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Ellis and his wife. These would seem to constitute the link between the Ellises of Pembnry,
Mardcn, and Heathfield, mentioned in ' Notices of the Ellises.' Wm. Valentine of Tattesfield
and Westerham made his will 1635 (Sadler, S3), and therein mentions his sister Eliz. ux. Charles
Barton, and his wife Anne, and dau'r Elizabeth. Anne remarried Tho. Ellis of Pembury afore-
said, and the latter, set, 11, 1G35, was the wife of liichard Hayward of Tattesfield.


Tho. and Anthony, overseers — my br. John B., Solomon Newman my imcle — a
bequest to my br. Walter on the day of his marriage — mentions a recent purchase
of 100 a. of land. Dated 5 June 1615, Pr. 4 July, s.y. Witnesses, Tho. Barton,
Sol. Newman, John Barton, Nicholas Hooper, sen.. Writer.

Will of Antone Barton [at Som. Ho. Barriugton, 85], of Great Peckham, co.
Kent, yeo. — my godson Anthony Swan 20s. — to Geo. Barton, son of my br. Charles
B. £7 at 24 — my daurs. Anne and Elizabeth — my br. Walter B. and my first wife's
br. W™ Fayreman to be exors. during nonage of my children. Dated 4 Aug. 1624.
Witnesses, — Edmund Porter, Wryter, W™ Paynes, his marke.

Richard Barton of Marden, co. Kent., gent., married twice. By Mary, dau. of
James Alchorne of Tunbridge, he had John B. of Lydd, gent., his s. and h. His
second wife was Elizabeth. — Peter Maplesden of Brookland, Kent, mar. Joan sister
of the aforesaid Mary, as appears by deed between him and the said Rich. Barton,
A.D. 1640 (deeds).

Will of John Barton [at Som. Ho. Skynner, 95] of East Peckham, co. Kent,
yeo. Dated 5 June, 1626 — wife Alice — Daurs. Anne & Elizabeth — To John B.,
son of my br. Charles £5 at 21 — Tho. son of mybro. Tho. B. — John Richardson
and his bro Tho. R., my sister's sons— Richard Fenner my sister's son — wife Alice,
Ex'ix — my brothers Tho. and Walter B., overseers — lands in Hadlow. Witnesses,
Daniel Pinckney, churchwarden of Tunbridge, John Hooper, notary publick — Pr.
17 Oct. 1627.

Thomas Barton of East Peckham yeo. made his will 13 Apl. 1630 (Scroop, 104)
wherein he mentions his dau'r Susan ux. John Keeble ; his dau'r Margaret ; his d.
Elizabeth ; John B. his nephew ; his son Tho. Barton ; his br. Mr. Tho. Oliver of
Layborne and his kinsman Mr. Robert Oliver his son. Pr. 18 Nov. 1630.

John Barton of the Bourne in Hadlow yeo. made his will 20 Nov. 1628 (Ridley,
102). He therein mentions Richard son of his brother Henry, and John br. of the
said Richard. His son Stephen B., his eldest son Henry B. and his wife Hellen ;
also his kinsman Tho. Barton of Court Lodge in Hadlow ; and Richard and Henry
the two sons of his br. Henry B. Pr. 4 Nov. 1629.

Thomas Barton of the Court Lodge in Hadlow yeo. made his will 11 Oct. 1662,
wherein he mentions his wife Elizabeth, and his dau'r Elizabeth ; Tho. and Alice
Newman his wife's children, his brother-in-law Mr. John Kirrell, his sons Walter
and Thomas, and his br.-in-law Henry Barton of the Bourne. Proved at Rochester
5 Jan. 1672.

John Derbie of Horsmonden made his will 1653 (Alchin, 306) and therein
mentions his sister Joane ux. — Barton, and their issue, — Thomas, James, Walter,
John, and Peter.

A branch of Barton of Hadlow is settled at Watton co. Norfolk, of whom an
account is given in Burke's ' Landed Gentry,' ed. 1858.

Wills at Rochester.
1600 Barton Richard, Southfleet.


, John, Hadlow.


, Thomas, Hadlow.


