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lame ,relcrving to themlches Fealtic, and iecun-

tie tor Lxtn s. tv d. to be payd to them in the name
iupial.131 of J Relief; which fumme by the Survey" of 26 /i.
d MS.pc- g.appears to have been an ycariy Renc:So that up-
on the diflolution ot the Pnorieai (!B(Obtirfe)it was
therewith granted ° unio Charles hianaoh Duke ot
^nffOlk in 30 H. 8. Which Duke ijKter alia) palt
it ' unto Sir Ldward. Wcotton Knight , John Jjanet,
and Anthony {ooke Efquires ; betwixt whom, be-
ing asitieems divided, MarieDanet in 35 H. 8.
conveyed ° a third part thereof , unto George
Medley , to certain ulcs. Of the other two parts,
Sir Anthony dying ^ feized in 1 8 Eliz.. left Ri-
chard his Ion and heir of full age. But that which
belonged to ^UMi'dEatOtl , was with that Lord-
fliip, granted out ot the Crown to Sir Marmadiike
Conhable Knight , and hath been poflelt by the
owners thereof , ever fiace.

Mi s. A.

r HccoY-
c\da. de T




h tife.j.

whole being valued at Ls. and held by Hurcldni
pi. Kaaulp i which Hafhe was Earl ot l^crcfojO ,
and owner thereof in Eanard the Ci^nltlioi's
days. In the line of this i^«!?f/fc/0 (Lcidsaiioof
^uOlCp ;» ( em. Glouc. whence they alumcci that
hinaniej it continued tor divers generations , and
at length by an heir temalcdivoivcd to the but'
ters , as by the Dclccnt in d^^fffi^ is n.anifcltcd.
But there is little to be laid ot this place in parti-
cular , other than that Lartholmew aeSudley,in 5 1
^. 3. ha iFreetoaircn " (^iraer aha) gran-
ted to him 111 uii histicnieiii lands here ,u iiaving
attended the lucctflion ol CDjifft , everfince , as a
member of that Manncur.

Within the precind of this Parifli had the
Knights Jemflars certain lands given to themj
which the Record 'of 31 Jjet..2. i3.ys,vic:e defeo-
do K^'.dnifi He .'iiithlega , being Cprobably^ ot his ^/^
or his Father's gitt , and atteiwaids rtputtd for a Scac.fc-
Mannour; tor by that name, had ihoic Jer»- lii Rem.K.
plan 5?rse-lDarren granted '" to them and tlieir mC/r-ct.ji,
fncctliurs therein , in 32 H. 3. Wh.ch Mannour H.j.w.t.
coming to the Crown in 30 Hefi. 8. with all
other the poflcfl'iors bch nging to the Rtiigious
HouleSjWasin 4'://^, fold" unto John Frjhr , npnt.A.'
znd 'J hcmai 'Labridgconrt. Which Ihomoi Da- tliz..p.^.
bridgcoitrt having obtained a ReJeaie from Fijher
of all his right therein j by his tali Will and Te-
Itament in 44 6/iz.. gave it to Chrifiian one of
his daughter , who became the wife of IVilliam
Bdchtroi ^i\s\iQltn^^inCom,Nonhamp. From
whom it was purctialed ° by Walter Giffurdo( oExautog^
CbttlingtOII««Cow. Staf. Elquire , and tince that pf«" R»c«
ol lumor lus fon,by Richara Chamber lam EfquirCi ^hambct-
Regiaer of the Court of Wards '"" *''

The Church was given '' to the Canons of
^tDburie , together with two yard land , by Rafhe f^^f/^^.
aeSnaley, Founder of that Monaderie j and in Augm.
anno 1291 > (i^Edw.x.) valued '' at ^■/// marks, o,^is.m -

being then appropriated to that Religious Houie ; Smc.

and the Vicaridge but at halt a mark.
Hen. 8. the laid Vicaridge was eftimated
vii li. iv s.

But in 26 tMs.pt-
at ^^i s. h,


y ' 5italejr,















Sitf>pf.& B






PatrOQi Vicari^e. Incumbcntes, (^rc

.CT>. mil. de K»ychtcote Cap.

t ^.Cal.Jan. 1^0^.
%ohJe Herdwjk Pbr. 1 1 Cal.

