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The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 28 of 91)
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677 Armilla « Chafiee (Ezra,^ Ebenezer,* John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born
in Athens, Vt., March 7, 1784, and died in Townshend, Vt., May 7, 1864. She
married (1) in Athens, August 28, 1814, Nathan Willard, born in Woodstock,
Conn., in 1790, died in Athens, April 13, 1852. He was a farmer and quarryman,
had a dark complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, seven inches in height. She

married (2) Oakes. She was a member of the Methodist Church, and was

buried in Athens.


Children :

1789 i George Norris ^ Willard, born May 11, 1818; died January 4, 1869.
+ 1790 ii Charles Henry Willard, born February 15, 1825; married (1) Lucretia
M. Dunton; (2) Sarah J. Dunton; (3) Abby L. Morse,

679 Lydia « Chaffee (Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was
born in Canterbury, Conn., October 8, 1776, and died June 1, 1847. She married,
March 24, 1796, Luther, son of Ebenezer Spaulding. He was born in Canter-
bury (in that part now Brooklyn), March 22, 1762, died in Norwich, Conn., Feb-
ruary 3, 1838, and was buried there. He was a lawyer in Norwich, and was at one
time Judge of the New London County Court.

Children :

1791 i George 7 Spaulding, born March 16, 1797; died November 22, 1858;

married, February 18, 1824, Helen Maria, daughter of Gad Cowles
of Farmington, Conn. ; no children ; he graduated from Yale College
in 1818.

1792 ii Charles Spaulding, a member of the firm of Barnes and Spaulding, pro-

prietors of a cork-cutting machine.

1793 iii A daughter, died in infancy.

1794 iv A daughter, died ; unmarried.

680 Ethan « Chaffee (Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was
born in Canterbury, Conn., October 29, 1780, and died there, February 6, 1848.
He married in Plainfield, Conn., about 1810, Ruby, daughter of Benjamin Bacon
of that place. She died in Canterbury, January 31, 1873, aged eighty-five years,
and was buried there. Ethan Chaffee was a farmer and all his life lived in Canter-
bury, where he bought land December 27, 1806, later buying and selling other
pieces of land there.

Children :

1795 i Lydia S.^ Chaffee, born October 9, 1819; residence, 1883, Canterbury;
+ 1796 ii Ethan Chaffee, Jr., born May 21, 1821 ; married ^lary A. Shedd.
+ 1797 iii John Chaffee, born July 6, 1823; married Mary A. Fast.

1798 iv Eliza A. Chaffee, born March 13, 1825; died in Canterbury, June 10,

1854; unmarried.

1799 V Horace Bacon Chaffee, born March 31, 1828; died December 10, 1861 ;

a cabinetmaker; immarried,

683 Ebenezer ^ Sanger (Olive ^ Chaffee, Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1),
died. He married his cousin, Olive ^ Chaffee (681) (Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) born in Canterbury, Conn., December 19, 1782, died about
1820. The records show that February 6, 1813, Olive Chaffee of Canterbury
bought for $200, twenty-four acres of land in Brooklyn, Conn., the adjoining
town. Ebenezer Sanger married (2) Eunice Hutchins.

Child, by first wife :

1800 i Ebenezer ^ Sanger, Jr., born April 17, 1819.
Children, by second wife:

1801 ii Luther Sanger, born April 22, 1821.

1802 iii George Sanger, born May 18, 1825.

1803 iv Martin Hutchins Sanger, born April 12, 1827.

1804 V Hannah Sanger, born December 12, 18.30.

1805 vi Olive Chaffee Sanger, born August 17, 1833.


686 Sarah (" Sally ") Adams « Chaffee (Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,^
Thomas i) was born in Woodstock, Conn., July 3, 1784, and died May 13, 1866.
She married there, November 14, 1825, Wilkes, son of Caleb and Alice Sharpe,
born in Pomfret, Conn., July 28, 1789, died in Providence, R. I., August 7, 1866.
He was a livery stable keeper in Providence, where they lived and where Sarah
Adams (Chaffee) Sharpe was buried. She had black eyes.

+ 1806 i Lucian ^ Sharpe, born March 20, 1830; married Louisa Dexter.

687 Lucy ^ Chaffee (Samuel,* Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born
in Woodstock, Conn., October 1, 1785, and died. She married, December 30,
1802, Joseph Deans, born August 29, 1778, died April 22, 1838.

