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Naburn (reg.). They had issue —

George, j

George, | ,, ,

Wilham, • "

Brian, j

Brian, d. v. p., called eldest son in his father's will ;
mar. Ann, dau. of Robert Scarisbrick, of Scaris-
brick, sett. 13 Oct. 1729.

George (XII).

Stapleton, b. 8 Dec. 1699 (reg.), d. unmar.

Grace, C?) bp. Dec. 1701 at Naburn (reg.), d. unmar.

Mary, d. unmar.

XII. GEORGE PALMES, ESQ., of Naburn, exor. of his father ;
mar. Frances, dau. and cob. of Robert Plumpton, Esq., of
Plumpton. They had issue —

George Palmes, Esq., of Naburn, d. 7 Feb. 1774.
Will 28 Jan., pr. at York Aug. 1774 (Reg. Test,
cxviii, 303) ; mar. Catherine, dau. of George
Heneage, Esq., of Hainton. They had issue —
Anne, only dau., d. inf.
John (XIII).
Robert, d. inf.
Brian, d. unmar. 2 Sept. 1767.

UUGD ale's visitation OF YORKSHIRE. '29 i

JOHN PALMES, ESQ., of Naburn ; succeeded his brother
Geoi'ge, d. l6 Sept. 1784, bur. at Naburii ; mar. Susannah,
dau. of Tliomas Wharrie, of Hull, 16 Nov. 1775, at St
Mary's, Hull (remar. VVilliam Swiney, of Wexford). They
liad issue —

George (XIV').

Elizabeth, b. 6 Feb. 1778 ; mar. Samuel Walker,
Esq., of Masborough, 29 Apr. 1801 at Naburn,
d. 4 Apr. 1867.

XIV. GEORGE PALMES, ESQ., of Naburn, J.P., D.L., b.
18 Oct. 1776, d Mar. 1851 ; mar. Margaret Isabella, dau.
of William Liiidsav, Esq., of Oatlauds, near Glasgow,
15 Jan. 1810, d. 8" Apr. 1869. They had issue-
Brian, b. 16 Dec. 1811, officer 52nd Regiment, d.

uninar. in Barbados.
William Lindsay (XV).
John Philip, Capt. R.N., mar. Mary, dau. of S. Head,

of Tipperarv. They had issue.
Manfred, d. in Trinidad 1839.
James, M.A., rector of Escrick ; mar. . . , and had

Isabella, b. 1815; :aar. 1834 James Bruce Jardine.
Georglna, b. 1823 ; mar. Jolin William Brotherton.
Eliza, b. 1829 ; mar. Capt. Willoughby Carter.
Frances Edith, b. 1831 ; mar. Rev. George Carpenter.

Naburn and Hornsea, b. 4 June 1813, d. 1888; mar. 1849,
Marianne, dau. of Amaziah Empson, Esq., of Spellow Hill,
b. 22 Oct. 1815, d. 1903. They had i.ssue—

George (XVJ)

Arthur Lindsay, b. 1853, mar.

Guy St. Maur, mar. Georgiaria Rachel, dau. and coli.
of Edward Lloyd, of Lingcroft.

Bryan William, of Queensland.

Joiin Edmund, d unmar. 1894.

Ellen Isabella.

Maria Edith.

XVI. REV. GEORGE PALMES, M.A., Vicar of Naburn, b.
1851 ; mar. 1882 Blanche, dau. of H. Dalbiac Harrison, of
Holbrook Park, Horsham. They have issue-
George Bryan.
William Teverey.
.Jerome, d. voung.
Guv Nicholas.

292 uugualk's visitation of Yorkshire.


A. GUY PALMES (second son of William Palmes and Ellen
RoclifiFe), Serjeant at Law, d. Nov. 151(5. Will dated
London, 13 Nov., pr. there 4 Dec. 1516 (Holder, Test.
Ebor., V, 80), to be bur. in chuich of White Friars, London ;
mar. Jane, dau. and coll. of John Drewe, of Bristol (widow
of Nicholas Moore). They had issue —

1. Brian (B).

2. George, named in his father's will.

3. John, named in his father's will. He had issue —

William, named in his uncle Stephen's will.

