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Mary Queen of Scots to Torquil Macleod, 24th July 1563, . xxxiv and xxxv

George Viscount of Tarbat to Margaret Countess of Wemyss,

2d March 1700, ...... cxlii <z;/^ cxliii

Prince Charles Edward to George, Third Earl of Cromartie,

8th August 1745, ..... ccxii <z;/^ ccxiii

John Lord Macleod to his father, i8th April 1749, . . ccxlii a//</ccxliii

James Sharp, Archbishop of St. Andrews, to Sir George Mac-
kenzie, Lord Tarbat, 21st November 1674, . . 18 and 19

Robert Barclay of Ury to the Same, 8th of the 7th month, 1684, 32 and ;^t,

Mr. William Carstares to the Same, 8th October 1684, . 42 and 4;^

Kenneth, Earl of Seaforth, to Colonel Hill, 30th May 1690, . 64 and 65

John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury, to George Viscount

of Tarbat, 24th September 1692, .... 88 and Sg

John Lord Macleod to his father, 8th July 1705, . . 286 and 287


Illustrations in Volume First — continued.

ARMORIAL SEALS. Woodcuts of—

Colin Mackenzie of Kintail, 1585, . p. xviii

Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail, 1597, xviii

Sir Rorie Mackenzie of Coigeach,

1624, xxvii

Sir George Mackenzie of Tarbat,

George Viscount Tarbat,


tesses OF Cromartie, etc.

Mackenzie of Kintail,
Macleod of Lewis,
Erskine of Innerteil,
Sinclair of Mey,
Countess of Wemyss,
Gordon of Aboyne,
Murray, Lord Elibank,
Eraser, Lord Lovat,
Gordon of Invergordon,
Forbes, Lord Forbes,

p. IX



SIGNATURES. Woodcuts of—

Sir Rorie Mackenzie of Coigeach, 1624, p. liii

Margaret Macleod, his wife, . . liii

Sir John Mackenzie of Tarbat, . Ixvi

Margaret Erskine, his wife, . . Ixvi

Anna Sinclair, Viscountess of Tarbat, clxxix

Margaret, Countess of Wemyss and

Viscountess of Tarbat, . . clxxix

George, First Earl of Cromartie, etc. , cxciv

John, Second Earl of Cromartie, etc., ccx

Elizabeth Gordon, Lady Tarbat, . ccx

Anne Eraser, Countess of Cromartie, ccx

George, Third Earl of Cromartie, etc., ccxxxv

Isabella Gordon, Countess of Crom-
artie, ..... ccxxxv

John Lord Macleod, etc., . . cclviii

Marjory Forbes, Lady Macleod, . cclviii

John, First Earl of Middleton, 1662, 3

Sir John Fletcher, Lord Advocate, 1662, 8

James Sharp, Archbishop of St

Andrews, 1665, .... 14

James Gregorie, Professor of Mathe
matics, Edinburgh University
1675, ....


I.— COLIN FITZGERALD (Colinus Hibernus). Married a daughter of Kenneth Macraahon or Matheson, 1263.

XL— KENNETH, married Morba Macdowal, daughter of Alexander Lord of Lorn. He died 1304.

III. — KENNETH MACKENNETH (Macchainnich, Mackenzie), married Margaret, daughter of David de
Strathbogie, Earl of Athole. He died 1328.

IV.— KENNETH MACKENZIE of Kintail, married FjTivola, daughter of Roderick Macleod of Lewis.

v.— MURDOCH MACKENZIE, married Isabel, daughter of Murdoch MacAuIa. He died 1375.

VI.— MURDOCH MACKENZIE, married Fingalla, daughter of Macleod of Harris. He died 1416.

VII.— ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, married, l.st. Lady Agnes Campbell, daughter of Colin Earl of Argyll ;
2d, Margaret Macdougal, a daughter of the House of Lorn. He died 1488.

VIII.— SIR KENNETH MACKENZIE. Was knighted by King James the Hector, Duncan

Fourth. He married, Ist, a daughter of the Earl of Ross, by whom he ancestor of of Hiltoun.

had a son, Kenneth, who was killed at Torwood ; 2d, Agnes Eraser, the Mackenzies

dai;ghter of Hugh Lord Lovat. He died circa 1506. of Gareloch.


IX.— JOHN MACKENZIE. Alexander, ancestor Roderick, ancestor Kenneth, Agnes.

