William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 21 of 91)
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where they lived up to the time of her death. While a resident of Becket, Mass.,
March 1, 1802, Mr. Chaffe bought of Charles Rowley of Scipio for $230, part of
lot ten in the township of Milton, Cayuga County, N. Y. He also purchased,
September 1, 1802, from Brewster Harris, the remaining j^art of the same lot for
S240. In 1809 he was living in Scipio.

He had a dark complexion, dark eyes, and was of medium height. He was a
member of the Masonic order and was by trade a cooper.
Children, born in Locke:

1064 i Franklin 7 Chaffe, born in 1804; died in Columbus, O., in 1852, where

he had gone for treatment; married Lucinda King, and then

moved to Hinckley, 0., where they lived; no children.
+ 1065 ii Diana Chaffe, born in 1806; married in Scipio, April 5, 1825, Ebenezer

+ 1066 iii Zephaniah, Jr., or Guilderoy or Leroy Chaffe, born December 25,

1807; married Sophronia A. Close.


404 Caleb e Chaffe (Thomas,^ Jonathan/ Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in WilHngton, Conn., July 9, 1781, and died in Becket, Mass., April 29,
1855. He married (1) there, November 8, 1801, Martha Fletcher of that place,
who died May 3, 1818, aged forty-one, and was buried in Becket, where her tomb-
stone bears the following inscription :

"Come all my children that survive,
Come, let us mourn together,
It's I that's lost a bosom friend.
And you a tender mother."

Caleb ChafTe married (2) September 19, 1818, Elizabeth Davenport, who died
in January, 1861. He had a light complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, eight
inches in height. He was a farmer and lived in Becket, where he was buried.

Children, by first wife:

+ 1067 i Caleb Judson 7 Chaffe, born October 22, 1804; married (1) Mary F.

Geer; (2) Sylva Handy; (3) Rachel Rathbun.
1068 ii Thomas Lewis Chaffe, born in Becket, in 1806; died October 20, 1829;

buried in Becket.
+ 1069 iii James Madison Chaffe, born July 25, 1810; married Caroline Parker,
+ 1070 iv Nathan Milton Chaffe, born April 3, 1812; married Ruth A. Osborne.

1071 V Martha Minerva ("Minerva") Chaffe, died in Becket, before 1855;

married about June, 1831, William Hinman, their intention of
marriage being published in Becket, June 18, 1831 ; had seven

1072 vi Theodocia Philena (" Philena") Chaffe, died in Granville, Mass., be-

fore 1855; married about June, 1833, Ray (WiUiam) Champlin
of Blandford, IMass., their marriage intention being published
in Becket, June 12, 1833.

1073 vii Madison Chaffe, died before 1855.

+ 1074 viii Louise (Lois) J. Chaffe, married Benjamin S. Rogers.

Children, by second wife :

+ 1075 ix Benjamin Davenport Chaffe, born September 15, 1819; married
Malinda Snow.

1076 X Mary Elizabeth Chaffe, born in 1822; died in Becket, May 3, 1840.

1077 xi Dwight Chaffe, died in Becket, before 1855.

+ 1078 xii Thomas Lewis Dwight Chaffe, born December 20, 1829; married
Angeline A. Hunter.

406 Abigail « Chaffe (Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Becket, Mass., April 23, 1785, and married there, January 5, 1809,
Amos Watkins of Ashford, Conn. They settled in Cazenovia, N. Y. She was
baptized in the First Congregational Church in Becket, in June, 1785, and became
a member of the same church, September 6, 1807.

Children :

1079 i Darius ^ Watkins.

1080 ii Louisa Watkins.

Another child, name unknown.

410 William 8 Reed (Hannah ^ Chaffe, Jonathan, * Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Tolland, Conn., May 20, 1773, and died September 12,
1851. He married (1) Eunice Fields; (2) Polly White of Bolton, Conn., and (3)
Mercy, daughter of Thomas Pease. She was of Ellington, Conn., and died in
August, 1871, aged ninety-two years. William Reed was a farmer, of medium
height, with blue eyes, and a jovial disposition.


Children, by second wife, born in Tolland:

lOSl i Eunice ^ Reed, died in Pennsylvania; married Wilcox.

1082 ii Horace Reed, died in Enfield, Conn,

1083 iii William Reed, died in Rockville, Conn.; married (1) Bidwell;

(2) Strong.

1084 iv Nathaniel Reed, died aged five years.

