William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 17 of 91)
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regt.; enlisted Sept. 24, 1777; discharged Oct. 18, 1777; service, 32 days, travel
included; company detached to join Gen. Gates's army." [Massachusetts Soldiers
and Sailors in the War of the Revolution.]

During his service. Comfort and another man discovered a deserted British
vessel floating near the water's edge. They boarded it and finding it loaded with
provisions and ammunition, turned it over to the Government. May 25, 1778,
Comfort Chaffee was chosen one of the Constables for Wilbraham. October 18,
1779, he received £20 as bounty and mileage money for soldiers.

During Shays' RebeUion, he served as a Private from September 22 to Septem-
ber 28, 1786, being in Lieutenant Lewis Langdon's company, Colonel Gideon
Burt's regiment of MiMtia, in the Fourth Division, which marched to Springfield
in support of the Government. He also served in Springfield from January 18 to
February 1, 1787, in Captain Joseph Wilhams' company of Cadets, ordered into
service by Major-General Shepard.

The strictness with which the Fourth Commandment was kept in the days of
our forefathers is illustrated by the following incident. Comfort Chaffee preferred


a charge against a neighbor, of having sown seed on the Sabbath day. He could
not, however, prove the charge, for while he could swear that the man went through
the motions of sowing, he could not prove that he had seed in his hand. Had he
been able to prove his point, the man would have been severely punished, for the
keeping holy of the Sabbath day was strictly adhered to by our ancestors.

After Comfort's death his widow was supported by her step-sons, and made
her home with the eldest of them. Comfort, Jr.

In the cemetery in Hampden, Mass. (formerly South Wilbraham), rest the bodies
of Comfort Chaffee and his two wives. On his tombstone is the following inscrip-

"In Memorv of

Mr. Comfort Chaffe

who died

June 4, 1811,

Aged 74 years.

Let not the dead forgotten lie
Lest you forget that you must die
Death is a debt to nature due
Which I have paid and so must you."

The grave of his first wife is marked by a stone bearing the following words :

" In memory
of Mrs. Mary
wife of
Mr. Comfort
Chaffee who died
April 15 1774
in her 40 year.
O Time Supreme
How swift thy wings
On Time depend
Eternal things."

Children by first wife, born in South Wilbraham:

618 i Mary ^ ChafTee, born in 1758 (?); died; married about 1780, Ebenezer

Stacy of South Wilbraham, their intention dated January 10,

619 ii Lucretia Chaffee, born June 22, 1760; intention of marriage to Moses

Cadwell of South Wilbraham published there September 23, 1780.

620 iii Bathsheba Chaffee, bom June 9, 1762; died in South Wilbraham,

April 22, 1851; married there, November 27, 1783, Stephen West,
their intention of marriage being published there October 23,
1783; she was buried in South Wilbraham.

621 iv Mercy Chaffee, born January 27, 1765; died September 16, 1788, her

death being recorded in Springfield.
+ 622 v Comfort Chaffee, Jr., born July 3, 1767; married Persis Skinner.
623 \'i Joel Chaffee, born September 27, 1770; died in South Wilbraham,

August 1, 1806, and was buried there; a blacksmith; unmarried.
-1-624 vii Nathaniel BHss Chaffee, born December 14, 1772; married Tabitha


247 Isaiah ^ ChaSee (Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas J) was born in Wood-
stock, Mass. (now Conn.), about 1728, and died in Wilbraham, Mass., January 3,
1771, aged forty-two years. He married in Woodstock, March 5, 1751, Betty
Manning. At this time he lived in Woodstock; October 21, 1753, he joined the


West Woodstock Congregational Church, but before 1758 had moved to Wales,
a district of Springfield, Mass., and later a part of the town of Wilbraham. In
the latter year he served as a Private in the Colonial War, in Colonel William
William's regiment, Captain Jonathan Ball's company, raised by the province of
Massachusetts Bay for the reduction of Canada. He is spoken of as " of Spring-
field," served from April 13 to November 4, and travelled seven days. [Massa-
chusetts Archives, Muster Rolls, Vol. XCVI, p. 444.]

