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sented to all real daughters of the
Revolution, by the National Society,
D. A. R , of Washington, D. C. Mrs.
O. V. Coffin and Mrs. James H. Bunce
came over from Middleton to make
the presentation on behalf of the so-
ciety. The spoon is of appropi'iate
design with Mrs. Loomis' initials en-
graved on the back of the handle, and
on the bowl " Presented by the Na-
tional Society, D. A. R." It was the
intention to have a little party of
friends and relatives, but this was
finally abandoned. Both Mrs, Loomis
and her daughter, Mrs. Philo Bevin,
with whom the aged lady now makes
her home, have been made members
of the James Woodworth Chapter, D.
A. R., Middleton. Mrs. Loomis is still
hale and hearty, and hopes to reach
the century mark. On Thursdaj^ she


sat down with the family to Thanks-
giving dinner. She was born in West-
chester, her father, Nathaniel Foote,
being a descendant from one of the
settlers of Wethersfield of that name.
Four children are living, Mrs. E. A.
Bliss of Hartford, Mrs. Philo Bevin of
East Hampton, and Israel and Milton
Loomis of Westchester, There are
also twelve grandchildren and nine

The occasion of the presentation of
the charter to the Hannah Woodruff
Chapter, D. A. R., of Southington, was
an event worthy of record.

The chapter was organized June 25,
1897, was admitted to the national or-
ganization October 25th, and the char-
ter was presented to the members
Thursday, December 9th, 1897. The
order of exercises on the latter occa-
sion was as follows :

Music — The Star Spangled Banner Chorus
Invocation Mrs. H. T. Buckley, State Chap.

Music — Trio

Mrs. \V. H. Cummings, Mrs. E. W.
Twntchell, Mrs. E. B. Kilboum
Address of Welcome

Mrs. F. B. Bradley, Regent
Music — Piano Duct

Mrs. L. K. Curtis, Mrs. R. G. Andrews
Historical Sketch — Hannah Woodrufif

Mrs. A. M. Lewis
Music— Solo Mrs. E. B. Kilboum

Presentation of Charter —

Mrs. S. T. Kinney, Stete Regent
Acceptance of Charter, Mrs. F. B. Bradley
Violin Solo — Miss Anita Lewis

Recitation — A Daughter of the Revolution

Mrs. Anna D. Pollard
Music — Trio
Address— Mrs. S. T. Kinney

Music — America Chorus

The historical sketch by Mrs. A. M.
Lewis, containing much interesting
information, Mrs. Kinney's address,
full of patriotic sentiments admirably
expressed, and the shorter addresses
by the regent and others, incident to
the meeting, were of more than ordi-
nary merit.

The chapter has four "real daugh-
ters," one of whom was present at this


The Connecticut Chapter, Society of
Mayflower Descendants, was very
largely represented at the meeting
held in the west parlor of the Crocker
House, on Monday evening, Dec. 20,
1897. William Waldo Hyde of Hart-
ford, Governor of the chapter, presided
at the business meeting, when reports
of the secretary, treasurer and histor-
ian were read and approved.

The old board of officers was re-
elected as follows ; Governor, William
Waldo Hyde of Hartford ; secretary,
Percy C. Eggleston of New London ;
historian, Edward A. Hill of New

Haven ; treasurer, Laurance W. Miner
of New London.

At the close of the business meeting
George W. Stone of Boston, a member
of the Massachusetts Chapter, read an
original paper on " Pilgrim Days."
Mr. Stone has presented this paper
before the chapters of New York and
Philadelphia, and his reading gave
pleasure to all. It was full of interest
to the chapter members.

An informal banquet followed.
There was a gratifying attendance of
the societv members.


Of the " Genealogical History of Families " Sir Robert Atkyns writes :
"This has its peculiar use; it stimulates and excites the brave to imitate the
generous actions of their ancestors; and it shames the debauched and repro-
bate, both in the eyes of others and in their own breasts, when they consider
how they have degenerated." Page II, 2nd ed., folio, London 1768, Preface to
the Ancient and Preserved State of Gloucestershire.

