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The celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of the town of Norwich, Connecticut, and of the incorporation of the city, the one hundred and twenty-fifth, July 4, 5, 6, 1909: online

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Online LibraryWilliam C GilmanThe celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of the town of Norwich, Connecticut, and of the incorporation of the city, the one hundred and twenty-fifth, July 4, 5, 6, 1909: → online text (page 18 of 19)
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of drugs he and his brother, Joshua, built up a wide
reputation and large estates for their day. He left
500 to Yale College; 500 to the first church in
Norwich, and 500 to establish a school on the Nor-
wich Town Green. "Many were the amiables that
composed his character."

127 DANIEL LATHROP. Born Norwich 1769; died

1825. Yale College 1787. Was engaged in the drug
business in Norwich. Son of Dr. Joshua Lathrop.


1723; died Norwich 1807. Yale College 1743. Mer-
chant; cotton manufacturer; public spirited citizen;
one of the donors of Chelsea Parade to the inhabitants
of Norwich and contributed generously for improve-
ment of highways. "He devised liberal things and
did them."


in Norwich in 1822 near present residence of the
principal of the Norwich Free Academy. Died in
New Haven 1908. Yale graduate and valedictorian
1841. Distinguished author and landscape gardener.
He delivered an oration at the bi-centennial celebra-
tion in 1859.


Aug. 5, 1788; died Sept. 5, 1888. Paymaster United
States Army, War of 1812. For fifty years treasurer
of Norwich and Worcester railroad. A well-known
and prominent citizen of Norwich. In his great age,
one hundred years and one month, "his eye was not
dim, nor his natural force abated."

131 CAPT. HEZEKIAH PERKINS. Born in Norwich
. 1751; died 1822. He and Jabez Huntington gave to


the city in 1811 the land now known as the "Little
Plain" for a park. He lived in the house now owned
by Mrs. Charles Coit.

132 MAJOR JOSEPH PERKINS. A soldier of the Revo-

lution. Member of the Committee of Safety in 1814.
Prominent merchant ; public spirited citizen. He with
Thomas Fanning and Joshua Lathrop gave Chelsea
Parade to the inhabitants of Norwich for a park. He
built the stone-house on Rockwell street in 1825.

133 DR. DWIGHT RIPLEY. Born in Windham, Conn.,

in 1767; died in Norwich, 1835. A descendant of Gov.
Wm. Bradford of Plymouth. He was actively en-
gaged in business in Norwich for over forty years, and
built up a large wholesale drug trade on present site
of Lee & Osgood's store. He did much for the ad-
vancement of Norwich and left a large family of sons
and daughters who are held in honored remembrance.


Born in Norwich 1834; died in Boston 1903. Yale
College 1855. Professor mining in Massachusetts
Institute of Technology. Rendered distinguished ser-
vices in the war for the Union, rising from the rank
of captain to Brevet-Brigadier-General, and serving
at James Island, Fort Darling, Bermuda Hundreds
and Fort Fisher.

135 CHARLES W. ROCKWELL. Born in Norwich

1799; died in 1866. During his residence in Norwich
he was distinguished for his liberality and public
spirit. In 1833 ne built the mansion on Broadway
afterwards owned by John F. Slater. He was inter-
ested in manufactures at Norwich Town ; was four
years mayor of the city; was three times elected to
the State Legislature, and was for several years
United States Commissioner of Customs at Wash-


136 HON. JOHN A. ROCKWELL. Born in Norwich,

Aug. 27, 1803; died in Washington, Feb. 10, 1861.
Yale graduate, 1822. Connecticut State Senator.
Judge New London County Court. Representative
United States Congress, 1845-1849. Author of a work
on Spanish law. Concerned in development of Laurel
Hill. At the bi-centennial celebration in 1859 he de-
livered an oration on Major John Mason.

137 HON NATHANIEL SHIPMAN. Born 1773; died

in Norwich 1853. An honored citizen of Norwich.
He represented the town repeatedly in the State
Legislature. In 1781 he planted the row of elm trees
in front of General Harland's house on Sentry Hill.
He it was who identified the spot where Miantonomoh
was captured by Uncas, and when asked how he could
remember it, said "it was no time to balk." His home
was on the west side of Washington street. He was
father of Rev. Thomas Leffingwell Shipman and
grandfather of Nathaniel Shipman, Judge of United
States Circuit Court.


wich, 1791 ; died in Hartford, 1865. Teacher and
author. By her numerous writings in prose and verse
she achieved a literary fame not exceeded by that of
any woman in the country. Her "Letters of Life"
give charming pictures of her native town in the days
of her youth. In early life she and Miss Nancy Maria
Hyde taught a school in the house now of B. P.
Bishop, 189 Broadway.

