William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 22 of 91)
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He was a church member. He and his wafe are buried in East Providence, R. I.

Children, the first four born in Rehoboth:

+ 1187 i Ira 7 Chaffee, born March 12, 1803; married Julia Mason.

1188 ii Harvey Chaffee, born December 19, 1804; died.

1189 iii Lydia Chaffee, born November 9, 1807; died.

1190 iv Aaron Chaffee, Jr., born May 26, 1809.

1191 V Huldah Chaffee, born January 3, 1812.

434 Ezra ^ Chaffee (John,5 Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Newport, R. I., December 15, 1764, and died in Batavia, November
26, 1800. He married, February 19, 1795, Deborah Hathaway. Both were of
New Bedford, Mass., at the time of their marriage. She died October 16, 1798,
aged thirty years, and both were buried in Acushnet cemetery, Acushnet, Mass.

October 7, 1797, Ezra Chaffee, mariner of New Bedford, sold to Brownell Ormsby,
mariner of the same place, sixty-eight rods of land and buildings and two other
small lots there for S850, and January 12, 1799, he sold to Jabez Hathaway, boat-
builder, of New Bedford, land there and one-sixth part of a dwelling house formerly
belonging to the estate of Samuel Thrasher, for $30. June 27th of the same year,
he sold to Isaac Terry, blacksmith, of New Bedford, land there for S60. Ezra


Chaffee was a sea-captain. In 1801 his father, John Chaffe, was appointed in
New Bedford administrator of his estate.
Children :

+ 1192 i Ezra ^ Chaffee, Jr., born about 1796; married Nancy A. Lovett.
1193 ii John Chaffee, born about 1797; died October 21, 1802, aged five years;
buried in Acushnet Cemetery.

436 Stephen e Chaffee (Levi,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel,^ Thomas
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., October 10, 1765, and died after 1812. He married
in Rehoboth, Mass., February 25, 1789, Chloe, daughter of Comfort Pearce. Febru-
ary 19, 1791, she made a division of her father's estate, his land in Rehoboth and
Buttonwoods being valued at £18, 9s. 7d. March 14, 1793, Stephen Chaffee and
wife Chloe sold for £4, lis. 6d., land set off from the estate of her father. On
December 31st of the same year they sold five acres, ninety-two rods in Rehoboth
for £14, lis. 7d. March 18, 1794, they sold to Aaron and Nathaniel Pearce, Jr.,
forty-eight acres, eighteen rods of land in Rehoboth for £187, 6s. 9d. This was
their home. On April 10th of the same year Stephen Chafey "yeoman" being
then a resident still of Rehoboth, bought of Hugh Montgomery of Londonderry,
Vt., ninety-three acres of land in that place. He probably moved there shortly
after. He was a resident of Londonderry, December 11, 1797, when he and his wife
sold to his brother Jonathan for $175, twenty-five acres of land there. Between
this date and 1812 there are many purchases and sales of land recorded in his
name. It is said that he kept a store in Londonderry and that about 1805, while
trying to extinguish a fire which threatened its destruction, he was injured and
never quite recovered. He was a merchant and farmer. His wife is said to
have been a good Christian woman and to have taught her children the Biblical

Children :

+ 1194 i Allen ^ Chaffee, born about 1790; married Eliza Bryant.

+ 1195 ii Stephen Chaffee, Jr., born in 1791; married Deborah Usher.

+ 1196 iii Sanford Chaffee, born January 27, 1793; married (1) Sarah Chase;
(2) Mary A. Otterson.
1197 iv Betsey Chaffee, born in 1795; died February 10, 1882; married, No-
vember 5, 1812, by Elder Wight of Bristol, R. I., to Abel Max-
field of Warren, R. I., and had children; residence, 1832 and
1859, Warren.

437 Jonathan ^ Chaffee (Levi,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., April 18, 1768, and died. He married there, April
13, 1795, Polly Horton. On December 11, 1797, he bought of his brother Stephen
"Chafey" and wife Chloe of Londonderry, Vt., twenty-five acres of land there
for $175. At that time he lived in Rehoboth. He also bought other pieces of
property in Londonderry, of which he and his wife sold a part later. March 9,
1804, finds him a resident of Rupert, Vt. From 1803 to 1827 he bought various
pieces of land in Dorset, Vt., and from 1805 to 1827 he resided there. On Sep-
tember 11, 1827, he bought fifty acres of land, with a house and barn on it, in
Wilmington, Vt., and on January 20, 1835, he sold this property to Ira Adams.
He w^as a mechanic.