In a list of pew holders in the Wilbraham Congregational Church, dated July 3,
1770, we find that Isaiah Chaffee and his wife, with four other men and their
wives occupied pew number five. The land records show that on August 18, 1761,
"Isaiah Chafee husbandman of Wales" sold to David Burt, 2d, of Springfield,
husbandman, for £90, one hundred and eight acres of land in Wales, formerly
belonging to Isaiah's "honored father, Joseph Chaffee, deceased." This deed is
signed by "Isaiah Chafee" and "Betty Chafee." April 10, 1767, "Isaiah Chaffee,
husbandman, of Wilbraham" bought land of Henry Badger of that place for £18.
April 2, 1771, in Northampton, Mass., Comfort Chaffee (244), brother of Isaiah,
was appointed administrator of this estate, and at the same time William King
was appointed guardian of the five minor children, Betty, over fourteen, Wil-
liam, Joseph, Isaiah and Hannah under fourteen. Isaiah left almost nothing and
September 14, 1772, Comfort Chaffee obtained the consent of the court to sell
the whole of the estate, the papers being signed by Comfort and the widow, Betty
Chaffee. This was probably for the purpose of paying Isaiah's debts and obtain-
ing ready money for the needs of the widow and children. From this time the
family suffered many hardships from extreme poverty; probably no line of the
Chaffee family had a harder life than did the children of Isaiah after his death.

Isaiah and his brother Ephraim are said to have helped drive the wolf of Israel
Putnam fame into the cave where it was captured. It had wrought sad havoc
among the sheep in the neighborhood of Pomfret.

Children :

625 i Hannah « Chaffee, born in Woodstock, October 20, 1752; died December

10, 1756; buried in South Wilbraham, Mass.; baptized in the West
Woodstock Congregational Church, October 14, 1753.

626 ii John Chaffee, probably the man to whom the following Revolutionary

record refers:

"Chaffee, John, Private, Capt. William White's co. (late)
Col. Brown's (Berkshire Co.) regt.; enUsted July 18, 1780; dis-
charged Oct. 22, 1780; service 3 mos. 1 day, at Stone Arabia,
N. Y." [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the
Revolution.] [It is possible that the last two entries accredited
to 600 refer to this man.]

627 iii Elizabeth (Betty) Chaffee, born before 1757, as she was over fourteen

years of age, April 2, 1771; married Gilbert, and at one

time lived in Massachusetts.

+ 628 iv WiUiam Chaffee, born after April 2, 1757; married Mary Whipple.

+ 629 V Joseph Chaffee, born in Woodstock, October 2, 1761; married Mercy
630 vi Isaiah Chaffee, Jr., born about 1764; he served in the Revolution as
follows :

"Chaffee, Isaiah, Wilbraham. Descriptive list of men raised
to reinforce Continental Army for the term of 6 months, agreeable
to resolve of June 5, 1780; age, 16 yrs. ; stature, 5 ft. 5 in.; com-
plexion, light; residence, Wilbraham; arrived at Springfield July


5, 1780; marched to camp July 6, 1780, under command of Lieut.
Taylor of 2d Mass. Line; also, pay roll for 6 months men raised
by the town of Wilbraham for service in the Continental Army
during 1780; marched July 6, 1780; discharged Dec. 6, 1780;
service, 5 mos., 15 days.

"List of men raised for the 6 months service and returned by
Brig.-Gen. Paterson as having passed muster in a return dated
Camp Totoway, Oct. 25, 1780.

"Chafe, Isaiah. Certificate dated West Point, Dec. 6, 1780,
signed by Capt. Abraham Williams, stating that said Chafe, who
engaged for 6 months for the town of Wilbraham, served 4 mos.
28 days in 12th Mass. regt., was then discharged and given per-
mission to return to Wilbraham.

"Caffee, Isaiah. Private, Capt. John Carpenter's co. of guards;
enhsted Jan. 24, 1781 ; discharged April 10, 1781 ; service, 2 mos.
17 days; company detached for 8 months and stationed at Spring-

"Chaffe, Isaiah, Wilbraham. Receipt dated Wilbraham,
March 8, 1781, for bounty paid said Chaffe by Lieut. William
King, Chairman of a class of the town of Wilbraham, to serve in
the Continental Army for the term of 3 years." [Massachusetts
Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution.] His name is
also on a "Return of the hire of the three years men" dated
December 26, 1781, and signed by the Selectmen of Wilbraham,
he having received £76, 10s.; it is also found on two warrants to
. pay the officers and men of Captain John Carpenter's company,
dated June 24, 1782, and October 28, 1782.

631 vii Hannah Chaffee.

