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16 Child of Daniel .Spencer, aged i.
iS Benjamin Dodd, aged 57.

26 Child of Daniel Cotton, aged i.
2S Child of Daniel Pierce, aged i
29 Infant Child of John Wilson.

Oct. 2 Infant Child of John Jeffrey.

3 Infant Child of Allen McLean.

5 Child of Isaac Seymour, aged 23.

7 Child of Mo.ses Kellogg, aged 4.

9 Daughter of Moses Kellogg, aged 4.

9 Infant Child of Rebert Branfurt.
10 Child of Samuel Talcott, aged i.
25 Child of Samuel Burr, aged 2.

27 Child of Samuel Coon, aged 3.

29 Infant Child of Daniel Hinsdale.
Nov. 3 Child of Amos Weslin.

3 Two Soldiers and One Child ; no
names or ages.

Executed as
spies on Rocky
Hill, having

(been con-
demned by a
at Danbury.
9 Child of James Marsh, aged 4.
Wife of Charles Merrill, (Christian)
aged 23.

A Negro Soldier ; no age or name.
24 Infant Child of Roswell Stanley.
Intant Child of Enos Doolittle.

6 Samuel Day [son of William and
Elizabeth (Andrus) Day, bapt.
March 13, 1719-20] aged 59.

7 Elizabeth Day, aged 57,
9 Infant Child of Charles Merrill.

19 Widow Abigail Seymour, aged 55.
30 Infant Child of Caleb Bull, Jr.

David Farnsworth
John Blair.




Jan. 13

Feb. 4

Daughter of John Watson aged 19-
Infant Child of Capt. John Barnot.
Jonathan Bigelow [son of Jonathan

and Mabel ( Edwards) Bigelow,

bapt. June 27, 1714] aged 65.
Daughter of Samuel Filley, aged

Child of Benjamin Segar, aged 6

Wife of William Olcott, { Abigail

Cowles of East Hartford.] aged

Infant Child of John Spencer Jr.
Child of Mrs Lawrence, aged 6

Daughter of John Watson, aged

April 2 Son of Aaron Seymour, aged 10.

23 Ralph Pomeroy's Infant Child.
May 4 Infant Child of Asher Church.

25 Infant Child of Frederick Bull.
June it Child of Joel Boyington. aged i.

S Widow Ashley (Mary) [Mary
Barnard, widow of Joseph Ash-
ley], aged g2.

17 Infant Child of John Bid well Jr.

27 Samuel Chipraan, aged 20.

30 Infant Child of Thomas Stone.
July 22 Wife of Daniel Wells (Lydia),

aged 64.
2y Child of Hezekiah Olcott [ Infant ].
Aug. 12 Child of Jeremiah Wadsworth.

15 A Prisoner Interred at Exp. of

William Barnot, aged 40.
15 Child of Thomas Sloan, aged 5.
iS Elisha Wells, aged 50.
20 Infant Child of Hezekiah Olcott.

31 Daughter of Capt. Samuel Olcott

Sept. 5 Child of John Cable, aged i.

cj Child of John Cowdry, aged S

15 Child of Roswell Wattels, aged i.

26 Infant Child of Zebulon Seymour.
iS Child of John Brace, aged 4.

20 Child of Gurdon Wadsworth, aged


21 Child of John Bunce Jr., aged i.

24 Child of Joseph Bull, aged I.

2() Child of Prudence Carroll, aged i.

29 Child of Reuben Hadlock [In-
Oct. 6 Daniel Butler, aged 43.

31 Infant Child of Joseph Bigelow.
Nov. 7 Infant Child of Peletiah Pierce.











Infant Child of Eli.sha Shepard,

aged I.
Wife of Isaac Cakes, aged 3().

Infant Child of Elisha Lord.
Wife of Ashbel Spencer, aged 38.
Infant Child of Josiah Blakely.
John Bordwell.

25 Wife of John Bunce, Jr. [ Susan-

nah, dau. of Capt. Nathaniel and
Abigail (Jones) Kilbourn, bapt.
July 4, 1756] aged 24.
April 4 Infant Child of John Coon.