139 JOHN FOX SLATER. Born in Rhode Island, March

4, 1815; died in Norwich, May 7, 1884. Pro-
prietor of the Slater cotton mills at Jewett City,
Conn. Founder of the John F. Slater Fund ($1,000,-
ooo) for the education of freedmen, for which he was
presented with a gold medal by Congress in the name
of the people of the United States. Benefactor of


Park Church, the United Workers and the Norwich
Free Academy.


in Hartford, Oct. 8, 1833 > died in New York, Jan. 18,
1908. Yale University 1853. Journalist, poet, man
of letters. Many volumes of his poems and prose
work appeared from 1860 to 1908. He lived in Nor-
wich from 1839 to 1853, his early home being with
his uncle, Deacon James Stedman, on Washington
street near East Town street.

141 HENRY STRONG, LL.D. Born in Norwich 1788;

died in 1852. Yale University 1806. Declining other
political honors than a brief term in the State Legis-
lature, he devoted himself to the practice of law, in
which he reached highly honorable distinction.

142 REV. JOSEPH STRONG, D.D. Born in Coventry,

Conn., 1753 ; died in Norwich 1834. For fifty-six years
pastor of the first Church in Norwich. By his mar-
riage with Mary Huntington he was closely allied
with the distinguished Huntington generals of the

143 GENERAL DANIEL TYLER. Born in Brooklyn,

Conn., Jan. 7, 1799; died Nov. 30, 1882. West Point
graduate 1818. Made valuable reports on artillery in
France; was Brigadier-General Connecticut Volun-
teers, 1861 ; commanded at Bull Run ; in active ser-
vice to 1864. He was grandfather of Mrs. Theodore

144 REV. JOHN TYLER. Born in Wallingford, Conn.,

1742; died in Norwich 1823. Ordained by the Bishop
of London in 1768. Fifty-four years rector of Christ
Church, Norwich. He was succeeded by the Rev.
Seth B. Paddock, who held the office for twenty-two
years, and died in Cheshire, Conn., in 1851. His
sons, born in Norwich, were the Right Rev. John A.


Paddock, Bishop of Washington; the Right Rev.
Benjamin H. Paddock, Bishop of Massachusetts ; and
Lewis S. Paddock, M.D., for fifty years a physician
in his native place. His grandson, the Right Rev.
Robert L. Paddock, is the Bishop of Eastern Oregon.

145 HON. JOHN TURNER WAIT, LL.D. Born in New

London 1811 ; died in Norwich 1899. State Attorney
for New London County; member of Assembly and
State Senate; member of Congress 1876 to 1887; for
over sixty years one of the most distinguished
lawyers of Connecticut.

146 DAVID AMES WELLS, LL.D., D.C.L. Born in

Springfield, Mass., June 17, 1828; died in Norwich
1898. Graduate Williams College 1847; Harvard
1851. Special commissioner United States internal
revenue 1866-1870; author; political economist; scien-

JOSEPH LANMAN. Born in Norwich in 1811; died
there in 1874. He entered the United States Navy
as midshipman in 1825, passed with distinction
through the successive ranks, notably in the war for
the Union, was made Rear Admiral in 1867, and
retired from the service in 1872.

RIGHT REV. ALFRED LEE, Bishop of Delaware.
Born in Cambridge, Mass., 1807. Died in Wilming-
ton, Del., 1887. By family ties he was identified
with Norwich, where his father, Benjamin Lee,
owned a large estate on the west side of Washing-
ton street. His sister, Emily, was the wife of Gen.
Daniel Tyler (No. 143). In early life he was
admitted to the bar, and practiced law in New Lon-
don county. He delivered an oration at the Bi-cen-
tennial celebration in 1859, and was author of
numerous theological works.

HENRY B. NORTON. Born in Branford, Conn., in
1807. Died in Norwich in 1891. Through his long


and successful career as merchant, manufacturer, and
citizen, all measures for the development of material,
religious, and educational affairs found in him an
earnest supporter and generous contributor. A lib-
eral benefactor of the Norwich Free Academy.