1085 V Fidelia Reed, died in Enfield; married Pease.

Children, by third wife, born in Tolland :

1086 vi Sophronia Reed, died in Vernon, Conn.; married Daniel Tucker.

1087 vii Nathaniel Willis Reed, died in Vernon; married (1) Martha Holt;

(2) Judith Clough.
+ 1088 viii Horatio Pease Reed, born February 12, 1821; married Vina Richard-

413 Jonathan « Chaffee (William, s Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Ashford, Conn., February 11, 1765, and died in Bristol, O., June 23,

1848. He married in Ashford, November 26, 1789, Sally, daughter of Joseph
Farnham. She died January 11, 1848, aged seventy-six years, and was buried in
Bristolville, 0. Jonathan Chaffee was a farmer.

Children :

+ 1089 i Jose ^ ChafTee, born May 30, 1791 ; married Theodocia Fletcher.
+ 1090 ii Billings Chaffee, born April 13, 1793; married (1) Charlotte Hoskins;
(2) Sally Brooks.

1091 iii Alpheus Chaffee, born in Ashford, December 31, 1794; lived in Sims-

bury or Bloomfield, Conn.

1092 iv Philo Chaffee, born in Becket, January 14, 1800.

+ 1093 V Henry Farnham Chaffee, born June 11, 1802; married Sally E. Gates.
+ 1094 vi Truman Bibbins Chaffee, born June 19, 1804; married (1) Grace
Hyde; (2) Mrs. Lydia Babcock.

1095 vii Eunice Armena Chaffee, born in Becket, Mass., November 6, 1806.

1096 viii Anna Triphena Chaffee, born September 22, 1808.

1097 ix Elbridge Gerry Chaffee, born March 13, ISll.

1098 X Katherine Lovina Chaffee, born July 27, 1814.

1099 xi Sally Maria Chaffee, born June 21, 1816.

415 Amos 6 Chaffee (William,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas 1)
was born in Ashford, Conn., September 12, 1769, and died there, February 20,

1849. He married (1) in Ashford, October 1, 1797, Harmony Crary, who died
August 13, 1843, aged sixty-nine, and was buried in Ashford. He married (2)
October 27, 1844, ]\Irs. Elizabeth Weeks.

Amos Chaffee served in the War of 1812. He was Captain of a large company
in New London, under the command of Colonel William Belcher, He served
in Groton, Conn., from August 23 to October 5, 1814, having as his assistant his
son Cyrus. October 22, 1793, he bought one hundred acres of land in Newport,
Luzerne County, Pa., and in 1807, while living in Ashford, bought land in Savoy,
Berkshire County, Mass. He had a dark complexion, black eyes, was of medium
height, and was a member of the Universalist Church, His tombstone in Ashford
bears the following inscription :

"Capt. Amos Chaffee died Feb 20 1849 aged 79.
Dear friends He leave this earth and rise
And rest with saints above the skies
O! come to God, obey his call
Jesus our savior died for all."


Children, by first wife, born in Ashford:

1100 i Gurdan ^ Chaffee, bom February 14, 1799; died in infancy.

1101 ii Erastus Chaffee, born May 26, 1801; died in infancy.
+ 1102 iii Cyrus Chaffee, born February 11, 1803; married Eunice

1103 iv Delotia Chaffee, born December 7, 1804; died in 1885; married
Joseph W. Zane; she was baptized and joined the First Con-
gregational Church of Ashford, May 29, 1825; residence, 1883,
Boston, Mass.

+ 1104 V Amos Chaffee, Jr., born October 14, 1806; married Mary Curtis.

+ 1105 vi William Fax Chaffee, born April 20, 1809; married Mary A. Parker.

+ 1106 vii Anna Bibbins Chaffee, born May 24, 1811; married Elijah Fordham.

+ 1107 viii Ephraim Pendleton Chaffee, bom March 4, 1815; married Margaret

+ 1108 ix Harmony Claudine Chaffee, born August 7, 1817; married Zelotus
P. Hiscox.

417 Molly 8 ChafEe (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Ashford, Conn., February 25, 1779, and died there. She was married
in Ashford, September 15, 1799, by Reverend Enoch Pond, to Samuel Whipple,
born July 11, 1774. He died in Ashford, where they lived. She was baptized in
the First Congregational Church of Ashford, November 25, 1798. They had a
family of ten or twelve children.

Children :

+ 1109 i Martha B.7 Whipple, born May 29, 1823; married David K. Owen.
Other children, names imknown.

