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From about that time military drill ceased in most if not all
of the New England states, and no military organizations existed
there except an occasional company in cities, whose duties chiefly
were in aiding the authorities in preserving order and performing
escort duty. While the military power was suffering this decline
in the North, it seems strange that political party strife was
increasing in intensity, especially during the years just preceding
the rebellion, and among the states of the South. The legions
of pro-slavery advocates were aggressive and determined, while
the anti-slavery element of the country stood firm, unmoved and
unsupported by any military power. But after the Civil War
began, when they saw the nation's life imperilled, and heard the
call for troops, thousands sprang to arms in her defence. The
raw recruits of the North, who had scarcely dreamed of war, were
soon transmuted into disciplined soldiers.

Cornish in the Civil War.

It is not necessary to recount the causes which led to the
fearful fratricidal strife which deluged our nation in blood,
neither the immense sacrifice of lives and treasures required to
preserve our national honor and unity. These are all recorded
in the archives of the nation's history as a heritage for us, and
for millions yet unborn. But the part that the citizens of Cornish
took in that eventful period is the work now in hand.

It has never been said that Cornish did not bear her just pro-
portion of the sacrifices and burdens of that crisis, or that she
was lacking in true patriotism. Of the eighteen regiments sent
from New Hampshire, fourteen of them contained more or less
Cornish men, aggregating, including those serving in other organ-
izations connected with the war, men, most of whom served with
honor. Thus it will be observed that Cornish sent a very large
percentage of her citizen soldiery into the field, beside enlisting
many of foreign birth and others to serve in her regiments when
they became depleted and reduced by the casualties of war.

The first call of President Lincoln was for 75,000 three months'
men, and New Hampshire was required to furnish one regiment
of these. This regiment was filled so quickly, that those first
enlisting in town, could not find admission to its ranks, therefore,
this regiment contained none from Cornish, but those who had
enlisted for three months soon had the opportunity of reenlisting
for three years in the second regiment soon to follow. The first
regiment under command of Col. Mason W. Tappan left the
state May 27, 1861, for the seat of war. This regiment had
no serious engagement but did guard duty in and around
Washington until the expiration of the time of its enlistment,
and it was mustered out August 2, 1861.

Second Regiment.

This was the first regiment of three years' men. It was organ-
ized at Portsmouth, N. H., in May, 1861, with Gilman Marston


as colonel. It was mustered into service early in June, and
on the 20th of the same month, with 1,022 officers and men, left
Portsmouth for Washington, via Boston and New York. Gov-
ernor Berry and staff, Ex-Governor Goodwin and many leading
men of the state accompanied them to Boston, where they were
received with enthusiastic demonstrations. An organization of
1,400 ''Sons of New Hampshire" with Governor Andrew and
staff, with prominent citizens and military bands escorted the
regiment to a banquet prepared for them in Music Hall, where a
patriotic address was given by Hon. Marshall P. Wilder. After
being reviewed by Governor Andrew on the Common, they left
for New York, where they were received by a similar ovation.
They reached Washington on the 23d of June. On the 21st of
July following, this regiment received its first baptism of blood
at Bull Run, Va., the first great battle of the war. Here the
regiment had nine killed, thirty-five wounded, four mortally, and
sixty-three taken prisoners. Among the latter were two men
from Cornish, John L. Rice and Albert L. Hall (See Rolls).
Rice was also seriously wounded, left on the field and reported
dead, and his funeral obsequies were accordingly held at home.
But afterwards he was found to be alive, much to the rejoicing
of his many friends.

This regiment saw much hard service and sustained many
heavy losses, especially at Williamsburg, Va., and later at
Gettysburg, Pa., besides being engaged in many other battles
of note, where in every case it reflected honor upon itself and
the state.

The rigor of its service and other causes, finally reduced
it to about one fourth of its original numbers, and it was
mustered out of service early in December, 1865, at City Point,
Va., and discharged in Concord, N. H., December 26, 1865.
Here they again met a hearty and generous reception.

In the rolls of this, and all regiments hereafter given, it is to
be understood that the men were privates and were residents of,
or were born in Cornish, unless otherwise mentioned. All trans-
fers and promotions will be noted in connection with the first
mention of their names.

