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The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 25 of 91)
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Children, born in Ashford:

1544 i Ebenezer^ Snell, born April 25, 1788; died August 21, 1811; married

Elsie Snow.

1545 ii Benjamin Snell, born April 23, 1791 ; died August 22, 1796.

1546 iii Jacob Snell, born November 5, 1793; died August 26, 1796.

1547 iv Sophia Snell, born September 26, 1797; died October 3, 1877; married

Jason Chapman,

1548 V Parthenia Snell, born March 29, 1799; died October 10, 1875.

1549 vi Sally Snell, born November 13, 1800; died August 15, 1877; married

David Chism.

1550 vii Amos Snell, born July 31, 1804; died July 27, 1879; married Phoebe

Preston Howlet.

1551 viii Charles Snell, born February 2, 1810; died April, 1875; married Eliza-

beth Seamen.

592 Joseph s Chaffee (Benjamin,^ Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born
in Woodstock, Conn., and died in Marcellus, N. Y., in 1835. He was married (1)
in Woodstock, May 26, 1791, by Jedediah Morse, Justice of the Peace, to Clarissa
Griggs. He married (2) Roxy Griggs. He was of medium height and was a farmer.


He lived in Woodstock and about 1834 moved to Marcellus, where the next year

he died and was buried.

Children, by first wife :

1552 i Chester 7 Chaffee, born in Woodstock, July 25, 1792; died in New
York state; buried in Marcellus; lived there and in Tully, N. Y.
+ 1553 ii Joseph Chaffee, born January 12, 1795; married (1) Hannah Chap-
man; (2) Phoebe M. Enos.

1554 iii Hannah Chaffee, died.

1555 iv Walter Chaffee, died in Marcellus.

1556 V Lydia Chaffee, died.

+ 1557 vi Chloe Chaffee, born September 22, 1801; married Zadock Mead,

Children, by second wife :

+ 1558 vii Norman L. Chaffee, born October 30, 1811; married Mary E. St.

+ 1559 viii Clarissa Chaffee, married Zebina Ruggles.
+ 1560 ix Julia Chaffee, married Bixby.

599 Comfort » Chafiee (Ephraim,5 Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born
in Woodstock, Conn., September 2, 1755, and died. She married, September 2,
1775, Moses Baxter, a farmer, their intention of marriage being published in
Springfield, Mass., August 25, 1775. He was born in Enfield, Conn., February 29,
1753, and died in Fort Ann, N. Y,, in November, 1845. They lived in Long-
meadow, Mass., and Kingsbury, N. Y. He had a fair complexion and was six feet,
seven inches in height. During the Revolution he volunteered for servnce in the
campaign against General Burgoyne. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Bemis
Heights and carried to IMontreal. He was not long detained, but while there is
said to have been the life of the camp by reason of his drolleries. He lived to a
ripe old age, enjoying the best of health and was active up to the day of his death.
He had a strong dislike to riding in a wagon and it is said that when over ninety
years of age he would walk three miles rather than ride in one.

A descendant writes of him that " he was never sick, chewed tobacco, and died
a natural death." He was married a second time after Comfort (Chaffee) Baxter's
death. He lived in Fort Ann.

Children, the first four born in Longmeadow, the last two in Kingsbury:

1561 i Celia ' Baxter, born in 1776; married Saunders Littlefield; removed

to Erie, N. Y.

1562 ii Moses Baxter, Jr., born January 25, 1778; died in Fort Ann, March

23, 1814; married Ruth .

1563 iii Miriam Baxter, born March 28, 1779; died in Oswego, N. Y., about

1860; married Lyman Littlefield, a brother of Saunders Little-

1564 iv John Wilson Chaffee Baxter, born November 9, 1781 ; died in Rhode

Island about 1840; married Mowner; studied medicine

but became a banker and business man, connected with the
Indian trade ; residence, Boston.

1565 V Levi D. Baxter, born in Tolland, Conn., January 23, 1784; died in

Fort Ann, August 23, 1823; married Polly Miller of Kingsbury.

