William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 15 of 91)
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172 David ^ Chaffe, Jr. (David,* Da\'id,3 Nathaniel, ^ Thomas i) was born in
Attleboro, Mass., October 28, 1733, and died in Ashford, Conn., October 3, 1814.
He married there, November 6, 1761, Priscilla, daughter of David Robbins of that
place. She was born June 4, 1741, and died in Ashford, May 14, 1814.

David Chaffe, Jr., was baptized in the First Congregational Church in Rehoboth,


December 9, 1733. He was a farmer and carpenter, and was six feet in height.

The Revolutionary War records of Connecticut under the date May, 1777, show


"This Assembly do establish David Chaffee Jan. to be Ensign of the 11th Com-
pany or trainband in the 5th regiment in this State."

April 13, 1778, David ChafTe was admitted to the new freeman's oath in Ash-
ford. June 19, 1793, he and his son Abner bought for £200 of David Robbins
of Ashford, fifty-eight and one-half acres of land with a gristmill thereon.

He vmited with the Congregational Church in Ashford, October 25, 1801. Pris-
cilla (Robbins) ChafTe was a member of this church also. Both lie buried in the
Swamp Burial Ground, Ashford, where their tombstones are inscribed as follows:

" David Chaffe,
Died Oct 8th 1814 Aged 81
Behold the saint the pious man
He lies in peace no others can
His days on earth with peace was blest
His work is done he's gone to rest."

"Mrs. Priscilla vnie of David Chaffe

Died May 18th 1814 Aged 78

Cheerfully bid this world adieu

For future joys I had in view. "

Children, born in Ashford:

+ 493 i Abner « ChafTe, born August 3, 1762; married Judith Walker,
-i-494 ii Lois Chaffe, born January 16, 1765; married Stephen Wilcox,

+ 495 iii Esther Chaffe, born November 5, 1767; married Oliver Cummings.

+ 496 iv Da\ad ChafTe, Jr., born July 25, 1772; married Eunice Chapman.
+ 497 V Amos ChafTe, born June 2, 1774; married Eunice Cummings.

498 vi Daniel ChafTe, born November 10, 1776; died November 15, 1776.

+ 499 vii Daniel ChafTe, born October 10, 1779; married Huldah Hall.

500 viii Sarah Chaffe, born May 19, 1783; died in Granby; married George


501 ix Ebenezer ChafTe, born October 2, 1784; died in Ashford, August 18,


176 Patience ^ Chaffs (David,* David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas was bom in
Attleboro, Mass., January 16, 1742-3, and died in 1816. She married in Ashford,
Conn., in 1762, Joseph Amidon, a farmer of that place, born in Oxford, or Reho-
both, Mass., April 20, 1725, died in South Onondaga, N. Y., November 27, 1810.
He had a fair complexion, and blue eyes.

Patience Chaffe was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Rehoboth,
February 27, 1742, and was buried in Navarino, Onondaga County, N. Y.

Children, born in Ashford:

502 i Eunice* Amidon, bom September 13, 1763; died August 9, 1834;


503 ii Chloe Amidon, bom April 10, 1764; died June 22, 1842; married David


504 iii Abel Amidon, born March 14, 1767; died December 20, 1813.

505 iv Rhoda Amidon, born April 27, 1769; died June 22, 1845; married

Elisha Russel.

506 v Abner Amidon, born February 9, 1772; died October 24, 1804.

507 vi Ashael Amidon, bom January 17, 1774; died March 25, 1844; married

Sally Tanner.


508 vii Hannah Amidon, born October 5, 1778; died April 14, 1S51; married

Amasa Chapman.

509 viii Caleb Amidon, born July 12, 1781; died April 16, 1810; married Anna

+ 510 ix Cheney Amidon, born September 3, 1783; married Mary Reynolds.
511 X Meletiah Amidon, born March 22, 1789; died in April, 1830; married
Joseph Wing.

200 Squire ^ Chaffee (Atherton,* David,^ Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born in
Ashford, Conn., July 18, 1747, and died in Venango County, Pa. He married.
The Vermont Revolutionary Records show that he served in Captain Seely's com-
pany. Colonel Benjamin Wait's battalion, from July 1 to November 18, 1781.
He also served in Captain Benjamin Whitney's company, Colonel Bradley's regi-
ment raised to assist the High Sheriff, September 20, 1782. In 1797, Squire Chaffee
lived in Westminster, Vt., and is said to have moved to Vincennes, Ind. He after-
wards settled in Chautauqua County, N. Y., and later in Venango County.