Below are given, directly as recorded upon the military rolls
of the state, the names and brief records of the men of Cornish
in the 2d regiment, in all, 25 names:


Asa M. Benway. Age 26, enl. Apr. 24, 61, disch. disab. June 8,

61, enl. 2d, Sept. 1, 64, in Vt. Cav., killed. Mar. 2, 65, at

Waynesboro, Va. Before the engagement he remarked that he

should be killed in the first fight in which he engaged. It

proved true. He was the only one killed.
John H. Barry, Co. I, b. Plattsburg, N. Y. Age 26, enl. Apr.

28, 61, not must., re-enl. May 21, 61. Captd. July 21, 61, at

Bull Run, Va., paroled June 2, 62, disch. July 2, 62.
James A. Cook. Age 47, enl. June 18, 61, from Claremont.

Serg. non. com. staff., prom. 2d Q. M. June 9, 62, app. Capt.

Com. of Substance July 2, 63, disch. disab. Sept. 8, 64.
John Carroll (sub.) b. Ireland, Co. C. Age 21, enl. Dec. 6, 64,

disch. disab. Apr. 7, 65, at Fort Munro, Va.
Edward W. Collins, Jr., Co. I. Age 22, enl. Apr. 27, 61, not

must., re-enl. May 21, 61, disch. disab. Aug. 16, 61.
Edward Davis, Co. G, b. N. Y. Age 23, enl. Dec. 1, 63, con-
fined at Camp Hamilton May 9, 64, released July 28, 64, and

sent to Bermuda Hundred. No further report.
William Gaines, Co. G, b. N. Y. Age 18, enl. Dec. 1, 63. Fur-

loughed from Hospital Point of Rocks, Va. Failed to return.
Albert L. Hall, Co. I, Age 21, enl. Apr. 28, 61, not must., re-enl.

May 21, 61. Captd. July 21, 61, at Bull Run, Va., paroled

May 21, 62, disch. July 2, 62.
Burleigh R. Jones. Age 21, enl. Aug. 2, 61, from Hopkinton,

Co. B, wd. June 25, 62, at Oak Grove, Va., d. July 1, 62, on

Hospital Ship at Hampton Roads, Va.
John Kennison, Co. H, b. Concord, Vt. Age 28, enl. Dec. 1, 63,

disch. disab. May 12, 64, at Williamsburg, Va.
Joseph Lumbeck, Co. K, b. Sweden. Age 21, enl. Dec. 4, 63,

wd. at Cold Harbor, Va., June 3, 64, app. Corp. Nov. 1, 64,

disch. Dec. 19, 65.
Lewis Laurd, Co. K, b. Canada. Age 33, enl. Dec. 4, 63, disch-

Dec. 19, 65.
James Lee, Co. H, b. Philadelphia, Pa. Age 18, enl. Dec. 1, 63,

disch. Dec. 19, 65.
Timothy Malone, Co. H. b. Ireland. Age 27, enl. Dec. 1, 63,

disch. Dec. 19, 65.
Peter Mareau, Co. H, b. N. Y., enl. Dec. 2, 63, deserted Sept.

8, 65, from Fredericksburg, Va.


Stephen Nichols, Co. K, b. 111. Age 20, enl. Dec. 4, 63, entered
18th Army Corps and Point of Rocks, Va., Feb. 15, 65, No
further record appears.

Thomas Perkins, Co. H, b. Wisconsin. Age 19, enl. Dec. 2, 63,
disch. June 20, 65, at Fort Munroe, Va.

Andrew Pinder, Co. K, b. Ireland. Age 18, enl. Dec. 4, 63,
disch. Dec. 19, 65.

Clark Allen, Co. K, b. N. Y. Age 18, enl. Dec. 4, 63, wd. severely
July 5, 64, at Petersburg, Va., disch. May 25, 65.

John L. Rice. Age 21, enl. Apr. 28, 61, not must., re-enl. May
21, 61, Co. A, wd. and captd. July 21, 61, at Bull Run, Va.,
paroled Jan. 3, 62, exch. and disch. Nov. 18, 62, for promotion,
app. Capt. Co. H, 16th N. H. vols., Nov. 4, 62, must. Dec.
2, 62, volunteered for storming party at Port Hudson,
La., under G. 0. No. 49, headqrs. dept. of the Gulf June
15, 63, app. Lieut. Col. Oct. 1, 63, disch. Nov. 25, 65, at New
Orleans, La.