Jan. i^it.
B. St eph.de St oUon Pbr./^,

Id. Sept. I 3 14.
H'lU. de Merjhton Cap. 6. Cal.

Mali I ; 5 9.
mil. dd Hull Pbr. iiCal.

Sept. I'^er.
Joh.de Sampfon Pbr, 3. Id.

foh. Parker Pbr. 4. Nov.

I 1 3 94-

Prior & Co»v.d€ ^ mU. de Deene Csfi. 14.
ErSurie, | J^n. 1413.

Joh. Cooke Cap, ^. Apr.

Prater, mil, de Woodcote Ca-
fion.de Srdbury 28 Mart it


Joh. Lolleworth Cap. 1 . Apr.

Will. Outelade Cap.26. Sept,

Amias Halghton Pbr, 26.

Oil. 1494.
D. Joh. Keldermore Canon.

^, 21 (JTf4«/ I52I.

Phil, dr M, Rex Henr. IVjlkjns Cler 14. Mali
& Regina. I5S7-

. ffVill. Tate Cler. 2 1 . "^ov.

D. Eliz,. %^rtgU J Uti go Convey Cler, 30. Mar-

Vfni,</t ^ tit WfTA




Jacobus Rex,

t" IJ74'
Joh. A(hby Cler. 17. Aug.

^Ric.Tuyltr Cler. I.Dec. i')^\

SArth. Oldame Cler. i . Martii

jjo/^. Malen in art. Bae. 12.
C *^*f. 1621.



kF this place there is no particular mention in
cheConq"'. Survey, it being then involved
with CWl^MfcOton, and poffeft by Harold^ the
fon of Raphe Earl of ^ercfOJft ; whofe poftericie
took the firname of Sudley , yet fometimes made
their refidence hcre.Whirft the male line of which
Family lafted, it continued theirs ; but afterwards
came to Boteler, Norbury, and Bray^ fucceffively,
as theDcfccnt on the next page inferted will fhew.
This RaphEit\oii$ttt((tlh, was fon f to iral-
terde CH'ti*nt, by Coda fifter to K. f^w.thc Con-
feflbr ; but of him there is little obfeiveable, other
f AMalm. ^^^^ ^■^^ pufillanimitie, whereby he lufFered ' the
tjln^iQ, ' Cicie and Countie of ^crcfOJD to become a prey
t * ' to the Welch, in the year 1055. (13 E^w.Conf.)
It feems that he was difpofleft cf his Earldome, in
•R.Hoved. the firftyear ofK. iVill. the Conq"', reign; for
/.z j8,«.». will.fti, Osberne then had it conferred " upon him;
*°* but found favour to enjoy fomc of his inheritance,

wDomcfd. y,hich defcended to Harold, his fon ": whereof


this Lordrtiip was part. To this Harold fucceeded
John, firnamed de Sutlei ("from his refidence at
^tlQlcp in com . Gloiic . ) Of whom I have
fecn no more mention, than that he was a witnefs
" to the Q\\zrx.zx oiLM^rgaret Countcfs of ©Uar-
tofcb (widow to Earl Hcf.ry') made in K. Stephen's
time to the Canons of JSenilVDOJtft. And to John,
luccecded Raphe, who gave ■ divers lands lying
in f^CrOlBlbe ( jttxta SDCtfet ) to the Knights
Templar J, as alio founded ^ the Priorie of CtDbU-
X\t, adjoyning to this Lordfhip, and left iffue,Of-
vel, " and Raphe^ ; which Raphe, by his brother's
death, became heir to the efiate, and rcfiding here
at (SriflFe, had a pecniiar Chapell in his Man-
nour-hoiiie , wherein he had a fpeciall Licenfe
from ' the Canons of CrOburfCto have divine fei-
vice celebrated,at fuch time onely.as himfelf or his
heirs, their wives, or mothers, fliould be pcrfonal-
ly there prefenr, excepting Chriflmafs'diy,Eafier'
day, mhitfunday. All Saints-day, Candlemafs-day,
and the Feaft-day of the Church its Dedication,
on which there fliould be no folemnitie kept
therein, unlefs by fpeciall Licenfe obtained • and
that in cafe of their disabilitie to come unto the
Mother-Church , by reafon of ficknefs or other
good caufe : And provided that all Oblations made
in the laid Chapell, fhould be delivered to the Vi-
car of CljfltJCrBCfcOfC, for the time being, fo that
no indempnitie thereby , nor in any thing elfe
might accrue to the laid Mother-Church of CWl-
t)ertierC0f e by means of the laid Chapell.