Children :

512 i Olive 8 Chaffee, died in Venango County; married Teed; moved

from Indiana to Chautauqua County, thence to Venango County.

513 ii A daughter, died in Venango County; married Teed, brother of

her sister's husband; moved from Indiana to Chautauqua County,
thence to Venango County.

202 Atherton '" Chaffe, Jr. (Atherton,'» David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas 0, was bom
in Ashford, Conn., March 15, 1752, and died in Westminster, Vt., May 8, 1812.
He married Phoebe Brockway, who died in 1833, and was buried in Kirby, Vt.

The Vermont Revolutionary Records show that Atherton Chaffe served thirty
days in Captain John Petty's company. Colonel William Williams' regiment, en-
listing August 29, 1777. He was also a member of Captain Wright's company of
"Pure Whigs." Atherton Chaffe was a farmer and his will, probated in Bellows
Falls, Vt., July 1, 1812, names as his heirs, his wnfe Phcebe and the children,
William, Atherton, Jr., Lynds, Rufus and Phoebe. He was buried in Westminster,
where his gravestone was still standing in 1891.

Children, all but the third born in Westminster :

+ 514 i William ^ Chaffe, born in 1776; married Polly Robinson.

+ 515 ii Atherton Chaffe, Jr., born November 5, 1781; married Ohve Sawtell.

+ 516 iii LjTids Chaffe, married.

+ 517 iv Phcebe Chaffe, married Russell Carroll.

+ 518 V Rufus Chaffe, bom September 18, 1798; married Malinda Wilder.

204 Clifford s Chaffee (Atherton,* David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i) was bom in
Ashford, Conn., January 20, 1757, and died August 25, 1802. He married in
Brattleboro, Vt., April 27, 1780, Anna, daughter of Captain Jesse and Leah (Jen-
nings) Burke, a descendant of Richard Burke.

After Clifford Chaffee's death, she married Cobb. She died in Towns-

hend, Vt., about 1846 or 1847 and was buried there.

Clifford Chaffee moved with his parents to Westminster, Vt., when a child.
At the outbreak of the Revolution he enlisted in Stark's New Hampshire regiment,
May 15, 1775, and with two of his brothers was in the Battle of Bunker Hill. It
is related that in that fight a cannon ball struck the rail fence near where they
were standing with such force that they were thrown upon it, but were not injured.


He served as a Private in 1777 and 1778. In May, 1780, he enlisted in Westminster
in Captain Samuel Wetherbe's company, Colonel Isaac Wyman's regiment. His
name appears as Sergeant on the pay roll of Captain Jesse Safford's company in
July, 1780. In March, 1781, "Cleaford Chaffy" served three days and travelled
thirty miles, marching on the Alarm at Xewbury, Vt. During the trouble in Guil-
ford, Vt., over the claims of other states to Vermont land, Clifford Chaffee enlisted
as Corporal in Captain Benjamin ^Miitney's company, serving from November 1,
1783, to March 1, 1784. In 1838 his widow, then Mrs. Cobb, applied for a pension.

October 5, 1784, "Clifford Chafe yeoman of Westminster" sold to Constant
Chaffe, his brother, land in that place. Clifford Chaffee died from the effects of a
fall from a horse. He was a farmer and a doctor in Westminster.

Children :

+ 519 i Calvin « Chaffee, born in Westminster; married Elizabeth Hall.
+ 520 ii Philander Chaffee, born about 1786; married Cinthia Nichols.

521 iii Zebina Chaffee, living in Westminster in 1819, when he sold land there

to Hubbard Bellows.

522 iv Clifford Chaffee, Jr., died in Putney, Vt., about 1846 or 1847; un-

married; of a nomadic disposition; residence, 1840, Putney.

523 V Miriam Chaffee.

+ 524 \'i Anna Chaffee, born May 8, 1793; married Roberts.

525 vii Parmelia Chaffee, born about 1795; married Carpenter; testi-
fied in her mother's pension claim in 1838; she was then forty-
three years of age, and lived in Rockingham, Vt.

+ 526 \'iii Jesse Burke Chaffee, married Susan Hall.