Querists should write all names of persons and places in such a way that
they cannot be misunderstood. Always enclose with queries a self-addressed
S/rt/^/t'i/ envelope and at \q.2&X. ten cents for each query. Querists should write
only on one side of the paper. Subscribers sending in queries should state
that they are subscribers, and preference in insertion will always be given them.
Queries are inserted in the order in which they are received. On account of
our limited space, it is impossible that all queries be inserted as soon as
querists desire. Always give full name and post-office address. Queries and
notes viust be sent to Wm. A. Eardeley-Thomas, 50th street and Woodland
avenue, Philadelphia, Penn, The editor earnestly requests our readers to as-
sist him in answering queries. His duties are onerous enough in other direc-
tions, so that only a limited amount of time can be devoted to query researches.


36 Abington, Ct., Cong' I Ch. Deaths.

[Continued from page 482.]
1793, — Nov. 3, widow Stowel, inthe

86th year of her age.
1794. — Nov. 18, Hezekiah Griggs.

Dec. 6, Elliot, child of Dr. Jared

Warner, aged 2 years.

1795. — March 27, Hannah Griggs, 17,

and March 28, Elizabeth Griggs,

12, daus. of Mr. Sam'l Griggs.

Oct. 6, Marcia, child of Mr. Amasa

Oct. 17, Mr, Pelatiah Lyon.
1796. — Jan. 17, Esther, wife of Lieut.
Joshua Grosvenor, tet. 65.
Jan. 31, Miss Nancy Sumner,

aet. 32.

Feb. 6, infant child of John Morse.

March 39, Sally Griggs, 15, and

March 31, Polly, wife Samuel

Bowing, daughters of Mr Sam'l

Griggs and Elizabeth, his wife.

April 2, the youngest child of

Samue, Bowing.
April 10, Betsy, daughter of wid-
ow Hannah Lyon.
May 25, Mr. Amsdell, an old man
who moved from Southboro,

Aug. 20, Mr. John Morse.

Aug. 22, the wife of Mr. LIriah

Sept. 12, Jerusha, the wife of Oli-
ver Goodell.

Oct. 10, Walter, child of Deacon
Joshua Grosvenor.

Oct. 13, Joseph Crafts, aged 22.
1797. — Jan. 9, the wife Mr. Thomas

May 17, the wife of Mr. Levi Day.

Oct. 27, infant child of Amasa

Dec. 28, Mr. John Wheeler.
1798. — Within the local Bounds of the
Parish of Abington :

Jan. 6, M. infant child of Capt.
Peter Cunningham, aged i hour.

Feb. 22, M. child of Appleton Os-
good, aged 7 weeks ; hooping

April 29, F. infant child of Ste-
phen Utley, jun'r, aged 4 days.

June 8, Mr. Benj'n Hicks, aged 88;
disease, dropsy.

Aug. 9, F. child of Daniel Ingals,
aged 3; supposed worms.

Aug. II, Mr. John Bennet, sup-
posed to be nigh 100; old age.


i799_Jan. 3, Mr. Amos Grosvenor,

aged 75; consumption.
Jan. 6. M. Nelson, child of Wil'm

Trowbridge, as. 5 weeks; con-

vultion Fits.
Jan. 17, Mr. Sam'l Carpenter, se.

82; mortification.
Feb. 6, F. A., child of Isaac Farn-

ham, ee. 4 months; plague in the

Mar. 30, Miss Lucinda Goodell, ae.

35; consumption.
June 5, Widow Griggs, ae. 82; old

June 13, Leiut. Zachariah Good-
ell, ae. 62; palsy.
June 14, the wife of Capt. Nathan

Paine, ae. 39; consumption.
Oct. 21, Leiut. Joshua Grosvenor,

ae. 74; fever.

1800 — Jan. 14, F. child of W'm Trow-
bridge, ae. 6 weeks; consump-

Feb. 2, F. child of D'n Joshua
Grosvenor, ae. 5 weeks ; rattles.

July 7, wife of Mr. Amasa Good-
ell in the 46th year of her age;
died in Travail.

Aug. 29, wife of Mr. Sam'l Sum-
ner in the 67th year of her age;
Bilious Fever.

