William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 20 of 91)
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New Bedford, Mass., from September 25, to October 20, 1814. For this ser\ace
he drew as bounty one hundred sixty acres of land, and after his death his widow
applied for a pension. They lived in Seekonk.

Children :

918 i Esther W.^ Chaffee, married John Humphrey, and had seven children;

residence, 1884, Seekonk.
4-919 ii Joseph B. Chaffee, married Rebecca Anthony.

920 iii Fannie W. Chaffee, married Francis E. Pierce, and had seven children;

residence, 1884, San Mateo, Cal.

921 iv Timothy ChafTee, born in Seekonk; living there, 1887; unmarried.
4-922 V Abram Bowen Chaffee, born August 10, 1832; married Sarah Miller.

923 vi Samuel D. Chaffee, residence, 1884, Seekonk; unmarried.

924 vii Albert B. Chaffee, married, no children; served in the 12th R. L

Volunteers in the Civil War; residence, 1884, Seekonk.

925 viii Alonzo A. Chaffee, residence, 1884, Seekonk; unmarried.


926 ix Charlotte Amanda Chaffee, married Lewis; residence, 1884,

Seekonk; 1889, Providence, R. I.
Three other children, who died before 1884, names unknown.

366 Wilder ^ Chaffee (Joseph, ^ Thomas^* Thomas,^ Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was
born in Rehoboth, Mass., March 31, 1796. and died May 7, 1864. He was married
in Seekonk, Mass., April 19, 1825; by Reverend Bartlett Pearce, to Sabrina,
daughter of Noah Bowen of that place. Their marriage intention was dated
April 4, 1824. She was born in Seekonk, July 31, 1801, and died December 18,

After their marriage they lived on Noah Bowen 's farm for eight years, and in
1832 moved to Warren, Pa., where Mr. Chaffee bought land May 16, 1832. The
trip of three hundred miles took fifteen days and was made in a covered wagon,
drawTi by two horses. In speaking of this trip Mrs. Chaffee said :

" I walked some miles every day, for our load was heavy but the last day of our
journey I was in a hurry, got out of the wagon and walked the last seven miles
without stopping. . . . We bought us some land with a log hut and a small
barn which made us, we thought, a pleasant home, where I have spent many happy

Mrs. Chaffee had a remarkable memory up to the time of her death. Mr. Chaffee's

will, dated May 11, 1860, was probated June 4, 1864.

Children :

927 i Wilder Bowen ^ Chaffee, born in 1825.

+ 928 ii Horace Brown Chaffee, born September 28, 1828; married Polly Gore.
+ 929 iii Maria Elizabeth Chaffee, married George B. Harrington.

930 iv William Preston Chaffee, residence, 1891, Ghent, Pa.

931 V Lucy Almina Chaffee, died before 1892.

367 Huldah 8 Chaffee (Joseph,5 Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., May 19, 1798, and died June 16, 1836. She was
married in Seekonk, Mass., November 9, 1817, by Reverend John Pitman, to
Benjamin, son of Ebenezer and Huldah (Brown) Peck of Smithfield, R. I. He
was of Barrington, Mass., and after Huldah's death married (2) Mrs. Abigail
(Peck) Bowen, by whom he had two children.

Children :

932 i Amanda M.^ Peck, born September 23, 1818; died October 16, 1832.

933 ii Benjamin B. Peck, born July 28, 1820; died December 15, 1820.

934 iii Benjamin W\ Peck, born September 28, 1825; married Emily A. Gillmore.

935 iv Mary Ellen Peck, born January 22, 1829; married Henry M. Horton.

936 V George S. Peck, born January 7, 1831; married Ellen C. Rhodes.

937 vi Emily Chaffee Peck, born November 21, 1835; unmarried in 1863.

For further descendants see the Peck Genealogy, by Ira C. Peck.

370 Charles ^ Chafee (Stephen,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas
was born in Swansea, Mass., and died in Springville, N. Y., February 5, 1858.
He married in Fitzwilliam, N. H., in February, 1805, Polly, daughter of Joel
Miles of. that place. She was born in April, 1781, and died December 2, 1867.
Both she and her husband were buried in Spring\nlle, to which place they moved
from Vermont in 1816. Charles Chafee was a farmer.

Children, the first six born in Vermont, the last four in Springville:

938 i Diana "> Chafee, died in Springville, July 4, 1818, and was buried there.
+ 939 ii Joel Chafee, born May 1, 1807; married Ann Moulton.