4. Guy, named in his father's will.

5. Leonard. He had issue —

Richard, named in his uncle Stephen's will.

6. Stephen, of Cawood, gent. Will 21 July 5 Edw. VI

(1551), pr. at York 19 Aug. 1551 (Reg. Test, xiii,
753), to be bur. in Cawood Church ; mar. Elizabeth,
dau. of John Acclora, of Moreby.

7. Francis, named in his father's will.

Jane, mar. Sir Nicholas Fairfax, Knt., of Walton.
Elizabeth, named in her father's will.

B. BRIAN PALMES, ESQ., of Lindlev, ju. ux., and Ashwell,

CO. Rutl., d. 19 Oct. 1528, bur. at Otlev. M.I. Will 2 Oct.
1528, pr. at York 14 Apr. 1529 (test. Ebor., v, 264) ;
mar. Isabel, dau. and h. of Thomas Lindley, Esq., of
Lindley (remar. Sir Thomas Johnson, lie. 12 Jan. 1528-9,
Test. Ebor., iii, 375). They had issue-
Francis (C).

Thomas, executor of his brother Francis.
Maude, mar. Thomas Beckwith, of Clint.
Jane, mar. William Caterall, of Rathmell.

C. FRANCIS PALMES, ESQ., of Lindley and Ashwell. Will

12 Aug. 1567, pr. at York 23 Jan. 1567-8 (Reg. Test., xvii,
752) ; mar. Margaret, dau. of Roger Corbett, of Moreton, co.
Salop. They had issue —

Francis (D).

Isabel, named in her father's will.

D. FRANCIS PALMES, of Lindley, mar. Mary, dau. and coh.
M»f} • C'*^- ^*^ of Stephen Hadnall, of . . . Thev had issue —

/^7/. Sir Guy (E).


Andi-ew, mar. and had issue.
Margaret, mar. Edward Neville, Esq.
Ellen, mar. Sir Edward Griffin, of Wakerlev.


E. SIR GUY PALMES, of Lindlev and Ashwell, J.P., High

Shei-iff 1622, admon. at Yoi-k 12"' Oct. 1627; mar. Ann, dau.
of Sir Edward Stafford, Knt. They had issue —
Brian (F).
Stafford, d. unmar.
William, d. unmar.
Francis, d. unmar.
Douglas, mar. John Vaughan, Esq.

Mary, mar. William Mallory, Esq., of Studley, bur.
10 Mar. 1661-2 at Ripon Minster. Will 3 Mar.
1661-2, pr. at York.
Anne, mar. first Sir Thomas Browne, Bart., secondly

Robert Sutton, Lord Lexington.
Elizabeth, mar. William Leake, Esq.

F. SIR BRIAN PALMES, Knt.f'of^nd'ley, M.P. for Stam- i^- ■T,^.C^.e^

ford 1625-6 and Aldborough 16-10, raised a regiment for ty^. bcc ^r^/i«^.

Charles I, compounded for his estate, d. at Lindley circ.

Aug. 1654, admon. 1654 at .London (see Diet. Nat. Biog.);

mar. Mary, dau. and coh. of Gervase Tevery, of Stapleford, .* - ^=^7

CO. Nott. They had issue —

1. Tevery, d. unmar.

2. Francis, d. s.p. ; mar. Lady Mar\', dau. of Mildmay

Fane, second Earl of Westmorland (remar. John
Cecil, fourth Earl of Exeter).

3. William (G).
.\nne, d. unmar.

Catherine, of Y^ork. Will 2 Feb. 1704-5, pr. at York

(Reg. Test., Ixx).
Elizabeth, mar. Joseph Webster, Esq.

G. WILLIAM PALMES, of Lindley and Malton, ju. ux. ; mar. u^ - i^-^k.Cr^.a-^

Mary, dau. and coh. of Sir Wifliam Eure, lie. 8 July 1663 ; /.^/Ma^^^ a

she had a share of Malton; in the division, through the ^' '^
quarrels of the coiieiresses, the house was pulled down.
They had issue —

Francis, bur. 10 Apr. 1698, at Old Malton.
j,i-Sc^. William, d. s.p., bur.;^1732 at Old Malton; mar. T.U'^i^.C^. Ox^.
Elizabeth Watson. a<:(-^ ■ AU'ei . /u.

