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Halsham. Thev had issue.

MARTIN HILDYARD, of Wynegtude, in Holdernesse, Esq':
Will 30 Dec. 1544, pr. at York 22 May 1545 (Test. Ebor.,
vi, 215); mar. Emme, daughter of S'' Robert Rudstone, of
London, Kn'. They had issue —

1. .V' Christopher Hildyard, of U'ynestede, K'., living
in a" 15S4, bur. at Winestead 24 Julv 1602 (reg.).
Will 15 July, pr. at York 29 July "l602 (xxviii,
709) ; mar. Frances, dau. of Sir John Constable,
Knt., of Burton Constable, bur. at Winestead
2 Feb. 1595-6 (reg.). Tliey had issue -

William, drowned in the moat round the

house at Winestead.
Elizabeth, bur. 7 Jan. 1600-1 at Gains
borough ; mar. William, son and heir
of Charles, Lord Willoughby, of Parham.

ducdalk's visitation of yorkshirk. 333

2. Richard (IX).

John, named in liis fatlier'.s will (a quo Hild3'ard, of

William, of York, Recorder 1581-2, M.P. 1586, bur.
20 Aug. 1608 at Belfreys ; mar. Anne, dau. of
William Howe, Esq. Will 4 Feb. 1619-20, pr.
at York 5 Mar. 1621-2 (vol. xxxvi, 590), They
had issue —

Sir William Hildyard, Bart., of Bishop
Wilton, bp. 11 July 1577 at Beverley
Minster, d. 6 Oct. 1632, bur. at Bi.shop
Wilton, M.I. Will 1 Oct. 1632, pr. at
York 19 Jan. 1632-3 (vol. xlii, 19); mar.
Isabel, dau. and coh. of Ralph Hansby,
of Beverley. They had issue —
Ann, mai-. William Norton, of Sawley.
Elizabeth, mar. Richard Darlev, Esq.
Marv, d. unmar.

RICHARD HILDYARD, of Rouihe, in lloldemes^e, d. before
his brotlier Christopher ; mar. .latta, dauyhter and heire of
Marmaduke Thweng, of Weaverthorpe. They had issue —
,S''- Christopher (X).
John, I

William, j ''• '■■
Ursula, mar. Richard Jackson, of Killingwold, lie.

Frances, mar. first Ralph More, of Bewick ; secondly

Christopher Constable, of Hatfield.
Jane, mar. Hector Cooper, of Risome Garth.
Anne, mar. Thomas Heblethwaite, lie. 1605.

6"- CHRISTOPHER HILDYARD, K'., of Winestead, which
he had from his uncle Christopher, entered his pedigree at
the 1612 Visitation, died circa ann. 1638, bur. at Winestead
23 Nov. 1634 (reg.), nunc, will 22 Nov. 1634, pr. at York
6 Jan. 1634-5 (xlii, 358); mar. EIizab,th, daughter and sole
heire of Henry Welby, of GouskU. (Goxhill), in com. Line,
bur. at Routh. Will 21 Nov. 1638, pr. at York 17 Jan.
1638-9 (unregistered). They had issue—

1. Henry (XI).

2. S'- Robert (Second Line A).

S. Christopher Hildyard, an Utter- Barrister of the Inner
Temple, bp. at Winestead 17 Sept. 1615 (reg.), bur.
at Castlegate, York, 15 May 1694 ; mar. 1 May
1645, Mrs. Elizabeth Booth. "They had issue.

1. Elizabeth, bp. at Winestead 21 July 1605, died

unmarried, bur there 22 July 1631 (reg.).

2. Anne, bp. at Winestead 25 Apr. 1607, wife of

Leonard Hildyard of linrstall in Holdernesse.

334 uugdalk's visitation ok Yorkshire.

Jane, bp. at Wine.stead 18 Dec. 1616, (?) bur. there

12 Jan. 1617-8 (reg.).
S. Sunaniia, bp. at Wiiiestead 30 Dec. 1617, wife of

Robert Moreton (Murton) of Kiiujstoii, upon Hull;

mar. at St Martin's, Coney Street, IS Apr. 1638.
Frances, bp. at Winestead 11 July 1620 (reg.); mar.

