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in ' Lemons ' (1877), Mrs. Bull in ' Blue
Glass' (1877), Septia in 'Vesta' (1877),
Mother Hundreds in ' The Dark City ' (1877),
Mrs. Bargiss in ' Seven-Twenty-Eight ' (1883),
Mrs. Lamb in 'Dollars and Sense' (1883),
Eudnxia Quattles in 'Love on Crutches'
(1884), Zantijype Babbitt in 'A Night Off'
(1885), Mrs. Dangery in ' Nancy and Co.*
(1886), Mrs. Laburmim in ' The Railroad of
Love' (1887), and Mrs. Sherramy in 'The
Lottery of Love ' (1888). While with Daly,
Mrs. (irilbert was the first representative in
America of Mrs. Kinpeck in ' Play,' Frau Von
Harfthal in ' Dreams,' Hester Dethridge in
' Man and Wife,' Mrs. Mould in ' Not such a
Fool as he Looks,' Miss Garth in ' No Name,'
Mrs. Hou'ard in ' False Shame,' 3[iss Champ-
neys in ' Our Boys,' 3[rs. Gunn in ' Weak
Woman,' etc. Among the other parts in
which she figured at the Fifth Avenue may
be named Countess Pompion in ' Old Heads
and Young Hearts,' Lady Allworth in 'A
New Way to pay Old Debts,' Mrs. Croaker
in ' The Good-natured Man,' Lady Duberly
in ' The Heir at Law,' Lady Wronghead in
'The Provoked Husband,' Widow Warren
in 'The Road to Ruin,' Dame QuicJdy in
'The Merry Wives of Windsor,' 3[rs. Can'
dour in ' The School for Scandal,' Mrs.
Rackett in ' The Belle's Stratagem,' Mdme.
Deschapelles in ' The Lady of Lyons,' and
Curtis in ' The Taming of the Shrew.' Mrs.
Gilbert accompanied Daly on all his visits
to London. See her ' Stage Reminiscences*
in Scribner's for 1901.

Gilbert, William. Novelist and mis-
cellaneous writer, born 1804, died 1890 ;
was the author of a tragedy in blank verse
called ' Morna,' and of an English version
of the old libretto of ' Lucia di Lammer-
moor,' both privately printed (' Dictionary
of National Biography ') ; also of a novel
entitled 'Margaret Meadows' (1859), dra-
matized by Tom Taylor. See MarY i

Gilbert, William Schwenk. Dra-
matic writer, born November 18, 1836 ;
author of the following pieces, details of
which are given elsewhere in this volume : —
' Dulcamara ' (1866), ' Allow me to Explain '
(1867), ' Highly Improbable ' (1867), ' Harle-
quin Cock Robin' (1867), 'The Merry Zin-
gara ' (1868), ' La Vivandi^re ' (1868), ' Robert i
the Devil' (1868), 'No Cards' (1869), 'The
Pretty Druidess' (1869), 'An Old Score' |
[afterwards 'Quits'] (1869), 'Ages Ago* I
(1869), ' The Princess ' [see 'Princess Ida'],
(1870), 'The Gentleman in Black' (1870),
' Our Island Home ' (1870), ' The Palace of i
Truth ' (1870), ' A :\Iedical Man ' (a come- 1
dietta contributed to a book of ' Drawing- 1
room Plays' in 1870), 'Randall's Thumb'
(1871), ' A Sensation Novel '(1871), ' Creatures (
of Impulse ' (1871), ' Great Expectations ' I
(1871), ' On Guard ' (1871), ' Pygmalion and j
Galatea' (1871), 'Thespis; or. The Gods|
Grown Old' (1871), ' Happy Arcadia' (1872).
' The Wicked World ' (iS73), ' The Realms of




