William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 10 of 91)
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" Item I give and bequeath to my well-beloved daughter Ama Smith twelve
Shillings Silver Money, to be paid to the Said Ama within one year after my decee
by my Executors.


"I give and bequeath to my s4 daughters above mentioned all my household
furniture that may or shall be left and remaining after the death of my Said wife
Martha, to be equally divided and distributed to each of them respectively. And

" I do hereby make, ordain constitute, and appoint my said Son David Chafee
Junr my only and sole Executor to this my last will and testament, and if any
of my estate is not hereby disposed of I give and bequeath the same to my said
Executor — Ratif3ing and confirming this and no other to be my last will and
testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day
and year first above written
"Signed Sealed published and

" pronounced by David Chafee [seal]

" the said David Chafee to be
" his last will & testament
" in presence of us the Subscribers

" N. B. The words&buildings standing thereon between the 24 & 25 lines from
the top & the Word Patience between the 28th & 29th lines from the top were
interlined before signing
" Ebenezer Walker )
"Timothy Perin >
"Simeon Smith )
"Windham County S. S. Ashford 25th Feb A. D. 1784.

" Personally appeared Capt Ebenezer Walker & Capt Simeon Smith two of the
witnesses of the above within and foregoing will and testament of Mr. David Chafee
late of Ashford decee and made solemn oath that they saw and heard the above
sd testator sign and seal publish pronounce and declare, the same to be his last
will and testament, and that they then took the testator to be of sound and dis-
posing mind and memory, that they each of them signed as witnesses, in the
presence of the sd testator, and that Capt Timothy Perin the other witness signed
as a witness at the same time in their presence and in the presence of the testator.

" Sworn before me

" Elijah Whiton
" Justice of the peace.

"At a Probate Court holden at Pomfret in the district of Promfret on the 9th
day of March A. D, 1784. present Charles Church Chandler Esqr Judge the within
will was presented by the executor David Chafee accepted the trust therein reposed
in him & gave bonds according to law, & the sd will is by this Court proved, ap-
proved, and allowed of, & ordered to be recorded and kept on file —

"Attest Lem. Grosvenor Clerk Probate."

[Pomfret, Conn., Probate Records, Book V, p. 44.]

Children, the first six born in Attleboro, the rest in Ashford:

-M72 i David ^ Chafee, Jr., born October 28, 1733; married Priscilla Robbins.

173 ii Martha Chafee, born about 1735, died in infancy; baptized by "Mr.

Welde [minister of the First Church of Rehoboth] at the house
of Isriel Perry."

174 iii Martha Chafee, born April 27, 1737; died; married in 1757, Job Tyler;

she was baptized in the First Congregational Church, Rehoboth,
June 12, 1737.

175 iv Dorothy Chafee, born January 22, 1739-40; died in Ashford, October

10, 1755; baptized in the First Congregational Church, Rehoboth,
March 23, 1739-40.
+ 176 V Patience Chafee, born January 16, 1742-3; married Joseph Amidon.

177 vi Abner Chafee, born September 14, 1746; died in Ashford, September

18, 1755; baptized in the First Congregational Church, Rehoboth,
November 24, 1746.

178 vii Johanna Chafee, born January 3, 1749-50; died; married in Ashford,

October 4, 1770, Joseph Whiton, Jr.; she was baptized there
May 23, 1750.


179 viii Elizabeth Chcafce, born April 11, 1753; died; married Brown.

180 ix Dorothy Chafee, born January 11, 1756; died; married in Ashford,

November 27, 1777, by Reverend James Messinger, to Adam

181 X Ama (Anna) Chafee, born September 2, 1759; died; married

Smith; she was baptized at her father's house in Ashford, by Mr.
Allns, November 23, 1759.

182 xi Sarah Chafee, born July 10, 1763; probably died before 1783, as her

father's will, made that year, makes no mention of her.

51 Elizabeth ^ ChaflEe (David, ^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., March 21, 1710-11, and died January 15, 1761. She married, February 28,
1733-4, Ichabod, son of David and Elizabeth (Bosworth) Read of Rehoboth.
He was born there, October 8, 1708. After Elizabeth Chaffe's death, he married
(2) Elizabeth Robinson, by whom he had four children. Elizabeth Chaffee was
baptized and admitted to the First Congregational Church of Rehoboth, May 14,
1732. After her marriage, she lived in Attleboro, Mass., where she was buried.

