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William Eraser .




Contents of ffiolumc ^cconD.


TITLE-PAGE, with Armorial Shields of thk jNIackenzies and




CHARTERS, and PATENTS in Volume Second, . . i-xlvi


THE Year 1774 — {continued from Volume First)^ . . . 1-3 14

THE CROMARTIE CHARTERS, 1257-1499, . . . 315-347

THE CROMARTIE PATENTS OF HONOUR, etc., 1685-1S61, . 348-379

NARRATIVE by John Lord Macleod, afterwards Count Crom-
ARTiE in Sweden, of the Insurrection in Scotland in the
Years 1745-6, from its commencement till the operations by
HIS Lordship in Sutherland and Caithness, . . . 379-398

NARRATIVE by John Lord Macleod of his Campaign in the

Seven Years' War in Germany in the Year 1757, . . 399-411


The Honourable Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, second son of

George, First Earl of Cromartie, 1658-1729, . . . 412

Sir George Mackenzie, i 729-1 748, . . . . 415

Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, i 748-1763, . . . . 419

coy TEXTS or volume second.


Sir Jamks Mackenzie, Lord Royston, 1671-1744, . . 420-424

BARONIES AND CASTLES inherited and acquired by George
EiRST Earl of Cromariik, 1654-1714 — •

The Barony, Regality, and Castle of Tarbat. . . 425-435

Castle Leod and Strathpeffer, .... 436-439

The Barony of Coigeach, in LochbrooiM, . . . 440-4^2

The Barony and Castle of Cromartie, . . . 443-450

The Barony and Mansion of Royston, . . . 451-457

Annexation of the Barony of Tarbat and the Viscount of
Tarbat's other Lands in Ross-shire to the shire of

Cro.martie in 1685 and 1690, .... 458-461


Mackenzie, First Earl of Cromartie, . . . 462-513

COLLECTED SEALS of the Mackenzie Family, . . . 514

COLLECTED SIGNATURES of the Mackenzie Family, . 517

MONOGRAM of Anne Duchess of Sutherland and Countess of

Cro.martie, . . . . . . . 524

Index (jf Persons, . . . . . . 525

Index of Places, ....... 565



i.— castles, etc.
Tarbat Castle or Ballone, ....
Another View ok Do.

Fragment at Castle Leou, .....
Monro Stone, near Castle Leod, Strathpeffer, .
RoYSTON House, now Caroline Park,
Armorial Stones and Monograms at Rovston House,
Iron Railing in Stair, and jNIonogram at Royston House,
Inscription Stone over North Door of Royston House,

between 428 and 429

438 and 439

438 and 439

facing ^z^2





George, First Earl of Cromartie, to John. Earl of Mar, 24th

January 1706, . . . . . . betiueen (y and 1

George, First Earl of Cromartie, to John, Earl of Mar, 13th

December 1707, ...... ^d and t^i

John, Earl of Mar, to John, Second Earl of Cromartie, 7th

September 1 7 14, ...... 156 (?//^/ 157

George, Third Earl of Cromartie, 30th January 1762, . . 254 and 255

Anne, Duchess of Buccleuch and Monmouth, to George, First

Earl of Cromartie, 1 6th February 1703, . . . 26S <rW 269


IL L US TKA TIONS— continued.

Simon, Lord Lovat, to George, Third Earl of Cromartie, 3d July

,j-,Q, . . . . . . between 2?)^ and 2^%

Simon, Lord Lovat, to George, Third Earl of Cromartie, 17th

October 1745, ....•• ^12 and 2,^2,

Narrative by John Lord Macleod, 1745-6 — two pages, . . 388 rt-;/^/ 389


WilHam of Monte Alto to David of Denoon, of a davach of
Femenes, in the tenement of Cromarty, in exchange for
the land of Kyppen, 1 252-1 272, .... 444 and 44^

King Robert the Bruce to Sir Hugh of Ross, son and heir of
William Earl of Ross, of the sheriffdom and burgh of
Cromartie, 5th December, tenth year of his reign, . . 446 and 447

King Robert the Second, of Grant by William Earl of Ross to

Hugh Harper, of the lands of Inchefuir, 8th April 1371, . 320 and 321

William, Earl of Ross, Lord of Skye, to Adam of Wrchard, of

the lands of Breke, 6th January 1349, . . . 448 and 44g

SIGNATURES. — IVoodads of—
Anne. Duchess of Buccleuch and Monmouth, signing A. B. C, 1693, . 265

Do. do., 171 1, 275



254. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, about the price
of Royston, and Lady DufFus's affairs ; also the Treaty of Union.
Enclosing a letter to the Duke of Marlborough. 1st January 1706, .

