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enced reverses in business and found himself financially embarrassed. The
letter was full of well-worded contrition for his hasty acceptance of his release
from their engagement, and stated that he should follow up the letter with a
personal appeal if she would consent. Very cautiously he also inquired if among
her father's papers there were any bonds of a certain railroad, worthless, as he
explained, but which might be made available at a very low figure toward re-
organizing the road. If she would take the trouble to look them up, he would
be able to offer a small sum — five hundred or so, for what had cost ten thou-
sand dollars !

Nerva had not developed so much business talent during the past four
years for nothing, a talent no doubt inherited from her father and which would
undoubtedly have remained dormant but for the necessity that brought it out.
Before replying she reflected. She believed her former lover to be mercenary
and heartless. Of this she had had ample proof. Why this solicitude on his
part concerning the bonds ? Questioning her father, she obtained such in-
formation as he could recall with much effort, for a haze still hovered over his
intellect. Correspondence with a former legal friend of the family ensued, and
the result was that the hitherto supposedly worthless bonds were exchanged
for their face value in cash.

Nerva had now ample capital for the development of her enterprise, and
she invested it wisely.

Again and again in quick succession she had been importuned by her for-
mer lover for the privilege of a personal interview, but she had answered eva-
sively. Perhaps there was a spirit of retaliation brewing in the quiet little
lady's heart. Perhaps it was something else. At any rate, confidential con-

178 NERVA.

sultation with Leslie Burton was of frequent occurrence, and if that individual
only had eyes to see, he might have seen that Nerva had a deeper interest in
him than she would have had in a mere adviser.

But Leslie was so deeply impressed with her superiority that he dared not
even permit himself to think of her as ever holding any other relation to him
than as a friend. Besides, he did not understand women. Books he could
read, but women were sealed books to him.

Nerva saw that if her plan was to be carried out — for she had thought out
a plan — she would have to, Priscilla like, offer some encouragement that could
not be misunderstood.

Putting on her hat and a light wrap one sunny afternoon late in October,
she set out, basket in hand, in search of chestnuts. Perhaps she did not know
that Leslie was finishing up some fall seeding in a field adjoining the chestnut
grove. It might have been a coincidence, of course. Perhaps it was her
eagerness to obtain chestnuts that caused her to throw stones and sticks with
all a woman's proverbial dexterity up into a tree in full view of the young
farmer. Perhaps it was mere gallantry that made the young farmer afore-
said hasten across the field, climb up the tree like a squirrel and shake the
brown nuts from their prickly burs with his strong arms. Perhaps it was fear
that she would injure her delicate hands with the sharp burs that made him
stop, in spite of her protestation, to help fill her basket. Perhaps when this
had been done and they stood at the barway together, it was her respect for
him as a counselor that made her, somewhat shyly, request his advice on a
very delicate subject.

"I have had an offer of marriage," she said, "and you have been so good
an adviser and so kind a friend that I wish to obtain your opinion about it."

Poor Leslie turned pale an instant and then flushed a bright crimson. He
could have sunk in his tracks. It was easy to persuade himself that he did
not care for his pretty, confiding neighbor, but standing here as a disinterested
judge on the merits of another man — that was another matter. Of course, she
did not appear to notice his confusion.

" If I only dared !" he thought.

But he stammered out something about his inability to advise in such a
case. She must consult her own heart.

"That is just the trouble," she said. "I do not love the man. He has
proved false to me once, but now professes to be very penitent. Indeed, my
regard has gone out for another and a worthier man, but he does not — at least
he has never spoken."

She was almost frightened at her boldness. But it was a desperate case

Leslie was not a coward. Who this other man was he could not guess.
But something was choking him. A great lump was crowded into his throat,
and he must speak or die !

" Miss Smith," he finally stammered. " I — I know I ought not to say it.
I — T know you will despise me after it, you who are so far above me; you who
seem to me as much above me as the stars (once his tongue was loosened he
waxed eloquent); but I must speak even if you spurn me and never speak to
me again in all your life. Miss Smith — "

" You may call me Nerva, Leslie," said she gently, raising her hand which
somehow came in contact with his and was seized with the grip of a vice.


"Then you don't hate me ?" he asked eagerl)'.

" No indeed !"

"And you won't think me a fortune hunter who cares nothing for you but
your money ?"

