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The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 11 of 91)
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of the same Christian name, whether he was his father or not. Between the date
of the above release and July 5, 1730, Joseph and his family removed to Woodstock,
Mass. (now Conn.), as on the latter date his wife was admitted to the First Con-
gregational Church of Woodstock by a letter of dismission and recommendation
from the Church of Christ in Barrington. He settled in what is now West Wood-
stock, and which was set off from Woodstock as the Second Precinct of Woodstock,
or New Roxbury.

September 29, 1730, "Joseph Chaffe of Woodstock in the County of Suffolk,
in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, Husbandman, & Hannah
Chaffee wife of said Joseph" sold to "Samuel Millard of Swansey in the County of
Bristol, in said Province, shipwright" for £110 "a certain Lott or Tract of Land
acituate lying and being in the Township of Rehoboth and in that part thereof
called by the name of the Four Thousand Acre Division and was originally granted
to be laid out to mr: Ephraim May late of Rehoboth aforesd Deceased vizt In
February 1712-13 lying adjoyning to Israel Peck's Land at the great meadow Hill
the first Corner is the southeast Corner of said Peck's Land being a Stake and
heap of Stones thence South by a way of four perch wide between this Lott &
the Bounds of the Town Eighty Rods to a Black Oak for a Corner thence west to
the said Peck's Land then bounding with said Peck's Land till it Come to the first
corner; the south west corner is a Beach Tree in said Peck's Line and way laid out
November 9th 1713 as may fully appear by the Records of the proprietors of
Rehoboth, Reference thereto being had." This was signed by Joseph Chaffe and
Hannah Chaffe and witnessed by Samuel and Sarah Pain.

[Bristol County Registry of Deeds.]

On the same date Joseph Chaffe bought of Isaiah Tiffany seventy acres of land
in Woodstock for £171. January 3, 1742-3, "Joseph Chaffe, yeoman," bought
of John Bartholomew, weaver, of Woodstock, forty-two acres of land in the south
half of that place for £85. May 12, 1747, he bought of James Bowdoin, Esq., of
Boston, one hundred and twenty acres of land in Woodstock for £592. He was a
voter in Woodstock, September 12, 1749, when he was made a Freeman. Decem-
ber 5, 1751, he bought one hundred and ninety-one acres of land in Wales, a dis-


trict of Springfield, Mass., for £600, "old Tenor bills, "of Peter, Moses and Aaron
Tufts, Francis Pierce and wife Deborah, John Boon and wife, Elizabeth, all of
Ashford, Conn., Jonathan Whitcomb, blacksmith, and wife, Sarah, of Littleton,
Mass., Uriah Gleason and wife, Abigail of Oxford, Mass.

