William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 23 of 91)
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1888. He married (1), September 1, 1841, Sarah W., daughter of Seth and Amanda
Miller of Seekonk. She died September 8, 1857, aged thirty-three years, seven
months and six days. He was married (2), September 6, 1859, by Reverend Water-
man Pierce, to Mary Ann Lord of Providence, R. I., born in New Hampshire about
1821. William Chaffee lived in Seekonk all his life.

Children, by first wife, born in Seekonk :

1281 i Warren hJ Chaffee, born about 1843; enlisted for nine months as

Private, Company C, 47th Mass. Volunteer Infantry at the age
of nineteen, mustered in September 23, 1862, discharged Sep-
tember 1, 1863; re-enlisted in the 18th Unattached Company,
Mass. Volunteer Infantry, August 6, 1864, for one hundred
days, discharged November 14, 1864; residence at the time of
both enlistments and in 1893, Seekonk.

+ 1282 ii Almont L. Chaffee, born about 1845 or 1846; married (1) Sarah A.
Sweet; (2) Mrs. Lydia A. (Barton) Short.
1283 iii Linley M. Chaffee, drowned when young.

+ 1284 iv William R. Chaffee, born July 2, 1850; married Angeline Ormsbee.

1285 V Bradford L. Chaffee, born July 18, 1853; died in Seekonk, December

21, 1860.

1286 vi Frederick May Chaffee, born November 21, 1855; died in Seekonk,

September 14, 1856.

Child, by second wife :

1287 vii Jane L. Chaffee, born in Seekonk, September 14, 1861 ; died in infancy.

486 Noah ^ Chaffee (Ephraim,^ Ephraim,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Rehoboth, Mass., and died in South Warren, Pa., April 30, 1869.
He was married in Attleboro, Mass., March 25, 1802, by Reverend John Wilder,
to Catherine, daughter of Ebenezer Draper of that place. She was born January
14, 1780, died March 28, 1866, and was buried in Orwell, Pa.

Noah Chaffee served in the War of 1812, enlisting in Rehoboth in Captain Loring
Cushing's company, Lieutenant-Colonel Valentine's regiment. He served in Boston


from September 10 to October 30, 1814. He went to Warren, Bradford County,
Pa., in 1821, where he owned land and was still living in 1828. He later lived in
Orwell in the same county. He was five feet, nine inches in height, and was by
trade a blacksmith.
Children :

+ 1288 i Orvilla^ Chaffee, born July 23, 1802; married (1) Amy A. Lyon;

(2) Mrs. Lavinia (or Lovania) (Chaffee) Tyrrell (2796).
1289 ii Anna Draper Chaffee, born in Rehoboth, November 17, 1804; died

in Orwell, March 27, 1891; married (1) Samuel McCreary, a

farmer; (2) Lyman Hines; residence, 1884, Warren.
+ 1290 iii Samuel Butterworth Chaffee, born November 29, 1808; married

(1) Maria Buffington; (2) Betsey L. Pendleton.

1291 iv Noah Lephrelet Chaffee, born April 4, 1811; died young.

1292 V Draper Chaffee, born November 25, 1814; died young.

+ 1293 vi Catherine C. Chaffee, born April 5, 1816; married Albert A. Prince.

+ 1294 vii Albert Chaffee, born June 13, 1818; married Julia A. Ward.

+ 1295 viii Almira Chaffee, born October 16, 1823; married H. John Chubbuck.

+ 1296 ix Elsa Chaffee, born February 12, 1826; married Job Depew.

493 Abner e ChafEe (David,5 David,* David,3 Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born
in Ashford, Conn., August 3, 1762, and died there, December 26, 1816. He mar-
ried in Ashford, November 9, 1790, Judith, daughter of William Walker of that
place. She was born May 17, 1769, and died July 5, 1854. Both were buried in
Ashford, she in the Swamp burial-ground, he in the old cemetery where his tomb-
stone reads as follows :

"Deacon Abner Chaffee
Died December 26th 1816 aged 54
Ye loving friends look on this stone.
Remember what grim death has done
Remember that your lot must be
To meet with death and follow me."

Both were members of the Congregational Church in Ashford, and Abner Chaffe
was for several years a Deacon. He had a light complexion, blue eyes, and was
six feet in height. He was a farmer, and lived in that part of Ashford known as

Children, born in Ashford:

+ 1297 i Amy 7 Chaffe, born August 7, 1791 ; married Abner Whiton.

+ 1298 ii Hannah Chaffe, born November 30, 1792; married Joseph Snell.

