William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 18 of 91)
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gregational Church in Springfield, September 6, 1812, by letter
from the First Church of Windsor; August 11, 1833, Mr. and Mrs.
Chaffee joined the Congregational Church in Windsor; they had
no children; she died in Windsor, June 21, 1844; he was buried

272 Simeon ^ Chaffee (John,^ John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in Woodstock,
]\Iass. (now Conn.), January 22, 1736-7, and died in South Wilbraham, Mass.,
September 13, 1824. He married there soon after October 19, 1765 (on which
date their intention of marriage was published in South Wilbraham), Love, daugh-
ter of Cornelius, Jr., and Mehitable (Bartlett) Davis of Stafford, Conn. She was
born April 3, 1744, and died July 8, 1827. Simeon Chaffee was baptized in the
First Congregational Church in Woodstock, August 7, 1737.

He was a farmer and lived in Wilbraham. May 20, 1763, he bought of Anna
Stacy, widow of his cousin Ephraim Chaffee (241), and executrix of his estate,
sixty acres of land in Wales, for £48, 10s. June 3, 1769, he sold to Nathan Ains-
worth for £20, seventy acres of land in Somers, Conn. Three days later, June
6th, he bought from the school committee, forty-four acres of land in Wilbraham.
September 26, 1769, " Simeon Chaffee husbandman of Wilbraham " sold to " Joseph
Chaffee (239) yeoman of Wilbraham " for £20, two parcels of land partly in Wales,
Mass., and partly in Somers, the adjoining town in Connecticut. July 3, 1770,
a list was made of the sittings in the Congregational church in Wilbraham, and
it gives Simeon Chaffee and four other men, with their wives, as occupying pew
number thirty-one in the gallery, women's side. In South Wilbraham in 1774
an agreement was made not to purchase English-made goods. To this one hundred


and twenty-five names were signed, among them being that of Simeon Chaffee.

March 19, 1776, he was elected in Wilbraham, Surveyor and Collector of Tithings,

and March 16, 1784, Constable. He and his wife are buried in South Wilbraham,

and on his gravestone appears the following :

"My children dear
I pray draw near
A father's grave to see
Not long ago
I was with you
& Soon you'll be with me."

Children, born in South Wilbraham :

+ 706 i Lucinda ® Chaffee, born October 21, 1766; married Daniel Murphy, Jr.
707 ii Levi Chaffee, born August 2, 1768; thought to have died in the West
about 1858; intention of marriage with Hannah Sisson of South
Wilbraham published May 12, 1792; had three sons; said by
some of the family to have moved to New York state, by others
to have moved West, where he died aged about ninety.

+ 708 iii Willard Chaffee, born November 7, 1770; married Lois Fuller.

709 iv Mehitable Chaffee, born October 20, 1772; died young.

710 V Simeon Chaffee, Jr., born October 5, 1774; died in infancy.

+ 711 vi Simeon ChafTee, Jr., born September 10, 1776; married Fanny Elmer
Chaffee (1570).
712 vii Noah Chaffee, born October 30, 1778; died in infancy.
+ 713 viii Noah Chaffee, born October 19, 1780; married Freelove Edgerton.

714 ix Mehitable Chaffee, born August 17, 1782.

715 X Henry Chaffee, born October 5, 1785.

+ 716 xi Emery Chaffee, born October 5, 1786; married (1) Keziah Harwood;
(2) Lura Harwood.

275 Amos ^ Chaffee (John,^ John,^ Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Woodstock,
Conn., August 9, 1744, and died in Rochester, Vt., February 3, 1815. He mar-
ried in Stafford, Conn., about 1769, Anna Brown of Windsor, Conn., their in-
tention being published in South Wilbraham, where he then lived, November
5, 1769. She died February 22, 1831, and was buried in Rochester.

Amos Chaffee was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Woodstock,
October 7, 1744. He was stout, broad-shouldered, five feet, ten inches in height,
with a sandy complexion and blue eyes. He was a farmer. A list of those occupy-
ing seats in the Congregational church in Wilbraham dated July 3, 1770, shows
that Amos Chaffee and his wife, with seven other persons, occupied pew number
seventeen. He was chosen Deer Reeve in Wilbraham, ]\Iarch 15, 1774, and July
21, 1774, sold to Simeon, his brother, sixty-eight acres of land in that place for
£20. This year also his signature is found attached to the agreement not to buy
English-made goods, signed by one hundred and twenty-five men of South Wil-
braham. August 5, 1775, he bought of Abner Badger land in Wilbraham for
£120, and August 12, 1776, he sold to the same man land there for £100.