January 1, 1753, he bought of Thomas Allen, for £220, forty acres of land in
the south half of Woodstock. May 17th of the same year, he gave a mortgage
on one hundred and sixty acres of land in Woodstock, to James Bowdoin of Bos-
ton, for "two hundred & ninety Spanish mill dollars" the mortgage to run for a
year with interest at six per cent, a forfeiture of five hundred and eighty Spanish
mill dollars being the penalty of failure to meet the obligation. This was signed
by Joseph and Hannah Chaffe. September 3, 1754, Joseph Chaffe sold to Elijah
Hurlburt of Woodstock, for £3,200, a dweUing house, barn, stable and one hun-
dred and sixty acres of land in Woodstock. September 20, 1754, " Joseph Chaffee
of New Roxbury in Woodstock," bought of Ebenezer Jones of Wales, for £110,
14s., one hundred and fifty acres of land adjoining what he had already bought
in 1751, lying partly in Wales and partly in the adjoining town, Somers, Conn.
June 4, 1755, Joseph and wife, Hannah of Woodstock, sold to Abraham Skinner
of Maiden, Mass., for £300, one hundred and ten acres of land with a house, barn,
corn-barn and one-half a saw-mill, all in Woodstock. The next mention of Joseph
shows him to have moved to Wales, between June 4, 1755, and January 30, 1756,
as on the latter date he sold to Stephen Williams of Springfield, land in Wales, for
£4, 10s. February 9th following, buying of him one hundred and fifty-four acres
and forty-four rods of land in the same place, for £13. The land where he settled
reached from the top of Ball Mountain to Monson Line. March 30, 1757, he and
his wife sold to James Bowdoin, for £67, one hundred and thirteen acres of the
tract bought in 1754, partly in Wales, and partly in Somers. December 2, 1757,
John Chaffe (16) died and Joseph, the eldest son, was executor of his will, and was
his residuary legatee. May 8, 1758, he sold to his son, Joseph, Jr., for £55, fifty-
six acres of land in Wales. February 5, 1760, he gave two rods of land "for the
use and benefit of a public highway." February 25th following, he sold to his
second son, Benjamin, seventy-five acres of land in Wales for £45, and to his
son, Asa, land there for £35, 8s. The same day he sold to his son, Isaiah, "the use
and advantage" of a certain stream of water. One month after these transac-
tions he died, and power of administration was granted to the widow, Hannah
and son, Joseph, April 1, 1760. April 10th following, Stephen Stebbins, Wilham
King and John Bhss were appointed by the Judge of Probate to appraise the es-
tate, and they met June 4th at the house of "the widow Mrs. Hannah Chaffey"
and appraised the estate "as it was shewed them by Mrs. Hannah and Mr. Joseph
Chaffee." In this inventory, the home lot was valued at £225, the total value
of the estate being £423, 2s. 9d. INIention is made of horses, oxen, cows, thirteen
goats (valued at 34s.) pigs, farming utensils, household furniture, clothing. Bibles
and various religious books, pamphlets, etc. The debts, including bills to Doc-
tors Terry and Morse for services during Joseph Chaffe's last illness, amotmted to
£246, 14s. August 18th, the widow and Joseph, as administrators, sold to John
Firman, cordwainer of Springfield, for £116, one hundred acres of land partly in
Wales, and partly in Somers, with a dwelling house and barn thereon, including
eight rods "near the old goat pasture," the land adjoining that of Ephraim Chaffe
(241). On this date, they also sold thirty-two and one-half acres of land in Wales


to Isaiah Chaffe (247) of that place, he being the highest bidder and paying £9,

Joseph Chaffe died of smallpox, and one of the items in the account of the ad-
ministrators against the estate is 5s. "for brimstone & rum to cleanse the infec-
tion out of the house." He lies buried in the cemetery in Hampden, Mass. (for-
merly South Wilbraham), where the inscription on his tombstone reads:

"In memory of


Joseph Chaffe

who died of

the Small Pox

March 15, 1760

in the 59th
year of his age."

That of his wife is also in the same cemetery and is inscribed :

"In Memory of

Mrs. Hannah

formerly wife of

Mr. Joseph Chaffee

late wife of

Ens Joseph Sexton

who died

May 26, 1787

in the 80th year of her age.

Aged and young alike must lie

In this cold bed of clay."

Children, the eldest born in Barrington, the rest in Woodstock:
-1-238 i Sarah ^ Chaffe, born January 18, 1729; married (1) Isaac Morris; (2)

Honorable John Bliss.
-1-239 ii Joseph Chaffe, Jr., born January 9, 1730-31 ; married Esther Chaffe.
-f 240 iii Benjamin Chaffe, born July 10, 1732; married Hannah Skinner.
-f241 iv Ephraim Chaffe, born about 1733; married Anna (or Anne) Torrey.
+ 242 V Asa Chaffe, born June 5, 1734; married (1) Mary Howlett; (2) Sarah
243 vi Jonathan Chaffe, born March 16, 1735-6; died.
+ 244 vii Comfort Chaffe, born March 20, 1737-8; married (1) Mary BHss; (2)
Mrs. Hepzibah (Green) Chaffee.

245 viii Hannah Chaffe, born June 17, 1742; died; baptized in the First Con-

gregational Church, Woodstock, June 27, 1742.

246 ix Darius Chaffe, born March 22, 1743-4; died after 1775; baptized in

the First Congregational Church, Woodstock, May 13, 1744;
removed to Wilbraham; on a pay roll dated December 5, 1775,
of Captain Warriner's company of Wilbraham, Mass., "who
marched in defense of Ammerican Liberty on ye Alarm last
April occassioned by th Lexington Fight with ye number of
officers & soldiers," appears the name of Darius Chaffe, private,
service ten days, distance travelled one hundred and eighty miles
from and to home, payment £1, 9s. 2d.
+ 247 X Isaiah Chaffe, married Betty Manning.
248 xi Joel Chaffe, born November 19, 1745; died; baptized in the First
Congregational Church, Woodstock, February 11, 1746.

