Therdo Joos, director;
Harry Moody, director; Grant Merrill, star;
Peggy Parkan, leading lady. Studios at Bisbee
and Tombstone, Ariz. Producing two-reel
western pictures and using Arizona cowboys
for small parts and atmosphere.

Bradley Feature Film Company, 2147 Prospect
ave., Cleveland, Ohio. S. R. Bradley, presi-
dent; B. W. Rueben, vice-president and general
manager; J. W. Greenbaum, secretary and
treasurer; Warner Bros., 1600 Broadway, N. Y.
C., advertising and publicity; S. R. Bradley,
director; M. W. Korach, asst. director and sce-
nario editor. Studio 3001 Euclid ave. Pro-
ductions, " Women Men Love," starring Wil-
liam Desmond, for state rights release. Also
" Dangerous Toys," starring Desmond. To be
released through Federated Exchanges.

William A. Brady, The Playhouse, 48th st., N. Y.

Bray Pictures Corporation, 23 East 26th st ,
N. Y. C. J. R. Bray. Branch office, 208 So.
La Salle st., Chicago, 111.

Brentwood Film Corporation, 4811 Fountain ave.,
Hollywood, Cal. Lloyd C. Haynes, president;
W. H. Rimmer, vice-president; Willard Bar-
rows, treasurer.

Brewster-Kemble Productions, Inc., 7100 Santa
Monica blvd., Hollywood, Cal. George H.
Browster, president; John Kemble, vice-presi-
dent and general manager; Donald W. Parsons,
secretary and treasurer; Robert A. Sanborn,
scenario editor; C. A. Cannon, studio manager.

Studio, 7100 Santa Monica blvd., Hollywood,

The Brownie Comedies, Inc., 54 West 40th st.,
N. Y. C. A. J. McAllister.

Robert Bruce Scenics. . Released by Educational
Film Corporation.

Robert Brunton Productions, 5341-5601 Mel rose
ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Studio same address.

Robert Brunton Studios, 5341-5601 Melrose ave.,
Los Angeles, Cal. Robert Brunton, president
and general manager; M. C. Levee, vice-presi-
dent and treasurer; Delaware Corporation,
5,500 shares of stock, no par value, subscribed
and paid in closed corporation. J. C. Okey,
technical director; R. B. Kidd, scenario editor.
Has office buildings, dressing rooms, stage
space, technical equipment and staff sufficient
for twenty producing eompanics. Company
owns and occupies 33% acres of land immedi-
ately between Los Angeles and Hollywood.
Has 7 covered stages, has floor space of 1
million sq. ft., 30 acres for use of exterior
sets; props inventory 300,000; continuous day
and night service. Present producing compan-
ies: Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, David
Butler Productions, J. L. Frothingham pro-
ductions, Benjamin B. Hampton productions,
Dial Film Company, William Desmond pro-
ductions, R. A. Walsh productions, Mayflower
Photoplays, Inc., Robert Brunton productions.

Buffalo Motion Picture Corporation, 844 Sixth
ave., N. Y. C. Frank W. Caldwell, president;
J. H. Ernst, vice-president; J. W. Prouse, sec-
retary; Mr. Lansing, treasurer; J. W. Prouse,
general manager; C. J. Verhalen and Staff,
advertising and publicity.

Burlingham Adventure Scenics, series of one-reel
scenics released by Inter-Ocean Film Corpor-

Sammy Burns Comedies, Inc., 311 Fifth ave.,
N. Y. C. Two reel comedies. Sammy Burns,

Bjurrud (Sunset) Scenics, series of one reel
scenics released by Reelcraft Pictures Corpor-

Burston Films, Inc., Longacre Bldg., N. Y. C.
Louis Burston, president; M. C. Kenny, vice-
president; M. T. Benjamin, treasurer. Also
6050 Sunset blvd., Hollywood, Cal.

David Butler Productions, Brunton Studios, 5341-
5601 Melrose ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Irving
M. Lesser, general manager; Harry D. Wilson,
advertising and publicity; Geo W. Stout, pro-
duction manager. Studio, Brunton Studios.

C. B. C. Film Sales Corporation, 1600 Broadway,
N. Y. C. Joseph Brandt, president; Harry
Cohn, treasurer; Jack Cohn, general manager.
Producers of Hall-Room Boys Comedies. Re-
leasing "Screen Snapshots." Distributing a
series of Westerns. Elsie Lindtner, publicity
agent. (See also Hall Room Boys Photoplays.)

William Christy Cabanne Productions, 780 Gower
st., Hollywood, Cal. c/o Robertson-Cole.

California Producers Corporation, 7100 Santa
Monica blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Geo. Newberger,
president; S. L. Warner, vice-president; J. L.
Warner, general manager. Making series
twelve two reel comedies for Educational Film
Corporation. Noel Smith and Reggie Morris,
directors; Jean Hagan, scenario writer. Frank
McGee, Irving Reis and Gus Lane, cameramen;
Lloyd Briely, technical director. Under direc-
tion of Warner Bros.

Jimmy Callahan Comedies. Series of twelve two
reelers. Released through Film Market, Inc.

Callahan Film Company, Curtiss Airport Grounds,
Atlantic City N. J. Distributed through
Film Market, Inc.

Andrew J. Callahan Productions, Inc., 6642 Santa
Monica blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Producing fea-
tures starring Bessie Love, distributed by
Arrow Film Corporation., 220 West 42nd St.,
N. Y. C.

Campbell Comedy Corporation, 4534 Sunset blvd.,
Hollywood, Cal. Wm. S. Campbell, president
and general manager. Company making series

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