Joy' (1873), 'The Wedding March' [see
' Haste to the Wedding '] (lb73), ' Ought We
to Visit Her ' (1S74), ' Charity ' (1874), ' Com-
mitted for Trial ' [see ' On Bail '] (1874),
• Topsyturvydom ' (1874), ' Sweethearts '
(1874), ' Trial by Jury ' (1875), ' Tom Cobb '
(1875), ♦ Eyes and No Eyes' (1875), 'Broken
Hearts' (1875), 'Dan'l Druce' (1876), 'Prin-
cess Toto ' (1876), ' On Bail' [see ' Committed
for Trial'] (1877), 'Engaged' (1877), 'The
Sorcerer' (1877), 'The Ne'er-do-weel' [after-
wards 'The Vagabond'] (1878), 'H.M.S.
Pinafore' (1878), 'Gretchen' (1879), 'The
Pirates of Penzance ' (1879), ' Patience '
(1881), 'Foggerty's Fairy' (1881), ' lolaiithe '
(1882), 'Princess Ida' [see 'The Princess']
(1884), ' Comedy and Tragedy ' (1884), ' The
Mikado ' (1885), 'Ruddigore' (1887), ' Bran-
tinghame Hall ' (1888), ' The Yeomen of the
Guard ' (1SS8), ' The Brigands,' a translation
(1889), ' The Gondoliers ' (1890), ' Rosencrantz
and Guildenstern' (1S91), ' Haste to the Wed-
ding' [see 'The Wedding March'] (1892),
' The Mountebanks ' (1892), ' Utopia. Limited '
(1893), 'His Excellency' (1894), 'The Grand
Duke' (1896), 'The Fortune-Hunter' (1897),
and ' The Fairy's, Dilemma ' (1904) ; author,
also, with G. A. A. Beckett, of ' The Happy
Land ' (1873), and, with H. J. Byron, F. C.
Burnand, and R. Reece, of ' The Forty
Thieves' (1878). Twenty-six of the above-
named pieces are included in the three
series of ' Original Plays ' published in
1876, 1881, and 1895 respectively. To the first
uf these volumes ' lolantlie ' has since been
added (1902). 'Original Comic Operas,' con-
taining eight of the libretti, was published
in ItslJO, in which year the author's ' Songs
of a Savoyard' also saw the light, W. S.
(Ulbert was at one period dramatic critic of
the Illustrated Tunen. See the autobio-
graphy contributed by him to the Theatre
magazine for April, 1883 ; also ' Illustrated
Interviews' (1893), 'The Savoy Opera,' by
Percy Fitzgerald (1894), Lawrence's 'Sir
Arthur Sullivan' (1899), and W. Archer's
' English Dramatists of To-Day ' (1882), and
'Real Conversations' (1904). See, further,
Mr. Mikado and Wreck of the Pinafore.

Grilberte. The heroine of the variotis
versions of Meilh.v^ and Halevy's ' Frou-
Frou' (q.v.).

Gilchrist, Constance. Actress ; born
1865; made her professional debut in 1873
at Drury Lane as Prince of the Mushrooms
in ' Jack in the Box.' In 1874 at the Adelphi
Theatre she played Harlequin in the panto-
mime by juveniles called ' The Children in
the Wood' (q.v.). She was afterwards
engaged at the Gaiety Theatre, where she
was the original representative of Tiddy-
widdi in ' Gulliver ' (1879), Muntgiron in ' The
Corsican Brothers and Co.' (1880), Abdullah
in 'The Forty Thieves' (1880), Polly in
'Bul)bles' (1881), Maid Marian in 'Little
Robin Hood' (1882), Anne in 'Blue Beard'
(1SS3), Miranda in 'Ariel' (18S3), etc. She
was also seen there as Libby in ' The Mighty
Dollar ' (ISSO), and as Florence in ' Captain
Cuttle' (1880).

Glided Ag-e (Tlie). A play by George
DiNSMORK, adapted from the story so named
by Mark Twain and C. Dudley Warner, and
first performed at the California Theatre,
San Francisco, in 1873, with J. T. Ravmond
as Colonel Mulberry Sellers. Miss Ada
Rehan has played Laura Hawkins in this
piece in America.

Gilded Fool(A). A play by Henry Guy
Carleto.x, Opera House, Providence, Sep-
tember 1, 1892 ; Fifth Avenue Theatre, New
York, November 7, 1892.

Gilded Youth. A drama in four acts,
by Sir Charles Young, first performed at
Brighton, September 30, 1872.— 'A Gilded
Youth : ' a play by Charles Townsend,
performed in U.S.A.