Children, born in Attleboro:

183 i Ichabod ^ Read, Jr., born January 15, 1735; died young.

184 ii Patience Read, born August 2, 1737.

185 iii Amos Read, born May 1, 1739; married Mary Ide.

186 iv Daniel Read, born August 12, 1743.

187 V Ohve Read, born April 11, 1746.

188 vi Ichabod Read, Jr., born March 2, 1750.

189 vii Jonathan Read, born August 8, 1752; married Dorothy Blake.

For further descendants see History of the Reed Family, by Jacob W. Reed.

52 Patience ^ ChafEe (David, ^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., April 14, 1713, and died there, August 20, 1756. She married, February 28,
1733-4, Samuel, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (French) Read. He was born in
Rehoboth, August 12, 1710, and lived there. Patience Chaffe was baptized in the
First Congregational Church of Rehoboth, August 12, 1733. She continued to
live in that to^vn after her marriage.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

190 i Nathaniel^ Read, born May 31, 1735; married Huldah Carpenter.

191 ii Samuel Read, Jr., born October 11, 1736.

192 iii Mary Read, born February 13, 1738.

193 iv David Read, born October 5, 1742; married

194 V Jesse Read, born July 8, 1744; married Esther Puffer.

195 vi Zacharia Read, born September 8, 1746; married Lois Mann,

196 vii Patience Read, born January 22, 1748.

197 viii Experience Read, born April 19, 1755; died in Rehoboth, May 22, 1755.

For further descendants see History of the Reed Family, by Jacob W. Reed.

53 Atherton '* ChafEe (David,^ Nathaniel,2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., April 7, 1715, and died in Westminster, Vt., March 4, 1778. He married
(1) in Ashford, Conn., Abigail Squire (?), who died there, February 12, 1755.
He married (2) in Ashford, March 25, 1756, Rachel Fuller, who died in West-
minster, July 29, 1803, where she was buried. She spent her last days with her son

In 1738, Atherton Chaffe of Ashford, bought of Moses Fuller of that place, one
hundred acres of land there. September 12, 1743, his father gave him one-half of


all his lands, buildings, fences, orchards and improvements on the farm in Ash-
ford, where he, David, then lived. November 16, 1750, Atherton Chaffe, "yeo-
man," bought of his father for £500, three tracts of land in Ashford, near a place
called Lead Mine Hill, containing about eighty-five acres, a house and buildings.
History says that in 1751 Atherton went with a party to Westminster, N. H.
His last real estate transaction showing him to be a resident of Ashford, was
February 8, 1758, when he bought for £18, twenty-six acres of land there, of
Jonathan Pidge. In 1759, he is spoken of as of Westminster. The town was in
what was then known as "the New Hampshire Grants." What is now Vermont
was claimed by both New York and New Hampshire and was the subject of a
long and bitter dispute, which lasted until after the Revolution. Vermont was not
recognized as a state and admitted to the Union until 1791. Atherton Chaffe is
said to have helped build a blockhouse in Vermont, and to have lived in it with
twenty other families for four years. He was a Private from 1768 to 1770 in a
volunteer company in Westminster, which was organized about that time, to pre-
pare the men for defensive purposes when necessary. The following church doc-
ument will be of interest to the descendants of Atherton Chaffe:

"We the subscribers being desirous of having a steeple built to the meeting
house that is about to be built in the town of Westminster present this our humble
petition to the proprietors that have undertaken to build said house for liberty
to build said steeple and for encouragement therefore we promise and bind our-
selves to pay the sum or sums set to each of our names in order to pay the cost of
said building provided the proprietors of said house shall see fit to grant us liberty
and will allow us an equal share in the house with them according to the terms
which we subscribe, in witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals
this 8th day of March in the year of our Lord Christ 1769.
"Samuel Phippen Five Dollers
" BiLEY WiLLARD 3 Dollers
"Joseph WiLLARD 3 Dollers
"Samuel AvERELL 2 Dollers
" JoH. AvERELL 3 DoUers