Infant Child of Frederick Bunce.

22 Wife of .Samuel Bunce, aged 26.

24 Daughter of Roswell Wattles, aged

27 Elisha Butler, aged 65.
May 14 Child of Peg Glines, aged i.

16 Infant Child of Isaac Seymour.

27 Wife of Aaron Seymour [Abigail],

aged 32.
31 Daniel Spencer, aged 75.
June 16 Widow Elizabeth Butler, aged 94.
31 Infant Child of John Spencer, Jr.

21 Child of Caleb Turner, Jr. aged i.
2ft John Bigelow [son of Lieut. Timo

thy and Abigail (Olcott) Bigelow
born Nov. 20, 1739] aged 38.
July 16 Deborah, Wife of Epaphras Bull,
daughter of John Coleman, Esq.
[and Deborah Ledyard, his wife],
aged 26.

23 Son of Moses Hopkins, aged ift.

30 Child of Benjamin Bigelow, [ In-
Aug. 14 Child of Daniel Curtis, aged 9

20 Child of Cotton Murray, aged S

26 Wife of Ebenezer Barnard,

(Thankful) [daughter of Cyprian
and Many (Spencer) Nichols,
bapt. July 22, 1722], aged 57.

28 Infant Child of James Hosmer.
Sept. I George Blanchard, aged 40.

9 Infant Child of Samuel Benton.

30 Wife of Nathaniel .Skinner [Re-
becca], aged 31.

Oct. 12 Infant Child of John Phillips.

iS Infant Child of Hezekiah Olcott.

Dec. I Joseph Talcott, Esq. [no agegiven].

17 Infant Child of Jonathan Flagg.

22 The mother of Elijah Barret, aged


23 Daniel Butler, aged 77.




Feb. 4
Mar. I

April I

June S

July 10
Aug. 2

Sept. 4

Richard Williamson, aged 74.
Capt. William Tiley [he had been

master of a sloop, and kept the

tavern formerly Ebenezer Wil-
liamson's, one of the original

members of Christ Church.

Annals of Ch. Ch., by C. J. Hoad-

ly] aged 69.
Benjamin Smith, A Soldier.
Infant Child of Barnabas Hinsdale.
Edward Dodd, [son of Edward

and Lydia (Flower) Dodd, bapt.

July 18, 1714], aged 66.
Child of Haswell (the printer to

George Goodwin), aged 2.
Jared Seymour [son of Hon.

Thomas and Hepsibah (Merrill)

Seymour born Jan. 13, 1731],

aged 51.
The wife of Amos Hinsdale [ Ex-
perience] aged 60.
Daughter of John Spencer, aged

Thomas Warren, aged 65.
Pegga Agnes, daughter of William

Bull, aged 20, [Mrs. Margaret

Son of John Shepard, aged 5,
Wife of John Bunce, aged 54.
Capt. John Olcott [son of Jonathan

and Sarah (Collyer)Olcott, bapt.

Oct. 6, 1728] aged 53.
Wife of Thomas Sloane.
Isaac Seymour, [son of Isaac and

Agnes (Humphreys) Seymour,

born 1747] aged 34.
Infant Child of Mrs. Hunting.
Infant Child of Eleazur Wales.
Infant Child of Capt. John Chene-

Daughter of John Sheldon, aged

Daughter of William EUery [Mary,

born June 15,1762], aged 19.
Infant Child of Eliazur Wales.
Infant Child of Elisha Lord.
Infant Child of Elijah Barrett.
Deacon Daniel Hinsdale [ son of

Barnabas and Martha ( Smith )

Hinsdale, born May 15, 170S]

aged 73.
Child of Peter Vandevert, aged 3

Child of John Morgan. [ Infant ].

Sister of Benjamin Bigelow,



[daughter of Benjamin and Le-

vinah (Thomas) Bigelow, aged

Child of George Burnham, aged i.
The Wife of Daniel Bigelow,

[Elizabeth Butler, married Feb.