1566 vi Mari Annie Baxter, born November 15, 1789; died in Castleton, Vt.,

June 27, 1871; married about 1812, William C. Brown.
+ 1567 vii Lois Comfort Chaffee Baxter, born May 10, 1791; married Reuben

602 Jonathan ^ ChafEee (Asa,5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born


in Woodstock, Conn., about 1753, and died in South Wilbraham, Mass., July 24,
1818. He married in Somers, Conn., October 17, 1782, Olive, daughter of Thomas
Davis of Stafford, Conn., their intention of marriage, pubhshed in South Wilbra-
ham, August 10, 1782, stating that she was of Somers, and he of Wilbraham.
In 1828 and 1832 she lived in Stafford, Conn., with Benjamin Jennings. June 1,
1840, she was living with her son Daniel in South Wilbraham. She died Septem-
ber 14, 1844, aged eighty-three.

July 3, 1770, in a list of the sittings in the Wilbraham Congregational Church, we
find that Jonathan Chaffee and three others occupies pew number four in the gallery
"in ye fore seat ye front men's side." During the Revolution he enlisted in 1776
in Captain Charles Cotton's company, and subsequently went to White Plains,
N. Y., as a substitute for his brother Asa. For this service his widow claimed a
pension in 1838, when she was living in Wilbraham. October 31st of that year
her son Daniel testified in her behalf. Jonathan Chaffee was a tanner and school
teacher. In 1780 he was teaching in Wilbraham. December 2d of that year he
bought land in Somers of Luke Cooley of that place for £20. November 17 and
19, 1781, he bought land in Wilbraham, where March 16, 1784, he was chosen
Constable. April 11, 1785, he was still living there when he bought of Samuel
Sexton of that place, land there for £30.

During Shays' Rebellion, Jonathan Chaffee served from September 22 to 28
as Sergeant in Lieutenant Lewis Langdon's company, Captain Gideon Burt's
regiment of Militia, 4th Division, which marched to Springfield, Mass., in support
of the Government. He also served from February 7 to 28, 1787, in Springfield,
as Private in Captain Joseph Williams' company of Cadets ordered into service by
Major General Shepard.

The following church document proves that Jonathan and his wife were mem-
bers of the church in Somers, but it is not known just when they lived there. Their
children were born in South Wilbraham in 1783 and 1784; in 1785 in a deed Jona-
than is mentioned as of Wilbraham, yet in both these latter years, 1784 and 1785,
their children were baptized in Somers.

" This may certify, that Jonathan Chaffe and his wife, are members of the Church
in Somers, in full communion and good standing and were this day, by a vote of
the church dismissed from it, on condition that they join with the church in South
Wilbraham where they now reside.

"Test Charles Bachus
" Pastor of Church in Somers.
"Somers, Aug. 24, 1788."

They also lived in Chesterfield, N. H., and in Chesterfield, N. Y., where Decem-
ber 16, 1804, "Jonathan Chaffee of Chesterfield, N. Y.," bought three tracts of
land in the south part of Wilbraham for $1,150. October 9, 1819, his sons were
appointed executors of his estate. Jonathan Chaffee and his wife lie buried side
by side in the burying-ground in South Wilbraham (now Hampden), where his
tombstone bears the following inscription :

"Sacred to

the memory of

Lieut Jonathan Chaffee

who died July 24th

1818 aged 65
Farewell my friends and all adieu
I can no longer stay with you


My dearest friend, and partner here
I have a word that may you cheer
I hope in heaven we soon shall meet
And find the joys of End complete
With Saints and angels sounding high
Glory to God above the sky."

Children, born in South Wilbraham :

+ 1568 i Daniel ^ Chaffee, born June 3, 1783; married Catherine Newell.
+ 1569 ii Jonathan Chaffee, Jr., born in October, 1784; married (1) Abigail
Hildreth; (2) Miriam Ellis (1596).

603 Asa " Chaffee, Jr. (Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i), was born in
Woodstock, Conn., about 1754, and died in Westfield, Mass., about 1818 or 1819.
He married (1) in Somers, Conn., December 31, 1778, Anna, daughter of Thomas
and Ann (Elmer) Elmer. She was born in East Windsor, Conn., February 27,
1730. He married (2) her half-sister Frances Elmer, born in 1750, died December 9,
1834, and was buried in South Wilbraham, Mass. (now Hampden). The birth
records of Asa's children names Frances as the mother, but the History of Ancient
Windsor says Asa and Anna had a son Thomas Elmore.

