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of Great Barrington, Mass.; James Ab-

bot, and Rebecca, his wife, of Danbuiy;
Klmd Barber, and Anna, his wife, of
Southwick (Danbury Land Records).
.Vnna Perry was dau. of Joseph Barnum.
Who were parents of Ezra and Robert ?
Was there any relationship between
these parties?

(^b ) CItacc, Abigail wife of Newburn,
buried Jan. 8, i 753.

Chaise, Benjamin son of Newbold, bur-
ied Aug. 20, 1750.

Chase, Thomas son of Thomas and
Mary, buried July 12, 1721.
Chase, Mary wife of I'homas, buried
June 26, I 732.

Chase, Thomas buried Aug. 27, 1734.
These are from the records of Christ
Church, Philadelphia. Who were par-
ents of Newbold, Newburn, Thomas and
Mary? C. P. B.

17.5. Kimball, Lucy m. Sept. 74, 1755,
Asher Flint, of Windham, Conn., died
Oct. 20. iSoo, in Tolland Count)'.
Who were her parents?

Miss M. B. Flint, 281 Mill St.,
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

17H. White, Isaac of Greenwich, Mass.,
b. 1725-30, had two children, b. there;
Sarah, i 748, and Isaac, Jr., 1752. What
was his ancestry? B. S. E.

177. Chase, William, was in Yarmouth,

Mass., as early as 1639. The birth,

marriage and death of all his descend

ants desired to complete the Genealogy.


17X, Perry, Milla b. 1763 (?), dau. of
Elisha and Hannah Perry. Whom did
she marry and where settle? S. E. P.

179. (a) Holmes, Joseph h- 1758, m. 1778,
Lydia Curtis. Who was his father?
The mother of Joseph is said to have

been Phebe . Who were her parents?

Shem. 2d Chileab Smith. This Holmes
family is su|3posed to have lived in Nine
Partners. Duchess Co., N. Y. There
are and have been many residents there
nf this name, but there seems to be no
relation with our Joseph.
(b) //^/wc.f, Francisof Stamford. Conn .
wife Ann, had a son John Holmes m.
Rachel Waterbury, and had a son David

Holmes b. abt. 1672, m.

and had Jonathan, b. abt. 1700, m.
Dorothv and had Jonathan

b. abt. 1725, ni abt. 1744

and had two dau. Martha and Mary.
Who were parents of Ann and Dorothy?
Who was mother of Martha and Mary?
Whom did David and Jonathan Holmes
niarrv? R- E. H.



[Contributed by James F. Savage.]

[ Advertisment in "Columbian Centinel
and Massachusetts Federalist," Boston, Mass.,
Saturday Oct. 22, 1803. ]

Absented herself last night from
the service of Mr. Rutledge a negro
woman, who is his property, named
Phillis. She is 35 years old, about 5
feet 8 inches high, of a yellowish com-
plexion ( between that of a negro and
mulatto ) thin, has lost her front teeth,
has thick lips and a scar, from having
been burnt when a child upon
her breast, near the right shoulder
about half the size of a dol-
lar. Phillis wears gold bobs in
her ears, and a black straw bonnet.
She carried with her petticoats of
blue cloth, dimorthy, black calimanco
red home spun ; a dark calico gown
with yellow spots, one of black and
white, one of white checked muslin ;
she also took with her eight yards of
dark calico with bright yellow spots,
twocheched aprons not made up, new
red and white cotton handkerchiefs,
with many other articles of dress.
Phillis was a good cook, washer-woman
and cake baker.

A black fellow named Peter, also
absented himself from the service of
I\lr Rutledge, some weeks past when
he was at Boston. Peter is not quite
6 feet high, much pock-marked, had
red eyes, and his upper front teeth
wide apart. He is an excellent coach-
man, a tolerably good cook, plays the
tamborine, and is very fond of danc-
ing. Peter is a little bald, wears his
wool in a short queue, and occasionally
wears ear-rings. He took with him a
variety of clothing. Whoever will ap-
prehend and deliver these slaves to the
subscriber, or secure them in any goal
in New England so that he may get
to them, shall receive the above re-
ward of 200 dollars, or 100 for either
of them.