940 iii Almira Chafec, born in Walliiigford 1809; died in Springville, in 1887;

married Blackmail ; moved from Vermont to Springville

in 1816; she had a remarkable memory for family history and

941 iv Stephen Chafee, born November 19, 1811; died in Wellsville, O.,

June 27, 1838; buried in Springville.

942 v Alanson Chafee, born November 19, 1813; died in Springville, July

28, 1874; married S. Vestina , born June 2, 1828, died

May 23, 1869; both buried in Springville.

943 vi Eliza Chafee, born in 1816; residence, 1890, Hamburgh, N. Y.

944 vii Augustus Chafee, born in 1818; residence, 1890, Springville.

945 viii Melinda Chafee, born September 9, 1821; died February 25, 1849;

buried in Springville.

946 ix Miles Chafee, born in 1822; residence, 1890, Grinnell, la.

947 X Adaline Chafee, born in 1826; died in Springville in 1850.

371 Jonathan e ChafEee (Stephen, s Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Swansea, Mass., in November, 1785, and died in Boston, Mass., in
November, 1863. He married in Seekonk, Mass., Nancy, daughter of John Aldrich
of Cumberland, R. I. She died in May, 1873, aged eighty-one years, and was
buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston. Jonathan Chaffee was a mason and
lived at the time of his death in Boston, where he died in the home of his son,
George A. Chaffee. He was buried in Boston. Both Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee were
members of the Congregational Church.

Children :

948 i George A.^ Chaffee, born in Pawtucket, R. I., October 30, 1810; died

May 3, 1884; unmarried; was retired from business; left f 1,000 to

949 ii Edward L. Chaffee, born in Pawtucket in 1815; died in 1842.

950 iii Abigail Ann Chaffee, died in 1835.

951 iv Cyril Chaffee, died in 1835.

+ 952 V Mary Frances Augusta Chaffee, born May 15, 1830; married William

H. Baldwin.
953 vi Maria E. Chaffee, born in Boston in 1832; residence, 1883, Boston;

+ 954 vii William Ricker Chaffee, married Sophia L. Gerts.

372 Stephen Harrison « (?) ChafEee (Stephen,^ Thomas,* Thomas,^ Nathaniel,^
Thomas i) was lost at sea. He married Salome Starkey, and they lived in Rich-
mond and Swanzey, N. H. Mrs. Chaffee married (2) there, Joseph Clark Dav-
enport, and moved to Mt. Holly, Vt. They had a son, Carlos Cresson Davenport,
who lived in Mechanicsville, Vt., in 1891.

+ 955 i Stephen ^ Chaffee, born in 1805; married Abigail C. Davenport.

374 Rhoda Sophronia « ChafEee (Stephen,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,'
Thomas 1) was born in Swansea, Mass., July 11, 1792, and died in Essex, Vt.,
January 31, 1875. She married in Wallingford, Vt., about 1813 or 1814, Timothy
Shalor Nichols of Richmond, Vt., a cabinet maker and later a farmer, born in
Middletown, Conn., August 12, 1793, died in Essex, March 27, 1868. He had a
light complexion and blue eyes. They lived in Richmond, Hinesburgh, Vt.,
and Essex, where Mrs. Nichols was buried. Both were members of the Baptist


Children, born in Richmond:

+ 956 i Timothy'' Washington Ranodine Nichols, born September 30, 1815;
married (1) Susan A. Tubbs; (2) Julia A. Bliss.
957 ii Ira Jay Nichols, born February 21, 1820; married Emily Remington.

382 Josiah ^ ChafEe, Jr. (Josiah,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 0,
was born in Ashford, Conn., April 26, 1765, and died in Volney, N. Y., September
17, 1839. He married in Mansfield, Conn., March 26, 1789, Joanna, daughter
of James Parker of that place. She was born in Mansfield in 1769, and died in
Volney, October 2, 1857, where she was buried.

Josiah Chaffe served in the Revolution, enlisting at the early age of sixteen,
as a Private in Captain James Darras' company, April 29, 1781, and taking the
place of his father, who had been drafted. He again enlisted as a Private, Sep-
tember 8, 1783, this time in Captain Benjamin Durkee's company and was dis-
charged the same day. He afterward rose to the rank of Lieutenant. He was
blown up by the bursting of a cannon and lost his hearing. In 1832 he applied
for a pension, which was granted and he drew $96 a year up to the time of his

He lived with his family in Ashford until 1820, when, with his wife, five sons
and a daughter, he moved to Palermo, N. Y. They later lived in Bridgewater,
Gilbertsville, and Volney, N. Y., where they were living in 1832. Josiah Chaffe
was baptized in the First Congregational Church of Ashford, August 11, 1865.
Later he became a Close Communion Baptist, of which church his wife was also
a member, and in 1831 both joined the Free Baptist Church. He was a shoemaker
and farmer. He had a dark complexion, black eyes, and was five feet, 10 inches
in height.