Thomas Dowdeswell.
Mary, bp. at Winestead 27 Aug. 1621 (reg.); mar.

Gilbert Pepper, Clerk.

XI. 1IE.\RY IIILDYARD, ESQ., uj Winestead and East llorsley
in com. Sun:, which he bought, a rovalist, fined £2,330, bp.
1 Feb. 1609-10 at Winestead (reg.)." Will 1 July 1673, pr.
at London 15 Jan. 1674; mar. Lady Ann Leake, dau. of
Francis, Earl of Scarsdale. They had issue —

Henry (XII).

Charles, bp. at Winestead 13 June 1637 (reg.).

Edward, a Judge in Barbados.

Philip of East Horslev, mar. and had issue (a tjuo
Hildyard of Goxhill)".

Robert,''d. y.

Nine daughters.

XII. HENRY HILDYARD, ESQ., of Winestead and of Kelstern,
CO. Line, obtained an Act of Parliament, 1677, to sell
Winestead, which he sold to his uncle Sir Robert Hildyard (A);
bp. at Winestead 10 July 1636, d. abroad; mar. first
Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Grantham of Goltho, bur. 1 Nov.
1667, at Winestead (reg.). They liad issue —

Christopher (XIII).

William, (?) bp. at Winestead 24, bur. 26 Oct. 1667
('■eg-)> d. y.

Anne, (1) bp. at Winestead 8 Feb. 1665-6 (reg.), d. y.
Mar. secondly Elizabeth, dau. of John Hilder, Esq. Tliey
had issue —




William, bur. at Kelstern, 5 July 1691

Richard, bur. at Kelstern, 11 Dec. 1695.

Kill. CHRISTOPHER HILDYARD, ESQ., of Kelstern, bur.
1 Sept. 1719 at Kelstern ; mar. Jane, dau. of George Pitt of
Strathfield Saye, co. Hants. They had issue —
Elizabeth, d. unmar.

Dorothy, mar. first 30 Jan. 1719-20 George Clayton

of Great Grimsby ; mar. secondly Ralph Tennyson.

Ann, bur. 10 July 1734 at Cockerington, M.I. ; mar

Adrian Birch of Cockerington.
Jane, mar. John Maisliall, Warden of Louth.



S - ROBERT IIILDYARD of Beverley, K' & B', second son
of Sir Cln-istopher and Elizabetli (Welby), (tt. 5Jf, ann. 2 Sept.
1665. He was a Gentleman of y' Frivy Chamber in Ordinary
to K. Charles y^ P' an is also iii the like to K. Charles y' 2'^.
He was a Colonell of Foote in y' Army of K. Charles y^ first,
and commanded S'' Jfarmaduke Lanydale's Brigade of Horse
when he ivas Jfajor- Generall of all his late Majesties Horse in
England and Wales. At Marston Mcor, cr. a Baronet
25 June 1660. Puiciiaseil Winestead from his nephew-
Henry; a royalist compoundei- and fined £610; bp. at
Winestead 2 June 1612 (reg ), bur. there 7 Mar. 1684-5
(reg.), adinon. 20 Mar. ; mar. first Ja')ie, da. of Christopher
Constable of Hatfeild in com. Ebor., Esq'', ividow of John
Lyster, eldest son of 6'' Jolin Lyster, K', d. s.p.
Mar. secondly Anne, danijhler and coheir of Thomas Thackrey,
Alderman of Hull, tvidotv of S'' Edw. Monntfort of Bercote
(Bescote) in com. Slaf, A'"', lie. 16.34, at St. Mary's, Hull.
They had issue —

1. Christopher (B).

2. Robert, let. S3 ann. 2 Sept. 1665, Captain, bur. 9 June

1685 at Beverley Minster (Poulson); mar. 11 Nov.
1669, at St. Mary's, Hull, Ann, dau. and coh. of
Gervase Hamerton, Esq., of Auckborough, rel. of
Edmund Monckton, Esq. Will 4 Jan. 1706-7, pr.
at "York (vol. Ixiv, 145). They had issue —
Robert, d. y.