Children, born in Woodstock:

+ 1807 i Nancy ^ Deans, born October 7, 1803 ; married Reuben W^ells.
+ 1808 ii Abiel Deans, born October 16, 1805; married Amanda Lillibridge.

+ 1809 iii Julia Ann Deans, born May 3, 1808; married Pitt Sharpe.

+ 1810 iv Eliza Deans, born January 11, 1811; married Francis Fitts.

+ 1811 v Catherine Deans, born April 20, 1819; married Holmes Slade.

1812 vi Joseph Edwin Deans, born December 3, 1824; married .

688 Luther ^ Chaffee (Samuel, * Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas was born
in Woodstock, Conn., October 26, 1787, and died in Orwell, Pa., in October, 1856.
He married (1) in Connecticut, about 1807, Amy, daughter of Joseph Browning
of that state. She died in 1833, aged forty-two, and was buried in Orwell. She
was a member of the Universalist church. He married (2) in 1835, Julia, daughter
of William Waterman. She was born in North Haven, Conn., in 1810, and was
living in 1892.

Luther Chaffee had a dark complexion and eyes, black hair, and was five feet,
ten inches in height. He was a carpenter, joiner and farmer. In 1809 he lived
in Connecticut and about 1812 moved to Orwell, Pa., with his brother Jason.
He was a School Director for several terms. He was a Universalist in belief and
always supported that church. He was noted for his hospitality and his up-
rightness in all walks of life.

Children, by first wife:

1813 i Olive ^ Chaffee, died aged twelve.

+ 1814 ii Albert Chaffee, born September 3, 1810; married Anna Mead.

+ 1815 iii Samuel Chaffee, born April 20, 1812; married Lavina Goodell.

1816 iv Eliza Chaffee, born about 1815; died about 1856 or 1857; unmarried.

+ 1817 V Lois Chaffee, born about 1817; married Nelson Vaness.

+ 1818 vi Daniel Dwight Chaffee, born October 21, 1819; married Eliza

1819 vii Fanny Chaffee, born about 1821; died about 1853 (1865); un-


1820 viii Cordelia Chaffee, born in February, 1824; died in November, 1888;

married Ashel Mead; residence, near Meadville, Pa.
+ 1821 ix Ezra Chaffee, born January 27, 1827; married (1) Mary A. Smith;

(2) Susan A. Whitney.
+ 1822 X Henry Leander Chaffee, born about 1829; married.
1823 xi Andrew Chaffee, born about 1832; died about 1838.
+ 1824 xii Leander Alma Chaffee, born January 23, 1833; married Rachel A.

Siggins. ^


Children, by second wife :

1825 xiii Edward Berzilia Chaffee, born May 31, 1837; married in Pennsyl-
vania, Annette Beecher; he enlisted August 22, 1862, as a
Private, in Company D, 141st Pennsylvania Volunteers, and
served in the Civil War three years, being mustered out May
28, 1865; his regiment was in the Army of the Potomac; he was
ill in hospitals in New York and Philadelphia; returned to his
Pennsylvania home, married and removed to Iowa, where in
1890 he was living in Union.

+ 1826 xiv Alice Emily Chaffee, born July 2, 1839; married George N. Johnson.

+ 1827 XV Isabelle Lucy Chaffee, born January 17. 1842; married Edwin H.

689 Polly 8 Chaffee (Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born
in Woodstock, Conn., May 3, 1789, and died. She married (1) Daniel Bro'miing,
who died; she married (2) Artemas Johnson.

Children :

1828 i Mary ^ Browming.

1829 ii Sally BrowTiing.

1830 iii Harmon D. Browning.

1831 iv Denis Johnson.

1832 V Wealthy Johnson.

1833 vi Lucian Johnson.

1834 vii Nancy Johnson.

690 Miranda ^ Chaffee (Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,^ John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was
born in Woodstock, Conn., June 3, 1790, and died February 1, 1869. She married
in Orwell, Pa., September 21, 1817, Theron WeUs, a carpenter and farmer, born
in New Hartford, November 14, 1794, died in Orwell. He had a sandy complexion,
gray eyes, and was five feet, ten inches in height. They lived in Orwell, where
she was buried.

Children :

1835 i Lois SJ Wells, born Februarv 2, 1819; married Levi Gilbert.

1836 ii Samuel C. Wells, born March 10, 1821; died April 13, 1886; married,

July 3, 1847, Maria Block.