Which Raphe had ilfue Raphe, concerning
whom I have no more to fay, than of his marri-
age and death, and therein, for brevities fake, do
refer my felf to the Pedegree. To thislaft Raphe,
fucceeded * Sir Barth deSudle Kt. who in 54 H.
3. being conrtituted ^ Shiriff of ^erefojD-fliire and
Governourof l^erctojO-Caftle. and in 7 £. I. a
Juftice "of AfTize in this Countie, gave ^theM -inks
ot &tOt10lCg leave to inclofe two tofts in 1^30-
toap ; and by Joan his wife, daughter ^ to 9^01. de
Beauchamp of CElltieUg ( fifter to iViUiam , the
firft Earl of SSIarlnfCb of that name} lefr ifiiie '" Sir
John de Stith ley Yit. aged about xxiiii. years at
his Father's death ; which Joane was interred ' in
the Conventuall Church at CrOburfe before Ipe-
cified ; for the health of whofe Ibul, did H'alt. de
Langton Bifliop of COtj« and ilfC^. in I 5 £. 2.
grant a fpeciall Indulgence '',releafing XL. days
of their enjoyned Penance, to all fuch as fliould,
with a devout mind, fay a Pater nofler, and an
Ave, for the health of hef fouls and the fouh of all
the faithful! deceafed.

Which Sir Jff/'w in i 3 f . 1. claimed 'a Court
icet here, with AlTize of Bread and Beer, Gal-
lows, Infangthef, Tumbrell, VVeyf , and jIFfCe-
toarrSIt; as alfo to be quit of Murther, and fuu to
the Countie and Hundred Courts ; exhibiting K.
H. 3. Charter for the iFree=iDarretl, and pleading
Prefcription for the reft : All which were allow-
ed"", excepting his immunitie for Murther, for-
afmuch as he ought to partake with the Hundred
therein. And in 15 E. i. had the King's fpeciall
Licenfe "to travail beyond Sea. In 26 of that
King's reign, he was, with other great men fum-
moned ° to be at ftarleol, on fVhit[on-Sve, well
fitted with HorfcandArmestogointo &c0flan9j
and was fummoned ■" to Parliament, amongft the
Barons, from 28 £. i. till 13 f. 2. inclufive, ha-
lving been a liberall Benefaftor to the Canons of
(Sribnrg, by granting "^ them certain lands, and
y y y y pafturage

X 1{egi(i.de

Kcnilw. p.


y £* cod.



Arm. [ L.


2. MS. pe-
nis S.\.

a£* ititto^.
in c:ir,



cEx aittcg,
penes Ric,
gate ar.


o clauf.iS,

p Cliiu[. de


q P<»Mi.





Wale. Medantinus- Goda foror Regis Edw.

Radulfus Comes Herefordiz temp. Edw. Conf.l

I a b

Haroldus fillus-Matilda filia -Nicholausde Stafford fecunndusjmarlttis.
Radulfi Com.jCom.Cefttix.

loh. de Sutleia - . . . , filla .'..,» Trade doraini de Berftaplc.

d// Rot.F

Rid. de Suthleia ix H. i.Fundator -Emma filia Will, de Bellocampo.
Pricratusdc Erdburie. |

Hot I ' OtTcIus fil.& hxrci Rad, de ^udeleg -IfabcUa ncptis Galfridi Fitx-pcers, relifl* i< Ht ji
., ' • ,u-.,- „ 10 R.I, I

f )|Rous t>biit !"• p.

(■ lit fu-

Rad. de Suthleg miles 1 6 .Imcnia filia Rogcri Corber, tclifla to H. 3i
H. 3- j

Bartholomeus de Sudley -Johanna filia Will, de Bellocampo, foror W. de BcIlocampo Comith W«rw,
51 H.J. IreliaaioE. I.

i i r , £

Imenia. lohanna. loh. de Sudley - , . . .filia .... domini Say.

miles 8 E.I.



Rob. D.
j f.tcvar,
a. Mich.