Charles M. Smith, Co. H, b. Hartford, Conn. Age 19, enl. Dec.
1, 63, d. of dis. Oct. 27, 64, at Fort Munroe, Va.

George E. Tyler. Age 20, enl. Apr. 27, 61, not must., re-enl. May
21, 61, in Co. I, d. Mar. 6, 63, of dis. at Boston, Mass.

Thomas Welch, Co. H, b. Ireland. Age 27, enl. Dec. 1, 63,
deserted in face of enemy May 19, 64, at Bermuda Hundred, Va.

William F. Wright. Age 19, enl. Apr. 28, 61, re-enl. May 21, 61,
must, in Aug. 13, 61, in Co. I, wd. Aug. 29, 62, at Bull Run,
Va., d. from wounds Sept. 27, 62, at Washington, D. C.

John B. Wright. Age 18, enl. Apr. 28, 61, re-enl. May 21, 61,
must, in Aug. 21, 61, in Co. I, disch. Aug. 23, 64, near Peters-
burg, Va.

Third Regiment.

This was organized in August 1861, and left the state for Wash-
ington on the September following, 1,035 strong. It was soon sent
to and stationed at Hilton Head, S. C, until April, 1862. In June
following it was sent to James Island. Its first sharp engagement
was at Secessionville, S. C, where it lost 105 men. Returning to
Hilton Head it remained there until April, 1863. On July 18,1863,
it was fiercely engaged in the siege of Fort Wagner, where it
lost heavily, as did the 7th New Hampshire. During 1864 it was
in several serious engagements, and at one time "well-nigh anni-


hilated." With thinned ranks it was finally mustered out, July
20, 1865. Cornish had, at different times, fourteen men in this
regiment. Quite a proportion of these were not citizens of the
town but were foreign born and hired substitutes.

William Arnie (sub.), Co. B, b. England. Age 21, enl. Oct. 14, 63.

No further record obtained.
Elbridge G. Beers, 2d Co. K. Age 18, enl. Aug. 12, 61, d. July 20,

62, in Beaufort, S. C.
Joseph Brady (sub.), Co. I, b. England. Age 29, enl. Oct. 10, 63,

sev. wd. May 13, 64, at Drewrys Bluff, Va., disch. disab. July

20, 65.
Dudley Colby, Co. K. Age 27, enl. from Franklin N. H., July 26,

61, disch. Aug. 23, 64.

James A. Douglass (sub.), Co. K, b. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Age 20, enl. Oct. 8, 63, wd. Aug. 16, 64, at Deep Bottom, Va.,

disch. disab. July 20, 65.
Joseph E. Horton, Co. B, b. Taunton, Mass. Age 18, enl. Aug. 19,

62, sev. wd. May 13, 64, at Drewrys Bluff, Va., dis. June 26, 65,
at Goldsboro, N. C.

Thomas Langdon (sub.), Co. B, b. N. Y. Age 19, enl. Oct. 14, 63,

sev. wd. and d. of wounds May 13, 64, at Drewrys Bluff, Va.
Alcide Lallance (sub.), Co. K, b. France. Age 22, enl. Oct. 10, 63,

sev. wd. May 18, 64, at Bermuda Hundred, Va., disch. Aug.

4, 64, at Newark, N. J.
Edward Mitchell (sub.), Co. K, b. Bridgewater, Mass. Age 20,

enl. Oct. 10, 63, disch. Nov. 7, 64, at Staten Island, N. Y.
Lewis Maier (sub.), Co. K, b. Germany. Age 22, enl. Dec. 17, 64,

disch. July 20, 65.
Thomas Murphy (sub.), Co. C, b. Liverpool, Eng. Age 22, enl.

Oct. 10, 63, disch. July 20, 65.
James Reagan (sub.), Co. K, b. Ireland. Age 25, enl. Dec. 27, 64,

disch. Apr. 2, 65, at Wilmington, N. C.
Henry Squires, Co. A. Age 25, enl. Aug. 30, 62, disch. disab.