1837 iii Sanford Wells, born July 18, 1824; died March 26, 1888; married M.

J. DeWitt.

1838 iv George Washington Wells, born August 18, 1828; died December

2, 1891; married C. A. Brown; residence, 1890, Potterville, Pa.
+ 1839 V Edgar Oscar Wells, born September 4, 1833; married (1) Mercia A.
Dunkerton ; (2) Mrs. Alice A. Lane.

691 Danforth e Chaffee (Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* John,3 Joseph,^ Thomas 1) was
born in Woodstock, Conn., March 31, 1793, and died in Mariette, Pa., June 26,
1820. He married in Bainbridge, N. Y., September 6, 1817, Edna, daughter of
Martin Luther of Bennington, Vt., who served all through the Revolution. Mrs.
Chaffee died May 16, 1891, and was buried in Milledgeville, 111. She was a member
of the Congregational church. Danforth Chaffee had a dark complexion, and
black eyes. He was a wagon maker, and in 1817 lived in Orwell, Pa.

Children :

+ 1840 i Danford ^ Chaffee, born October 24, 1816; married Deborah Rockwell.
+ 1841 ii Hiland Danforth Chaffee, born July 23, 1819; married EUza E. Hum-


692 Jason « Chaffee (Samuel, » Ebenezer,^ John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born

in Woodstock, Conn., June 9, 1794, and died in Susquehanna, Pa., June 6,

(after 1879). He married in Orwell, Pa., about 1821, Fanny, .daughter of Chester
Gridley of Orwell, where she died June 2, 1851, and where she was buried. She
was a member of the Episcopal Church.

Jason Chaffee served as a fifer, in the War of 1812 under Commander Jacob
Lyon, in New London, Conn., from June 21 to June 24, 1813. He was a farmer
and hotel-keeper. At the time of his marriage he lived in Orwell, and later in
Susquehanna, Wysox, Myersburg, Le Raysville and Rome (all in Permsylvania),
where he kept a hotel for twenty-five years. He had a light complexion, blue eyes,
and was five feet, eleven inches in height. He united with the Universalist Church
at the age of forty-five. At the age of eighty-five he could still play on the flute
and organ.

Children :

-1-1842 i Chester Gridley ^ Chaffee, born October 26, 1822; married Frances
V. Rose.

1843 ii Sally Chaffee, born in 1824; died in 1868.

1844 iii Fannie Chaffee.
184.5 iv Jason Chaffee, Jr.

1846 V Edgar Chaffee, born in 1842; died in 1875; residence, Houtzdale, Pa.

693 Lucinda « Chaffee (Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was
born in Woodstock, Conn., May 18, 1796, and died. She married there, March 30,
1820, Walter, Jr., son of Walter and Lutheda (Franklin) Tucker. He was born
in Woodstock, October 10, 1797, and died about 1868 or 1869. Mr. and Mrs.
Tucker moved to Orwell, Bradford County, Pa., after their marriage, and also
lived in Athens, Pa. Lucinda (Chaffee) Tucker had a dark complexion, and black
eyes. ]\Ir. Tucker married again after her death.

Children :

1847 i EHza Jane ^ Tucker, born December 26, 1820; married.

1848 ii Mason T. Tucker, born December 25, 1822; married.

1849 iii Anson A. Tucker, born November 5, 1824; married Sophia Haggerty.

1850 iv Lucy Angeline Tucker, born November 6, 1826; married George Wood.

1851 V Maria Ann Tucker, born May 18, 1829; married Daniel Vangorder.

1852 \n Syhda Albina Tucker, born July 1, 1831; married Wallace W. Wells.

1853 vii Sarah (Sally) Almeda Tucker, born September 25, 1833; married George


1854 viii Alida Irene Tucker, born February 19, 1836; married Daniel L. Coburn.

For further descendants see Tucker Genealogy, by Ephraim Tucker.

694 Ebenezer s Chaffee (Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,^ John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas *) was
born in Woodstock, Conn., September 18, 1797, and died in Afton, N. Y., June 17,
1864. He married in Cheshire, Mass., April 11, 1821, Phila, daughter of Jonathan
and Lettice Farnum of that place. She was a Quakeress. Ebenezer Chaffee had
a dark complexion, and black eyes. Februarj^ 10, 1835, he bought land in Hart-
wick, N. Y., for $4,024, and sold land there in 1842. He was a blacksmith and
for twenty-five years held the office of Postmaster. He was living in Afton at the
time of his death, which was sudden. He was found dead in a field, with his
faithful dog whining beside his body. He was buried in Afton, where he was highly
respected for his honesty and industry.