Children, born in Ashford:

+ 958 i Albigence ^ Chaffe, born April 14, 1790; married Lucy Streeter.

+ 959 ii Fidelia Chaffe, born February 7, 1791; married Ephraim Martin.

+ 960 iii Joel Chaffe, born March 16, 1794; married (1) Jerusha B. Converse;

(2) Deborah Duel.
+ 961 iv Israel Dimock Chaffe, born May 23, 1796; married (1) Ann Bailey;

(2) Mary Franklin.
+ 962 V David Chaffe, born February 3, 1798; married (1) Lucy Perrin; (2)

Mary Lamphere.

963 vi Joanna Chaffe, born August 29, 1800; died in Gilberts Mills, December

11, 1871; unmarried; residence, Gilberts Mills.

964 vii Newman Chaffe, born May 3, 1802; died in Gilberts Mills, September

29, 1827; unmarried; residence, Gilberts Mills.
+ 965 viii Josiah Chaffe, Jr., born November 9, 1805; married Emeline M. Davis.

383 Frederick « ChafEe (Josiah, s Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Ashford, Conn., March 6, 1767, and died in West Springfield, Mass.,
January 1, 1837. He married (1) in Ashford, March 6, 1788, Elizabeth Knowlton
of that place, born March 24, 1768, died November 19, 1806. The inscription on
her tombstone reads :

"In memory of Elizabeth, Consort to Ensign Frederic Chaffee Died Nov. 19
1806 aged 39 years.

Let not the dead forgotten lie
Lest you forget that you must die."

Frederick Chaffe married (2) in Ashford, November 13, 1814, Betsey ShurtlifT.
He enlisted in the Revolution as a Private in August, 1782, substituting for


his brother Josiah. In December, 1782, the latter returned to the service and
Frederick was released. He re-enlisted in the same artillery company in March,
1783, again as a substitute for Josiah.

He lived in Ashford until some years after his second marriage. He was bap-
tized in the First Congregational Church there, June 28, 1707, but evidently
became later a member of the Baptist Church, as in 1803 he was chosen key keeper
of the Baptist meetinghouse, and owned in it pew number thirty-four, for which
he paid $12. In 1810 he contributed six shillings toward buying a farm for the
minister. In 1832, when he applied for a pension, he was living in Manchester,

Children, by first wife, born in Ashford:

-1-966 i Frederick^ Chaffee, Jr., born January 7, 1789; married Catherine S.

967 ii Elizabeth Chaffee, born Septor '^or 16, 1790; married in Ashford.

968 iii Susanna Chaffee, born June L , 1792; married in Ashford,


969 iv Almyra Chaffee, born February 28, 1794; died February 27, 1827;

supposed to have married Knowlton of Ashford.

970 V Nancy Carpenter Chaffee, born February 26, 1796.

971 vi Hannah Chaffee, born June 19, 1798; married in Ashford,


972 vii Amanda Chaffee, born March 6, 1801; died March 28, 1802.

-1-973 viii Daniel Knowlton Chaffee, born November 21, 1802; married (1)
Mrs. Sarah A. (Tucker) Snow; (2) Mrs. Charlotte A. (Sayles)

-1-974 ix Anson Chaffee, born November 17, 1804; married Sally M. Whipple.

Children, by second wife:

975 X Ebenezer Jenks Chaffee, born in Ashford, August 25, 1815; died there,

January 27, 1819.

976 xi Rosetta Jane Chaffee, born in Ashford, October 31, 1818; married

September 19, 1842, Samuel J. Wright of Enfield, Mass.; at this
time she was living in Chester, ]\Iass.; residence, 1891, Spring-
field, Mass.

977 xii Maria Elizabeth Chaffee, born in Hampton, Conn., March 15, 1821 ;

married Samuel Otis of Chester.

978 xiii Charlotte Ellen Chaffee, born in Hampton, September 21, 1827; died

before 1891 ; married, September 13, 1846, Charles A. Whitney
of Springfield; at this time she was living in Hampton.