Asa Chaffee, Jr., fought in the Revolution as follows:

"Chaffee, Asa, Wilbraham. Private, Capt. Daniel CadwelFs co.. Col. Timothy
Robinson's detachment of Hampshire Co. militia; enlisted Dec. 25, 1776; dis-
charged April 2, 1777; service, 3 mos. 9 days, at Ticonderoga; enlistment to expire
March 25, 1777, roll dated Springfield,

"Chafee, Asa. Private, Capt. Aaron Graves's co., Col. David Leonard's regt.;
enhsted May 8, 1777; discharged July 8, 1777; service 2 months, 10 days, travel
included at the Northward." [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of
the Revolution.]

At the time of his first marriage he lived in Somers, where a year later his eldest
child was born; shortly after this he returned to Wilbraham, where he remained
until about 1802 or 1803, when he bought land and settled in Washington, Mass.
March 6, 1803, he and his wife Fanny were admitted to the Congregational Church
there by letter from the one in South Wilbraham. From ^lay to November he was
employed in the U. S. Armory in Springfield, and drew rations. In 1810 he was
living in Washington, later is said to have returned to Wilbraham, afterward
settling in Westfield, where June 19, 1814, he and his wife were dismissed from the
church in Washington, and united with the one in Westfield. There Asa Chaffee
died from the kick of a horse, and was buried.

Children, all but the first born in Wilbraham:

1570 i Fanny Elmer ^ Chaffee, born in Somers, January 27, 1780; married
Simeon Chaffee. (See 711).

+ 1571 ii Roxanna Chaffee, born April 3, 1781; married Thomas Merrj'field.

+ 1572 iii Asa Chaffee, Jr., born December 25, 1784; married Polly Root.

+ 1573 iv Newburv Chaffee, born April 13, 1786; married (1) Sprague;

(2) Polly Ledyard; (3) Seccord.

+ 1574 V Lura (Lucy) Chaffee, born September 18, 1791 ; married Dewey.

1575 vi Thomas Chaffee, born May 11, 1795; died; married, probably in Brim-
field, ^lass., Mrs. Rachel Needham, widow of Humphrey Need-
ham, by whom she had a son David; she died in Wales, Mass.,
March 11, 1842; Thomas Chaffee was baptized in the South
Wilbraham Congregational Church, June 21, 1798; he probably
owTied land and lived in Brimfield.


605 Cyril " (Serrel) Chaffee (Asa,^ Joseph/ John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born
in Woodstock, Conn., May 3, 1758, and died in Somersville, Conn., December 11,
1837. He married (1) in Somers, Conn., December 4, 1780, Patience Sexton of
that place, who died in Somers, July 1, 1810, aged fifty-two and was buried in
the Somers burying-ground. He married (2) Mrs. Submit (Gowdy) McGregory
Booth, twice a widow.

When fourteen years of age he moved from Woodstock to Somers, where he was
a blacksmith. He enlisted in the Revolutionary army in the spring of 1776, for
eight months, and the following copy of an old document proves that he was in
service in 1777 and 1778:

"Springfield, Feby. 28, 1778.
"This may certify all persons to whom it may concern that Mr. Serrel Chaffe
hath been in the Continental Sarves as an artificer at Springfield from the -th
of July until the last day of February, 1778.

" Richard Faxon, Capt."

In ' Springfield in 1780 Cyril enlisted again for two years, as an artisan under
Captain Marion. He was a Revolutionary pensioner from 1832 until his death,
which resulted from the effects of a dislocation of his right hip. January 25, 1785,
he bought of Lot Pease for £30, 15s., land in Somers. May 6, 1788, "Serrel Chaffee
blacksmith " sold to Asa Chaffee (probably 242) for £10, 10s., land there. He pur-
chased land in Somers in 1789, 1792, 1793 and 1795. December 19, 1801, he paid
$500 to Solomon Lathrop Fuller for a tract of land there, and in 1803 sold land
there. September 24, 1821, he rented of Jonah Griswold of Enfield, Conn., twelve
acres of land there. He died on the old homestead in Somersville. He and his
first wife were buried in the Somers burying-ground, where the marble stone
raised in his memory reads :

"In Memory of Cyril Chaffee, who died Dec. 11, 1837, aged 82."
And the brown stone one to Patience:

"In Memory of Mrs. Patience Chaffee wife of Mr. Serrell Chaffee, who died
July 1, 1810, aged 52.