He served in the Revolution as follows :

"Chaffee, Amos. Private, Capt. Daniel Cadwell's co. Col. Timothy Robinson's
detachment of Hampshire Co. militia; enlisted Dec. 25, 1776; discharged April
2, 1777; service, 3 mos. 9 days at Ticonderoga; enlistment to expire March 25,
1777; roll dated Springfield." [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of
the Revolution.]

The powder horn and gun which Amos Chaffee carried in the war are preserved


by his descendants. The former is inscribed, "Amos Chaffee's Horn, made at
Woodstock, Conn. April 17, 1761." On it is traced a map of North and South

February 23, 1778, he bought sixty acres of land in Stafford, to which place
he removed the following spring. May 31, 1779, he added to this purchase seventy
acres more. December 13, 1779, he took the oath in Stafford. A list of the members
of the Second Congregational Church, dated March 13, 1791, contains the name
of Amos Chaffee. In 1797 he moved with his family to Athens, Vt. He and his
wife were granted letters to the church there August 19, 1798. In 1806 they
moved to Rochester, where they spent the remainder of their lives.

Children, the first three born in South Wilbraham, the last two in Stafford:

717 i Eleanor^ Chaffee, born May 17, 1771; died November 22, 1848; mar-
ried James Thresher.
+ 718 ii Amos Chaffee, Jr., born May 13, 1773; married (1) Betsey Harwood;
(2) Rachel Gubtil; (3) Mrs. Lydia (Beckwith) Richardson.

719 iii Lucy Chaffee, born April 30, 1776; died November 18, 1826; married
Elias Richmond.
+ 720 iv John Chaffee, born September 3, 1778; married Sally Evans.
+ 721 v Leonard Brown Chaffee, born September 2, 1780; married Azubah
Chaffee (678).

276 Anna ^ Chaffe (John,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was probably born in
Woodstock, Conn., about 1747-8, and died. She married. May 19, 1767, Phineas,
son of Stephen and Sarah (Bliss) Stebbins, their intention of marriage being
posted in South Wilbraham, March 25, 1766. Phineas Stebbins was born May
19, 1739. Anna Chaffe was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Wood-
stock. She probably moved with her parents to Stafford, Conn., about 1765, and
before 1768 to South Wilbraham.

Children :
+ 722 i Phineas ^ Stebbins, Jr., born July 13, 1768; married Phebe Dunham.

723 ii Anna Stebbins, born March 7, 1769; died.
+ 724 iii Walter Stebbins, born December 30, 1770; married Azubah Carpenter.

725 iv Silas Stebbins, born October 30, 1772; died.

726 V Harvey Stebbins, died; removed to New York.

727 vi Lucina Stebbins, born January 29, 1775; died young.

+ 728 vii Lucina Stebbins, born September 12, 1780; married Luther Stebbins.

280 Francis Green s Chaffee (Benjamin, * Joseph, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born
in Ashford, Conn., April 6, 1745, and died there July 3, 1786. He married in
Ashford, October 6, 1767, his cousin, Dorcas s Chaffee (312) (Thomas,-* Joseph, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) born in Woodstock, Conn., June 12, 1747. The records of
that place show that at the time of their marriage he lived in Ashford and she in
Woodstock. December 8, 1769, they were living in Ashford, and sold to Stephen
Chaffe (96) of Woodstock for £6, three acres of land "l3'ing in the farm of Joseph
Chaffee (18) deceased." The Ashford records under the date of May 29, 1775,
state that "Francis Chaffee's earmark for his creatures is a slit in the top of the
right ear and a hole in the left ear." His name appears in the Revolutionary
records as Private in Captain Thomas Knowlton's company, which marched from
Ashford for the relief of Boston on the Lexington Alarm, April, 1775. Service,
three days. He also served as Private in Captain Marcy's company. He made
his will June 15, 1786, and the inventory of his estate was taken in Ashford, July
21, of that year.


Children, born in Ashford :

729 i Priscilla ^ Chaffee, born November 17, 1769.

