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the Scots king in Parliament, the thirty-three yeir of Edward the First. This suit being
on the said ground cast, Sir William Montague toock opportunity, when the debate fell
in tuixt Bothell [Baliol] and Bruce, and in that tyme did illegally, without sua much
as allowance from his owin Prince, but, as Cambden sayes, with a turaultary pairty, he
invaded Mann, expelled the Scots, and toock possession in the Die, but therafter King
Edward gave it to his favorit Gavistoun, he, being discourted and banished, the Ille
returned to Montague, then made Earl of Sarisberie, who sold it William Scroop,
1393, by whois forfature it returned to King Henry iv., who gave it to Percy of
Northumberland, with the privileidge to cary the Lanastit sword ; but Percy being
kild, the King bestowit it on the Stanly Earl of De[r]by, with the lordship of Mann.
So this Ille, wonne by the Scots from the Norwegians, wes as violently and more
vnjustly taikiu by the Englishes from the Scots, whilst he who haid the Norwegian
title, viz., Harald, sone to Godred Donud, who, as I said, did talk the Ille of Lewis,
Herries, AVaternes, Meigimes,

and others of Hebrids, in wasselladge, the King Alexander, by agriement with Magnus,
son to Acho, King of Norway, who made disposition of all thes Illes conquest by
King Alexander to him for 4000 merks, and a yeirly pension of 100 merks for assur-
ance of peace. Ther past a contract of allyance tuixt Hango, sone to Magnus, and
Margrat, daughter to Alexander, both in infancy, of which mariadge wes begott the
maden of Norway, who, haid shee leived, wes vndoubted successor to the croune of Scot-
land, and haid prevendit the mischeiffs that arose tuixt the Bruce and Bethel! [Baliol].
Harald, sone to Godred Donud falling from his litle kingdom, with the Norvegian
right to the Scots Illes, he wes obleidged to pey 100 merks yeirly for releive of the
Scots King to the King of Norway, and at a certaine tyme of the yeir to keip tuo
fyred beacons, on in Lewes, ane other in tlie Ille of Sky, for directing the Norvegian
shippes in ther navigationes on thes coasts ; and he held his lands of the Scots King
ward and releiff, as all the other great men of Scotland did then. From this obligation
of the fyrie beacons, Harald and his successors caryed in ther sheild a burneing hill


in a feild azure, wliois [whereas] formerly his predicessors in Mann caryed Sol, three
men's legges, Luna chaned Saturn.

To Harald succeidit Leodus, his only son. He maryed Adama, daughter to Fer-
quhar, Earl of Eoss, and by hir had Torkell and Dormeth. To Torkell, the elder, he
gave the Lewes and Waternes. To Dormeth, his second sone, he gave the Herries,
and his other lands in the Hie of Sky, which wes about the fFourt pairt of what he
gave his eldest sone. To Torkell succeeds Hango. To Hango, Melcolumb or Macolme,
whois daughter wes maryed to M'^Kenzie of Kintaill. To Malcolm

succeidit , who, asisting M<'Kenzie against Leod M'^Gillendris, at Fealoid,

did then gett possession of Cogiach, which the Earl of Ross, becaus of his relatione to
him, confirmed by giving him a new chartor theron, holdin of himselfe ; after that ther
wer nevir any feat [feud] tuixt M'^'Ijeod and the Earl of Ross, or Lords of the Hies.

To succeidit Roiy M'^^Kenzie [Macleod], for all of them toock ther

patronimick from Leod, sone to Harald, both thos who descendit of Torquill, eldest
sone to Leod, as thos who deseudit of Dormeith, or, as the Highlanders pronunced,
Tormett, heritor of the Herries.

To Rory succeidit Torkill, in whois tyme the lords of the Hies wer of such power,
and haid rooted themselfes so in northern superiorities, that non of ther neighbours
could obteine peace or saifty without acknowleidging them as ther Lords ; and the many
prejudice done by them to M'^Kenzie so teriffied others that almost all, and amongst
others this Torkill M'^Leod, did cast himself vnder patrociny to the Lord of the Hies,
and to insure it, resigned his lands in the King's hands in favours of the Lords of the
Hies, and therwpon the Earl disponed all the lands againe to the said Torkill, to be
holdin of him for homadge and service. This Chartor is given be Alexander of Ilia at
Finlagan, in Ilia, the 7 of Januarii 1432. Torquill's eldest sone, called Malcolm ni
Bowan, wes killed by M°Kyes at Tuittintavat.