+ 1299 iii Anna Chaffe, born October 18, 1794; married Reuben Robinson.

+ 1300 iv Ebenezer Chaffe, born November 29, 1796; married Hannah Smith.

+ 1301 V Lois Chaffe, born September 24, 1798; married Philip Corbin.

+ 1302 vi William Chaffe, born April 22, 1801 ; married Abigail Thayer.

494 Lois 8 Chaffee (David,^ David,* David, 3 Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born
in Ashford, Conn., January 16, 1765, and died in Granby, N. Y., September 29,
1849. She married Stephen Wilcox.


1303 i David ^ Wilcox, born in Ashford, October 20, 1797 ; died ; married, January
6, 1822, Sally Starr, born December 19, 1802, died November 7, 1849;
they lived in Onondaga, N. Y., until 1834, then moved to Oswego
Falls, N. Y.

495 Esther ^ ChafEe (David,^ David,* David,3 Nathaniei,- Thomas was born


in Ashford, Conn., November 5, 1767, and died in Onondaga, N. Y., May 15, 1838.
She married Oliver Cummings.
Children :

1304 i Elvira ^ Cummings, married Walton.

1305 ii Dan Cummings, married Julia Ann House.

1306 iii Cyrus Cummings, married Polly David.

1307 iv Lucia Cummings.

1308 V Abigail Cummings, married Phineas Converse.

1309 vi Albert Volney Cummings, married Emily Brown.

1310 vii Andrew J. Cummings, married Emeline Herrick.

1311 viii Charles Cummings, married Chloe Nodine.

496 David « Chafiee, Jr. (David,^ David,* David,3 Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was
born in Ashford, Conn., July 25, 1772, and died in Navarino, N. Y., September
18, 1847. He married in Marcellus, N. Y., November 28, 1800, Eunice, daughter
of Joseph Chapman of Ashford, later of Marcellus. She was born June 2, 1780,
died July 11, 1831, and was buried in Navarino.

In 1797 David Chaffee moved to Navarino and in the midst of the forest built
a log house, the roof covered with ash bark and floored with halves of logs. All
but the youngest of his children were born here and rocked in a cradle made of a
hollowed log. He was a farmer, carpenter, school teacher, miller, and for several
years Justice of the Peace. He helped to build the Baptist church, and owned a
grist mill run by water power. As he grew older he never forgot the influence
of the church and school, claiming them to be good moral agents. He was im-
pulsive, but kind and of a very jovial, sociable disposition.

Children, born in Navarino:

+ 1312 i Louisa ^ Chaffee, born August 10, 1801 ; married Isaac P. Wood.
+ 1313 ii Ralph Chaffee, born April 12, 1803; married Anna Wetherbee.
+ 1314 iii David Chaffee, Jr., born February 16, 1805; married Betsey Ken-
+ 1315 iv Abner Chaffee, born June 7, 1806; married Julia A. Hurlburt.
+ 1316 V Comfort Tyler Chaffee, born February 18, 1808; married Ruby Hall.
+ 1317 vi Guy Chaffee, born November 3, 1809; married Almira Chapman.
+ 1318 vii George Chaffee, born August 16, 1811; married Lucinda Kenyon.
+ 1319 viii William Harrison Chaffee, born April 6, 1813; married Harriet Cross.
+ 1320 ix Eunice Chaffee, born January 9, 1815; married Lewis G. Sprague.
+ 1321 X Joshua Chaffee, born July 27, 1817; married Susan C. Amidon.
1322 xi Polly Chaffee, born March 12, 1820; died in the railroad station in
Coventry, Conn., January 12, 1878; unmarried; buried in Spring
Hill, Conn.; a very bright woman.

497 Amos ^ Chaffee (David,^ David,* David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i) was born
in Ashford, Conn., June 2, 1774, and died in Westford, Ashford Township, Conn.,
January 27, 1850. He married there, December 26, 1798, Eunice, daughter of
Joseph Cummings of Woodstock, Conn. She died in Westford, October 9, 1849,
Both are buried in the Swamp burying-ground in Ashford. May 29, 1825, both
were admitted to the Westford Congregational Church, in which Amos Chaffee
held various offices. Eunice (Cummings) Chaffee in her youth walked every
Sunday seven miles to the Ashford church, where she regularly attended two
services a day. Amos Chaffee lived all his Hfe in that part of Ashford known as
Westford. He had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, seven or eight
inches in height. He was a farmer.