He married Isabella daugh- of the Mackenzies of of the Mackenzies ancestor of the Catherine, married

ter of John Grant of Grant, Davochmaluak, and of Achilty, Mackenzies of Hector Monro of

and died circa 1556. others. Fairburne, etc. Suddy, Ord, etc. Foulis.

X.— KENNETH MACKENZIE. He married Lady Isabel Stewart, daughter of John, Janet, married Roderick
second Earl of Athole. He died 1568. His eldest son Murdoch jjredeceased him. Macleod of Lewis.

I II.,

XI. — COLIN MACKENZIE, Roderick, Janet, married, Agnes, Margaret,
married, 1st, Barbara, ancestor
daughter of John Grant of the
of Grant ; 2d, Mary, Mackenzies
daughter of Roderick Mac- of Red-
kenzie of Davochmaluak. castle, etc.
He died 14th June 1594.

, Elizabeth, married

1st, Ale.xander married married married Walter Urquhart

Macdonell of Lachlan Walter David Ross of Cromartie.

Glengarry ; Macintosh Innes of of Balna- Marjory, married

2d, Alexander of Dunach- Innerbraky. gowau. Robert Monro

Chisholm of tane. of Foulis.

XII.— KENNETH MACKENZIE. Sir Roderick Colin,
Was raised to the Peerage by Mackenzie of of whom
King James the Sixth in 16u9, by Tarbat, Ancks- Kennock
the title of Lord Mackenzie of tor of the andPithm-
Kintail. He married, 1st, Anne, Earls of Cro- die are de-
daughter of George Ross of Bal- martie. ( Vide scended.
nagowan ; 2d, Isabel, daughter Pedigree of
of Sir Gilbert Ogilvy of Powrie. them.)

He died in 1611.

Alexander, Alexander, Margaret, married


of the


of Kilcoy.

son of second

wife, ancestor

of the

of Applecross,

Coul, etc.

to Simon Lord

, married

Lachlan Maclean

of Dowart.
Mary, married

Donald Mac-
donald of Slate.

Xlll.— COLIN, second
Lord Mackenzie. Was
created Earl of Seaforth
in 1623. He married
Lady Marg;aret Seton,
daughter of Alexander,
Earl of Dunfermline.
He died without male
issue in 1633.

John of Loch-
slyne, married

Isabel, daughter
of Alexander
Mackenzie of

Gareloch. He
died without
male issue.



Died 1614.



XIII. — GEORGE, Thomas of Plus- Barbara, married

second Earl op


Barbara, daughter

of Arthur Lord

He died 1651.


Simon of Loch-

slyne, father of

Sir George

Mackenzie of

Rosehaugh. He

married Eliza-
beth, daughter of
Dr. Bruce.

Donald Lord Reay.
Janet, married Sir
Donald Macdonald

of Slate.

Sibylla, mamed

John Macleod

of Macleod.


Lady Anna, Tuarried Alex-
ander Earl of Balcarres.

Represented by the

present Earl of Crawford

and Balcan-es.

Lady Jane, XIV.— KENNETH, third Hon. Colin Mac-
married John Earl of Seaforth, married KENZIE, father
Master of Isabel, sister of George, of Dr. George
Berriedale. first Earl of Cromartie. Mackenzie, mar-
He died in 1678. ried Jean Laurie.


Lady Mary, married

John Earl of Mar.

Lady Margaret,

married Sir William

Sinclair of Mey.


XV.-KENNETH, FOURTH Earl ok Seaforth. Hon. John Lady Margaret, Lady Isabel, married. Lady Mary,

Was appointed K.T. and created Marquis of Mackenzie married James 1st, Roderick Mac- man-ied

Seaforth by King James the Seventh. He ofAssint. Lord Duffus. leodof Macleod; 2d, Alexander

married Lady Frances Herbert, daughter of Lady Anne, died Sir Duncan Camp- Macdonell of

William, Marquis of Powis. He died 1701. unmarried. bell of Lochnell. Glengarry.

XVI. — WILLIAM, FIFTH Earl of Seaforth. Having engaged in
the rebellion of 1715, he was attainted and liis estates forfeited.
King George the First remitted the sentence of imprison-
ment and execution of his person. He married Mary, daughter
of Nicholas Kennet of Coxhow. He died 8th January 1740.

Hon. Colonel
Alexander M.\ckenzie,

married Elizabeth,
daughter of John Paterson,

Bishop of Ross.

Lady Mary,


John Caryl, Esq.