Children, born in Londonderry:
1198 i Polly ^ Chaffee, born August 1, 1796; died.


1199 ii Jonathan Chaffee, Jr., born January 17, 1799; died before October 28,
1857; married, March 2, 1846, Priscilla, daughter of Edmund Ingalls
of Londonderry, where she was born; she died October 28, 1857,
of consumption, aged fifty-eight years and six months; she gave
her homestead to the town of Londonderry, which was to support her
during her Hfe, after her death the property passing to the London-
derry Congregational Church, of which she was a member; Mr. and
Mrs. Chaffee lived in Londonderry; no children,

444 Martin e Chaffee (Noah,5 Nathaniel,* Jonathan,^ Nathaniel,^ Thomas i)
was born in Woodstock, Conn., June 4, 1781, and died in Thompson, Conn., De-
cember 9, 1839. He married in Pomfret, Conn., March 6, 1807, Lucy B., daughter
of Josiah Underwood of that place. She died June 1, 1852. Both were buried in
Quassett Cemetery, South Woodstock, Conn. He served as a Private in the War
of 1812, being stationed in New London, Conn., in Captain Samuel Dresser's com-
pany, from June 21 to June 28, 1813.

Children :

1200 i Eliza ^ Underwood Chaffee, born in Pomfret, in 1807; died.

1201 ii George Chaffee, born in 1809 (?).

+ 1202 iii Lucy B. Chaffee, born in 1812; married David B. Perry.

+ 1203 iv William Henry Chaffee, born September 10, 1813; married Charlotte

E. Whipple.
+ 1204 V Orrin Chaffee, born Jvme 3, 1814; married A. Shipley.
+ 1205 vi Luther Chaffee, born in 1816; married Winne.

1206 vii Maria Chaffee, born in 1818; died in 1839.

1207 viii Susan Chaffee, born in 1824; died in 1829.

1208 ix John Underwood Chaffee, born in 1829; residence, 1884, California,

where he had a ranch and was interested in mining claims; he
lost the sight of one eye in boyhood.

445 William s Chaffee (Noah,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas >)
was born in Woodstock, Conn., October 8, 1782, and died about 1814. He married
Lucy Vose and moved to Pennsylvania from Connecticut about 1805. He was a
farmer. Lucy (Vose) Chaffee married (2) Asa Bramhall, by whom she had no

Children :

+ 1209 i William 7 Banfield Chaffee, born May 22, 1807; married (1) Betsy
Ellis; (2) Jane Carnes.

+ 1210 ii Amos Wells Chaffee, born October 6, 1810; married Bethiah C. Bab-

1211 iii Laura Chaffee, born in Luzerne County, Pa.; married Thomas Kenyon

of Oswayo, Pa.

448 Else « Chaffee (Noah,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was
born in Woodstock, Conn., July 25, 1789, and died in Hoosick Falls, N. Y., Sep-
tember 17, 1877. She married Henry Marchfield Chapin, a machinist, born in
1788, died in Watervliet, N. Y., in 1826. She was a member of the Dutch Re-
formed Church and was buried in Hoosick Falls, N. Y.

Children :

1212 i Elsie Maria ^ Chapin, born June 18, 1811; died June 30, 1875; married

Henry H. Parsons.

1213 ii Henry Dearborn Chapin, born in 1813; died in 1815.

1214 iii Susan Chapin, born in 1815; married Daniel Baker.

+ 1215 iv Henry Marshfield Chapin, Jr., born in 1818; married Nancy Dear-


1216 V James Hale Chapin, born November 29, 1825; married Sarah Jane


449 Reuben e OhafEee (Noah,^ Nathaniel,^ Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Pomfret, Conn., February 1, 1792, and died in East Hartford, Conn.,
September 6, 1849. He married in Willington, Conn., April 10, 1817, Hannah,
daughter of David Heath of that place. She died September 9, 1874, and was
buried in East Hartford.

Reuben Chaffee served in the War of 1812, as Lieutenant of a company formed
in Ashford, Conn. He joined the Presbyterian Church at the age of twenty-eight.
His wife was also a member of this church but later became a Baptist. He had a
fair complexion, gray eyes, and was five feet, eight and one-half inches, in height.
He was a tanner and shoemaker, at which trade he served an apprenticeship of
seven years. He lived in Ashford for over twenty years after his marriage and
later in East Hartford.