Chester Clark.
Weathersfield, Conn., Oct. 15, 1803.


LContributed by Mrs. W. L. Huine.]

Closely identified with the early
history of Connecticut was a man of
whom it seems fit that I, a lineal
descendant should here give a brief

Rev. Henry Smith settled at Weth-
ersfield. Conn, about 1636, and with
the early and troublesome history of
that period, was a strong and import-
ant factor over the first regularly
organized church at that place. He
was installed in 1641, first pastor, a
position he filled until his death in

Historians have done him honor,
and of him it is written : " Not only
a patriarch of one of the best sus-
tained and most accomplished families
in New England, but a gentleman of
uncomon culture.

Brought from England by him, and
now in the possession of Mr. Gilbert
Smith of Sharon, Conn. ( a great
grandson of Gov. John Cotton Smith,
a lineal descendant of Rev. Henry )
is a silver tankard with the family
coat of arms, with the motto, " Carpe
Diem," beautifully engraved thereon.
This valuable piece of silver is still in
excellent state of preservation.

His last will and testament is to be
found among the Colonial records at
Hartford and is a unique document.

Of interest to a few may be this
brief mention of the first pastor, of
the first church to be organized on the
banks of the Connecticut River.

[Contributed by William Wallace Lee]

[The following is of interest as a fore-
runner of the Declaration of Independence at
Philadelphia, having occurred ten days

At a meeting of the inhabitants of
King's District in the County of
Albany, legally warned by the com-
mittee of said County at the house of


William Warner, inn-keeper in said
dictrict, on Monday the 24th day of
June, 1776, for the purpose of electing
twelve delegates to represent said
County in the Provincial Congress be
voted : First, that Daniel Buck be
moderator of this meeting. Second,
that the present Committee's Clerk,
be clerk of this meeting. Third, that
the District books be delivered to the
care of s'^ Committee's Clerk, until
the next district meeting. Fourthly,
voted that a committee be chosen by
this meeting for the purpose of draw-
ing up instructions for a new form of
government to be introduced by
s'l delegates. The question being
put whether the said district chooses
to have the United Americal Colonies
independent of Great Britain.

Voted imanimously in the affirma-
tive. Sixthly, voted, that Mess''^ Wil-
liam B. Whitney, Asa Waterman,
Philip Frisbe, Martin Beebe, Elisha
Pratt, Capt. Baldwin, Daniel Buck,
Elijah Bostwick, Gidion King, Jarvis
Mudge, vSamuel Johnson, John Gillit,
Lieut. Herrick, Joseph Wood, John
Wadsworth, iBamuel Baley, be a com-
mittee for to draw up instructions for
the purpose aforesaid.

Can anyone give us information in
regard to the authorship and publica-
tion of the following verses ?


Whilst I relate my story, Americans give
Of Britains fading glory, you presently
shall hear ;
Itis a true relation, attend to what I say,
Concerning . the taxation in North

The cruel lords of Britain, who glorv in
their shame,
The project they triton, they joyfully
proclaim :
■ Tis what they're seeking after, our rights
to take away.
And rob us of our charter, in North

They searched the gloomy regions of their
infernal pitt.
To find amongst those legions, one who
excel'd in wit;
To ask of him assistance, and tell them how
they may.
Subdue with resistance, this North

Old Satan the arch traitor, resolved a
voyage to make.
Who rules sole navigator, on the infernal
Into the Briti.sh Ocean, he launched far
To land he had no notion, in North


As announced in our last number
we are obliged, on account of the
growing demand for more frequent
issues of The Quarterly, to change
it to a monthly publication. On next to
the last page we show a reduced fac-
simile of the new cover design for the
monthly. As will be readily seen, the
idea in producing this, has been to
make improvements and bring it
to our requirements at the same
time preserving the identity of
The Quarterly cover, so as to be
readily recognized as the same

The Connecticut Magazine will
in the future pay especial attention
and devote a large amount of space to
illustrated articles of the historic
towns of the state. In the publica-
tion of the magazine as a monthly it

will be possible for us to give repre-
sentation to a larger number of the
towns each year than would be pos-
sible were it to continue as a quar-

It is also intended to publish
illustrated biographical sketches of
those men who in years past have
helped to make the history of Con-
necticut what it is to-day.