XVII.— KENNETH, Lord Fortrose. Elected M.P. Hon. Ronald Hon. Nichol, Lady Frances,

for Fortrose in 1741 and the County of Ross 1747 Mackenzie. died married Hon.

and 1754. He married Lady Mary Stewart, daughter Died unmarried. unmarried. John Gordon of
of Alexander Earl of Galloway. He died 1761. Kenmore.


Was created Baron of Ardelve and Vis- married married

count of Fortrose in Ireland in 1766. In William Henry

1774 created Earl of Seaforth in Ireland. Webb, Howard,

He married Lady Caroline Stanhope, Esquire. Esq. of

daughter of the Earl of Harrington. Arundel.
He died in 1781, without male issue,
leaving a daughter, Lady Caroline Mac-
kenzie, married to Count Melford.




J. Douglas,



Tarpley, Esq.

Frances, married

Joseph Wall, Esq.

Euphemia, married

William Stewart

of Castle

Stewart, M.P.

XVII. — WILLIAM MAC- Isabella, married Jane, married Dr. Mary, married Capt.

KENZIE, married Mary, daugh- Basil Hamilton Alexander Macken- Dugald Stewart. married Nicholas

ter of Matthew Humberstone. of Baldoon. zie. Died 1776. Elizabeth, died immamed. Price of Saintfield.



XVIII.— THOMAS XVIII.— FRANCIS HUMBERSTON MAC- Frances Maria Rebecca, Helen, married

FREDERICK KENZIE. Was created a British Peer by the Cerjat, married Major-Gen.

MACKENZIE titles of Lord Seaforth and Baron Mackenzie of married Alexander Mac- Alexander

HUMBERSTONE, Kintail. He married Mary, daughter of Dr. SirVicary kenzie. Mackenzie

died unmarried 1783. Proby, Dean of Lichfield. He died in 1815. Gibbs, M.lP. Elizabeth. Eraser.

Hon. George William Francis XIX.— Hon. MARY FREDERICA Frances Catherine.

William Leveson Frederick, John, ELIZABETH MACKENZIE of Sea- Caroline.

Frederick Boucheret, died young, died young, forth. Married, 1st, Admiral Sir Charlotte Elizabeth.

Mackenzie, died young. Samuel Hood. No issue. 2d, The Hon. Augusta Anne.

died young. James Alexander Stewart. Helen Anne.


-KEITH WILLIAM STEWART MACKENZIE of Seaforth, married, 1st, Hannah Charlotte
Hope Vere of Craigiehall ; 2d, Alicia Almeira Bell.

James Alexander Francis

Humberston Stewart

Mackenzie of Seaforth.

Susan Mary Elizabeth,

married Hon.
John Constantine Stanley.

Julia Charlotte Sophia,

Arthur Viscount Walden.

One daughter by his
second marriage.


I. —SIR RODERICK MACKENZIE of Coigeach and Tarbat, Knight, second son of Colm Mackenzie of Kiutail,
and brother of Kenneth, first Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, was ancestor of the Earls of Croniartie. He
married Margaret, daughter of Torquil Macleod of Lewis. He died in September 1626. — [Vide Memoir
of him, vol. i. pp. xxv.-liii.] I

KENZIE of Tarbat was
created a Baronet of
Nova Scotia by King
Charles I., 21st May
1628. He married Mar-
garet, daughter of Sir
George Erskine of Inner-
teil. He died 10th Sep-
tember 1654. — [Vide
Memoir of him, vol. i.
pp. liv.-lxvi.]

Kenneth, first of Scatwell,
married — 1st, Margaret,
daughter of Sir Robert
Monro of Foulis. 2d,
Janet, daughter of Wal-
ter Ross of Invercarron.
He died 3d March 1662.
He was ancestor of the
Mackenzies of Scatwell,
Findon, etc.

Colin of Tarvey,
married widow of
John Mackenzie
of Lochsline.
Alexander of
Ballone, married
widow of Ken-
neth Mackenzie
of Inverlawl.
He died 164.5.

died unmar-
ried 1629.
died unmar-
ried 1647.



Sir James

Macdonakl of

Slate, Baronet.

Had issue.