"Joseph Phippen 3 Dollers
" Thomas AvERiLL 3 Dollers
"Solomon Burk 3 Dollers
" Atherton Chafe 2 Dollors
" Biley Carpenter 2 Dollors
" Ariel Carpenter 2 Dolers
"Thomas Crook 1 Doler"

Atherton Chaffe is said to have been a man of fine, unblemished character and
habits. He is said to have had twenty-one children, the youngest, Crean Bush,
being posthumous. His estate was administered by his widow. June 6, 1789, she
applied for Commissioners to sell out her "thirds." At her death, her estate was
settled by her son Constant. Her tombstone in the graveyard in Westminster
bears the following inscription :

"In memory of Mrs. Rachel widow of Mr. Atherton Chaffe, who died July 29,
1803, in the 67th year of her age.

" To you my children and my friends
Which I have left behind
Come view this solemn monument
And here instruction find."

Children, by first wife, born in Ashford:

198 i Mary Chaffe, born February 15, 1739-40; died.


199 ii Experience Chaffe, born April 2, 1745; probably married Ephraim
Hunt of Wrentham, Mass., August 5, 17G2, and had a daughter
Betty, mentioned in the will of Betty Chaffe (201).

+ 200 iii Squire Chaffe, born July 18, 1747; married .

201 iv Betty Chaffe (Chafee), born May 9, 1749; died in 1778; the will of
"Betty Chafee of Rehoboth" made August 20, 1777, mentions
Betty, daughter of Ephraim Hunt, Huldah, daughter of Na-
thaniel Read, Betty, wife of Daniel Read, Patience Read, and
"my beloved Aunt Margaret Chaffe" (55), Nathaniel Read being
made executor; inventory taken December 5, 1778.
+ 202 V Atherton Chaffe, Jr., born March 15, 1752; married Phoebe Brockway.
203 vi Margaret Chaffe, born April 18, 1754; died in Ashford, March 17, 1755.

Four other children, names unknown.
Children, b}' second wife, the first two born in Ashford, the rest in Westmin-
ster :
+ 204 xi Clifford Chaffe, born January 20, 1757; married Anna Burke.

205 xii Chloe Chaffe, born September 21, 1758; died in Ashford, April 21,


206 xiii Calvin Chaffe, died about 1784; he served as a Private during the

Revolution, in Captain Elkanah Day's Company from West-
minster in 1776, and his name is also found on "A Pay Ab-
stract for Capt. Jesse Burk'e and Capt. Michael Gilson's com-
panies, officers and soldiers included, which marched in the
Alarm [at Newbury] March 1781. . . . Calvin Chaffy,"
credited with three days' service, thirty miles' travel, wages per
day, Is. 4d., pay per mile, 4d., total sum received 14s.

+ 207 xiv Constant Chaffe, born about 1761 or 1762; married Anna Lovejoy.

+ 208 XV Alpha Chaffe, marriedMary Abby.

+ 209 xvi Otis ChafTe, married Abigail Abby.

+ 210 xvii Rachel Chaffe, born December 16 1772; married Samuel Wires.
211 xviii Jarville Chaffe, born about 1774; died unmarried.

+ 212 xix Nancy Chaffe, born about 1776; married Amos Abby.

+ 213 XX Crean Bush Chaffe, born 1778; married Polly Bennett.
Another child, name unknown.

54 Mary "* Chaffe (David,^ Nathaniel, ^ Thomas i) was born in Rehoboth, Mass.,
June 15, 1717, and died. She married, November 1, 1735, Gideon Franklin of Re-
hoboth, where they lived.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

214 i Daniel ^ Franklin, born June 25, 1736.

215 ii David FrankHn, born April 13, 1738.

216 iii Asa FrankUn, born January 28, 1739-40.

217 iv Molly Franklin, born October 3, 1741.

218 V Hannah Franklin, born July 29, 1743.

219 vi Gideon FrankHn, Jr., born April 25, 1745.

220 vii Oliver Franklin, born December 14, 1748.