Guy, bp. 24 Apr., bur. 5 Sept. 1669 at Old Malton.
Maria, bur. 5 Oct. 1666 at Old Malton.
Katherine, bp. 10 Nov. 1670 at Old :Malton.
Margaret, of Malton, bur. there. Will 9 Aug. 1734,

pr. at Y''ork.
Elizabeth, mar. Sir William Strickland, Bart.

294 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire.

BiRDFORTH Wapkntakk. Tlireske, 23° Aug. 1665.

lorkluaoD of .^oiunbn.

CHRISTOPHER LOCKWOOD, of Soweihv, bur. there
1 May 1.587. Will 27 Apr., pr. 29 July 15^7 (vol. xxiii,
501) ; mar. Clare, dau. to Christopliei- Lassell.s, of Braken-
burgh. Will 7 Apr. 1617, pr. at York 13 Julv 1619 (vol.
XXXV, 394). They had issue—

1. John, named in his fathers will "| ^,, ,
n 17 • Ulover s

2. I'lancis, - y^f f-

3. Nicholas, named in his mother's will, J

4. Richard (II).

Elizabeth, mar. Christopher Wright, of Sowerby,

14 May 1594 at Sowerby.
Maiy, mar. James Smith, of Sowerby (Glover).

RICHARD LOCKWOOD, of Sowerby, in com. Ebor., died
a" 164'J or thereabouts, executor of liis mother, admon.
at London 1655, Dorothy his wife renouncing; 7nar. Clare,
dauyhier to Anthony Byerley, of Pickhill, in com. Ebor.,
first tvife, 18 May 1602, bp. there 29 Sept. 1581. They
had issue —

1. Clare, wife of . . . Best, of . . . in com. Ebor.

2. Elizabeth, wife of Raphe Atkinson, of Wensley, in

com. Ebor., she was bp. at Sowerby 8 Feb. 1606-7.
inar. Dorothy, daughter of Anthony Atkinson, of Wensley,
in com. Ebor., second ^vife, (1) bur. at Sowerbj' 17 Mar.
1667-8. They had issue —

1. Matthew (III).

2. John Lockwood, bp. at Sowerby 17 Sept. 1635.
Dorothy, wife of John llamerton, of Fnrston, in co.

Ebor., she was bp. at Sowerby 8 July 1627, and
bur. at Featherstone 20 Aug. (X) 1666.

Jane, bp. at Sowerby 14 June 1629.

Johan, bp. at Sowerby 27 June 1632.

MATUEW LOCKWOOD, of Sowerby, cBt. So ann. 23" Aug.
1665, bp. at Sowerby 29 Sept. 1631 ; mar. Barbara, daugh.
and coheire of Thomas Beckwith, of Aketon, in com. Ebor.,
Esq''., bur. at Sowerby 7 Sept. 1656. Thev had issue —

1. Richard (IV).

2. Thomas, lel. 11 an. 1665.

Barbara, (tt. 9 an. 1005; (!) mar. John Grimston,
gent., at Thornton Bridge, lie. at Sowerby or

DUGD ale's visitation OF YORKSHIRE.


IV. RICHARD LOCKWOOD, of Sowei-by, ,Kt. 12 an. S3' Aug.

1665, bur. at Sowerbv 29 Nov. 1687 ; mar. Jane . . .

They had issue-
Matthew, bp. 8 Feb. 1677-8.
Elizabeth, bp. 27 Apr. 1680.

Authorities — Sowerby and Pickhill Registers — Wills.

Pickering Lythe Wapentake

Malton, 29 Aug. 1665.


Arms: — Quarterly Argent and Sable, on a bend Gules three mullets of the tirst.
Crest : — A derai-lion Or, charged with a b-ind Gules, thereon three mullets

Argent, in the paws a battle-axe. head of the last, handle of the

second, charged with a quatrefoil of the first.

