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selves so vividly felt at the time when this notice is written. His father, an
Anglican clergyman, abandoned the communion in which he had been brought
up, and with his wife, and his sister-in-law. Miss Ussher, went to Toulouse,
where young Edgeworth began his studies under the Jesuits, embraced the
clerical profession, and soon became a model of good priests ; he first thought
to dedicate himself to foreign missions, but his friends persuaded him that he
would be just as useful to the true religion by defending it in his adopted
country against the daily reiterated attacks of its many foes ; and he resolved
to become a confessor in the capital A zeal so charitable could not be long
ignored ; he was soon known in spite of his obscurity, and truly pious souls of
all classes hurried to give him their confidence ; his former-fellow countrymen
who were at Paris sought him out ; he succeeded even in reuniting several to
the Catholic faith, and it was proposed to give him an Irish Bishopric, which
he did not see his way to accept.

Providence had destined him to discharge those terrible Ministrations which
were very differently to honour and bless his memory. Madame Elizabeth, the
King's sister, chose him for her director. She was in the Temple prison, a com-
forting angel to her brother, who had long foreseen the lot reserved for him. In
their private communications, she told him of the Abbe de Firmont, then
retired to Choisy le Roi, and disguised under the name of Essex after the
massacres of 1792. A long time before he had a presentiment of the loving


mission whicli he was to fulfil near his king. Here is a passage of a letter
which he wrote 21st Dec, 1792, to one of his friends in England: "My
unfortunate master has cast his eyes on me to prepare him for death, if the
iniquity of his people goes so far as to commit this parricide. I am preparing
myself to die; for I am convinced that the popular fury will not let me survive
for one hour this horrible scene. But I am resigned ; my life is nought. If in
losing it I can save him whom God has placed /^r the fall and rising again of
many, I would willingly sacrifice it, and my death w*^. not be in vain." The
hateful proceeding had commenced at the moment when this letter was written.
A little time before the warrant was brought, the King said to Mons. Males-
herbes who passed near him every moment of the day not employed in his
defence, " My sister has pointed out to me a good priest who has not taken the
oath, and whose obscurity would permit him to escape afterward from persecu-
tion. Here is his address. I pray you go to him, to tell him and prepare him to
come when permission is granted me to see him." Then he added, " Behold a
very strange commission for a philosopher ; for I know you are one ; but if you
had to sufier as much as I, and must die as I am about to do, I would wish
you the same sentiments which w^ console you much more than philosophy.'
When the news that he was to die was communicated to Louis he asked for
three days to prepare for death, and liberty to communicate with his confessor
whose name he had given to the Minister of State. He was refused the
respite, but allowed to see his family and Mons, de Firmont. The Minister
took the Abbe in his own carriage to the prison.

As soon as he was left with the King, as he relates in his published
Memoirs, " Tears escaped in spite of me, and I fell at his feet without being
able to make him hear any language but that of my grief." The King raised
him and after confessing asked him many questions about the clergy and
Bishops. At 8 the King rose, begged Mons. Edgeworth to wait and proceeded
to take leave of his family. The Abbe witnessed the farewell. He
then ofiered to say Mass, and the Commune having vmwillingly assented, at
5 the next morning, Jan. 21st, he put on his vestments, celebrated Mass
and administered the Communion to the King. At 8 the King entered the
carriage, having previously asked the Abbe for his blessing. The King having
ascended the scaffold said, " Messieurs, I recommend to you the Abbe." He


took off his own coat before he mounted the scaffold. It was at this moment
the Abbe said with a sublime look, " Montez au ciel, fils de Saint Louis."
When they were going to bind the King's hands, and he seemed inclined to
resist, the Abbe, whose expression was heavenly, gave him a last look and said
" Suffer this outrage, as a last resemblance to that God who is about to be
your reward." After the execution the priest descended and returned to
Choisy le Roi, whence he did not go till April, 1795. He remained a long time
at Bayeux, and in 1796 escaped to England and went to see the King's brother
at Edinburgh. Pitt offered him a pension which he declined. He soon after
followed Louis XVIII. to Blankenburg in Brunswick, and thence to Mittau.
M. Edgeworth died 22nd May, 1807, aged 67, of a contagious fever caught in
attending a number of sick French emigres. The Duchess of Angouleme
waited on him in his last moments ; the Royal f amQy followed him to the
tomb, and Louis XVIII. wrote his epitaph as follows :