Jane, mar. John Legard, Esq., of Anlaby.
Ann, d. y,
Anne, bur. 22 June 1672, at St. John's, Beverley.
Mar. thirdly Helen . . . , d. s.p., bur. 20 Aug. 1679 at
Beverley Minster.

CHRISTOFHER HILDYARD, ESQ., wt. 25 ann. 2" Sept.
1665, d. v.p., bur. at Winestead 9 Jan. 1684-5 (reg.). M.I.
Admon. 28 April 1685; mar. 17 June 1667, at St. Mary's,
Hull, Hester, dau. of Alderman William Dobson of Hull,
bur. 17 Nov. 1716 at Rowley. They had issue—

1. Sir Robert Hildyard, second Bart., of Winestead,

M.P. Hedon 1701-2, rebuilt Winestead, d. unmar.,
bur. at Winestead 14 Nov. 1729 (reg.).

2. Christopher, b. 1676, d. unmar., bur. 4 April 1705 at

St. Mary's, Hull.
William, Rector of Rowley, M.A., bur. at Rowley ;
mar. Nancy, dau. of Thomas Croft of Stillington,
lie. 1712 at St. Cuthbert's, Goodramgate, York, or
Cathedral. Thev had issue- —

Sir Robert (C).

Nancy, j

Frances, ;-d. unmar.

Elizabeth, I

336 dugdalk's visitation ok Yorkshire.

Heiuy of Beverley, bp. 1 Aug. 1683 at Winestead,
C?) bur. there 27 Sept. 1723 (reg.) ; mar. Mary, dau.
of John Davison.

Ann, d. s.p.

Esther, d. s.p.

C. SIR ROBERT HILDYARD, third Bart, of Winestead,

M.P. Great Bedwyn, bp. Lo July 1716, d. at Gilling 1 Feb.
1781, will pr. 1781 ; mar. Maria Catherine, dau. of Henry
Darcy, Esq., of Sedbury, bur. at Winestead 25 Aug. 1747
(reg.). They had issue —
Sir Robert (D).
Henry, d. 30 July 1756.

Mai'y Catherine, bp. St. Martin's, Coney Street, York,

1^ 7 May 173/ bur. at Winestead 17 April 1741 (reg.).

Anne, bur. at Winestead 17 Dec. 1812 (reg.).

Catherine, mar. James Whyte, Esq., of Denbies. She

was bur. at Winestead 5 Sep. 1808 (reg.). They

had an only daughter, Anne Catherine, who married

1815 Tiiomas Blackburne Thoroton, Esq , who took

the name of Hildyard.


Winestead, High Sheriff, Yorks, 1783, bp. at Holy Trinitv,
Goodramgate, 8 Feb. 1743-4, d. s.p. 6 Nov. 1814, a;t. 71,
when the Baronetcy became extinct and the estate came by
his will to his niece, Anne Catherine Whyte ; mar. Mary,
dau. of Sir Edward Dering, Bart, d. 3 Nov. 1816.

Authorities — Poulson's Holderness — Wills — Registers.

GiniNG West Wapentake. Richmuud. 19 Aug. 1665.

Eobiiisoii of liirhbij Habtnsluatlj.

'J'lie eiiteriiifr uf the aniies is respited till proofe be made thereof.

1. LEONARD. He had issue—
II. LEONARD. He had issue-
Ill. JKROME. He iiad is.sue—

IV. LEONARD ROBINSON, of S' Ninians, neere Richmond;
mar. Anne, daughter of Johii Hilton, of Hilton, in com.
W'eslrtiurland. They had issue —

dugdale's visitation of yorkshirk. 337

1. Jeromy (Jerome), ohijt sine prole, joined with his

brother John in the purchase of Kirkby-Ravens-
worth, d. s.p.

2. Boyer, obijt sine prole.
S. John (V).

4. William Robinson, of EUerton, in co. Ebor.

5. Christopher, d. s.p.

1 . Jane, if ivi/e of Thomas Rud, of Appleton, in co. Ebor.

2. Margaret, ivife of John Jaqnes, of Kidston, in com.

S. Mary, y' ivife of Gervase Lighlfoot, of Redmire, in

CO. Ebor.
4. Elizabeth, wife nnlo James Collyns, of Kirky-Ravens-

iverth, in co. Ebor.