Children :

1855 i Catharine Eliza" Chaffee, born January 1, 1824 (January 29, 1823);

married, January 29, 1846, George Kirby.

1856 ii Achsah Malvina Chaffee, born July 6, 1826 (July 10, 1824) ; died in

Milford, N. Y., in 1884, suddenly; married, February 17, 1844,
Cortland C. Wilcox; residence, Milford.
+ 1857 iii John Dwight Chaffee, born February 16, 1828 (February 18, 1827);
married Maria L. Wilcox.

1858 iv Maria Farnum Chaffee, born September 22, 1830; died April 9, 1835.

1859 V Ann Maria Chaffee, born April 22, 1837 (April 11, 1836); married

William Landers.

1860 vi Mary Farnum Chaffee, born September 15, 1840 (September 12, 1843) ;

married Zenas Tarbel.

695 Alice ^ Chaffee (Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born,
in Woodstock, Conn., July 18, 1799, and died. She married (1) in Charlton
Mass., May 10, 1829, Josiah Conant, a millwright of Dudley, Mass., where she
also lived. He was born there, December 7, 1804, and died in Woodstock, Au-
gust 7, 1839. They lived in Dudley and Woodstock. She married (2) and moved
to Michigan. She was a Universalist, had a dark complexion, black eyes, and was
quite tall.

Children, born in Woodstock:

1861 i Pitt Chaffee ^ Conant, born November 26, 1834; died in Woodstock,

September 1, 1844.

1862 ii Emily Conant, born November 6, 1839; died November 26, 1839.

697 Eliza « Chaffee (Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* John,^ Joseph, 2 Thomas was born
in Woodstock, Conn., April 2, 1803, and died. She married there. May 17, 1825,
Asa, Jr., son of Asa Robinson. He was born March 5, 1798. She had black eyes,
and was a member of the Universalist Church.

Children, born in Woodstock:

1863 i George Fred ^ Robinson, born January 6, 1826; residence, 1890, Cali-


1864 ii Helen Robinson, born Mav 6, 1827; married, March 13, 1848, Edward

Whipple Mixer, born July 25, 1822.

1865 iii Ehzabeth Robinson, born December 28, 1829.

698 Ezra ^ Chaffee (Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born
in Woodstock, Conn., April 12, 1806, and died in Cooperstown, N. Y., May 23,
1837. He married, June 24, 1827, Sylvia Albina, daughter of Joseph and Lucy
(Leland) Bennett of Cheshire, Mass. She was born April 6, 1810, died July 7,
1875, and was buried in Binghamton, N. Y. She was a member of the Metho-
dist Church and later of the Universalist Church, of which Mr. Chaffee was also
a member. After his death she married (2), February 26, 1839, Merlin Jackson of
Afton, N. Y. In 1831, Ezra Chaffee was li\'ing in Cheshire, on February 19th of
that year buying for $275, land in Middlefield, N. Y., where he soon settled, as
in 1832, when buying more land there, he is spoken of as of "Middlefield." He
sold land there in 1834, when he is spoken of as of Otsego, N. Y. He had a light
complexion and peculiar eyes, one being blue and one black. He was a black-
smith and held the office of Commissioner of Deeds in 1835. His will, made May 13,
1837, was probated in Cooperstown, June 10th of that year, and mentions his


widow and son. The executors were his brother Ebenezer and Joseph Bennett.

His gravestone in the Cooperstown Cemetery tells the passer-by that he died

" Rejoicing in the faith of the World's Salvation."

Children :

+ 1866 i Joseph Bennett ^ Chaffee, born June 4, 1830; married Sarah E. Rogers.
1867 ii Everett L. Chaffee, born about January, 1834; died September 21,
1835; aged one year and nine months; buried in Cooperstown.

702 Mary ^ Chaffee (Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was
born about 1760, and died in Windsor, Conn., October 7, 1846, aged eighty-six.
She married, November 7, 1784, as his third wife, Captain James, son of Nathaniel
Hooker. He was born about 1742, and died December 10, 1805, aged sixty-three.
They lived in Rochester, N. Y., or near by. After his death Mary (Chaffee) Hooper
returned to Windsor, where she lived with her sister Hepzibah. She was buried
in the Windsor Cemetery.