2-1.5. The Same to the Same, respecting the salary of Mr, Baird, depute
under clerk to the Court of the Lords of Justiciary ; also about the
Union. 12th January 1706, .

2.56. The Same to the Same, wherein he states the substance of an interview
that he had had with the Lord Advocate respecting the ship which
had been seized by his depute ; adding that he would proceed in the
matter according to law, and wait for Her Majesty's pleasure respect-
ing the disposal of her shares; about the Union, etc. 15th January

257. The Same to the Same, wherein he requests that his Lordship would

send him, if possible, such of his representations or schemes respecting
public affairs as were extant. 24th January 1706, .

258. The Same to the Same, wherein he states that he intended to give his

share of the ship to the poor of the parish ; encloses a paper for his
Lordship's information as to the circumstances of the Countess of Sea-
forth, his sister, and entreats his influence with Her Majesty to grant
the Countess a gift of escheat. 16tli February 1706,

259. The Same to the Same, entreating that if a new regiment were to be

levied, he would get a pair of colours for John Stuart, son of the late

Lord Balcasky. 16th February 1706,

VOL. II. a




i*Gl>. The Same to tlie Same, suggesting that if his proposed iDargain of
Royston were to hold, as much land should be disjoined from the
barony of Delny and Meddat as would purchase £150 of rental yearly
and convenient house, gardens, and parks, near Edinburgh, for a resi-
dence for the Lord Chancellor during vacation. 9th March 1706, . 9

LM31. The Same to the Same, wherein he reminds his Lordship of a gift of
escheat he formerly recommended to him in favour of Mr. James
Sutherland, son of the Lord Duffus ; and also of the case of his sister,
who Avas contented to be restricted to 4000 merks per annum from
the estate, 23d March 1706, .10

L'Oi'. The Same to the Same, pleading the cause of the Episcopal clergy of
Scotland, and their right to a maintenance from the rents of the
bishoprics ; complaining that the salaries of the collectors of the
bishops' rents were increased and little left to the clergy ; and recom-
mending particularly the cases of the Bishop of Moray and others.
6th April 1706, 11

'lij?). The Same to the Same, thanking his Lordship for a favour granted to
his ne})hew, Mr. Stuart, and for promotion conferred on Major
Erskine and Captain Vans ; and urging that the matter of Eoyston
should be brought to a close, etc. 9th April 1706, . . . .13

L'64. The Same to the Same, complaining of ill usage, in not having been
paid what was due to him as an Officer of State, or given to him by
the Queen ; and asking that John Stuart's commission as ensign be
made effectual to him ; also about the Union. 18th April 1706, . 15

265. The Same to the Same, complaining that several, the Earl of Mar in par-
ticular, had taken offence at Avhat he had written with a most sincere
de.sire for the Queen's and nation's advantage. 8th June 1706, . 16

L'6G. David Earl of Northesk to George Earl of Cromartie, suggesting the
reasonableness of the Treaty of Union being no longer kept a secret,
and that people should have time to consider it. 16th June 1706, . 17

267. George first Earl of Cromartie, to John Earl of Mar, referring to the
misconstruction put upon his letter respecting the Union by many



<at Court; and requesting that the escheat of Alexander Forbes, bailiff
of Aberdeen, might be burdened with a preference to the amount of
his debt due on account of his Lordship's salmon-fishings. 2 2d June
1706, IS

268. John Earl of Mar to George Earl of Cromartie, expressing his approval

of his Lordship's views concerning the Union ; his discontent with
what he had said of the treaters ; and his hope that the Scottish Par-
liament would ratify the Treaty. 25th June 1706, . . . .19

269. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, defending himself

for what he had said, and deprecating the introduction of any article
into the Treaty of Union that would defeat the measure. 2d July 1706, 20

270. The Same to tlie Same, requesting his Lordship's favourable considera-

tion of the case of Colonel Villars, who had been accused by his butler

of having an unlawful trade in French wine. 17th July 1706, . . 21

271. David Crawfurd, Her Majesty's Historiographer, to George first Earl of

Cromartie, stating that his title and commission of Historiographer
were threatened to be taken away, and that it was alleged he was to
be examined by the Queen and Council in order to oblige him to pro-
duce the MS. of his Memoirs, and entreating his Lordship to stand up
in his defence. 27th July 1706, 22