Gilderoy. (1) A play by William
Barrymore, produced at the Coburg The-
atre, London. (2) A drama in two acts, by
W. H. Murray (q.v.), first performed at
Edinburgh on June 25, 1827, with Pritchard
in the title part, Denham as Walter Lor/an,
J. R. Anderson as Carbine, Mackay as Jock
Muir, Miss M. Murray as Janet, etc. ; pro-
duced at New York in 1828, with H. Wal-
lack in the title part and Mrs. Wallack as
Jessy Logan; revived at the Marvlebone
Theatre in 1871.— A play called ' Gilderoy,
tlie Bonnie Boy ' was performed at Bath in
May, 1829.-" Gilderoy is said to have been
a notorious freebooter in the Highlands of
Perthshire, who, with his gang, for a con-
siderable time infested the country, com-
mitting the most barbarous outrages on
the inhabitants. He was at last hanged"

Gildon, Charles. Dramatic and mis-
cellaneous wTiter, born 1665, died 1724 ;
author of the following plays :— ' The Roman
Bride's Revenge ' (1697), ' Phaethon ' (1698),
' Love's Victim ' (1701), and ' The Patriot '
(1703), all of which see ; author, also, of an
adaptation of ' Measure for Measure' (q.v.)
(1700), and of ' The New Rehearsal ; or,
Bays the Younger, containing an Examen
of Mr. Rowe's Plays ' (1714-15) ; part author,
with John Dennis (q.v.), of ' A New Project
for Regulating the Stage ' (1720). To Gildon
are attributed an edition, brought down
to date, of Langbaine's ' Dramatick Poets '
(1698-9), ' A Comparison between the Two
Stages' (1702), and a 'Life of Mr. Thomas
Betterton ' (1710). See Gibber's 'Apology,'
'BiogTaphia Dramatica' (1812), Genest's
' English Stage ' (1832), and LoAve's ' The-
atrical Literature ' (1888).

Giles. The name of characters in BlCK-
ERSTAFF's 'Maid of the Mill' (q.v.) and
Reynolds' ' Blind Bargain ' (q.v.).

Giles Corey, Yeoman. A drama by
E. W. Presbrey and Mary E. Wilkins,
first performed at the Hollis Street The-
atrp, Boston, U.S. A., by the Theatre of Arts
and Letters, April 1, 1893 ; first represented
in New York at Palmer's Tlieatre, April 18,
1893, Avith Mrs. Agnes Booth and Eben
Plympton in the principal parts— those of a
woman and a man accused of, and sentenced
to death for. Avitchcraft.




Gileso Scrogrg-ini. A dramatic piece
by Mark Lemon {q.v.), produced at the
Olympic Theatre, London, in 1841-4.

Grilfert, Charles. Musical composer,
executant, and conductor ; born 1787, died
1829 ; began life in the orchesti-a at the Park
Theatre, New York ; in 1S13 became one of
the managers of the Commonwealth The-
atre in that city ; was tlie first director tif
the Bowery Theatre (October, 1826), but
failed to conduct it with pecuniary success.
— His wife, a daughter of J. G. Holmaii
{q.v.), after figuring at the Haymarket The-
atre, made her American debut at the Park
Theatre, New York, in October, 1812, as
Lady Tou'iileii. Her last appearance took
place in New York in July, 1831, when slie
was seen as Constance and Mrs. Hallcr.
She died a few months later. " With every
grace of mind and person, she for many
years ranked as the first actress in America
in high comedy, and her merit in tragedy
was nearly as great " (J. N. Ireland).

Gilflory, Mrs. Gen'l. A character in
"WOOLF'S ' Mighty Dollar ' (q.v.).

Gill, William. American dramatic
writer; author of 'A Fatted Calf (189.^.
afterwards ' My Boys '), ' Miss Blythe of
Duluth,' 'The New Humpty Dumpty,' 'Our
Goblins,' 'Our Governess,' 'The Rising
Generation,' ' The Seven Ages,' ' That Sister
of his,' etc. ; also, part author, with F. G.
Maeder (g.v.), of 'My Sweetheart' (q.v.);
with R. Fraser, of ' Six of One and Half a
Dozen of the Other' and 'Such is Life;'
with H. A. Dixey, of • Adonis,' 'The Alder-
man,' and 'Arcadia;' and, with R. Fraser
and H. G. Donnelly, of ' By the Sad Waves '