Children, born in Ashford:

1217 i John Heath 7 Chaffee, born February 11, 1818; died April 25, 1884;

married in East Hartford, November 6, 1839, Julia Ann, daughter
of Allen Brewer of that place; no children; residence, 1883, Hart-
ford ; he was a stone dealer.

1218 ii Abigail Sophronia Chaffee, born April 24, 1819; died December 19,

1873; married in Ashford, May 6, 1840, Rufus Pearl.

+ 1219 iii Origen William Chaffee, born January 22, 1845; married Louise H.
1220 iv Hannah Eliza Chaffee, born April 6, 1828; married Charles Bailey
and had two children, one of whom died before 1883.

+ 1221 V Henry Reuben Chaffee, born August 10, 1830; married Lucy A.
1222 vi Andrew Burt Chaffee, born July 27, 1837; a manufacturer of machin-
ists' tools; has a fair complexion, brown eyes, and is five feet,
ten inches in height; residence, 1891, Newark, N. J.; unmarried.

452 John ^ Chaffee (William, s Dan,-* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was
born in Rehoboth, Mass., May 23, 1764, and died in Fayston, Vt., in January, 1858.
He married in WilliamstotvTi, Vt., about 1804, Patty, daughter of Ananias Tubbs,
a Revolutionary soldier. She was a member of the Methodist church. Both were
buried in North Fayston, Vt. July 12, 1791, John Chaffee bought land in Wil-
liamstown, Vt., and in 1794 he bought one hundred acres more there. He was
living in Williamstown at the time of his marriage and moved from there between
1816 and 1820.

John Chaffee served in the War of 1812 and was wounded in the leg. He
was a farmer, and had a light complexion, light blue eyes, and a height of six

Children, the first five born in Williamsto^vn, the last two in Northfield, Vt.:

+ 1223 i Hannah ^ Chaffee, born October 12, 1807; married Arba Durkee.

+ 1224 ii Laura Chaffee, born June 26, 1809; married Christopher C. Ormsbee.

1225 iii George Chaffee, born April 30, 1811; died in Roxbury, Vt., married

Roxana Dutton.

1226 iv Julia Ann Chaffee, a twin, born April 30, 1811; died in Warren, Vt. ;

married Willis Grant.
+ 1227 v William Hill Chaffee, born April 23, 1816; married Sophronia D.


+ 1228 vi John Chaffee, born July 17, 1S20; married Eusebia M. Brigham.
1229 vii Charles Chaffee, died in Lowell, Mass.

453 Josiah « Chaffee (William, s Dan,^ Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas ') was
born in Rehoboth, Mass., July 12, 1766, and died in North Lawrence, N. Y., May
24, 1856. He married in WilliamstowTi, Vt., in 1792, Silenda Gould of Westmin-
ster, Vt., born May 11, 1770, died in Roxbury, Vt., March 23, 1838, and was buried
there. She was a member of the Baptist Church.

Josiah Chaffee's great-aunt, Miriam Chaffe (42), died in 1787, leaving him all her
property. July 12, 1791, he bought land in Williamstown. April 14, 1792, Josiah
Chaffee, "yeoman," of Cumberland, R. I., sold to Braddock Chaffee, "yeoman," of
Rehoboth, two acres of land in that place adjoining the home land of said Braddock,
for £10, 10s. On April 16th of the same year he sold to Amos Reed of Reho-
both, one-half an acre of land in that place for £2, 12s. November 15, 1794,
he bought one hundred acres more in Williamstown, where he was living at the
time of his marriage. He was elected a Hayward of W^illiamstown, March 3, 1795.
He afterward lived in Roxbury and in Stockholm, N. Y.

Josiah Chaffee fought in the War of 1812. He had a fair complexion, blue eyes,
was five feet, ten inches in height, and of a jovial disposition. He was a basket
maker by trade and was a member of the Universalist Church.

Children, born in Williamstown :

+ 1230 i Anson ^ Chaffee, born July 3, 1795; married Eunice Flint.
+ 1231 ii Amy Chaffee, born August 12, 1796; married Daniel Flint.
1232 iii Parmelia Chaffee, born August 7, 1798; died in Roxbury in 1817;

married Joel Richardson.
+ 1233 iv Warren Chaffee, born May 4, 1800; married (1) Mary Woodward;

(2) Abigail Woodward.
+ 1234 V Emily Chaffee, born February 10, 1805; married William Ditty.
+ 1235 vi Oliver Chaffee, born September 9, 1806; married Abigail Flint.
+ 1236 vii Joel Chaffee, born February 26, 1810; married Mrs. Abigail (Fhnt)

+ 1237 viii John Chaffee, born September 1, 1812; married (1) Lucy Flint; (2)

Lucy E. Hardy.