68 Daniel '^ Chaffe, Jr. (Daniel, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., December 14, 1721, and died between March 4, and May 26, 1760. He
married Dorcas Ormsby, both at that time being of Attleboro. She married (2)
Noah Read of Attleboro, their intention of marriage being published there, No-
vember 7, 1761. Daniel Chaffe, Jr., was admitted to communion in the First Con-
gregational Church of Attleboro, February 28, 1741. He owned land in Attle-

"April ye 9-1757

" A Lest of Training Soldiers in ye first Company in Attleborough imder ye Com-
mand of Capt SamU Tyler . . . Daniel Chaffee Jn."



March 4, 1760. "Children of Daniel Chaffe and Dorcas his wife were Baptized
at his house, by reason of his being sick and unable to come with them to ye House
of God."

May 26, 1760, Dorcas, widow of Daniel Chaffe, Jr., was made administratrix
of his estate, and the same year was appointed guardian of her children, Abner,
Daniel, Samuel and Mary Chaffe. April 16, 1765, she bought in their behalf for
£31, 10s. from John Starkey, land in Attleboro.

Children, born in Attleboro:

221 i Abner ^ Chaffe, born September 19, 1749; died after 1780; January 25,

1771, "Abner Chaffe yeoman of New Stanford, N. Y.," sold for £50,
6s., to Noah Reed of Attleboro land there "formerly belonging to
my father Daniel Chaffe and to my grandfather Daniel Chaffe, form-
erly of Attleboro"; the Vermont Revolutionary Records show that
he was Corporal in "Capt. Gideon Brownson's Company for the
defence of the frontiers of the New Hampshire Grants June 29, 1776"
service twenty-seven days; he also served with the Massachusetts
troops :

" Chafee, Abner. Private, Capt. William Douglas's co., Col. Benja-
min Simonds's detachment of Berkshire Co. militia; enlisted Dec. 16,
1776; discharged March 22, 1777; service, 96 days; marched to
Ticonderoga." [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of
Revolution.'] August 13, 1780, "Abner Chafee formerly of Danby,
Vt.," bought of David Brydia for £200 land in Manchester, \t.;
"Abner Chaffe yeoman of Belcherto-mi," Mass., sold to Samuel
Atherton of Attleboro, all his interest in the estate of his cousin,
Joel Martin (225), for one hundred Spanish milled dollars; he was
still living in Belcherto-nm, June 8, 1782, when he sold fifty acres of
land in Manchester, probably that which he bought in 1780, for
£115; he was a farmer.

222 ii Daniel Chaffe (Chaffy), born January 10, 1750-1; died before November,

1773; his estate, amounting to £7, lOd., was administered by his
employer, Richard Tutt, and was settled November 7, 1774, the
heirs being his mother, Dorcas Read, his brothers, Abner and Samuel
and his sister Mary; he was a mariner and lived in Marblehead,

223 iii Samuel Chaffe, born February 4, 1753; died after 1786; February 10,

1774, he was of Attleboro, when with his mother and stepfather,
he sold to Ezra Carpenter, for £163, 8s. 6d., one hundred acres of
land there formerly owmed by his father and grandfather Chaffe;
July 16, 1776, he was living in Dorset, Albany County, N. Y., when
he sold for £4, 4s., all his interest in "my grandmother Percy Chaffe's
dower from the estate of her husband Daniel Chaffe of Attleborough";
in 1776 "Samuel Chaffey of Charlotte County, N. Y.," sold one
hundred and four and a half acres of land in Dorset, Vt., for £133,
6s. 8d.; August 8, 1780, he was living in New Marlborough, Mass.,
when he sold one-sixth of twenty-eight acres in Attleboro for SlOO;
he was still li\'ing there, March 14, 1786, when he sold for £140,
one-half the iron works, wath land and buildings situated near

224 iv Mary Chaffe, born August 20, 1758; may have married in Attleboro,

October 26, 1780, Solomon Willis; unmarried and living in Attleboro,
August 16, 1780, when she sold for £15, her interest in the estate
of her grandfather, Daniel Chaffe.