To Torkill succeidit Rory Oig, i.e. young. He entred by a kynd of precept of
dare constat, which is vnder forme of instrument, wherby John of Ilia declaires Rory
M'^Leod air to Torkill in the lands of Lewis and Waternes, daited 3 Nouember 1464.

This Rory leived very long. To him succeidit Malcolm, to whom King James the
5 gave a new chartor of Lewis, Waternes, Cogiach, and Assint, to be holden of the
King ward, dated at Edinburgh, 30 June 1511. This erectes all thes in on barrony,
called Lewis, the seasin to be at the castel of Stornovay.

To Malcolme succeidit Rory. This man wes at first of good expectation. He
maiyed , daughter to Kenneth M'^Kenzie of Kintaill, called Kenneth Iblair.


She wes first maried to M'^Ky, and after his death to this Rory. She haid come to a
greater age then suitted weill to his youth, wherupon did shortly follow a dislyck, and
from dislyck to loweing of othirs, wherby in short tyme he became wicked, licentious, and
putting away his wyfe, aleidging a falshood, but without proces or prootfe, since they
wer not grounded on any truth. He first toock to wyfe a gentlewoman of the name of
Stewart, in Orke[ney], heritrix of Burra. All this whill he keipt severall concubines.
By wyfes and concubines he had many sones. By his first and only lawfull wyfe he haid
Torkill, who being fostered with his vncle, John M'^Kenzie, at Strathconan, wes agnamed
Torkill Conanach. By Stewart of Burra he haid a sone, whom he called Torkill. He
resolved that that Torkill should succeid to him. This Torkill he declaired his aire,
by his owin authority, and therfor he was agnamed Torkill aire. Mrs. Stewart leived
short whill, and after hir death he toock a daughter of M'^Leanes, promising to make
her children his successors. And in ordor therto he called her sone also Torkill, who,
because he wes black wes called Torkill Done. She haid also to him Tormett. He
haid bastards, as Murdo, Rory, Malcolm, Neill, Tormat and Donald.

Torkill Chonanach remained still with his vncle, and disowined by his father. Notwith-
standing of his promises to M'^Leane of makeing his sister childrein his successor, Torkill
aire, sone to Mrs. Stewart, comeing first to adge, and being of ane excellent spirit and
Weill proportioned body, wes owined by Rory as his aire, and the whol tribe accknow-
leidged him as ther young cheitfe. He posest himself with the Hie of Burra and others,
more in right of his mother. At his being in Orkney he begott a daughter on a
gentlewoman, whither vnder matrimoniall obligation or not is not knowin, but after his
returne he did not owin a marriage. However, this daughter succeidit to him in thes
lands of Burra and others, and wes maried to Stewart of Mann ; by wh[ois]

right they have descendit to his posterity.

This Torkill aire goeing to solemnizat Cristmas with M'^Donald in Troternes wes
drouned, with the best of all his clann, on a rock of the pynt of Troternes. Others report
that he wes driven by the storme to the west of Assint, and landed within a loch in the
Hie of Cowla Begg ; he and all his company wer murdered by Donald Bayne, who at
that tyme, or neir to it, haid entered on ane vnjust possessione of the lands of Assint,
belonging to his cheifFe, and eyeing this Torkill, and others aire, he cruelly massacred
them, but with such secresy as that it wes nevir fully discovired, tho beleived by many
on several pregnant presumptiones.