HUGH HENRY OSGOOD. Born in Southbridge,
Mass., in 1821. Died in Manlius, New York, in 1899;
for sixty years identified with the Lee & Osgood
Company and most of the other important business
enterprises in Norwich ; ten years Mayor ; forty years
Treasurer of the Central School District; Trustee and
liberal benefactor of the Norwich Free Academy ;
generous supporter of Park Church, the City Mission,
and United Workers.

JOSEPH OTIS. Born in Norwich in 1768; died there
in 1854. After a successful business career in New
York, he returned to Norwich at the age of seventy,
and founded the Otis Library, and was also a founder
and benefactor of the Free Academy.

Other Places of Interest.

147 SENTRY HILL ROAD. The first road passed over

Sentry Hill back of the house now owned by Gen.
Harland and came out in front of the house now
owned by William H. Palmer. Four elm trees
\n front of this house stand two on one side and two
on the other side of this old highway.

148 MILL LANE (Lafayette Street). Was for many

years the only road from the town plot to the old
landing below the falls.

149 OLD LANDING PLACE. The first settlers landed

at the head of navigation on the Yantic, below the
falls, and that place for many years was the principal
landing place.


150 LEXINGTON ALARM. In front of the Christopher

Leffingwell shop No. 82 near Sentry Hill stood a many
branched elm tree, under which it is said the troops
assembled, the day they marched to Lexington.

151 BEAN HILL (at the west end of the Town Plot).

Tradition says that before the settlement hungry and
weary prospectors discovered pots of beans deposited
in the earth which furnished them with a substantial
meal, and that in remembrance thereof the inhabi-
tants and their descendants to this day, all over the
world, eat baked beans for their Saturday night

152 OLD WHIPPING POST. The old whipping post,

pillory and jail stood near the south corner of the
parsonage lot.

153 MOHEGAN TURNPIKE. The road to New London

was laid out as early as 1670, but was little better
than an Indian trail. In 1792 it was made a turnpike,
the first in the United States, the funds for its im-
provement being raised by a lottery granted for the
purpose by the Legislature.

154 UNCAS MONUMENT. To Uncas, "the ancient

friend" of the English people, sachem of the Mohegan
Indians, who sold the original town plot to the first
proprietors, and who died about 1682, the monument
on Sachem street was erected in 1842 by the ladies
of Norwich. Others of the royal family were buried
near by. The gravestone of his descendant, Samuel
Uncas, one of the last of the sachems, who died
before the Revolution, is preserved in the Slater
Memorial Building with this inscription:
"For Beauty, wit, for Sterling sense,
For temper mild, for Eliquence,
For courage bold, for things Wauregan,
He was the Glory of Mohegan,
Whose death has Caused great lamentation,
Both in ye English and ye Indian Nation."



Historians of Norwich.

New London 1795 ; died there in 1869. Her ancestry
is traced to the early settlers of Plymouth, Mass. Her
early life was spent in Norwich where she was a pupil
of Lydia Huntley (Mrs. Sigourney). For fifteen
years she was a highly successful teacher and
manifested unusual talent for poetical and prose
writing. Her "History of Norwich," published in
1845, was re-written and extended in 1865 to a
volume of 700 pages. The fruits of her indefatigable
researches are household words with all who are
interested in the history of the town.

MARY E. PERKINS. Daughter of Edmund Perkins,
a brilliant lawyer, and granddaughter of Francis
Asher Perkins, one of the grand old men of Norwich,
will be held in grateful remembrance for her invalu-
able historical investigations long after the last of
"The Old Houses of the Antient Town of Norwich,"
shall have disappeared from the face of the earth.



Aiken, William A., president

of Otis Library, 30

President of Norwich Nickel
and Brass Company, 41

Almy, Dr. Leonard B., presi-
dent Backus Hospital, 28

American Revolution, Soldiers
of, their names on Hub-
bard gates, 31

Amusement Committee, Nel-
son J. Ayling, chairman, 59

Appomattox, 12

Appropriation, $5,000 from
town, 64

Aspinook Company, 40

Automobile parade, 87

Automobile Parade Commit-
tee, Horatio Bigelow,
chairman, 59

Averill, John C, treasurer

Otis Library, 30

Ayling, Judge Nelson J., chair-
man Amusement Commit-
tee, 59

Backus Hospital, 27

Backus, William W., founder

of hospital, 27

Benefactor of Otis Library, 30
Bacon, Leonard W., family of,
give land for Mohegan
Park, 38