" No, Leslie, particularly as I have no fortune. It is because we have lost
nearly everything that we are here. I am worth no more than you are, but
you are worth more to me than — "

■When she recovered her breath she exclaimed, "You are a great bear,
Leslie !" But she didn't seem to be displeased.

Leslie's horses, tired of waiting for their driver, had dragged the harrow
to which they were attached across the field and were industriously grazing
upon the headland at the margin of the field. It was a long time before they
were disturbed.

Mr. and Mrs. Burton now make their winter home in the city, but spend
the greater part of the year on their united farms at Indian Hollow. The
father's intellect and health being fully restored, he devotes his declining years
to the care of his two lovely grandchildren — two as rugged, healthy, romping
little urchins as one could find in the country.

On every Thanksgiving day the entire family gather aroimd the well-filled
board at Weston farm. I say the entire family, for the elder daughter, whose
career as a countess came to a disastrous end by the squandering of her own
and her mother's fortune by her titled but dissolute husband, was only too
g-lad, with her humbled and repentant mother, to accept the hospitality of a
home they would once have spurned.

So, on every Thanksgiving day, the entire family gather round the festive
board and devoutly thank God for the restoration of family ties brought alDt)ut
through the restoration of an abandoned Connecticut farrn.



I awaked at midnight, through the city streets
Came the sound of music rare and sweet.
The song was of love, and rest, and peace,
Like an angel's song to a restless throng,
It fell on the city's star-lit streets,
Like a benediction, so complete;
It filled my heart with song.




[It was announced in our October '97 and January '98 numbers, that the
Sexton's List of Burials in the Center Church Burying Ground, Hartford,
would be published in the Quarterly. This valuable list, as has been previ-
ously stated, is from a copy made by Dr. C. J. Hoadly, by whose kind permis-
sion we are enabled to use it. The remainder of the names will appear in
subsequent numbers of this magazine.]


Feb. 22
Mar. 24

April 4




Infant child of Joseph Shepard.
The wife of Joseph Shepard.

John West.

Abigail, daughter of Daniel Skin-
ner, born Sept. 22, 1729.

Jonathan Ashley [son of Jonathan
and Sarah (Wadsworth) Ashley,
b. Aug. 23, 1674].

Jonathan Shepard.

John Spencer.

Sarah, dau. of Daniel Skinner
[bapt. June 3, 1749]-

Justus Dickinson.

Abigail, dau. of William Nichols
[bapt. April 7, 1 745 J.

Anna, the wife of Ebenr William-
son [Anna Cadwell].

Elizabeth Wyllys [b. July 15, 1708,
dau. of Hezekiah and Elizabeth
(Hobart) Wyllys].

Maryan, infant dau. of Richard

Rebecca, dau. of William Cadwell.

Andrew, son of Andrew Mumford.

Thomas Wells [b. Oct, lO, 1690, son
of Thomas and Mary (Black-
leach) Welles].

Widow Abigail Butler.

Sarah, the wife of Thomas Burr
[dau. of Thomas Wadsworth].

John Barnard.

Elisabeth, wife of Daniel Miles.

Elisabeth, wife of Jonathan Taylor.

Widow Lydia Dodd [dau. of Lam-

Oct. 12


Jan. 9

Mar. 28

May 26

June 14


orock and Lydia (Smith) Flower,

b. Mar. 22, 1686-7; mar. in 1705

Edward Dodd].
William, son of Richard Goodman

[bapt. Sept. 21].
Mary, dau. of Samuel Flagg.
Sarah Burr [dau. of Thomas and

Sarah Burr, b. 16S1].
Daniel, son of the late Rev. Daniel

Wadsworth [b. June 21, 1741].
Infant dau. of Daniel Wadsworth.
Anna, wife of Thomas Andross.
Catherine, dau. of Widow Rachel

Abigail, wife of Capt. Jabez Tal-

cott (?).
Widow Hannah Collyer.
Ruth, dau. of the late Rev. Daniel

Wadsworth [b. July i, 1746].

Norniand, son of Roderick Mor-

Susanna, dau. of Roderick Mor-

Infant dau. of Capt. John Knowles.

Moses Ensign.
Elijah Cadwell.

Nehemiah Cadwell [son of Edward
and Deborah (Bunes) Cadwell,
b. April 8, 171 1].
July 7 James, son of Caleb Bull [b. Sept.
29, 1750].
29 Abigail, wife of Dan'l Wadsworth.
Aug. 10 Hezekiah, .son of Capt. Daniel
Goodwin [bapt. Aug. 20, 1750].