But while the magazine devotes
itself so largely to historical and
descriptive matter, it never loses
sight of the fact that fiction claims a
share of its attention. It will be of
interest to many to know that a serial
story by Mrs. William E. Simonds,
will appear, commencing with our
first issue, entitled " Fifteen Love,"
a sequel to "In Satan's Kingdom."

To people who are interested in



traceing ancestral lines the Geneal-
ogical Department will be of more
than passing- interest and will be con-
ducted on improved lines in reference
to Connecticut genealogy.

The other departments will also be
unusually attractive.

In all respects, we shall exert our-
selves to make The Connecticut
Magazine the best and most complete
periodical of like nature devoted to a
local field. Let others speak a few
words for us, as to what we have
done : —

"The Quarterly keeps up to a high
standard and occupies a hitherto unexplored
field. The departments, GenealoRical,

Historical and Social are a feature of this
meritorious local publication. — Hartford

"This excellent magazine, devoted chiefly
to Connecticut subjects, and exquisitely
illustrated, continues to grow in public favor.
It justifies the publisher's characterization of
the general scope and character of the
magazine as a publication devoted to the
'' literature, history and picturesque features
of Connecticut." — Hartford Times.

"The letter press in this magazine is al-
ways a joy and the illustrations are the finest
of any of the monthlies. In a literary sense
it deserves the highest praise, for it is more
and more evident that a high order of merit
is insisted upon as well as interest in the
articles." — Xciu London Telegraph.

" It is the best local publication produced
in this country and should have the hearty
support of all." — Winstcd Herald.

"As usual it is generously and artistically
illustrated, and its varied articles are well
and entertainingly written. This valuable
magazine is constantly growing in popular-
ity and it is gratifying to note that it is
winning its way on its merits." — Bristol

" The above sketch and verses are taken
from The Ccnnecticup Quarterly, Hart-
ford's superb magazine. Every reader who
invests twenty-five cents for a number of The
Quarterly gets big dividends in return." —
Bristol Press.

" That excellent magazine, The Connecti-
cut Quarterly, is doing much to awaken
citizens of this good old state to the manifold
beauties of its scenery, and acquaint them

with its early history One lays

down the magazine with the resolve to visit
the quaint old towns of which he has just

read and to see at close range the attractive
places described therein." — Manchester

" Gives a great deal of modern information
as well as the best historical facts. It is pro-
fusely and beautifully illustrated.— .W?^' Mil-
ford Gazette.

" These, with many other

sketches, stories and poems rnake up the con-
tents of this issue, a number that does great
credit to The Quarterly, the foremost peri-
odical of the sta.te."—Neu> Britain Herald.

'• This publication is worthy of the hearty
support of the people of Connecticut, as it
serves as a medium for the interchange of
opinions and facts upon our state history,
which is one to be proud of, and offers a
suitable repository on all historic, genealogic-
al, and antiquarian lore that is or ever will
be of interest to the inhabitants of Connecti-
cut." — Bridgeport Standard.

The foregoing favorable and repre-
sentative notices are but a very few of
those we have received of like nature,
and we shall certainly aim to keep our
present high standard and make from
time to time such improvements as
we see opportunity to.

Although a continuation of The
Quarterly, The Connecticut
Magazine will be in itself as complete
a representation of the state as we can
possibly make it, the towns that were
in the early numbers of The Quar-
terly needing further notice at some
future time, so we would wish all to
begin with the first of the year and
thus insure having a complete file of
the Magazine.