Torkill aire being dround, old Rory declares Torkill Dow, sonne to M'^Leane's
daughter, his aire. Torkill Conanach, asisted by his mother kinn and some of the


M^'Leod's, who wer drawin by the justice of his pretence, ledd by tuo of his bastard
brethern, Tormot legach and Murdo, he invads Stornovay, and securs his father, sett
such servants about him as shoukl be faithfull to Torkill Connanache's intrest, and so for
4 yeires tyme the Lewes wes in peace, Torkill liveing in Cogiach. But the other bastards,
who haid disowned Torkill Conanach, finding themselffes slighted, and Tormot and
Murdo in place and favour, Donald kils Tormot basely, in revenge wherof Torkill
Conanach arms, invades Stornovay, now reposest by Donald and his associats, and err
they wer aware he tacks Donald, caries him with him to Cogiach ; but he escapes,
returnes to Lewis, and with a company of disolut persones he invades the Castell of
Stornovay, tacks it by surpryse, and in it Murdo, who haid still owined Torkill Conanach,
makes him prisoner, and so puts the goverment of the 111 again into the hands of old
Rory. Torkill imediatly, on intelligence heirof, armes, comes to Stornovay, finds the
castell garrisoned in his father's name, but, by Donald's advyce, he tacks it after sex
wieks seidge, killed many of the vallanus peo2:)le who wer in it. Donald, Neill, and
Rory, the bastards, stole secretly out of the hous, and escaped. Torkill setles the Lewes,
secures his infatuat father, and sends for John M''Leod, his owin eldest sone by
Glengarrie's daughter, puts him in the possession of the isle. He wes welcomed by old
Rory and all the peopl, except the tliree bastards and ther dissolutt adherents. Torkill
retired to Cogiach, glad at last to have . . . [remainder wanting].

VOL. II. 3 T


No. 1.

No. 3.


1. Colin Mackenzie of Kiiitail, 1585.

2. Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail, 1597.

3. Sir Korie Mackenzie of Coia-each, 1624.


-. - "^ - ..«^

f- ^S

No. 2.

1. Sir George Mackenzie of Tarbat, 1674.

2. George Yiacoiint of Tarbat.


Xo. 1.

No. 2.

No. 3.

No. 4.

No. 5.

No. G.

No. 7.

No. 8.

No. 0.

No. 10.

1. Mackenzie of Kintail. ."). Margaret Countess of Wemyss. 8. Hon. Anna Fraser.

'2. Macleod of Lewis. (5. Gordon of Aboyne. 9. Gordon of Invergorden,

o. Erskine of Tnnei'teill. 7. Murray of Elibank. 10. Hon. Marjory Forbes.
4. Sinclair of Me3^


^.^^^^aAWv-^JK^ o^ ^y:^^,:^

No. 1.

'*«fl«f fflsd

No. 2.


No. 3.

No. 4.

1. Sir Rorie Mackenzie of Coigeacli, Knight, 1624.

2. Margaret Macleod, liis wife.

3. Sir John Mackenzie of Tarbat, Baronet.

4. Margaret Erskine. his wife.


No. 1.

No. 2.

No. 3.

No. 4


1. Sir George Mackenzie of Tar])at.

2. George Viscount of Tarbat.

•?,. George first Earl of Cromartie.

4. Sir George Mackenzie of Eoseliaugli, Lord Advocate.

f). Sir George M'^Keiizie of Tarbat.



No. 1.

No. 2.

No. 3.

1. Anna Sinclair, Viscountess of Tarbat.

2. Margaret Countess of Wemyss [Countess of Croniartie].

3. Margaret Countess of Wemyss and Viscountess of Tarbat, 1702.


No. 2.

No. 3.



No. 4.

No. 5.

1, 2, 3. John, Master of Tarbat, Lord Macleod, and Second Earl of Cromartie.

4. Lady Elizabeth Gordon, his wife, as Mistress of Tarbat.

5. Hon. Anne Eraser, Countess of Cromartie.


No. 1. No. 2.


No. 3.

No. 4. No. 5.


No. 6.

] , 2. George, Lord Tarbat and third Earl of Cromartie.

3. Isabella Gordon, Countess of Cromartie, his \vife.

4, 5. John, Lord Macleod and as Earl of Cromartie.
6. Marjorj' Forbes, Lady Macleod.




Xo. 1.

No. 2.


No. 3.


No. 4.

No. 5.

No. 6.


1. John first Earl of Middleton, 1662.

2. Sir John Fletcher, Lord Advocate, 1662.

3. James Sharp, Archbishop of St. Andrews, 1665.

4. James Gregorie, Professor of Mathematics, Edinburgh University, 1675.

5. 6, 7. Anne Duchess of Buccleuch and Lady Cornwallis, signing A. B. C.