Banks, 46

Bard, Charles, gives land for

Mohegan Park, 38

President Norwich Savings

Society, 46

Baret, Thomas 49

Beecher, Henry Ward, Nor-
wich "Star Paper", 10
Beneficent Institutions, 26
Bigelow, Horatio, chairman
Automobile Committee, 59


Bishop, Mrs. Ellen K., Chair-
man Loan Exhibition
Committee, 60

Address at Memorial Foun-
tain, 89

Bishop, Rev. Edwin W., ad-
dress at Memorial Foun-
tain, 92

Bliss, The Misses, give land
for Mohegan Park, 38

Bond, Mrs. Henry R., give
land for Mohegan Park, 38

Boswell, Charles, benefactor
of Otis Library, 30

Butts, Charles R., Chairman
Finance Committee, 58

Brainerd and Armstrong
Company, 41

Brewer, Arthur H., president
of Hopkins and Allen
Company, 41

Address at Masonic Temple
corner stone, 45

Brewster, Bishop Chauncey B. 80

Briscoe, Willis A., president
Thames National Bank, 46

Brown, Rev. J. Eldred, mana-
ger Huntington Memorial
Home, 27

Historical sermon at Trinity
Church, 180

Buckingham, Gov. William A.

presides at Bi-centennial, 11
Tribute to, 13

Benefactor of Free Academy, 47

Buckingham Memorial, 13

Buel, Mrs. Elizabeth B., ad-
dress at Memorial Foun-
tain, 88

Butts, Henry L., establishes
Chelsea File Works, 42

2 3 8



Gary, F. W., president of
Board of Trade, recom-
mends action in regard to
celebration, 53

Chairman Printing and Pub-
licity Committee, 59
Bulletins of Board of Trade, 2Q

Carey, Rev. Neilson Poe,

Park Commissioner, 39

Case, James L., Chairman
Music Committee, GO

Caulkins, Frances Manwaring,

History of Norwich, 9-14

Chandler, Charles E., Chair-
man Literary Exercises
Committee, 58

Chapman, Charles B., treas-
urer Chelsea Savings
Bank, 47

Charter, New, proposed and
rejected, 21

Chelsea File Works, 42

Chelsea Parade, given to town
of Norwich by Joseph
Perkins, Thomas Fanning
and Joshua Lathrop, 36

Memorial stone placed by
Alfred Perkins Rockwell
and John A. Rockwell, 36

Chelsea Savings Bank, 46

Chester, Rev. Anson C, verses
read by Henry A. Tirrell, 140

Churches; new buildings, 44

Church, Lewis R., Chairman
Hospitality Committee, 63

Clapp, Edward T., author of
name, "Rose of New
England," 11

Cleveland, Grover, address at
Old Home Week celebra-
tion, 26

Cobb, Rev. Joseph F., histori-
cal sermon at Universal-
ist Church, 187

Coit, Daniel Tyler, benefactor
of Otis Library, 30

Coit Elms, 38

Colonial Dames of America,
erect monument to Leff-
ingwell, 35


Colonial Wars, Society of,
buys Miantonomo monu-
ment, 33
Committee of Arrangements,

names of 54, 55, 56

Consolidation of town and

city proposed, 20

Converse Art Gallery, 47

Crescent Fire Arms Company, 41

Dana, Rev. Malcolm McG.,
"Norwich in the Rebel-
lion," 14
Date of Celebration appointed, 63
Date changed, 64
Daughters of the American
Revolution, memorial of
French soldiers, 30
Names of soldiers of Revo-
lution, 31
Marks residences of the

Huntington generals, 32

Fountain on Little Plain, 32-88
Decorating Committee, Zebu-
Ion R. Robbins, chairman, 60
Dyer, Charles E., address at
Masonic Temple corner
stone, 46

Eccles, John, manager Pone-

mah mill, 39

Education and beneficence, 17
Electric Light, 24

Ewing, Rev. George H., invo-
cation at Up-town Bury-
ing Ground, 68
Historical sermon at First

Congregational Church, 178
Executive Committee, names

of, 58

Proceedings of, 63

Fanning, Joseph T., park
commissioner, 39

Fanning, Thomas, giver of
Chelsea Parade to town, 36




Finance Committee, Charles

R. Butts, chairman, 58

Financial Statement, 143

Fire Department, 24

Fire Department drill and

parade, 87

Fireworks Committee, Walter

F. Lester, chairman, 60

Fire Works on Rogers Hill, 87
Fort Sumter, 12

Foster, Martha P., benefactor

of Otis Library, 30

Founders of Norwich, Society

of, 60

Franklin Street Park pur-
chased by City in 1859, 37
French Soldiers of the Revo-
lution, 30
Fuller, Margaret W., Anni-
versary hymn, 137