JOHN ROBINSON, of Aplegarth, in co. Abor., died a' 1655,
purchased with his brother Jerome the manors of Kirkby-
Havenswortli and Washton from the citizens of London,
1633, bur. in the chancel of Marske 17 Jan. 1656; mar.
Syth, da. of Leonard Smelt, of Kirkby-Fletham, in co. Ebor.,
bp. 22 Feb. 1596-7 at Kirkby Fleetham. They had issue—
7. Leonard (VI).

2. Thomas Robinson, of Eseby, in com. Eborum. Will

dated at Skeedby 4 Mar. 1670-1, pr. 20 Apr. 1671
(unregistered) ; mar. Margaret, da. of John
Barilett, of Richmond, at Marske, 15 Feb. 1656-7.
They had issue-
John, of Easby, who had issue.

3. Mathetv Robinson, of Middleham (? Middleton), in co.

J. Sythe, vnfe of Ninian Collins, of Ravenstveth, in co.

Ebor., she was bur. 29 Dec. 1687 at Kirkby Hill

S. Elizabeth, ye ivife of Mathen- Berry, of Downham-

parke in co. Ebor.
Joan, bp. 26 Dec. 1635 at Marske (Raine).

LEONARD ROBINSON, of Kirkby-Ravensa-ath, in com.
Ebor., Kt. 47 an. 19 Aug. 1665, bur. 23 Mar. 1673 at Kirkby
Hill (Raine). Will 14, pr. 30 Mar. 1673 at Richmond
(unregistered) ; mar. Lucie, daughter of Percivall Philips,
of Wensley, in coin. Ebor., d. Dec. 16(37, bur. at Kirkby
Hill. M.i. (Raine). They had issue-
Jerome (VII).

1. Mary, coheir of her brother, mar. Roger Colville,

Esq., of Wathcote Grange, she was "bur. 5 Aug.
1674 at Kirkby Hill (Raine).

2. Lueye, mar. James Cook, of Stockton on Tees (Raine).

3. Sythe, mar. 12 Jan. 1691, at Stockton, John Morton,

Archdeacon of Northampton (Harrison).


mentioned 1673.

338 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire.

Vri. JEROME ROBINSON, Esq., of Kirkby Hill, cet. 6 an.
19 Aug. 1665, d. s.p., bur. 3 Mar. 1674-5, leaving his sisters
his coheirs. The estates were sold in 1675 to Sir Thomas
Wharton, Knt., of Edlington (Raine).

Authorities — Raine's Marske (Yorks. Arch. Journal, vol. vi, 279) —
Harrison's Yorkshire, 124.

The Burrodgh of Richmund. Richmund, 21 Aug.




Arm.s : — Argent, on a chevron Azure, three j;arbs Or, an escutcheon of pretence,
.\rgent, a saltire Sable, between four swords erect Azure, hiked and
pommelled Or.

Crest: — A bear's head, couped Sable, muzzled Gules.

I. JOHN CRADOCK oj Newhouse in Baldersdale, in com.
Ebor., of the family of the Cradocks in SiaffordMre, died
yj Eliz. or thereabouts, bur. at Gaiiiford 15 June 1604 (reg.)
Will 14 June 1604; mar. Anne, dauyhter of Anthony Latns
of Becke in com. Cumbr. They had issue —

1. William Cradock of Nervhouse, mar. and had issue.
?. Anthony Cradock of Woodhounes iii co. Palat. Dunelm,
bur. Durham Cathedral 12 Jan. 162| ; mar. . . .,
danijhler and sole heire of . . . Dickenson of Salt-
house in com. Cuinbrice, 1 wife. They had issue —
Joseph, of Bishop Auckland, bp. 26 May
1594, d. s.p., desiring to be buried at St.
Helen's, Auckland; mar. at St. Andrew's,
Auckland, 10 June 1622, Margery Mawker.
Cuthbert, bp. at St. Andrew's, 1 Sept. 1598.
Mary, mar. Richard Curteis of Durham,
.1/(17-. secondly Anne, dauyhler of . . . Williamson,
if &' Elleti, Aukland in com. Dunelm,, "2 wife.
Adm. her husband' will. Thev had issue —


1. Juli-n Cradock of Bishop Aukelaud.

2. William Cradock.

S^l^^y-} living 1633.