Oct. II, Mr. Benj'n Ingals, ae. 85.

Oct. 12 wife of Mr. David Ingals,

ae- 55-
Oct. 14, child of Silas Rickard.

In this year died Widow Chandler,
mother of Silas Chandler, not re-
corded in the season of it.

[To be continued.]

37. Inscriptions from gravestones in
Lieutenant Henry Bennett's Bury-
ing Groimd in Sherman, Ct., copied
and contributed by Wilford C. Piatt,
Esq., New Fairfield, Ct.
[In this burying ground some of the
stones are standing, some pulled up
and set by the wall, and when it was
ploughed a great many years ago it is
thought some of the stones were
broken up and put in the stone wall
and some used for steps to houses, so
that very few are left. One very large
stone was so heavy that it could not

be moved to read the inscription, and
as Samuel Ackley's stone was back of
it the date of his death could not be
obtained. The stones of Nathan Hub-
bell, Mabel Stewart and Alexander
Stewart were probably the foot-stones,
and as the head-stones were not found
it is thought they were destroyed.]
Aaron Osborn, died Nov. 18, 1814, in

his 75th year.
Phebe Osborn, wife of Aaron, d. April

22, 1809, in her 57th year.
Massa Osborn, daughter of Aaron and

Phebe, d. Jan. 23, 1803, in her 25th

Lieut. Henry Bennet d. Sept. 19, 1784,

in his 73d year.
Mr. Benjamin Bennett, deacon of

Christ Church, died Feb., 1792, in

his 79th year.
Mrs. Mary Bennet, wife of Deacon

Benjamin, d. Jan. 25, 1795, aged 70

Mrs. Rebekah Northrop, wife of Mr.

David, d. March t^o^ 1791, aged 29

years 2 months.
Capt. Daniel Noble, deacon of Christ

Church in New Fairfield, d. Oct.,

1757- aged 37 years.
Sally B. Clark, wife of Adam S., died

May 15, 1803, in her 32d year.
Katherine Cowdrey, wife of John, d.

Sept. 9, 1806, in her 57th year.
Mrs. Mary Sill, wife of Rev. Mr. Elijah,

d. Aug. 30, 1 76 1, aged 27 years.
Thomas Major Hickling, son of Mr.

John and Caty Hickling, d. July 25,

1773, aged I year 7 mos. 15 das.
Johannah Hubbell, wife of Esq.

Ephraim, d May 17, 1 781, in her 64th

Dennis Hubbell, d. July 19, 1786, aged

43 years.
Mr. Levi Hubbell d. Dec. 12, 1773,

aged 25 years.

[To be continued.]

38. Quaker Hill, N. Y. Friends Rec-
ords (copied by Wm. A. Eardeley-
Thomas) with original pagination:

P. 228, List of Heads of Families on
the Verge of our Monthly Meeting-
held on the Oblong and in the Nine
Partners Circularly taken in the 3rd
mo., 1760:




Dobson Wheeler
Aaron Benedict
Joseph Ferriss
Gains Talcott

James McKenney
Lvdia Norton
Anne Pnillips


John Bull and his wi£
Wing Kellev
Oliver Tryon
John Wing
John Hoag ye 2nd & 1
Benj'm Hoag & his w
Abner Hoag & wife
Benj'm Hoag Senr & 1
Philip Allen
Moses Hoag '

George Soule
Wm. Russell
David Hoag
Ebenezer Peaslee

Stephen Hoag &
James Hunt
Prince Howland
Isaac Haviland
Nath'n Birdsall
Nath'n Birdsall Jr.
Daniel Chase
Edward Wing

Nehemiah ile

tt& '

Elijah Doty
Henry Chase
Abranam Chase '
Benj'm Ferriss
Timothy Dakin
EHsha Akinschildre:
Reed Ferriss &. wife
Zebulon Ferriss &
John Hoag, Sen'r
John Hoag, Jr.
Jedidiah Wing

Abraham Thomas
Isaac Bull
Patience Akin
Desire Chase
Mary Allen, Widdow
Mersey Fish
Margaret Akin
Margery Woolman

[To be continued.]