Born in Connecticut, July 25, 1772. Died at Navarino. Onondaga Countv,
New York. September iS, 1847. Married Eunice Chapman at Tyler Hollow.
Onondaga Countv, New York 1800.

— c/oc/;


Children, born in West ford :

1323 i Sophronia ^ Chaffee, born in 1799; died in 1801.

1324 ii Amanda Chaffee, born in 1801; died in 1882; married Chauncey

Horton; residence, 1861, Stockbridge, N. Y.

1325 iii Erastus Chaffee, born in 1803; died in Kossuth County, la., September

17, 1888; married Ehzabeth M. Coffin; hved in Lysander, N. Y.,
in 1835, when he bought land there and in 1861 ; residence, 1883,
Iowa; he was a noble and large-hearted man, always ready to
assist a neighbor in need; had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and
was six feet in height.

1326 iv Hiram Chaffee, born in 1805; died in Lysander, N. Y., March 9, 1843;

married (1) Lovice ; (2) Angeline ; Hiram Chaffee

and wife Angeline sold land in Lysander in 1836 and 1837; in
1841 he sold land in Granby, N. Y. ; his will, probated April 25,
1843, made his widow, father and mother his heirs; had a light
complexion, blue eyes, height about six feet; was a man of
great general information, a good talker and of a jovial disposi-

1327 V Samantha Chaffee, born in 1808; died in 1863; residence, 1861, Ash-


+ 1328 vi Amos Cummings ChafTee, born March 11, 1812; married Louisa Chap-

+ 1329 vii Dan Chaffee, born July 30, 1815; married Sophronia Pease.

499 Daniel « Chaffee (David,^ David,^ David,^ Xathaniel,2 Thomas was
born in Ashford, Conn., October 10, 1779, and died in Yates, N. Y., April 21, 1864.
He married in Onondaga, N. Y., Huldah, daughter of Isaiah Hall of that place.
She died in Yates in 1869, and was buried there. She was a member of the Baptist
church. Daniel Chaffee served as a Private in the War of 1812. He was a farmer
in Onondaga, and in 1833 moved to Yates and settled on a farm where he and his
wife lived the rest of their lives. He had a light complexion, blue eyes, and was
five feet, ten inches in height.

Children :

+ 1330 i Julia ^ Chaffee, born September 19, 1808; married (1) Samuel Kenyon;
(2) Benjamin Kenyon.

1331 ii Chester H. Chaffee, died in Michigan, before 1893; married

Beech, who died; moved to Michigan.
+ 1332 iii Huldah Chaffee, born 1820; married Israel Coon.
+ 1333 iv Samuel C. Chaffee, married Harriet Yates.
1334 v Diana Chaffee, died in Onondaga, aged about twenty years; unmarried,

510 Cheney ^ Amidon (Patience ^ Chaffe, David,* David, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Ashford, Conn., September 3, 1783, and died in South Onondaga, N. Y,,
February 11, 1863. He married there, February 8, 1818, Mary, daughter of Doctor
Benoni Reynolds of Cambridge, N. Y. She died May 8, 1878, and was buried in
South Onondaga.

Cheney Amidon moved from Ashford to Onondaga in 1800, making the trip
with an ox team. At the time of his marriage he lived in South Onondaga. He
was a member and trustee of the Presbyterian Church, of which his wife was also
a member. In politics he was always a Whig. He was an honest man in the
highest sense of the word, kind and generous to all, the poor never being turned
away from his door. He had a fine memory and could discuss current topics and
historical questions with great facility. He had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and


was five feet, nine inches in height. He was a farmer and by long continued in-
dustry and economy accumulated considerable property.
Children :

1335 i Chloe Ann 7 Amidon, born January 14, 1819; died March 3, 1863;

married Leonard Field.

1336 ii Rhoda Amidon, born March 12, 1821; died August 17, 1848; married

Henry Amidon.

1337 iii Philip Van Cortlandt Amidon, born July 20, 1823; married Laura


1338 iv Eliza Cordelia Amidon, born November 2, 1825; died October 5, 1888;

married John Hildreth.

1339 V Sarah Hutchings Amidon, born October 29, 1827; died June 6, 1865;

married John Warner.

1340 vi Helen Mar Amidon, born November 29, 1829; married George Nichols.

1341 vii Charles Barber Amidon, born January 7, 1833; died October 3, 1834.

1342 viii Outerbridge Hersey Amidon, born November 9, 1836; married (1)

Caroline Gleason; (2) Etta Stanton.