207 Alpha ^ Chaffee (Atherton,'' Da^^d,3 Nathaniel,- Thomas i) was born in
Westminster, Vt., and died in Black Lake, St. La^Tence County, N. Y. He mar-
ried Mary, daughter of John Abby of Homer, N. Y., formerly of Vermont. She
was sister of his brother Otis' w^fe, of his sister Nancy's husband. Mary (Abby)
Chaffee died in the summer of 1872, aged one hundred and four years, and was
buried in St. Clair, Mich.

Alpha Chaffee had a fair complexion, and blue eyes. He served as a Private
in the War of 1812. He was a farmer and in 1797 lived in Westminster. Later
he lived in New York state, and was buried in Black Lake.

Children :

527 i Rachel" Chaffee, born in New York state; married John Baldwin;

residence, Ohio.

528 ii Sophia Chaffee, died in St. Clair in 1850; married Hezekiah Haskell,

formerly of New York; moved to St. Clair, where both died.

529 iii Polly Chaffee, born in New York state; died about 1870; married

(1) Justines; (2) William Bowman; residence, Michigan.

+ 530 V Alpha Chaffee, Jr., born August 2, 1800; married Eflfie Kelch.

531 V Lonson Chaffee, died aged twenty-four; residence, New York state,

532 vi Matilda Chaffee, died young.

533 vii Phoebe Chaffee, died young, drowned.

534 \-iii John Chaffee, died in Herkimer County, N. Y. ; married (1) in Washing-

ton, Mich., Caroline Shaw, who died there; married (2) in New
York .state, Mary Clark; married (3) ; lived later in Herki-
mer County; he was of a roving disposition.

208 Constant » Chaffe (Atherton,* David, ^ Nathaniel, ^ Thomas ^) was born in
Westminster, Vt«, in 1761 or 1762, and died in East Westmoreland, N. H., April 29,


1S06. He married in Westminster, Anna, daughter of John Lovejoy. She died
March 23, ISU, aged forty-four.

Constant Chaffe fought in the Revolution. He served under Major Elkanah
Day in a company of Westminster ^liUtia which marched on the Alarm of Octo-
ber 17, 1780, when Royalton, \t., was burned by the Indians. He served eight
days, travelled one hundred and ten miles and received £2, 7s. 4d. He also served
five days in Captain Benjamin Whitney's company, Colonel Bradley's regiment,
"raised to assist the High Sheriff" September 21, 1782.

In 1783 and 1784 there was trouble in Guilford, Vt., over the claims of other
states to Vermont land and Constant Chaffe served from November 7, 1783,
until March 1, 1784, in Captain Benjamin Whitney's company.

He was a farmer and was living in Westminster at the time of his marriage.
Here he bought land of his brother Clifford, October 5, 1784, for £30. June 10,
1785, he bought there of John Lane thirty acres more for the same price. Feb-
ruary 21, 1787, he bought of John Dickerson another tract of land for £18. He
added to this, October 29, 1796, paying to Patrick Wall £50 for the land. April 15,
1797, he bought of Joseph Wilbore of Westmoreland, N. H., for £300, seventy-
seven acres of land in that place. Here he settled with his mother, wife and son
before the following spring, as on March 27, 1798, "Constant Chaffe of Westmore-
land " bought of Job Wilbore more land there. May 27, 1803, he paid to William
Brockway of St. Johnsbury, Vt., SlOO for fifty acres more of land in Westmore-
land. In all these deeds he is called "yeoman." He and his vnie are buried in
the graveyard in East Westmoreland, where their tombstones bear the following
inscriptions :

" In memory of Mr. Constant Chaffe who died April 29, 1806 in the 45th year
of his age.

"Death like an overflowing stream
Sweeps us away, our life's a dream

An empty t , a morning flower

Cut down and withered in an hour."

"In memory of Anna widow of Mr. Constant Chaffe who died March 23, 1811
aged 44 years.

" Diseases sore I long have bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God was pleased to give me ease
And free me from my pain."

+ 535 i Amasas Chaffee, born March 30, 1786; married (1) Anna Adams; (2)
Huldah Britton; (3) Roxana Britton. '

209 Otis 5 ChafEee (Atherton,'* David,3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in West-
minster, Vt., and died in Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., about 1813 or 1814. He mar-
ried Abigail, daughter of John Abby, and sister of his brother Alpha's wife, and
of his sister Nancy's husband. She died September 18, 1851, aged eighty-four,
and was buried in Rome, Mich., in the East Rome cemetery. She married after

Otis Chaffe's death, Francisco, and hved with her daughter, Mrs. Whipple,

in 1845 in Grass Lake, Mich., and in 1846, in Leoni, Mich.