250 Joshua ^ Chaffee (Joel,'« John,^ Joseph,2 Thomas •) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., about 1733, and died in Ellsworth, Conn., October 9, 1789. He married
in Mansfield (Sharon), Conn., July 2, 1755, Mary, daughter of Matthew St. John
of Sharon (Wilton). She was born in Wilton, September 25, 1739, and died
August 28, 1829. Joshua Chaffee was a farmer, and moved to Sharon from Mans-
field, in 1755, shortly after his marriage. April 20, 1757, Matthew St. John of
Sharon sold "for love, good will and affection" to his daughter, Mary, and son-in-
law, Joshua, twelve acres of land in that town, and April 18, 1758, he sold to Joshua
for £75, thirteen acres more there. Joshua sold to Ebenezer Smith, Jr., of Wood-
stock, Conn., for £12, 10s., two acres of orchard land in the latter town, January 7,
1763. He also bought and sold other pieces of land there. His name appears as
one of the company of householders from Sharon, on a roll of Captain Eliphalet
Holmes' company of minute men of East Haddam, raised in May, 1776, by order
of the "Capt. General." {Connecticut Men in the Revolution.'] He was made a
Freeman in Sharon, October 16, 1777. He made his will February 14, 1787, and
in it names as his heirs, his wife ^lary, sons Joel, Matthew and Joshua Bignall,
his daughters Betty, Mary, Lucy, Vinie, Olive, Lettice and Julia, his son Joel
being made executor. He and his wdfe are buried in Ellsworth, where their tomb-
stones bear the following epitaph:

" For me to live is Christ and to die is gain."

Children, born in Sharon :

632 i Elizabeth « (Betty) Chaffee, born May 11, 1757 ; died October 27, 1844;

married (1) in Sharon, January 2, 1777, Asa Chapman, of New
Concord, Chatham, N. Y.; he died soon after and she married
(2) in Ellsworth, November 11, 1779, Isaiah, son of Ebenezer


and Lucy (Moulton) Everitt; he was born in Sharon, April 12,
1753, and died in Ellsworth, August 4, 1834; a farmer; both were
buried in Ellsworth.

f 633 ii Joel Israel Chaffee, born July 2, 1759; married (1) Rachel Booth; (2)
Dolly Hyde.

+ 634 iii Mary Chaffee, born June 10, 1762; married William W. Hyde.

+ 635 iv Lucy Chaffee, born February 12, 1765; married Stephen Eaton.
636 V Matthew Chaffee, born December 12, 1767; died in Ellsworth, Novem-
ber 13, 1789; buried there; unmarried.

+ 637 vi Lovina (Vinie) Chaffee, born December 26, 1770; married Elijah Abel.

+ 638 vii Olive Chaffee, born October 17, 1774; married (1) Joshua Studley,
Jr. ; (2) Amos Seymour.

+ 639 viii Lettice Chaffee, born September 3, 1777; married Nathan Norton.

+ 640 ix Joshua Bignall Chaffee, born March 8, 1781; married (1) Anna Sey-
mour; (2) Hannah Birdsey.
641 X Julia ChafTee, born March 10, 1786; died in Kent, Conn., January 20,
1838; married George Bull, a widower of Kent; they had no

258 Mary s Chaffee (Ebenezer,^ John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Wood-
stock, Mass. (now Conn.), August 27, 1733, and died. She married there, March 29,
1753, Thomas Chapman. She was baptized in the First Congregational Church
of Woodstock, August 19, 1733.

Children, baptized in the First Congregational Church, Woodstock:

642 i Christopher « Chapman, baptized December 21, 1766.

643 ii OUver Chapman, baptized December 21, 1766; married Eunice ^ Chaffee

(588) (Benjamin,^ Joseph, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i).

644 iii Molly Chapman, baptized December 21, 1766.

645 iv Parker Chapman, baptized September 10, 1769; married Sally ^ Chaffee

(587) (Benjamin,* Joseph, ^ Joseph, 2 Thomas i).

259 Rebecca ^ Chaffee (Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Wood-
stock, Mass. (now Conn.), July 28, 1735, and died there December 30, 1819. She
married in Woodstock, October 3, 1754, John Hewlett. She was baptized in the
First Congregational Church of Woodstock, August 10, 1735.