FIRST Earl op Cromartie. Born in
1630 ; succeeded his father in 1654.
Made a Lord of Session 1st June 1661 ;
Lord Justice-General of Scotland,
16th October 1678; Lord Clerk-Regis-
ter in 1681 ; created Viscount of Tar-
bat 15th April 1685 ; Earl of Cro-
martie, 1st January 1703. Mamed —
1st, Anna, daughter of Sir James Sin-
clair of Mey. 2d, Margaret, Countess
of Wemyss. He died 17th August 1714,
aged 84. — [Vide Memoir of him, vol.
i. pp. Ixvii.-cxciv.] Besides his eldest
sou Roderick, who was living in 1665,
but died young and unmarried, his
children by his tirst wife were

died at



Roderick of Preston-
hall. Admitted Ad-
vocate in 1666, ap-
pointed Lord-Justice-
Clerk in 1702, and
Lord of Session in
1703. He married —
1st, Mary, daughter
of Archbishop Burnet.
2d, Margaret Haly-
burton, widow of Sir
George Mackenzie of
Rosehaugh, Lord Ad-
vocate. Lord Preston-
hall died 4th January
1712. — [ Vide Memoir,
vol. i. p. Ixiii.]

; I I
Alexander 1.
of Ardloch


Kenneth, 2.
Isobel 3.
died 4.
unmarried .

Margaret, married —
1st, Roderick Macleod
of Macleod : without
issue. 2d, Sir James
Campbell of Lawers.

Anne, married Hugh
Lord Lovat. Issue.

Isabel, married Ken-
neth Earl of Seaforth.

Barbara, married Alex-
ander Mackenzie of

• Gareloch. Issue.

Catherine, married Sir
Colin Campbell of
Aberuchil, Bart. Issue.


Earl OF Cromartie.
He married — 1st,
Lady Elizabeth Gor-
don, daughter of the
Earl of Aboyne. 2d,
Hon. Mary Murray,
daughter of Patrick
Lord Elibank. 3d,
Hon. Anna Eraser,
•laughter of Hugh
I>ord Lovat. He died
20th Feb. 1731.—
[ IWeMemoirof him,
vol. i. pp. cxcv-ccx.]
Issue by his 2d and
3d wives.

Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of
Grandvale and Cromartie.
Created a Baronet in 1704, with
his father's precedency. He
had six sons. Sir George, Colin,
Campbell, Gerard, James, Sir
Kenneth, and several daugh-
ters. He died in 1729. — [Vide
Memoir, vol. ii. p. 412.]

Sir George Mackenzie, second
Bart. , M. P. for Cromartie from
1727 to 1734. He sold Cro-
martie to Captain Urquhart.
Married Elizabeth Reid. He
died at Cromartie, 20th May
1748, without issue. Buried
at Dingwall. —[T7f?e Memoir,
vol. ii. p. 415.]

I i I M

Sir James Mackenzie of Lady Lady Jean,

Royston, created a Margaret, married

Baronet in 1704, made a mairied Sir Thomas

Lord of Session, 1710. David Bruce Stewart

Lord Royston married of Clack- of Balcaskie.

Elizabeth, daughter of mannan, s.2J. Had issue.

Sir George Mackenzie of Lady Lady Anne,

Rosehaugh. He died at Elizabeth, married

Edinburgh in November married John Sin-

1744. Issue one son and Sir George clair, brother

one daughter. The son Brown of of the Earl

George died 15th May Coalstown. of Caithness.

1744, and the daughter Had issue. Issue.
Elizabeth married Sir
Jolui Steuart of Grand-
tully, and had issue. —
[Vide Memoir, vol. ii.
p. 420.]


Earl of Cromartie,
born circa 1702, joined
the Rebellion of 1745.
He was forfeited and
sentenced to death, but
afterwards pardoned.
He married Isabella
Gordon of Invergorden.
Died 28th Sept. 1766.
— [ Vide Memoir of him,
vol. i. pp.ccxi-ccxxxv.]

Captain Roderick, was a Liexitenant
in the Royal Dragoons, 1740, and
was sent to Flanders in 1745. Issue
one son. I

Kenneth Mackenzie of Cromartie,
succeeded on the death of Lord
Macleod in 1789 to the Cromartie-
Mackenzie estates. He mamed
Jane, daughter of Charles Petley
of Riverhead. He died in 1796,
and was succeeded by his cousin,
Lady Elibank.

William, also a mili-
tary man.
Patrick, became a

Gideon, died 1714.
James, died young.
Norman, was an officer

in the army.

Hugh, the same in


All died s.]3.

Lady Mary, died
in May 1726.

Lady Anna, died

Lady Amelia,
married Archi-
bald Lamont of
that Ilk.