Joanna, Chelsfield.

1645 „ Stephen, Peckham.


Thomas, Rochester.

1668 „ AValter, Hadlow.


, William, Charlton.


, Thomas, Hadlow.


, John, Brenchley.


Walter, Farleigh.


, Peter, Pembury (Admon


1695 „ John, Hadlow.


, Thomas, Hadlow.





'ton Thomas, Hadlow.



Jane, Hadlow (A.)




Jane, Hadlow.



Jane, Hadlow.


Henry, Hadlow (A.)



Thomas, Hadlow (A.)



Walter, Hadlow.



John, Hadlow (A.)



George, Hadlow (A.)


Thomas, Milton near Gravesend.



John, Hadlow.



None at Doctors' Commons of Barton of Kent-

— sed qufere.



W. S. Ellis

{To be continued.)

^rmottal JSoofeplau^

Quarterings : 1. Waltees.



3. Blanchard. 5. Skynner.

4. Smith. 6. Melmoth.

7. Sidebottom.

8. Helm.

William Melmoth Walters of Lincoln's Inn and Ewell, Surrey, eldest son of
John Eldad Walters, Esq., of the same places, by Eleanor his wife, dau'r and co-
heiress of the late Alexander Radclyffe Sidebottom, Esq^, of Lincoln's Inn (descended
from the Radclyflfes of Foxdenton in Lancashire), was born 28 Jan. 1835, and
married 17 July, 1860, Marian Eleanor, eldest child of Alfred Leggatt, Esq., of
13 William Street, Lowndes Square, by whom he has issue Percy Melmoth Walters,
born at Ewell 30 Sept. 1863, and two other sons and six daughters.


Akms. — Azure, a squirrel sejant devowing a nut or.

Crest. — On a wreath or and azure a squirrel sejant, devouring a nut ])roper.

John Walter of Piercefield, Monmoiithsh/
descended from John Walter of Persfielde
(in 1470).

^Bridget, daughter and coheiress of John Eobnet.
Arms (2nd quartering). — Azure, three pairs of
keys in saltire or.

Male issue extinct.

Su8anna,=T=Her cousin, Edmoud Walters of Cophill Howick,
who d. 1051.

[Arms. — Azure, a squirj-el sejant devouring a nut or.']

Eldad Walters of Batheaston,^(2nd wife) Mary, only child of Henry Blanchard of Bath-

Somersetshire, b. 1640, m. 1666.
d. Sept. 24, 1706.

easton, d. 1685.

Arms (3rd quartering). — Chiles, a chevron or, in chief two
bezants, in base a griffin's head erased of the second.

Henry Walters, High Sheriff of Somersetshire=f Mary, daughter erf Joseph Houlton of Farleigh
(1715), b. 1667, d. 1753. Castle, Trowbridge,Wilts, b. 1679, d. Aug. 6, 1752.

HeT\ry Walters, Dep. Lieut.=pAuue, daughter and eoheiress of Thomas Smith of Nottingham,
iorSomersetshire, andCol.of elder brother of Abel Smith (from whom is descended Lord Car-

rington) ; b. 1725 ; d. 1788.

Arms (4th quartering). — Or, a chevron cotised between three

demi-griffins, the two in chief respoctant each other sable.

Militia during French War,
b, 1723, m. 1745, d. 1797.

l¥:Z^/»^o^ yf^.

'U .



Thomas Walters of Batheaston,=
sometime of the R.N., served in
Lord Rodney's action in East
Indies, b. May 15, 1757, m. 1792,
d. July 1, 1847.

^Sophia, daughter and coheiress of Rev. John Skynner, Public
Orator of Cambridge, and Rector of Easton and Blatherwick
in Lincolnshire, and Sub-Dean of York, b. 1771, d. May 20,

Arms (5th and 6th quarterings). — Sa., a chevron or between
three griffins^ heads erased argent ; quartering the coat of his
maternal grandfather, William Melmoth, King's Counsel and
Bencher of Lincoln's Inn, who died 1743, viz. : — Argent, afess
gules hetw. three griffins' heads erased sable.