D. 0. M.

Hie jacet

Reverendissimus Yir

Henricus Edgeworth de Firmont,

Sanctae Ecclesiae Sacerdos

Vicarius Generalis Ecclesiae Parisiensis, etc


Redemptoris nostri vestigia tenens

Oculus cajco

pes claudo

pater pauperum

Maerentium consolator


Ludovicum XYI.

Ab impiis rebellibusque subditis

Morti deditum

ad ultimum certamen


Strenuoquo martyri coelos apertos



E manibus regicidanim

Mira Dei protectione


Ludovico XYIII.

eum ad se vocanti

ultro occurrens,

Ei per decern annos,

regia3 ejus farailiae,

necnon et fidelibus sodalibus,

Exemplar virtutum,

levamen malorum

eese prjcb.uit.

Per multas et varias regiones

temporum calamitate

illi quern solum colebat

semper similis

pertransiit benefaciendo

Plenue tandem bonis operibus


die 22 Maii mensis

Anno Domini 1807,

Aetatis vero suae 62.

R. I. P.

Tbere is an oil painting of the Abbe Edgeworth at Eastwell House, Co.


In a letter of bis in 1789, be speaks of bis motber ; her age and the
sedentary life for 12 years past made bim apprehend the consequences of a
long journey more than the daily riots of the place. She wished to flee to
Cork. It is probable that she died in Ireland.

It is a remarkable coincidence that Primate James Ussher visited his
sovereign Chas. I. in prison, and was a witness of his execution, and that a
great great grandson of Arthur Ussher of Donnybrook, who was third cousin
to Primate James TTssher, was the comforter of his King Louis on the scaffold.


IV. Jane Uesher, bap. St. Andrew's, Dublin, lOtb July, 1724, m.

George Bowan, Esq., of Drumbeg, Co. Kerry, and d. 1771.

cf. Faulkner's Dublin Journal, 28th May, 1771. " On Friday,

24th, at her brother's house in Marlboro' St., Mrs. Eowan, wife

of Geo. Rowan, Esq., of Drumbeg, Co. Kerry, and dr. to

Christopher Usher, late of Mt. Usher."
V. Alice Ussher, born between 1725 and 1730, d. unmd. after 1796.
VI. "William Ussher, baptized at St. Ann's, Dublin, 29th May,

1731; educated by Rev. Mr. Ball, entered T.C.D., 1751 ; Sch.

1754 ; B.A., 1756 ; M.D., 1764 ; lived and died at Athy, Co.

Kildare, m. Elizabeth ... by whom he had issue :

1. EHzabeth Uspher, m. Richard Davis, gent.

2. Margaret Ussher.

"William Ussher died in 1774, leaving his wife as residuary legatee
and executor, 5th April, 1774. The wiU was proved 23rd
Dec, 1774.
v[i. Christopher Ussher, Lieut, in his Majesty's ship, "Prince,"
1757, Capt. 1761, afterwards of Kilcarry, Co. Carlow, m.
Margaret Bailie, who survived him, and by whom he had
issue :

1. Isabella Ussher, bap. 9th May, 1768, St. Ann's, Dublin.

2. Elizabeth Ussher, m. John Rohan.

3. Jane Ussher.

4. Sarah Ussher.

5. Christopher Ussher, bom 1770, educated at BaUitore School

1784-8, entered T.C.D., 1788 (of whom below).