The subscription price of The Con-
necticut Magazine will be Ji.oo a
year, and the twelve numbers will
make a much larger volume than the
four numbers of The Quarterl\. As
stated in our last number the Magazine
will be under the same general edi-
torial management as The Quarter-
ly has been and the business depart-
ment will be under the supervision of
Mr. Edward B. Eaton.

We hope to be favored with the
continued support of the people of the
state which they have so generously
given us in the past and assure them
that we shall do our best to deserve it.



Abbott Hannah 331
James 422

Phebe 331

William 330
Abernathy Elizabeth 224
Ackley David 333

Samuel 114, 333
Adams Caleb 330

James 116

John 1 16

Mary 422

Nathaniel 117

Richard, 116, 223

William 116
Akin Elisha 115

Josiah 115

Margaret 115

Patience 115
Allen Mary 115

Philip 115

Samuel 116
Ailing Asa 116

Caleb 116

Hannah 116

Keziah 116

Mabel 333

Roger It 6

Ruth 116

Amsdell Mr. 113

Anderson Adnah 223

George 222

Jeremiah 332

Lemuel 222

Stephen 222

Thomas 222

William 222
Andrews Thaddeus 334
Ashley Clarissa 116

Enoch 116

Rachel 330
Aspinwall John 332
Austin Alvin 117

Andrew C 117

Anthony 1 17

Daniel 117

Liuus 117

Nathaniel 117
Ayer Edney 330

Nathaniel 330
Babbit Zephaniah 221

Badger Enoch 223
Giles 223
John 223
Nathaniel 223

Bailey Caroline 115
Hannah L 115
Lemuel B 115, 332
Samuel 115, 332

Baker Charety 221

Baldwin Chloe 331
John 225
Samuel 331

Ballard Alice 334
Balmer Annie 421
James W 421
John E 421
Joseph 421
Thomas A 421
Thomas B 421
Veronica 421
Wm Henry 421

Banks Samuel 219
Barber Eliud 422

John 219
Barlow Peleg 219
Barnaby Sarah 421
Barnum Amy 220

David 220

Fbenezer 220

Esther 331

Evaline 220

F. Jane 220

Ira 220

John 220

Joseph 422

Josiah 331

Matthew 115

Oliver 220

Orva L 220

Polly 115

Thaddeus 220
Bartow Basil 332
Bates Mary 332
Beaman Gamaliel 225

Mary 225
Beecher Sarah 116
Bekell Thomas 115
Belding Elizabeth 332
Benedict Aaron 115

Benedict Abigail 332
Amos 115
Amy 331
Anne 332
Annis 115
Betsey 332
Deborah 332
Eleazer 115
Eli S 332
Ezra 332
Hannah 332
Isaac H 332
Jonas 115
Joseph 332
Nancy 115
Peter 332
Rachel 332
Ruth 331
Sally 332
Samuel W 332
Sarah 115
Thaddeus 332
Theophilus 115, 332
Thomas B 115, 332
Benham Cornelia 220
Benjamin Hannah 117
Bennet (t) Benjamin 114
Henry 1 14, 333
John 113, 330
Joseph 116, 219
Mary 1 14
Sarah 331
Berry Alice 334
Richard 334
Bets (ttsl Anne 221
Elizabeth 116
Mary 332
Bigelow Patience 223
Birchard Hannah 225
Burchard Jeremiah 331
Lydia 331
Thomas 22;
Birdsall Nathan 115
Bishop Alexander 332
James 224
Rebecca 224
Silvanus 116
Blackwell Samuel 219
Blague Elizabeth 225
Henry 225
Joseph 225


Blague Martha 225
Nathaniel 225
Philip 225
Rebecca 225
Blake Mary 222
Boardman Olive 332

Booth Alice, 224-5
Charles 224
Elisha 224
Hannah 224
Henry 224-5
John 224
Jonathan 224
Thomas 224-5
William 224
Borden Amly 118
John ii8
Mary 223
Boughton George 330
Bourne John 219
Sarah 421
William 219
Bouton Deborah 117