39. Danbury, Conn., Town Records of
births, marriages and deaths (cop-
ied by William A. Eardely-Thom-
as.) The records of Danbury were
burned by the British in the Revo-
lution when the town was burnt.
Only the recorded copies of the
wills were saved. The following
are from vol. i and were re-recorded
as soon as possible after the burn-
ing. The original pagination is
preserved here.

p;356, Hodges, James, son of Ezra, m.
Sept. 14, 1803, Annis, 6th dau. of
Eleazer Benedict.

Benedict, Amos son of Theophilus, b.
Nov. II, 1778, m. Mar. 12, 1800, Sa-
rah dau. of Jonas Benedict, b. IMov.
23, 1780 and had i, Nancy, June 3,
1801. 2, Thomas Brigham, Sept,
25, 1803.

Bailey, Lemuel B., son of Samuel, m.
Sept. 20, 1801, Abby, dau. of Abra-
ham Gregory of Norwalk, dec'd, and
had I, Caroline, July 12, 1802. 2,
Hannah Lurana, June 14, 1804.

p 357, Ezra Hamilton, sth son of Jo-
seph, b. Dec. 3, 1768, m. Sept. 15,
1793, Polly 4th dau. of Matthew
Barnum and had i, Daniel Ezra,
Aug. 31, 1794.

Levi Weed, son of Asa, m. Apr. 12,
1803, Rachel, dau. of Benjamin Cro-
fut all of Danbury.

Abijah Peck, jr., 2d son of Abijah of
Danbury, b. Sept 30, 1768, m. Oct.
4, 1790, Clarissa, dau. of Thomas
Stedman of Hampton, and had :

1. Henry, b. Nov. 21, 1791.

2. Frederick, b. Sept. 18, 1793

3. Sophia, b. Jan 16, 1796.

4. Edwin, b. Mar. 18, 1798.

5. Abijah, b. Mar. 9, i8oo.

6. James Stedman, b. Apr. 19,

Abijah Peck, the elder, d. Feb. 5, 1804.
[To be continued.]

40. Marriages on records of St. John's
Protestant Episcopal Church, Stam-
ford and Greenwich, (copied by
Wm. A. Eardely-Thomas.)
Oct. 26, 1748 the missionary arrived
at the mission. The records are
missing for almost ten years.
1758 — Mar. 28, Stephen Fowler and
Hannah Fowler, both of North
Apr. 18, Samuel Seward and
Phebe Ghorum both of Stam-
May 25, Abijah Seely and Lucy

Hait both of Stamford.
June 27, John Ketchum and Eliza-
beth Brown both of Norwalk.
Dec. 25, John Hoy, a soldier and
Hannah Welch of Stamford.
1759 — Jan. 4, Thomas Bekell, a sol-
dier and Mary Dibble of Stam-
Feb. II, Bezaleel Brown and Ra-
chel Mead both of Stamford.
Aug. 23, James King of New
Castle in one of ye Southern
Provinces and Keziah Cory of
Dec. 13, Lemuel Raymond of Sa-
lem and Lydia Seely of Stam-

1760 — Jan. Ezekiel Seely and

Catherine Welch both of Stam-
ftom), John Holly and Elizabeth

King both of Stamford,
Apr. 6, Piatt Townsend of Oyster
Bay, L. L, and Elizabeth Hub-
bard of Stamford.
Aug. 10, Nathaniel Sacket and
wid. Sarah Lockwood both of
Oct. John Loder and Han-
nah Sherwood both of Stam-



(torn) Nathan Smith of Stamford
and Elizabeth Betts of Green-
1761 — July 23, Wm. Hunt of West-
chester and Susanna Fowler of
North Castle.

Aug. I, Stephen Piatt and Jane
Rogers both of vStamford.

Aug. 22, Selleck H0II3' and Abi-
gail Waterbury both of Stam-

Oct. 18, Henry Johnson and Amer
Peck of Greenwich.

Nov. 10, Nathaniel Seely and
Elizabeth Scofield both of
1762 — Jan. 7, Israel Knap and Eliza-
beth, wid. of Dr. Hugford both
of Greenwich.

Feb. 2, Sands Sutton and Mary
Fowler both of North Castle.