I. HUGH DE CAY LEY, of Owhy in com. Norff., died
a" IJ^o Edw. I, A" Domini 1SS7. He had issue—

II. S- WILLIAM CAY LEY, of Oa-bij, Kn'. He had issue-
Ill. JOHN CAYLEY, of Oichy, Esq. He had issue—

1. S'' William Caley, of Owhy, Kn', eldest son ; mar.
Alice, dauyhlev of S'' John Bruse, Knight. They
had issue —

1. Agnes, eldest da. and coheire, wife of John

Harsleke, of ... , in com. Norff.

2. Eva, second daughter and coheire, tuife oj

Edmund Clipsby, of Clij^shy, in com.
John (IV).

IV. JOHN CALEY, of Normanton, in com. Ebor. He had
issue —

1. Hugh Caley, eldest son, ob. sine prole.

2. William Cayley, of Normanton, in com. Ebor. He

had issue —

296 I)U(;i)ale's visitation of Yorkshire.

Jennet, daiighter and sole heire ; mar. John
Lake, of Kormanton (in right of his tvi/e
Jennet), ivhich conlineived with the name
for 6 generations, till the raigne of Qu.
Eliz., when Anne, daughter and heire of
John Lake, the last of that name, married
to Oliver Beale, of Woodhouse, in the
parish of Drax, in com. Ebor., in ivhose
right a parte of Normanton passed to that
S. John (V).

V. JOHN CALEY. He had issue—

VI. WILLIAM CALEY. He had issue—

1. Jiih'i t'aley, eldest son, oh. s. prole.

2. Edward (VII).

VII. EDWARD CALEY, of the citly of Yurke, 2 Son. He had
issue —

1. William Caley, eldest son (VIII).

2. John Caley, Parson of Thormondby, in com. Ebor.

VIII. WILLIAM CALEY, eldest son. He had issue—

IX. JOHN CA YLEY, of Mallon. He had issue—

1. Edward (X).

2. William Cayley, Parson of Thormonby, in com. Ebor.

3. Lawrence Cayley, third son.

X. EDWARD CALEY, of Malton. He had issue—
1. William (XI).
,?. Richard Cayley, second son.

XI. WILLIAM CAYLEY, of Thormonby, elde.^t son, died
at Thormonby a' 15S6 ; mar. Joane, Daughter of
J., (l-j Richard Gouldthorpe, Alderman and Mayor of the citty of
Yorke a" 1688. She died at Bromptoti in Pickering Lithe
in com. Ebor., bur. there 26 Nov. 1618 (reg.). They had
issue —

1. Edward (XII).

2. James Cayley, of Thormonby. in com. Ebor. ; mar.

Mary, daughter of Ralph' 11,11, of Sommerby, in
com. Eboriim. They had i.ssue —

Edn^ard, "j

Richard, • , , ^ rn

D.,,.. M" tlie service of Ciia


DUGD ale's visitation OF YORKSHIRE. 297

XII. EDWARD CALEY, of Brompton in Pickering Lyth, eldest
son, died about the yeare 1633, bur. 12 Dec. 1642 at Brompton
(reg.) ; mar. Anne, dauyhter of William Walters, of Cundall,
in CO. Ebor., Esq'; married a" 1604, bur. 22 Oct. 16-10 at
Brompton (reg.). They had issue —

1. S'- William (XIII).

2. S'' Arthur Cayley, of Neivland, in com. Warr., Kn*,

bp. 9 Feb. 1614-5, at Brompton; marr. Mary,

daughter of ... . Oldfeild, of Spalding, in com.

Line, relict of Barnabas Holbech, of Birchley Hall,

in y' parish of Filloughley, in com. Warr., first

wife, died ivithont issue.

Mar. Ilesther, daughter of . ... Simonds, of

London, relict of Charles Haylns, of Newland, in

com. Warr., 3'' wife. They had issue —

Mary, mar. Sir Samuel Marrow, of Barkes-
well, CO. Warw., lie. 13 October 1669.
Thomas Cayley, bp. 4 Feb. 1622-3, ? bur. 6 July

1643 at Brompton.
Thomas, bp. 24 Mar. 1616-7, bur. 10 Sept. 1622 at

Mary, died unmarried, ? bur. 4 July 1624 at Brompton.
Elizabeth, wife of Robert Colthurst, of Upleatham in

Cleveland, gent.
Catherine, wife of Arthur Ingram, of Knottingley,

Esq'-. ; mar. 26 Nov. 1629 at Brompton (reg.).
Anne, bp. 6 Sept. 1618 at Brompton [reg.), wife of

Tho. Davile, of Kirby-Fleelham, neer Richmond,

in com. Ebor., Esq''.