6. John Ussher, bom about 1771, educated at Ballitorc, 1784,

Lieut. R.N., afterwards Capt. of Militia, m. Mary Street,
dr. of Samuel Street, for 24 years Speaker of the Legisla-
tive Assembly of Canada, where he settled and had issue :

(1) Samuel Ussher m. Harriet Colclough, and had issue :
[1] John Ussher, who was killed fighting against Riel ;

and also others.

(2) Edgworth Ussher m. Sarah Thomson, and left issue :


(3) John Usslier m. . . . and left issue.

(4) Margaret Ussher m. Thanet Thompson, and had issue:
[1] John, d.s.p. [2] Mary, d.s.p. [3] James. [4J

George. [5] Margaret m. Rev. W. David, of
St. Fagan's, S. "Wales. [6] Frances m. James
Hamilton, Bishop of Hamilton. [7] Georgina m.
Frederic Herbert, R.N.

(5) Harriet Ussher m. George Mitchell, and had
issue :

[1] Mary m. Joseph Bawtree. [2] Louisa m. Edward
Bawtree, and has issue, Edward Bawtree, R.N.,
another son and 4 drs. [3] Emily m. C. Spalding.
[4] Jessie m. Clement Hanning of Toronto.

(6) Mary Ussher m. her cousin, John Ussher of Eastwell.
Christopher Ussher of Eastwell, Loughrea, Co. Galway, son of Lieut.

Christopher Ussher of Kilcarry, succeeded his uncle, John Ussher, M.P., in'
1796, and m. July, 1797, Ellis, dr. of James Browne of Browne Hall, Co.
Mayo, by whom (who d. 1820), he had issue :

(1) John Ussher, his heir, bom 1798, of whom below.

(2) Rev. Christopher Ussher, born 1801, entered T.C.D.,

1820 ; B.A., 1825 ; Rector of Castlewellan, Co. Down,
died 1859, m, Elizabeth, dr. of Richard Crane Brush
of Dromore, Co. Down, deed., and had issue :
[1] Arland Ussher, Gill Hall, Dromore, Co. Down, a

well known artist.
[2] Caroline Ussher.
[8] Mary Adelaide Ussher.

[4] Christopher James Ussher, of the Indian Civil

(3) WiUiam Ussher of Co. Galway, d.s.p., 1878.

(4) Ellis Ussher, ra. in St, Peter's Church, Dublin, 25th

Oct., 1817, Xaverius Blake of Oran Castle, 'Co.

2 b


(5) Honoria Usslier m. Jolin Donnellan of Ballydonnellan
Castle, adjoining East well, Co. Galway.
We now return to John Usslier of Eastwell, eldest son of Christopher
Usslier, who m., 1831, his first cousin, Mary, dr. of Capt. John Ussher of
Canada, and d. 24th April, 1851, having had issue :

[1] Christopher Ussher, late of Eastwell, bom 1832, m.
in 1873, Olivia, dr. of Captain Da^'id Ruttledge of
Barbersfort, Co. Galway, and d. 1884, leaving
issue ;

1. "William Arland Ussher, born Jan., 1878.

2. Christopher Ussher, born 1880, died young.
J. Henry Ussher, born 10th Feb., 1883.

^. Agnes Ussher.

5. Olivia Ellis Ussher.

6. Alison Ussher.

[2] John Xaverius Ussher of Rocklands, Oranmore,
d. 1878, m. Isabella, dr. of Capt. Dillon of Johns-
town, and left issue :

/. Sarah Salisbury Ussher, born 1870.

2. Mary Ellis Ussher, born 1871.

J. John St. George Ussher, born 1872.

^. William Gerald Ussher, born 1873.

5. Violet Ethel Ussher, born 1874.

6. Mabel Sophia Ussher, born 1877.

[3] Edmond Augustus William Ussher, died young.

[4] William Augustus Edmond Ussher, of the
Geological Survey of England and Wales,
edited Woodward's Geology, with notes, also author
of " Post-Tertiary Geology of Cornwall."

[5] Mary Ussher m. Stewart S. Johnston, M.D., son of
the Rev. W. Johnston of Ratoath, Co. Meath.