Go not away till you have made
Thy God thy friend, the grave thy bed
Then cheerful you may come again
And sleep with me among the dead."

Children, by first wife, born in Somers:

1576 i Clarissa^ Chaffee, died in Enfield; married Jonah Griswold; buried
in Enfield.
+ 1577 ii Elam Chaffee, born March 11, 1783; married Elizabeth Spencer.
1578 iii Hannah Chaffee, born July 14, 1786; died in the spring of 1868; mar-
ried in Somers, February 10, 1831, Chester Spencer of Somers-
+ 1579 iv Lora Chaffee, born February 3, 1789; married Philura Bliss.

Child, by second wife:

1580 v Xancy Chaffee, born in Enfield, January 20, 1813; died there June 26,
1823; buried in Somers.

606 Ephraim ^ Chaffee (Asa,^ Joseph,^ John,3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in
South Wilbraham, Mass., August 12, 1760, and died in Wilbraham, Mass., No-
vember 11, 1843. He married in Norwich, Conn., August 29, 1782, Olive, daughter
of Samuel Edgerton of Connecticut. She died in Wilbraham, January 4, 1831,
aged sixty-six and both she and her husband were buried there.


He served in the Revolution as a Private :

"Chaffe Ephraim, Wilbraham. Capt. Nathan Rowle's co., Col. John Jacobs's
reg't. ; enUsted July 1, 1778; service, 6 mos. 4 days, at Rhode Island; enhstment
to expire Jan. 1, 1779.

"Chaffee Ephraim, Wilbraham. List of men mustered in Hampshire Co. as
returned by Col. Jolm Bliss; ICth co.; age, 20 yrs.; residence, Wilbraham; mustered
July 24, 1780; enlistment, 3 months; also, Private Capt. Joseph Browning's co.,
Col. Seth Murray's (Hampshire Co.) regt. ; enhsted July 24, 1780; discharged
Oct. 10, 1780; service, 2 mos, 24 days, travel included; company raised to reinforce
Continental Army for 3 months." [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War
of the Revolution.]

During Shay's Rebellion he served as a Private from January 18, to February 7,
1787, in Springfield, in Captain Joseph Williams' company of cadets ordered into
service by Major General Shepard. He drew a pension for his Revolutionary
services and in his application he states that he enlisted three times, the first in
1778 in Lieutenant Noah Stebbins' company. He was a farmer and in 1790 lived
in Monson, Mass. In 1817 " Ephraim Chaffee of Wilbraham, yeoman " sold land
there, where he was also living in 1832, when he applied for a pension. He was
tall, stout, and had a ruddy complexion. He died in the home of his daughter,
Olive (Chaffee) Burt.

Children, all but the fourth and fifth born in South Wilbraham:

+ 1581 i AbeP Chaffee, born February 9, 1785; married (1) Fanny Gowdy;

(2) Mary Vineca; (3) Mrs. Eunice Bradd.
+ 1582 ii Olive Chaffee, born February 28, 1786; married David Burt, Jr.
1583 iii Miriam Chaffee, born July 23, 1788; died in South Wilbraham,

October 23, 1803; baptized there in the Congregational Church,

August 24, 1800.
+ 1584 iv Ephraim Chaffee, Jr., born April 21, 1792; married Chloe M. Hyde.
+ 1585 V Alvin Chaffee, born September 21, 1794; married Dolly Burnham.
1586 vi Betsey Chaffee, born in 1796; baptized in the South Wilbraham

Congregational Church, August 24, 1800.
+ 1587 vii Lois Chaffee, born August 12, 1799; married Otis Newell.

610 Calvin ^ Chaffee (Asa,^ Joseph, * John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in
South Wilbraham, Mass., June 11, 1766, and died in Monson, Mass., March 2,
1827. He married Wealthy Edgerton of Monson, where they lived and where she
was buried. He was a farmer. The following is a copy of his will :

"In the Name of God Amen.