391 Carpenter ^ ChafEe (Josiah, s Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas
was born in Ashford, Conn., February 7, 1774, and died there, November 25, 1843.
He married Lois Lyon, who died May 6, 1847. Both were members of the Baptist
Church in 1831.

Children :

979 i Alfred ^ Chaffe, born in 1811 ; died July 13, 1S66; married (1) in Ashford,

May 24, 1837, Minerva Preston, who died November 3, 1848, aged
fortv-one; married (2) Almira Dean; he was baptized in Ashford,
March 6, 1842.

980 ii Sanford Chaffe, born in 1814; died Julv 10, 1837; baptized in 1834.

981 iii Elvira Chaffe, born in 1817; died June 26, 1843.

982 iv Eliza Chaffe, died in Ohio; married George Baker, and moved to Ohio.

983 V Esther Chaffe, died in Springfield, Mass.; married Theodore Bishop.

984 vi James Chaffe, died young.

985 vii Henry Chaffe, died young.


393 Elihu ^ Chaffe (Josiah,5 Jonathan/ Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was
born in Ashford, Conn., May 6, 1777, and died in Tolland, Conn., in 1848. He
married in Ashford, August 31, 1806, Alice Reed of Tolland. He was baptized
in the First Congregational Church of Ashford, August 3, 1777. He was a farmer.

Children , born in Ashford :

986 i Alice 7 Chaffe, born November 14, 1806; died in Ashford, March 17,


987 ii Catherine Chaffe, born September 2, 1808.

988 iii Elihu Chaffe, Jr., born August 5, 1810.

989 iv Fidelia Chaffe, born April 10, 1813.

990 V Ehza Ann Chaffe, born September 2, I8I0.

+ 991 vi Emery Chaffe, born April 30, 1818; married Philenda Risby.

395 Benjamin ^ Chaffe (Thomas, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas
was born in Willington, Conn., November 16, 1782, and died in Newfield, N. Y.,
May 4, 1830 (1839). He married (1) in Becket, Mass., November 27, 1783, Mercy
Ellis. Both were residents of that place. She died in Newfield, November 24,
1822, and was buried there. He married (2) Mrs. Cornelius Seabung,

Benjamin Chaffe of Willington bought of John Huntington of Becket, fifty
acres of land with the buildings thereon for £37, June 4, 1783, and August 25,
1784, being then a resident of Becket, he bought fifty-five acres more for £16.
He united with the First Congregational Church of Becket in June, 1786. He
probably moved to New York state about 1807, living in Aurelius, Scipio, and
finally settling in Newfield. He had a light complexion, gray eyes, and was five
feet, ten inches in height. He was known as an upright man, of a very religious
turn of mind. He was a farmer and is said to have been in the Revolutionary War.

Children, by first wife, all but the last three born in Becket:

+ 992 i Ezra 7 Chaffe, born December 20, 1784; married Mary Messenger.
+ 993 ii Thirza Chaffe, born November 6, 1786; married Rufus Whitehead.
994 iii Huldah Chaffe, born February 1, 1790; died in Steuben County,

Ind.; married George Story; baptized in November; 1793, in

First Congregational Church in Becket.
+ 995 iv Benjamin Chaffe, Jr., born February 11, 1792; married Clarissa

+ 996 V Joshua Chaffe, born December 10, 1793; married Polly Bower.

997 vi Willard Chaffe, born September 15, 1796.

998 vii Elias Chaffe, died in Palermo, Kan., November 10, 1869; unmarried;

a farmer.
+ 999 viii Seth Chaffe, born in 1799; married Lucy McDaniels.
+ 1000 ix Almon Chaffe, born March 28, 1809; married Julia A. Cook.

396 Deliverence " Chaffe (Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel,^ Thomas 1)
was born in Willington, Conn., October 26, 1764, and died in Becket, Mass.,
September 14, 1814. She married there, September 8, 1786, Anthony Church,
born in February, 1761, died in Becket, August 26, 1848. He is said to have been
a Revolutionary soldier. Both were buried in Becket, where they lived.

Children, born in Becket:

1001 i Anstres ^ Church, born March 1, 1787; died in Becket, June 10, 1847

buried there; unmarried.
+ 1002 ii Nathan Church, born February 23, 1789; married (1) Annis Hare

(2) Zylpha Davis.
1003 iii Prudence Church, born November 17, 1791; died August 16, 1855

buried in Becket; unmarried.