77 Joel ^ ChafEe (John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born probably in Swansea,
Mass., in 1702, and died in Woodstock, Conn., June 20, 1745. He married EHza-
beth, daughter of Thomas Bicknell of ]\Iiddleboro, Mass. She died before Feb-
ruary 2, 1757, when her estate was divided.


April 24, 1725, "Joel Chaffe, cordwainer [shoemaker] of Barrington, Mass.,"
bought of Joseph Bosworth of Rehoboth, Mass., thirteen acres of land there for
£109. Barrington was set off from the western part of Swansea in 1717, and
Joel's father and family lived in that part. April 15, 1729, Joel Chaffe of Rehoboth,
bought of Joseph Allen of Barrington, four and three-fourths acres of land in Re-
hoboth for £40. April 3, 1730, Joel and his wife, EUzabeth of Rehoboth, gave a
quitclaim deed to Benjamin White of Middleboro, on a piece of land there which
had formerly belonged to Elizabeth's father, Thomas Bicknell. January 9, 1730-1,
Joel bought of James and Constant Viall of Barrington, twenty-eight acres of land
in Rehoboth for £95. December 28, 1732, he and his wife sold to Stephen Fry
of Woodstock for £500, eighteen acres and one rood of land in Rehoboth, the same
day buying of him twenty-two acres and two roods of land with a house, a barn
and a shop situated thereon, in Woodstock, for £550. Both men were shoemakers.
January 1, 1732-3, he sold to Nathaniel Peck for £100, twenty-eight acres of land
in Rehoboth, probably the property bought two years before of the Vialls. At
this time he was still of Rehoboth, but during the year 1733, he moved to Wood-
stock, whither his father had preceded him. Soon after his arrival there, in 1733,
he bought of Jeremiah Robinson of Rehoboth, one hundred acres of land in Ash-
ford, Conn., for £60, selling it March 12, 1733-4, to his uncle, Joseph Chaffe (18),
for £85. In 1734, he bought two more tracts of land in Ashford, one of one hun-
dred and fifty acres of Nathaniel Peck, for £135, and one of forty acres of John
Bugbee of Ashford, for £40. September 8, 1735, he bought of Eliphalet Carpenter,
and Eliphalet Carpenter, Jr., of Woodstock, several pieces of land in the south
half of that towTi, amounting to one hundred and fifty-five acres, and containing a
mansion house. The price of this was £600. To this he added, March 18th fol-
lowing, more land bought of Nathaniel Davenport, for £41, "good bills of credit."
April 3, 1738, he sold to Benjamin Bugbee of Woodstock, twenty-five acres in the
south half of the town for £50.

May 26, 1742, Joel Chaffe and others petitioned the General Court in Boston
(Woodstock at this time being part of the INIassachusetts Bay Colony) to be made
a separate to\\-n -R-ith religious privileges, the petitioners living very distant from
the First Congregational Church in Woodstock, and that church being so small
that it could not accommodate all those in the parish. [See 18.] Joel Chaffe hved
four and a quarter miles from this church. December 11, 1742, Joel sold to Sam-
uel Barnes of Barrington, for £75, seven acres and twenty rods of land in Wood-
stock. February 9, 1744-5, he sold to his father, for £287, fifty acres of land in
the south half of Woodstock, with a dweUing house on it. February 16, 1744-5,
he sold to Thomas Allen for £366, another piece of land there. This was his last
land transaction, as he died the follo-ndng summer. His brother Joseph, being
appointed October 21, 1745, as administrator of his estate, sold the entire real
estate, consisting of seventy-five acres of land, to their brother, John (SO), April 1,
1747. The children received their father's share in their grandfather's estate,
August 29, 1754. The estate of their mother was di\'ided among the children in
Woodstock, February 2, 1757. Joel Chaffe is thought to have been buried in

Children, first two born in Rehoboth, the last five in Woodstock:

