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Ridgebury Parish.
5 — Nov. 29. Samuel Northrup to

6 — Nov. 29. Abraham Rockwell to
Esther Riggs. The two last all of
Ridgefield, Ridgebury Parish.

y^Mar. 22. Daniel Keeler to Abigial
Isaacs, both of Ridgefield, Ridgebury
8 — Apr. 26. Jonathan Taylor to Amy
Benedict, both of Danbury, Ridge-
bury Parish.
9 — Oct. 8. Aaron Hull to Abigail
Whitlock, both of Ridgefield, first


10 — April 25. Ephraim Smith of Phil-
ippi to the widow Elizabeth Hamblin
of Ridgefield, Ridgebury Parish.

1 1— June 27. Benjamin Jones of Phil-
ip's Patent to Elizabeth Rockwell of
Ridgefield, Ridgebury Parish.

1 2 — Aug. 1 4. Thomas Conclin of Salis-
bury to Anne Keeler of Ridgefield,
Ridgebury Parish.

13 — Dec. 4. Theophilus Taylor of
Danbury to Rachel Northrop of
Ridgefield, both of Ridgebury Parish.

14 — Feb. About this time married

Jeremiah Burchard to Phebe Abbott,
both of Ridgefield, Ridgebury Parish.

15 — June 15. Nehemiah Keeler to
Eleanor Rockwell, both of Ridge-
field, Ridgebury Parish.

16 — Nov. 5. Nathaniel Northrop of
Ridgefield to Chloe Baldwin of Dah-
bury, both of Ridgebury Parish.

17 — Nov. 19. Timothy Foster to De-
sire Sears, both of Ridgefield, Ridge-
bury Parish.

18 — Dec. 9, Samuel Baldwin of Dan-
bury to Hannah Northrop of Ridge-
field, both of Ridgebury Parish.

19 — Dec. Caleb Parmer of Phillippi
to Tamer Stevens of Ridgefield,
Ridgebury Parish.


20 — Mar. 2 Jeremiah Keeler of Upper
Salem to Lydia Keeler of Ridgefield,
RidgebiH)- Parish.

21 — Aug. 10. Daniel Tuttle to Naomi
Stevens, both of Ridgefield, Ridge-
bury Parish.

22 — Aug. II. Stephen Sherwood of

to Ruth Benedict of Danbury,

Ridgebury Parish.

23 — .\ug. II. Noah Starr to Sarah
Keeler, both of Ridgefield, Ridge-
bury Parish.

24 — Sept. 30. Abijah Rockwell to
Lydia Burchard, both of Ridgefield,
Ridgebury Parish.

25 — Dec. 22. Ezekiel Hodge of the
Nine Partners to Massah Foster of
Ridgefield, Ridgebury Parish.

{To be continued.)

48. Danbury, Conn. Town Records of
births, marriages and deaths (copied by
Wm. A. Eardeley-Thomas). Vol. I.
[Continued from page 115.]

p 35 S, Joseph Bennet Osborn, son of
Jonathan of New Fairfield, m. Aug. 15,
iSoi, Esther, dau. of Josiah Barnum of
Danbury, and had i, Hiram, Jan. 15,

Caleb Curtis Gregory, son of John of Dan-
bury, m. Nov. 13, 1796, Desire, dau. of
Thomas Sears of Ridgefield, and had
I, John Sears, Oct 3, 1797. 2, Albert,
June 7, 1799. 3, .\dline, Feb. 21,

Frederick Jones Whiting, m, May 18,
1783, Rachel, dau. of late Maj. Daniel
Starr, and had i, Henry Starr, Mar 20,
1785. 2, Frederick Augustus, Feb. 24,

Phineas Lobdell of Ridgefield, m. May



6, 1793, Lucinda, dau. of Thaddeus

Bronson of Danbury.
p 359, Ephraim Gregory Stevens, son of

the late Thomas Stevens, m. Nov. 20,

1802, Sally, dau. of Joseph Benedict,

jr., of Danbury.
Elijah Morris, son of Shadrach, m. Apr.

5, 1798, Olive, dau. of Eliphalet Stev-
ens, and had I, Jachin, Jan. 12, 1799.
2, John Stevens, Jan. 14, iSoi.

Bennet Pepper of Danbury, m. Oct. 19,
iSoi, Sally, dau. of Luke Gridley of
B'-istol, and had i, Gridley, July 22,

p 360, Eliakim Feck, eldest son of Abijah,

b. , m. Nov. 3, 1786, Polly, 2nd

dau. of Caleb Starr, and had i, Charles,
Sept. 4, 1787. 2, Bulah (dau.), Oct.

15, 1789. 3, Sally, Mar. 21, 1792.
4, Starr (son), Apr. 2, 1795. 5, Ania-
rilas (dau.). Nov. 26, 1797. 6, (ieorge,
Aug. II, 1800.