Otis Chaffee fought in the Revolution. He served under Major Elkanah Day
in a company of Westminster MUitia which marched on the Alarm of October 17,
1780, when Royalton, Vt., was burned by the Indians. He served three days,


travelled forty-four miles and received in payment ISs. Sd. His name is also on
the pay roll of Captain Abner Seelye's company, Colonel Benjamin Wait's bat-
talion. He served from July 1 to November 20, 1781, travelling eighty miles and
receiving £10, 7s. 8d. He also served five days in Captain Benjamin Whitney's
company, Colonel Bradley's regiment, "raised to assist the High Sheriff," Sep-
tember 21, 1782.

Otis Chaffee was a farmer, in 1797 living in Westminster, and later in Rock-
ingham, Vt., where Nathaniel Bennett was appointed administrator on his estate,
February 7, 1814. He is said to have served in the War of 1812 and to have died
in Sackett's Harbor, so it seems probable that he was killed in the battle at that
place. May 29, 1813.

Children, born in Vermont :
-f-536 i Otis 6 Chaffee, Jr., born May 9, 1784; married (1) Grace Whipple; (2)

Lydia Tuttle.
+ 537 ii Abigail Chaffee, born 1788; married Jeremiah Leland.
-1-538 iii Lyman Chaffee, born May 1, 1790; married Mary Whipple.
539 iv Jarville Chaffee, died in Illinois; married in Middlesex, Vt., January
9, 1823, Betsey Bryant; he was a farmer; had a Hght complexion,
and blue eyes; he served in the War of 1812 as a private; he lived
in Middlesex and Lockport, N. Y., after his marriage moving to
Illinois, where he settled near Peoria, on land granted him by
the Government for his war services; when he moved to Illinois
he had two small children.
+ 540 v Betsey Chaffee, born June 30, 1792; married Samuel Whipple.
+ 541 vi Warren Chaffee, born January 22, 1797; married (1) Elizabeth Otto;

(2) Melinda Munn.
+ 542 vii Warner Fay Chaffee, born July 27, 1799; married Mrs. Hannah

(Goodell) Ferguson.
+ 543 viii Allen Bennett Chaffee, born in 1802; married Abigail Pratt.
+ 544 ix Ory Chaffee, born May 23, 1807; married Polly Rowley.

210 Rachel ^ Chaffee (Atherton,* David,^ Nathaniel, ^ Thomas i) was born in
Westminster, Vt., December 16, 1772, and died in Southville, near Stockholm,
St. Lawrence County, N. Y. She married Samuel Montgomery Wires, a wheel-
wright, born August 4, 1776, died in Southville. He had a sandy complexion,
blue eyes and was six feet, two inches in height. Mr. and Mrs. Wires were LTni-
versalists. They lived in Walpole, N. H., Lyndon, Vt., in 1803 in Herkimer
County, N. Y., and about 1813 moved to Stockholm.

Children :

545 i Carlton « Wires, born March 21, 1796; married Lucinda Dunshee.

546 ii Annatta Wires, born June 28, 1797; died.

+ 547 iii Hannah Wires, born May 22, 1799; married Wilder Stearns.

548 iv Persis Wires, born March 30, 1801 ; died; married Henry Gates.

+ 549 V Samuel Wires, born September 12, 1803; married Isabel Barren.

550 vi Fanny Wires, born November 11, 1806; died; married Philo Mathews.

551 vii Sivona Wires, born August 4, 1807; died.

552 viii Nancy Wires, born July 5, 1810.

553 ix Hiram W^ires, born March 25, 1814.

554 X Mary Melissa W^ires, born March 21, 1817; married Reuben Farmer.

212 Nancy s Chaffee (Atherton,* David,^ Nathaniel, ^ Thomas i) was born in
Westminster, Vt., about 1776, and died in Cherry Creek, Chautauqua County,
N. Y. She married Amos, son of John Abby, and a brother of the wives of her
brothers, Otis and Alpha.


Nancy (Chaffee) Abby was very musical. She Uvecl in Cherry Creek.
Children :

555 i Eben ^ Abby.

556 ii Calvin Abby.

557 iii Amos Abby, Jr.

558 iv John Abby.