249 i EUzabeth 5 Chaffe, born January 2, 1729-30; died before August 29,
1754; married in Thompson, Conn., March 28, 174S-9, John Lee,


their intention of marriage being published in Woodstock, March
11, 1748-9.
+ 250 ii Joshua Chaffe, born May 26, 1731; married Mary St. John.
251 iii Joel Ch»ffe, Jr., born probably about 1732 or before May 6, 1733; died
in Wilbraham, Mass., August 25, 1802, in his seventieth year;
he married in Springfield, Mass., December 3, 1755, Hepzibah
Green, born in Wales, Springfield Township, died December 19,
1828, aged ninety-three; she married (2) Comfort Chaffe [see
244]. Joel Chaffe, Jr., was baptized in the First Congregational
Church of Woodstock, May 6, 1733; he was a blacksmith, farmer
and miller, in 1801 owning a fulling mill; as early as 1764 he owned
property in Wilbraham; March 8, 1768, "Joel Chaffee blacksmith
of Wilbraham" sold to his cousin. Doctor Hezekiah Chaffe (79),
of Windsor, Conn., for £30, ninety acres of land \\ith the dwelling
house, barn and shop thereon, June 2d following leasing this
same property from Doctor Chaffe at a yearly rental of twenty
shillings, the lease being for the term of Joel's life and after his
death to be continued while his wife Hepzibah remained his
widow; IMarch 11, 1769, Joel Chaffe was chosen Constable of the
towTi of Wilbraham; May 30, 1770, he owned with his wife and
others, pew number three in the Congregational Church there,
but July 3d of the same year, he and his wife, with five others,
occupied pew number fourteen there, May 11, 1772, he was chosen
Juror in Wilbraham, and that year bought of Philip Lyon of that
place property there for £22; his was one of the one hundred and
twenty-five signatures to an agreement made in South Wilbraham
in 1774, not to buy English-made goods; in 1776 he was chosen
Fence Viewer in Wilbraham, and in December of that year, was
one of those elected to the office of " deerreaves" ; October 18,
1779, he received $7 as bounty and mileage money for soldiers;
March 22, 1786, he was chosen Surveyor; in the fall of that year,
during Shays's Rebellion, he served as a Private in Lieutenant
Lewis Langdon's Company, Colonel Gideon Burt's Regiment of
Militia, Fourth Division, who marched to Springfield in support
of the Government, service from September 22 to 28, 1786; he
bought land in Wilbraham from 1785 to 1799; his will, dated
October 5, 1802, gave all his property to his wife, as they had no
children; February 8, 1805, she sold land to Comfort Chaffe
(244), and I^Iay 10, 1808, another piece of land to Doctor Hezekiah
ChafTe; both Joel and Hepzibah are buried in the old burjing-
ground, Hampden (formerly South Wilbraham), his tombstone
bearmg the following inscription :
"Go home my friends,

Dry up your tears,

I must lie here

Till Christ appears.'

252 iv Abigail Chaffe, born January 16, 1734-5; died June 23, 1737; baptized

in the First Congregational Church, Woodstock, in January, 1734-5.

253 v Abigail Chaffe, born July 2, 1737; died; married in Woodstock, May 29,

1767, Nathaniel Goodell; she was baptized in the First Congrega-
tional Church, Woodstock, August 7, 1737.

254 vi Daniel Chaffe, born August 4, 1739; died December 23, 1740; baptized

in the First Congregational Church, Woodstock, September 30,

255 vii Lucy Chaffe, born May 8, 1742; died; married in Woodstock, January

1, 1761, John Call; she was baptized in the First Congregational
Church, Woodstock, June 20, 1742.

256 viii Ruth Chaffe, born March 20, 1743-4; died November 17, 1796; baptized

in the First Congregational Church, Woodstock, ]\Iay 13, 1744;


July 3, 1770, with five others, she occupied pew number thirty in
the gallery, women's side; buried in the old burying-ground, South
Wilbraham (now Hampden) ; unmarried.