Gale, Col. Charles W., cashier

Thames National Bank, 46
Grand Marshal of Parade, 82
Treasurer General Commit-
tee, 58

Gallup, Henry H., president
Crescent Fire Arms Com-
pany, 41

Garneld, President Harry A.,
address at Broadway
Theater, 101

Gilman, Daniel Coit, address

at Norwich Bi-centennial, 9

Gilman, Emily Serena, giver
of Lowthorpe meadows, 38

Gilman, Maria Perit, buys site
of Miantonomo monu-
ment, 33

Gilman, William C. 66

Gilman, William C., senior,
proposed erection of mon-
ument to Miantonomo, 33

Goddard, Henry P., address at

Hubbard gates, 32

Goddard, Levi Hart 37

Grand Army of Republic, 13

Gray, Lloyd, at Leffingwell
monument, 36


Green Company, M. J. 41

Greene, Judge Gardiner, sec-
retary Johnson Home, 29

Greene, James Lloyd 9

Greene, Mr. and Mrs. William
P., benefactors of Free
Academy, 47

Greer, Rev. Jerome, historical
sermon at Bean Hill
Methodist Church, 185

Gulliver, Dr. Frederic P., his

maps of town and city, 57
Chairman of Historical

Committee, 60

Chairman of special com-
mittee for services at Up-
town Burying Ground, 66
Presides at meeting, 66-67

Gulliver, Rev. Dr. John P.,
founder of Free Academy, 47

Harland, Gen. Edward, presi-
dent Backus Hospital, 28
Gives land for Mohegan

Park, 38

Improvements at Sentry

Hill, 43

President Chelsea Savings

Bank, 47

President Executive Cele-
bration Committee, 57
Resigns presidency, 58
Harland, Henry 43
Harriman, Dr. P. H., Park

Commissioner, 39

Chairman Public Safety

Committee, 61

Chairman Procession Com-
mittee, 61
Headquarters Committee, So-
ciety of Founders of Nor-
wich, 60
Historical Committee, Dr. F.

P. Gulliver, chairman, 60
Hopkins and Allen Company, 41
Hospitality Committee, 63

Howe, Rev. Dr. Samuel H.,
president Backus Hos-
pital, 28
Invocation at literary exer-
cises, 100




Hubbard, Charles L., presi-
dent A. H. Hubbard Com-
pany. 41
Hubbard, James L. secretary

A. H. Hubbard Company, 41
Hubbard Paper Company, 40
Hubbard, Russell, benefactor

of Free Academy, 47

Huntington, Benjamin, resi-
dence in Christopher Lef-
fingwell house, 43

Huntington, Charles P., bene-
factor of Otis Library, 30
Huntington, Jabez, giver of

Little Plain to City, 37,88
Huntington, Jedediah 26

Huntington, Margaret Baret 49
Huntington Memorial Home, 26
Hunt, Thomas Sterry, at Mi-

antonomo monument, 33

Hutchison, William 48

Industries of Norwich, 39
Invitation Committee, Wil-
liam H. Shields, chair-
man, 59
Invitations and Badges, 140
Invited Guests, Letters from 198

Jensen, Mrs. Martin E., sings
at memorial of French
soldiers, 30

Johnson Home, 29

Johnson, Oliver L., manager
of Aspinook Company, 40

Kaufman, Rev. Dr. M. S.,
historical sermon at Trin-
ity Methodist Church, 196

Keep, Robert Porter 48

Keppler, George A., designs
historical pageant, 80

Kinney, Mrs. Sarah T., ad-
dress at memorial of
French soldiers, 30

At Memorial Fountain, 94

Lane, Louisa Gilman, buys
site of Miantonomo mon-



Giver of Lowthorpe mead-
ows, 38
Lathrop Drug Store, 44
Lathrop, Joshua, giver of

Chelsea Parade to town, 36
Lothrop, Rev. John 38

Learned, Bela Peck, Commit-
tee to buy Miantonomo
monument, 33

Speaks at Thomas Leffing-

well monument, 35

Learned, Mary, at Leffingwell

monument, 36

Lee, Bishop Alfred, address at

Norwich Bi-centennial, 9

Leffingwell Row, 43

Leffingwell, Thomas 33

Monument to, 35

Lester, Frederick W., directs
music at Up-town bury-
ing ground, 67
At literary exercises, 97
Composes music for anni-
versary hymn, 137
Lester, Walter F., chairman