No\-. 2U

Dec. 9


Feb. 26

Sept. 2 William, son of Col. Samuel Tal- Ji'ly 23
cott [bapt. Dec. 18, 1743]. 24

3 Edward Cadwell [son of Edward

and Elizabeth Cadwell, b. Sept.

24, 16S1]. Aug. 6

4 Mary, dau. of Elijah Cadwell.

5 Hannah, wife of Charles Kelsey.

9 James, son of Col. Samuel Tal- 14

cott [bapt. Sept. i, 1745].
g Daniel, son of Roderick Morrison. 25

James McLeroy [formerly of North-
ampton; married Dec. 12, 1736,
Helena, dau. of Cyprian Nichols].
Christian Farnsworth.

John, son of John McNight. Sept. 4

Jonathan Taylor. 4

Elizabeth, daughter of William 19

Skinner. 21

Christian Mix [dau. of Res-. .Stc- 22

phen and Mary (Stoddard) Mix 27

of Wethersfield] . Oct. 3

Abigail, dau. of Capt. William 28

Nichols I iKipt April 7, 1751].
James, son of Ezekiel Ashley. 28

Infantchild of Jonathan Watson. Jr. 28

Thomas Ensign.
Widow Mary Carter.

Dec. I


1752 TO FEB. 24, 1801, COLLATED WITH THE





Oct. 22 A child of Mr. Burlison (named

Charles). 1754.

Nov. 12 Abigail, dau. of Sam'l Farnsworth. Jan. 2

17 Widow Warren.

26 John, child of John Knowles.

28 Husband of Mary (.)live. 7
Dec. — Child of Daniel Marsh.

23 Mrs. Mary Shepard, aged 90.
Mr. Steele.
1753. 7

Jan. 19 William Pratt [son of John and

Hannah (Sanford) Pratt]. 8

Child of Thomas Seymour.
Feb. S Child of William Nichols (infant).

14 Child of John McKnight (Robert). —

April 28 Sarah Marshall.

29 One of the family of Sarah Marshall. 15
May II Jno. Simons, son to the wife of 17

Sam'l Weed. Mar. 29

— A child of the wife of John Weed.
June 10 Child of Caleb Binton.

30 The mother of Ozias Pratt [Hannah May 7

Norton of Farmington, widow of 15

John Pratt, Jr.].











Child of Samuel Drake.

Mr. Jonathan Olcott [son of Thom-
as and Hannah (Barnard) Olcott ;
bapt. Dec. 29, 1695].

Anna Hosmer [Ann Prentiss, wife
of Capt. Thomas Hosmer; mar.
Dec, 24, 1700].

Child of John Lawrence ( Margaret,

Mary Austin, wife of John Austin,
aged 76. [Mary, dau. of Nathan-
iel Stanley, b. Oct. 8, 1677; mar.
ist, Nathaniel Hooker; 2d, in
1713. John Austin].

Child of Jonathan Seymour.

Two children of John Condry
(Charles and George).

Child of David Bull (Lo\'ina).

A child of Elisha Pratt (Levi).

Child of Widow Mary Watrous.

Child of Jonn Skinner. Jr. (infant).

Child of Aaron Bull.

Child of John Watson, Jr.

Child of Doct Neal McLean (Cath-

Child of Sam'l Wadsworth (George).

Wife of Joseph Holtom [Abigail
Hastings, prob. dau. of Benjamin
Hastings of Hatfield].

Joseph Hartee (Hartoppey), stran-
ger at house of Dav. Bull.

Child of Elisha Butler (infant).

The husband of Hannah Knowles
[Capt. John Knowles. b. in East-
ham, Mass., April, 1692].

Mrs. Abigail Woodbridge [Abigail
Warren, born in Boston, May 10,
1676, dau. of John Warren].

The husband of Amy Gross [Sam-
uel, son of Josiah and Susannah
(Howard) Gross, born Jan. 24,

Child of Roderick Morrison (Su-

Rebecca Bigelow [dau. of Jonathan
and Mabel (Edwards) Bigelow,
bapt. Dec. 5, 1708], aged 44.

Mary, dau. of Lemuel Marsh, dec'd,
and Bathsheba, his wife.

Child of Isaac Sheldon.