69 Esther "* ChafEe (Daniel,^ Nathaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Attleboro,
Mass., March 10, 172-, and died before March 21, 1763. She married, April 27,


1757, Amos Martin of Attleboro, where she also lived. She was admitted into
communion in the First Congregational Church of Attleboro, December 17,

225 i Joel ^ Martin, born before March 21, 1763; died before November 20, 1780;

unmarried; his grandfather, Daniel Chaffe (12), in his will dated March
21, 1763, leaves to his grandson Joel, son of his daughter Esther (who
must at that time have been dead), his mother's share; this property
he received April 3, 1769, when the estate was settled; November 20,
1780, his cousin, Abner Chaffe (221), sold for one hundred Spanish
milled dollars, "all my interest in estate of Joel Martin of Attleborough
set off to him from the estate of my grandfather Daniel Chaffe of
Attleborough," indicating that Joel was dead.

72 Sarah * Chafie (Noah,^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth, Mass.,
August 20, 1722, and died there August 7, 1768. She married in Rehoboth, De-
cember 25, 1740, William Blanden of that place, where they Hved.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

226 i Lois ^ Blanden, born February 1, 1741-2; married Amos Love.

227 ii Ebenezer Blanden, born August 2, 1744; died young.

228 iii Lucee Blanden, born March 8, 1745-6; married Jonathan Wilson.

229 iv Shubael Blanden, born September 17, 1750; married Roxalina Sheldon.

230 v Ebenezer Blanden, born February 26, 1754; married Nancy Wheeler.

231 vi Christopher Blanden, born October 1, 1756; married Martha Martin.

74 Shubael "^ ChafEe (Noah,3 Nathaniel^ Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., March 23, 1729-30, and died February 8, 1802. He married in Rehoboth,
December 13, 1753, Elizabeth Crawford, who died May 14, 1815.

Shubael Chaffe was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Rehoboth,
J^Iay 3, 1730. His father died when he was three years old, and his uncle Jon-
athan Chaffe (8) was appointed his guardian. December 5, 1747, having reached
an age when he was allowed to choose his own guardian, he made choice of his
cousin, Ephraim Chaffe (44) from whom he bought for £26, 13s. 4d, April 4,
1751, twenty acres of land in Rehoboth. At this time Shubael Chaffe was a laborer
in Rehoboth, and later a farmer and innholder there. November 10, 1752, he
bought for £60, of his brother, Christopher, who had moved to Woodstock, Conn.,
his share of their father's estate, being one-fourth part. March 12, 1754, Shubael
and wife Elizabeth sold for £38 to Ebenezer Fuller eleven and three-fourths acres
in Rehoboth, being land which his father, Noah, had bought of Hannah Turner.
November 20, 1754, Shubael Chaffe, innholder, and his wife sold to Solomon Brad-
ford, six acres of land in Rehoboth for £55. Ten days later, November 30th,
Shubael sold to Noah Newman a triangular piece of land containing one and one-
half acres for £1, 10s. March 11, 1755, he again sold to Solomon Bradford, this
time four or five acres of land, being a "Lott laid out upon ye right of my father
Noah Chaffe," for £125. March 31, 1766, he was chosen Fence Viewer in Reho-
both. He served in the Revolution both with the IMassachusetts and Rhode Island

"Chaffe, Shubael, Rehoboth. Capt. John Perry's co.. Col. Timothy Walker's
(22d) regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; service, 3 mos. 1 week, 1 day; also,
company return dated Oct. 6, 1775; also order for bounty coat or its equivalent
in money dated Camp at Roxbury, Oct. 26, 1775. '"' [Massachusetts Soldiers and
Sailors in the War of the Revolution.]