Other issue. John Eldad Walters=j=Eleanor, daughter and coheiress of Alexander Radclyffe

of Lincoln's Inn, and
Ewell, Surrey, born
Sept. 12, 1797, niar.
21 Dec. 1831,

Sidebottom of Lincoln's Inn (descended from the Rad-
clyffes of Foxdenton, Lancashire), b. March 21, 1807.

Arms (7th and 8th quarterings). — Argent, a chevron
between three lions rampant azure ; quartering the arms
of her mother Catharine, da. and coheiress of Richard
Helm, Esq., viz. : — Vair, argent and mble, a bend gules.

I 1

Wm. Melmoth Walters of Lincoln's=f:Marian Eleanor, eldest daughter of Alfred Other
Inn, and Ewell, Surrey, b. 28 Jan. 1 Leggatt, Esq., of William Street, Lowndes
1835, m. 17 July, 1860. Square, b. 20 March, 1840.

1 1

Edith Marian,

Percy Melmoth,

Gertrude Hamil-

Guy Melmoth,

Nora Mackenzie

b. 14 May,

b. 30 Sept. 1863.

ton, b. 25 Sept.

b. and d. 10

b. 8 Oct. 1873.



July, 1869.


Arthur Melmoth,

Katharine Elea-

Alice Mary, b.

b. 26 Jan. 1865.

Hugh Melmoth,

Constance Maud,

nor, born 9 Mar.

31 Aug., 1862.

b. 7 April, 1868.

b. 11 Aug. 1870.



The following notes I copied from the fly-leaves of a small Bible, 16mo, im-
printed at London by Robert Barker, 1638, in the possession of H. S. Blaydes, Esq.

1672. Ap. 3rd. Peter Prim, born.

„ Sept. lith. Frauceas Wood, born. m. 25 July 1695.

1696. July 26th. Mary, born. Buried 3rd August sa. year.

1697. Sept. 6th. Matthew, born.

1699. feb. 21. Abram & Sarah were born.

„ Ap. 19. the afsd. Sarah buried.

1702. Ap. 13. Francis born.

1704. March 14. Bete was born.

1707. July 12. Frances the wife of Peter Pryme dyed.

1724. Nov. 25. Peter Pryme died.

1729. X'^^'- 5th. Sarah the widow of Matt. Pryme died.

Hugh Blaydes & Elizabeth Prime married y^ 28th Aprill 1728.
Hugh Blaydes born y« 29th Jan. 1728-9, & was buried 20th of feb. 1728-9.
Elizabeth Blaydes born y" 26th March 1729-30, died Sept. 10 day 1734.
Francias was born Aprill the 10 day 1731.

Benjamin was born 26 August 1732 & died December y^ 26th day 1733.
The seckond Ben. wass born 5 day of March 1735-6.
Peter wass Born May y^ 26th 1737 & died ApriU 1 day 1738.
Ben. Blaydes married Kitty Scott 1775 at Mary-le-bon and had Ben. Blaydes born
5tli August 1776 at Melton, etc., etc.

B. A. r.



{Continued from fag e, 220.)

Summary of the Will of Lady Jane Rogers, of Cannington, Somerset.
Dated 24 Sept. 1598. G. C. P. (Montague 13).

Francis, son of Edward Rogers,* Esq. to have the manor of Bodmin ; he not to
alienate it for more than three lives, etc. ; if he do, or if he die without lawful issue,
then the said manor to go to George Harington, son of John Harington, Esq., and
his heirs male ; and if he alienate, etc., then to James, another son of the said John
Harington ; if he should ahenate, etc., then to George Rogers, another son of said
Edward Rogers ; and if he alienate, etc., or die issueless, then to testatrix heirs for
ever. Said manor of Bodmin charged with £200 to each of the five daughters of
said Edward Rogers.

To John Harington, my godson, son of John, Esq., the manor of Trebarveth,
in parish of Tyndagell, and his heirs male, but not to alienate ; otherwise to go to
said Geo. Rogers. This manor, charged with "one hundred and three score
pounds, to the Four Dau'rs of said John Harington — Fraunces, Jane, Ellen,
Elizabeth — to be equally divided among them."