XIII. 5'- WILLIAM CAYLEY, of Brompton, Kn', eldest son,
knighted by King Charles y' ]^' at Theobalds 2 Mar. 1641,
created Bar' 20 'April 1661, ait. 56 an. 29 Aug. 1665, bp.
6 Dec. 1610 at Brompton, d. 2 bur. 5 May 1681 at
Brompton. M.I. Will 22 Jan. 1677-8, pr. at York 21 July
1681 (Reg. Test., lix, 116); mar. Dorothy, eldest daughter
of S'' William S' Quiniin, of Harpham, in the cotinty of
Yorke, Bart; married a" 1633, lie. at Folkton. They had
issue —

1. Edward Galey, eldest son, died ivithout issue, set. 9.
bur. at St. Mary, Hull, 29 Dec. 1642.

S. William (XIV).

3. Arthur, of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law ; mar. Eliz.,

daughter of Thomas Shiptou, of Lyth, 14 Apr. 1662
at Brompton. They had issue (a quo Cayley of

4. Cornelius Cayley, bp. 14 Aug. 1644 at Brompton

(reg.); mar. Anne, dau. of Cecil Tyrwhytt. They
had issue (see " Baronetages ").

5. Hugh Cayley, bp. 20 Oct. 1648 at Brompton (reg.).

298 dugijale's visitation of Yorkshire.

Mary, bp. 5 Juh' 1636 at Brompton ; mar. Thomas
Simpson, of Hj'ton, in com. Kbor.

Anne, bp. 4' Mar. 1646-7 at Brompton (reg.) ; mar.
Francis Wyvill.

XIV. (SIR) WILLIAM GAYLEY, of Brompton, Esq-, second son,
cet. SO an. 29 Aug. 1665, 2d Bart., bp. 23 June 163.5 (reg.),
bur. 7 July 1708. Will 30 Sept. 1706, pr. at York 16 Mar.
1708-9 (Reg. Test., Ixv, 177); mar. Mary, onely daughter
and sole heire of Barnabas Ilolbech, of Birchley Hall, in
CO. Warr., by Mary, daughter of ... . Oldfeild, of Spalding,
in the county of Line, after married to Arthur Caley, now
S- Artliur Caley, of Newland, ut supra, bur. 15 Sep. 1709
at Brompton. Tliej' liad issue —

1. William Caley, eldest son, cet. 12 an. S9 Aug. 1665,

d. unm.

2. Sir Arthur (XV).

3. Edward cet. 9 aim., d. s.p.

4. Barnabas, cet. 7 an., d. s.p.

5. Thomas, cet. 6 an., d. s.p.

6. Charles, cet. 5 ann., d. s.p.

7. Symon, cet. 4 f"«- / '"a^r They had issue.

8. Henry, cet. 2 an., bp. 27 Apr. 1663 at Brompton, d. s.p.
John, bp. 24 May 1666 at Brompton.

Dorothy, bp. 15 Dec. 1664 at Brompton; mar. Sir
Jolm Legard, 2d Bart., of Ganton, as second wife.

Mary, bp. 28 Oct. 1668, ? bur. 11 Dec. following.

Hester, bp. 22 Dec. 1673; mar. in 1696 Reginald
Heber, Esq., of Marten.

XV. SIR ARTHUR CA YLEY, third Bart., of Brompton, a^ 10
ann., d. 19 May 1727 ; mar. Everilda, dau. of George
^. ri.7 Thornhill, Esq., of Fixby at Overton, 28 May 1699, bp.

at Elland 23 June 1680. They had issue-
William, d. 1719 c-vt. 19 at Saffron Walden.
Sir George (XVI).
Arthur, d. young.
Mary, mar. 19 Jan. 1726-7 Henry Maister, Esq.