Feb. 7, 63, at Hilton Head, S. C.
Sumner B. Tewksbury, Co. K, b. Milford, N. H. Age 21, enl.

Aug. 6, 61, disch. disab. Mar. 11, 62, drafted, Oct. 19, 63,

and assigned to 5th N. H., disch. from 5th June 28, 65.


Fourth Regiment.

This regiment was organized in August and September, 1861,
and started for the seat of war about the 17th of September.

Its services during the first two years were wholly in the South,
in Florida and the Carolinas. It joined the army of the Potomac
in 1864, and assisted at the siege of Petersburg. It was mustered
out at Concord, August 23, 1865.

Cornish was represented in this regiment by four men:

Moses Bohannon, Co. I, b. Danbury, N. H. Age 44, enl. Aug.

23, 64, disch. disab. June 27, 65, at Concord, N. H.
Michael Cane, Co. C, b. Ireland. Age 21, enl. Dec. 21, 64, disch.

Mar. 17, 65, at Wilmington, N. C.
David L. M. Comings, enl. Aug. 13, 62, from W. Swansy, N. H.,

assistant surgeon, d. of dis. at Swansy, Aug. 1, 63.
Lucius Little (sub.), Co. K, b. Lenoxville, Canada. Age 20, enl.

Jan. 17, 65, disch. Aug. 23, 65.

Fifth Regiment.

This was organized at Concord September and October, 1861,
with Edward E. Cross as colonel. It left the state October 29,
and was assigned to a division of the army of the Potomac until
the following March and was then transferred to another division,
Second Army Corps. It was at the siege of Yorktown and through
the peninsular campaign, suffering heavy losses at Fair Oaks,
Savage Station, White Oak Swamp and Malvern. A little later
it lost one-third of its members at Antietam. At Fredericksburg
December 13, 1862, it suffered severely. Of 303 officers and
men present, it lost 193, or more than sixty per cent. It was
also engaged in the battle of Chancellorville May 1-5, 1863, and
also hotly engaged at Gettysburg, Pa., where Colonel Cross was
mortally wounded, and where the regiment lost one-half of its
numbers then present.

After this, the regiment was sent home to recruit until Novem-
ber, 1863. It then returned to the seat of war, and rejoined the
army of the Potomac. It was engaged at Cold Harbor, Va.,
where it met with great loss. It was also at the siege of Peters-
burg, at Deep Bottom, Reams Station and others, until April
9, 1865, when Lee surrendered.


It returned to Washington and took part in the final grand re-
view and was mustered out at Alexandria, June 28, 1865.

This regiment won the name of the "New Hampshire fighting
fifth." Its record was brilliant, its losses great, its courage never
daunted. It had its full share of the stern realities of the bloody
field, as well as of the victor's triumph.

Cornish was represented in this regiment by a dozen men:

Edward Avery (sub.), Co. B, b. England. Age 22, enl. Oct.
13, 63, deserted, Oct. 18, 63, at Concord, N. H.

Nathaniel E. Beers, Co. G, b. Hartland, Vt. Age 40, enl. Sept.
27, 61, disch. for disab. Sept. 1, 62, re-enl. Mar. 23, 64, in
Co. A, 1st N. H. Cav., captd. June 30, 64, on Wilson's raid,
paroled Dec. 15, 64, app. farrier, disch. from Cav. Co. July
15, 65.

Robert H. Chase, Co. G. Age 18, enl. Sept. 27, 61, from Clare-
mont, transf. to Co. C, Mar. 1, 62, captd. at Fair Oaks,
Va., June 1, 62, released and afterwards re-enl. Jan. 1, 64,
app. Sergt. and Com. 2d Lieut. Co. K, July 1, 64, killed at
Reams Sta., Va., Aug. 25, 64.

John Hart (sub.), Co. E, b. Ireland. Age 21, enl. Oct. 13, 63,
transf. to U. S. Navy, Apr. 19, 64, as landsman, served on
U. S. S. S. Matthew, Vassar, Primrose and Princess, disch.
Aug. 21, 65.

John H. Hunter, Co. E. Age 21, enl. Sept. 7, 61, from Newport,
N. H., wd. June 1, 62, at Fair Oaks, disch. disab. Jan. 8, 63,
at Fort Munroe.