455 Williams Chaffee, Jr. (William,^ Dan,^ Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,^ Thomas 1),
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., April 6, 1772, and died in Pawtucket, R. I., in March,
1855. He married (1) January 8, 1797, Elizabeth Green, (2) in Seekonk, Mass.,
October 30, 1814, Sarah, daughter of Ezra and Lucy (Eldred) Sweet of North
Kingston, R. I.

In June, 1797, William Chaffee, Jr., went to WilliamstouTi, Vt., where he bought
one hundred acres of land from his father for £30. Later he moved to Pawtucket,
where he joined the First Baptist Church. He had a light complexion, light blue
eyes, and was of medium height. He was a carriage maker and later a card clothier.

Children, by first wife, born in Williamstown :

+ 1238 i James Warner ^ Chaffee, born June 15, 1798; married Ophelia C.

+ 1239 ii Samuel Chaffee, born September 27, 1800; married Mrs. Sarah A.

(Jenks) Potter.

1240 iii Arnold Chaffee, born January 29, 1807; died in Boston, Mass.; un-


1241 iv Eliza Chaffee, born May 19, 1810; married in Providence, R. I.,

Ralph Mowry; lived in Providence.



Children, by second wife, the first two born in Seekonk:

1242 V Sarah Ann Jenks Chaffee, born April 29, 1817; died in 1848; un-
+ 1243 vi Olive Jenks Chaffee, born April 14, 1820; married Thomas S. Glasby.

1244 vii William Thomas Chaffee, born in 1824; went to Denver, Colo.

1245 viii John Chaffee, died in infancy.

458 Mary « Chaffe (Jonathan, s Dan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was
born in Rehoboth, Mass., and died. She married there, February 22, 1789, James,^
son of Jonathan, 5 Jr., and Sarah (Daggett) Paine (Jonathan * Paine (27), Dorothy 3
Chaffe, Nathaniel,2 Thomas O- He was born April 23, 1764.

Children :

1246 i James ^ Paine, Jr., born June 14, 1790; died.

1247 ii Susanna Paine, born June 9, 1792; died.

459 Jonathan ^ Chaffee, Jr. (Jonathan,^ Dan,* Jonathan, 3 Xathaniel,2 Thomas i),
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., February 16, 1769, and died November 15, 1811.
He was married in Rehoboth, May 6, 1792, by Shubael Peck, Esq., to Lephe,
daughter of Thomas and Dorothy (Bosworth) Carpenter of that place. She was
born in Rehoboth, October 15, 1771, and died July 25, 1845. Both husband and
wife were buried in the old burying-ground in Rehoboth (now in Rumford Village,
East Providence, R. I). She was tall and slender, with dark hair and gray eyes;
she was a member of the Episcopal Church, which she joined when about fifteen.
He had a light complexion, blue eyes, and was of medium height. He was a farmer,
and sold land in Rehoboth in 1807.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

1248 i Polly ^ Chaffee, died in Seekonk; was married there, December 6, 1812,
by Reverend John Hill, to Joseph West, Jr. ; both were of Seekonk,
where they lived and died; she united with the Baptist church
at the age of twenty-seven ; had a light complexion and gray eyes ;
buried in old Rehoboth burying-ground, at that time in Seekonk,
now in Rumford Village, East Providence.

+ 1249 ii Caleb Chaffee, born April 3, 1794; married (1) Lephe P. Ormsbee;
(2) Pamelia A. Allen.

+ 1250 iii Lydia Chaffee, born February 18, 1796; married William P. Ormsbee.

1251 iv Willard Chaffee, born June 13, 1798; died in Seekonk, September 27,

1821, and was buried there; unmarried; had a light complexion,
blue eyes, and was quite tall.

1252 V Jonathan Chaffee, Jr., born August 10, 1800; died in Seekonk, Sep-

tember 23, 1819, and was buried there; xmmarried; had a dark
complexion, dark eyes, and was tall.
+ 1253 vi Asaph Carpenter Chaffee, born August 22, 1804; married (1) Jane
P. Hunt; (2) Emeline R. Pierce.