559 V Atlanta Abby, died.

+ 560 vi Olive Abby; married DeWitt Fisher.
561 vii Alvira Abby; married Casper Harvey.

213 Crean Bush ^ Chaffee (Atherton,* David, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born
in Westminster, Vt., in 1778, and died in Amity, Erie County, Pa., December 24,
1847. He married in Penn Yan, Cayuga County, N. Y., September 8, 1805, Polly,
daughter of Daniel Bennett. She was of Delaware County, N. Y., and her father,
a tailor by trade, had been taken prisoner at the beginning of the Revolution and
held during the entire conflict. She died October 19, 1874, aged eighty-seven, and
was buried in Hatch Hollow, Erie County, Pa.

Crean Bush Chaffee is supposed to have been named for Crean Bush of West-
minster, a friend of his father's, and whose name appears as witness on a deed of
property from Atherton Chaffe, Sr., to Atherton Chaffe, Jr.

Crean Bush Chaffee had a dark complexion, black eyes, and was five feet, seven
inches in height. He was a farmer and a teacher. He lived in Westminster in
1796; when he was twenty-one years old "Uncle Jock," who brought him up, gave
him a horse, saddle and bridle and he left Vermont for Cayuga County, never to
return. He served during the War of 1812 from August, 1812, to March, 1813.
In 1871 his widow, then hving in Amity, applied for a pension. In 1805 he was
living in Cayuga County, and between 1810 and 1815 moved to Erie County,
where he lived in Amity and Northeast. At this time that country was almost
a wilderness and many were the dangers and hardships these hardy pioneers had
to undergo. One day when Mrs. Chaffee was alone in the cabin with her daugh-
ter Caroline, then a baby, an Indian holding a large knife in his hand appeared
in the cabin door. Striding over to the cradle, he lifted the child in his arms,
kissed her and, laying her down, stuck his knife into a loaf of bread just taken from
the oven and ran off, to the great relief of the terrified mother, who thought her
child would be killed.

Children, the first three born in Cayuga County, the rest in Erie County:

+ 562 i Sally ^ Chaffee, born in 1807; married WiUiam Hatch.

+ 563 ii Ira Chaffee, born January 1, 1809; married Hannah Norton.

+ 564 iii Horace Hill Chaffee, born October 17, 1810; married (1) Louisa King;

(2) Ehza Williams.
565 iv Caroline Polly Chaffee, born October, 1815 ; died July 10, 1887 ; married

Frederick Hill.
+ 566 V Horatio Nelson Chaffee, born March 19, 1818; married Jane N. Mason.
+ 567 vi Nancy Chaffee, born in .Tune, 1820; married Samuel W. Hayes.
+ 568 vii Jolm Bennett Chaffee, born in April, 1823 (1825); married (1) Mary

Phelps; (2) Mrs. Eliza Drake.

238 Sarah 5 Chaffee (Joseph,^ John,^ Joseph,- Thomas was born in Barring-
ton, Mass., January 18, 1729, and died April 27, 1818. She married (1), about
1748 or 1749, Isaac Morris, their intention of marriage being pubhshed in Wood-
stock, October 18, 1748. He died January 10, 1778, and she married (2) Septem-


ber 10, 1804, Honorable John Bliss, whom she survived. April 30, 1750, she
joined the church in New Roxbury (now West Woodstock), where she lived at
the time of her marriage. In 1761 Isaac Morris removed with his family to Wales,

"The part of Springfield to which he removed was then an unorganized district
not belonging to any town, and known as ' Wales.' It was a territory lying between
Somers on the south and Springfield on the north, and after the organization of
Wilbraham, was annexed to that town. The spot where Isaac Morris settled
was in the extreme southeastern part of 'Wales' and on the Monson line. The
probable cause of his removal to 'Wales' was that his wife might be near her
mother — then a widow — who, with her husband, Joseph Chaffee, had removed
to this section about 1754. [This should be 1755.] Joseph Chaffee died in 1760.
Two deeds from Hannah Chaffee — widow — and Joseph Chaffee, administrators
of the estate of Joseph Chaffee, dated Aug. 18, 1761, convey to Isaac Morris ninety-
two acres of land, sixty of which was within the limits of Monson, then Brimfield.
He subsequently bought other land. His farm contained in all one hundred and
thirty-one acres eighty-five of which were within the Monson limits. The spot
where he located was a romantic one at the base of Rattlesnake and Sheep Moun-
tains, overlooking the Scantic Valley, to Pine Ball and South Mountains on the
west, at the foot of which lay the farm of his father-in-law. A large part of the
cultivated land has grown up to woods, and the house in which he lived, and also
that of his son Darius, have long since disappeared. Nothing remains to indicate
the locality of the habitations but a portion of the walls of the cellars, and a few
nearly dead trees of the orchard.