1004 iv Willmm Church, born June 28, 1794; died May 20, 1800; buried in
+ 1005 V Cyrus Church, born February 14, 1798; married (1) Phoebe S. Glea-
son; (2) Rosetta Christie.
lOOG vi William Bennett Church, born May 5, 1801; died.

1007 vii Loring Bennett Church, born June 6, 1807; died May 1, 1884; mar-

ried between 1847 and 1850, Ellen B. Touchey, who died January

22, 1881, aged eighty; no children; he was buried in Becket.

398 Thomas 6 ChafEe, Jr. (Thomas,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 0) was born in Willington, Conn., March 15, 1768, and died in- Becket,
Mass., September 2, 1853. He married in Ashford, Conn., November 21, 1791, Abi-
gail, youngest daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowlton, of Ashford, who
commanded the left wing of the American forces at the Battle of Bunker Hill
and was killed in the Battle of Harlem Heights, N. Y., September 6, 1776. Abigail
Knowlton was born in Ashford, June 19, 1768, and died in Becket, September
18, 1843. Both husband and wife were buried in Becket, where they lived They
united with the Congregational Church there, July 1, 1827, and were ever consistent
members. Most of their children resembled in looks and conduct their mother,
who was a woman of vigorous action and striking character. She was of medium
height. Thomas Chaffe held the office of Constable in Becket in 1814. He was a
farmer, and in his later years was partially blind.

Children, born in Becket:

1008 i Sampson ^ Knowlton Chaffe, born August 4, 1792; died in Canaan,

N. Y., February 19, 1813, of a fever contracted while teaching
school there; unmarried.

1009 ii Frederick Chaffe, born November 25, 1793; died February 13, 1816,

from the fall of a tree while he was chopping in the woods; un-
married ; buried in Becket.

1010 iii Wolcott Chaffe, born May 3, 1795; died in Windham, O., November

23, 1870; was married in Becket, Mass., April 22, 1818, by Rev-
erend Mr. Mills, pastor of the Congregational Church in Becket,
to Abigail, daughter of Deacon Kingsley, who lived in the moun-
tains of Berkshire, and in whose home Wolcott had lived from
a boy; had no children, but adopted a nephew, Wolcott (2505),
son of Newman K. Chaffe; they celebrated their Golden Wedding
in Windham, April 22, 1868; on this occasion Thomas S. Chaffe
(1015) gave a history of the Chaffe family, which together with
an account of the celebration was printed in pamphlet form;
Wolcott Chaffe served in the Massachusetts House of Repre-
sentatives in 1832; he was of medium height; Mrs. Chaffe was a
member of the First Congregational Church in Becket.

+ 1011 iv Newman Keyes Chaffe, born December 15, 1796; married (1) EHza-

beth Phelps; (2) Olive Abbott.
+ 1012 v Miner Chaffe, born February 6, 1799; married Lucy Frary.
1013 vi Alma Chaffe, born February 19 (9), 1801; died in Lee, Mass., March

6, 1838; married in Becket, November 8, 1830, William P.

Hamlin of Lee and left one son, who is unmarried; in 1827 she

united with the First Congregational Church in Becket.
+ 1014 vii Anna Harriet Chaffe, born February 4, 1803; married Justin M.

+ 1015 viii Thomas Sherman Chaffe, born March 24, 1805; married (1) Elizabeth

(Betsey) Shaw; (2) Lucy A. Culver.
+ 1016 ix Lucinda Chaffe, born January 12, 1807; married Kendall Baird.
+ 1017 X Prentiss Chaffe, born January 1, 1809; married Betsey Cannon.
1018 xi Abigail Honora Chaffe, born April 12, 1811; died in East Cambridge,


Mass., in August, 1883; married in Becket, January 8, 1833,
William Clark, who died in Lee, March 29, 1871, aged sixty-
two; no children; she joined the First Congregational Church
of Becket in 1846.
+ 1019 xii Knowlton Sampson Chaffe, born July 11, 1814; married Amelia

399 Jonathan ^ Chaffe (Thomas,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Willington, Conn., March 4, 1771, and died. He married in Becket,
Mass., November 29, 1792, Rebekah Wadsworth, born in 1774. They removed
to Homer, Cortland County, N. Y., where other children beside those mentioned
below are said to have been born.

Children :

1020 i Elias ^ Chaffe, born in Becket, September 12, 1800; died.

1021 ii Seth Willard Chaffe, born in Becket, August 6, 1802; died.