272. Lieutenant Eoderick Bayne to the Same, stating that he had written

four days after the battle of Eamillies, giving his Lordship a short
account of the battle, and that he had since sent the true relation of it
to Sir Robert Monro of Foulis, etc. July 1706, . . . .24

273. Sir John Macleane to the Same, wherein he states that he had been

endeavouring to get the Queen's permission to go to Scotland, and that
he was informed by the treasurer he must wait till Argyll was con-
sulted, etc. 9th October 1706, 25

274. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, expressing a wish

that those in power might adopt the best measures ; and entreating
his Lordship's influence on behalf of Glenderule. 8th January 1707, . 26



1*7.-). George first Earl of Cromartie to Sidney Lord Godolphin, stating that
lie looked on the Union of Britain as accomplished, and expressing his
fear lest the ghosts of departing factions might still appear in the
struggle for places and pensions. 15th February 1707, . . .27

276. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, recommending

to his Lordship's favour T. Urquhart of Craig-House. 4th April
1707, 30

277. The Same to the Same, mentioning that the Treasury, in place of giving

an attestation to every one of the civil list, as the Act of Parliament
required, had resolved to put all in one list. 22d April 1707, . . 30

27^. The Same to the Same, recommending to his Lordship's favour the
relict of Alexander Young, bishop of Ross, on the ground of her hus-
band having been "an honest moderate man;" and stating that he
was to send up a signature for changing his little lairdship to blench.
28th April 1707, 31

279. The Same to the Same, mentioning that two of Colonel Villars's servants

at Tynemouth Castle, who accused the Colonel of having imported
forbidden goods from Scotland, had been condemned, one for forging
false writs, and the other convicted of larceny, and that the prosecution
against the Colonel had been stopped, etc. 17th May 1707, . . 31

280. The Same to the Same, remarks on the state of affairs in Spain and on

the Rhine ; clamour against the Union, on account of the prohibition
of imports from Scotland ; that overseers of the excise durst not go to
the west, till troops were sent thither. In a postscript, states his need
that the Equivalent were sent down. 31st May 1707, . . .33

281. The Same to the Same, transmitting to his Lordship a signature to be

presented in Exchequer for changing the holding of his estate from
taxt ward to blench. 14th June 1707, . . . . . .34

282. The Same to the Same, enclosing a petition addressed to his Lordship
from the daughter of the Bishop of Orkney, whom he describes as
being "indeed as low as misery of poverty can throw her." 26th
June 1707, . 35



283. The Same to the Same, earnestly entreating his Lordship to interest

himself on behalf of Colonel Villars, on the ground of his being a good
friend to Scotsmen, and also because his children were "Mackenzies
bairns." 30th June 1707, 35

284. The Same to the Same, requesting him to send his signature when he

pleased, and before a British Parliament sat; with remarks on the
Union and the fisheries ; and expressing his hope that the Earl of Mar
would work with as great zeal for establishing both a herring and cod
fishery in Scotland as he himself had done for the Union, and with
more speedy success. 10th July 1707, ...... 3G

285. The Same to the Same, requesting his Lordship's favour for the passing

of the Countess of Seaforth's signature, who was an " Erskine's bairn."
Uth August 1707, 38

286. The Same to the Same, on a question respecting oaths in the Exchequer ;

and mentioning that he was wearied troubling Her ]\Lajesty with his
miserable concerns ; that he had been used like a " cast-off dog "
respecting that unfortunate £1500 ; and urging his plea for a prefer-
ence, on the ground that the money was for an onerous cause, etc.
Uth August 1707, 39

287. The Same to the Same, wherein he refers to the settlement of the affairs

of the African Company ; mentions that there was an overture for
bringing in the pirates of Madagascar ; and suggests that a reasonable
method should be taken for ascertaining how much impassable money
there was in Scotland, etc. 21st August 1707, . . . .41

288. The Same to the Same, wherein, with reference to the Articles of Union.

he states that many were discontented on account of the prohibition of
importing wines and other articles, and that another cause of discon-
tent was the continuance " of the Scottish disease of envy and emula-
tion;" but that the worst cause of irritation to the people was the
needless delay in dividing the equivalent. 25th September 1707, . 43

289. The Same to the Same, wherein he mentions that he was hopeful the

Earl of Mar would mind the greater prospect of Britain and the true
interest of Old North Caledonia ; and adds that while he was writing.