460 Oliver 6 Chaffee (Jonathan,^ Dan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., February 30, 1771, and died in Lyndon, Vt., February
15, 1852. He was married, November 19, 1798, by Elder Jonathan Chaffee, to
Prudence Armington, born August 15, 1778, died June 26, 1872. Their intention
of marriage was dated October 7, 1797. She was probably a granddaughter of
Hannah (Chaffee) Armington (40). Both were members of the Methodist Church,
and were buried in Lyndon.

October 9, 1791, Oliver Chaffee bought of Cornelius Lynde for £12, forty-four
acres of land in Williamstown, Vt., and in 1801 he and his wife moved from Reho-


both to Lyndon, where they Hved and died. He had a Hght complexion, Hght
blue eyes, and was of medium height. He was a farmer.
Children :

1254 i Phoebe 7 Chaffee, born August 27, 1809; married, l<ebruary 1, 1837,

James K. Remich of Passumpsic, Vt., where in 1887 they lived.

1255 ii Hollis Chaffee, born May 28, 1811; died in Stafford, Conn., April 15,

1839; married, August 30, 1837, Tamzen S. Huse; had a child; he
was a Universalist minister in Williamstown, Mass.
+ 1256 iii Sophronia Chaffee, born May 4, 1813; married Alanson Shorey.
+ 1257 iv Loren Chaffee, born January 12, 1815; married Lucy A. Richardson.
1258 V John Chaffee, born April 5, 1819; died June 18, 1838.
1258a vi Mary Chaffee, born July 19, 1821; died March 15, 1851; married, No-
vember 23, 1842, Nelson Roberts.

462 Abel ^ Chaffee (Jonathan, ^ Dan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas ') was
born in Rehoboth, Mass., September 9, 1776, and died in Seekonk, Mass., June 28,
1854. He married in Rehoboth, August 23, 1807, Sally, daughter of Asa Bowen.
of Providence, R. I. She died in Seekonk, June 26, 1878, aged ninety years, and
was buried in the old cemetery in Rumford Village, East Providence, R. L, formerly
in Seekonk, and before that in old Rehoboth.

Abel Chaffee was a mason and sold land in Rehoboth in 1809. He lived in See-
konk, which was set off from Rehoboth in 1812. He united with the First Baptist
Church of East Providence, April 27, 1842. He had a light complexion, blue eyes,
and was nearly six feet in height.

Children, born in Seekonk:

+ 1259 i Elsie Bowen ^ Chaffee, born May 27, 1808; married Horton.

1260 ii Mary Chaffee, born April 19, 1810; died May 7, 1856; married in Re-
hoboth, September 23, 1852, Jonathan, son of John and Phebe
Sweet, a widower of Rehoboth, born about 1784; she united with
the First Baptist Church of East Providence, July 25, 1840.

+ 1261 iii Jonathan Bowen Chaffee, born March 8, 1812; married Margaret C.

+ 1262 iv Asa Chaffee, bom August 28, 1816; married (1) Betsey A. Medbury:
(2) Mary A. Congdon; (3) Nancy W. Martin.

470 Asa 6 Chaffee (Braddock,^ Dan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas ^) was
born in Rehoboth, Mass., May 20, 1794, and died before April 2, 1836. He married
in Clarendon, Vt., September 20, 1832, Mrs. Almira M. Colvin, who was made
administratrix of his estate in Clarendon, April 2, 1836. About 1837 she married
(3) Post.


1263 i Luthera ^ Chaffee.

478 Hannah Butterworth *> Chaffee (Samuel Butterworth,^ Ephraim,* Jonathan,^
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth, Mass., October 14, 1810, and died
in Seekonk, Mass., March 2, 1850. She was married there, November 28, 1837,
by Reverend John Allen, to Lewis, son of Preserved and Betsey (Davis) Pierce.
He was born June 15, 1813, and after Hannah's death married (2) Lucy Marchant,
(3) Caroline Kent. He lived in Pawtucket, R. I.

Children :

1264 i Emily ' Pierce, bom October 3, 1838; died July 13, 1839.

1265 ii Lewis Pierce, Jr., born September 7, 1839; died September 13, 1839.


1266 iii Adelaide Pierce, born December 26, 1840; residence, Pawtucket.

1267 iv Hannah Pierce, born September 22, 1842; died in October, 1842.

1268 V Edward Pierce, born December 11, 1844; died September 1, 1879.

1269 vi Susan M. Pierce, born September 18, 1846; died March 12, 1871.

1270 vii Lewis Pierce, Jr., born February 24, 1850; died March 9, 1850.