Apr. Nath'l Jessup and Sa-
rah James both of Greenwich.
1763 — June 18, Fyler Dibblee and Pol-
ly Jarvis both of Stamford.

June 27, Epinetus How and
Elizabeth Cramner both of

July 25, Wm. Dodge of New
York and Jamima Mead of

Jan. I, William Thompson and
Hannah Pangbon.

Oct. Silas Lockwood and De-
borah Lockwood both of Green-

[To be continued. ]


113. Bishop, Silvanus M., Nov. 16,
1761, Sarah Beecher in New Haven.
This is the first record we have of
him. They are both buried in Dan-
bury, Ct. He d. Sept. 2, 1824, aged
86. Who were his parents? A tra-
dition not yet authenticated, says
he came from about Middletown.
B. B. H.

114 (rt) Ailing, Asa, b. Jan. 18, 1723,
N. Haven, son of Caleb first, settled
at Nine Partners, Dutchess, Co.,
N. Y., where he was living in 1755,
since which his record and that of
his family is lost. There are or
were Allings in Dutchess Co., claim-
ing descent from Roger Ailing, one
of the original settlers of N. Haven.
Have they not sprung from this

{b) Ailing, Ruth (second wife of
the 3d Roger m. abt. 1713 ) and Ke-
ziah ( wife of Samuel, son of the 3d
Roger, lived in Woodbridge, Conn.,
m. abt. 1736); who were parents of
Ruth and Keziah ? G, P. A.

115. Payne, Joseph of Columbia,
Conn., now called Prospect, d. there
in 1805. His ancestry is desired.
Was he a descendant of William
Payne a freeman of the New Haven
Colony 1669 ? A. L.

116. Wyman, Dr. Solomon, b. Mar. 12,
1766, d. June 20, 1857, m. ist, Cla-
rissa, dau. of Enoch and Phoebe
(OwenJ Ashley. He graduated at
Lebanon, N. H. medical school, mar-
ried at Milton, Vt., and had son
Ashley b. there Dec. 19, iSoi. His
wife d. soon after. He settled in
Constable, Franklin Co., N. Y., 1805.
He was a practicing physician, a
leading and highly respected citi-
zen, and d. there at the age of 91.
Who were his parents and where
was he born ? His mother's name
is said to have been Elizabeth Ha-
zen. Who were parents of Enoch
Ashley and Phoebe Owen, where
and when were they born ?

F. W. A.

117 (a) Adams. John of Plymouth,
came in the Fortune, m. Ella New-
ton and had James, who m. a Vas-
sall and had i, Richard,.'the Indian

fighter, and 2, William William

was at one time in Norwich and had
a son James. James of Westerly
cannot be accounted for nor James,
son of William, disposed of. It is
desired to prove them one and the
same person.

(b) Hancox, Abigail, m. 1759 in
Stonington, Wm. Middleton. Was
she dau. of William and Hepzibah
(Winslow) Hancox?

{c) Cole, Lucy, b. Sept. 16, 1773, m.
Mar, II, 1792, Joseph Bennett. Who
were parents of Lucy Cole ? Her
father was a Revolutionary soldier.
The Bennett's were from Lebanon,

{(i) Allen, Hannah, m. Apr. 17, 1738,
James Comstock; she was 63 years
old in 1781; ])erhaps dau. of Samuel
Allen. What was her ancestry?



(e) Brown, Hannah, b. i69i,d. June
6, i77i,m. 1708, Edward Cogswell,
b. in Gloucester, lived for a time in
Preston, Ct., and d. 1773 in New
Milford, Conn. What was her an-

(/") Wheeler, Hannah, b. May 12,
1707, m. Jan 23, 1731, Nathaniel
Adams. Was she dau. of David
Wheeler of Groton. F. P. B.

