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San Antonio de Bexar






San Antonio. Texas
\\ A I X li k I n ci ic & Corner

CllRISlMAS, 1800

C()]'VKIse of the older
Church Records. As to the County Records, the kind directions of
Messrs. Thad. Smith and Theo. Rozeine, have been of much service to me. To
all these mentioned, and to many others who have unconsciously helped me at
the cost of being bore;l, I return my thanks ; nor do I forget that an acknowledge-
ment is here due to my brotlier, Charles Corner, tor work and encourage-
ment. I trust my book will not only be a satisfaction to the inquiring visitor, but
I should like to think lliat it could furnish a few notes and suggestions to a
future historian of Texas.

Further than these remarks, I ha\e no use for the preiatory privilege, so for
the rest, " for better or for worse," my book, with its illustrations, shall .speak for

December. IS'.K). \V. C.




Introductory •. . . . 1

Railroads 3

Mallory Line of Steamers 4 ^V

Transfer 4s^

Hacks and Carriages 4

Hotels 4

Boarding and Lodging Houses, Flats 5

Restaurants .... o

Street Car Lines and Street Railways (i

What There Is to See 7

The Alamo Church as it is in ISSX) 8

vSome Further Notes on the Alamo 8

The Cathedral of vSan Fernando 12

The Missions-
How to Get to the Missions 13

Mission Concepcion 14

Mission San Jose 17

Mission San Juan i!il

Mission vSan Francisco de la Kspada Jl

The Plazas 24

The MiIvITarv Establish:mext—

Headquarters Department of Texas and Fort Sam Houston 2o

Military Drills 2(>

Some Further Notes on Military Affairs -'

Churches •">!

Educational >''2

International Fair Grounds 33

Riverside Park, San Pedro Park 34

Opera Houses o4

Public Halls 34

Newspapers 34

Stock Yards 35

City Additions • . • 35

Artesian Wells 35

Real Estate, Land Grants and Field Notes of Town Tract 3(3 to 3!t

Public Buildings ■ 39

Banks 40

San Antonio Club 4il

Other Clubs 4(i

Young Men's Christian Association 4i>

Military or Militia Organizations 4(1

Friendly Societies 41

The Waters of vSan Antonio and San Pedro —

The Ditches or Acequias 41

The Pajalache or Concepcion Ditch 43

The San Pedro Ditch 44

The Alamo Idadre Ditch 44

The Upper Labor Ditch and the History of Its Construction 4"i

The vSan Antonio River ">n

The Water Works . 54


Sail Antonio as a Ilcalih Resort .58

Some Resources of Western Texas (il

List of Charters and Amendments i;-)

I/st of ISIayors of llie City of San Anluiiio Ci;

San Antonio dk Bkxar, hv Sidnkv I^anier —

Anthony Crozat, 171:.'. Huchereau St. Dauis, 1714. New Philippines. Spain's Earliest
Claims. La Salle, 1U85. San Antonio de Valero, 1715. Franciscans of Queretaro.
San Antonio de Valero, 1722. Spain's Mission. French Claims. Correspondence
of D'Alarconne and De la Harpc. The San Antonio Missions. "Lastekas" — Texas.
Indians. Testimonio de nn Parecer. .Vpaches, 17;^2. vSandoval and Franquis —
j^reat lawsuit. "San Antonio de Vejar." Foundation of the Church of the Alamo,
1744. French and Spanish Policies, 1762. San Saba Mission, 17oS. .Seculariza-
tion of the Alamo Mission, 1783. Partition of Alamo Mission Lands,
1793. Closinjr the .\lamo Records, 1793. Americans, 1800. Philip Nolan.
Lieutenant Pike, 1807. San Antonio Society Prior to 1810. Troublous
Times. Colonel Delgado. Revolutions. Magee and Gutierrez. Colonel
Kemper. Colonel James Gaines. Governor Salcedo. Battle. Surrender of San
Antonio by the Royalists. ISIassacre of Rovalists. Don Elisondo. Another
Battle. Royalist Loss. Captain Perry. Don Jose Alvares Toledo. General
Arredondo. Another Battle. Royalists Victorious under Arredondo, 1813. A
"Black Hole "of San Antonio. San Antonio .Almost Abandoned, 181G. Moses
Austin, 1820. American Colonists. Treaty of Cordova, 1821. Secession from
Spain. French Merchants in San Antonio, 1824. The Bowie Brothers, 1831.
Shawnees and Comanches. 1832. Sam Houston, 1833. Texas and Coahuila.
Stephen F. .\ustin and Mexico, 1833. Revolutionary Meeting, 1834. Ugartechea
and Cos. vSanta Anna. Deaf Smith. Dr. James Grant. Burle.son. Maverick.
San.\ntonio Besieged by Texans, 1835. :Milam and John.son. San Antonio Taken.
Karnes. Surrender of the Alamo by Cos. Travis. Crockett. Arrival of Santa
Anna, 1836. Siege of the Alamo. Bonham and Fannin, .\ccount of Rose. Fall
of the Alamo. Mrs. Dickinson and the "Child of the Alamo." Indians, 1840.
Captain Howard. War between Texas and :\rexico. Raids of Vasqnez and Woll,
1842. Annexation, 1845. Cosmopolitan San Antonio. Meteorological. (Teo-
graphical. San Fernando. Religious. Points of Interest. Conclusion. . . 68 to 91

lNTI':kVIHW.S AND ]\lKM()IRS OF (^1,1) Tnil-: TlvXAN.S.

Extracts from the Memoirs of .Mrs. M. A. ]\Iaverick 95 t,) 106

Interview with Mrs. Canterbury 107

.\ Talk with Right Reverend BisliopNeraz 109

Interviews with Dr. Cnpples 112

.A.n Interview with Dr. Ferdinand Hcrff, .Sr 115

An Interview with Mr. John Dol)])in IKi

Senora Candelaria 117

Colonel Ford's Memoirs Hi)

The Alamo Monument at .Austin 124

The County Records 125

The P'ounding of the Town of .San I'ernando 126

Historical, interesting and statistical dates of, and relating to, the Citv of San .\t.tonio, 12!) to 166


Church of the Mission del Alamo . . I-roitlispiccc

Mission de la Concepcion (First jNIissioii") ■*<

Mission vSan Jose de Aguayo (Second Mission) 1-

Group of Views of Missions and Mission lUii'dinij,s 1

Plans illustrating the Alamo. Concepcion, San Jos^, San Juan and Espada INIissions, San

Jose Granary and the Villa Capital de San Fernando, with References IH

Group of Views of Portals and a Window of San Jose -

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