Mar}' 1 17
Bowing Samuel 113
Brace Susannah 334
Bradley Betsey 220
Brewster Anne 225
Nathan 225
William 223

Briggs Asa 220
Daniel 222
Edward 421
Hannah 225
William 225
Brockway Wolston 225
Bronson Lucinda 332

Thaddeus 332
Brown Abigail 222
Bezaleel 115
Daniel 333
Elizabeth 115
Hannah 117
Jacob 333
John 333
Stephen 222
Timothy 333
Buck Daniel 333
Bud Thamar 332
Bulkley Elizabeth m
Jonathan 333
Lydia 333
Bull Isaac 115

John 115
Bullard Abigail 224
Bunce Joseph 224
Martha 224
Mary 224
Burcnard see Birchard
Burr Sarah 221
Burt Mary 118
Burton Emily 221
Maria 221
Mary S 221
Patrick 221


Burton Selden M 221
Button see Bouton
Camp Samuel 330
Carpenter Ebenezer 224

Samuel 114
Cartledge John 334
Case John 224
Castle Peter 331
Chace see Chase
Chaffee William 334
Chaise see Chase

Chandler Mrs 114

Alice 330
Silas 114, 330
Channihg Polly 117
Chapin Luke 334
Chase Abigail 422
Abraham 115
Anna 439
Benjamin 118, 422
Bethiah 118
Constant 224
Daniel 115
Desire T15
Ezekiel 118
Henry 115
Holder 223
Jacob 118
John 118
Joseph 118
Mary 118, 422
Naomi 118
Nathan 330
Nathaniel ii8
Newbold 422
Newburn 422
Obadiah 334
Philip (pe) 118
Samuel ir8
Sarah 118
Seth 330

T[heodore] R 118
Thomas 422
William 118, 422
Clark Adam S 1 14
Hannah 225
John 225
Sally B 114
Clason Stephen 219
Cleveland Rachel 117
Cogswtll Edward 117
Cole Lucy ir6
Saiah 222
Collins Benjamin 333
Colored (people) Dosias 332
Isabella 332
Isaac S 332
Patience 332
Richard 332
Saul 332
Comstock James 116
Conclin Thomas 331
Congor Gideon 333
Joel 333

Cooke Aaron 422
Francis 222
Joseph 422
Sarah 422
Cooper Rebecca 224
Samuel 224
Sarah 224
Triphena 224
Copp John 2rS
Corbin Elizabeth 221
Cornell Nicholas 118
Cornwall William 117
Cory Keziah r 1 5
Cowdrey John 114
Katherine 114
Cozier Thomas 334
Crafts Joseph 1 1 ^
Craraner Elieabeth 116
Crawford Anne 332

James 332
Crof ut Benjamin 1 1 5
(Crofoot) Elizabeth 42"
Matthew 422
Rachel 115
Cruttenden Abraham 421
Cunningham Peter 113
Curtis Daniel 117
Lydia 422
Thomrs 117
Dakin Timothy 115
Davis Daniel -m
Electa 333
Hannah 333
Martha 225
Mary 118
Ruth 333
Stephen n-^
William 333
Day Levi 113
Dean Sarah 330
Dennison Thomas 113
Dibble Mary 1 1 1
Dibblee Fyler u6
Dimmock Mabel 117
Disbrow Dimon 220

Lydia A 220
Dodge Wilham 1 16
Doty Elijah 115
Dunham Hannah 118
Joseph n8
Stephen 118
Dunjng Charlotte 225
(Dunnig) Ebenezer 225

Thaddeus 332
Durkee Lydia 223-4

Robert 334
Easton William M 221
Edmunds Moses 330
Ellis Gideon 219

Philip 219
Elwell Hannah 220
John 220
Sally B 220



Fairfield James 224
Kaich Nicholas 332
Farnhara Isaao 114

Sarah iiS
Fay Aaron 329
Fellows Ephraim42i

Thomas 421

William 421
Ferris (s) Abigail 332

Benjamin 115

Joseph 115

Reed 115

Zebulon ii5
Fettie Amy 221
Field Zachariah 117
Fish Mersey 1 1 5
Fitzhubert Nicholas 224-5
Flint Asher 422