1343 ix Fanny Olivia Amidon, born April 10, 1840; married Perrin Parsons;

residence, 1890, Camillus, N. Y.

1344 X Mary Elizabeth Amidon, born July 25, 1842; married Thomas Joyce.

514 William s Chaffee (Atherton,^ Atherton,* David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Westminster, Vt., 1776, and died in Morristown, Vt., September 1,
1841. He married in Stowe, Vt., in 1797, Polly, daughter of Nathan Robinson
of that place. She died May 21, 1860, and was buried in Stowe. She was a member
of the Congregational Church. At the time of his marriage, William Chaffee lived
in Stowe and later in Westminster, Lyndon and Kirby, Vt. He was a farmer,
had a light complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, ten inches in height.

Children :
+ 1345 i Lynds ^ Chaffee, born in 1804; married Martha Alexander.
+ 1346 ii Hiram Chaffee, born in 1806; married (1) Sophia Parish; (2) Clarissa

+ 1347 iii William Chaffee, Jr., born in 1809; married Chloe Ferren.
+ 1348 iv Horace Chaffee, born May 18, 1812; married Matilda Reed.
+ 1349 V Nathan Robinson Chaffee, born March 12, 1814; married Nancy L.

+ 1350 vi Hannah Chaffee, born 1816; married Seth Alger.

515 Atherton ^ Chaffee, Jr. (Atherton,^ Atherton,* David, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas^)
was born in Westminster, Vt., November 5, 1781, and died in Barford, P. Q., Can-
ada, in 1865. He married in Westminster, March 15, 1802, Olive, daughter of Sul-
venas Sawtell. She was born November 23, 1780, died in 1866, and was buried in
Barford. She united with the Congregational Church in Westminster, on confes-
sion of faith, April 25, 1819.

Atherton Chaffee served as a Private in the War of 1812. He lived in West-
minster until after the birth of his children, and then moved to Canada, where he
was living as early as 1834 or 1835. He was a farmer; had a light complexion,
blue eyes, and was six feet in height.
Children, born in Westminster:

1351 i Almira Ann ^ Chaffee, born August 19, 1803 (1804) ; died in East
Charlemont, Mass., February 21, 1879; buried in Lowell, Mass.;
was a member of the Universalist Church; lived with her brother
Constant; a dressmaker and unmarried.
+ 1352 ii Jefferson Chaffee, born April 12, 1806; married (1) Maria Hawes;
(2) Ellen Lattin.


+ 1353 iii Constant Chaffee, born May 20, 1809; married Huldah M. (H.) Hawes.

+ 1354 iv Fannie Chaffee, born February 20, 1812 (February 18, 1813); mar-
ried Luther Clough.

+ 1355 V Lynds Damey Chaffee, born February 23, 1817 (1814); married
EHzabeth A. Davis.

+ 1356 vi Editha Chaffee, born in March, 1819 (April 25, 1820) ; married Marvel
C. Gove.
1357 vii Sidney Sawtell Chaffee, born in April, 1823 (May 23, 1823) ; residence,
1891, Barford, on the old Chaffee homestead.

516 Lynds e ChafEee (Atherton,^ Atherton,^ David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Lyndon, Vt., and died in New-fane, Vt., before April 28, 1813. He

married , who died in St. Albans, Vt., before him. June 1, 1808, while

a resident of Westminster, Vt., he bought land in Newfane, to which place he
moved. April 28, 1813, administration was granted on his estate, his daughter
Anna F., a minor, being his only heir.


1358 i Anna F.^ Chaffee.

517 Phoebe e Chaffee (Atherton,^ Atherton,* David,3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Westminster, Vt., and died in Lynn, Mass. She married in West-
minster, Russell Carrol. They moved to Lynn.

Children :

1359 i Phoebe i Carrol.

1360 ii Alvin Carrol.

1361 iii Emily Carrol.

1362 iv Joseph Carrol.

1363 V Atherton Carrol.

1364 vi Grant Carrol, died in Andersonville Prison, during the Civil War.

1365 vii Obed Carrol, died in Andersonville Prison, during the Civil War.

1366 viii Julia Carrol.

1367 ix Almira Carrol.

1368 X Charles Carrol.

518 Rufus 6 ChaSee (Atherton,5 Atherton,^ David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas
was born in Westminster, Vt., September 18, 1798, and died in Nelson, 0., Feb-
ruary 17, 1874. He married in CroA\Ti Point, N. Y., June 9, 1822, Malinda, daugh-
ter of Daniel Wilder of Vermont. She died September 18, 1867, and was buried in
Troy, O. Rufus Chaffee was a farmer. He lived in Westminster in 1816, when
he sold land there, and in 1834 lived in Welchfield, O.