418 Jonathan « Chaffee (Jonathan, s Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas
was born in Ashford, Conn., November 26, 1780, and died in Liberty, N. Y., after
1858. He married (1) in Litchfield, Conn., November 4, 1802, Elizabeth James,
who died in 1814, and was buried in Liberty. He married (2) in 1815, Nancy
Mitchell, who died in 1838. In February, 1820, Jonathan Chaffee bought and sold
land in Killingly, Conn., being then a resident of Liberty, where at the time of
his death he was still living. He was a farmer.

Children, by first wife:

1110 i EHzabeth7 Chaffee, born in Ashford, October 28, 1803; died about


1111 ii Lucy Chaffee, born June 18, 1807; married Gates; residence,

1890, Parksville, N. Y.

1112 iii Catherine Chaffee, born July 22, 1809; married Barnhart;

residence, 1890, Livingston Manor, N. Y.
+ 1113 iv Benjamin James Chaffee, born May 15, 1812; married EHza Taylor.

Child, by second wife :

+ 1114 v Stephen Mitchell Chaffee, born August 18, 1817; married Mary A.

420 Reuben ^ Chaffee (Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas 1)
was born in Ashford, Conn., March 5, 1784, and died in Middletown, Conn., Sep-
tember 2, 1850. He married there, November 30, 1819, Martha Willard, daughter
of Ephraim and Sally (Francis) Bound of Middleto-^vn. [See Appendix D.] She
was bom in Norwich, Conn., April 16, 1799, and died in Middletown, September
22, 1862. Reuben Chaffee had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and was about five
feet, eleven inches in height. He was a merchant in Middletown, where he lived.


Children, born in Middletown :

+ 1115 i Benjamin Francis ^ Chaffee, born October 20, 1820; married Persis A.

1116 ii Lucy Allen Chaffee, born September 25, 1823; died in Middletown,

November 2, 1853; unmarried.
+ 1117 iii Ephraim Bound Chaffee, born August 28, 1826; married Sarah H.

+ 1118 iv Flavins Josephus Chaffee, born October 30, 1829; married Ellen A.


421 Comfort « ChafEee (Nathaniel,5 Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., March 9, 1756, and died February 23, 1828. He
married in Grafton, Mass., September 25, 1781, Mrs. Lucy (Stowe) Hoyt, widow
of R. Hoyt, and daughter of David Stowe of Grafton. She was born there, April
30, 1758, and died March 23, 1845.

Comfort Chaffee served in the Revolutionary War, his record being as follows:

"Chafee, Comfort. Capt. John Pain's co.; list of men stationed at Winter Hill
and Dorchester for about 2 months; dismissed April 1, 1776; also, Capt. Car-
penter's CO., Col. Simeon Gary's regt.. Gen. John Fellows's brigade; Hst of men
stationed at New York and White Plains for 5 months; dismissed Dec. 1, 1776;
also, Capt. Hills's co.. Col. John Dagget's regt.; list of men stationed at Bristol
for 3 months from Dec. 28, 1776.

"Chaffee, Comfort. Private, Capt. Nathaniel Carpenter's co.. Col. John Hatha-
way's regt.; service from April 21, 1777, 23 days at Tiverton, R. I.; also, Capt.
Nathaniel Carpenter's co., Col. Josiah Whitney's regt.; service between May 13,
1777, and July 5, 1777, 7 days; roll includes travel on march from Point Judith
in South Kington, R. I., to Rehoboth.

" Chaffee, Comfort. Private, Lieut. Samuel BrowTi's co.. Col. Thomas Carpenter's
regt.; marched from Rehoboth to Tiverton, R. I., on the alarm of Aug. 1, 1780;
discharged Aug. 8, 1780; service, 9 days, under Gen. Heath." [Massachusetts
Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution.]

At one time he is said to have been attached to George Washington's staff,
attending to the transportation of his tent and baggage. He received from the
state of Massachusetts two hundred acres of land in Maine (then a part of Massa-
chusetts), as a bounty. In 1818, when a resident of Berkshire, Vt., he applied
for a pension.