1 '•'

Barth. de S«dley dcfunflus -Matilda filla loh. de Monteforti,
20E. 1.

1 % »

Ioh.de Sudley defundus -Alianora filia Rob. domini de Scales,

14.E. 3.

I '

Ioh.de Sudley defun- lohanna ux. Will. Ic Botekr Margeriaux. RoUMaflymlLdefunfta f. proIe J R. »J

ausf. p. 4iE-3. mil. dcfunaa4i E. 3.1

k 1 I

k E* *a- jj,^., j„na filla loh. Beau- -Thomas Border confangu. & hsres loh. de -Alicia ux. Tecunda, poftea nupta Joh;

Rob^D^ champ del'ovr)k mil. jSudley 41 E. J. Dalingrugge mU.


1 f'/iiiC si*' I '

Hi. id 1)1 loh.Botelcr Will Bote- Rad Eoteler miles Thcfaur. Angl. Eliz.ux..,.. lohanna ux,' i ^ . i

, g • • defundus f. IcrfH.5. duxit<» Aliciam fil, & hxr. Will. Norburic I Belknap.j

.. B. « H ? Dcincourt mil & obiit 13 E.4 I I 1

m cUuf.9. P 1_JJ: ~ ^ J -j—

'^'"' ' Thomas Botelcr miles duxitAlianoramfororcmJoh.Talbot Henr.Norburie Will.Bel- Henrlcus Belknap.
^'^A'^*^' mil,dominiL'iflCj&obiitvivopatre. miJcs.j knao ar.

4.« 39-

knap ar.

]oh. Norburle miles unut confangu. & hxred. Rad,
Botekr de Sudley mil. ij E.4.1


Edw, Belknap oules) obiic


Ric. Hallwell-Anna filia & hasrcs.




Edmundus Bray miles ij H. 8.- lana confangu. fithxr. Joh. Norburie
|mil, 15 H. 8.


Annaux. Eliz.i. nupta Ric. Catesby Frldifwida ux.Per-
...Cobham. mil. poftea Wil. Gierke ar. ccvalliHarc.mil.


paftuva^cfor CattcU, in WtttCt, KaUiDap, and
CfteltctfCOte: But after 20 £. 2. I have no: found
any more mention of him ; neither of Johr. his
grandchild, /c//. Ton o^ Bartholmew^ is there much
to be taytl, who died^ in 14 £,5. leaving Johnhis
ion and heir little more than a twelve month old :
which lalt John departed •" this world without if-
i\iein4i£. 5. whereupon Thomas Boteltr, fon
oi^MfVilLBotelsr of TOcmmc, by Joane cWcft

Maria ux.Rob. Dorothea ux.Edw.Do- Francifcaiw;
Peckham mil mini Chaundos Tho. Lifcild.

daughter to tbe laft Bartholmew, and (JUdrgerie
her filler, afterwards married 10 Sir Robert Maffjf uExautog.
Kc. became his Cofins and next ' heirs. penh Rob.

This Thomas Bottler was a Kt. " in 9 R. i. To D. Digby.
whom fucceeded,as heir"' to his Mother Sir Raphe w Mich.
Boteler Kt. a man eminently imployed,and highly Vm.Relev,
advanced, as I (hall forthwith {hew : For, having *'• "' *•
inSfl". 6. fervcd " the King, mthxxmfu at ^^^^^'^J
Armes and Lx. Archers in his peifonall cxpediti. J^/'p^/^


'w^Ti.irieK^Sln^^ElLLU.STBiATED. ~^5

yPat.io. on for jFrSIICe, he was in lo //. 5. created >Barori
H.e.p.i.m. of^aulep^ vvith an Annuitie of CC. marks per
^«. to himfelf and liis heirs, for the better lupport
zFJediv. of thacdi£;nitie;and became foon after Lord^ Tre-
furerof CBnglanO: But in that Office he conti-
nued not long ; tor in 28 H. 6. he was retained
by Indenture ", to ferve the King for five years, as
Governour ofthe Cittadellat CalafS with ., ..
men at Armcs on Horfcback, .v.v/.v menac Armcs
on foot, and .VAT Archeis,aU able men of war, ta-
king for himlelf //■ s. fer diemjor his men at Arms
on foot VI :i d. and for his Archers vi d. beTides the
fpcciall Fee of <? s. the quarter for himfclf.- And
immcdiady thereupon , being made the King's
Lieutenant of that Town, covenanted" for the de-
fence and fa'eguard thereof, and the Marches ad-
joyning. to keep C- men at Arms, over and above
the number before fpecihed, and DCCCC. Archers,
for a quarter of a year, taking tor his men at Arms
xii d. a man, and his Archers vi d. befides the re-
ward accurtomed.