+ 730 ii Benjamin Chaffee, born June 28, 1771; married Rebecca Whiting.

731 iii Orrin Chaffee, born June 15, 1773.

732 iv Francis Chaffee, born August 18, 1776; died July 3, 1786.

733 V Dorcas Chaffee, born September 29, 1779.

734 vi Frances Chaffee, born March 18, 1782.

735 vii Perrin Chaffee, born April 20, 1786; died 1813, Samuel Smith being

appointed administrator of the estate of Perrin Chaffee, late of
Marcellus, N. Y., April 28, 1813; he bought land there February
10, 1810.

282 Zebediah ^ Chaffee (James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Wood-
stock, Mass. (now Conn.), April 11, 1741, and died in Rupert or Hebron, Vt.,
February 9, 1816. He married in Woodstock, January 28, 1768, Mehetabel,
daughter of David and Susanna Preston. David Preston was a sea captain. On
one of his voyages he was lowered over the side of his ship and killed a shark with
a hatchet, his crew drawing back to the deck both their captain and his prize.
A picture of this exploit is to be found in London. Mehetabel (Preston) Chaffee
was born April 19, 1748, died February 22, 1836, and was buried in Vermont.
Zebediah Chaffee was a shoemaker. He served in the Colonial War and also in
the Revolution. He moved from Woodstock to Rupert in 1796; later he spent a
few years with his son Zebediah Chaffee, Jr., in Onoquago, N. Y., but returned to

Children, all but the seventh knowTi to have been born in Woodstock:

736 i Celinda^ Chaffee, born November 6, 1768; died in Scipio, N. Y.,

March 11, 1840; married Eber Dunham; baptized in the First
Congregational Church, Woodstock, February 19, 1769.

737 ii Pamela Chaffee, born August 31, 1770; died in Vermont about 1845,

aged seventy-five; married Benjamin Harmon; baptized in the
First Congregational Church, Woodstock, September 1, 1770.

+ 738 iii Mabel Chaffee, born October 29, 1772; married Benjamin Bliss.

+ 739 iv Azotus Chaffee, born November 6, 1774; married Sarah Hopkins.

740 V Thirza Chaffee, born April 12, 1777; died in Woodstock, March 28,

1786; baptized in the First Congregational Church there in April,

741 vi Gratis Chaffee, born April 6, 1779; died in Vermont; married David

Brown, and lived in "S^ermont; baptized in the First Congrega-
tional Church, Woodstock, June 20, 1779.

742 vii Sabra Chaffee, born March 6, 1781; died in Rupert, March 5, 1840;

baptized in the First Congregational Church, Woodstock, June
10, 1781.
+ 743 viii Zebediah Chaffee, Jr., born March 4, 1784; married Patty Knox.

285 James 5 Chafee, Jr. (James,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Thomas i), was born in
Woodstock, Mass. (now Conn.), March 22, 1748, and died in Church\dlle, N. Y.,
May 22, 1827. He married Sarah Howlett, born September 9, 1753. She was a
member of the Free Will Baptist Church. He was baptized in the First Congre-
gational Church of Woodstock, May 1, 174S. He served as a Private in the Revo-
lution, at the time of his enhstment spelling his name "Chaffee," it is said. Later
he changed the spelling to "Chafee" and when his daughter Elizabeth appUed
for a pension, she was refused on that account. He probably moved from Wood-
stock, Conn., to Woodstock, Vt., between 1779 and the spring of 1781, and in
1807 was again living in the latter place, in the interim having spent some years


in New York state. He and his son James sold land in Riga, N. Y., and also a
distillery and its fittings, excepting the thermometer, July 4, 1824. Mr. Chaffee
was buried in Churchville.

Children :
+ 744 i Martha Howlett « Chafee, born January 10, 1776; married George

745 ii Sarah Cook Chafee, born February 17, 1779; died in Cattaraugus

County, N. Y.; married (1) in Vermont, Griffin, who

died in Canada, as did three of their seven children ; she married

(2) Williams and moved to Monroe County, N. Y., and

later to Cattaraugus County, where in 1849 they lived in Orange-
ville; a son and three daughters by the first husband married
and probably settled in Cattaraugus County.