Child of John Condrey (Charles).

Joseph Ashley [son of Jonathan
and Sarah (Wad.sworth) Ashley,
born about 1677].

Anna Collier [dau. of Capt. Hez.].

Mrs. Seymour [Elizabeth, wife of
]ohn Seymour and dau. of Lieut.



Jan. I Child of Joseph Shepard, Jr. (Eliz-
3 Nathaniel Skinner.

14 Dr. Roderick Morrison [brother of
Dr. Normand Morrison, married
Jan. 16, 1744-5, Susannah Gross] .

16 Jonathan Butler, aged 77 [son of
Samuel and Elizabeth].

if) Isaac Seymour [born Oct. 10, 1723,
son of John and Lydia (Mason)

— Child of Ebene/.er Burlison (Char-

ity, dau.].

Feb. 14 Child of John Thomas (infant).

21 Child of Stephen Turner (John, in-
27 Son of Capt. Aaron Bull.

Mar. 29 Stephen Brace (the aged) [son of
Stephen Brace, Sr.].

April 7 Child of Abijah Clark (Lucy, in-
23 Wife of Dr. Neal McLean (Hannah
Stillman) aged 52, formerly wife
of the first John Caldwell, mar.
Dr. McLean, January 5, 1737].

May 12 Moses Benton [son of Samuel Ben-
ton, b. April 26, 1702].

13 Caleb Bull [son of Joseph and Sa-

rah (Manning) Bull, b. Feb. i,

14 Father of Gideon Merrills [V, ilter-

ton Merrills, b. June 2S, 1675, son
of John and Sarah (Watson)

15 Child of Elisha Butler (infant dau.)
23 Child of Nathaniel Pease [infant


— Dill Rament;

Aug. I

Robert Webster, m. Dec. iq, July 16
16 Josiah Bigelow [son of Joseph and
Mary (Spencer) Bigelow, b. Jan.
3, 1726].
June 14 James Ensign [son of David and
Mehitabel (Gunn) Ensign, aged

21 Child of Clark Bets Jeriden.
July 8 Wife of John Barnard.

30 Sarah Hosmer [dau. Capt. Thomas
and Ann (Prentiss) Hosmer, b.
Sept. 7, 1707].
Sept. 13 Child of Edward Cadwell (Ruth).
Died Sept. 12, Thomas Andross.

22 Susannah Andrcss, aged 83.
Dec. 15 Benjamin Richards.

28 Child Widow Jerusha Brace.


Nov. 2 1
Dec. 2

Widow Hannah Olcott, aged 93
[dau. of Bartholomew Barnard
and widow of Thomas Olcott,
mar. Nov. 11, 1695].
Child of Jonathan Seymour, Jr.
Col. Nathaniel Stanley [son of Na-
thaniel and Sarah (Boosey) Stan-
ley, b. July 9, 1683: treasurer of
the Colony of Connecticut, 1749-
1755; Lieut. -Col. of First Regi-
ment, 1739, and later; Assistant,
Sept. 17 Child of Rachel Collyer.

Child of Jonathan Bigelow.
Child of Zachariah Seymour.
Died Nov. 9; Child of Col. Samuel
Talcott [Elizabeth, bapt. Oct. 5,
Child of Samuel Farnsworth.
Mother of Samuel, Howard [Susan-
nah, dau. of Thomas and Susan-
nah (Bull) Bunce].
12 Wife of Joseph Day (Deborah An-

— Father of Caleb Turner.
14 Jerusha Seymour [dau. of Thomas
and Mary (Watson) Seymour,
bapt. 2d ch., Dec. 29, 1723].
28 Daughter of the widow of Amy
Pratt ( Esther] .
Jan. 3 Capt. Cyprian Nichols [Aged 84; son
of Cyprian Nichols, who came to
Hartford in 1664 from Withara,
Co. Essex, England].
Child of Geo. Smith (Martha).
Hannah Shepard.
Child of John Sheldon (Samuel).
Child of James Shepard (infant).
The widow Mary N,, mother of
Lieut. James Nichols [Maty, dau.
of Samuel and Mary (Richards)
Spencer; mar. May 24, 1705]
(Cyprian Nichols' wife), 75.
Child of Hezekiah Wadsworth (Hez-

Thomas Warren.
Two children of John Cole 2d.
Wife of Ebenezer Balch.
George Masters.