Children, born in Woodstock:

+ 646 i Didymus^ Howlett, born April 4, 1760; married (1) AUce Marcy;

(2) Polly Preston.
+ 647 ii John Howlett, Jr., born October 11, 1762; married Anna Sanger.
+ 648 iii Ebenezer Howlett, a twin, born February 29, 1764 (?); married Lois


649 iv Samuel Howlett, a twin, born February 29, 1764 (?) ; married Betsey ^

Chaffee (338) (Josiah,* Joseph,^ Joseph, 2 Thomas i), born in
Woodstock, July 14, 1773, baptized there in the First Congre-
gational Church, August 27, 1775; they had no children.

650 V Thomas Howlett.

651 vi WilUam Howlett, died October 15, 1801, unmarried.
+ 652 vii Tabitha Howlett, married Comfort Clapham.

+ 653 viii Mary Howlett, married Edmund Tiffany.
+ 654 ix Rebecca Howlett, married Samuel Lyon.

260 Tabitha ^ Chaffee (Ebenezer,* John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born in
Woodstock, Mass. (now Conn.), July 14, 1739, and died December 19, 1824. She
married there. May 14, 1761, Ephraim, son of Eliphalet and Mary (Bacon) Car-
penter. He was born in Woodstock July 24, 1735, and died August 21, 1809.


He served in the Revolution in the 4th Battalion, under Colonel Ely, in Captain
John Ely's regiment. He was a farmer, and after living for many years in Wood-
stock he and his wife moved to Stafford, Conn., where they lived with their son
Elias. Tabitha Chaffee was baptized in the First Congregational Church in Wood-
stock, July 29, 1739.

Children, born in Woodstock:

655 i Elias ^ Carpenter, married Sarah Prescott.

656 ii Ephraim Carpenter, Jr., born May 26, 1762 (1763) ; died in Woodstock,

January 20, 1776.

657 iii Eliphalet Carpenter, born July 9, 1765; married (1) Sybil Vinny; (2)

Matilda Reynolds.

658 iv Williard Carpenter, born April 3, 1767; married Polly Bacon.

658a v Joseph Carpenter, born March 5, 1769; married Sarah (Sally) Prescott.

659 vi Bemsley Carpenter, born April 19, 1771; died October 7, 1775.

660 vii Harvey Carpenter, born December 31, 1775; married (1) Charity; (2)

Esther Sabin.

661 viii Polly Carpenter, bom May 12, 1778.

662 ix Ephraim Carpenter, Jr., born June 7, 1780; married (1) Elizabeth

Prescott; (2) Sarah (Sally) N. King.

663 X John Sullivan Carpenter, born June 26, 1782; married Martha .

664 xi Nellie Carpenter, born October 9, 1785.

For further descendants see Carpenter Genealogy, by Axnos B. Carpenter,

261 Ezra s Chaffee (Ebenezer,* John,3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Wood-
stock, Mass. (now Conn.), April 9, 1742, and died in Athens, Vt., July 16, 1815.
He married in Woodstock, September 20, 1764, Jerusha Hurlburt of that place,
who died in Athens, December 15, 1822, aged eighty. She was a member of the
West Woodstock Congregational Church, February 3, 1771.

Ezra Chaffee was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Woodstock,
Jvme 6, 1742. He had a light complexion, blue or gray eyes, and was short and
stout. He was a farmer and lived for many years in Woodstock. He served in
the Revolution in Lieutenant Jonathan Morris's company of that place. He
probably rose to the rank of Captain, as he was always called by that title. Feb-
ruary 24, 1781, he bought of Azel Hooker of Athens, for £60, "hard money,"
one hundred acres of land in the northern part of that town. To this place he
moved between 1782 and 1784. From 1792 to 1798 he was one of the Listers of
Athens and in 1796 Selectman. He and his wife were members of the Methodist
church in that town, and were buried there.

Children, all but two younger born in Woodstock :

+ 665 i Alfred ® Chaffee, born July 5, 1765; married Hannah Woodward.

+ 666 ii David Chaffee, a twin, born July 5, 1765; married Anna Johnson.

+ 667 iii Charles Chaffee, born Maj^ 3, 1767; married Lucy Evans.

+ 668 iv Rufus Chaffee, born March 2, 1769; married Elizabeth Stickney.

+ 669 V Lydia Chaffee, born March 22, 1771; married John Oak.

670 vi Jerusha Chaffee, born about 1772 or 1773; died in Athens, May 18,

1S56, aged eighty-three; married Roswell Evans and had a large
family; she was baptized in the West Woodstock Congregational
Church, March 28, 1773.