" I Calvin Chaffee of Wilbraham in the County of Hampden and Commonwealth
of Massachusetts Considering the uncertainty of this ^lortal Life and being of
Sound and perfect mind and memory Blessed be Almighty God for the same do
make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following.

" First. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Welthen Chaffee all my per-
sonal estate except what I have given to my Children in the following Items includ-
ing Threehundred and ninety Dollars it being part of a note executed to me by Eph-
raim Chaffee Ephraim Chaffee Jun and David Burt on the first day of March
Eighteen hundred and fifteen payable to me or my order on the first day of March
Eighteen hundred and eighteen the whole sum of the note being Five hundred and
ninety dollars. I give her not only the Interest arising not only on the sum above
mentioned but the Interest arising on the whole sum of sd note until the heirs have
a Lawful Claim to the remaining two hundred dollars principle of sd note also I
give her the use of the following described tract of Land fully described in the
sixth Item given to Thomas E Chaffee and Calvin Orsmus Chaffee also I give her
the Interest arising from a Note given to Welthen Chaffee Jvmr executed to me


by Ephraim Chaffee Ephraim Chaffee Junr & David Burt on the first day of March
Eighteen hundred and fifteen ])ayable to me or my order Eighteen hundred and
nineteen of the sum of Onehundred Dollars also the Interest arising from a Note
of the Sum of Onehundred Dollars executed to mc by Amos Pease on the thirtyeth
day of March Eighteen huiidred and fifteen payable to me or my order within
one year from date given to Thomas E. Chaffee and Calvin Orsmus Chaffee equally
divided between them in the sixth and eighth Items both of the last described
Notes I will that she should receive the Interest until the heirs to which their
Principals are given are respectively of Lawful age and fit to receive their dona-

"Item second I give to my son Normand Chaffee my three Inch Iron Chissel
one two Inch Chissel and one Inch Chissel one Inch and half auger & one Inch and
quarter auger.

" Item third I give and bequeath to my son Dan Chaffee my Tennon saw hand
saw and fine saw

"Item fourth I give to my son Harvey Chaffee my best Saddle.

"Item fifth I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah C. White my four pail-
ful Iron Kittle and two dining Chairs

"Item Sixth I Give to my son Thomas E. Chaffee the one half of an undivided
tract of Land lying in the South parish of Wilbraham near the School house in
the Southeast Corner of sd parish butted and bounded as described in the deed
executed to me by Hannah Dean and Betsey Dean on the twenty eighth day of
Oct Eighteen hundred and nine also one half a Note Executed to me by Axnos
Pease on the thirtieth day of March Eighteen hundred and fifteen payable to me
or my order within one year from date the Interest of this note however I give
to my beloved wife in the first Item.

"Item Seventh I give and bequeath to my daughter Welthen Chaffee Junr a
note of the sum of One hundred dollars Executed to me by Ephraim Chaffee
Ephraim Chaffee Junr and David Burt executed on the first day of March Eighteen
hundred and fifteen payable to me or to my order on the first day of March Eighteen
hundred and nineteen with Interest the Interest however I have in the first Item
bequeathed to my beloved Wife also I give her two beds with trimming all to
receive when she arrives at Lawful age.

" Item eighth I give and bequeath to my son Calvin Orsmus Chaffee the other
half of the undivided tract of Land as described in the Sixth Item also I give him
the other half of a Note of One hundred Dollars as described above in the Sixth
Item the Interest of which however I have bequeathed to my beloved Wife in
the first Item

"Item ninth the remaining two hundred Dollars of sd note described in the
first Item without its Interest I here will equal parts of it to all my heirs

"Item tenth I now and here appoint Daniel Chaffee of sd Wilbraham my sole
executor of this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills
by me made

"In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty sixth
day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen
"in presents

"Moses Warren Calvin Chaffe [l. s.]

"of Charles Sessions
"Robert Sessions Jun
"Catharine Chaffee."