Gillette. A comic opera in three acts,
music by Audran, libretto by MM. Chivut
and Duru, first performed at the Bouffes
Parisiennes in November, 1832 ; fii-st played
in England, with libretto by H. Savile
Clarke, at the Royalty Theatre, London,
on November 19, 18S3, w'ith Walter Browne
as Count Raymond, F. Kave as King Bene,
W. J. Hill as Grifard, :\Iiss Kate Santley
as Gillette, Miss Kate Munroe as Rosita,
and Miss iNIaud Tavlor as Oliver. The story
is founded, like ' All's Well that Ends Well '
(q.v.), upon Boccaccio's tale of Gillette de

Gillette, "William. Actor and dra-
matic writer, born at Hartford, Connecticut,
1857 ; joined the histrionic profession in
1877. His first play, apparently, belongs to
1879—' The Professor's Wooing.' That was
followed bv ' Esmeralda '(with Mrs. Hodgson
Burnett, 1882), ' Held by the Enemy ' (1886),
' A Legal Wreck ' (1888), ' All the Comforts
«.f Home' (with H. Duckworth, 1891),
' Ninety Days ' (1893), ' The Secret Service'
(1896), ' Because She Loved Him So ' (1898),
and 'Sherlock Holmes' (with Sir A. C.
Doyle, 1901). William Gillette is the author,
also, of a libretto founded on Haggard's
' She,' and of adaptations from the French
and German. As an actor he has been
seen in England in his own productions —

' Secret Service ' (1897), ' Too Much Johnson'
(1898), and ' Sherlock Holmes ' (1901).

Gillian. The students' landlady in
Fletcher's 'Chances' (q.v.). See Land-


j Gillies, Kobert Pearse. Miscel-
I laneous writer, born 1788, died 1858 ; trans-
lated a play named ' Guilt ; or. The Anni-
versary,' from the German of A. G. A.
Muellner (1819).

Gilliflower, Adonis. The hero of
Pnipps's ' My Very Last Proposal ' (q.v.).

Gilliland, Thomas, published in 1804
' A Dramatic Synopsis, containing an essay
on the political and moral use of a theatre ;
involving remarks on the dramatic writers
of the present day, and strictures on the
performers of the two theatres ; ' also, in
1808, 'The Dramatic Mirror' (q.v.). See
Lowndes' ' Bibliographer's Manual ' and
Lowe's ' Theatrical Literature.'

Gilmore, Frank. Actor; was in the
original castsof 'Joseph's Sweetheart' (1888),
'Captain Swift' (Harry Scahrook, 1888),
' That Doctor Cupid ' (1889), ' Miss Tomboy'
(Tom Fashion, 1890), etc.

Gimblet. A character in Selby's ' Ask
no Questions' (q.v.).

Gin. A dramatic version by George
Roberts of Zola's ' L'Assommoir ' (q.v.),
Victoria Theatre, London, INIarch 27, 1880.

Gin, Q,ueen. See Deposing and Death
OF Queen Gin.

Ging-er, Captain. The leading male
character in H. J. Byron's ' Weak Woman '


Gioconda (La). An opera, music by
PonchieUi, libretto by Boito, Covent Garden
Theatre, May 31, 1883 ; ^Metropolitan Opera
House, New York, December 20, 1883 ; per-
formed, with libretto translated and adapted
by Henry Hersee, Grand Opera House,
New York, June 1, 1893.— 'La Gioconda;
or. The Actress of Padua : ' a "revised ver-
sion" of Victor Hugo's ' Angelo [q.v.] ; or.
The Actress of Padua,' first acted under this
title. New Orleans, January 21, 1594.

Giordano. A tragedy by James Law-
son, produced at New York in November,

Giovanna, The Lady. The heroine
of Tennyson's ' Falcon ' (q.v.).

Giovanni, Don. See Don Giovanni
and Little Don Giovanni.