To James Harington, son of John Harington, Esq., the manors of Trembelthee,
St. Jennes, Westmeadon, and Kilkhampton, in the counties of Cornwall and Devon.
To him the Demaine and Barton of AUercombe, he not to ahenate ; if otherwise,
then to George Rogers aforesaid and his heirs, etc. This property charged with
£lO yearly to "my daughter Marie Harington; £10 to Jane Harington; AUer-
combe (in certain events) to go to James Harington, charged as above," etc.

Certain Cornish manors to Geo. Rogers; if he alienate, etc., then to Francis
Rogers; Marie Harington, my dau'r, to be executor, and Francis Rogers another
executor. To be buried, if I die at Cannyugton, " by my husband Sir Geo. Rogers ;"
to be buried, if at Bath, " by John and Robert Harington;" to be buried, if m
London, "by Sir Edward Rogers and my sonne Wm, Rogers." Proved May 20,
1602. Francis Rogers was a minor at tlie time of his appointment to executorship.

Abstract of the Will of Dame Marie Harington {iiee Rogers) of

Kblston, Somerset, Widov?".

Will (Goare 33) made 1st June, 1634.

To be buried in Kelston Church by my mother. £5 to my son John Harington ;
my son George; my dau'r Lady Frances Egerton;t my dau'r Jane, wife of John
Roberts ; my chaplain George Ivey, Clerke, £20 ; to my brother-in-law Francis
Harington £5, and my lease of Fillgrove, in parish of Bitton ; my furniture, etc., at
Kelston, all furniture in my house at Bath, lease of the (?) Tennis Court adjoining
to the Crosse Bowe Inn, to my daughter Elizabeth. Proved Feb. 23, 1G36.

A sententia follows on the Will, in which Elizabeth Harington, executrix, is
called Digge. Lady Frances Egerton disputed the Will, not being satisfied with
a mere pecuniary legacy she received. Decision is given for its validity.

Abstract of the Will of William Harington,| of Kelston, co. Somerset.
(From the Court of Probate, Wells.)' Will dated 9th Sept., 1701.
To be buried at Kelston. Gives to his son John certain plate ; to his son James
certain other plate ; to daughter Dionis £100 and a silver tankard ; to his daughter

* In Calendar of .State Papers, Domestic, vol. 1619-23 A.D., p. 566, mention is made of a Star
Chamber Cause (Breviat), 1604, between Bdw. Rogers and Sir John Harington. Francis Rogers
accuses Sir John of conveying away plate, etc., from Cannington.

f Can any genealogist say who was Su- Raphe (.s/c) Egerton, the husband of this Lady
Frances Egerton 1 Their marriage is entered in the Register of Richmond, in Surrey, Dec. 21,
1606 ; and they had a daughter, Helenar or Eleanor, bapt. at Kelston 1st Oct. 161.5.

X This William Harington was the second surviving son of John Harington, Esq. (the
Parliamentarian), and the Hon. Lady Dioncss Ley. Can any clergyman or genealogist con-
tribute to the knowledge of Harington history, by furnishing the Register of Marriage of
William and Ann Harrington, whereby her maiden-name may be ascertained ? Such a com-
munication to * Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica ' would greatly oblige.


Phoebe Britton, wife of John Britton, plate. Lastly makes his wife Ann sole
executrix. One of the witnesses of this Will was John Broad. The Will was
proved by Anne his Relict, 12th May, 1702.

Abstract of the Will of Ann Harington, of Kelwestou, Widow of the preceding-
William Harington.
(From the Court of Probate at Wells, Somerset.) Will dated 17th July, 1707.
After specifying as to burial, and after a religious clause in usual terms of that
day, she adds, " To my son John 5s. ; to my dau'r Diones, wife of William Hopper,
one broad piece of gold ; to my dau'r Phabey (Phoebe), wife of John Britton, best
bed, etc.," and names " my grandchild William Harrington,* my grandchild Anne
Harington,* my grandchildren William Hopper and Mary Hopper, my grand-
children John and Mary Britton.f All residue to James my son, he to be sole
executor." One of the witnesses, John Broad. Proved 8th Sept. 1707.