On December 14, 1776, Lucy Stowe received from her grandmother, Hannah
Stowe, a Bible in which is found written, "Lucy Stowe, Her Bible, born April
30, 1758." Comfort and Lucy Chaffee with the other heirs of David Stowe, settled
a quitclaim in Worcester, Mass., June 10, 1813. Comfort bought land in Berk-
shire County, Mass., in 1782, and sold it in 1783. He settled first in Clarendon,
Vt., and moved to Huntsberg, later called Berkshire, Vt., in March, 1802. June
24, 1801, having bought of Ebenezer Marvin lot number four, and June 26, lot
number six from Thomas Byrd. He was at that time still a resident of Clarendon.
In Berkshire he kept for several years a tavern, which was the quiet and safe
retreat of the traveller. He also owned a productive farm and his family grew up
to be substantial and useful members of the community. He was very fond of
horses and always owned some of the best. He seems to have been something
of a pioneer in Berkshire, as he was the first tavern-keeper, and drove the first
pair of horses and first double wagon ever used in town. He and his wife were
members of the Baptist Church. He had a light complexion, and blue eyes.


Children, the first six born in Clarendon :

1119 i Nathaniel 7 Chaffee, born February 22, 17S3; died July 24, 1821;
married Polly Hibbard (?) and had one daughter.

+ 1120 ii Reuben Chaffee, born January 23, 1785; married Sally Danforth.

+ 1121 iii Lucy Chaffee, born January 3, 1787; married Seth Kendall.

+ 1122 iv Jasper Chaffee, born October 4, 1789; married Hannah Burleson.
1123 V Comfort Chaffee, Jr., born February 8, 1792; died December 17,
1813; married Priscilla, daughter of William Danforth; she was
living in Berkshire, January 6, 1814, when appointed adminis-
tratrix of his will; .she married (2) his brother, John Chaffe.

+ 1124 vi Warren Chaffee, born April 24, 1794; married (1) Sally Burleson;
(2) Frutia Hildreth.

+ 1125 \'ii John Chaffee, born Julv 12, 1796; married Mrs. Priscilla (Danforth)

+ 1126 viii Elijah Chaffee, born November 5, 1799; married (1) Electa Rood;
(2) Julia CJummings.

+ 1127 ix Aaron Stowe Chaffee, born August 18, 1802; married (1) Polly W.
Hill; (2) Charlotte Martin.

422 Nathaniel ^ GhafEee, Jr. (Nathaniel, ^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 1), was born in Rehoboth, Mass., March 7, 1757, and died in Monkton,
Vt., 1826; he married (1) Huldah ; (2) Mrs. Doolittle.

He served in the Revolutionary War as follows:

"Chaffee, Nathaniel, Jr. Private, Capt. Nathaniel Carpenter's co., Col. Thomas
Carpenter's regt.; marched from Rehoboth to Bristol, R. I., on the alarm of Dec.
8, 1776; service, 16 days.

"Chafee, Nathaniel, . . . descriptive list of men mustered by James
Leonard, Muster Master, dated Oct. 29, 1779; Capt. Isaac Hicks's co.. Col. Car-
penter's regt.; age, 22 yrs. ; stature, 5 ft 6 in.; complexion, light; hair, brown;
eyes, blue; residence, Rehoboth; enlistment, 9 months from time of arrival at
Springfield; delivered to Capt. J. Tisdale." [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors
in the War of the Revolution. '\

His pension claim, dated April 24, 1818, is based on services rendered in Colonel
Patterson's brigade, ^lassachusetts Line, in which he enlisted in Springfield, in
August, 1779, being discharged in West Point, N. Y. He is said to have served
as a blacksmith.

Apparently he lived in Clarendon, Vt., as early as 1783, as in that year and in
1785 and 1787 he had children born there. He bought land in Salisbury, Vt.
as early as September 21, 1799, but probably lived there earlier, as a son was born
to him there in 1793. He later bought and sold other pieces of land there. On
June 16, 1808, he was living in Monkton, Vt., and his pension claim, filed ten years
later, was dated there. He was a member of the Methodist church, and was a
farmer and blacksmith.

Children, by first wife, the first three bom in Clarendon:

1128 i Abigal ^ Chaffee, born September, 24, 1783; died.

1129 ii Betsey Chaffee, born July 15, 1785; died.

1130 iii Huldah Chaffee, born July 15, 1787; died.

+ 1131 iv Nathaniel Chaffee, Jr., born May 6, 1793; married (1) Harriet Frank;

(2) Lucv Wright.
+ 1132 V Henrv Chaffee, born in 1802; married (1) Ann Allen; (2) ;


1133 vi Polly Chaffee, died.

1134 vii Ruby Chaffee, died.

1135 viii Horace Chaffee, died.


1136 ix Perry Chaffee, died.

1137 X Hiram A. Chaffee, born in 1811; died March 2, 1892; married Betsey

Farr; Uved in Starksboro, Vt.