Giovanni in London ; or. The
Libertine Reclaimed. An operatic ex-
travaganza in two acts, by W. T. MoNCRlEFF,
first performed at the Olympic Theatre,
London, December 26, 1817, with Mrs.
Gould as the Don, and R. Keeley as Lepo-
rello. Later, the Don was played by Mdme.
Vestris, who made a great success in the
character. The piece was first performed
in America at New York in March, 1827,
with Mrs. Hackett as Giovanni. It was



played so lately as 1844 at the Victoria The-
atre, London. Among the characteis are
Finikin, Pojnnjaij, Squalling Fanny, Mrs.
Leporello, Mr. and Mrs. Drainemdry, and
Mr. and Mrs. Porous. 'Giovanni in New
York' was seen in that city in 1841, with
Mrs. Thome as the Don. ' Giovanni in
Gotham' was brotight out in New York in
1S42, with Mrs. Timm as the Don.

Grip. A character in Reade's • Wander-
ing Heir' (q.v.).

Gipsies (The). A comic opera in two
acts, adapted by C. Dibdin from Favart's
' La Bohemienne,' and first performed at
the Haymarket Theatre in August, 177S.
— ' Gipsies : ' an operetta in one act, words
l»y Basil Hood, music by Wilfred Bendall,
Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, October
25, 1890.

Gipsy (The). A play in one act, by
Charles Hannan, Theatre Royal, Kidder-
minster, May 6, 1901.

Gipsy Earl (The). A drama in four
acts, by George R. Sims, first performed at
the Adelphi Theatre, London, August 31,
1898, Avith Fred Terry in the title part
{Pharaoh Lee, reaWy Lord Trevannion), M\iis
Julia Neilson as Naomi Lovcll (I'eally Miss
Jloy), and other parts by G. Hippesley, E.
Maurice, H. Nicholls, W. Mollison, Miss
Keith Wakeman, IMiss S. Fairbrother, Mrs.
Henry Leigh, Miss Marriott, etc.

Gipsy Farmer (The). A drama in
two acts, by J. B. JoiiNSTONE (q.v.), per-
formed at the Surrey Theatre in 1844.

Gipsy Gabriel. A comic opera in three
acts, libretto (founded on the opera of ' Guy
Mannering') by Walter Parke and Wil-
liam IIOGARTH, music by Florian Pascal,
Bradford, November 3, 1887.

Gipsy Jack. (1) An extravaganza by
W. T. MoNCRlEFF, performed at the Coburg
Theatre, London. (2) A drama in four acts,
by Henry Bedford, first performed at the
Victoria Theatre, Burnley, August 5, 1899,
•with the author in the title part ; INIorton's
Theatre, Greenwich, January 22, 1900.

Gipsy King- (The); or, The Peri-
lous Pass of the Cataract. A romantic
drama in three acts, by J. BoswoRXU, first
performed at the Queen's Theatre, London,
May 25, 1837.

Gipsy Prince (The). A comic opera
in two acts, words by Thosias Moore,
music by Kelly, first performed at the Hay-
market Theatre in July, 1801.

Gipsy Queen (The). A play in one
act, founded on ' The Hunchback of Notre

Gipsy's "Venseance (The). The title
given to an English version of ' II Trova-
tore,' produced at New York in 1858.

Gipsy's Warning- (The). An opera
in three acts, libretto by Lixley and Peake,
music by Jules Benedict (q.v.), Drury Lane
Theatre, April 19, 1838 ; performed in New
York in 1841.

West London Theatre, June 23,

Giralda ; or, The Sieg-e of Harlech.
A tragedy by John Jackson, performed at
Dublin in 1777, and at Covent Garden in
May, 1778 (under the title of ' The British
Heroine ').

Giralda, ou la Nouvelle Psyche.