Grace, bur. at St. Andrew's, 22 Jan. 167|.
Rachel, bur. at St. Andrew's, 10 Feb. 169f.
(?) Elizabeth, bur. at St. Andrew's, 5 Apr.
3. John (II).

II. JOHN CRADOCK, D'- in Divinity and Chancelo'- of Durham,
died in a" 1627, Vicar of Gaiuford, 1594, of Northallerton,
Prebendary of Durham, said to have been poisoned by his
wife, d. 28 Dec, bur. in Durliam Cathedral 30 Dec. 1627,
il.I. ; mar. Margaret, daughter of William Bateman of . . .
in Wensdale in com. Kbor, widow of . . . Robinson, bur. at
Gainford 31 Jan. 163| (reg.). They had issue—

1. Richard Cradock of Durham, Counceller at Law, b. 5,

bp. at Gainford 10 Sept. 1592 (reg.), bur. in Durham
Cathedral 8 Aug. 1624 ; mar. Dorothy, eldest
daughter to Thomas Heath of Kepier (Kepyer) in co.
Diirham, Esq"'', 3 June 1619 at ^ittington. They
had issue —

1. Margaret, bp. at St. Giles, Durham 26 Mar.

1620, bur. there 8 June 1630.

2. Dorotliy, bp, 2 Dec. 1621 at St. Mary-le-Bow.

3. Anne, wife unto John Harrison of Scar-

borouyh, bp. 22 July 1623.

2. Francis, died unmarried, b. 28 May, bp. at Gainford

5 June 1597 (reg.).

3. John Cradock, died ivithout issue, succeeded to the

entailed estate.s, b. 12, bp. 18 Oct. 1601 (reg.) at
Gainford, died circ. 1656; mar. Dorotliy, dau. of
Wm. Wright.

4. robye(IU).

5. S"- Joseph Cradock, K', D'^ of Laws and commissary of

Richmund, ait. 60 an. 21" Aug. a" 1665, bur. at
Richmond 16 Apr. 1686, M.'l. ; mar. Elizabeth,
daughter of Robert Cruse, citizen of London, P'
wife, bur. at Witton 16 Feb. 1643. Will 7 Feb.
1643, pr. at London 19 May 1652 (York Rec. Ser.,
ix, 47). They had issue —

1. Thomas Cradock, nt. S2 an. 21 Aug. 1665,
7I.0J.V Attorney Generall in the Bt'i' oj
Durham, Fellow Trin. Coll., Cam., Bar.-at-
Law, adni. Gray'.s Inn 12 May 1652, M.P.
for Richmond, 1678-88, bp. at Witton
8 Ap. 1633, bur. in Durham Cathedral
28 Feb. 1689-90. Will 5 Feb. 1689-90 ; mar.
fir.st, lie. 1662, Sibilla, daughter of Gabraell
Clarke, D"" of Divinity and Arcdeacon oj
Durham, d. 2 Mar. 1669. Mar. secondly


Dorothy, dan. of Nicholas Heath, of
Little "Eden, co. ])urhara, at St. Giles,
Durham, 21 Dec. 1671 ; bp. at St.
Jlargaret's, Cro.ssgate, 10 Sept. 1639, bur.
there 24 Feb. 17?^. Thev had issue —
Jo.seph, bur. 19 Jan 1674 at St.

Elizabeth, bp. 3 Dec 1677 at
Juispph, died mtmarried, bp. at Witton 1 June
1634, adm. Gray's Inn 30 June 1656,
d. s.p.
Elizabeth, wife of Raphe Hutton, of Mains-