Children, born in or near Rochester:

1868 i Dolly Goodwin ^ Hooker, born July 30, 1787; died in Rochester, Feb-

ruary 15, 1850; married, June 24, 1803, Judge EHsha Beebe, son
of Elisha and Marv (Beebe) Strong of Windsor; he was born in
Hartford, Conn., November 27, 1788; died October 14, 1867.
[For further descendants see Strong Genealogy.]

1869 ii Alexander Allen Hooker, died; married Lucy Case.

1870 iii James Hooker, died; married Helen S. Read.

1871 iv Horace Hooker, died; married Helen Wolcott.

1872 V Henry Thomas Hooker, died ; married Mary B. Cobb.

1873 vi Hannah Allen Hooker, died; married Reverend Andrew Yates.

1874 vii Mary Chaffee Hooker, died; married James C. McGoffin.

1875 viii Eliza Hooker, died; unmarried.

703 Hezekiah « Chaffee, Jr. (Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1),
was born in Windsor, Conn., March 21, 1762, and died there, October 18, 1821.
He married (1) in September, 1785, Charlotte, daughter of Hezekiah Bradley of
Greenfield and Fairfield, Conn., She was born July 15 1764, and died in 1812,
her death being recorded on the monument over her husband's grave in the old
cemetery, # Windsor, as follows:

"Mrs. Charlotte Chaffee wife of Doct. Hezekiah Chaffee, Jr. and daughter of
Hezekiah Bradley Esq. of Fairfield, died March 24, 1812, aged 48."

Doctor Chaffee married (2), December 25, 1814, Abigail Talcott born in 1784.
She married after his death Deacon Jasper Morgan, and died January 31,

The following Revolutionary record is thought to refer to Doctor Chaffee:

"Chaffey, Hezekiah. Private, Capt. Hezekiah Russell's (2d) co. of volunteers,
2d Hampshire Co. regt. ; service, 6 days, by order of Elisha Porter, Sherriff, against
the insurgents at Northampton May 6, June 15, 16, and 17, 1782, at Springfield
June 12, 1782, and at Hadley June 13, 1782." [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors
in the War of the Revolution.]

October 7, 1785, Doctor Chaffee bought of Aaron Meacham of Enfield, Conn.,
for £24, a house in Somers and he sold land there to Amariah Kibbe for £160,
the deed being recorded July 1, 1805. February 22, 1790, Jack L Pell, a negro
servant of Doctor Chaffee's, was baptized in the Congregational Church on pro-
fession of faith.


The original of the following letter addressed by Doctor Chaffee to "Mrs. Char-
lotte Chaffee, Greenfield, Conn." is preserved by one of their descendants. Mrs.
Chaffee was evidently visiting her parents:

"Windsor June 1st 1796.
"My Dear.

"You will recollect I told you not long since I dreamed I was a Preacher
knowing you to have considerable faith in dreams. I have concluded to actually
turn Preacher, & will address my first sermon to you & wiU faithfully promise to
preach to none else, until I see what effect my sermon will produce. I shall take
my text in the 2nd chapter of the songs of Soloman beginning at the last clause
of the 10th verse to the end of the 13th inclusive 'Rise up my love my fair one &
come away. For lo the Winter is past the rain is over & gone, the flowers appear
on the earth, the time of the singing of the birds is come the voice of the turtle is
heard in our land, the fig tree putteth forth her green figs, & the vines with the
tender grape give a good smell. Arise my love my fair one, & come away' —
Soloman fully sensible of the pleasures & enjoyments of social live, was placed
by the absence of his beloved, in a situation that debared him from the present
enjoyment of her company. He addresses himself to her in the most beautiful
& persuasive manner — 'Rise up my love &c.,' setting forth the beauties and
fragrance of the season, to allure the senses & making love in the most delicate
manner to captivate the soul, uniting all the adress that was in the power of man
to solicit the return of his beloved. — We must believe Soloman was strongly im-
pressed with the belief in what God said to Adam (Genesis 2nd Chapter 18th verse)
' It is not good that man should be alone ' — For my own part, taking these passages
of Scripture together, and reasoning from my own feelings I am abundantly
convinced of the truth, & sufficiently feel the force of conviction. That this may
produce the like effect on you, & that you may prove your faith by works I shall
conclude with the words of my text — Rise up my love my fair one and come away.