Peter Benedict. 4th son of Thad'us, Esq ,
in. Dec 22, 1779, Anne, eldest dau of
Abijah Peck, ail of Danbury, and had i,
Ezra, Feb. 28, 1781. 2, Betsey, Dec.

16, 1782. 3, Hannah. Dec. 20, 1784.
4, Isaac Hoyt, Dec. 24, 1786, d Dec.
^' 1793- S- Abigail, Jan. 26, 17S9.

6, Eli Starr, Sept. 14, 1791. 7, Anne,
Jan. 9, 1794. 8, Isaac Hoyt, Dec 12,
1795. 9' Samuel Ward, Mar. 12, 179S.
10, Rachel, Feb. 20, 1801. 11, De-
borah, Jan. 23. 1804.

p 361, Joseph Taylor, 2nd, b. 1703, d.
Nov. 7, 1793.

Richard, a black man, son to Patience,
who was a servant for life to Joseph
Taylor, b. Dec. 5, 1779, and Richard
was married to Isabella, a negro woman,
May I, 1802. Their son, Isaac Sydney,
b. Nov. 2, 1803.

Saul, a free black man, married Dosias, 1).
Mar II, 1777, a black woman. Their
son was born April 18, 1800.

Addition's TO Items on page 115, Jan., Feb.. Mitrch
Number, '98, Danbury Town Records.

James Hodges, eldest son of Ezra.
Benedict, 2iiei son of Theophil'us.
Thomas Bria'gham Benedict.
Lemuel B. Bailey ("possibly name should

be Samuel), ^th son of Samuel, m.

Abby, 2Hd dau. of Abraham.
Clarissa vStedman, h. /an. 2J, I'J'J2.

(To be continued, I

49. Marriages on records of St. John's
Protestant Episcopal Church, Stamford
and Greenwich, (copied by Wm. A.

Eardeley-Thomas). Continued from
page 116.

Feb. 19, Sylvanus Hait and Mary Bets,

both of Canaan Parish.
Oct. 21, William Woodward and ."Vnie-

Ha Medows of Rye.
Nov. 7, Basil Bartow of Westchester

and Clarissa Punderson of Rye.
Dec. 20, James MacDonald of Bedford

and Elizabeth Belding of Stamford.
Oct. 29, Zephaniah Hubs and Elizabeth

Purdy, both of Rye.

Jan, 1 1 , William King and Olive Board-
man, both of Stamford.
Ian. 13, Jeremiah Anderson of Green-
wich and Susanna Willson of Rye.
Feb- 21, James Crawford of Pound

Ridge and Rachel Benedict of Ridge-
John Smith of Bedford and Anne

Crawford of Pound Ridge.
Mar. 6, Daniel Heviland and Esther

Lawrence, both of Rye,
Mar, 21, William Miller and Mary

Haviland, both of Rye.
Mar, 25, Ebenezer Haviland and Tha-

mar Bud, both of Rye,
Mar. 30, Dr. Edward Joyce, N, Y , and

Sarah Sacket of Greenwich,
Jan. 25, Daniel Ghorum and .Abigail

Waterbury, both of Stamford.
Apr. I, Nicholas Falch of N. Y, and

Sarah Harison of Greenwich,
Apr. 23, Eliot Green and Marcy Seely,

both of Stamford.
June 5, John Aspinwall ot Flushing and

Rebecca Smith of Queen's Village.
Mar. 19, Jacob Slauson and Kezia

Weed, both of Stamford,

Nov. 10, Silas Hamlin of Anienia

Precinct and Polly, dau. of David

Lines of Stamford.

Apr. 23, Nathaniel Munday and Sarah

Jarvis, both of Stamford.
June 4, Samuel Whitney of Stamford

and Abigail Ferris of Greenwich.
I 7 68.

Jan. 12. Simeon Raymond of Norwalk

Sarah PiSiangbon of Stamford.
Se])t. 18, Alexander Bishop, jr., and

Mary Bates, both of Stamford.
I 769.

Jan. 14. Thaddeus Duning oi Norwalk



and Mary Goold of Stamford.
Feb. i8, Lewis Marvin of Rye and

Sarah Middiebrooks, of Stamford.
Feb. 25, Joseph Smith of Canaan and

Mary Waterbury of Stamford.

50. Inscriptions from gravestones in Lieut-
enant Henry Bennett's Burying Ground
in Sherman, Ct. , copied and contributed
by WiUord C. Piatt, Esq., New Fair-
field, Ct. [Continued from page 114.]

Ephraim Hubbell, jr, son of Ephraim and

Johanna, d. June 6, 1770, aged 27

Kent Wright, who died Oct 27, 1776,

aged 37 years.
Daniel Buck, who died Sept. 26. 1802,

aged 47 years and 2 months.
Samuel Ackley, only son of David.
Eunice, wife of Benjamin Pickett, died

Nov. 6, 1810, aged 76 years
Judah Morgan, who died April ye 3rd,

1744, in ye 58 year of her age.
Mr. Nathan Hubbell.
Mrs. Mabel Stewart.
Alexander Stewart, Esq.