78 Ebenezer '* ChafEe (John,^ Joseph,2 Thomasi) was born in Swansea, Mass.,
September 22, 1704, and died in Woodstock, Conn., April 11, 1784. He married
(1), there, April 22, 1730, Mary, daughter of John and Abigail Scarborough. She
was born July 25, 1708, and died in Woodstock, January 21, 1746-7. Ebenezer
Chaffe married (2), February 2, 1747-8, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Margaret
Bacon, their intention of marriage being published January 9, 1747-8. She was
born November 24, 1696, and died December 29, 1753. He married (3), about
1755, Mrs. Sarah (Adams) Durand, who died in Woodstock, August 5, 1782, in
her sixty-third year. She was admitted to membership in the First Congregational
Church there, April 16, 1780.

Ebenezer Chaffe was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Woodstock,
October 3, 1731, and owmed the covenant, October 10th folio-wing. He was still a
commimicant in that church July 3, 1737-8. December 21, 1733, "Ebenezer
Chafee husbandman of Woodstock" bought land there for £96 of Nathaniel and
Smith Johnson. May 19, 1755, he sold to Thomas Chapman, probably his son-in-
law, for £200, ten acres there. April 3, 1760, he bought of Benjamin Skinner of
Springfield, land in that to-miship for £15. November 17, 1764, he sold to his son
Ezra for £60, twenty-five acres of land in the south half of Woodstock. February
11, 1765, "Ebenezer Chaffee yeoman" sold to his brother, "John Chaffee of Wil-
braham" (which town had just been set off from Springfield as a separate town),
thirty-eight and three-fourths acres of land there, the price being £6, 16s.

Children, by first ■vsafe, born in Woodstock:

257 i Samuel ^ Chaffe, born July 1, 1731 ; died September 5, 1758; inventory
of his estate filed in Woodstock, May 1, 1759; baptized in the
First Congregational Church, Woodstock, October 3, 1731.
-t-258 ii Mary Chaffe, born August 27, 1733; married Thomas Chapman.
-1-259 iii Rebecca Chaffe, born July 28, 1735; married John Howlett.
+ 260 iv Tabitha Chaffe, born July 14, 1739; married Ephraim Carpenter.
+ 261 V Ezra Chaffe, born April 9, 1742; married Jerusha Hurlburt.
+ 262 vi Ebenezer Chaffe, Jr., born September 27, 1744; married Alice Fassett.
263 vii Olive Chaffe, born December 9, 1746; died January 22, 1746-7.

Children, by third T\afe, born in Woodstock:

+ 264 viii Olive Chaffe, born March 24, 1756; married (1) Nathaniel Sanger;

(2) Adams.

+ 265 ix Samuel Chaffe, born June 9, 1760; married Azubah Sanger.

+ 266 X Elizabeth Chaffe, born January 3, 1763, married Jonathan Paul.

79 Hezekiah ■* ChafEe (John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas^) was born in Swansea, Mass.,
April 19, 1706, and died October 18, 1731. He married Mary, daughter of John
Toogood of Swansea. He was a physician. April 7, 1730, he sold to Deacon
Nathaniel Peck of Barrington, Mass., where he also lived, a road or way eight rods
wide in that town, for £47.

April 11, 1730, "Nathaniel Peck of Rehoboth, County of Bristol, Province of
Massachusetts Bay in New England, Boatman," and his wife "Allice " who released
her dowry and power of thirds, sold to " Hezekiah Chaffe of Barrington, County
aforesaid, Physician ... for £300 ... A tract or messuage of Land
Containing by estimation Twenty-five acres be it more or less situate, lying and
Being in Rehoboth butted & Bounded as followeth viz — Begin-ing at the North


east corner by a Rock, from thence Running by the Land of Nath'l Pain; thence
up to a stake by a highway from thence bounded by the highway till it comes to
a black oak tree; thence by the land of Nath'l Pain down to the River being all
the land belonging to the s'd peck in that place. . . .
"Signed, Sealed & Delivered
" in presence of

"Joseph Allin Nathaniel Peck [seal]

"Nathaniel Paine her

"Joel Chaffe Alce v Peck" [seal]

The next mention of him is the appointment of his widow Mary, as administra-
trix of his estate, November 16, 1731.

"November 18, 1731. A true copy of the estate of Hezekiah Chaffe, lately

" The Real Estate £320

"The Personal Estate £185 14 10

" Mary Chaffe, the widow Signed by Samuel Hills.

Joseph Allen.
Joseph Chaffe."