M[artha] B 422
Flowers Joseph 221

Rhoda 221

Wealthy 221
Ford Mrs 330

Rachel 224
Foster Job 219

Joseph 219

Massah 331

Timothy 331
Fountain Aaron 218

Ann M 320-21

Anthony 220-21

Antone 220-21

Bulichy 220

Charles 221

Cornelius 221

Garrett 221

Gideon 221

Hannah 220

Jacob 221

James 221

James H 21S

John 221

Joseph 219

Maragrietye 221

Margaret 221

Matthew 21S-19

Moses 218-19

Phebe B 220-21

Samuel 219

Vincent 220-21
Fowler H E 421

Hannah 115

Mary 116

Stephen 1 1 5

Susanna 116
Fraizer Svrah 330
Freeman Elizabeth 219

Mercy 220
French John 334

Sarah 1 1 7

Thomas 117
Fry Tarnasin 222
Fuller Jonathan 219
Garrison Hannah 220
(Gerretson) John 221
Ghorum see Gorham

Gibbs Abigail iiS

Robert iiS

Samuel 219
Gifforn Jesse 219
Gilbert James 224
Goldsmith Mr 334

Harriet 334

Goodell Araasa 1 13-14

Jerusha 113

Daniel 330

Jesse 330

Lavinia 330

Lucinda 114

Marcia 113

Oliver 113

Zachariah 114

Zerviah 330
Goold Elijah 334
(Gouldi Jacob 334

James 334

Mary 333

Peter 334

Samuel 334
Gorham Daniel 332

Isaac 223

Jabez 223

John 223

Phebe 1 15
Green Eliot 332

Judge 334

Gregory Abby 115
Abraham 115
Adline 331
Albert 331
Caleb C 331
Elizabeth 218
John 331
John S 331

Gridley Elnathan 421
Luke 332
Sally 332
Shomas 421

Griggs Mrs 114

Elizabeth 113, 330

Hann ah 113

Hezekiah 113

Moses 330

Nathan 530

Polly 113

Sally 1 1 3

Samuel 113
Gnnnell Benjamin iiS

Daniel iiS
Griswold Elias 221
Grosvenor Amos 114

Esther 113

Joshua 1 13-14, 330

Walter 113
Halt Elizabeth 219
I Hoyt) Lucy 1 1 5

Sylvanus 332
Hall Mary iiS
Hamblin Abigail 221
(Hamlin) Elizabeth 331

Joel 117

Oliver 117

Hamlin Silas 332
Hamilton Daniel E 115

Ezra 115

Hozea 223

Joseph 115
Hancox Abigail 116

William 116
Harding William A 221
Harison Sarah 332
Harper Stephen 219
Hatch Moses 219

Hathaway Benjamin 118
Betty 118
Clothier 223
Deborah iiS
Guilford 118
Hannah iig
Isaac iiS
Jacob iiS
Joel 118
John 118
Joseph 118
Melatiah 118
Nicholas iiS
Philip 118
Sarah 223

Haviland Daniel 332
(Heviland) Ebenezer 332

Isaac 115

Mary 332
Hawkins Claraina 225

Thomas 334
Hayward Molly 330
Hazard Samson 330
Hazen Elizabeth 116
H. aly Hannah 422
Hendrickson James 334
Hitkling Caty 1 14

John ti4

Thomas M 114

Hicks Benjamin 113
Higginbotham Acsah 330

Obadiah 330
Hilliard Joseph 221
Hills Amos 222
Hoag Abner 115

Benjamin 1 15

David 1 15

Elizabeth 334

Jane 220

John 115

Moses 115

Stephen 1 15
Hodge Ezekiel 331

Keziah 220
Hodges Ezra 115, 332

James 115, 332
Holliday James 421

Susan 421
HoUister David 329
Holly John 115

Selleck 116
Holmes David 422

Francis 422


Holmes John 422
Jonathan 422
Joseph 422
Martha 422
Mary 422
Reuben 219
Hopkins Elizabeth 22
Horton Jeremy 224
Hoskins Anna 118
Ebenezer 222
Samuel 222