XVI. SIR GEORGE CAYLEY, fourth Bart., of Brompton, d.
Sept. 1791, ivt. 84. Will 22 Jan. 1782, pr. at York
15 Sept. 1791 (Reg. Test., cxxxv, 420); mar. 31 May 1730
Philadelphia, dau. and coh. of John Digb}', Esq., of Mans-
field Woodhouse, d. 14 Jan. 1795. Thev liad issue —

1. Sir Thomas (XVII).

2. George, bp. 11 Jan. 1735-6 at Belfreys, York.

3. Ai-thur, bp. 3 July 1739 at Belfreys; mar. Anne
Eleanor Shulz. They had issue —

Arthur, Rector of Normanby ; mar. his cousin
Lucy Cay ley, 30 May 1803, at St. Geo.,
Han. Sq.

4. William, bp. 5 May 1742 at Belfreys, d. unm.


DU(; dale's visitation of Yorkshire. 299

5. Digby, Rector of Thormanby; mar. Elizabeth, dau.

and h. of Thomas Robin.soii, Esq., of Welburn.
They had issue —

Lucy, mar. Rev. Arthur Cayley.

Dorothy, mar. Ven. Archdeacon Wrangham.

Frances Elizabeth, mar. Thomas Smith, M.D.

6. John, of Sharow Lodge, d. 14 Nov. 1818, set. 77,

bur. at Ripon Minster, M.I. ; mar. Catherine, dau.
of Richard Lanr;lev, Esq., of Wvkeham, d. 21 Mar.
1823, bur. at ''Ripon Minster," ISI.I. They had
issue —

George St. Luke.
Dorothy, bp. 1 June 1737 at St. Olaves, York.
Everilda, d. young.
Philadelphia, d. young.
Frances, bp. 12 May 1738 at Belfreys, York; mar.

Rev. John Cayley, Rector of Terrington.
Rebecca, bp. 6 July 1743 at Belfreys.

XVIL SIR THOMAS CAYLEY, fifth Bart., of Brompton, d.
15 Mar. 1792; mar. Isabella, dau. of John Seton, of
Arbroath, d. 30 Julv 1828. They had issue-
Sir George (XVIII).
Elizabeth, mar. Benjamin Blackden.
Philadelphia Sarah, mar. Barry Slater, M.D.
Isabella, mar. Launcelot Shadvvell, Esq.
Anne, mar. Rev. George Worsley, Rector of Stone-

XVIII. SIR GEORGE CAYLEY, sixth Bart., of Brompton, F.R.S.,

d. 15 Dec. 1857; mai-. 9 July 1795 Sarah, dau. of Rev.
George Walker', d. 8 Dec. 1824. They had issue —
Sir Digby (XIX).

1. Anne, d. s.p. 1872.

2. Isabella, mar. Sir Thomas Charles Style, Bart.

3. Emma, mar. Edward Stillingfleet Cayle}'.

4. Sarah Philadelphia, mar. Sir William Worsley, Bart.

5. Catherine, mar. first R. H. Beaumont, Esq, ; secondly

James Aidaliy Legard.

6. Mary Agnes, mar. James Alexander, M.D.

XIX. SIR DIGBY CAYLEY, seventh Bart., of Brompton, b.

13 Mar, 1807, d. 21 Dec. 1883; mar. 8 July 1830 Dorothy,
dau. and h. of Rev. George AUanson, d. 4 Apr. 1881.
They had issue —

Sir George Allanson (XX).

Digby, of Malton, mar. Charlotte Philadelphia, dau.
of'llob. Bower, Esq., of Welham. They had issue.



Reginald Arthur, Rector of Stowell, co. Soni. ; mar.

Mary Louisa, dau. of Rev. Edmund Estcourt,

and has issue.
Sara, d. j-oung.
Dora, mar. George Arthur Thompson, Esq., of Kirk


Brompton, b. 31 Dec. 1831, d. 10 Oct. 1895 ; mar his cousin,
Catherine Louisa, dau. of Sir William Worsley, Bart., 5 July
1859. They had issue —

George Everard Arthur (XXI).

Digby William.

Ethef Barbara.

Brompton, b. 8 July 1861 ; mar. Lady Mary Susan, dau. of
Hon. Francis Dudley Stuart Wortley, 17 Sept. 1884. They
have issue.


Leedes, 11" Aug. 1665.