746 iii Mary Chafee, born in Vermont, April 29, 1781 ; died in Riga, in 1849,

in the home of her sister Elizabeth; unmarried; moved to New
York state from Vermont two or three years before her death,

+ 747 iv Elizabeth Chafee, born October 4, 1783; married Jonathan Tupper.

+ 748 V William Chafee, born September 5, 1784; married Sarah Squires.

749 vi Lucretia Chafee, born in Vermont, December 29, 1785; died in Riga,

N. Y.; married William Bennett, and had a daughter and two
sons; was buried in Riga.

750 vii Dorothy Chafee, born in Cayuga County, N. Y., August 18, 1792;

died in Riga and was buried there ; married there Hawks

and had one child.

751 viii James Chafee, Jr., born in Cayuga County, died in Riga; married

there Eliza Dean, and had three children, one of whom died in
infancy; the others, a son and a daughter, after their father's
death, moved away with their mother, who remarried.

286 Nathan ^ Chaffee (James,^ Joseph,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Wood-
stock, Conn., November 17, 1750, and died in Sturbridge, Mass., August 13 (15),
1815. He married Priscilla Wedge, born April 3, 1762. He was baptized in the
First Congregational Church of Woodstock, November 25, 1750. He lived at one
time in Brookfield, Mass., and was a farmer. He is thought to be the Nathan
Chaffee who is on record as having entered the Revolutionary service July 5, 1776,
in Captain David Woodward's Rangers,

Children, born in Brookfield:
+ 752 i Mary Abigail ^ Chaffee, born March 12, 1784; married Dexter Ludden.
+ 753 ii William Chaffee, born July 31, 1786; married Rachel Rice.
+ 754 iii Calvin Chaffee, born July 30, 1788; married Charity Aynesworth.

288 Chester ^ Chaffee (James,* Joseph,3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in Wood-
stock, Conn., April 6, 1755, and died in Thompson, Conn., September 17, 1741.
He married in Woodstock, April 25, 1778, Caroline, daughter of Joshua Walker
of that i^lace. She died November 3, 1845, aged eighty-six, and was buried in
East Woodstock, Conn, Chester Chaffee was baptized in the First Congregational
Church of Woodstock, May 18, 1755. He and his wife were both members of the
Congregational church. They lived after their marriage in Thompson, where he
bought land as early as 1785. In the records of Connecticut Revolutionary Service
we find that Chester " Chafey " served as a Private in the 7th Company, commanded
by Captain Ephraim Manning, formed in Woodstock, enlisting May 9, 1775, and
being discharged December 15, 1775. He enlisted as a Private in the 3d Regiment,
July 1, 1780, and was discharged December 11, 1780. He also served in Captain
Lyon's company. Colonel Durkee's regiment, as is mentioned in his pension claim.


He was a Revolutionary pensioner in 1832, living in Windham County, and also
in 1840, then living in Thompson, aged eighty-five. He was a farmer and tailor,
had a light complexion, and was five feet, four inches in height.
Children :

+ 755 i Cyril " Chaffee, born February 11, 1779; married Hannah Grover.

+ 756 ii Hannah Chaffee, born June 21, 1781; married Hezekiah Frissell.

+ 757 iii Abigail Chaffee, born July 11, 1783; married Amasa Scott.

+ 758 iv John Chaffee, born November 30, 1785; married Lydia Elliot.

+ 759 V Alpheus Cady Chaffee, born April 9, 1789; married Nancy Evidon.

760 vi Caroline Chaffee, born August 2, 1791; died in Thompson, April 12,
1867; unmarried.

+ 761 vii Sophia Chaffee, born January 22, 1794; married John W. Elliott.

+ 762 viii Chester Chaffee, Jr., born March 14, 1798; married Mary Barker.

763 ix Mary Ann Chaffee, born March 30, 1800; died May 5, 1871; married

Arad Upham, and had several children.

764 X Harriet Chaffee, born April 2, 1804; died December 1, 1804.

290 Calvin s Chaffee (James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Wood-
stock, Conn., February 3, 1760, and died in Lexington, N. Y., January 6, 1817
(pension claim) (June 3, 1816, family record). He married, August 31, 1786,
Ruth Evidon of Thompson, Conn., where he lived at that time. He was baptized
in the First Congregational Church of Woodstock, November 2, 1760. He fought
in the Revolution, in 1778 serving under Captain Samuel Chandler. He was
drafted several times and in 1781 enlisted for the remainder of the War, in the
3d Regiment, Connecticut Line, his home was then in Thompson. After his death
his widow applied for a pension. He bought and sold land in Thompson from
1785 to 1795, and later moved from Connecticut to New York state. He prob-
ably Hved in Scipio, N. Y,, in 1805 and in Ovid, N. Y., in 1807. He was a farmer
and was one of the early settlers of Lexington.