No. 1.

No. 2.

No. 3.

1. Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromartie, from Original Deed at Tarbat House, dated 160S.

2. Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromartie, from Original Deed at Tarbat House, dated 1627.

3. James second Marquis of Montrose, from Original Letter at Tarbat Honse, dated 1663.




Aberbrothoc, Bernard, Abbot of, II. 447.
Aberdeen, George first Earl of, I. 188, 219,

225; II. 118.

William second Earl of. Vide Lord Haddo.

Dr. Halyburtou, Bishop of, I. ccv, 165,

182 ; II. 95.

Patrick Scougal, Bishop of, II. 95.

Aberuchill, Sir Colin Campbell, Lord, I. Ixiv,

218, 220, 228.

Catherine Mackenzie, his wife, I. Ixiv.

Colin, their son, II. 57.

Aboyne, Charles Earl of, I. cciv, ccv.
Achesoun, Sir Archibald, of Clancairnic, II.

Achintoull, Lord, II. 52, 53.
Achleck, .James, precentor of Caithness, II. 337.
Achtifardell, Laird of, I. 214.
Adamson, Mr., II. 254.
Admiralty, Lords of the, I. 99.
African Company, the, I. cxx.xviii, 135, 217,

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Airlie, James second Earl of, I. 92.
Albany, Robert Duke of, I. xxix ; II. 409.
Aldie (Ady), Laird of, II. 145.

■ Lady, I. 95.

Alexander the First, King, I. cxlviii, 185.

the Second, King, I. xiii-xvii.

the Third, King, L x-xviii ; 11. 462,

464, 509, 510.

the Fourth, Pope, II. 315, 438.

the Sixth, Pope, II. 483.


Alexander, Alexander, II. 53.

— — Sir William, of Menstrie, afterwards Earl

of Stirling, I. Iv.
Amherst, Lord, I. ccxlix ; II. 253.
Amstel, General von, II. 402.
Anderson, Marjory, II. 341, 342.

Mr. John, I. cxc.

Patrick, IL 340.

Angus, Alexander. Vide Terrell.

William Douglas, Earl of, II. 471,502,

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Anne, Queen, I. preface i, b, cxxxviii, cxxxix,

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people, I. 83, 211.

regiment, II. 196, 197.

Applecross, Laird of, I. clxii, 125 ; II. 144, 301,

Arbuthnot, Robert Viscouut, I. 248.

John, his brother, I. 248.

family of, I. 115.

Archers, the Royal Company of, I. clxxxiii-

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Ardoch, Laird of, II. 300.
Lady, II. 300.

3 X



Ardross, Laird of, II. 168.

Argyll (Ergayethl, Hererquidell) , Alexander,

Lord of, II. 465.
Archibald fifth Earl of, I. xxxiv, xxxv ;

IL 496.
Archibald seventh Earl of, I. xlii, xliii,

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Archibald eighth Earl, Marquis of, I. Ivi,

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Archibald ninth Earl of, I. xx, Ixxiv,

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Archibald tenth Earl, afterwards Duke

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John Duke of, L 244, 250, 292, 295 ; II.

24-26, 40, 113, 129, 162, 164, 284, 422,

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Jane Warburton, his second Duchess, II.

George Douglas Campbell, Duke of, I.

preface xi.v.

Somerled, Thane of, II. 506, 507.

Regnald, Angus, and Olails, sons of

Somerled, II. 506.

Dougal, son of Somerled, II. 506, 507.

the Thaue of, II. 462, 463.

Ariosto, I. preface iii.

Aristotle, I. Ixviii.

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ccxxxvi, ccxlviii; IL 218, 222, 287,

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James Duke of, II. 214.

Lady Charlotte, his daughter, II. 242.

John fourth Duke of, I. cclviii.

Marjory, widow of Lord Macleod, his

second wife, I. cclviii.
John James Hugh Henry, Duke of, I.

preface .\i.v.
Atkin, Hon. Edmond, II. 255, 256.
Lady Anne Mackenzie, his wife, I. ccxxiii ;

IL 213, 256.
Atkinson, R., I. ccxlviii, ccxlix.
Auchinleck, Sir George, of Balmanno, II.