Copied and contributed by Wilford C.
Piatt. Esq., Old Leach Burying Ground,

in town of Sherman. Conn.
Ichabod Leach, who died May 3, 1813,

aged 63 years.
Ruth Leach, wife of Ichabod Leach, who

died June 2, 1S22, aged 63 years.
Lecty, daughter of Ichabod and Ruth

Leach, who died Feb 24, 17S9, aged 3

Lecty, daughter of Ichabod and Ruth

Leach, who died Jan. 20. 1816, aged 24

David Leach, who died Aug. 28, 1836,

aged 57 years.
Lydia, wife of David Leach and daughter

of Jonathan Bulkley, who died May 21,

1806, aged 24 years.
Elizabeth Bulkley, daughter to Jonathan

and Lydia Bulkley, who died March

It), 1804, aged 22 years.
Lydia, wife of Jonathan Bulkley, who

died Aug 31, 1805, aged 52 years.
Jonathan Bulkley, who dejjarted this life

Nov. 4. 1815. Born Nov. 15, 1751.
Gideon Conger, son of Joel and Anna

Congor, who died April 24, 1800, aged

14 years.
Stephen Davis, who died Dec. 25, 1838,

aged 7 r vears.
Hannah, wife of Stephen Davis, who died

Oct. 12, T829, aged =;3 years.
Died March 11, 1801, Electa, daughter of

Stephen and Hannah Davis, aged i

year and 6 months.
Died Oct. 17, iSoi, Ruth, daughter of

Stephen and Hannah Davis, aged i

year and i month.
Daniel Davis, who died Feb. 5, 1835,

aged 38 years.
William Davis, who died June 24, 1839,

aged 47 years.

This cemetery is over in the lots, near
a swamp, and it is supposed that a great
many were buried in what is now the
swamp land. There are but few tomb-
stones, a majority of the graves being
marked by a common stone, with no in-
scription placed at their head.


153. White, Isaac, Sr., of Greenwich,

Mass., b. 1720-5, m. Elizabeth .

Desires his ancestry? I. S. E.

154. (rt) Broivn, Timothy, b. 1742, En-
field, Ct., brother of Col. John and
Capt. Jacob, both of Pittsfield. His
father was Dan'l Brown, his mother was
Mehitable Sanford. Dan'l and family
moved from Enfield to Sandisfield,
Mass., with "his numerous family" in
1752 and settled the town. Timothy
m. "Sarah Paine of Cape Cod" — her
parentage wanted. Timothy and Sarah
spent many years in Dorset, Vt., and
had a large family there, but d. in Troy,
N. Y. Think the Paines were a San-
disfield family.

(b) Collins, Benjamin, of Lebanon,
Conn. He and wife Eliza d. there. I
have full records of their children b in
Lebanon. Where did Benjamin come
from? 1 think Taunton. I want his
ancestry; wife's name and ancestry?
They were m. abt 1720. Eight chil-
dren. H. R. C.

155. Allen, Mabel, bapt. July 14, 1754,
d. Oct 10, 1799, m. May 20, 1773.
Elijah Thompson of New Haven. Can
you tell me anything of her ancestry ?

E. T. F.

156. (a) Xilcs, Ambrose, b. 1740, m.
Mary Ransom; d. July i, i8og; buried
in Westchester, New London Co. , Conn.
Can anyone give the genealogy of his
family ; also date of birth and marriage ?

(b) Ransom, Mary, b 1752, m. Am-
brose Niles; d. Aug. 15, 1806. Her
family genealogy is desired, especially



the name of her father and mother; also
the date of her b. and m. K. K. «•
1 57 (a ) Bract'. Susannah, b. 1 7 1 4 i Hart-
ford >), d. i795> Bethlehem, Conn., m^
Dea.' Samuel, son of Samuel Strong of
Northampton. Who were her parents?
(6) Yewe//, Mary, wife of Lieut. John
Steele, was dau. of Samuel Newell, prob.
of Farmmgton, Conn. Who was her
mother and who Samuel Newell s an-

(c) Smit/i, ]oh^^.h. Dec. 21, i7i°,Had-
ey, son of John and Elizabeth Hoag
Smith; lived in Hatfield; m. Mary

Who were her ancestors?

■ E. S. B.

158. C/iafee, William, of Enfield. Ct.,
was according to tradition of the For-
lorn Hope at the storming of Stony
Point, and is said to have been the first
to plant the American Colors upon the
ramparts. Are there any proofs of this?

159 (a) I'erry, Ruhemah (or Amy),^b.
,775 in the vicinity of Danbury, Ct.,
m as her 2nd husband Obediah Chase.
Who was her first husband, by whom
she had a dau. Harriet ? Was his name
Goldsmith ?

ib) Berry, Richard, in 1647 was living
,n Boston with Thomas Hawkins. Did
Richard m. a dau. of Hawkins? Rich-
ard m. Alice . ^Who ^^■^^

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