671 vii Abigail Chaffee, died young; baptized in the West Woodstock Con-

gregational Church, October 29, 1775.
+ 672 viii Ezra Chaffee, Jr., born August 25, 1777; married Fanny Shipman.
+ 673 ix Abigail Chaffee, born May 9, 1779; married Reverend Asa Kent.
+ 674 X Olive Chaffee, born February 20, 1781; married Leonard Ames.


675 xi Mary (Polly) Chaffee, born September 17, 1782; died in Athens,
November 9, 1833; married Reverend P^lijah Davis, a Baptist
minister, who after her death married (2) Mrs. Miriam (Park)
Sherwin, and had a son, Park Davis; Mary Chaffee was baptized
in the West Woodstock Congregational Church, October 27,
1782; she lived on her father's homestead in Athens; had no

+ 676 xii Prudence Chaffee, a twin, born September 17, 1782; married David

+ 677 xiii Armilla Chaffee, born March 7, 1784; married (1) Nathan Willard;

(2) Oakes.

678 xiv Azubah Chaffee, born October 8, 1787; married Leonard Brown
Chaffee. (See 721.)

262 Ebenezer 5 Chaffee, Jr. (Ebenezer,* John,^ Joseph,^ Thomas i), was born
in Woodstock, Mass. (now Conn.), September 27, 1744, and died m Canterbury,
Conn., between 1810 and 1815. He married there, April 18, 1776, Alice, daughter
of Mrs. Lydia (Johnson) Fassett. Alice (Fassett) Chaffee died in 1826, and was
buried in Canterbury. He was baptized in the First Congregational Church of
Woodstock, November 11, 1744. He was a farmer and tanner in Canterbury,
where, October 8, 1791, he bought for £487, 15s., one hundred and thirteen and
three-quarters acres of land.

Children, born in Canterbury:

+ 679 i Lydia ^ Chaffee, born October 8, 1776; married Luther Spaulding.
+ 680 ii Ethan Chaffee, born October 29, 1780; married Ruby Bacon.

681 iii Olive Chaffee, born December 19, 1782; married Ebenezer Sanger.

(See 683.)

264 Olive ^ Chaffee (Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Wood-
stock, Conn., March 24, 1756, and died. She married (1) there, October 28, 1783,

Nathaniel Sanger, who died. She married (2) Adams. She was baptized

in the First Congregational Church of Woodstock, May 16, 1756.

Children :

682 i James ^ Sanger.

+ 683 ii Ebenezer Sanger, married Olive Chaffee (681),

684 iii Ira Sanger.

685 iv Sally Sanger.

265 Samuel ■'' Chaffee (Ebenezer,* John,3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in Wood-
stock, Conn., June 9, 1760, and died there October 20, 1813. He married in Wood-
stock, May 25, 1783, Azubah, daughter of John and Dorothy Sanger of that place,
and sister of Perley Sanger, who married Anna Chaffee (333). Her father John
married (2) Sarah Cady Chaffe (335). Azubah (Sanger) Chaffee was born Septem-
ber 3, 1760, one of a family of eighteen children, and died in Orwell, Pa., Septem-
ber 28, 1834. After her husband's death she lived with her son Luther, and died
in his home. She was buried in Woodruff's Corners, near Orwell.

Samuel Chaffee lived in Woodstock, where he was a farmer and teacher. He
entered the Revolutionary army when quite young, as a drummer boy, and was
present at the execution of Major Andre, the English officer arrested and executed
as a spy, Samuel Chaffee was buried in Woodstock. His widow and his son-in-law,
Joseph Deans, were appointed administrators of his estate and the inventory was
taken, November 12, 1813. The estate, amounting to $3,650.15, was divided


among the heirs November 1, 1S14. October 7, 1823, Joseph Deans was appointed
guardian of the minor children, Eliza and Ezra.

Children, born in Woodstock:
+ 686 i Sarah (Sally) ^ Adams Chaffee, born July 3, 1784; married Wilkes

+ 687 ii Lucy Chaffee, born October 1, 1785; married Joseph Deans.
+ 688 iii Luther Chaffee, born October 26, 1787; married (1) Amy Browning;

(2) Julia Waterman.
+689 iv Polly Chaffee, born May 3, 1789; married (1) Daniel Browning; (2)

Artemas Johnson.
+ 690 V Miranda Chaffee, born June 3, 1790; married Theron Wells.
+ 691 vi Danforth Chaffee, born March 31, 1793; married Edna Luther.
+ 692 vii Jason Chaffee, born June 9, 1794; married Fanny Gridley.
+ 693 viii Lucinda Chaffee, born May 18, 1796; married Walter Tucker, Jr.
+ 694 ix Ebenezer Chaffee, born September 18, 1797; married Phila Farnum.