Children, by second wife:

1138 xi Benjamin Chaffee.

1139 xii Simeon Chaffee.

1140 xiii Susanna Chaffee.

426 Daniel « Chaffee (Nathaniel.^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3 Xathaniel,^ Thomas i)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., July 27, 1766, and died in 1802. He married, prob-
ably about November, 1789, Sarah, daughter of Jesse Newman of Rehoboth. Their
intention of marriage was entered there, November 1, 1789, and being celebrated
elsewhere. She died in 1852. Daniel Chaffee was a blacksmith.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

1141 i Susannah ^ Chaffee, born January 28, 1791 ; died in 1848.

+ 1142 ii John Chaffee, born May 18, 1793; married Fanny Medbury.
1143 iii Dexter Chaffee, born January 11, 1795; died November 30, 1880;
at the age of twenty-four, he met with an accident while blasting
rocks in Roxbury, Mass., by which he became totally blind; he
was, however, very helpful to his widowed mother in running
the farm; later he hired a gristmill near his home, which he
worked for forty years; in later life he gave this up and again
worked on the home farm, which, by his energy and persever-
ance, had become his property; he lived a cheerful, happy and
useful life, in spite of his great affliction.

+ 1144 iv Daniel Chaffee, born September 2, 1796; married Mrs. Lydia (Arnold)

+ 1145 V Newman Chaffee, born May 19, 1798; married Lydia R. Medbury.

1146 vi Sarah Chaffee, born March 16, 1802; died in Rehoboth, May 8, 1890;


427 Benjamin 6 Chaffee (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth, Mass., August 17 (7), 1768, and died in Pitts-
ford, Vt., December 26, 1840 (1850). He married (1) January 16, 1794, Judith
Fuller, born in Rehoboth, September 28, 1770, died in Pittsford, March 26 (22),

1835. He married (2) Lucy , and lived in Chittenden, Vt., where he

bought and sold many tracts of land from 1799 to 1835. He also lived in Pitts-
ford. He was a blacksmith.

Children, by first wife:

1147 i Demas ^ Chaffee, born October 26, 1794; died; married. May 22, 1851,

Elvira M. Baird, born May 30, 1808; no children.

1148 ii Dexter Chaffee, born September 28, 1796; died September 21, 1852;

unmarried; residence, 1851, Pittsford.

1149 iii Daniel Chaffee, born October 8, 1798; died October 20, 1798.

1150 iv Huldah Chaffee, born July 16, 1800; died July 3, 1804.

+ 1151 V Huldah Chaffee, born October 15, 1804; married Atwood.

+ 1152 vi Daniel Chaffee, born July 14, 1811; married Miranda Haven.

428 Rebecca « Chaffee (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas ^")
was born. in Rehoboth, Mass., June 8, 1770, and died after 1841. She married.
May 7, 1789, Thomas Sweeting « Peck, son of Charles and Rachel ^ (Sweeting)
Peck (101) (Rachel * Chaffee, Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas 1), and they settled
in Seekonk, Mass. She united with the church in 1841.


Children :

1153 i Huldah ^ Peck, born July 5, 1791; married Nathaniel Millard.

1154 ii James Peck, born November 9, 1792; died May 25, 1822; unmarried.

1155 iii Thomas Peck, born September 2, 1794; married Elmira Cole.

1156 iv Rebecca Peck, born January 15, 1796; married Phillip Millard.

1157 V Susannah Peck, born September 20, 1797; married Jonathan Monroe.

1158 vi Asa Peck, born February 6, 1799; married Betsy Hale.

1159 vii Ruth Peck, born December 25, 1800; died young.

1160 viii Nancy A. Peck, born May 25, 1802; married Ira Medbury.

1161 ix Daniel Peck, born November 11, 1803; died July 12, 1804.

1162 X Mary Ann Peck, born November 28, 1804; died December 4 (2), 1814.

1163 xi Hannah C. Peck, born December 20, 1806; married Robert Tripp.

1164 xii Charlotte Peck, born July 31, 1810; married Ira Mason.

1165 xiii Darius Peck, born June 19, 1812; died young.

For further descendants see Peck Genealogy, by Ira C. Peck.