118. {a) ^F?7/?rt;«j-, William, b. Oct. 1 2,
1 710, m. Tabitha Par.sons, b. Mar.
II, 1713. Where were they born
and who were their parents? Their
son William Williams, b. June 11,
1738, commanded a regiment at
Bennington in the Revolution; he

m. Zilpah or Zipporah ; both

d. in 1822, in Stewartstown, P. Q.
What was the family name of Zil-
pah? Zipporah Williams dau. of
William and Zipporah m. Gilbert
Parmelee of Wilmington, Vt., who
was b. at Killingworth, Ct., Jan. 23,
1764. Wanted date of m. and place
of b. of Zipporah (Williams) Parme-

{b) Parmelee, Nathaniel, ( great
grand-father of above Gilbert) m.
Esther supposed to be dau. of John
Ward and grand-dau. of Andrew
and Esther Ward. According to
Middletown, Conn., Town Records,
this Esther Ward m. William Corn-
wall. Can^ any descendant of Na-
thaniel and Either Parmelee tell me
the maiden name and parentage of
Esther ?

(c) Button or Bouton, Mary (or De-
borah ) m. Thomas French of
Charlestown, Mass., (1638) who d.
abt. 1665 at Guilford, and had Sarah
French mother ot Nathaniel Par-
melee. Who were the parents of
Mary (or Deborah) Button (or Bou-
ton) ?

(a?) Field, Zachariah of Hartford,
moved to Hadley in 1659, m. Mary
Stanley. Who was she ?

(^) Parmelee, Lemuel, son of Na-
thaniel and Esther, b. 1704, m.
Sarah Kelsey. Her mother was

Jane . What was the

maiden name of Jane? E. M.

119. Austin, Anthony' came from
Eng. in 1638 with parents and set-

tled in Charlestown, Mass.; Na-
thaniel' 1678, Suffield, Conn.; Capt.
DanieP 1720, Suffield; Linus-" 1773,
Wilmington, Vt.; Alvin' 1806, Xenia,
Akron and Cincinnatti, Ohio, and
Chicago; Andrew C.,' Detroit, St.
Louis and Kansas City. How did
Daniel get the title of Captain ?

F. D. A.

120 (rt) Shepard, Jonathan of Coven-
try, Ct., his genealogy is being com-
piled and information is desired.
He married ist, Love Palmer of
Stonington, Ct., and had: i. Jona-
than. 2. Oliver. 3. Nathaniel. 4.
Amos. 5. Simeon. 6. Joshua. 7.
Rosswell. 8. Prudence. ( m. in
Coventry, John Ladd.) 9. Anne (m.
Silas King of Coventry). 10. Love
(m. in Alstead, N. H., Daniel Mar-
ley of that place). Jonathan m; 2nd
Polly Underwood and had one
daughter. Jonathan, jr., m. Hannah
Benjamin of Hartford and had 6
sons and i dau. Information de-
sired about Polly Underwood and
her dau. Prudence (Shepard) Ladd,
Anne (Shepard) King, Jonathan
Shepard, jr.

{b) Hainblin, Joel, m. Polly Chan-
ning and had Oliver, b. Sept. 3,
1 731 in Enfield, Ct., m. 1777 at Tol-
land, Ct., Rachel Cleveland — moved
to Brookfield, Vt. The descent
from Oliver and Rachel is traced to
the present day. I wish to learn
more about the Hamblin family.
V. E. C.

121. Skinner, Richard, b. abt. 1688,
d, 1758, came to Haddam, Ct., and
established there the family of that
name. From whence did he come
and who were his parents ?

E. A. S.

122. Curtis, Daniel, of West Hart-
ford, Ct., m. Oct. 14, 1736, Rebekah

His ancestry is de-
sired. It is believed he was a son of
Thomas Curtis of Wethersfield. Would
like to know how he is connected
with the Stratford Cur4;is family.

G. H. T.

123. (rt) Malt by, Timothy of Conn.,
m. Mabel Dimmock. What was
his ancestry and who were his chil-
dren ?



(b) Par melee, Rhoda, dau. of Jere-
miah of Wilmington, Vt.; Rhoda,
b. 1744, d. 1784, dau. of Asahel;
Rhoda bapt. Apr. 17, 1767. New-
town, Conn., dau. of Stephen.
Who did these three Rhodas marr)^
and what children did they have?

(c) Terry, George, m. Abigail, dau.
Robert and Hepzebiah Gibbs. Who
were parents of George and Robert ?
{d ] Slade, Henry, m. 1776 Naomi
Chase. Who were their parents and
what children had they ? J. W. E.