Children :

1369 i Huldah M.7 Chaffee, born March 18, 1824; died in 1855.
+ 1370 ii Mary Jane Chaffee, born Februarj^ 7, 1826; married Ketchel B.

1371 iii Betsey A. Chaffee, born August 21, 1827; died December 11, 1868.

1372 iv Francis E. Chaffee, born February 24, 1829; died March 20, 1842.

1373 V Rufus N. Chaffee, born April 17, 1830; died March 24, 1863.

1374 vi Lelon Chaffee, born May 17, 1831 ; died June 27, 1833.

1375 vii Elvira Mason Chaffee, born March 22, 1833.

1376 viii A child, born December 10, 1834; died January 5, 1835.

+ 1377 ix Jarvil Otis Chaffee, born June 6, 1836; married (1) Nancy Marcum;
(2) Sarah C. Eraser.
1378 X Carrie E. Chaffee, born March 23, 1839.

519 Calvin e Chaffee (Clifford,5 Atherton,^ David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas 1) was


born in Westminster, Vt., and died there February 25, 1834. He married in Sara-
toga Springs, N. Y., July 2, ISIO, Elizabeth, daughter of Recompense Hall of
Westminster, and sister of his brother Jesse's wife. She died in Westminster,
September 2, 1845, where both were buried.

Calvin Chaffee was drafted for service in the War of 1812, but sent a substitute.
He lived in Saratoga at the time of his marriage, moved to Hatfield, N. Y., and later
returned to Westminster. He was a chair maker and farmer, and was said to be
the best mechanic in the state of Vermont. He was of a jovial disposition, had a
light complexion, blue eyes, was six feet in height, and weighed one hundred and
eighty pounds.

Children :

+ 1379 i Calvin CHfford 7 Chaffee, born August 28, 1811; married (1) Clara

Nourse; (2) Mrs. Irene (Sanford) Emerson.
1380 ii Phoebe Chaffee, born November 23, 1814; died in Saxton's River,

Vt., November 25, 1830; was buried there.
+ 1381 iii Jane M. Chaffee, born June 2, 1817; married Nathan Robbins.
+ 1382 iv James Carlyle Chaffee, born October 17, 1820; married Luceba Smith.

1383 V Susan M. Chaffee, born in Hatfield, N. Y., June 25, 1823; died No-

vember 24, 1852; married Lyman B. Fletcher, and had two sons
and one daughter, the latter living in Athens, Vt., in 1896.

1384 vi Oliver Perry Chaffee, born July 20, 1826; died in Westminster, May

12, 1827.
+ 1385 vii Chester Rolla Chaffee, born March 3, 1828; married (1) Louisa S.

Bunce; (2) Ellen E. Harwood.
+ 1386 viii Lydia Roxana Chaffee, born November 1, 1830; married Charles

+ 1387 ix Charles H. Chaffee, born August 24, 1832; married.

520 Philander « Chaffee (Clifford,^ Atherton,* David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas
was born in Vermont, in 1786, and died in Weymouth, O., in 1850. He married
in Oswegatchie, N. Y., about 1811, Cynthia, daughter of Benjamin Nichols of that
place. She was a member of the Episcopal Church and was buried in Weymouth.
Mr. Chaffee was a backsmith and lived in Oswegatchie in 1812.

Children :

+ 1388 i Ira ^ Chaffee, born July 2, 1812; married Lavinda Kimble.

1389 ii Amy Chaffee, born in 1814; died before 1893.

1390 iii Clifford Chaffee, born in 1816; died in 1868.

+ 1391 iv Ruth Orpha Chaffee, born in 1820; married William A. Seymour.

1392 V Calista Chaffee, born in 1821; died in 1849.
+ 1393 vi Permelia Anna Chaffee, born September 8, 1823; married John B.

1394 vii Alonzo Chaffee, residence, 1893, Allegan, Mich.

1395 viii Philander Chaffee, born in 1833; died before 1893.
1395a ix Clark Chaffee.

524 Anna e Chaffee (Clifford,^ Athcrton,* David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas ^) was
born May 8, 1793, and died December 16, 1865. She married -Roberts.

1396 i O. 0.7 Roberts, a physician; residence, 1890, Northampton, Mass.