Fireworks Committee, 60
Lippitt, Mayor Costello, presi-
dent Norwich Hospital, 28
Treasurer Norwich Sav-
ings Society, 46
Chairman Ways and Means

Committee, 59

As Mayor accepts Memorial

Fountain, 91

Address of Welcome at lit-
erary exercises, 100
Literary Exercises Committee,
Charles E. Chandler,
chairman, 58
At Broadway Theater, 97
Little Plain, given to city of
Norwich by Hezekiah
Perkins and Jabez Hunt-
ington, 37
Loan Exhibit, 142-169

Lowthorpe Meadows, given by
Emily Serena Gilman and
Louisa Gilman Lane, 38




Lusk, Dr. William Thompson,
address at William W.
Backus Hospital, quoted, 28

McCrum-Howell Company, 42
MacLane, Rev. Donald B., his-
torical sermon at Taftville
Congregational Church, 194
Mail service, 16

Maplewood Cemetery. 49

Martin, J. B., company, 41

Mason, Major John, corner
stone of monument laid
in Yantic Cemetery, 34

Monument erected in Post

and Gager burying ground, 34
Rockwell's address, 34

Wait, Meech and Devotion
superintend erection of
monument, 34

Mason Monument Associa-
tion incorporated, 35
Masonic Temple, 45
Meeting House Rocks, given
to Norwich Rural Asso-
ciation by Willis D. Per-
kins, 37
Memorial Fountain, exercises

at, 87

Miantonomo monument, 32

Mitchell, Donald Grant, ad-
dress at Norwich Bi-cen-
tennial, 9

Mitchell, John, addresses Cen-
tral Labor Union, 87
Mohegan Park, 38
Motley, John Lothrop, quoted, 18
Music Committee, James L.
Case, chairman, 60

Northrop, Rev. Charles A.,
address at memorial of
French soldiers, 30

At Up-town burying ground, 73
City Missionary, 27

Norton, Henry B., benefactor

of Free Academy, 47

Norton, William A., park com-
missioner, 39


New London County Tempo-
rary Home, 29
Nominating Committee, Wil-
liam B. Young, chairman, 58
Norwich, a cluster of villages, 10
Rose of New England, 11
War for Union, 12
Soldiers' monuments, 13
Territory and population, 15
Presidential campaigns, 16
Consolidation town and city, 20
New Charter, 21
Water supply, 21-22
Street railways, 23
Electric Light, 24
Fire Department, 24
Police Force, 25
Board of Trade, 25
Beneficent Institutions, 26
Huntington Memorial, 26
United Workers, 27
Backus Hospital, 27
Hospital for Insane, 28
Johnson Home, 29
New London Co. Tempo-
rary Home, 29
Otis Library, 29
Daughters American Revo-
lution, 30
Miantonomo monument, 32
Uncas monument, 33
Mason monument, 34
Leffingwell monument, 35
Chelsea Parade, 36
Little Plain,
Meeting House Rocks,
Lowthorpe meadows,

Free Academy, 47

Norwich, England, 49,142

Quarter-millennium, 53

Norwich Board of Trade
favors Old Home Week
and Quarter - millennial
celebration, 53

Takes action regarding cel-
ebration, 53
Norwich Bulletin, reports

from, of the parade, 152

Loan Exhibit, 169

Sermons, 178

Letters from invited guests, 198




Norwich Compressed Air

Power Company, 42
Norwich, England, gift of

cushion, 49
Message of congratulation, 142
Norwich Free Academy, 17, 47
Benefactors of, 47
Norwich Hospital for the In-
sane, 28
Norwich Nickel and Brass

Company, 41

Norwich Rural Association, 37

Norwich Savings Society, 46

Notes on Persons and Places, 204

"No time for me to balk," 34

Otis. Joseph, founder of Li-
brary, 29
Otis Library, 29
Old Home Week Celebration, 26

Parade, Civic and Military, 152

Parker. Henry F., park com-

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Online LibraryWilliam C GilmanThe celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of the town of Norwich, Connecticut, and of the incorporation of the city, the one hundred and twenty-fifth, July 4, 5, 6, 1909: → online text (page 18 of 19)