An opera, libretto by Scribe and music by
Adolphe Adam (Opera Comique, Paris, 1850),
of which several dramatic adaptations have
been produced in England : (1) ' Giralda ;
or. The Invisible Husband,' produced at
the Olympic Theatre, London, September
12, 1850, with INIrs. Stirling as Giralda, Leigh
Murray as Do7i Manuel (her husband), W.
Farren as Don Philip, G. Cooke as Don
Japhet, Mrs. Leigh Murray as the Princess
of Arragon, H. Compton as Piquillo (the
miller), etc. (2) ' Giralda ; or, The Miller's
Wife,' written by Benjamin Webster, and
produced at the Haymarket Theatre, Sep-
tember 16, 1850, with Miss Fitzwilliara as
the heroine, E. Wright as Gil (the miller),
P. Bedford as Don Japhet, etc. (3) ' Geraldi ;
or, The Invisible Husliand,' performed at
the City of London Theatre, October 19,
1850, with Miss E. Clayton as the heroine,
E. F. Saville as Pillano, W. Searle as Don
Japhet, etc. (4) ' Giralda ; or. Which is my
Husband ? ' produced at the Grecian Saloon,
October 25, 1850.— Adam's opera, with an
English libretto by Arthur Baildon, was
produced by Carl Rosa at the Lyceum
Theatre, London, September 21, 1876, with
Miss Ida Corani as the heroine, Miss
Josephine Yorke as the Queen, H. Nord-
blom as Don Manuel, F. H. Celli as the
Prince of Arragon, C. Lyall as Gines, and
Aynsley Couk as Don Japhet.—' Giralda ;
or, Love and Mystery,' was produced at
New York, Mith INIrs. Skerratt as Giralda,
George Jordan as Don Manuel, ^\. E. Bur-
ton as Gil. and Lester Wallack as the King.
See also Dark Night's Work ; Maid of
THE Mill ; Manieaux Noirs.

Girardin, Madame de. See Angel
or Devil ; Betty Martin ; Kerry.

Girl from Chili (The). A three-act
farcical comedy, by Wm. L. Roberts, origi-
nally produced at Burt's Theatre, Toledo, O.,
December 25, 1898.—' The Girl from 'Frisco :'
a musical comedy in three acts, written by
Myron Leffingwell, Ballston Spa, New
York, October 4, 1897.

Girl from Kay's (The). A musical
comedy in three acts, written by " OwEV
Hall,'"' "Adrian Ross," etc., and composed
by Cecil Cook and others ; produced at
the Apollo Theatre, London, November 15,
1902, with Miss Ethel Irving in the title
part (Winnie Harhorough), and other cha-
racters by Miss Kate Cutler, Miss Letty
Lind, Miss M "^'Ungton, Miss E. Snyder,
INIiss K. Gord' ' "^ W. Garden, Louis Brad-
field, Aubre ii^'^- raid, W. Cheesman, F.
Emney, ,":nor'-"e 91 douin.

. ^.H'ertu'^acSd'- oa^'s (The). A farce

*" id of s" INIiss Ffv from the 'Dame de

<^tab:sliked her part, i,es Feydeau (Paris,

stai.siin. x- .^.ji^j^ Theatre, New



Haven, Ct., August 24, 1899 ; Criterion The-
atre, New York, August 29, 1899 ; Criterion
Theatre, London, March 20, 1902, with Miss
Beatrice Ferrar in the title part {Praline),
H. Standing and E. W. Garden as General
and Dr. Petitpont, Miss R. Erskine as
Madame Petitpont, and other parts by Mrs.

E. Saker, E. M. Robson, W. Wyes, etc.
Girl from Paris (The). A musical

farce in two acts, book by George Dance,
music by Ivan Caryll, and orchestration by
George Hayes, performed in America at the
Herald Square Theatre, New York, Decem-
ber 8, 1896. See Gay Parisienne.

Girl from Up There (The). An ex-
travaganza in three acts, libretto by HUGil
Morton, music by Gustav Kerker, pro-
duced in New York at the Herald Square
Theatre, January 7, 1901, with Miss Edna
iNIay in the title part (Olga), Miss Virginia
Earle as Phrynette, and other parts by
FarrenSoutar, H.Davenport, etc. ; produced
at the Duke of York's Theatre, London,
April 23, 1901, with Miss May, INIiss Earle.

F. Farren, and H. Davenport in their original

Girl Graduate (A): an Idyll of
Commem. A comedietta in one act, by
Edward Rose, New Theatre, Oxford, June

28, 1886.

Girl he Left Behind him (The). A
"variety "in one act, "conveyed from the
French by Delacour Daubigny" (G. R.
Sims), the music by Max Schroeter, first
performed at the Vaudeville Theatre, Lon-
don, on November 28, 1881, with J. R.
Craufurd as Tom Tarpaulin, Thomas Thorne
as Peter Popcorn, and W. Lestocq and Miss
Kate Phillips in other parts.— ' The Girl
he Left Behind him ' is the sub-title of
BURNAND's ' On the Rink ' (q.v.).