For further descendants see Pierce Genealogy.

479 Samuel ^ Chaffee (Samuel Butterworth,^ Ephraim,^ Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel,^
Thomas i) was born in Seekonk, Mass., April 20, 1812, and died there July 7, 1874.
He married in Seekonk, November 24, 1839, Rebekah Talbot, daughter of Thomas
Peirce of that place, a Revolutionary soldier, a descendant of Thomas Pierce, who
settled in Connecticut about 1640, and also a great-niece of Silas Talbot, who
served during the Revolution in the Battle of Bunker Hill, was afterward the
first commander of the frigate Constitution and was called by the British "the
arch traitor of New England." He was buried in Trinity Churchyard, New York
City. Rebekah (Peirce) Chaffee died in Providence, R. I., January 21, 1899.
Samuel Chaffee was a farmer.

Children, born in Seekonk:

1271 i Ruth Ann 7 Chaffee, born October 29, 1844; died April 9, 1845.

1272 ii Jane Helen Chaffee, born April 26, 1847; died in Grand Rapids, Mich.,

July 14, 1902; married in Seekonk, November 28, 1867, by Reverend
David H. Ela, to Moses Almy Aldrich of Providence, R. I., born in
Smithfield, R. I.

1273 iii Samuel Roscoe Chaffee, born September 21, 1850; married in Swansea,

Mass., July 24, 1878, Mary Maria, daughter of Edward Mason and
Mary (Gardner) Thurston of that place ; she was born February 9,
1858; Mr. Chaffee was educated in the district schools of Seekonk
and left home when fourteen to become a clerk in the shoe store of
Allen J. Brown of Providence, remaining there until the death of
his employer in 1877, when he bought out the business; not being
successful, he sold the store in the fall of 1881 and began his career
as an artist, a calling for which he seems to have always possessed
a natural talent; after many of the usual trials and struggles, his
work secured a standing among the picture lovers and dealers in
the country, and finally attained to a well deserved prominence.
His name is well known in the art stores of this country, and his
work has the merit of being pleasing and truthful, and may best be
judged by the fact that it is always in demand; he works entirely
in water color, and depicts quiet bits of old New England; Mr.
Chaffee has always taken a deep interest in all matters connected
with his family history, and being born so near the homes of the
early generations of the Chaffee family, has become an authority
regarding the traditions and old landmarks of the family; he has
in his possession many valuable old documents relating to the
family, and Hunt's Cemetery in East Providence (at one time a
part of Rehoboth), where many Chaffee descendants are buried,
is under his control; it is Mr. Chaffee's intention to erect in this
burial-ground, a tablet to the memory of Thomas Chaffee, the
Emigrant; Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee have no children; they live in
Providence, where Mr. Chaffee has a studio.

1274 iv Emma Talbot Chaffee, born August 2, 1857.

480 Cyrus « Chaffee (Samuel Butterworth,^ Ephraim,^ Jonathan,^ Nathaniel,*
Thomas i) was born in Seekonk, Mass., January 18, 1814, and died there, De-
cember 9, 1885. He married in Seekonk, September 28, 1848, Amanda M.,


daughter of Seth Miller of that place. They lived in Seekonk, where he was
a farmer.

Children, born in Seekonk:

1275 i Leland FJ Chaffee, born July 18, 1850; died October 20, 1850.
1275a ii Amanda M. Chaffee, born July 19, 1851; married, June 1, 1873, Chase

W Ormsbee of Seekonk, born in 1850; residence in 1883, East
Providence, R. I.

1276 iii Isadore A. Chaffee, born April 14, 1854; died in Seekonk, October

12, 1854.
+ 1277 iv Cyrus Herbert Chaffee, born August 26, 1855; married Ellen N.

+ 1278 v Frederick E. Chaffee, born January 19, 1857; married Emma L.


1279 vi Sarah W. Chaffee, born April 11, 1859; married in Seekonk, November

25, 1880, Julian F., son of Charles H. and Louisa M. Reynolds
of Rehoboth, Mass., where he was born about 1855; residence,
1883, Rehoboth.

1280 vii Isadore A. Chaffee, born October 17, 1860; married in Seekonk, June

1, 1886, William H. Sherman of Providence, R. I., born in
Cranston, R. I., in 1861.

483 William 6 Chaffee (Samuel Butterworth,^ Ephraim,< Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel,^
Thomas i) was born in Seekonk, Mass., April 25, 1820, and died there. May 5,

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