Hotchkiss Ruth 224
How(e) Epinetus 126

George 224

John 224

Howland Desire 22J

Prince 115
Hoy John 115
Hoyt see Hait
Hubbard Anna 223

Elizabeth 115

Thomas 223

Hubbell Dennis 114
Ephraim 114, ;!,i'i^
Johannah 114, T^^ti
Levi 114
Nathan 114, 333
Richard 222

Hubs Zephaniah 332
Hugford Elizabeth wt
Hull Aaron 331
Hunt James 115
William 116
Hyde Humphrey 222
Ingals Benjamin 114
Daniel 113
David 114, 330
Ephraim 330
Isaacs Abigail 331
James Sarah 116
Jarvis Polly 116

Srsah 332
Jeans William 222
Jenney Hicks 219
Jennings Alice 221
Eli 220
Jeremiah 222
John 222
Joshua 222
Lyman 220
Matthew 222
Orpha 220
Jessup Nathaniel 116
Johnson Benjamin 225
Eliza 225
Ephraim 225
Heniy 116
Mary 225
Nathan 225
Stephen 225
Sylvester 225
William 218
Jones Benjamin 331
Journeay Catherine 221


Joyce Edward 332
Judson Ruth 421
June Deborah 219
Hannah 219
James 21S-19
Joshua 218-19
Mary 218 19
Nathaniel 219
Peter 219
Ruth 219
Sarah 219
Thomas 219

Keeler Anne 331

Daniel 331

Jeremiah 331

Lydia 331

Nehemiah 331

Sarah 331
Kelley Wing 115
Ivelsey Jane 117

Sarah 117
Kent Deborah iiS
Ketchum John 115

Joseph 218

Kilburn Adna 225
Dexter 225
Elmira 225
Emily 225
Fernanda 225
George 225
Manda 225
Mary 225
Samuel 225
Susan 225
Uri 225

Kimball Lucy 422
King Elizabeth 115
James 115
Sarah 118
Silas 117
William 332
Kingsley Uriah 113
Knap(p) Elizabeth 223
Israel 116
Nathaniel 218
Knight Olive 422
Kruzer Cornelius 221

L 329

Ladd Jonathan 117
Lamphear Mary 223
Lawrence Esther 332
Samuel 223
Zeruah 223
Leach Amos 421
David 421
Ichabod m
Lecty 333
Lydia i^T,
Ruth zii
Lee Abigail 329
Annie 329
Lemuel 329
Mary 329
Mindwell 329
Solomon 225
Leucas John 329

Lewis Joseph 224
Rachel 222

I^ines David 332

Polly 332
Lobdell Phineas33i
Lock wood Deborah 116

James 331

Sarah 115

Silas 116
Loder John 115
Lord William 223

Wyllis 118

Zelotis 118
Lupton Rebecca 223
Lyon Betsey 113

Hannah 113

Pelatiah 113

Zerviah 330

MacDonald James 332
(McDonold) Lewis 218
McKenhey James 115
Madison Mary 224
Makepeace Thomas n8
Maltby Timothy 117
Marley David 117
Marvin Lewis 333
Mason John 222
May Prudence 223
Mead Jamima 116

Rachel 115
Medows Amelia 332
Meigs Concurrence 222

Elizabeth 22''

John 222

Marv 222

Tryal 222

Mercer 221

Merritt Nehemiah 115

Meyer Mary 221

Middlebrocks Sarah 333

Middleton William 116

Miles Hannah 223

Miller William 332

Mills Zebadiah 218

Money Samuel 219

Moore Mr 224

Morgan Judah ^i,

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