Children :

+ 765 i Sullivan ^ Chaffee, born about 1787; married Catherine Deyoe.

766 ii Dexter Chaffee, lived in Connecticut.

+ 767 iii Abigail Chaffee, married Calvin Foster.

768 iv George Chaffee.

769 V Festus Chaffee, died before 1891; married Julia Delong, who lived in

Prattsville, N. Y., in 1891.
+ 770 vi Rhoda Chaffee, married Hare.

291 Abial ^ Chaffee (James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born in Wood-
stock, Conn., August 13, 1761, and died there April 26, 1847. He married in
Woodstock or Thompson, Conn., July 24, 1783, Hannah, daughter of William
Seargent of Plymouth, Mass. She is said to have been a Mayflower descendant.
She was a member of the Congregational Church and was noted for her piety.
She died November 22, 1850, and was buried in East Woodstock, Conn. Abial
Chaffee was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Woodstock, August
23, 1761, and at the age of sixty-five joined the Methodist church. He had a light
complexion, blue eyes, and was possessed of an excellent memory. He was an
artisan and lived in Woodstock. At the age of fifteen he went as substitute for
his father, who had been drafted for service m the Revolution. After serving out
his father's term, he re-enlisted and served until the end of the War. The Connec-
ticut records show that he was a Private in the 3d Regiment, enlisted July 1, 1780,
discharged December 11, 1780. Also in Captain Allen's company, enlisted February


6, 1781, discharged December 31, 1781. He was present at the surrender of Corn-
walUs and also heard Washington's farewell address to his troops. He was slightly
wounded in a skirmish by a bayonet wound in the leg. In 1818 he was a Revolu-
tionary pensioner and also in 1840, when he was living in Woodstock, aged seventy-
Children :
771 i Nancy ^ Chaffee, born in Thompson or Woodstock, October 8, 1783;

died February 14, 1872; had a light (!omplexion, blue eyes, and

was of medium height; she united with the Congregational

Church when quite young; unmarried.
+ 772 ii Sally Seargent Chaffee, born August 1, 1785; married William Russell.
+ 773 iii Patty Chaffee, born August 20, 1787; married (1) Thomas Hemmin-

way; (2) Chester Bacon.
+ 774 iv Hannah S. Chaffee, born November 9, 1789; married Rensselaer

+ 775 v Lemuel Seargent Chaffee, born April 3, 1792; married Marilla Johnson.

776 vi Gustavus Barnes Chaffee, born December 3, 1794; died in Woodstock

in July, 1826, of consumption brought on by hardship and ex-
posure endured in the regular army, in which he served as a
Private for five years; had a light complexion, blue eyes, and
was a mason.

777 vii Abial Chaffee, Jr., born April 26, 1797; died in June, 1803.

+ 778 viii Leonard Chaffee, born September 30, 1803; married (1) Emily Com-
stock; (2) Mrs. Eliza (Chaffee) Johnson (probably 2021).

779 ix Hosea Rich Chaffee, born in Dudley, Mass., September 21, 1806; died

in Woodstock, October 4, 1893; had a light complexion, blue eyes,
and was six feet in height ; his first vote was cast in the Congrega-
tional Church in West Woodstock for the old Liberty party; at
the age of twenty-one he joined the Methodist church, in which
he became steward and class leader; was a shoemaker and un-

292 Charles ^ Chaffee (James,* Joseph, ^ Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Wood-
stock, Conn., June 14, 1763, and died November 29, 1825. He married Deborah

. He was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Woodstock,

July 17, 1763. He was the first physician in Alexander, N. Y., where he was living
as early as 1810. He bought land there December 23, 1814, and his widow sold
fifty acres of land there March 16, 1832. He was a very outspoken man. The
pension claim of "Charles Chafey of Bennington, N. Y." is thought to refer to
Doctor Chaffee. It states that he enlisted in the War of 1812 in Captain Matteson's
company, New York Militia, in May, 1812.