Abstract of the Will of Miss Phoebe Harington, | of Weston-near-Bath.

(From the Court of Probate, Wells, Somerset.) WiH dated 1704, 25th Feb.

My sister Helena Harington 20s. for a ring. To Mary, Vertue, Arabella,
Elizabeth, four daughters of my sister Vertue Higginson, of Marshfield, £10 each
at 16 years. John and Amy, son and daughter of my sister Alice Fecknaham, of
Marshfield, £5 each at 16 years. Geo. Adams, my godson, 40s. Sarah Pexstone,
wife of Thos. Pexstone, § my sister Amy Macie|| to be sole executrix. Will proved
7th Nov., 1709, by Amy, her executrix. Was witnessed inter alios testes by Wm.

Abstract of the Will of Miss Rebecca Harington, of Corston, co. Somerset.
(From the Court of Probate at Wells.) Will dated 10th Dec, 1731.

" My nephew John Harington, of Corston, Esq." to have a certain estate for
term of years in lands, etc., called " Babers," and a chief rent at Corston (spelt
Coston) of 5s. 6d. per annum, on three messuages at Corston, to him, his heirs and
assigns for ever. " My nephew \{m. Harington of the City of Bristol, Gent.," to
have lands and tenements in AVeston, in the possession of the proprietors of the
Brass Batteries at Weston, his heirs and assigns for ever. " My sister Elizabeth
Harington,^ Widow, and Mrs. Mary Harington*^ £l Is. each in gold, to buy a
ring. My sisters,** Amy Hall and Alice Facknam, £10 each. My three nieces,ff
Mary Bennet, Vertue Osborne, Arabella Bryant, £5 each. To the poor of Corston,
£5. My niece, Abigail Harington,JJ spinster, a diamond ring. Residue to my
two nieces, Abigail and Elizabeth Harington,§§ to be equally divided, and they to be
joint executors. Proved — day — 1749, by said Abigail and Elizabeth.

{To be continued.)

* These were the children of John Harrington, of Bitton, her eldest son.

t The testatrix's daughter Phoebe married Mr. John Britton, of Corston, at Kelston, 24th
April, 1701, so these legatees were quite young in 1707.

X This testatrix was youngest dau'r of William and Ann Harington, and grand-daughter of
John Harington, Esq., and the Hon. Lady Dioness his wife.

§ This family of Pexstone descended from Thomas Pexstone, Vicar of Weston-near-Bath,
1599, who made a copy of the early registers of the Parish, a thing to be recorded of him.

II She afterwards married a ITaH. The Macies descended from John Macie, Vicar of Weston,
qui ob. Jan. 1595-6.

^ " My sister Elizabeth." This was Elizabeth, the second wife of testatrix's brother
Benjamin, ?»eV Elizabeth Bushell. My sister, Mary Harington, was testatrix's half-sister, the
eldest daughter of her father's fourth marriage with Helena Gostlett.

** My sister, Amy Hall. This lady had first married David Macie, Esq., yicar of Weston-
near-Bath from 1698 to 1701 ; he died probably that year, sometime after May 11th. My sister,
Alice Facknam. She was wife of the Rev. thos. Fecknaham, Vicar of Marshfield, co. Glo'ster,
whom she married after the death of her first husband, Mr. Edward Chetwynd.

ff The maiden-name of all these young married ladies was Higginson. Their father was a
barrister, Mr. Joshua Higginson, connected with Marshfield.

XX My niece, Abigail Harington, /Spinstrr. Her single state did not long continue ; iu 1740-41
she married the Rev. Mr. Martin Hudson, Rector of Saltford, co. Somerset.
§§ Elizabeth remained JSlizabeth Hai-ingtoii for the long period of 90 years, dying in 1708.



Arms. — Argent, on a cross gules Jive mulMs or. Ceest. — Out of a ducal coronet or
a demi-lion affrontee gules. Motto. — Suh Cruce Salus.