Auchnacloich, Laird of, II. 145.
Augustine, William, son of, II. 446.
Avandale, Andrew Lord, Chancellor, I. xxxiv.
Averroes, I. Ixviii.

Baden, Prince Louis of, II. 33.
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David, L 217, 221, 222, 236.

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Kenneth, bailie of Dingwall, II. 345-347.

Kenneth, I. liii.

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John third Lord, II. 164, 165.

BeU, Hugh, I. 68.

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Mr., I. 107.

BeUenden, Lord, I. Ixxviii.

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Belhnaduthy, II. 101.

Benedict xiii.. Pope, II. 321.

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Black, Adam, I. ccxxii. ccxxiii.

Blackness, I. 256, 258.

Blair, Sir Da^'id Hunter, I. cclxi.

Dorothea Hay-Ma-ckenzie, his wife, I.


Anna, I. 247.

Thomas, II. 340.

Blair-Drummond, Laird of, I. 57.

Blairhall, Lord, II. 104.

Blakeney, General, I. ccxv, ccxxxvii ; II. 383,

386, 389.
Blantyre, Lord, I. 224.
Bochell or CapeU, Sir Richard, II. 463.
Boethius, IL 465, 471.
Bogle, J., I. 181.

Boner, John, of TerreU, II. 323, 428.
Border rebels, II. 167.
Borthwick, James, of Stow, I. cxli, 143.
BothweU, Earl of, II. 502, 503.
Bouchier, Dr., II. 420.
Bouflers, M., II. 76.
Bourk (Burgh), Captain, IL 196, 200.
Bourmaden, II. 183.
Bowhill, Lord, II. 105, 128.
Boyd, Sir Alexander, II. 473.
Boyd, Robert Lord, II. 329.
Boyle, Lord. Vide Earl of Glasgow.

John, chaplain, II. 322.

Mr., I. Ixx.

Boyne, Lord, L 237, 247, 252, 294.

Boysack, II. 57.

Braco, Laird of, I. 292, 312 ; II. 51, 53.

Brae (Breay), I. 70.

Braithwaite, Colonel, I. ccliii, ccliv.

Bran, Sir Alexander, II. 86.

Brand, Bailie, I. cxvi, cxvii.

Breadalbane, John Earl of, I. cxx, cxxvi, cxxxiv,
clxxxiii, 24, 25, 41, 44-47, 81, 84, 102,
103, 105, 108, 115, 117, 129, 130, 201,
202 ; II. 135.

Countess of, I. 130.

Brechin, George Bishop of, Chancellor of Scot-
land, II. 329.

Patrick Bishop of, II. 321.

Breholt, Captain, I. 290.

Bristol, Baron. Vide John Duke of Argyll.

British troops in Flanders, II. 380.

Brodie, Laird of, I. Ixiii ; II. 480.

Mr., I. cxxiii ; II. 412, 413.

Brodies, the, I. 2.

Broomhall, I. 163, 164.

Broun, Sir George, of Coalston, T. preface

Lady Elizabeth Mackenzie, his wife,

I. preface biii.

Brown, Dean of Guild, II. 21.

Sir George, I. 140, 187.

John, vintner, I. cxcviii.

Marshal, II. 400, 401, 407.

Browne, Catherine, II. 121.

Bruce, Alexander, advocate, II. 134.

Sir Alexander, I. 160, 164-166, 194.

Sir David, of Clackmannan, I. ci, 19.

Margaret Mackenzie, his wife, I. ci.

Edward, II. 465.

Robert, of Blairhall, L 161.

Jean Preston, his wife, I. 161.

Sir John, of Kinross, I. 269, 288.

Lady Christian Leslie, his wife, I. 269,

288, 313.

Sir William, of Kinross, Baronet, I. 161-

164; IL 56, 98.

Brunswick, Prince Ferdinand of, I. ccxliv ; II.

Buccleuch, Francis second Earl of, I. cxliii.
Lady Margaret Leslie, his Countess, I. xc,

cxlii, cxliii.

Henry Duke of, I. ccxlvi.

Francis second Duke of, II. 267, 278, 281.

Lady IsabellaScottof,II. 267,268-271,273.