+ 695 X AUce Chaffee, bornjuly 18, 1799; married (1) Josiah Conant ; (2) .

696 xi Abiel Chaffee, born in 1800; died in Woodstock, November 30, 1803,

aged three years.
+ 697 xii Eliza Chaffee, born April 2, 1803; married Asa Robinson.
+ 698 xiii Ezra Chaffee, born April 12, 1806; married Sylvia A. Bennett.

266 Elizabeth s Chaffee (Ebenezer,* John,^ Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in
Woodstock, Conn., January 3, 1763, and died. She married there, October 17,
1785, Jonathan Paul. She was baptized in the First Congregational Church of
Woodstock, July 10, 1763.

Children :

699 i Ebenezer « Chaffee Paul.

700 ii Adams Paul.

269 Hezekiah ^ Chaffee, Jr. (Hezekiah,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas ^), was born in
Rehoboth, Mass., December 6, 1731, and died in Windsor, Conn., March 4, 1819.
He married Mrs. Lydia (Griswold) Phelps of Simsbury, Conn., whose gravestone
bears the following inscription :

"In memory of Lydia Chaffee, wife of Doct. Hezekiah Chaffee and daughter
of Samuel Griswold, Esq., who departed this life October 1st 1801 in the 79th
year of her age." Doctor Chaffee was born seven weeks after his father's death.
June 7, 1748, Nathaniel Peck, Joseph Bosworth and John Bowen were appointed
his guardians.

"Hezekiah Chaffee came to Hartford, Conn., for the purpose of starting a drug
store and pursuing his profession, but by the advice of the first Doctor Isaac Bull
of Hartford, he settled in Windsor, Conn., and held a high rank in his profession."
[Hinman's Early Connecticut Settlers.] He settled in Windsor and bought land
there about 1755 or 1756. April 20, 1758, he sold to Jonathan Skinner of Wood-
stock, Conn., eight acres of land there for £27. March 8, 1768, he bought of Joel
Chaffee (251) for £30, ninety acres of land in WUbraham, Mass., with the buildings
thereon, and June 2d following leased it to him at a yearly rental of twenty
shillings. The lease was for the term of Joel's life, and after his death to fall to
Hepzibah, his wife, so long as she remained his widow. Doctor Chaffee was a
slave owner as is evidenced by the following from the Hartford records:

"To Henry AUyn, Esq. Town Clerk for the town of Windsor, May it be Re-
membered that I Hezekiah Chaffee of said Windsor, in Hartford County and
State of Connecticut am the Lawful Owner and Posessor of a Negro Woman



who had a female child Born of her Body on or about the 15th Day of August
Anne Dom. 1791 which said Child is now Living and called by the Name Betty
Stevenson, which said child now Lives with me the Subscriber as One of my

" Hezekiah Chaffee,"

Doctor Chaffee made his will March 8, 1817, and it is recorded in Hartford.
In it he leaves his property to his children, Hepsibah, Mary, Hezekiah and John,
naming the latter and Edward Solden as executors. An inventory of his estate
was taken May 4, 1819. His gravestone in the old cemetery in Windsor bears
the following inscription :

"Sacred to the memory of Doctor Hezekiah Chaffee, who died March 4, 1819
AET 88."

Children :

701 i Hepsibah^ Chaffee, born about 1758; died July 8, 1834, aged seventy-
six; unmarried, and was buried in Windsor; her will, recorded in
Hartford, in July, 1834, divides her property equally between
her sister Mary Hooker and her brother John Chaffee, naming
both as executors.

+ 702 ii Mary Chaffee, born about 1760; married Captain James Hooker.

+ 703 iii Hezekiah Chaffee, Jr., born March 21, 1762; married (1) Charlotte
Bradley; (2) Abby Talcott.

704 iv Esther Chaffee, born 1765; died April 4, 1790; married Captain Hector


705 v John Chaffee, born about 1767; died in Windsor, August 1, 1844;

married Mary, daughter of Reverend David S. Rowland; they
lived at one time in Springfield, Mass., where he was paymaster
in the United States Armory; Mrs. Chaffee joined the First Con-

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