On March 21, 1731-2, an inventory was taken of the estate of Hezekiah Chaffe
consisting of drugs, medicine, bottles and "Chirurgeon Tools" amounting to
£320, 14s. lOd. This was signed by the " appriseiers " Samuel Hills, Joseph Allen
and Joseph Chaffe.

"September 12, 1732. Charges against above Estate
Im Primis
To Timothy Barden for a coffin

" Digging the grave

" Drugs.

" Gloves.

" John Toogood for Grave Stones

it a u

ii ti it

" Nathaniel Paine
" Benjamin Chaffe
" Ann Chaffe
" Joseph Chaffe

November 16, 1732, bonds were given by Mary Chaffe, Samuel Hills, cooper,
and Joel Chaffe, cordwainer (77), all of Rehoboth, and the administration of the
estate was closed. January 22, 1732-3, Mary Chaffe sold to John Toogood, boat-
man of Barrington, twenty-five acres of land in Rehoboth, with a dwelling house
and barn on it for £265, buying back this property June 11th following for the
same sum. October 18, 1734, she, with others, sold to John Toogood, for £80, a
quitclaim deed of all interest on the estate of her father, John Toogood, in Swansea.

In the ancient Chaffe burying-ground near Barrington, R. I (formerly within
the limits of Barrington, ]\Iass., and before that of Swansea), on the Asa Peck farm,
formerly the property of Thomas Chaffe the emigrant, then of Joseph, his son,
and then of Joseph, his grandson (by whom it was sold to strangers), is found an
old tombstone bearing the following inscription :

"Here Lieth the body of Hezekiah Chaffe, died Octo.t ye 18th 1731 in ye 26th
of his age."

Children :

267 i Mary ^ Chaffe, born in Rehoboth, July 29, 1728; probably died young.

268 ii John Chaffe, born in Swansea; died after 1754; Nathaniel Peck ap-
























pointed guardian to him and his brother Hezekiah, Jr., June 7,
1748. Received land in Woodstock from his grandfather in
+ 269 iii Hezekiah Chaffe, Jr., born December 6, 1731; married Mrs. Lydia
(Griswold) Phelps.

80 John ■* Chaffe, Jr. (John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Swansea, Mass.,
February 10, 1706-7, and died January 2, 1796. He married in Woodstock, Mass.
(now Conn.), December 17, 1730, Mehitable Mascraft, who died in South Wilbra-
ham, June (January) 29, 1803, aged ninety-six years and twenty-six days. Their
intention of marriage was entered in Woodstock, April 24, 1730.

John Chaffe probably moved with his parents from Swansea to Woodstock,
about 1729 or 1730, and was living there at the time of his marriage. He was
baptized and owned the covenant in the First Congregational Church there, July
29, 1733, the same day his wdfe being admitted to full communion with the same
church. His name is found on the membership list February 24, 1740, and in
March, 1753. July 15, 1745, he bought of John Bartholomew for £25, twenty
acres and twenty perches of land in the south half of Woodstock. April 1, 1747,
Joseph Chaffe (76), administrator of the estate of Joel Chaffe (77), sold to John
Chaffe all the real estate of the said Joel, being seventy-five acres; January 14th
following John Chaffe sold to Samuel IMascraft for £250, 75 acres of land there,
probably that formerly belonging to Joel. John was a voter in Woodstock, when
made a Freeman, September 12, 1749. September 25, 1752, " John Chaffe, husband-
man," sold to James FrankUn of Attleboro, Mass., sixty acres of land in Wood-
stock for £450. August 29, 1754, he received from his father fifty acres of land
valued at £70. December 24, 1754, he bought back from James Franklin the land
he sold him in 1752, paying an advance price of £40. The land received from his
father in 1754, "John Chaffe, yeoman" he sold April, 6, 1764, to Benjamin Skinner
of Wilbraham for £255, the same day buying of Skinner three tracts of land in
Wilbraham, one of thirteen acres with buildings thereon for £296, one of thirty-
five acres for £30, and one of sixtj'-one acres for £18. June 30, 1765, he and his
wife were dismissed from the church in Woodstock to the Second Congregational
Church in Stafford, Conn. In 1768 they were members of the South Wilbraham
Congregational Church. October 20th of that year, "John Chaffe and Mehitable

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