Artemus M. Lewis, Co. G. Age 44, enl. Aug. 24, 62, from Clare-
mont, disch. Mar. 3, 63.

Nathaniel Smith, Co. G. Age 18, enl. Sept. 29, 61, app. Corp.,
wd. July 1, 62, at Malvern Hill, Va., at Hill, Va., Sept. 16, 62,
at Antietam, wd. and captd. June 3, 64, at Cold Harbor, Va.,
released Feb. 28, 65, disch. Apr. 8, 65, at Concord, N. H.

Stephen L. Stearns, Co. G. Age. 36, enl. Sept. 27, 61, disch.
disab. Nov. 2, 63.

Joseph Stevens, Co. G. Age 45 enl. Sept. 27, 61, disch. disab.
Jan. 8, 62, near Alexandria, Va.

William Sturtevant, Co. F. Age 36, draf. at Claremont, Oct.
10, 63, disch. June 28, 65.


Cornelius H. Stone, Co. F. Age 18, enl. Feb. 12, 62, at Man-
chester, N. H., captd. July 26, 63, paroled, and exch., re-enl.,
Mar. 29, 64, sev. wd. June 3, 64, at Cold Harbor, Va., disch.,
at N. Y. City, June 8, 65.

William S. White, Co. G. Age 21, enl. Sept. 2, 61, disch. disab.
Mar. 26, 63, at Fort Munroe, Va., re-enl. Dec. 29, 63, in 57th,
Mass., disch. July 30, 65.

Sixth Regiment.

The sixth regiment was mustered into service November 30,
1861, with Nelson Converse colonel. It was stationed at Keene
until Christmas morning when it left the state for Washington.
It was assigned to Burnside's expedition to North Carolina. In
March, 1862, Colonel Converse resigned and Lieut.-Col. S. G.
Griffin was promoted as colonel, and retained this position until
he was promoted May 11, 1864.

The military records of the services and achievements of this
regiment compare favorably with those of the other New Hamp-
shire regiments. It was engaged in several prominent battles
of the war and finally was present at the surrender of General
Lee. It also took part in the grand review at Washington, May
23, 1865. It was mustered out of service July 17, 1865. Cornish
had nine men in this regiment.

Soldiers of the 6th regiment representing Cornish :

Patrick O'Conner, Co. D, b. Ireland. Age 22, enl. Dec. 4, 63.,

disch. July 17, 65.
Richard Craig, Co. H, b. Louisville, Ky. Age 28, enl. Oct. 28, 61,

app. Corp. Feb. 1, 64, disch. July 22, 64, at Concord, N. H.
Timothy C. Eastman, Co. G. Age 33, enl. Dec. 5, 61, from Suna-

pee, N. H., d. of dis. Mar. 24, 62, at Roanoke Island, N. C.
Ebenezer Mitchell, Co. G, b. Corinth, Vt. Age 43, enl. Oct. 7, 61,

disch. for disab. Aug. 11, 62, at Newbern, N. C.
Alvah S. Rawson, Co. G. Age 18, enl. Nov. 20, 61, re-enl. Jan.

2, 64, in the same reg. and Co., app. Serg., killed July 3, 64, at

Petersburg, Va., while looking over breastworks, bullet entering

at eye.
John Smith, Co. F, b. Ireland. Age 20, enl. Dec. 4, 63, deserted

Feb. 10, 64, at Camp Nelson, Ky.


Thomas Toole, Co. K, b. Ireland. Age 20, enl. Dec. 4, 63, captd.

Oct. 1,64, at Poplar Springs Church, Va., released and afterwards

app. Corp. July 1, 65, disch. July 17, 65.
Russell Tyler, Co. G. Age 18, enl. Nov. 22, 61, wd. Dec. 13, 62,

at Fredericksburg, Va., re-enl. Dec. 21, 63, in same reg. and Co.,

wd. at Spottsylvania June 22, 64, and at Petersburg, Va., Apr.

2, 65, app. Corp. Dec. 24, 62, Serg. Dec. 21, 63, 1st Lieut.