19, 1761J aged 43.
Infant Child of Nehemiah Hubbard.
The Wife of Nehemiah Hubbard,

,nged 28.
Tim° Phelps [son of Timothy and

Abigail ( Edwards) Phelps, born

Oct. 15, 1758], aged 23.
Sister of John Pantry Jones

[Jerusha, dau. of John Pantry

Jones, bapt. April i, 1759, gr.

dau of Nathaniel and Rebecca

(Pantry) Jones], aged 23.
Infant Child of Daniel Olcott.

Son of Widow .Abigail Chadwick,
aged 20.

James Seymour [ Son of Richard
and Elizabeth (Wadsworth) Sey-
mour, born Oct. 3, 1751], aged 30.

Infant Child of Levi Kelsey.

Wife of William Stanley, [ Ruth
Seymour, born Feb. 7, 1740, dau.
of Hon. Thomas and Hepsib.ah
I Merrill) Seymour], aged 42.

Benjamin Paine, Esq. aged 54.

Child of Theodorus Barnard,
died with Small Pox, aged i.

Daughter of Josiah Brunson, aged

Infant Child of Moses Morse.

Wife of .Stephen Hutchinson, aged

Nathaniel Goodwin [son of Daniel
and Dorothy (Cole) Goodwin,
bapt. Nov. 13, 1743], aged 38.

Child of Samuel Williams of .Say-
brook, aged 5 months.

Child of John Bolles, aged 2.

Mary Ann, wife of Thomas Y.
Seymour, [ daughter of Col. Wil-
liam Ledyard and Anne Williams
his wife, born in Groton Feb. 16,
1763], aged 19.

Child of John Cadwell, aged 3.

Elihu Wadsworth [ son of Elihu,
and grandson of Ichabod and
Sarah ( Smith ) Wadsworth] aged

The Mother of Elisha Warren,











Sept, S

Oct. 7


Daughter of Timothy Spencer,
aged 7-

Wife of Col. Gibon, the French-
man, aged 40.

Daughter of Jonathan Huntington
( Silence ), aged 14.

Daughter of John Bunce, aged 29.

Infant Child of John White, Jr.
Two Children of Joseph Ferry.
Neal McLean, aged 70, (probably
"Niel McLean, the old soldier,"
to whom the selectmen of Hart-
ford were directed to give a small
piece of land, and a house on the
bank of the Little River, "for his
use as long as he lives."
Infant Child of Mary Andrus.
Child of Capt. William Bull, aged i.
Infant Child of Consider Bowen.
The wife of Consider Bowen, aged

iS The wife of Barnabas Hinsdale

[Magdalen Seymour, daughter

of Capt. Jonathan and Mary (Bull),

Seymour,] aged 42.

2S The Wife of James Tilley (Phebei,

aged 42.
2S Infant Child of a Waggoner.
30 Joseph Barret, aged 63.
4 Son of Widow Lydia Olford, aged



Feb. 24

April 5


Daughter of John Roberts, aged 6.

Obadiah Spencer, aged 31,

Zebulon Spencer, aged 77.

Child of Roderick Bunce (Infant).

^(rs. Bunce ( Elizabeth Barnard),
wife of Robert King, 2d wife of
James Bunce; burial ch'd Moses
Burr; aged 85.

Doctor Gibbon, aged 55.

Child of William Wodsworth, aged

Child of Consider Burt, aged i.
The Mother of John White [Sarah
Carter, widow of John White,
married Dec. 2, 1714], aged 91.
Infant Child of Geo. Nichol.s.
Geo. Bunce, aged 32.
10 John Burkct, aged 55.
14 Elizabeth Bunce, aged 67.

3 Infant Child of William CoUyer.

4 Son of John Lawrence, Esq. (Rod-

eric), aged 36.
21 Dr. William Jepson [an apothe-
cary from Bo-ton, settled in

Hartford about 1757, kept a store
at the sign of the Unicorn and
Mortar ; one of the original mem-
bers of Christ Church. Annals of
Christ Church, by C. J. Hoadly] ,
aged 50.
25 Caleb Turner, aged 76.