H. C."

Doctor Chaffee's will, recorded in Hartford, Conn., was made December 19,
1818. The legatees were his wife, Abigail, his sons, Hezekiah B. and Samuel G.,
and his daughter Abigail S. Loomis, to whom he left "ray negro slave Nancy."
The inventory of the estate was taken November 6, 1821. Doctor Chaffee lived in
Windsor where the monument over his grave reads as follows:

"Hezekiah Chaffee, Jr. died October 18, 1821, aged 60, eminently skillful in
his profession, beloved and esteemed for his virtues, his death was deeply felt
and universally regretted, a tribute of filhal love."

Children, by first wife :

+ 1876 i Abigail Sherwood ^ Chaffee, born April 24, 1787; married Colonel
James Loomis.
1877 ii Hezekiah Bradley Chaffee, born March .3, 1789; died December 13,
1864; baptized in the Windsor Congregational Church, June 28,
1789; unmarried; graduated from Yale College in 1809; was in
mercantile business in Hartford with his brother for many years ;
in 1828 he sold to William Winterton, tailor, of New York City
for $2,000, lots in Oswego, N. Y.; at one time he hved in New
York City.

+ 1878 iii Samuel Griswold Chaffee, born May 15, 1791; married (1) Rebecca
Phelps; (2) Julia Lombard.

706 Lucinda 6 Chaffee (Simeon,5 John,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born
in South Wilbraham, Mass., October 21, 1766, and died July 10, 1838. She mar-
ried there, August 31, 1797, Daniel Murphy, Jr., of Springfield, Mass. Their
intention of marriage was published in South Wilbraham, March 20, 1797, where
she was then living, and where she was buried.


Children :

1879 i Cornelius Davis ^ Murphy, went to sea, and was never again heard of.

1880 ii John Washington Murphy, born about 1803, died in Williamstown,

Mass., May 26, 1836, aged thirty three; married Eliza .

1881 iii Love Murphy, died in the South; married in Wilbraham, George Gager,

who died; she went South.

1882 iv Minerva Murphy, died in Hartford, Conn.; married Arlow Collins, who

died in Hartford; had two sons and a daughter.

708 Willard " Chaffee (Simeon, ^ John,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born
in South Wilbraham, Mass., November 7, 1770, and died there, May 20, 1840.
He married in Norwich, Conn., February 26, 1804, Lois Fuller of Norwich, born
August 31, 1773. The trip from the home of the bride's father in Norwich to her
new home in South Wilbraham is said to have been made on horseback, the bride
riding on a pillion behind her husband. She died in South Wilbraham, July 24,
1848, where both were buried. She was a zealous Methodist. It is recorded that
Willard Chaffee of Wilbraham, "yeoman," bought of Zadock Stebbins of the same
place, " cordwainer, " land in Wilbraham, March 23, 1798, for the sum of $660.66,
and that in 1803 and 1818, being then of South Wilbraham, he bought land in
Stafford, Conn. He was a farmer.

Children, born in South Wilbraham:

+ 1883 i Edward Willard ^ Chaffee, born December 5, 1804; married Eliza
1884 ii Edwin Mascraft Chaffee, a twin, born December 5 1804; died March
23, 1805 ; buried in South Wilbraham, where, in the Congregational
Church, he had been baptized, January 17, 1805.

+ 1885 iii Eliza Chaffee, born January 20, 1807; married Titus Amidon.

711 Simeon « Chaffee, Jr. (Simeon, ^ John,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1), was born
in South Wilbraham, Mass., September 10, 1776, and died there, September 17,
1825. He married in Washington, Mass., April 2, 1802, Fanny Elmer Chaffee
(1570) (Asa,6 Asa, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) born in Somers, Conn.,
January 27,'>1780, died in South Wilbraham, October 9, 1855. She was baptized
in the Wilbraham Congregational Church, May 27, 1792. In 1838 she was living
in Palmer, Mass. Simeon Chaffee was a farmer and mason, and lived in South
Wilbraham, where both he and his wife were buried.

Children, born in South Wilbraham :

1886 i A son,7 born June 6, 1804; died June 6, 1804.

1887 ii Lucetta Davis Chaffee, born October 14, 1805; died in South Wilbra-

ham, May 28, 1887; married there, October 3, 1836, Ebenezer

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