Mar. 4, 65, disch. July 17, 65.
Henry P. Whittaker, Co. G. Age 18, enl. Oct. 10, 61, from Goshen,

N. H., re-enl. Dec. 27, 63, in same reg. and Co., app. Corp., wd.

May 6, 64, at Wilderness, Va., app. Sergt. Aug. 1, 64, 2d

Lieut, of Co. I, June 1, 65.

Seventh Regiment.

This regiment was organized in the fall of 1861, in Manchester,
N. H., and left the state January 14, 1862. It was mustered out at
Concord, N. H., July 30, 1865.

It contained fifteen men from Cornish:

Charles C. Bartlett, Co. C. Age 32, enl. Sept. 30, 61, disch. for

disab. Jan. 4, 63, at St. Augustine, Fla., re-enl. Sept. 3, 64, in

Co. B, 24th V. R. Corps, disch. for disab. June 27, 65, at

Washington, D. C.
Thomas Bowen (sub.), b. Ireland, Co. F. Age 43, enl. Oct. 13,

63, wd. and captd. June 16, 64, at Ware Bottom Church, Va.,

d. June 18, 64, at Richmond, Va.
George M. Chase, Co. C. Age 28, enl. Sept. 24, 61, app. Corp.

Nov. 15, 61, Sergt. July 18, 62, wd. and captd. July 18, 63, at

Fort Wagner, S. C, rejoined reg. July 23, 63, app. 2d Lieut.

Co. K, to date July 20, 63, disch. Dec. 24, 64.
Nathaniel B. Dodge, Co. C, b. Barre, Vt. Age 22, enl. Oct. 9, 61,

disch. for disab. Apr. 7, 63, at Hilton Head, S. C.
Newton C. Dodge, Co. C, b. Barre, Vt. Age 33, enl. Dec. 12, 61,

disch. for disab. Nov. 12, 62, at Davis Island, N. Y. Harbor.
Edward A. Downs, Co. I. Age 23, drafted Sept, 20, 63, from

Merrimack, wd. and captd. Feb. 20, 64, at Olustee, Fla.,

d. of dis. May 25, 64, at Andersonville, Ga.
Marcellus Judkins, Co. C. Age 21, enl. Sept. 30, 61, d. of dis.

Dec. 23, 61, at Manchester, N. H. The first soldier that d.

from Cornish.


Charles Nevens, Co. (\ b. Bradford, N. II. Age 18, enl. Sept.
22, 61, captd. July 18, 63, at Fort Wagner, S. C, d. July
30, 63.

Haldimand S. Putnam. Ago 25, a cadet of West Point, brev. 2d
Lieut. Topographical Eng. July 1, 57, app. 2d Lieut. Apr.
1, 61, 1st Lieut. Aug. 3, 61, and Gapt. engineers Mar. 3, 63,
wasBrev. Major July 1, 61, for gallant and meritorious services
in Manassas Campaign, Brev. Lieut. -Col. July 10, 63, for gal-
lant services on Morris Island, S. C, Brev. Col. July 18, 63, for
gallant service at the assault of Fort Wagner, where he was
mortally wd. July 18, 63.

David K. Ripley, Co. C, 1>. Plymouth, Mass. Age 44, enl. Sept.
24, 61, d. of dis. Sept. 9, 62, at Hilton Head, S. C.

William Scott, Co. C, b. N. Y. City. Age 18, enl. Oct, 2, 61,
wd. Sept. 7, 63, at Morris Island, S. C, d. of wds. Oct, 5, 63,
Fort Schuyler, N. Y.

Benjamin C. Stearns, Co. IT. Age 32, enl. Oct, 21, 61, disch.
disab. Sept. 20, 03, d. in Cornish, Aug. 13, 65.

Edward L. Tasker, Co. C. Age 26, enl. Sept, 23, 61, from Leb-
anon, N. II., d. of dis. at Beaufort, S. C, Aug. 9, 62.

Orin Watkins, Co. II, b. Townshend, Vt. Age 38, enl. Oct. 1,
61, re-en 1. Feb. 27, 64, in same reg. and Co., deserted May 1, 64,
while on furlough.

Andrew P. Wright, Co. C, b. Lebanon, N. H. Age 18, enl. Oct.
18, 61, killed at Olustce, Fla., Feb. 20, 64.

Eighth Regiment.