526 Jesse Burke " Chaffee (Clifford,^ Atherton,* David,^ Nathaniel,^ Thomas
was born in Westminster, Vt., and died there. He married Susan, daughter of
Recompense Hall of Westminster and sister of his brother Calvin's wife. They


lived at one time in Pennsylvania, but returned to Westminster, where they were
buried. Jesse B. Chaffee was a blacksmith.
Children :

1397 i Laura 7 Chaffee, married Russell Hitchcock; was a member of the

Congregational Church in Westminster, where they resided until
about 1850, when they moved to northern Vermont.

1398 ii George Chaffee, died in Wisconsin, about 1848 or 1850; married.

+ 1399 iii Josiah Hall Chaffee, born September 9, 1823; married Harriet E.

530 Alpha e Chaffee, Jr. (Alpha,^ Atherton,^ David,3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i),
was born near Frankfort, N. Y., August 2, 1800, and died in St. Clair, Mich., No-
vember 21, 1873. He married in Frankfort, June 3, 1823, Effie, daughter of Philip
Kelch of that place. She was born in Utica, N. Y., November 22, 1804, died in
St. Clair, April 28, 1891, and was buried in the Marysville Cemetery, near St.
Clair. Her father, Philip Kelch, was taken prisoner during the Revolution by the
Indians, who killed all his people and kept him prisoner until peace was declared,
when they sold him to the French for a barrel of whiskey.

Alpha Chaffee, Jr., lived in New York state until 1836, in the spring of which
year he took his family to Oakland County, Mich., where they encountered many
hardships incident to pioneer life. The father had to take any employment that
offered itself, burning coal, farming and working in saw-mills. His wife, too, worked
for the farmers' wives, at anything that offered. Food was very high, at one time
butter being fifty cents a pound and flour $40 a barrel. At one time during a
famine, the family lived for three days on catfish. In 1843 they moved to St.
Clair, where Alpha bought eighty acres of land, the first he had ever owned, which
he and his sons cleared. On this farm he and his wife lived and died. It was in
1891 the home of their youngest son, Edward A. Chaffee. Alpha had a fair com-
plexion, brown hair, light blue eyes and was six feet, one inch in height. He was
a Universalist. His wife joined the ^Methodist Church about 1883.

Children :

-I- 1400 i Alpha Rinaldo "> Chaffee, born April 6, 1824; married Sarah Piper.

1401 ii Phihp Alonzo Chaffee, born in Frankfort, N. Y., February 22, 1826;

married in St. Clair, January 16, 1850, Lucinda Cordelia, daugh-
ter of John Garrett Storms of that place; served as a Private
for a few months in the Civil War, until exposure made him ill,
when he was discharged and sent home ; moved with his parents
in 1843 to St. Clair, where he was still living in 1891 ; he has a
fair complexion, blue eyes, and is five feet, five and one-half
inches in height ; a farmer.

1402 iii Nancy Ann Chaffee, born April 4, 1828; married Alexander Cramer,
+ 1403 iv Wilder Stearns Chaffee, born May 15, 1830; married Sarah A. Lock-

1404 V Mary Melissa Chaffee, born March 20, 1832; died April 21, 1866;

married Lorenzo Dow Cook.

1405 vi James Melvin Chaffee, born February 18, 1834; married Mrs. Mary

(Walker) Cordley; fought during the entire Civil War; residence,
1891, Oklahoma City, Okla.

1406 vii John Atherton Chaffee, born December 31, 1835; married Jenette


1407 viii Amasa Mortimer Chaffee, born July 21, 1838; married Dolly Ann

Justin; fought three years in the Civil War and was with Sher-
man on his "March to the Sea"; residence, 1891, Alpena, Mich.


1408 ix Edward Augustus Chaffee, born February 7, 1841; served about

two years in the Construction Corps, during the Civil War;
residence, 1891, St. Clair.

1409 X Sarah Effie Chaffee, born April 2, 1843; married Augustus


1410 xi Emily Jane Chaffee, born March 31, 1846; died January 3, 1873;

married Reuben Daniels.

535 Amasa ^ Chaffee (Constant,^ Atherton,* David, ^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) waa
born in Westminster, Vt., March 30, 1786, and died in East Westmoreland, N. H.,
March 22, 1863. He married (1) in Gilsum, N. H., January 13, 1811, Anna, daugh-
ter of David Adams of that place, who is said to have enlisted at the age of seven-
teen and to have served seven years during the Revolution. She died March 13,
1815, aged twenty-nine years, and was buried in East Westmoreland. Amasa
Chaffee married (2), May 26, 1817, Huldah Britton, who died September 14, 1839,

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