the Earl of Wemyss had called and told him he had been informed by
twenty ministers that his Lordship was in a plot to move for a tolera-
tion in the British Parliament, etc. 7th October 1707, . . .46

■_".H). The Same to the Same, thanking his Lordship for favours conferred on
him ; expressing also his sense of Sir David Nairn's kindness to him,
and earnestly concurring in his Lordship's prayer for the happy issue
of the Parliament, and the hope that they would consummate the
Union in all its essentials ; and referring in terms of strong disapproval
to the proposal of making " Lord Ross in the West to be Earl of Eoss
in the North." 1st November 1707, 48

2'.»1. Barbara Mackenzie to her uncle, George first Earl of Cromartie, thank-
ing him for favour shown to her brother-in-law, and entreating his
friendship for him in an action he had before his Lordship against
Braco for the death of his wife, by frightening her. Circa 1707, . 51

L".>2. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, wherein he gives
an account of a suit by James Gordon, a son of the late Lord Auchin-
toul, against Duff of Braco, for attempting to seize the said James on
account of a riot committed by him on Alexander Alexander ; and
mentioning that Braco's clamorous attack upon Gordon's house caused
his lady to fall into a fever, from the fright of which she died, etc.
10th November 1707, 52

203. The Same to the Same, wherein he mentions that there was a case fallen
out wherein the Earl of Bute's son, and perhaps his own future grandson
might have a plea, though without breach of friendship ; and entreats
that if any gift of the non-entries should be sought, he should be heard
ere it was granted ; and further, as to the succession to Sir George
Mackenzie of liosehauch's estate. Gtli December 1707, . . .54

21)4. The Same to the Same, stating that he was one of a company at Arthur
Reed's, including Earl Northesk, Lord Anster, Lord Grange, James and
David Erskine, both of Dun, and Boysack, who Avere not all, nor any
of them, for the measures of the squadroni. 13th December 1707, . 57

2'..) 5, George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, requesting that his
nephew, Colin Campbell, son of the late Lord Aberuchill, might be



preferred to be Captain-Lieutenant to Lord Pohvarth ; and stating that
the office of Justice-General, which he then held, was talked of as being
ambulatory. 17th January 1708, . . . . . . .57

296. David Finch, second Earl of Nottingham, to George first Earl of Cro-

martie, asking him to assist to get the Duke of Roxburgh returned to
the next Parliament. February 1707-8, . . . . . . 5N

297. George first Earl of Cromartie to James Duke of Queensberry, recom-

mending that Britain should give to the fisheries all the immunities
that Holland gave, and encourage the making of salt; stating that
the Advocate had received letters respecting the feared descent ; and
giving details of several precautionary measures Avhich were proposed ;
adding his own views on the matter. 9th March 1708, . . .59

298. George first Earl of Cromartie to James first Duke of Montrose, on the

subject of the expected French invasion, and Sir George Byng's forcing
the invasion from landing at Aberlady, and informing his Grace that
he had written about this matter to the Duke of Marlborough more
than fourteen days ago. 24th March 1708, . . . . . (W

299. John Earl of Mar to George first Earl of Cromartie, intimating that the

Parliament was dissolved, and that there would soon be a new election
of Peers ; requesting Lord Cromartie not to pledge his vote until Lord
Mar should arrive in Scotland. 20th April 1708, .... ((.S

300. George first Earl of Cromartie to James second Duke of Queensberry,

Lord High Treasurer, complaining that of what her Majesty ordered
for him as her Secretary, both while he was in that office and since,
he had not yet received one farthing ; and expressing a hope that
the Lord Treasurer would lay his claims before the Queen. 8th
June 1708, (i3

301. James second Duke of Queensberry to George first Earl of Cromartie.

intimating that he had transmitted his Lordship's memorial, but it was
none of his business to meddle any further in it, and complaining that
the delay in it should be laid to his door ; stating that he had pre-
sented Lord Fountainhall's demission to the Queen, who would not



receive it ; and had also spoken to Her Majesty and the Treasurer of
Lord Cromartie's memorials concerning his fishings, and what was
owing him by the Government ; but he could say nothing till he had
spoken with the Barons of Exchequer. 25th August 1708, . .66

302. George first Earl of Cromartie to John Earl of Mar, complaining that

the Justice Court had been but scurvily used for a long time ; and Lord
Ross's proceedings concerning it. 4th October 1 708, . . .68