Lady Helen, liv-
ing 1714.

born in 1727. Joined the Re-
bellion of 1745, and was con-
demned for treason, but was
pardoned. He entered the
military service of the King of
Sweden, and was created Count
Cromartie in Sweden. He
raised Lord Macleod's High-
landers. Married, 4th June
1786, Marjory, daughter of
Lord Forbes. No issue. Died
2d April 1789.— [Fu^e Memoir,
vol. i. pp. ccxxxvi-cclviii.]

William, died in

December 1736,

aged 7 years.

George, a Li exit. -

Col. of the 71st

Regt. of Foot,

died in India in

1787, S.J).

Lady Isabella, born
30th March 1725,
married in January
1760, George sixth
Lord Elibank. She
succeeded to her
cousin Kenneth
in the Cromartie
estates in 1796. Died
28th Dec. 1801,
aged 77.

,. I I I I I I I

Lady Mary, married— 1st, in 1750,
Captain Clarke ; 2d, in Aug. 1757,
Mr. Drayton, a Councillor in South
Carolina ; 3d, John Ainslie, Esq.

Lady Anne, married— 1st, Hon. Ed-
mond Atkin ; 2d, Dr. Murray.

Lady Caroline, married— 1st, Mr.
Drake ; 2d, Walter Hunter of Pol-

Lady Jane.

Lady Amelia, died young.

Lady Margaret, married John Glass-
ford of Dougalston. Had issue.

Lady Augusta, married Sir William
Murray of Ochtertyre, Bart. Had

VII.— The Honourable MARIA MURRAY HAY-MACKENZIE of Cromartie, married The Hon.

Edward Hay of Newhall, brother of the Marquis of Tweeddale, who became Edward Hay- Isabella Murray.
Mackenzie of Cromartie. She died on 8th Oct. 1858. Issue one son and three daughters.

VIII.— JOHN HAY-MACKENZIE of Cromartie. Dorothea, married.
He married Anne, third daughter of Sir James 2d July 1813, Sir

Gibson-Craig of Riccarton, Baronet. He died David Hunter Blair.
9th July 1849. Issue one daughter. Had issue.

Isabella, married,
1st Nov. 1817,

John Buckle, Esq.,
and had issue.


married James

Earl of Glasgow,


-ANNE HAY-MACKENZIE op Cromartie, Duchess of Sutherland. Her Grace was created Countess
of Cromartie, Viscountess Tarbat of Tarbat, Baroness Macleod of Castle Leod, and Baroness Castlehaven
of Castlehaven, by Patent dated 21st October 1861. She married, on 27th June 1849, George Granville
William Marquis of Stafford, now third Duke of Sutherland, K.G., and Premier Peer of Scotland.

X.— GEORGE GRANVILLE, Cromartie, Marquis of Lord Francis, Lady Florence Lady Alexandra

Earl GowER, born 27th Stafford, M. P., bom Viscount Tarbat, Sutherl^ind Sutherland

July 1850, died 5th July 1858. 21st July 1851. born 3d August 1852. Leveson-Gower. Leveson-Gower.




rriHE Mackenzies of Tarbat, who were ennobled as Earls of Cromartie, are
J- a branch of the Mackenzies, Earls of Seaforth, an ancient, powerful
and distinguished clan, long in possession of the barony of Elian Donan,
including Kintail and other properties in tlie county of Eoss, commonly
called the Seaforth estates.

The history of the clan of the Mackenzies is a subject of interest not
merely to the members of the clan themselves, but to all who are connected
with the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. For centuries the Mackenzies
played there a very prominent part ; and in the feuds and conflicts of the
clans fought many a bloody battle with the Macdonalds, Monros, Macleods,
Mathesons, Macleans, and MacNeills, to maintain tlieir position in the ancient
Earldom of Koss. The clan has produced many brave men, distinguished
statesmen, accomplished scholars, and learned authors and historians.

Their own origin and early history, however, are involved in great ob-
scurity, and have formed the subject of m.uch discussion. Previous to the



fifteenth century, the history of the Mackenzies is but imperfectly known.
On the fall of the ancient Earls of Eoss, the Mackenzies obtained part of their
extensive estates in Strathconan, Strathgarve, and Strathpeffer ; and amidst
the conflicts of the clan Macleod of Lewis, the Lords of Kintail became the
owners of the Island of Lewis, and many of the other Macleod territories.
Writing of the possessions of the Mackenzies, soon after the Union, the first
Earl of Cromartie states that their interest in the shire of Eoss is, at least, as
four to one with the rest, and that they are amongst the oldest and most
numerous clans, so faithful to the Crown that they always acted for it, and
suffered with it, nor to this day did they ever need a remission.-^

Previous to the sale of large portions of the Seaforth and other Mac-
kenzie estates, it was said of them that they had extended their numberless
branches over a great part of the north, and possessed an extent of territory
to which few families can exhibit a parallel.^ But even dismembered as the
Seaforth estates have been from time to time by the sale of the Lewis, Kin-
tail, and other lands, the properties of Brahan, and others still remaining,
are of considerable value. The Cromartie-Mackenzie estates have also
undergone diminution since the time of Sir Eorie Mackenzie, who originally
acquired them, but are still of great extent.