And was in lb great cfieem with the Canons of
C^rDbuWC, for his munifencc to them, in fundry
wife; butfpecially in procuring ' for them the Ap-
propriation of the Church atiLcptl^inJLancaQjtrC
(dated i^J^». 18 H. 6.) that, in conluicration
thereof, they did by their pubiick InRrument ', or-
deion, that two of their Covcnt, fhould every day
celebrate divine fervice in that Monafierie, for the
health of his foul, appointing parcicular Mafles
for each day of the week, binding themlelves and
their fucceffors tooblerve his tyinniverfarie, after
his deccafe, with Placebo, Dirige, and (JlUffe of
%equ:em ; and to fpend vi s. viii d. yearly on the
day of his laid a/^»»''S'<'''p'''^ in their Covent, by
way of Pittance, over and above their ufuall al-
lowance. After which, viz„\n 30 H. 6. he had
a fpeciall Pardon "^ granted to him, foralj oftences,
whereby any advantage might be taken againft
him.inrefpeft of his great and gencrall imploy-
msnts : in which pardon his part cular fcrviccs to
King/?. J. afwell astothefaid K H.6. injFratWe,
andir. theDutchie.of j^OjmaMDtC, even from his
very youth, are gratefully acknowlcdg'd : For he
had been ' Lord Trefurer, and Chamberlain to
Y^.f'f.6. and Standard-bearer and chief Butler o'"
CnglanO.as alfo Knight of the Gartcr^and Steward
of hisHoufehold.

But after thif. I find no more of him till his
death, which hapned 2 Maii 13 £.4. where it
appears ^, chat Jc/:" Norhurie and Will. Belkj/ap
were his cofins and heirs (for Sir Thomas Boteler,
his Ion, died ^ before him without iflue) So that
this Mannour came at length (^inter alia) by Pir-

ufe of Thorn At Lord Coventre, late Lord Keeper
of the great Seal of <a;nfilanO: So that at this day.
the faid Mannour is now enjoyed by %tc. 'Hjw-
digate Sergeant atLaw, fon to the fame Sir John ;
a:nd the demefns by the Lord Coventre, fon and
heir to the faid Lord Keeper.

The Triorieof Erdburie,

Within the precinfts of <£Wlt>CrfCOfon Pa-
rifli, rtood the Monaltene ot CSrOburfe,
built in K. Henry 2. time, by Raphe de Sudley,'Lot
Canons Kegiihtroi'S:. iyiitgufitue ;tht Foundati-
on Charter whereof, I never fa w; but do conceive,
that the fubrtance wherewith he at firlf endowed
it,wasas fol!o>weth ; viz,, the Church of C^^l-
^etJitkOtCi with two yard land belonging there-
to ; as alio fix yard land, and a Wood there, repu-
ted for half a hide.ren Acres of land lying mBroad-
medow, and a place called the 113]0Cl^O ac ^^ff0-
tnOJC, with certain mefluagcs, and half a VVood
called the ^UDClU: And befides this, with fome
landsand a meadow ac ^ulfngfCtT, together with
the Church of Dettet, and CC, acres of land, ly-
ing in one of 2)0rC0t fields : Asallotcn Acres of
Meadow, half a yard land there, then held by
ine Fnlk., and a Meffuage for barning: And at
l^aOlOa^ with one hide of land, as by his grant



I.Rous in

£ 4". 5 81

Roper ar.