Child of Daniel Brace, Jr. (James,
21 Child of Samuel Weed (Jerusha).
Julv 2 Child of Aaron Hopkins (infant).
6 Child of John Jones (Joseph, in-
9 Child of Tl-.omas Warren.
31 Two children Benjamin Bigelow




Feb. 15


April 5
May 1 1







(Jonas, d. July 30; Lovina, d.
Aug. 3).
The aged Widow Elizabeth G.
16 Remember Grandmother Gilbert
was buried.
Sept. 3 Wife of John Benton.

7 Son of Daniel Brace (Timothy).
16 Aaron Hopkins (son of Thomas
and Mary (Beckley) Hopkins,
b. July 14, 1729].
Oct. 3 Child of Capt. John Lawrence (Ma-
3 Timothy Andrus.

11 Child of Jared Bunce (Huldah, in-

13 Dr. Thomas Hooker [aged (14; son
of Rev. Samuel and Mary 1 Wil-
lett) Hooker of Farmington].

22 Child of John Watson, Jr. (Eliza-

beth, infant).
Child of Daniel Hinsdale.
Phebe Booth, aged 73.
The husband of Hannah Watson


Child of John Lord (Daniel, infant).
26 Child of Ebenezer Burleson ( Heze-
kiah, infant).
Feb. S . Child of Daniel Bigelo w ( Rachael ) .
S Reuben Coe.

12 Fuller, who died in prison. "The

aged." He belonged to Colches-

Mar. II Old Robin.

April 6 Ebenezer Williamson [b. in Barn-
stable, Mass., April 4, 1697. son
of Lieut. Caleb and Mary (Cobb)
7 Child of Ozias Goodwin, Jr. (Job,

May 2 Samuel Flagg. [He kept Flagg's
Tavern, where the Universalist
Church now stands.]

23 Child of Betzy, Indian.

25 Wife of John Coleman (Deborah)
aged 24. [Deborah, dau. of John
and Deborah (Youngs) Ledyard,
bapt. July g, 1732].

2g Child of Samuel Wadsworth (Sam-
uel, infant).

30 Child of John Skinner (infant son
d. soon after birth).
June II Child of Samuel Drake (Martha,

16 A Drowned Man — grave dug at ex-
pense of Benjamin Bigelow.
[Wm. Harpy of Harvard, Mass.,

drowned with Dr. Langrell].
June 16 Jonathan Ensign.

1(1 Dr. Thomas Langrell 2d [b. Mar.

6, 1727-S; Harvard College, 1751;

an apothecary in Hartford].

24 A French Woman Interred at the

expense of the Town of Hartford.

John Brooker of Saybrook, sudden-
ly in a fit.

Black Betsey, Indian woman, bur-
ied at her own expense.

Mr. William .Smith of Haddam, in-
terred at expense of Eliza Wads-

Gideon Merrills [son of Wilterton

Child of Ebenezer Catlin (Lewis).

Wife of David Seymour (Mary).
[She was the dau. of Peter Har-
ris of New London, and mar. D.
S., Oct. 20, 1757; she d. of small
pox, which she took at New Lon-

Wife of Daniel Bigelow (Abigail).

Child of John Filley (Lucretia).

Child of John Barnot, Jr.


Sept. 7

Oct. 20
Nov. 10


Dec. 3

Jan. 15

Joseph Morris of Coventry. In-
terred at the expense of Peletiah
I S Child of Daniel Sheldon.
2S Grace Whaples.
Feb. 19 Mrs. Phelps (the Widow Sarah).
Interred at expense of Timothy
Phelps, Jr. Aged g6. [Dau. of
John Pratt, born 166S; mar. Tim-
othy Phelps, Nov. 13, 1690.]
Mar. I Wife of Nathaniel Seymour [Mary,
dau. of Capt. Thomas and Ruth
(Norton! Sevmour, b. Nov. 3,
Child of Moses Dickinson (infant).
Wife of Joseph Bunce.
Joseph Wadsworth, Jr. [son of Jos-
eph and Joanna (Hovey) Wads-
worth], born 17 17.
The Mother of John Sheldon (the

aged widow Elizabeth S). 89.
Child of Anna Barret.
Child of Jonathan Wells,
g Dorcas Brownson.
rS The wife of Aaron Bull
Jul)- II Child of John Skinner, Jr. (d. soon
after birth).
II Stephen Skinner [son of Joseph
and Elizabeth (Olmsted) Skin-
ner; bapt. Mar. 11, 171 5].