303. The Same to the Same, stating that he and the other Lords had re-

turned from circuit, and that the calendar of crime in the largest
districts, namely, Aberdeen and Perth, comprehending all between
Forth and Spey, embraced only 20 cases, and no proof against 6 of
the 20. 26th October 1708, 69

304. Sir James Mackenzie, Lord Royston, to his father, George first Earl of

Cromartie, saying that he had arrived in London five or six days pre-
viously, and that all there were in tears for the death of the Prince,
Avho had died that day, about one o'clock in the afternoon, at Kensing-
ton, and that the Queen was inconsolable for his loss ; suggesting that
since he was blessed with a boy, they must endeavour to get him his
own estate ; and requesting Lord Cromartie to take legal advice what
was to be done, either by raising briefs for serving the boy heir of
tailzie and provision to the late Rosehaugh, or by raising a declarator
for denuding Lord Mountstuart. 28tli October 1708, . . .70

305. The Same to the Same, intimating that he had delivered the Earl's

letter to Lord Wemyss and Sir D. Nairne, and would keep them in mind
of its contents ; expressing his belief that the Queen would have a
different opinion from that which Sir David seemed to have, but that
the Prince's death would put a stop to all business for some time ;
that it was looked on as certain that Pembroke was to be Admiral,
Wharton Lieutenant of Ireland, Sommers President of the Council,
and Sir Richard Onslow Speaker. 6th November 1708, . . .71

306. The Same to the Same, stating that every thing was at a stand on

account of the Prince's death, whose body was to be carried to the


Painted Chamber, and interred on the Saturday following, in the same
manner as King Charles the Second; that the Queen had renewed
to Wemyss the commission of Vice-Admiral, the former commission
having fallen by the Prince's death ; that he had lodged his petition, and
that his greatest loss was the want of witnesses to prove his allegations,
since the House of Commons had little regard to depositions or instru-
ments taken elsewhere, etc. 11th November 1708, . . . .72

307. The Same to the Same, stating that Parliament had met that day, and

that the Queen's speech set forth the advantages gained during the
campaign by the taking of Lisle, Sardinia, Minorca, etc., and recom-
menderl good laws, especially such as might render the Union more
complete ; and that the Duke of Hamilton had made a long speech,
complaining of the undue methods employed in the election of Peers,
and craving redress ; and that the Lords had ordered Sir James Dal-
rymple and ]\Ir. John Mackenzie to attend them that day month, with
all the records relative to that matter. 18th November 1708, . . 74

308. The Same to the Same, enclosing the great news from the seat of war

of Lord Marlborough's victory, and his preserving of Brussels, which
was capitulating, while the French were packing up bag and baggage
at Ghent and Bruges, to escape, if possible, through the canal of New-
port. 23d November 1708, 75

309. The Same to the Same, intimating that the Commons had appointed

days for the controverted elections, and that his would come on about
the middle of March ; that on Tuesday next it would be known if the
Commons would throw out the Peers' eldest sons ; that considering his
uncle's age, and the state of his health, it would be no disadvantage
to his family if he resigned his judgeship in favour of Lord Royston ;
and that in case there should be a new election for the five northern
burghs. Lord Cromartie might speak to Sir James, brother of Lord
DufFus, to secure Wick for Lord Royston. 27th November 1708, . 76

310. The Same to the Same, intimating that the House of Commons had

decided the Dumfries election in favour of William Johnston against
Projector Paterson, and it would be known whether Strathnaver and
VOL. II. h

his brethren could sit or not ; but whether his own election would be
sustained, he knew not ; Sir David Nairn told him that the Queen was
to sign warrant for the expense of the circuits, by which the judges
were to have £100 each for their equipage, etc. 30th November 1708,

311. Eev. James Gordon, minister of Banchory, to the Same, requesting his

Lordship's advice how to act in the case of his assistant, upon whom
the Presbytery had pronounced a sentence of perpetual silence as to
any part of the ministerial function, in respect of his having been
licensed by an exauctorate bishoi^, etc. 20th December 1708, .

312. Sir James Mackenzie, Lord Royston, to his father, George first Earl of

Cromartie, giving an account of a famous trial in the House of Com-
mons about the controverted election for Westminster, where one
Medlicoat, the Duke of Ormond's friend, had carried it against Sir
Henry Dutton Colt, a noted Court Whig, chiefly by the Scotch Mem-
bers, who were unanimous against Sir Henry on a national quarrel ;

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