1 CUitr.13. ^'t"^" ' "'^*-'^ ^ 5 O^C'-'i 11 ff. J. to Sir John Nor-
Hj. ' bv.ne ;and foby Jane his grandchild and heir to
\ V.[ci. Sir Edmund Bray ; which Jane died '' feized there-
EJiz. of 24 yif'g. inthelaftyear of Q.. Maries reign,

leaving fcverall daughters and heirs (as the De-
Icent before inferted fheweth) whereof Frances
married to 773ow<wL/fi?//£i; who, by the name of
Thorn as Lifeild of &tOiit-Dal>er»o» in com. Sur.
Efq, together with the faid Trances his wife, did
1 Claul J. by his Deed ' of bargain and fale. Dated 7 Maii
Elizi«rf. 5 E/zi. inconfiderationof 10^0/. fe'l and con-
Tjcv2t. \cy ]z,unio John Giffard oi C^tlUllgtOtt in com.
3.fept.Trin Staf. E(q. whofe grandchild (fc. Teter fon of
5.EI1Z. WaherG'f'trd) in our memorie, pafled the Man-
nour, confifting of a Royaltie and certain chief
Rents, to Sir John Nercvdigate of dBrObarfe Kt.and
the Demefns, to certain perfons in trufi, for the

"appeaieth. Giving thereby likewile to thelc his
Canons, lufficient timber for their buildings, and
fuel for fire,to be taken upon all occafions through-
out his demefn Woods ; and libertie for their
Hoggs therein, without any thing to be rendred for
paunage. All which he confirmed to them for
the health of his foul, and for the foul of Emme
his wife, Otrvetl his fon and heiri and other his
Children, his Father'sfoul allbj and all his An-

Befides this, they had " anciently the Church of
MeUmfubttts Mzt^tlt, given tp them, but by
whom I have not ken : yet lo it hapned, that for
want of good government, they at length, totally
in a m:nner, ileferted their Rule ; infomuch as
Alex.de SaveHsbyfBiQniOp o{ tWii Diocefs, fhort-
ly after the beginning of ff. 5. reign, wrote an ear-
neft Letcer"" to the Abbotof SDCClcp (in 2>erbP' o Ex vet'.
VSiixt) defiringrhat he would fcndiomeof his Co- -cod.MS.
v?nt thither, for a time, for the betjer infirufting, fe'^
and guiding them therein. Thefubfiance of what
they had from other Ben-faftors, was as foUow-
eth ; One yard land in &^irefO}D, granted ^ by Ro-
bert de Chartres, and confirmed by %aphe his fon,
who added'' ten «cres more thereto, of his own
gift. In ^tXtti a certain meadow, called "^ad-
wey-brokj, with the amerciaments of all their Te-
nants, as alfo Common of pafture for eight Oxen,
within that Lordfiiip, given ' by John de Sndley^
fon and heir to Sir Bartholmew about the Ji"".
of f. I. Which Joh»,'m II £. a. added 'two
Mc(ruages,one coft,eight acres of land, feven acres
of meadow, and viis.vitid. yearly Rent, lying
within the faid Lordfhip ofjDerCCt and C^eltJCC-


After whicbj viz.. in 1 5 £. 3. they obtained ' a
Mefluagc and xxxvi. acres of land in tMoItop,
o( Six Thomas de AJUeyKz. towards the fupport
of one Canon, to celebrate divine Service daily
in this Priorie, for the good eflateof him the faid
Sir 7ife«w;w, and £/'s.. his wife, Alice de Wohey^
Y y y y a and


t PifM?.
£ 3.p.J.w.




e Pitt.Jo.

penis pitef,


md Andrew de Afilejy during this life, and for /
their fouls afterwards. And in I H. 5. did they
purchafe " of IViU. Botcler and iVtll. Babington,
xx. Meflliages and one toft, four yard land, a
fourth part and fix acres,with H s.i d,ob. Rent, ly-
ing in ^liimcEaton, SlttHbojougl), Mpbcn e>oiD.

COtJeiitre, f^fOC, and CfttltCrfCOtC ; as alio the
rcverfion" of the Mannour of§>{OCUlngfOJl>, from
the Canons of LCfceffcr, after the death ot Hugh
deLt/burnc. And being then grown wealthy by
fo fair an enlargement of their poffefl'ions , in
33 H, (. they procured Liccnfe "* from Raphe Bo-
teler then Lord &nDlCp (of whofe patronage the
faid Prioriewas) to buy other lane's of C. marks
per an. value : whereupon, the year next cnluing,
they acquired >■ the Advoulon of the Reftorie of
!IMcfile06in3iai1Caftfte,fromm//. Lord Lovell :
fo that, by the Survey 'taken in ^6 H. 8. the
whole yearly revenue then belonging to this Re-
ligious Houle, was efteemed at ^.v.v/2 1. vut s.
viii d.

