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The earls of Cromartie; their kindred, country, and correspondence (Volume 1) online

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be sent for to Holland. 10th February 1705, 281

22(1. James first Earl of Seafield to Mr. John Stewart, Signet Office, Edin-
burgh, intimating that Her Majesty had signed his commission as
Chancellor, and Lord Tweeddale's as President of the Privy Council,
and authorising him, in absence of Sir Alexander Ogilvy, to expede my
Lord's and the other papers. 10th March 1705, .... 283

227. John Lord Macleod to his father, George first Earl of Cromartie,
regretting that his wife's condition deprived him of the satisfaction of
waiting on his Lordship, to congratulate him on his safe return ; request-
ing him to take the will for the deed, and praying God to comfort
him under his great affliction. 28th May 1705, .... 283

John Mackenzie to the Same, intimating the death of Sir Thomas
Stewart, etc. 5th June 1705, ....... 284

Alexander Erskine, Lord Lyon, to the Same, excusing himself for not
having attended Lady Wemyss' funeral. 5th June 1705, . . . 285

James second Duke of Ormond to George Earl of Cromartie, expressing
regret at not having been able to take leave of him at his departure.
2d July, circa 1705, 286

John Lord Macleod to his father, George first Earl of Cromartie, inti-
mating the birth of a son ; and about a call to Mr. Daniel Mackenzie
to be minister of Tarbat. 8th July 1705, 286

232. Henry Hyde, second Earl of Clarendon, to George first Earl of Cro-

martie, about the recovery of money in a matter that concerned his
grandchildren. 19th July 1705, 287

233. Lady Christian Leslie, Dowager Marchioness of Montrose, to the Same,

sympathising with him in his loss ; and about the state of Mr. Bruce's
health. 28th August, c/rm 1705, 288





234. Lady Mary Leslie, wife of William Lord Haddo, afterwards second

Earl of Aberdeen, to the Same, expressing regret that she could not
pa}' him a visit. 11th October, ci/ca 1705, ..... 28'J

235. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, one of the Secre-

taries of State for Scotland, stating that he wanted £1100 of his dues,
and that he had Her Majesty's letter for himself and all succeeding
secretaries to be paid ante omnes ; asking his Lordship for a line to
hasten it, and to pass his locality for reimbursing him of £1500 ; and
about a matter that concerned the African Company, of which he had
written to the Queen. 23d October 1705, 2sy

236. John Earl of Mar to George first Earl of Cromartie, acknowledging

receipt of a letter from his Lordship, the subject of which he would lay
before the Queen, and doubted not but Her Majesty would do his
Lordship justice ; and referring to the matter concerning the African
Company, alluded to in the preceding letter, etc. 6th November 1705. 290

237. John Philp to Mr. John Stewart, Under Keeper of the Great Seal, Edin-

burgh, wherein he states that there was nothing doing in Scots busi-
ness ; that the Marquis of Annandale was working with his English
friends, but out of all measures with the Scots courtiers ; refers to
high words between Argyll and Annandale ; and mentions that his
Lord was very kindly received by Her Majesty and his old friends
in London, and that Argyll and he were very great friends, etc, .Stli
November 1705, .......... 2'.)2

238. John Earl of Mar, Secretary of State for Scotland, to a Lady, as to the

gift of her Lord's liferent escheat. 10th November 1705, . . 293

239. John Philp to Mr. John Stewart, Under Keeper of the Great Seal at

Edinburgh, wherein he refers to his wife's anger at not having letters
from him ; and about a proposal in the House of Lords to call over the
Princess Sophia, etc. 17th November 1705, ..... 294

240. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, as to the payment

of his arrears of salary, and his locality for £1500; his desire for a
solid Union ; and as to the Earldom of Eoss. 17th November 1705, 2!K5


241. Henry Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, to George first Earl of Cromartie,

thanking his Lordship for his attention to the concerns of his grand-
children, and particularly for appointing Mr. Macleod to be their
factor, etc. 20th November 1705, 297

242. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, about questions in

Council ; and his difficulties through the non-payment of the salary
due to him. 2 2d November 1705, 298

243. John Earl of Mar to George first Earl of Cromartie, intimating that he

had represented to Her Majesty what his Lordship wrote concerning
the money due to him, and that she had ordered him to write in her
name to the Treasury to pay what was due to him as Secretary as soon
as possible, which he had done, and enclosed to his Lordship the letter
addressed to the Treasurer-depute ; adding that on account of the
poverty of the Treasury he must have a little patience for the payment
of the £1500 of locality due to him, and stating that he himself had
not got 6d. of his share ; and that he had never heard of the proposal
for Lord Eoss until he got his Lordship's letter ; and concludes by
referring to the progress of the Treaty of Union in the House of
Lords. 28th November 1705, 299

244. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, with further

references to his arrears of salary and his expenses ; and a proposal
which would be an advantage to the Queen and Treasury, etc. 6th
December 1705, 302

245. The Same to the Same, as to a residence for the Lord Chancellor, and

purchase of Eoyston by the Government in exchange for Crown rents

in Eoss. 8th December 1705, 304

246. The Same to the Same, referring to the subject of the preceding letter,

and stating that as he was about to retire on account of old age, the
bargain referred to if it could be procured would be of advantage to
him, and he could in that way do what he proposed as to Stragarive
and Loch Carron, etc. Follows the scheme for exchanging Eoyston.
8th December 1705, 306



247. The Same to the Same, recommending Lieutenant Neil M^Leod for an

adjutancy in the Guards ; and John Stuart, son to Sir Thomas Stuart

of Balcasky, for a pair of colours. 8th December 1705, . . . 307

248. The Same to the Same, thanking him for his kind endeavours in his

private concerns ; stating that he was at the Countess of Seaforth's
making up from memory a document which had been lost or destroyed,
in which there was security to his Lordship, among others, for debt
due ; and that he would certainly be just to all, and to the Countess
too, so far as his memory could serve; mentioning a sum of £2500 of
necessary disbursements for removing his family, for horses, coaches,
and household furniture, for which Her Majesty gave the £1500, which
had been stopped ; that except the bare dues of his office he had not
had £100, and of these dues he wanted £1100, and owed that sum at
London for what was absolutely necessary. 15th December 1705, . 308

249. The Same to the Same, wherein, with reference to Sir David Nairn's

desire to know how the £1100 of arrears of his dues was made up, he
states, £500 for half year's salary as secretary, and £600 expenses
of going and returning from London, and that there was £1500 for
removing, etc., as in the preceding letter. 18th December 1705, . 310

250. The Same to the Same, acknowledging his obligations to his Lordship

for endeavours made on his behalf, and his regret that they had not been
more successful ; and complaining of the treatment he had received by
the non-payment of his dues by the Treasury. 25th December 1705, 31 1

251. The Same to the Same, referring to a vessel that had been seized in

Caithness, and stating that he hoped to see the Duke of Queensbeny
the following day, and speak to him of the Royston proposition. 27th
December 1705, •'51 2

252. Letter, unsigned, to George Earl of Cromartie, stating that after his

Lordship left him, the writer grew worse, but that, beyond expecta-
tion, he was recovering, and that he had bid adieu to good fellowship
and all thoughts of politics for ever ; expressing his great friendship
for the Earl, and good wishes for the Union. Circa 1705, . .312

2 Y

253. Lady Christian Leslie, Dowager Marchioness of Montrose, to the Same,
expressing regret at having missed seeing his Lordship at her lodgings
on the previous day ; stating that Lady Mary Cochrane was most
solicitous that she should write to his Lordship on her behalf against
their relation, Colonel John Erskine, whom her Ladyship, although she
wished him well, could not help thinking to have dealt unjustly and
hardly "with Lady Mary ; and begging his Lordship to consider the
matter and befriend her. Circa 1705, . . . . . ,313