In the 'New England Historical and Genealogical Eegister,' (Boston, Mass.)
vol. vii. (1853), p. 39, is found a very ancient and apparently well-authenticated
pedigree of Adams, furnished by William Downing Bruce, Esq., F.S.A., of the
Middle Temple, London, fi-om the original " discovered among the papers of the
late Edward Hamlin Adams, Esq., M.P. for the county of Carmarthen, and now
(1853) in the possession of his son Edward Adams, Esq., of Middleton Hall, said

This pedigree traces seventeen generations from Ap Adam, who " came

out of the Marches of Wales," and had a son Sir John Ap Adam, Kt., Lord Ap
Adam, who mar. Elizabeth, dau. of John Lord Gourney of Beverston, co. (jrloucester,
and was summoned to Parliament as a Baron of the Reahn, from 1296 to 1307.

William, of the fifteenth generation, as appears, mar. daughter of

"Boringston (?)," and had sons, George, Lieut, in the service of Charles I., who

m. dau. of Mr. Conrad Streetholt,* merchant of London, and d. in Barbadoes

in 1647, leaving sons Conrad, George, and John, "living in 1680."

''Henry, d. in Braintree in New England 1646," leaving sons Henry, Sam. . .
Joseph, , . . omas, Peter, and Edward, all "living in 1680."

Ambrose, "m. and had issue."

John, m. and had issue.

As early as 1645, a George Adams, "a glover," with wife Frances, settled in
Watertown, Mass., and had issue, at least, six children, as appears by Bond's
' Genealogies of Watertown,' Paige's ' History of Cambridge,' and Hudson's ' History
of Lexington.' In 1664, he sold to John Chinery " my house in Watertown and
land adjoining," and removed to " Cambridge Farms," then an adjoining town, now
Lexington. He was killed in Watertown, Oct. 10, 1696, " by the fall of a rock."

John Adams, a settler in Cambridge, as early as 1650 then adjoining Water-
town, has been supposed by some to have been a brother of George ; but positive
proof is wanting to establish such relationship.

Henry Adams is known to have been the ancestor of the second and sixth
Presidents of the United States, John and John Quincy Adams, and several others
of the name noted in American history.

An " Ambross" Adams was an inhabitant of St. Michael's, Barbadoes, in 1680.
(See Hotten's Lists, p. 443.)

I trace my lineage through seven successive generations from George and
Frances of Watertown. That they emigrated hither, and that they were married
prior to their coming, there can be no doubt ; and that they married but a short
time before their arrival seems probable, as all of their children were born in
Watertown (the eldest, John, b. 6 Aug. 1645) prior to removal to Lexington.

The presumptive evidence, considering dates, names, etc., is strangely in favour
of George of Watertown having been a son of Lieut. George of Barbadoes, and a
nephew of Henry of Braintree.

I have in preparation a genealogy of the Adams family of this line, and am
very desirous of connecting with our English ancestry, and therefore invite the co-
operation of all concerned.

Washington, B.C., U.S.A. Nelson D. Adams.

Baenes. — Can any of your readers give me any information concerning the
parents of Henry Barnes, who was filacer for London and j\Iiddlesex? He was
born circ. 1670, and died at Hampstead 1731, wliere he was biu'ied. Any informa-
tion concerning the family of Barne or Barnes, bearing the arms — Az., three leopards'
faces or, — would be most acceptable.

Univ. Coll., Oxon. G. S. Barnes.

* Was not Mr, Streetholt a glover and hosier ?



TuRNEE. — I am anxious to trace the descent of John Turner, citizen and
merchant of London, will dated 18th June, 1G91, who mar. a Cartwright of
Leicester, and was grandfather of Sir Edward Turner, Bart., of Ambrosden, co.
Oxon. In all the books I have consulted he is said to be descended from an ancient
Leicestershire family ; but as yet I have been unable to trace the connection.
Subjoined is a portion of a parchment roll pedigree, compiled circa 1818, by Charles
Murray Lane, Chester Herald. It will be observed that there is a link wanting to
connect John Turner of London with the Turners written above. If any of your
readers can supply me with dates, names, etc., to fill in the blanks I should be
greatly obliged. Also I want t

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