2u Child of Thomas EnsigrnThomas).

Sept. 19 A Sister of Benjamin Bigelow (Ly-

dia Thomas). [Probably sistei-

of his wife, Levinah Thomas,

who was b. in Marlboro, Mass.]

Oct. 3 John Butler, Jr.

William Day, Jr., died in the army.
[Son of William and Elizabeth
(Andrus) Day.]
6 Daughter of Joseph Bigelow.
9 Child of Jared Bunce (Jared).
9 Child of James Mookler (infant,

still born).
1 1 Child of Zachariah Seymour.
1 1 Child of Uriah Shepard (Nathaniel).
17 Child of Elisha Bigelow (Norraand).
24 Child of Elisha Bigelow (.Samuel).

24 Child of Richard Goodman (Sarah).

25 Child of Joseph Hosmer.

31 Child of Alexander, the French-
Nov. 4 Widow Mary Richards, aged 90.

6 John Caldwell (Capt.). [Son of
John Caldwell, who came to
Hartford about 1725, from Beith,
in North Britain ; bapt. J^m. 30,
Child of Lieut. Richard Goodman

Child of Alexander, the French-
Child of Matthew Webster.

Child of Thomas Noble.

Child of Samuel Shepard.

Child of Lieut. Richard Goodman
(Huldah). [Bapt. July 22, 1753.]

Child of Samuel Shepard (Hannah).

Child of Capt. John Lawrence (Ed-

Child of Robert Sanford (infant
dau. still born).

Stephen Watson.

The Wife of Thomas Hopkins
[Mary, dau. of Nathaniel Beck-
ley of Wethersfield ; bom 1696].

The Wife of Robert Sanford (Hul-

Two Children of Caleb Bull in one

Child of Thos. Hopkins (still born).

Child of Lieut. Hezekiah Marsh

The Wife of Zachariah Seymour
[Sarah, dau. of Jonathan and
Dorothy (Mygatt) Steele].

Child of James Shepard ( Epa])he-
as, infant).












March 6


30 The Wife of Thomas Hopkins, Jr.
April 2 Widow Rachel Cook ( "the aged"),
[mar. Oct. 8, 1705, Joseph Cook.
dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Rich-
ards) Spencer, Jr.]
2 James Barnot, a son of John Barnot.
April 19 Child of Widow Elizabeth Wads-
worth (Elizabeth, infant).
27 Ziba Warren, son of Thomas War-
May 12 Maynard Day [son of John and
Sarah (Maynard) Day].

22 Gideon Thompson, Esq.

July 3 Child of Col. George Wyllys
(George). [Bapt. Dec. iq, 175'j.]
14 Child of Jonathan Olcott (Anna).
[Born 1754.]

23 Uriah Shepard.

Aug. 2 Childof Thomas Burr, Jr. (Thomas).
10 Child of Richard Seymour.
14 Child of Elijah Clapp.

24 Child of John Skinner (infant).

27 Child of Charles Kelsey, Jr. (Hul-
■ dah).

29 Daughter of Daniel Butler (Thank-

full |.
— John, sou of Richard Edwards and

Mar}' Butler, his wife [b. July

3., 1757J.
21 Isaac, son of Isaac Bunce [bapt.

Oct. I, 1758].
Sept. 9 Anna, daughter of Daniel Butler.
10 Child of Joseph Barrett.
13 Child of Moses Taylor.

13 Child of Benjamin Watrous.

14 Child of John Sheldon (Samuel).

15 Child of Edward Dodd (_Lydia).

23 Childof Edward White (Edward).

30 Child of Persis Bunce.
Oct. 8 Son of Richard Seymour.

12 Wife of Richard Seymour [Eliza-
beth, dau. of Joseph and Joanna
(Hovey) Wadsworth.
Nov. 17 Child of Levi Jones (Mille).

26 Child of Eunice Cross.
Dec. 6 John Sperry, belonging to New
6 A Soldier who died at the Widow

6 Prudence Ayres, a child interred at
the expense of John Barnot. Jr.
Jan. s Elijah Cadwell.

19 Child of Widow.Catherine Brace.

24 Child of John Pantry Goodwin

(Hezekiah). [Bapt. Feb.13,1757. |
Feb. 4 Child of Lieut. Richard Goo

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