429 Simeon ^ Chaffee (Nathaniel, ^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., February 5, 1772, and died in Rutland, Vt., August
23, 1859. He married (1) in Rehoboth, Mass., March 20, 1796, Martha Morseman
of Rutland, born September 30, 1772. She was a Methodist. He married (2),
April 22, 1813, Mrs. Fanny (Pearson) Thornton, born January 11, 1782, died
October 20, 1859. She had three children by her former husband, Maria, George
and Triphena Thornton. In 1796 Simeon Chaffee lived in Rutland, but apparently
moved soon after to Chittenden, Vt., as all but one of his children by his first wife
were born there. He bought and sold land there from 1811 to 1819, about 1821
moving to Pittsford, Vt., and later back to Rutland, where he was living in 1853.
He and his second wife were both members of the Congregational Church. His
will made April 24, 1857, was probated October 3, 1859. He had a light com-
plexion, and blue eyes. He was a farmer and died of apoplexy.

Children, by first wife, all but the fourth born in Chittenden :

+ 1166 i Stephen 7 Chaffee, born February 27, 1797; married Melletiah Leo-

+ 1167 ii Joel Chaffee, born July 4, 1798; married (1) Adelia Sa-nyer; (2)
Lydia Wilbur.

+ 1168 iii Job Chaffee, born November 13, 1799; married (1) Susan Hall; (2)
Eliza Jones.

+ 1169 iv Carpenter Chaffee, born September 19, 1801; married Abigail Wet-

+ 1170 V Amos Chaffee, born April 7, 1803; married (1) Maria Miller; (2)
Emily Stoughton.
1171 vi Simeon Chaffee, Jr., born January 30, 1805; died in Rock Island,
111.; married Cushman, who, with two daughters, sur-
vived him; between 1830 and 1840 he lived in Sharon, 111.

+ 1172 vii Sophronia ^ Chaffee, born April 3, 1807; married Frederick R. Strong.
1173 viii Salome Chaffee, born March 2, 1809; died October 8, 1828.

+ 1174 ix Solana Chaffee, born December 3, 1810; married (1) Samuel Meade;
(2) Isaac Leonard.

Children, by second wife, the first three born in Chittenden :

+ 1175 X Warren Chaffee, born January 13, 1814; married (1) Chloe M. Pinney;
(2) Mrs. Fannie Taylor; (3) Mrs. Lucinda A. Furman.

+ 1176 xi Heman Chaffee, born June 18, 1816; married Mira A. Noble.

1177 xii Christopher Chaffee, born November 19, 1819; married, in 1842,
Abigail Cheney and had three children; residence, 1892, Wis-


1178 xiii Nathaniel Chaffee, born in Pittsford, January 0, 1822; died in Mem-

phis, Tenn., November, 1SG4; unmarried; Hved in Pittsford,
later in Rutland ; graduated from the ^Medical College in Castle-
ton, Vt., in 1853 and from 1853 to July, 1855, practiced medi-
cine in Troy, N. Y., then went to Paris, France, to continue
his medical studies; returned in October, 1856, to Troy, where
he remained a short time, then moved to Holly Springs, Miss.,
practicing there until the fall of 1864, when he moved to Mem-
phis, dying shortly after his arrival there.

1179 xiv A daughter, born January 1, 1824; died February 21, 1824.
4-1180 XV Susanna Chaffee, born January 26, 1825; married Alden J. Pinney.

430 Ezra « Chaffee (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., October 29, 1773, and died in Seekonk, Mass.
(formerly Rehoboth), November 1, 1849. He married in Rehoboth, May 13, 1804,
Patience Brown of that place, who died December 26, 1854, and was buried in
East Providence, R. I. He lived in 1807 in Rehoboth, where he o-mied land and
later in that part of the town which in 1812 was made a separate town under the
name of Seekonk. He was a cabinet-maker and a member of the Seekonk Con-
gregational Church. He had a fair complexion, and blue eyes.

Children :

+ 1181 i Bosworth ^ Chaffee, born April 10, 1805; married (1) Lydia H. Martin;
(2) Henrietta L. . '

1183 ii Nathaniel Chaffee, born August 12, 1806.

1184 iii Harman Chaffee, born January 13, 1809; died September 11, 1836;


1185 iv Ezra Chaffee, Jr., born September 28, 1811; died; unmarried.

1186 V Anna Bosworth Chaffee, born in Seekonk, August 9, 1817.

431 Aaron ^ Chaffee (Nathaniel, ^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., July 25, 1775, and died in November, 1855. He
married Lydia, daughter of Nathaniel French of Rehoboth. He was a "yeoman,"
and by trade a blacksmith. In 1805 he lived in Rehoboth, where he owned land.

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