This regiment was gathered chiefly from eastern and southern
portions of the state, and its service was wholly in the South,
chiefly in Louisiana. Cornish had but one representative in it :

Joseph Edmunds, Co. F, b. in Quebec, Can. Age 20, enl. Nov.
3, 63, transf. to Co. B. 9th Vols., res. Corps, Dec. 20, 64, disch.
July 14, 65, at Washington, D. C. .

Ninth Regiment.

This regiment was organized in August, 1862 with Enoch Q.
Fellows, colonel and Herbert B. Titus, lieutenant-colonel. It left
the state on the 25th of the same month for Washington, D. C.


It was assigned to the first brigade, 9th Army Corps of the Army
of the Potomac.

On September 14, it had its first engagemenl of note at South

Mountain and on the 17th following at Antietam, ami at Freder-
icksburg on December L3, 1862. Early in 1863, it went south and
west as far as Vicksburg, Miss., and was present at the surrender
of that city.

The climate of the South seriously affected this regiment, and
it soon returned and did service in Kentucky, and after-
wards rejoined the 9th Army Corps on the Potomac, where,
under Gen. S. G. Griffin it joined with the other New
Hampshire regiments, in those grand and stirring events that
culminated in the capture of Petersburg and the surrender of
Genera] Lee. Soon after this, this regiment was mustered out
of service.

Cornish was represented by fifteen men in this regiment:

Henry P. Blood, Co. E. Age 18, enl. Aug. 4, 62, app. Corp., wd.

Sept. 30, 64, at Poplar Springs Church, Va., d. of wds. Nov.

8, 64, at Beverly, N. .J.
Daniel C. Buswell, b. Lebanon. Age 26, app. Capt. of Co. E,

Aug. 10, 62, must, in Aug. 23, 62, as Capt. Had previously,

from Apr. 29, 61, served in Co. B, 1st Minnesota Regt. and was

disch. to accfjpt promotion.
Albert B. Cressy, Co. G. Age 20, enl. July 23, 62, from Clare-

mont (credited to Newbury), app. Corp., d. of dis. Sept. 14,

64. at Whitehall, Pa.
Charles F. Day, Co. E. Age 18, enl. Aug. 8, 62., app. Corp. was

taken prisoner Sept. 30, 64, at Poplar Springs Church, Va.,

d. at Salisbury Stockade, S. C, or at Libbey, Va., Dec. 25, 64.
Edwin W. Downs, Co. E, b. Enfield, N. H. Age 18, enl. Aug. 8,

62, d. of dis. Aug. 26, 63, at Covington, Ky.
human Dudley, Co. G, b. Mailboro. N. H. Age 18, enl. July 25,

62, d. of dis. Jan. 19, 63, near Falmouth, Va.
Dennis C. Hibbard, Co. A. Age 18, enl. Aug. 27, 64, disch. Feb.

3, 65, at Fort Alexander Hayes.
George A. Hutchinson, Co. K. Age 18, enl. from Newport, Aug.

11, 62, d. of dis. Mar. 21, 64, at Camp Nelson, Ky.
James N. Edminster, Co. E. Age 22, enl. Aug. 1, 62, must, in

as 2d Lieut. Aug. 23, 62, resigned Oct. 27, 62.


Hollis Knights, Co. E. Age 23, enl. Aug. 8, 62, disch. for disab.

Jan. 25, 64, at Camp Dennison, Ohio.
Oscar D. Robinson, Co. E. Age 23, enl. July 25, 62, must, in as

Sergt., app. 2d. Lieut. Jan. 1, 64, 1st Lieut. Mar. 1, 65, Capt.

of Co. E, May 1, 65, disch. June 10, 65.
Sidney C. Spaulding, Co. E. Age 18, b. Plainfield, enl. Aug. 8,

62, d. of dis. Oct. 4, 63, at Paris, Ky.
George B. Tracy. Co. E. Age 36, enl. from Lebanon Aug. 8, 62,

as Corp., app. Sergt., wd. May 12, 64, at Spottsylvania, Va.,

d. of wds. June 6, 64, at Washington, D. C.
Ithiel I. White, Co. K. Age 24, enl. July 31, 62, killed May

12, 64, at Spottsylvania, Va.

Tenth Regiment.
The 10th Regiment had no one in it from Cornish.

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