[G] Ellis Belinda Ussher, d. unmd. March, 1825.




Pedigree of the Descent of Rev. John Usshcr and his children.

JOnX irSSIIER, supposed to have been born 1G94 (and son of Archdeacon
Adam Usshcr), mercht. of St. Michan's p'sh, m. by Prerog. Lie,
1825, Sarah, dr. of Ptichd. Murphy, gent., of Blessington, and
Anue, his wife, and had issue, with others :
I. Gr.oiuiE UssiiEK, bom 1734, d.y.
II. Alici: Us><[iEn, born 1735, d.y,
III. P.cv. John Ussheu, Clk., born 16th April, 1636, d. 1829, m. 1st,
I ^Maria Amelia Anne . . . and had issue by her. (He m. 2ndly,

Elizabeth Travers. who d.s.p., 1826) :
, 1. John Usshcr, M.D., of Dublin and of Woodpark, Co. Dublin,

I born 1758, d. 1823, m. first, Lucy Parkinson, widow, and had

1^ issue :

1. Arabella Ussher m. Rev. Chas. Mulloy, andd. 1818.

2. John Ussher, Lt.-Col., m. Margaret Connor, and had issue :

(1) John George Ussher.

(2) George Skeffington Ussher.

(3) James Henry Neville Ussher, Surgeon-Major A.M.D.,
m. dr. of Yen. Archdeacon Cox of Eaphoe, and had
issue :

3. Henry Ussher, Lieut. R.X.

4. Amelia Ussher m. W. Pasley.

5. Pdchard Beverly Ussher, born 1798, Capt. 86th Piegt., m.
Henrietta Boileau, and hud issue :

(1) John Theophilus Ussher, Major-Genl. (retired), born
1823, ni. Annabella Eoss, and had issue :
[1] Capt. Beverly Pi. Ussher ni. Elizth, Darcy.
[2 j John Kenneth Ussher, d.y.


[3] Alfred Lestock TJsslier, Lieut. 22nd Regt.

[4] Hamilton O'Brien Ussher, Lieut. 3rd Batt. Gordon

[5] Allan Yesey TJsslier, Lt. and Adjt. 26tli Eegt.

(2) Beverly Ussher of Dublin, m. Charlotte E. Smyth, and

has issue :
[1] Mary Evelyn Ussher. [2] George Neville Ussher.
[3] Charlotte Eliz. [4] Emily Georgina.

(3) Henrietta Jane Ussher, d.y.

(4) Henrietta Fanny Jane Ussher, d.y.

(5) Simeon Ussher of Dublin m, Mary Jane Morris, and

had issue :
[1] Alma Janem. Dr. Yeates. [2] Richd. Henry, d.y.
[3] Henriette. [4] Robt. Morris, Lieut. R.N.
[5] Anna.

(6) Charles Ussher, d.y.

(7) Henrietta Ussher, d.y.

(8) Henry Ussher, M.D., m. Jane Henrietta Thompson,

and has issue :
[1] Eleanor Neville. [2] Percival Gaisford. [3] Henry
Boileau. [4] Elizth. Jane. [5] Arthur Chas.

(9) Peter Roe Clarke Ussher.

(10, 11, 12) Jane Ann ; Arabella m. Capt. Buchanan ;
Henrietta m. Samuel Buchanan.

(13) James Ussher of Lurgan m. Florence S. E. Smyth,
and has issue: [1] Wm. A. [2] James. [3] Neville
Boileau. [4] Chas. Butler. [5] Florence. [6]

(14) Brandram Boileau Ussher, M.D., Bishop of the
Reformed Episcopal Church, Montreal, m. Elizth.
Leonora Thompson, and has issue :

[1] Sydney Lahmire. [2] Clarence Douglas. [3]
. Charles E. C. [4] George Richd. [5] Elizth.
Henrietta. [G] ^Yarwick Wellesly Ussher.