Jiortlj IBin'ky*

chief .\rgent three lions' heads erased Ermines.

I. NICHOLAS RICHARDSON, borne in the county jjalatine
of Durham, came into Yorkesh, and settled at Tonqe, a" 1551,
S" Eliz., bur. 10 Mar. 1616 at Tong. Admon. 2 May 1617 ;
mar. Margaret dau. of John Midyley, of Clayton, in Brad-
fordale, in com. Ebor., 1 wile. They had issue —
Richard (II).

1. Margaret, bp. 12 Feb. 1574 at Tong; wife tmto

Michaell Jenkinson, of Pndsey, in com. Ebor.

2. Ellen, bp. 5 Sept. 1 573 ; wife of Richard Cordingley,

of Holme, in Tonge, in co. Ebor.
mar. Anne, y' daughter if Lionell Goodall, 2 ivif'e. They
had issue —

DUGDALe's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 301

Henry, died unmarried, of Tong, bur. there 27 Nov.

Anne, wife of Christopher Cave, of Otley, she was bp.
11 Feb. 1582 at Tong; mar. there 4 Feb. 1605.
RICHARD RICHARDSON, of North Bierley,neer Bradford,
in CO. Ebor. ; paid fine of £40 for not receiving Knighthood at
Coronation of Charles I., bp. 27 Oct. 1576 at Tong, bur. at
Bradford 31 Ma}' 1634 ; mar. first Anne, daughter and heire
of William Pollard, of North Bierley, 2 June 1599 at
Bradford, bur. there 14 Aug. 1624 (reg ). They had issue —

1. William Richardson, died tvithout issue in his father^ s

lifetime, bp. 22 Aug.1602, bur. 17 Jan. 1625-6 (reg.);
mar. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of George Hopkinson,
of Lofthouse, sister of John Hopkinson " the
Antiquary," bp. 27 Dec. 1603 at Rothwell, bur.

6 Nov. 1626, at Bradford.

2. Richard {UI).

3. Thomas, of Bradford, merchant, bp. 24 Dec. 1609 at


1. Anne, bp. 15 Mar. 1612 at Bradford; wife of Thomas

Langley, of Horbury.

2. Alice, 'bp. 10 July 1614 at Bradford; zvife unto

Thomas Senior.

3. Sar.ih, bp. 16 Jan. 1616 at Bradford; wife of Rich.

Jenkinson, mar. secondly Robert Milner, Esq., of

4. Beatrice, wife of James Say\e, of Pudsey ; she was bp.

7 Apr. 1622 at Bradford, bur. 6 Jan. 1700-1 at

Mar. secondly 3 Feb. 1626, at Bradford, Susanna Swains,

RICHARD RICHARDSON, Esq., of North Bierley, died
a" 1654, resided some years at Bradford and then removed
to North Bierley, bp. at Bradford 22 July 1604, bur there
25 Apr. 1656. Will 14 Feb. 1655-6, pr. at London
(Berkeley, 304) ; mar. Jane, ?<' daughter of George Hop-
kinson, of Loithouse, 26 May 1629 at Bradford, bur. there
22 Oct. "1662. They had issue—
i. William (IV).

2. Richard, of Newall, in Bowling, bp. at Bradford
7 Feb. 1635, bur. there 21 June 1699; mar. first
5 July 1656 at Bradford, Mary, dau. of Joseph
Robertshaw, bur. there 19 Jan. 1657.
Mar. secondly Susanna, dau. of . . . Field, of
Bradford, 8 Aug. 1659, bur. there 16 Jan. 1663.
Mar. thirdly Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Pawling.
They had issue —

William, d. unm. at Tong 31 Mar. 1711.

John, of Birks par. Bradford, one of the lords of the

manor, bp. there 6 Jan. 1639, bur. there 26 Feb

302 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE.

1697-8; raar. fiist Ann, dau. of Rubt. Kent, of
Cold Heindley. 'J'liev liad i^ssue —

Richard, of BiVks Hall, gent., bp. at Brad-
ford 26 Apr. 1665, d. uiiiii., bur. there
20 Aug. 1729.

