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FIRST. That the act of Congress regulating trade and

intercourse with Indian Tribes be strictly enforced

SECOND. That no traders be permitted to reside
among the Indians, but such as have been licensed ac-
cording to law

THIRD. That you press upon the minds of the Indians
the benefit resulting to them by exclusively trading with
the Factory.

FOURTH. That so soon as the Indians visiting the
Factory shall have their trade, you hasten their return


FIFTH. That you discourage and take all the means in
your power to prevent the Indians from exchanging their

peltry with the whites for ardent spirits

SIXTH. That you bring the provisions of the law, to
bear against such citizens as shall sell ardent spirits to
the Indians.

SEVENTH. That you endeavor to excite among the
Several Tribes a disposition to live in peace with all na-

EIGHTH. That you protect and treat with kindness
not only our own Indians but Individuals of such other
Tribes without the limits of the United States as may

visit your agency

NINTH. That you endeavor to ascertain the policy ob-
served by the Spanish Authorities towards the Indians
residing on the Waters of Red River, and how far the
same may be friendly or otherwise towards the United

States and

FINALLY. That you keep the governor of Louisiana
informed of such occurrences within the limits of vour


agency as may in any manner affect the interest of this

State or the views of the government

I am Sir,

Very Respectfully

Your humble Servant

Signed William C. C. Claiborne

John Jamison, Esquire

Indian Agent,


To William H. Crawford.

New Orleans May 18th 1816.-


Your letter of the twentieth of Jan-
uary last came, enclosed to me the other day, under cover
of one from Colonel Jamison, dated at Natchez the fourth

of this month The Colonel was then on his

way to Natchitoches, to assume the duties of his agency,
and I have addressed to him at that place a letter of in-
struction, of which the enclosed is a Copy

You will observe that the removal of

the factory and Agency from Nachitoches to a position

on the Sabine, is deemed by me highly estimable ;

But in as much as it is necessary to place them under the
protection of a military Post, I take the liberty to recom-
mend that orders be given for the establishment of a
small garrison on the Sabine, at or near the Nacogdoches
road crosses the same, and that the factory and agency
be removed to that place as soon as the suitable buildings

can be erected The Inhabitants of the Parish

and Town of Natchitoches have long complained of the
Inconvenience to which they were subjected by the fre-
quent visits of Indians and I really think that the Inter-


est of all concerned requires that the cause of Complaint
be removed which can only be done by locating the Fac-
tory and Agency at some more frontier position

I have the honor to be

With great respect

Your obedient Servant,
Signed William C. C. Claiborne


William H. Crawford

Secretary at War


To Daniel L. Patterson.

New Orleans, May ISth 181(5

Elias ainirault Duplessis a native of Louisiana and
Inhabitant of this city, in a trading voyage to cap Henry
in the Island of Hayti, has I am informed been impris-
oned by the authorities there, under charges of being an

emigrant from that Island, and a French Spy

The Father and the Brother of Mr. Duplessis Solicitous
to forward by some safe and Speedy conveyance to cap
Henry documents to prove his nativity, place of Resi-
dence and the innocent object of his voyage, I am induced
to ask, how far you may feel at liberty, to order the com-
mander of some vessels attached to your command and
cruising in the gulph to call at cap Henry, and to deliver

to the authorities there the aforesaid documents

If the convenience of the service would admit of your giv-
ing such an order, you will contribute to the release from
confinement perhaps to the preservation of the life of a


fellow citizen whose course of conduct has I am per-
suaded been uniformly correct and honorable

I am Sir

Very Respectfully
Your humble Servant

Signed William C. C. Claiborne


Daniel L. Patterson

New Orleans_-

To the Governor of Pennsylvania.

New Orleans 7th June 1816..


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your
Excellency's letter under date of the 28th of March last,
enclosing an authenticated Copy of an Act of the Legis-
lature of Pennsylvania, Entitled "AN ACT FOR THE

This act shall be submitted to the general Assembly of
Louisiana at an early day of their ensuing session, nor do
I doubt, but they will readily accede to the terms on which
the State of Pennsylvania consents to grant to the hospi-
tal of New Orleans, an annuity of Five hundred Dollars
for Ten Years In the mean time, I have ac-
quitted myself of a pleasing duty in laying a copy of the
act aforesaid before the administrators of the hospital,
and in obedience to their request, I now transmit to your
Excellency, an extract from the Journal of their proceed-
ings It will shew the grateful Sentiments which

the very generous donation of Pennsylvania has in-
spired and the high sense entertained of the truly human
benevolent and honorable motives which influence Coun-


cils of that great and respectable State

I tender to your Excellency the assur-
ances of

My Sincere Esteem and Respect

Signed William C. C. Claiborne


The governor of the State of Pennsylvania.

To William H: Crawford.
gir New Orleans July 13th 1816

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of a letter
from Mr. P. Haytum the additional accountant of the
war department under date of the twenty fifth may 1816,
announcing that the claim of the State of Louisiana for
the disbursements for Fortifications have been adjusted
and settled and the sum of $16480,,17/100 admitted and
which amount was subject to the disposition of the au-
thority of the State of Louisiana In conse-
quence of the high rate of exchange, and indeed the im-
practicability of passing bills in Washington, at this mo-
ment, I have to request that you would transmit me the
amount aforesaid in Treasury Bills or in an order on the
Banks of this city payable to the order of Felix Armand
Esqr. Treasurer of the State of Louisiana, who will for-
ward duplicate receipts therefor In the mean

time you will hold this letter as a voucher for the pay-
ment of the sum of $16,480,,! 7/100 admitted to be duo to

the State of Louisiana as aforesaid

I have the honor to be
Very Respectfully
Your humble Servant-
Signed William C. C. Claiborne

William H. Crawford, Secretary at War






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