Query 103, p. 485, octobkr quarterly,
should be John T. Peters, not John
i". Sarah Farnham m. Zclotis Lord,
There was a Sarah Farnham m.
Wyllis Lord but we want informa-
tion about Sarah and Zelotis.

W. L. M.

[From "A Chase," Providence, R. I.]

12. Thomas Makepeace, m. 2nd, Jan
10, 1697-8, Mary Burt by Thomas
Leonard of Taunton. Mary Chace
probably d. 1697.

13. Austin (p. 309 Gen. Diet.) an
Freetown records say that Benjamin
Grinnell was b. Jan. 12, 1696, in-
stead of Daniel.

14. '-Ensign" Jacob* (John^, John',
Nicholas',) and Philip (Chase) Hath-
away had :

1. Jacob, m. wid. Deborah (Kent)


2. Philip, m. Martha Simmons.

3. Joseph, m. Alice Strange.

4. Isaac, m. Rebecca Warren.

5. Melatiah, m. ist, Anna Hoskins.

2d, wid. Sarah King.

6. John, m. Merriba Simmons.

7. Benjamin, m. Mary Davis.

8. Guilford, m. Lydia Simmons.

9. Ja (el ?) m. ist, Rebecca Simmons.

zd, Elizabeth

10. Hannah, m. Lot Strange.

11. Betty, m. John Winslow.

17. Bethiah'' Chase m. Joseph Dunham
of Edgartown, Mass. He was a car-
penter. They lived in Freetown,
Norton and Middleboro, Mass., the
last place was where she d. May 20,
'753. ^ widow. She was one of the
original members of the Congrega-
tional Church of Christ in Freetown.
Joseph the husband was one of the

original members of the Church in
Norton, Mass. They had :

ist, Hannah'', June i, 1707. Whom
did she marry?

2d, Stephen'', Mays, 1709- What be-
came of him?


5. There is no possibility of Mary
Hall having m. a Wnt. Chase; she
m. either Jacobs or was ad wife of

9. Sarah, wid. of Joseph Chase, m.
8 m, 3, 1737, vSw. Fr., John, son of
John Reade of Freetown; he was
dead before 1-25-1742.

10. Amey, died before Feb. 24, 1715-6
as stated by John Borden, her
father, in his will made at this date.

11. Samuel Sherman was son of Phil-
ip not of John. Philip* Sherman
(SamueP, Henry*, Henry') m. Sarah
Odding, and had among others :

vi. Samson' m. Isabel Tripp and had

2, Sarah« m. ist, Joseph" Chase
(William-, William'); m. 2d, John,
son of John Reade.

viii. Johns m. Sarah Spooner and had

3, Abigail* m. Nathaniel* Chase
(William^ William', William.')

X. Hannah' m. William^ Chase (Wil-
liam', William'.)

xi. Samuel' m. Martha Tripp and had
I, Sarah' m. Samuel" Chase (Wil-
liam'', William'.)

xiii. Philip' (pe) m. Benjamin' Chase

27. Thomas and Mary'' ( Chase) Wood-
mansee, had also a dau. vi. Hannah
Woodniansee, b. Nov. 15, 1730, m
Jan. 15, 1756, Nicholas Cornell.

24. T. R. Chase of Detroit, Mich., says
he never heard of an Ezekiel in this
family. I am certain I had this on
reliable authority. Mr. Chase also
says that No's 114 and 115 both
married men named Peleg Sher-
man. He says there were 3 cousins
of that name living at this time. It
seems to me that Dartmouth T. R.
would have said Elizabeth Sherman
d. 1747, if she. No. 125 had mar. a
Sherman. I concluded that because
Dartmouth T. R. said Elizabeth
Chase d. 1747, that therefore she
was not married.




185— iii. Mary.' May 6, 1735 ; ni. int. June 25, 1770 (Rehoboth T. R.), Thomas Horton, and had there

1. Thomas/ Aug. 9, 1773. What became of him ?

2. Hozia/ Feb. I, 1775. What became of this person?

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