6. Charles Usslier, d. in London.

7. Ellen Usslier.

John Ussher, M.D., m. secondly, Miss Miler, and had issue :

8. Jane Ussher m. Chas. Henry Leet, M.D., and had issue :

(1) Elizabeth Isabel.

(2) Georgina Jane m. Dr. Palk of Southampton.

(3) Ambrose Wellesley Leet, D.D., Licumbent of Baggot-

rath Church, Dub.

(4) Emma Bulkeley Leet m. Henry B. Johnson, London.

(5) Chas. H. Leet, M.D.

(6) John Ussher Leet.

(7) Edward Wilberforce Leet, R.N.

(8) Mary Rosalie Leet, d.y.

9. EHza Ussher, d. unmd. 1885.

John Ussher, merchant, of St. Michan's parish, Dublin, bom between 1690
and 1696, obtained the freedom of Dublin, at Michaelmas 1718, by service.
He is believed to have been a son of Archdeacon Adam Ussher, Rector of
Clontarf, though owing to the Archdeacon having left no will, and the Clontarf
Registers of that period having perished, documentary proof of it is not as yet
forthcoming. John Ussher m. by Prerog. Lie, 5th Nov., 1725, Sarah Murphy,
spinster, of Blessington, Co. "Wicklow, bap. in Blessington Church, 27th Oct.
1709. She was dr. of Richard Murphy, gent., of Blessington, who in his will
proved 1725, appointed Rev. Philip Welsh of Blessington, and John Caldwell,
gent., of Dublin, exors., and leaves his mother, Mrs. Anne Murphy, £20 per
ann., his wife Anne ' to enjoy the house at Blessington where I now live,' etc., and
£50 per ann.; plate left to wife and 2 drs. Anne and Sarah Murphy, equally ;
he to be buried at Blessington; £30 to y° poor of said p'sh ; sisters Anne Jenkins,
Elizabeth Evans, Mariabella Bruce, £10 each ; to Mr. Patrick Cockburn and
widow Anne Cockburn, £10 each ; to nephew George Bruce £10 ; to niece
Mariabella Bruce, £10 ; nephew David and niece Anne Evans £5 each ; niece
Mariabella Jenkins £10; to Thos. Parsons, apprentice to Aldn. Bolton, £100
when 21 years old ; to my wife mj'- flock of sheep. 27th Nov., 1724.

Thos. Pocldington, overseer of will. Crest on seal, a Lion rampant,

Ja. Gratton, witness- with coat of aims.


It appears from a deed of 30th May, 1783, between Rev, Jolin Uesi.rj .,f
Clontarf and Lord Hillsborough, that in 1678 the Lord Archbp. of buL. .,
and Morogh, Ld. Blesinton demised to David Murph}', mercht., deed., o.-.,.
plot, etc., for 3 lives, and that sd. Morogh, Ld. Blesinton on 25th Mar'.,,.
1(399, demised to Richard Murphy, gent., only son and heir of sd. David
Marphy, a piece of ground, etc. at Blessington ; these are all vested in tLe
Rev. John Ussher. Again in a deed dated 20th March, 1784, the Rev, John
Ussher assigns for his wife to J. M'Laughlin \ a lot of ground in Haadbury
Lane, Thomas Court, and also a moiety of a piece of grouad at the rere of
sd. lot, with a little tenement, called Mill House, all which were formerly
devised by John Usher, late of the city of Dublin, and Sarah his wife, both
deed., to John Cole the elder and younger, and Robt. Cole, and also, etc.,
demised by sd. John Usher, deed., to Mary Lyon of Dublin, widow, and Chrpr.
Hearn of same,

John Ussher appears to have resided afterwards in the parishes of St,
Audoen's and St, Anne's; he had issue by his wife Sarah :

I. George Ussher, bap, St, Audoen's, 26th March, 1735, d,y,
II, Alice Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, 26th March, 1735, d.y.
III. John Ussher, born in Dublin, 16th April, bap. St. Audoen's, 20th
April, 1736, "son of John and Sarah Ussher," of whom
lY. Sarah Ussher, bap. St. Ann's, 8ih June, 1739,
Y. Elizabeth Ussher, bap. St. Ann's, 30th June, 1740.
YL Alice Ussher, bap. St. Ann's, 1st April, 1743.
YII. Charles Ussher, bap. St. Ann's loth July, 1744.
Children of John and Sarah Ussher,
All these probably died yoxmg, except John Ussher, the third child.
Of John's and Sarah's deaths we have no record, unless he be the same as
a Mr, John Usher, Mathematician, who died in WiUiam Street, Dublin, 21st
March, 1767 {Pue's Occurrences).