Lady Mary Scott, Countess of, I. Ixxi,

and Monmouth, Anne Duchess of, I. pre-
face b, bi, xc, cxliii, cxliv, 71, 287; II.

94, 123-125, 127, 259-281.

James Duke of. Vide Monmouth.

and Queensberry, Walter Francis, Duke

of, I. preface xix, XX ; II. 456.
Buchan, Alexander Stewart Earl of, and Lord

of Ross and Badenoch, I. preface iii ;

IL 322, 323, 428.

David Earl of, IL 155.

Major-General, I. cxxvi.

Buchanan, George, L Iv ; II. 23, 97, 464.

Laird of, II. 483, 489.

Buckingham, Duke of, I. cvi.

Buckle, John, I. cclxi.

Isabella Hay-Mackenzie, his wife, I. cclxi.

Burb of Tottinga, II. 468.
Burntisland, Lord. Vide Sir James Wemyss.
Burton, Mr. Hill, I. preface i.v.
Bute, James first Earl of, I. ccxlvi, 256-258,
272-274 ; IL 56, 86, 101, 42.3.

Agnes Mackenzie, his Countess, IL 423.

James second Earl of, II. 54, 126.

Butler, Mrs., I. ccxxii.

Butti, J. A., II. 424.
Byng, Sir George, II. 62.

Cadboix, Laird of, I. clxii.

Cadell, John, IL 492.

Cadogan, General, I. ccii ; II. 283.

Caithness, Alan Earl of, II. 471.

Alexander ninth Earl of, II. 134, 135.

nyD£:X OF PERSONS. 529

Caithness, John eighth Earl of, I. 191.

Campbells, the, I. Ivi ; II. 205, 211.

Lady Mary Campbell, Countess of, I. 103-

Candelan, Lieutenant-Colonel, II. 196.


Cann, Mac Righ Alba, II. 441.

Calder, Sir James, I. 56.

Canterbury, Laud, Archbishop of, I. Iv.

Laird of, I. 32, 74.

Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of, I. 110.

Callender, Mr., of Craigforth, II. 422.

John Tillotson, Archbishop of, I. preface

Calvin, John, I. clxxiii.

ib, 82, 89, 90.

Cambray, Bishop of, I. 135.

Cardell, Laird of, I. 35.

Camden, the Historian, II. 510.

Carmichael (Carmichell), Lord, I. 106.

Cameron, Donald, of Lochiel, I. ccxxxviii,

Carnwath, L 219 ; IL 154.

ccxxxix ; IL 380, 390, 391. Vide also

Carpenter, General, II. 168.


Carr, Colonel, IL 192, 198.

the elder, II. 387.

(Cerr), II. 283.

Dr., Aide-de-Camp to Prince Charles, I.

Carrick, Adam Earl of, II. 463.

ccxxxviii ; II. 387, 388.

Duncan Lord of, I. xi.

Sir Ewen, of Lochiel, I. cxxv, cxxxiii.

John Earl of. Vide Robert the Second.

Ewen, IL 486.

• — — John of. Canon of Glasgow, Chancellor,

of Lochiel, II. 498, 503, 504.

IL 321.

Mr. Richard, II. 50.

Carstairs, Principal, I. preface ib, cix, ex.

Camerons, the, IL 384, 386, 390, 391.

cxxxiv-cxxxviii, 35, 42, 43, 102, 110-

Campan, Arnold of, I. xi ; II. 464.

113, 121, 186; II. 47.

Lord of, I. xi.

Carteret, Sir G., I. 32.

Walter, I. xi.

CassUlis, Earl of, I. Ivi.

Campbell, Hon. Archibald, I. clxxxix.

CatboU (Catbo), Laird of, I. clxii, 276, 279 ;

Captain, of Finnab, I. 222.

IL 102, 126, 433.

Mr. Charles, I. 46.

Cawdor (Caldor), WiUiam, Thane of, Knight,

Colin, I. 295.

IL 332.

Sir Colin, Baronet. Vide AberuchiU.

Celestin. Vide Gillespick.

Colonel, IL 162.

Cessnock, Lord, II. 105.

Duncan, younger of Auchinbreck, I.

Chalmer, Mr. II. 268.

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