"The records of the Probate Court of Hampshire County, state that Sarah
Morris was appointed administratrix on the estate of Isaac Morris, Sept. 1, 1778,
and was also made guardian of Chester, Elizabeth, and Ephraim, minor children.
By the inventory returned to the court, Nov. 1, 1778, the amount of the estate
was £999 7s. 6d., of which £850 was in land. The debts were £130 2s. 2d. . . .
The distribution of the estate made Nov. 3, 1778, gave Sarah, the widow, one-
third during fife, £283 5s. 8d. Darius, two elevenths or a double portion, £103
6s. 7d. Hannah, Davis, Isaac, Edward, Sarah, Eunice, Chester, Ebenezer, Eliza-
beth, and Ephraim, one-eleventh each, £51 10s. 3d. Mrs. Morris, hardly satisfied
with the distribution, petitioned the court that as she was 'left under something
of Low and Indigence circumstances' she might be allowed something out of the
personal estate, and was allowed the amount of £22 lis.

^J> ^l# ^t0 *J# ^r ^l* hJL* ^t* ^ttf

" She [Sarah (ChafTee) Morris] was a tall, fine-looking woman, with dark com-
plexion, dark hair and eyes." [Morris Register.]

Children, the first seven born in Woodstock, the last five in Wales:

569 i Hannah ^ Morris, born January 13, 1750; married John Davis.

570 ii Darius Morris, born September 15, 1751; married (1) EUzabeth Fisher;

(2) Rebecca Chandler.

571 iii Isaac Morris, Jr., born September 10, 1753; married Irene Johnson.

572 iv Joseph Morris, born in March, 1755; died at Lake George, August 10,

1776, in the Revolutionary army.

573 V Edward Morris, born December 12, 1756; married Lucy Bliss.

574 vi Elizabeth Morris, born July 10, 1759; died in Wilbraham, March 24,


575 vii Sarah Morris, born July 23, 1761 ; married Stephen Pease.

576 viii Eunice Morris, born May 13, 1763; married Joshua Clark.

577 ix Chester Morris, born April 16, 1765; married (1) Betsey Wales ;(2) .

578 X Ebenezer Morris, born March 15, 1767; married Ryndia May.

579 xi Elizabeth Morris,, born February 17, 1769; married David Hume.

580 xii Ephraim Morris, born March 17, 1772; married Pamela Converse.


For further descendants see The Morris Register, by Jonathan F. Morris, also

239 Joseph ^ Chaffe, Jr. (Joseph/ John,3 Joseph,- Thomas i), was born in Wood-
stock, Mass. (now Conn.), January 9, 1730-31, and probably died in Union, Conn.,
in February, 1783. He married Esther ^ Chaffe (271) (John,^ John,^ Joseph,2
Thomas 1), born in Woodstock, January 14, 1734-5, baptized in the First Con-
gregational Church there the same month. Joseph Chaffe was baptized in the same
church, February 28, 1730-31. He probably moved with his parents in 1755 to
Wales, a district of Springfield, Mass., where he was a farmer. May 8, 1758, he
l)OUght of his father fifty-six acres of land there for £55. In 1760, with his mother,
he administered his father's estate. October 23, 1772, "Joseph Chaffee husband-
man of Wales" sold to David Burt of the same place, land there for 20s. About
this time Wales was annexed to the newly organized towm of Wilbraham, and so
Joseph Chaffe became an inhabitant of that town. In 1774, he was one of one
hundred and twenty-five who signed an agreement, made in South Wilbraham,
not to purchase English-made goods. July 29th of that year he was appointed
with others to assist in collecting the Province rates. January 2, 1775, he was ap-
pointed with others a committee to prevent the killing of deer from January 1st
to August 1st of that year.

His name appears as a Private on a roll of "Capt. James Warrener's company
of Wilbraham who marched in defense of Ammerican Liberty on ye Alarm last April
occasioned by the Lexington Fight." He was in service ten days, travelled one
hundred and eighty miles and received £1, 9s. 2d., in payment. His name also

Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 15 of 91)