The Rev. John Ussher was educated by the famous Mr. Ball, the school-
master, and entered T.C.D. at the age of 17, in 1754, being registered as "the
son of John Ussher, mercht." He was B.A. in 1760. He was ordained
probably for the Curacy of Clontarf iu 1760 and succeeded to the Rectory in


1766, on the deatli of the E,ev. Frederick Usslier, whose will, as well as that
of Frederick's wife, he sigued as witness. He was twice married, first in
1757, to Maria Amelia Ann ... by whom he had issue one son, John Ussher,
of whom below.

In 1788 " the Rev. John Ussher of Clontarf and Elizabeth Travers of
Phippsborough, spinster, did lease the lands of Glendalough, held from the
Archbp. of Dublin."

He m. secondly the above Elizabeth Travers, who d.s.p. before him.
Rev. John Ussher died 26th of Jan., 1829, at the great age of 93, and was
buried in Clontarf Churchyard, where a headstone is erected to his memory,
with this inscription : " Erected to the memory of the Rev. John Ussher, by
his grandson, Charles Ussher, an humble tribute to the venerated shade of a
kind and affectionate parent." His will and codicil proved 1829, leaves to
" my beloved wife, Elizabeth Ussher, for and during her life my lease from Mrs.
Ann Clarke of a field in the Green Lane in the parish of Clontarf, on which I
built 2 cabins, and all my plate, also the sole use of the emolimieat due to
me in the Bank of Ireland, and then to my grandchildren Charles, Jane, and
Elizabeth, respectively, £900, £1,000, and £1,000 ; also to my lease of
Glandelagh from the Archbp. of Dublin, also the interest of long annuity
bonds in the Bank of England, and then to Lieut. John Ussher of the 66th
Regt., my grandson ; wife and Erwin M'Alpin, Exors." By a codicil two grand-
daughters, Jane and Eliza., along with wife, to be exors.

" Mrs. Elizabeth Ussher, aged 84 years, of Clontarf, buried 28th December,
1826, by Rev. Charles MoUoy, Rector of Clontarf." (Clontarf P'sh Reg.)

The Rev. John Ussher, by his first wife, Maria Amelia Ann, had

issue : i. John Ussher of Dublin, and afterwards of "Woodpark,

Co. Dublin, andM.D. (Edinburgh), born Thursday, 8th June,

1758, who d. 12th Julj^ and was buried 15th July, 1823,

aged 65, m. first, 20th March, 1789, Luciuda Parkinson,

widow (dr. of Irwin McAlpia,his partner from 1803 to 1814),

who died 15th July, 1800, and by her had issue :

1. Arabella Ussher, born 3rd Jan., 1790, m. Rev. Chas. Mulloy,

6th March, 1810, in St. Peter's Church, Dublin, and d.

13th Oct., 1818. Rev. Chas. Mulloy, younger son of Coote


Mulloy of Boyle, Co. E-oscommon, succeeded the Rev. John
Ussher as Bector of Clontarf, in 1811, d. May, 1832, und
is buried at Collooney, Co. Sligo, of which he became

2. John Ussher, born 3rd Feb., 1794, Lt.-CoL 66th Regt.,

served for many years in the 66th, 50th and 95th Regts.
was present with the 66th at the occupation of Paris by
the allied Powers in 1815, and served with it under Sir
David Ouchterloney in the Nepaulese Campaign, 1816-17,
and also in conjimction with the 20th Regt., when forming
guard over Napoleon Bonaparte during his captivity in St.
Helena, from 1817 to 1821, afterwards served in North
America, the Mediterranean, Ceylon and South Australia ;
he m. Margaret, dr, of John Connor, Solicitor, of Co.
Roscommon, in 1837, and had issue :

(1) John George Ussher, deceased.