Out of which, .vw i.'viii d. being dcdudcd "^ for
keeping the tyimiver^arie of the Lord S:idiey, the
Founder, xl s. for the Obit and Amiverfarie of
the Lord Lovell; xlvi s. viii d. for the Fee ofjokn
Vabridgcoun High Steward of their lands ; Litis,
iiti d. to VVill. IVigfton Receiver gcncrali ; and o-
iher disburfemcnts, which in the torall, with thcfc
now mentioned, came to xxviii \.ti s. v 6tper an.
the cleer remainder *" smcunccd to XCiiiti. ji s.
r d. by reafon whereof, it was expofed to d;nolu-
tion with the other fmall Houfes in 27 H. 8. ^'Z-
liam Clement being then ' Prior, who had an An-
nuities* of a- jr marks per an. by Patent allowed
him during life. But in the Crown it continued not
long ; for in 50 H. 8. d'ldCharUs Bra>ido» Duke
of g^uff. obtain ' it, together with a multitude
more of Monaflerie lands, by which means the
fite thereof, with fome part of the demefn lands
thereto belonging, came in partition f to Afarga-
ret, iMife of John Kerfey. one of the coheirs to the
faid D.of ^utC. Which John fold 2 the fame to
Sir Edm, Anderfon Kt. chief JulVicc of the Com-
mon Pleas in Q^ £//•&. time; who totally dcmc-
lifhing the old fabrick of the Hc^ufe, and Chuixl;,
builtout of their ruins a very fair ftrudurc, in a
quadrangular form; and having fo done, m 28 £-
lis,, pafl'' it away umo John Newdigate of ^ZU
feflO''» C""^' ^f'^i^- El"l- greatgrandchild to jobn
J^ewdigate Sei;geanL at Law, in K. H. 8. time
(dcfcendcd by a younger branch,from the ancient
Family oi New di gate, of jjiClDDfgatC in feuitep)
in exchange for his faid Mannuur of ^erfeflO .
Which Joh?i, by Martha daughter and coheir to
AnthoKf C^ve Elq. had iffue Sir John Nendigate
Kt. who by Anne, one of the daughters to S r Edw.
Fitton of (lDortDO;t^ in €%tMtZ, left^ffue two
fons, viz,. "John and Richard ; which Richard
(now Sergeant at Law) as heir to his Brothcrj is
the prcfent owner hereof.




5 ConftitutiperS: ^
* pi(c. Conj. & 'j


Vraterwill. de Bloxham 6

Cal. Apr. 131 J.
Rob. de Merflon.
mil. de Hulls 1 7 Cal. 'Upv.

Frater Will.Catton Canon, Pri-

erat. de Grefley 8 Otf .


(^onjlituti per E-
pifc. Cov, &

Will. Woodcock^.

loh. Bromley Canon. <: Sept. 2towl.fi

1455. U-'-

Frater Thomas Dawk^yn Prior ^'•/■*<'"»-

de Calxvichf penult. Apr.

Frater Will. Clement 23 Off, ^''./."•*.
. 1512.


DEfcending lower on this fide the River 0n-
fecr, I come next to ^ancCtCC, heretofore a
Romane Ration, as the forme of that entrench-
ment, through which the great Way called tKSat-
Ung flrC0t pafTeth, doth manifeft , where divers
coyncs ot filverand brafs have been, by digging
and plowing, frequently brought to light : but
now it is no more than an ordinary Countrey-Vil-
lage, containing ^artlfefll,^lDbari0, and 0t6cr-
tton, within its panfh. That the name originally
proceeded from the condition of the place, which
was fortified, the later I'yallable doth fufficicntly
minifefl,CcCccCbuc antiently CcaffCCJimporting
the fame in our old Englifh.as ^afirum ,doth .• but
perhaps the firft iyllable^aHj may be Brittifh, in
which language it iignifietb fA;/^a«w or parvuw^
as 'tis like this Fortification was.

In the Conq"\ Survey, there is no mention at
all thereof, it being involved with 0t^ei:(ton : but
as the reft of thofe lands, whereof the Countefj

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