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to the sinking fund of bonds. 'I'lic iJroiiosiliou is carried by a majority of ;,2g 1885


Dry Buff'alo meat, "just from the plains," is on sale in San Antonio. (Seejan. 25tli. > 1874


I'irst Mass said at Mission San I'rancisco on Ihe coast . 1690

Till'; MONTH Ol' MAY. 14.")


Shu AiUoiiio's first velocipedt- is st-eii carceriiiii around 1869


Thr caUk- trail to Kansas is now in constant i)ul)lii- use 1873


Arrhhishoi) Odin .liud at Andiirtli, iMancf. i 1 Ic was fornKTly I'-ishop of Oalveston
and tliis district, and took a lively interest in San Antonio and Texas — an old
Texas Hishoio 1870


Hill Hart, a notorions ,ij,and)ler and des])erado, was killed with two of his companions
t)n Alamo Street in the Superveille House, behind Wolf & Marx's store, by the
\'i;4ilance Conunittee, headed by I'^ieldstrop, who was also killed. Bill Hart,
.Miller, Wood killed on one side; Fieldstrop killed and Taylor wounded on the
\'inilance Committee side. No killing, ])erhaps, in San Antonio, ever created so
nuudi excitement as this 1857

Organ for the I'.piscopal church is built in St. Mark's 1875


I'our ;\Iexican horse thieves are found hanging on a tree near San Jose ^lission —

probably more Vigilance Committee work 1858


San Antonio is tast becoming a market for wool. (Total wool brought in for year
1S74, 4(H),()()0; total wool brought in for year 1875, (iOO.OOO. Merino 2.S'_, cents,
1875; lowest Mexican grades 17 cents, 187;j.) 1874

Belknap Rifles take third prize for company drill, San Antonio Rifles take fourth
prize, Staacke, of San Antonio Rifles, takes tirst prize for best drilled man,
all at Washington, D. C 1887

Ct round is now being broken for the vSouthwestern Texas Lunatic .Asylum, about Ave

miles vSoutli of the city, on land donated for that purpose by the city 1890


* < — i^^ — » '

An Indian fight takes place near Hondo ; two whites and several Indians killed. The
Indians are found to possess breech-loading rifles, which "had been exchanged
for stolen horses" 1872



First Volksfesl hel.l 1882

Joe Brannon, another of the «ran,L,r, killed 1886


The hones of Fannin's men huricil witli honors of war by order of General Rnsk at

Fort La Bahia on the San Antonio River 1836

Rids on the new Federal huildint; 1886

The Belknap and Maverick Rifles are in Galveston to-day. (Belknaps win first prize

onjnne 11th.) 1889


Battle of Alazan, San Antonio ; .Spanish Royalists defeated ; one thousand Royalists

killed and wounded, ninety-four Americans killed 1813

New Fire Enj^ine arrives. A. A. Lockwood chief of the Fire Company 1858

:VIcDaniels. the robber, makes a marvelous escape from the County Jail in broad day-
hght, cutting his shackles with a saw made of a bootspring. ^(vSee July 1 and
May 14) 1858


Beautiful Parhelia are seen. "First a halo of prismatic colors, afterwards an im-
mense red belt that stretched from North to South of equal width all along" . . -1870


First Steam Fire Engine arrives in the city 1868

Very noisy Prohibition meeting on Government Lot 1887

The Meny property is bought by the County Commissioners 1888


Ten loads of buffalo hides are in town from "out west " 1877

Alamo Monument Association chartered. (^This Association held its first meeting on

February 27, 1879, organized March 6, 1879.) 1879


Gueulher's third mill begun about this date 1878


Last ca.se of Cholera in vSan Antonio of the Great Epidemic of 1849


First consignment of fruit from Tampico, Mexico, via Indianola. Bananas, plantains

etc., sold by auction by F. L. Paschal 1859

San Antonio Rifles take first prize at Paris, Texas, for best company drill 1887


Adams and Wickcs' train altackcil by Indians on Devil's River 1869

Skeleton (jf Frank Harris unearthed in the Robber's Cave at Helotes. His saddle and
remains are identified. This is ;i last chajiter in the history of the notorious
robber gang 1886

'rill". MO N 'PI I OF Jl'NK. 147


CrockfU Hl(H-k on Alamo Pla/.a bcKUii 1882


Mason County offers S-')00 for any lioslile savage delivered dead or alive at the Mason

County Court House doors. Big Foot Wallace thinks he can make about $500 . . 1872


Indian raid only two miles from vSan Antonio ; several mules stolen and one shot with

arrows l07U


An Iron Bridge arrives 1869


.Mrs. M. A. :\Iaverick came to San Antonio. (Mrs. :\Iaverick is the widow of one of
the best known old time Texans, vS. A. Maverick. Mr. Maverick came to Texas
before the fall of the Alamo, and narrowly escaped perishing with Travis' devoted
band and he took an active "part in many stirring incidents of the city's history) . 1838

The Cremation Society elects its officers 1885


Menger Hotel foundations are now being begun bv Wni. A. Menger. Hotel to cost
116,000, J. H. Kampmann builder. Many additions have l)een made to this
Hotel since this date 1858


Foundation laid of St. Mary's Street Iron Foot Bridge. (This street was widened at
Commerce Street end in [anuarv, 1S!I0, it being merelv an allev at that point
before) . ' 1869


A second District Court is established in San Antonio about this date and W. W. King

is the first appouited Judge (on 22nd I 1890


Work on the Quartermaster's Depot and Water Tower is begun by Braden &
Angus. Height of Tower 88 feet. United States Congress had appropriated
$100,000 for work on this Depot 1877