27 Daughter of Mrs. Lodema Good-

win, aged 14.
June I Tim° Pratt, aged 32.

17 Child of Prudence Carrole, aged 2.

17 Infant Child of William Pratt.

17 Child of Peter Vandervert, aged
I mo.

16 Infant Child of William Pratt.

23 Child of Aaron Cook, aged i.

25 Child of William Andrus, aged 5.

25 Nathaniel Goodwin [son of Ozias
and Martha (Williamson) Good-
win, born Dec. 26, i73ij,aged 51.

28 The Wife of Capt. James Nichols

(Mary Wadsworth), married Jan.
12, 1737-S, aged 70.
28 Infant Child of Stephen Skinner.

Aug. 2 Infant Child of John P. Wyllys.
5 Abijah Clark, aged 53-
10 The Wife of John P. Wyllys,
[Jerusha, dau. of Col. Samuel and
Mabel (Wyllys) Talcott, bapt.
April II, 1756, aged 27.
16 Infant Child of Joseph Bull.
21 Samuel Howard [son of Samuel
and Alice (Hooker) Howard],
aged 52.
Sept. 3 Ephraim P. Bicknell, burial charged
Daniel Goodwin, aged 14.
10 A Man Drowned. Intered at Exp.

of Town, aged 27.
14 Child of John Bolles, aged 5 mos.
26 Wife of Joseph Bull (Esther), aged
Infant Child of Caleb Bull, Jr.
Child of Obadiah Spencer, aged i.

Oct. I

Nov. I



Infant Child of Thomas Stone.
Child of William Barnot, aged 2.
Mrs. Keith, Intered at Exp. Jno.

Lawrence. Esq. (widow of Capt.

John Keith, and mother of John

Lawrence, Esq.) [Marian, dau.

of Capt. John and Margaret

Beauchanip], aged 88.
Doctor Neal McLean [he practiced

medicine in Hartford and had a
country seat near the line between

Bloomfield and Hartford]. aged 82.


Querists should write all names of persons and places in such a way that
they cannot be misunderstood. Always enclose with queries a self addressed
stamped envelope and at least ten cents for each query. Querists should write
only on one side of the paper. Subscribers sending in queries should state
that they are subscribers, and preference in insertion will always be given them.
Queiries are inserted in the order in which they are received. On account of
our limited space, it is impossible that all 'queries be inserted as soon as
querists desire. Always give full name and post-office address. Queries and
notes must be sent to Wm. A. Eardeley-Thomas, 50th street and" Woodland
avenue, Philadelphia, Penn. In future it will be optional with queriest to
have name and address, or only initials published.

163. Cruttoiden, Abiahaui, m. Jan.,
1741, Sarah Parmelee (or Barnaby); he
was born in Durham, (,'onn., and was
piob. living there when he married.
The records of Durham, Middletown
and Wallingford have been searclied.
A reward of $2,00 will be given for the
marriage vvilh proofs. Mrs. H. E.
Fowler, box 373, Guilford, Conn.

164. Felhnvs, Ephraim. William and
Thomas were among those granted land
in 1738 in Canaan at its first settlement.
Did they move there from Plainfield or
Stonington, Conn.? Both places have
been nanifd. Did Ephraim have a son
Ephraim ? S. F. T.

165. Gridli'Y, Elnathan (m. Sarah ),

desires his line back to Thomas of
Windsor, who m Mary Seymour.

iU) Roberts, Jonathan, of East Hart-
ford, m. Ruih Judson, b. Apr. 23, 1766
Desired ancestry of Jonathan and Ruth.
G. H. T.

166. i a) Briggs, Edward, ni. abt. 1776
Anna Chase ; moved from Dartmouth,
Mass., to Quaker Hill, N. Y. Who
were ancestors of Edward and Anna ?

{b) Leach, Amos and wife Mercy lived
in New Fairfield, Conn. What was her
maiden name ? Who were their parents }
They were born about 17 10.