(2) George Skeffington Ussher.

(3) James Henry Neville Ussher, Sargeon-Major, A.M.D.,

served in the Ashantee Expedition (medal and
clasp), also in the South African war (medal).
B.A. and M.B., Dub., 1866 ; Ch.M. (1st place), 1867,
m. the dr. of Ven. Archdeacon Cox, Rector of Glen-
columbkill, and resides at St. Helen's, Ramelton.

3. Henry Ussher, Lieut. R.N., died s.p. in China.

4. Amelia Ussher m. W. Pasley.

5. Richard Beverly Ussher, born in Dame Street, Dublin, 14th

Feb., 1798, Capt. 86th Regt., served also in the 53rd Regt.,
and retired from the Service by the sale of his commission ;
he m. in St. Peter's Church, Dub., 3rd Aug., 1822,
Henrietta Boileau, born 20th Oct., 1798, dr. of John
Theophilus Boileau, of Fitzwilham Square, Dublin, a des-
cendant of Charles Boileau, a Huguenot refugee, who d.
1733, and was eldest son of Jacques Boileau, 10th Baron
Boileau de Castelneau, near Niemes, and descended from


Etienne Boileau, who was appointed by Louis IX., in 1255,
to be Grand Provost of Paris ; another ancestor, Jean
Boileau, was ennobled in 1371, by Charles Y. The younger
brother of Charles Boileau remained a Roman Catholic, and
became the eleventh Baron ; from him the present Baron
is sixth in descent. Capt. Ussher had issue by her, of
whom see below.

6. Charles Ussher, bom 4th Sept., 1799, d.s.p.

7. Ellen Ubsher.

The prerog. will of John Ussher, M.D., pr. 1823, leaves legacies to his
son John, Lieut. 66th Regt., his soa Richd., Ensign 86th Regt., his son
Charles ; his drs. Jane, Ellen and Eliza, and his father, Rev. John Ussher,
and also Amelia Ussher als Pasley.

John Ussher, M.D., m. 2ndly Miss Miler, dr. of John Miler, mercht., and
had issue :

8. Jane Ussher m. Chas. Henry Leet, M.D., of 119 Upper

Rathmines, Dublin, and had issue.

(1) Elizabeth Isabel. (2) Georgina Jane m. Dr. Palk of
Southampton. (3) Rev. Ambrose "Wellesley Leet>
D.D., Incumbent of Baggotrath Church, Dub., Ex-
Sch. and Senr. Moderator, T.C.D. (4) Emma m.
Henry Bulkeley Johnson, London. (5) Charles
Henry Leet, M.D., A.M.D. (6) John Ussher Leet.
(7) Edward Wilberforce Leet, R.N". (8) Mary
Ptosalie Leet, d. in infancy.

9. Eliza Ussher, d. unmd.

We now return to Capt. Richard Beverly Ussher, who had issue by his
wife, Henrietta.

(1) John Theophilus Ussher, Major- General, retired, born
4th Sept., 1823, entered the array in May, 1843,
and was retired on becoming a full Colonel in
1880, having then completed nearly 38 years service
on full pay. He served in the field, in the Cam-
paign of 1844-5, in the Southern Mahratta Country,



with the 22nd E,egt., and was present at the capture
of the forts of Panala and Pawangarh, also in
India during the mutiny of 1857-8, with the 87th
Regt., and in the Murree Hills when that station was
attacked by a large force of hill men ; served on board
the ship, Eastern Monarch, with a large detachment
of invalids when she blew up and was destroyed by
fire on 3rd June, 1859, at which time he lost every-
thing he had on board ; was for many years a

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