1022 iii Orange Chaffe.

1023 iv Joseph Chaffe.

1024 V Alvin Chaffe.

1025 vi Jonathan B. Chaffe.

+ 1026 vii Thomas B. Chaffe, married Eliza Wells.

1027 viii Sally Chaffe.

1028 ix Polly Chaffe, residence, 1868, Johnstown, Pa.

1029 X Rebecca Chaffe.

1030 xi Laura Chaffe.

1031 xii Almira Chaffe, probably the daughter who married Scott,

and lived in Cortland County.

400 Lois 6 Chaffe (Thomas,* Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Willington, Conn., March 12, 1773, and was married in Becket, Mass.,
July 4, 1793, by Nathaniel Kingsley, Justice of the Peace, to Joshua Ames, born
in Voluntown, Conn., August 11, 1763. He enlisted in Connecticut to go to Canada
with General Wolfe, during the Revolution. He also served eighteen months in
the War of 1812, dying soon after in Athens or Smithfield, Pa., where he and Lois
with nine children are said to have moved in 1809. Lois and a large family of
young children survived him.

Children :

1032 i Ruth 7 Ames.

1033 ii Esther Ames.

1034 iii Warren Ames.

1035 iv Electa Ames.

1036 V Lucy Ames.

1037 vi Abigail Ames.

1038 vii Luther Ames.

+ 1039 viii Orin Ames, born in 1807; married Eliza Burr.

1040 ix Lydia Ames.

+ 1041 X Lyman Ames, married.

1042 xi Robert Ames.

1043 xii Lois Ames.

1044 xiii Rufus Ames.

401 Nathan « Chaffe (Thomas,* Jonathan, < Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, ^ Thomas 1)
was born in Willington, Conn., February 24, 1775, and died in Ledyard, N. Y.
He married Polly Eaton, who died October 29, 1844. He was a miller and sold
land in Becket, Mass., in 1803, later moving to Virgil, N. Y., where he was living


in 1812. He had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, eight inches in
Children :

1045 i Polly ^ Chaffe, born November 25, 1797; married Byron Baker.

1046 ii Wealthy Chaffe, married Abram Powers.

1047 iii Abigail Chaffe, died October 26, 1882; married William Sheldon.

+ 1048 iv Hiram Chaffe, born October 30, 1812; married Maria B. Wilkinson.
+ 1049 V Achsah Chaffe, born June 8, 1815; married John Benedict.

402 Hannah " ChafEe (Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i)
was born in Willington, Conn., May 22, 1777, and died in Becket, Mass., March
29, 1859. She married in 1793, David Putnam of Becket, who died there July 9,
1852, aged ninety-one years. They lived in Becket, where Hannah (Chaffe)
Putnam was a member of the First Congregational Church. She had a dark
complexion, dark eyes, and was five feet, four or five inches in height.

Children, born in Becket:

+ 1050 i Hannah ^ Putnam, born in 1794; married William Hine.

1051 ii Lucinda Putnam, born in 1797; died; married in April, 1822, Henry
+ 1052 iii Roxana Putnam, born in 1799; married Dana M. Smith.
+ 1053 iv David Putnam, Jr., born in 1801; married (1) Hannah Church; (2)
Betsey Clark.

1054 V Lucy Putnam, born in 1804; married Fuller; lived in Vermont.

+ 1055 vi Rowena Putnam, born in 1805; married John Dennison, Jr.

+ 1056 vii Isaac Putnam, born in 1806; married Lucinda E. Church.

+ 1057 viii Jonathan Marcus Putnam, born in 1807; married Phcebe Rouse.

1058 ix Mary Harmony Putnam, born in 1808; died; married James Drake;

residence, Lee, Mass.

1059 X Alvin M. Putnam, born in 1811; died.

1060 xi Emily S. Putnam, born in 1814; died; married Seth Howard Church.
+ 1061 xii Harriet Cymena Putnam, born in 1816; died; married Loring Gallup.
+ 1062 xiii William M. Putnam, born in 1818; married Mary A. Olmstead.

1063 xiv Elizabeth A. Putnam, born in 1820; died.

Two other children, supposed to be sons, names unknown.

403 Zephaniah ^ ChafEe (Thomas, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in WiUington, Conn., October 11, 1779, and died, supposedly in Scipio,
N. Y., in the summer of 1827. He married in Locke, N. Y., Phoebe, daughter of
Daniel Carpenter of that place. She died in July, 1809, and was buried in Locke,

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