Children :

780 i Ruby ^ Chaffee, married Abel McKane.

781 ii Jerusha Chaffee, married Martin McKane.

782 iii Abigail Chaffee, married J. M. Riddle.

783 iv Polly Chaffee, married Charles Raymond.

784 V Bethia Chaffee, married Riddle.

+ 785 vi Thomas J. Chaffee, married.

786 vii Jefferson Chaffee.

+ 787 viii James Sullivan Chaffee, born in 1808; married Sarah Jenkins.

788 ix Maria Chaffee, residence, 1828, Alexander.

+ 789 X Charles Chaffee, Jr., born March 3, 1818; married Naomi Roberts.

295 Chadwick ^ Chaffee (James,* Joseph. ^ Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in
Woodstock, Conn., March 16, 1771, and died in Monson, Mass., September 6,


1848. He married there, Abigail, daughter of Freeborn Moultou of that place.
She was born April 23, 1773, and died in Monson, March 17, 1838, where she was
buried. Chadwick Chaffee was baptized in the First Congregational Church of
Woodstock, March 24, 1771. He had a light complexion and was five feet, eight
inches in height. He lived in Monson, where he was a farmer. He died while
out driving.

Children, the first ten born in Monson:

+ 790 i Freeborn Moulton ^ Chaffee, born August 9, 1794; married Mrs.
Betsey (Leonard) Squire.

+ 791 ii James Austin Chaffee, born December 7, 1796; married (1) Susan
Thresher; (2) Martha Dunham.

+ 792 iii Ira Chaffee, born August 2, 1798; married (1) Anna Davis; (2) Anna
Ladd Chaffee (3525) ; (3) Eunice Butler.
793 iv Lotheta Chaffee, born June 29, 1800; died in Stafford, Conn., No-
vember 24, 1869; married, November 12, 1843, Erasmus Rood
of that place, their marriage intention being published in Monson,
October 13, 1843; they lived in Stafford and had no children;
she was buried in Staffordville, Conn.

+ 794 V Orinda Chaffee, born February 14, 1802; married Gad Davis.

+ 795 vi Stephen Chaffee, born January 26, 1804; married Betsey Davis.

+ 796 vii Annis M. Chaffee, born May 22, 1806; married Heustis.

797 viii Rhoda Cady Chaffee, born May 14, 1808; died June 25, 1844; married
in South Wilbraham, ]\Iass., May 27, 1832, Hiram Merrick of
Ellington, Conn., and had two children; the family moved to
Iowa and were all thought to be dead in 1890.

+ 798 ix Calvin Chaffee, born June 12, 1810; married Betsey A. Morgan.

+ 799 X Julius Chaffee, born January 13, 1813; married Polly Ellis.

+ 800 xi Almond Chaffee, born May 29, 1815; married Melissa R. F. Washburn.

+ 801 xii Abigail Rebecca Chaffee, born June 12, 1817; married Eli M.Smith.

296 Stephen s ChafEee (James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas was born in Wood-
stock, Conn., September 25, 1773, and died in Springville, N. Y., February 6,
1841, He married in Woodstock, in 1795, Ruth, daughter of Kingsley Under-
wood of Vermont, a relative of Judge Underwood of Virginia. At the time of
their marriage she lived in Woodstock, and he in Brimfield, Mass. She was born
November 17, 1774, and died August 8, 1840, at the home of her daughter. Ruby
(Chaffee) Baker, in Evans, N. Y., where she was buried. Stephen Chaffee was
baptized in the First Congregational Church in Woodstock, November 5, 1773.
He and his wife were both members of the Methodist church. He had a light
complexion, black eyes and was five feet, ten inches in height. February 6, 1795,
he and his wife, being then of Pittsford, Vt., sold for £28, to John Fox of Wood-
stock, all their right and title in the real estate of Daniel Underwood, deceased,
the property being in Woodstock. Between 1798 and 1804 Stephen Chaffee moved
from Vermont to Cazenovia, N, Y., and about 1810 to Attica, N. Y. He was a
farmer. He went to live with his son Ambrose W. Chaffee in Springville after
the death of his wife, but he survived her loss only six months.

Children :

802 i Lucy^ Chaffee, born February 17, 1796; died January 11, 1859;

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