Oscar Wilde lectures here ; - 1882


San Antonio Street Railroad is formally opened by a party of gentlemen under the
leadership of Colonel Belknap. They leave in a car at Northwest corner of .\lamo
Plaza for San Pedro Springs, Colonel H. B. .\dams acting as driver of car No. 1 . -1878

Hildebrand is brutally murdered by Thuriim at Castro\dlle. Thumm is sent to the pen-
itentiary for twenty-five years for this 1887

Augustus Belknap dies 1889


Corner stone of Elliott Memorial Hall laid 1889



Agitation for more sidewalks is ncnv the order of the (lay 1870


Texan Congress passes a bill apjjrovin.u the annexation of the Re])uhlic of Texas to the

United States 1845


Fort Velasco taken hy Texans under John Austin from Ugartechea 1832


IMcDaniels and Potters, two very desperate sta^e robbers and murderers, are captured 1884


Soledad Block, corner Houston and Soledad streets, begun 1883

Belknap Rifles hold Memorial services in memory of Colonel Augustus Belknap and

Major John Cresson 188H


The subscription for the Northwest Extension of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass

Railroad now reaches to $82,000 1886


Adams and Wickes' train attacked l)y Indians near Howard's Springs ; 150 mules

stolen and one teamster killed ... 1 869

The Belknap Rifles at Lampasas win this month the first of a long series of victories,

second prize for company drill 1885


vSan Antonio is first designated a Money Order office 1869

McDaniels, escaped convict and liighwa>nian is shot and killed l)y Deputy United
States Marshals Van ki]Hr and Stevens at Hen Coffee's goat camp about eight miles
from Boerne, in Bexar Counl\, wliillui he had gone to see his sweetheart. He
wrote a threatening letter to the I)ail\ Iy Indians at Castrt)ville 1867

At an election held this day ( loBH votes for and 4() against) the Columbus or "Sunset"
route is subsidized bv the city and county $5()(),0(l(). (This did not materialize, see
January liHth . ...'.../ 1873


Celebration in San Antonio of the one liumlredth anniversary of Humboldt's birthday 1869

A Lij^ht Artillery Company reorganized, Stanley Welch, Captain 1870

I'ancoast's building on Commerce street begun • 1880

Through communication with vSaltillo completed 1883

Last stone of the New Federal Building on Alamo Plaza laid 1889


Great "Indianola" storm on the coast. 8:21 lives lost at Indianola, which city is de-

stroved ( Herald says September 17?) 1875

The Military Headquarters begun (now Maverick Hotel, see also April 11 and Feb-
ruary ;>! 1877

The Texas State I'niversity is opened at Austni with 108 students 1883

]?elkna]) Rifles inaugurated 1884


Mexican Independence Day. Don Miguel Hidalgo proclaims in favor of liberty 1810

The Colored Catholic Church is dedicated by Bishop Neraz 1888

The corner stone of the City Hall, Military Plaza, is laid 1889


Captain Hays defeats General Woll on the Salado creek. Captain Dawson's command

lo-ses 86 men on the same da\-. Ceneral Woll retires to the Rio (yrande 1842


George Wilkins Kendall .advertises "Merino F.ucks ;" this is probably one of the

earliest iiilrodm-lions of this breed into Texas 1857


First issue of the San Antonio I)ail_\ i'inus 1880


St. Josei)h's Clunch IS .ilmosl linished 1872


While vellow fever is r.iging al Housi.m and Galveston there is none in San Antonio 1867
The S.m .\ntonio I )ailv Her.ild is sold by auction 1878


TIh Dnlhiig block, corner ..r (.'oninurce .and Alamo streets, is begun 1883

THb: MONTH ol' SI'l'Tl-.M 1U{R l.^:


General H. P. Bee came lo Texas via Galveston, on the rnsl tup of the Morgan line of
steamers, steamship Columbia, Captain Wright. (The General took part in the
Indian battle at Plum Creek between San Antonio and Austin, in 1H4(», and he
finally came to San Antonio in 1842. during the Vasquez campaign. He ser\-ed
with distinction in many Indian campaigns, and in the invasion of Mexico by the
ITniicd vStates . .

A wrangle over the '• lW:id ..f the River ' is now going on in the city, all to little j.ur-

pose, since the city had sold its birthright securelv and legally 1886



Ihillianl Aurora liorealis visible at il p. ni. (see Sei)tember 2. bSotO 1870


Bill Whitley, the desperado and train robber, is killed, resisting arrest, by Tnited

.States marshals. Ilis body is brought to San Antonio aiui viewed by hundreds 1888


Horns first become an article of commerce here 1868

The first regular trip in San Antonio of an electric motor car was made on the Alamo
Electric Street Railwav Company's track from Navarro Street to the International
I'air Grounds, south of the city (Thompson-Houston .system). Since this date, all
the main street car lines have adopted electric motor cars of this and the Spragiie
svstem 1890


The corner .stone of the new Cathedral of San I'ernaudo is laid with impressive cere-
mony on Sunda}- lofjo

Daneuhauer block, corner .Mam street and ?ilain plaza, completed and Sol Deutsch goes

into l)U.siness there 187 7


The Governor of Texas issues a proclamation of a severe character against fence cut-
ters ; also against jiersous unlawfully enclosing laud by fences . . . 1883


James 'Slnwu. a farmer, i)loughs u]) an old Spanish coat of mail an

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