forth. in com. Dunelm.
Margaret, ivife of Raphe Boives, of Bradley
Hall, in CO. Dunelvi ; niar. at St. Giles',
Durham, 29 Jan. 1649.
Anne, bp. 14 Feb. 163.5. mar. Thomas Mus-
grave, D.D., Preb. of Durham, Dean of
mar. secondly Jane, daughter and heire of Anthony
Maxton, Prebend of Durham, i>J wife, d. 18 Dec.
1676, M.I. at Richmond. Tiiey had issue —
7. Jane, mar. first Thomas Thweng, of Kilton
Castle ; secondly, George Tocketts, of
Tocketts ; thirdly, Theophilus Young, at
St. Marv, Castlegate, York, 6 >eb.
3. Peregrina, mar. Sir Wm. Chaytor, of Croft.
S. Maxton, bp. at Richmond 15 June 1665, d.
29 Apr. 1670.
Catherine, bur. at Ricliraond 6 May 1 665.
Maxton, bur. at Richmond 4 June 1662.
Thomas, bp. at Gainford 18 Oct. 1601, d. young.
William, bp. at Gainford 8 May 1606, d. young, bur.

there 14 June 1607 (reg.).
Margaret, bp. at Gainford 11 Aug. 1594 (reg. ), mar.

Rev. John Robson, Rector of Morpeth.
Anne, bp. at Gainford 16 Sept. 1599 (reg.).
Jane, bp. at Gainford 28 Mar. 1608 (reg.).

Ill, TOBYE CRADOCK, an Utter Barrister of Gray es Inne, adm.
1 Nov. 1624, succeeded to the entailed estates on the death
of his brother John, bur. at Gainford 16 Aug. 1671 (reg.);

mar daughter of . . . Bourne, citizen of London.

Thev had issue —

IV. RICHARD CRADOCK, succeeded to the entailed estates

under a settlement made in 1619, living 1672; mar

Thev had issue —

DUGUALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 341

V. WILLIAM CRADOCK, of Gilling, Esq., only son and heir,
bur. at Gainford 8 Julv 1736, M.I. (reg.) ; mar. Mary, dau.
of Gilbert Slieldon, of St. Andrew's, Holborn, 1715. They
had issue —

Sheldon (VI).

Mary, mar. at Audley Street Chapel 9 Dec. 1740,
Gilbert Joddrell, she d. 12 Mar. 1745, ret. 26, bur.
at Lewknor.

VI. SHELDON CRADOCK, Esq., of Ilartforth, only son and
heir, bur. 13 Mar. 1752 at Gainford (reg.). Will 19 Oct.
1750, pr. at York (unregistered); mar. first Elizabeth, dau.
of Rev. Edw. Place, Rector of Bedale, settlement 17 Dec.
1739, bur. at Gainford 11 Dec. 1742 (reg.). They had
issue —

William, Captain in the arniv, d. unm.
Sheldon (VII).

Mary, mar. Wm. Innes, Esq., of Sandside, co.
Mar. secondly Sarah, dau. of . . . Williamson of FoUyfoot,
wid. of . . . Moseley, Esq. They had issue —

Marmaduke of Harpeiley, co. Durham, bp. 5 March
1746 ; mar. first 25 Oct. 1768, at Gainford, Dorothy
Firbanke, bur. there 20 Sept. 1775 (reg.). They
had issue —

Marmaduke, bp. 9 Sept. 1770 at Gainford,

d. s.p.
John, bp. 6 July 1772 at Gainford, d s.p.
Sarah, bp. 2 July 1769, bur. 20 Feb. 1770 at

Gainford, M.I.
Dorothy, bp. 5 Dec. 1773, bur. 1 Jan. 1774

at Gainford (reg.).
Dorothy, bp. 14 March 1775 at Gainford;
mar. first John Brown, Esq., of Forcet ;
secondly John Waite of Huddersfield.
Mar. secondly Margaretta, dau. of Samuel Wad-
dington, Esq., d. 7 Feb. 1826. Tiiey had issue—

1. Joseph, of Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn, mar.

Hannah, dau. of Charles Redman, Esq., of
Newark. They had issue.

2. Charles, of Denmark Hill, mar. Anna, dau.

of William Clark, Esq., of Barforth. They
had issue.
1. Juliana, bp. 25 Feb. 1779 at Gainford (reg.) ;
mar. Major Jonathan Brown.
Jessy Margaretta.
Richard, bur. 18 Apr. 1747 at Gainford (reg.).



SHELDON CllADOCK, ESQ., of Uaiifo.th, b. 19 Oct.
1741, d. 12 June 1814; mar. Elizabetli, dau. of Christopher
Wilkinson of Tliorp on Tees, Esq., d. 25 Aug. 1812. They
had issue —

Sheldon (VIII).