Girl I Left Behind me (The). (1)
A play by John Oxenford, first performed
at the Olympic Theatre, London, on Novem-
ber 2, 1864. See FIRST AFFECTIONS. (2)

A play by David Belasco and Franklin
Fyles, first performed January 6, 1893,
Sadler's Wells, London ; produced at the
National Theatre, Washington, January 16,
1893 ; produced at the Empire Theatre, New
York, January 23, 1893 ; produced at the
Adelphi Theatre, London, April 13, 1895,
with W. Terriss as Lieutenant Raickesworth,
Miss IMillward as Kate Kennion, and other
parts by F. H. Macklin, C. Fulton, \V. L.
Abingdon, E. W. Gardiner, etc.

Girl I Love (The). A play by E.
Barnes, performed in U.S.A.

Girl in Style (The). A farce by Mrs.
SCOEN, first performed at Covent Garden
on December 6, 1786.

Girl of my Heart (The); or, Jack
Ashore. A drama in f^ea jT-cts, by Her-
bert Leonard, Surrey' (witbe, London,
December 21, 1896. iillette is l

Girl -up to Date uncled on H^iay by
Eille Norwood, firsrions from the t^-^ at
Schenectady, New ■::n actor he has h<ca
1895. See NOBLE A; his own productions-

Girl Wanted. (I) A farcical comedy
in three acts, by R. N. Stephenson, Four-
teenth Street Theatre, New York, January
6, 1895. (2) A play by Frank Bush, per-
formed in U.S.A.

Girl with a Temper (A). A plav by
Alfred Hennequin and Joseph A. JEs^r.L,
Pottsville, Pa., May 4, 1893; People's The-
atre, New York, May 17, 1893.

Girl's "Way (A). A play by Miss
Marsden, performed in U.S.A.

Girls (The). A comedy in three acts,
by H. J. Byron iq-v.), first performed at the
Vaudeville Theatre, London, on April 19,
1879, with Miss Kate Bishop as Mabel
Clench, Miss M. Illington as Clara Mcrton,
Miss S. Larkin as Mrs. Clench, Miss Cicely
Richards as Jane, H. Howe as Josiah
Clench, D. James as Plantagenet Potter, T.
Thorne as Tony Juclson, C. W. Garthorne
as Lord Aspland; played in the English
provinces in 1879, with J. C Cowper as
Potter and Pitt as Judson.

Girls and Boys: a Nursery Tale.
A comedy in three acts, by A. W. Pinero
iq.v.), first performed at Toole's Theatre,
London, on October 31, 1882, Avith J. L.
Toole as Solomon Prothero, J. Billington as
Josiah Papworth, E. D. Ward as Mark
Avory, Miss Ely Kempster as Jenny Kibble,
MissMyra Holme as Gillian West, and other
parts by Miss E. Johnstone, E. AY. Garden,
G. Shelton, and Miss Nelly Lyons. 3[ark
and Gillian fall in love, but, Papicorth (who
has adopted Mark) disapproving of the
alliance, Gillian agrees to marry Solomon.
In the end Mark and Gillian come together
again, and Solomon marries Jenny. The
comedy was first performed in America at
Daly's Theatre, New York, November 5,
1883, with J. Lewis as Prothero, C. Fisher
as Papworth, and Miss Ada Rehan as Jenny

Girls of the Period (The). A
"musical folly" by F. C. Burnand, pro-
duced at Drury Lane, February 25, 1869.

Girls will be Girls. A musical comedy
in three acts, written by Florence Lyndall,
composed by Arthur Gatburn and Herbert
Sydney ; Royalty Theatre, Llanelly, March
19, 1900.

Girofle - Girofla. An opera bouffe,
libretto by Leterrier and Vanloo, music
by C. Lecocq (Brussels, March, 1874), pro-
duced at the Op(5ra Comique Theatre, Lon-
don, June 6, 1874 ; performed, with an
English libretto by Clement O'Neil and
Campbell Clarke, Philharmonic Theatre,
London, October 3, 1874, with IVIiss Julia
Mathews in the title roles, Miss Jenny Pratt
as Paquita, Miss Everard as A\irora, W.
H. Fisher as Marasquin, E. Rosenthal as

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