Ann, bp. at Bradford 2 June 1066 ; mar.
Wm.' Naylor, of Wakefield.
Mar. secondly, 25 May 1672, Hannah, dau. of
Thomas Sharp, of Bradford. They had issue —

John, M.A. Canon Res. of York, Archdeacon
of Cleveland, Rector of Beeford, bp. at
Bradford 20 Oct. 1675, bur. in York
Minster 31 Oct. 1735. Will 21 June
1733, pr. at York Apr. 1736; mar.
Alathea, dau. and h. of Mr. Wardman, of
Catfoss, bur. in York Minster 20 May
1733. They had issue-
John, only son, bur. in York
Minster 12 Sept. 1723.

Joshua, bp. 20 Oct., bur. at Bradford
19 Dec. 1685.

Nicholas, bp. at Bradford 11 Sept. 1689,
d. unmar.

Dorothy, mar. Rev. Edmund A\'ickins, of
Bishop thorpe, 5 Feb. 1698.

Jane, bp. at Bradford 2 Nov. 1677 ; mar.
Rev. Nathaniel Wainhouse, Vicar of
Silkstone, 28 Aug. 1697.

Sarah, bp. at Bradford 15 June 1683 ;
mar. Rev. Joseph ("!larkson.

4. George, of Woodhall, par. of Calverley, b. 3 July 1644,

d. 1, bur. 5 Oct. 1696 at Bradford; mar. Sarah,
dau. of Richard Langley, of Priestley Green, bur.
at Bradford 7 Sept. 1709. They had issue —

John, of Woodhall, bur. 8 Apr. 1719; mar.
Frances, dau. of John Milner, of Pudsey,
1 Jan. 1711-2, at Calverley. They had
issue —

John, bp. 28 Mar., bur. 8 Apr.

1716 at Calverley.
George, bp. 27 Oct. 1717 at Cal-
Frances, bp. 3 May 1714 at Cal-
verley, bur. there 8 Mar. 1714-5.

5. Samuell, Clerk, Rector of Burnham Sutton, co. Norf. ;

mar. Frances, dau. of Philip Cornwallis, Rector of
Burnham-Thorpe. They had issue.

6. Joseph, Clerk, Rector of Dunsfold, Lord of the Manor

of Dewsbury ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of John Peebles,
Esq., of Dewsbury, 7 Aug. 1683 at Dewsbury
(reg.). They had issue.

UUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 303

1. Elizabeth, bp. at Bradford 26 Nov. ]630; wife

unto William Pollard, gent., of Bierley.

2. Anne, bp. at Bradford 13 Feb. 1631 ; xvife of William

Brooke, of Lunn, Birstal.
S. Judith, ivife of John Thornton, of Tyersal, gent.
4. Sarah, wife of WilVm Denison, of Wakefield, gent.

Judith, died yonny.

Jane, died yoiiny.

WILLIAM RICHARDSON, E.sq., of Bierley, ait. 28 ann.
11" Auy. 1665, bp. at Bradford 15 Oct. 1629, bur. there
8 June 1667 ; mar. Susan, dauyhter of Gilbert Savile, of
Greethand, near Halifax, co. Ebor., at Elland 2 Aug. 1659,
bur. at Bradford 11 Oct. 1708. They had issue—
Richard (V).

William, of High Fearnley, Birsta], mar. first Mary,
dau. and h. of John Kirkshaw, of Hoyle House,
They had issue —

John, of High Fearnley, bp. at Birstal
16 Mar. 1693, d. unmar. 3 JMay 1721,
bur. at Cleckheaton.
Richard, bp. at Birstal 24 May 1697, d.

unmar., bur. 7 June 1720 at Bradford.
Martha, mar. Edward Iveson, Esq., of Black

Bank, Leeds.
Susanna, d. unra.
JMar. secondly Rachel Kirk, widow, of Wakefield,
there 11 Aug. 1713.
Jane, mar. Edward Ferrand, Esq., of Harden ; she
was bp. at Bradford 26 Aug. 1690, and bur. at
Bingley 3 Apr. 1716.

RICHARD RICHARDSON, Esq., of P.ierley, tetatis 18
mensium 11 Auy. a" 1665, M.A., J. P. for West Riding, bp.
at Bradford 24 Sept. 1663, d. 21 bur. 24 Apr. 1741 at

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