Christopher, in holv orders, b 30 Mar. 1783, d. unmar.
2 Feb. 1810. MI. St Ippolits, co. Herts.

Anne, b. 27 Jan. 1772 : mar. William Tvveddell, Esq.

Margaret, b. 11 June 1776 ; mar. Rev. William Lax.

Isabella, b. 29 Aug. 1781, mar. Lt. John Prince, R.N.

Elizabeth, mar. William Innes, Esq.

SHELDON CRADOCK, ESQ., of Hartforth, Colonel North
Yorkshiie Militia, M.P. for Camelford, b. 27 Sept. 1777, d.
1852, bur. at Gilling ; mar. Jane, dau. of James W^ilson
of Saltburn. They had issue —




D.L., Capt. Militia, b. 1825; mar. 1855 Georgiana Jane
Abeicrombie, dau. of Major DufiF. d. 31 Mar. 1865. They had
issue —

Sheldon William Keith, b. 1858.

Authorities — Surtees' Dur

Registers — Harrison's York-

Bakkeston Ashe W.iPEiNTAKE

Yorke, 13» Aug,


Arms : — Argent, on a pale Sable three lions passant of the field, a canton Gules.

Crest : — A leopard passant proper, charged on the shoulder with a trefoil

slipped Gules, the dexter paw resting on a shield Argent bearing a

pale Sable.

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 343

T. HUGH TA YLER, of lleminyhrouyh, in com. Ebor., a branch
of y' Taylorx of Bickei'toH, in com. . . . ; mar. Alice
Harrison, at Howden, 5 Aug. 1567 (ieg.\ Tliev bad issue —
Nuyh (11).

Elizabeth, wife of Bob' Walker, of Bray ton neer Selby,
in com. Eborum.

II. HUGH TA YLOR, of Coateg, neer Carlton, in co. Ebor., died
circa ann. 16^0 ; mnr. Elizabeth, darighfer of Rotvland Revill,
of Rothernm, in com. Eborum. They had issue —
IJuyh (III).

1. Elizabeth, P' marr. to Marmoduke Dolman, of Pock-

linyton, 6 Feb. 1631-2 (Carlton Reg., C.B.F.);
ny to Will'vi Beverley, of WisUnv ; & Sdly to Tho.

2. Jane, wife <f Thomas Ricard, of Coivick ; mar. at

Carlton 2+ Nov. 1636.
S. Mary, wife of Gervase Ashley, of EMon on y' Woulds,

in com. Ebor.
4- Anne, wife o' Amwell Beale, of Barloii), in com. Ebor. ;

mar. 7 Apr. 1640 (Carlton Reg., C.B.N.).

5. Oath., wife of Edw. Kirllon (Kirlew), „/ Woodhall,

neere Hembronyh, in co. Ebor., she wiis bp. 17 May
1621 (Hist. Hemingbrough).

6. Isabell, wife of .John Bacon, of Weltoti, in com. Ebor.,

she was bp. 14 May 1626 at Carlton (C.B.N.)

7. Dorothy, died unmarried.

III. HUGH TA YLOR, of Coats, in co. Ebor., cH. SS ann. IS Aug.

a' 1666, bp. 11 Feb. 1628-9 at Cailton (reg.), bur. 1 July
1676; mar. Elizabeth, davyhter to George Lodge, of Barlby,
in CO. Ebor. They had issue —

1. Hugh (IV).

2. John.

1. Jane, b. at Barlbv 3 Dec. 1654 (Hist. Hemingbrough).

2. Elizabeth.

IV. HUGH TAYLOR, a;t. H auuor. 1666, bur. 27 May 1711 at

Carlton, Jet. 61 ; mar. Mary, dau. of Henry Beale. They
had issue —

1. Henrv, bp. 20 Apr. 1683, bur. 13 Sept. 1722 at Carlton.

2. George, bp. 13 Mav 1684.

3. Hugh, bp. 3 Mar. 1686-7.

1. Elizabeth, bp. 25 June 1685; mar. 13 Apr. 1713,

Henry Rousby, of Sledniere, at Carlton.