As to the origin of the Mackenzies there are two theories : The one,
which has been frequently given in histories of the family, is that their first
known ancestor was Colin Fitzgerald, a scion of the distinguished Norman
family of Fitzgerald in Ireland. This view is founded on a fragment of the
records of Icolmkill, and a Charter by King Alexander to Colin Fitzgerald,
called Colinus Hybernus, of the lands of Kintail. In the former it is stated
that among those who fought in the battle of Largs, was a distinguished
Irish stranger of the family of the Geraldines, who, having been driven from
' OriginalMS. of 4pi). folio, atTarbatHouse. ^ Mr. Skene's Highlanders, vol. ii. p. 242.


Ireland, was kindly received by the king, and had hitherto remained at the
court/ And, again referring to this Colin who fought in the battle at Largs,
the record states that he afterwards fought bravely against the Islanders, and
was left among them with a garrison.^

The charter is said to have been granted in 1266 by King Alexander the
Third. The original is in Latin, and the following is a translation : — " Alex-
ander, by the grace of God, King of Scots, to all good men of his whole land,
churchmen and laymen, greeting. Know all men, present and to come, that,
for the faithful service rendered to me, both in war and in peace, by Colin the
Irishman, I have given, and, by this my present charter, have granted to the
said Colin and his successors, the whole lands of Kintail, to be held of us and
our successors in free barony, with ward. Eendering forinsec service, and
fidelity. Witnesses — Andrew bishop of Moray, Walter Stewart, Henry of
Baliol, chamberlain, Arnold of Canipan, Thomas Dorward, sheriff of Inver-
ness. At Kincardine, the 9th day of January, in the sixteenth year of the
reign of our lord the king."^

^ The original record is in Latin, and is as terre sue clericis et laicis salutem. Sciant pre-

follows : — " Peregrinus et Hybernus nobilis sentes et f iituri me pro tideli seniicio michi na-

ex familia Geraldinorum, qui proximo anno ab vato perColinumHybernum, tarn inbelloquam

Hybernia pulsus apud Regem benigne accep- in pace, ideo dedisse et hac presenti carta mea

tus, hucusque in curta permansit, et in prae- concessisse dicto Colino et ejus successoribus,

fato proelio strenue pugnavit." totas terras de Kintail e: Tenendas de nobis et

^ The words in the original record are successoribus nostris in liberam baroniam cum

" de quo supra in proelio ad Larges, qui postea guardia: Reddendo seruicinm forinsecum et

se fortiter contra Insulanos gessit, et ibi inter fidelitatem. Testibus Andrea ajjiscopo Moravi-

eos in praesidium relictus." ensi,Waltero Stewart, Henrico deBalioth,came-

3 The following is the exact text of the ori- rario, Arnoldo de Campania,* Thoma Hostiario

ginal charter : — " Alexander Dei gracia rex vicecomite de Invernes. Apud Kincardine, ix

Scottorum omnibus probis hominibus tocius die Januarii anno regni domini Regis xvi."

* Other persons of the same name witnessed charters in the reign of King Alexander the
Second, Waltero Campan. is a witness to an obligation by the Lord of Carrik in 1225, and
Dominus R. de Campan. is present at an agreement between Henry de Eschirche and Alex-
ander his brother, 1214-1249. [Registrum Episcopatus Glasguensis, Nos. 139 and 148.]


Both the charter and the fragment of the record of Icolmkill now quoted,
are included in "The Genealogie of the Mackenzies preceeding the year 1661,
written in the year 1669, by a Persone of Qualitie."

The author thus described is well known to have been Sir George Mac-
kenzie of Tarbat, afterwards created Earl of Cromartie ; and although the
orio-inal manuscript of that work is not now known to exist, many copies of
it, nearly contemporary, are treasured in Mackenzie collections, where it is
always known as Lord Cromartie's History of the Mackenzies. The fact of
his being the author is put beyond all question by another and ampler edition

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