Children, all but the fifth born in South Wilbraham:

4-1588 i Norman 7 Chaffee, born April 6, 1790; married (1) Nabby Davis;

(2) Mrs. Betsey (Norris) Tupper.
+ 1589 ii Sally C. Chaffee, born February 8, 1792; married Preserved White,

1590 iii A daughter, born November 14, 1794; died before 1816.
+ 1591 iv George Harvey Chaffee, born May 12, 1798; married Mary Lewis.
+ 1592 V Thomas Elmer Chaffee, born in March, 1801 ; married Lydia P. Cooley.


+ 1593 vi Wealthy Chaffee, born April 11, 1807; married George Cooley.

+ 1594 vii Calvin Orasmus Chaffee, born April 29, 1811; married Tamason

+ 1595 viii Dan Chaffee, married Augusta Brooks.

611 Miriam ^ Chaffee (Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in
South Wilbraham, Mass., September 3, 1768, and died. She married Ellis.

1596 i Miriam ^ Ellis, married Jonathan Chaffee, Jr. (See 1569.)

613 Abiather « Chaffee (Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born in
South Wilbraham, Mass., December 5, 1774, and died in Naples, Ontario County,
N. Y., December 5, 1809. He married there, Miriam, daughter of William Clark
of Windsor, Conn. She was a first cousin of Myron H. Clark, former Governor of
New York state. She died March 15, 1813, and was buried in Naples. At the time
of his marriage and his death Abiather Chaffee lived in Naples, where he was an
artisan and a butcher. He died quite suddenly. He had been away from home
butchering, when, on his way home, he accidentally slipped and fell on his butcher
knife, cutting his leg so badly that he bled to death before a doctor could reach


1597 i Harvey Bronson ^ Chaffee, born in 1798; died October 26, 1851; mar-
ried in 1829, Lucy Niles, who died nine months later; he was
six feet, one inch in height and well developed ; he was a carpenter
and joiner; he lived with his brother Ephraim C. after his wife's
death ; he died of cholera.

+ 1598 ii Minerva Chaffee, born in 1802; married Horace Borden.

+ 1599 iii Ephraim Cleveland Chaffee, born September 10, 1803; married Jane
Blair. '

1600 iv Cyril Chaffee, born about 1806; died March 11, 1826; he was a miller
and while working in the mill fell from a plank into the pitman
hole and was pounded to death by the pitman.

+ 1601 v Miriam Chaffee, born about 1807; married Hiram Mack.

614 Walter « Chaffee (Asa,^ Joseph,* John,3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in
South Wilbraham, Mass., August 17, 1775, and died in Peterboro, N. Y., Jmie 11,
1855. He married in South Wilbraham, October 7, 1798, Anna, daughter of
Ichabod Hyde of Monson, Mass. Their marriage intention was published in South
Wilbraham, September 20, 1798. She was born about 1779, and died in Peter-
boro about 1868. After her husband's death she lived with her daughter, Mrs.
Bliss, in Peterboro, where she was buried. She was a member of the Presbyte-
rian Church there.

Walter Chaffee had a light complexion, dark blue ej^es, dark brown hair, was
over six feet in height, and of a quiet, reserved disposition. Shortly after his
marriage he moved to Plainfield, N. Y., where there were many Indians. Here
he cleared a tract of land and built a log house. In 1817 he lived in Smithfield,
N. Y. He also lived in Peterboro for forty years, where he was a butcher, and at
one time School Collector. He enlisted in the War of 1812 as a Private. He was
a member of the Plainfield Congregational Church. He was a farmer and died
in a convulsion.


Children :

1602 i Nancy ' Chaffee, born in Plainfield; died in Peterboro in 1844; mar-

ried Harris Rich, and Hved there.

1603 ii Caren Hapock Chaffee, born in Plainfield; died young in Peterboro.
+ 1604 iii Sophronia ChafTee, born in Peterboro; married Samuel Johnson.

+ 1605 iv Enoch Hyde Chaffee, born February 11, 1805; married Rhoda M.
1606 V Lucy I. Chaffee, born in Peterboro; died in Otto, N. Y.; married
Garrett Ballard, and went West.
+ 1607 vi Ichabod Sherman Chaffee, born November 8, 1812; married (1)
Electa Evans; (2) Jeanette Saeger; (3) Elizabeth Kelch.
1608 vii Elam Chaffee, born in Peterboro; drowned there, aged six.
+ 1609 viii Margaret Chaffee, born in 1817; married Thomas Donelly.

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