2. Margaret, bp. 19 Mar. 1693-4.

3. Catherine, bp. 1 Aug. 1695; mar., 26 July 1720,

John Simpson.

4. Ellen, bp. 3 Apr. 1696 at Carlton: mar. 19 May

1719, at Kelliiigton, Rev. Tiiomas Hooke.

5. Mary, bp. 22 June 1697.

6. Susannah, bp. 27 Nov. 1702 ; bur. 19 Oct. 1779 at

Carlton ; mar. George Rute.


Yuike, 13° Aug. 1666.




Arms :— Argent, a bend engrailed cotised Sable.

I. . . . WALLER. Had issue—

L Nicholas Wallei-, of Sikehouse, parish of Fishlake,
left charities, d. at Balne Hall, bur. at Snaith
24 Jan. 1624-5. Will 1 Jan. 1624-5, pr. at York
4 Feb. 1624 5 (vol. xxxviii, 353); mar. first
Margaret . . . , bur. 8 Apr. 1572 at Fishlake.
They had issue —

Nicholas, of Balne Hall, bp. 6 Apr. 1566
at Fishlake, d. v.p., bur. 16 Aug. 1621 at
Snaith. Will 13 Aug. 1621, pr. at York
24 Sept. 1622 (vol. xxxvii, 56) ; mar. Joan
. . . , bur. 5 Sept. 1588. They had
issue —

Nicholas, bur. 23 Dec. 1592 at Fishlake.
Mar. (?) secondly Katherine . . . , named
in her husband's will.
Thomasine, bp. 18 Jan. 1563-4 at Fishlake ;
mar. there 8 Sept. 1584 Thomas Wormley,
of Cusworth, bur. 29 Jan. 1612-3 at
Hatfield (see Wormley pedigree, Dugdale's
(1)Mar. secondly Isabell . . . , bur. 23 Aug. 1623
at Fishlake.

2. Thomas (II).

3. William.

II. THOMAS WALLER, Mayor of Beverley, a" 1605, bur.
21 June 1610 at St. John's, Beverley (C.B.N.) ; mar.
P' . . . They had issue —
Nicholas (III).

Jane, tvife to . . . Hauijhlon, of Sykehouse, in co.
Ebor. "

dugdalk's visiiation of yorkshirk, 345

Maiy, dyf.d yoiiiiy.
Mar. secondlv Jane, lialf-sister of Richard Margerison, of
Hook. Will's Feb. 1619-20, pr. at York 18 Mar. 1619-20
(vol. XXXV, 592),

III. NICHOLAS WALLER, of Sykehouse, Mayor of Beverley
a" 162Jf, bur. at St. John's, Beverley, 27 Sept. 1634
(C.B.N.). Will 21 Jan. 1633 4, pr. at York 19 Feb. 1634-5
(vol. xlii, 378); mar. Elizabeth, daughter to WilVm Parkinson,
twice Mayor of Beverley, 4 June 1611 at Suaith (C.B.N. ),
(remar. Sir Francis Cobb, of ... , lie. 1635, at St. John's,
Beverley, 2 Feb. 1637). They had issue—

1. Nicholas Waller, died at Cambridge & buried in
Allhallotvs Church there. If this statement of
Dugdale's is correct there must have been two
brothers of that name.
Z. Edward (IV).

3. 7'homas l\'aller, of Bentley, in co. Ebor., Cornet to
S'' Franc. Cob, K'., under Pr. Rupert <b now Capt.
of Foot in y' Regim* of S'' John Hotham, Bar'.,
had to compound for his estates, fined £122,
bur. 2 Jan. 1678-9 at Rowley (C.B.N.) ; mar.
Hannah, da. <fc coheire to Gnrvase Hamerton, of
Aukeburgh, in coin. Line, 1637, at Alkborough
(reg.). They had issue —

1. Thomas, cet. 12" an. 1667 (sic).

2. Edmund.
Elizabeth, '
Elizabeth, mar. 20 June 1676, Rev. William

Lambert, Vicar of Hornsea.
Jf.. John Waller, named in his father's will ; niarr. Dorcas,
da. of Christopher Ridley, of Beverley. They had

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