((■) Osborn, Stephen, b. 1748 in Dan-
vers, Mass, m. 1775 Sarah~ Bourn.
Who were their ancestors?
{d) Wanzer, Abraham, moved from
Long Island 1736 to New Fairfield,
Conn. What Long Island town did he
come from ?

(e) Wlialey, Hezekiah, b. about 1760 is
said to have come from near New Lon-
don. Who were his parents?

W. C. P.

167. Taylor, Job, b. July 24, 1750, ni.
Anna Ross, b. July 24, 1751, and had
Phebe, b. July 24, 1784, Gruton, Conn.,
in. Solomon Spencer of East Hartford.
Job kepi a tavern at Groton and in some
skirmish the dead were brought there
and laid on the floor. The family went
to Marshfield, Vt., where he d. about
1841, and his two wives d. there. Who
were the parents of Job Taylor and
Anna Ross? J. S F.

168 {a) Ferry, Eleazer m. int. March
14, 1740-41 in Dartmouth, Mass. T.
R. Mercy Hix, who were their parents?
issue were i, Joseph, Sept. 20, 1741. 2,
Mary, Dec. 25, 1742. 3, Sarah, June
29, 1746. 4, Eliphal, May 13, 1748.
Whom did these marry ? A Joseph and
Mary Perry had Freeman b. Dec. 22,

[b Ba liner, Joseph had a son, Thomas

B b., about 1846, m. ist

and had Annie; m. 2d, abt. 1871 Susan
( b. abt. 1849) "i^u. of James and Mary
(St. Arnold) Holliday ; Thomas B. and
Susan had i, VVm. Henry, Sept. 12,
1873. 2' Thomas Albert, Sept. 3, 1875,
L'Anse, Mich. 3, James Walter. 4,
Mary. 5, Veronica. 6, John Edward.
Who were parents of Joseph Baliner?
Who were parents of Mary St. Arnold?
Her father was a Frenchman and her
mother a full blooded Chippewa Indian.
T A. B.


169. Cooke, Sarah b. May 12, 1753 *^ °''

1754), m. ist, Preston, (first

name uncertain, may have been Aaron. )
He was robbed and mortally wounded
by the British at the Brandy wine Battle,
Sept. II, 1777. Starting for home he
died and was buried in New Haven.
Sarah Cooke is supposed ' though not
proven) to have been dau. of Joseph, of
Torrington, Conn., and descended from
Capt. Aaron Cooke, of Windsor, Conn.
Information desired regarding her an-
cestry and clues to Preston's family con-
nections. E. H. T.

170. iVowi", John of Danbury, Conn., m.
Elizabeth, dau. of Mathew Crofoot, of
Danbury. He died at Danbnry, abt.
1 79 1, leaving a widow and si.x children.
Who was the father and where did the
family originate? The widow moved
to Litchfield, Conn,, m. a Palmer and
d. aged almost 100, in Warren, Conn.

R. S. H.

171. Watson, John and wife Dinah of
Spencer, Mass., had 1, John, March 6,
1762. 2, Jacob, Jan. I, I 765. 3, Enoch,
Aug. 30, 1767. Lydia, Oct 1, 1769.
5, Leonard, Jan. 13, 1772. 6, Henry,
Oct. 29, 1774. 7, David, Oct. 2, 1776.
8, Sally, Dec. 8, 1779. Mr. Watson d.
Nov. 20, 1802. The son, Jacob, m. ist,
Mary Adams of Brookfield ; m. 2nd,
Olive Knight; m. 3rd, Mary Parmenter,
of Oakham, Mass. I wish to trace
them out. [Ed. Querist gave no name
and no address; postmarked from Spen-
cer, Mass , and only the initials.]

A. J. W.

172. Young, Wm , one of the original
proprietors of Nottingham and Barring-
ton, N. H., in I 721 m. Hannah Healy,
of Cambridge. Where was William
born and what were the names of his
parents? Sir John Young was one of
the three original grantees of the land
from Boston northward. He came over
in i62

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