Shubael Chaffe also enlisted in OIney's Rhode Island Battallion for the war
in Providence, R. I., February 1, 1777, and served until June 15, 1783. He is
described as a laborer, born and of Rehoboth, age fifty-three, gray hair, light com-
plexion, size, five feet, three inches. He was appointed Corporal soon after his en-
listment, February 24, 1877. His name is found on the muster rolls of the 2d
Rhode Island Regiment, Israel Angell, Colonel, for November, 1778, January,
February and April, 1779, August, September, October, November and December,
1780; his name is also on a broadside, dated Champlain, N. Y., 1779-80. His
name is also on the account of clothing supplied for 1780, 1781 and 1782. He was
on extra service in 1780 and 1781 ; Orderly for Field Officers, September 8-22,
1780, Orderly Major for Colonel Angell, September 29, Waiter to Field Officers,
October 6 and 13, taking care of horses in the country, November 3, and 17,
December 4-21, January 25 and February 2, 1781. He signed a receipt for pay to
Daniel S. Dexter, Paymaster of the Rhode Island Regiment, in Rhode Island
Village, June 11, 1781. In September, his regiment was stationed in Verplank's
Point, N. Y. Lieutenant Commander Olney granted him a furlough from Sara-
toga, N. Y., from December 22, 1782, to February 20, 1783. February 1, 1783,
he is reported as entitled to two badges. June 15, 1783, he was granted another
furlough. July 11, 1783, he received a note for the pay due him from January 1,
1782, with six per cent interest. April 20, 1784, he received of J. S. Dexter in
final settlement of his account with the United States, three certificates for $212,
being balance due him for arrears of pay, etc. His service was in the 5th, 6th and
8th Companies of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment. [Rhode Island Archives, State
House, Providence, R. /.]

Children, born in Rehoboth:

232 i Miriam Chaffe, born October 26, 1755; died; probably married a BurRe

and had a son Frederick; during the Revolution she was a hospital
nurse, and received pay from November 1, 1778, for seventy-three
days. [Ihid.'\

233 ii Noah Chaffe, born August 22, 1757; died about June 23, 1780; enlisted

in Rhode Island in the same company and regiment with his father
and was also appointed Corporal, February 24, 1777, for the war;
called "Noah Chafey of Providence;" his name is on the muster
rolls for November, 1778, and January, 1779; mustered, Warren,
February 7, 1779; on furlough in Providence, March, 1779; on muster
roll for April, 1779; his name is also on a broadside for 1779-80, Dated
Champlain, N. Y.; his name appears as having received clothing in
1780; "Serg't Noah Chaffee" was reported killed, June 23, 1780;
certificate for £64 due the heirs of Noah Chaffee, accepted by the
General Assembly, in January, 1781. [Rhode Island Archives, State
House, Providence, R. I.]

234 iii Hannah Chaffe, born October 9, 1759; died April 27, 1841; married in

Rehoboth, July 27, 1781, Allen, son of Samuel and Ruth Viall of
that place; he was born there, December 23, 1756; drowned Sep-
tember 23, 1815.

235 iv Billie Chaffe, born September 21, 1765; died.

236 V Bette Chaffe, born March 10, 1769; died.

237 vi John Chaffe, born March 19, 1774; died.

76 Joseph ^ ChafEe (John,3 Joseph, 2 Thomas was born in Swansea, Mass.,
January 17, 1701-2, and died March 15, 1760. He married Hannah, daughter of
Ephraim May of Rehoboth, Mass. She was born in Swansea, October 1, 1704,


and was baptized there, February 12, 1706-7. After Joseph Chaffe's death, she
married (2) Ensign Joseph Sexton.

Joseph Chaffe was Constable and Town Sealer of weights and measures in Bar-
rington in 1729.

January 21, 1729-30, "Joseph Chaffe Junr. of Barrington, boatman," bought
of Benjamin Marcy of Woodstock, husbandman, a "Mansion house" and seventy-
five acres of land in Woodstock, bounded by the land of Isaiah Tiffany and John
Chaffe, for £300.

February 23, 1729-30, "Joseph Chaffee Junr. of Barrington in the County of
Bristol in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay In New England Boatman, for
and in consideration of the sum of two hundred pounds to me paid by my Hon-
oured Father, John Chaffee of Woodstock, in the County of Suffolk and Province
aforesaid, yeoman, being part of my Portion or Patrimony of my said Father's
Estate do by these presents Remit, Release and forever Quit Claim . . .
unto my Father John Chaffee ... all my right title interest Claim & Demand
unto all of Housing & Lands of my said Father being & lying in Woodstock Afore-
said, belonging ... to me as a son or heir." This document was witnessed
by his uncle Joseph Chaffe (18) and Samuel Luther. [Woodstock Land Records.]
In those days a man was called "Junior" if there was another man in his family

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