William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 33 of 91)
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for the Howard estate. He looked forward to the time when the creditors would
be satisfied, and the balance of the estate be handed over by him to the Spragues
as a curtailed but still great inheritance. But the fates were against him. The
business of the country, like an expiring lamp, blazed up brightly for a moment
after he took charge of the mills, then flickered and finally became encrusted and
gave a faint light for seven long years. Internal dissensions arose. In the mean-
time the machinery of the mills was wearing out, and, worse than all, the new im-
provements in spindles, which men on their feet could introduce into their mills,
would have distanced the Sprague mills in the race to secure the small margin of
profit in cotton spinning if their machinery had been new but of the same old type.
And yet, under all these adverse circumstances, Mr. Chafee struggled on, with
every man's hand against him, persistently and straightforwardly to execute his
trust. Had his life been spared six months he would have been able to have brought
his labors to a close.

"Mr. Chafee was not what would be popularly called a conventionally religious
man. He was not at all sanctimonious in his air, for the reason, perhaps, that he
disliked the scent of a pharisee. He did not keep so close a run of the fast and
feast days of the church as he did of the times when some needy women's rent
became due or when their flour sack would be spent ; but if to be a peacemaker, to
comfort and help the widow and the fatherless, to exercise a blessed charity in
unostentatious ways, to deal honestly and uprightly with all men, and to forgive
his enemies and those who evily entreated him and despitefuUy used him, are
evidence of true piety, then Mr. Chafee was a Christian to the core. When St.
Stephen's Church was building and was pressed for money, he and one other
Christian man now living gave freely of their means, and Mr. Chafee could be seen
almost any clay working with the masons and the laborers to rear that beautiful edi-
fice. It was fitting indeed that there the last solemn rites should be paid to him as
his body rested in front of the chancel which his own hands had helped to build.

" If a memorial be needed for Mr. Chafee beyond the good works which in business
and in private life he has wrought, let it be a rough boulder from the seaward side
of his much-loved Squantum, as typical of the strength of his nature and the ob-
duracy with which he stood to his convictions of right. At the foot of this let the
wood flowers and the tender creepers be planted, that they may nestle to its warmth
and cling to its support, as children and those needing help were drawn to him
and nourished in his life. B. F. T."


Children :

2328 i Mary Elizabeth « Chafee, born January 10, 1847; married June 4, 1874,

George H. Gugerson of Boston, Mass.

2329 ii Clara Chafee, born May 1, 1850; died December 11, 1852.

2330 iii Matilda Chafee, born April 2, 1855; died August 12, 1855,

2331 iv Nathan Munroe Chafee, born September 12, 1856; died February 8,


2332 V .\lice Chafee, born April 29, 1859.

+ 2333 vi Zechariah Chafee, Jr., a twin, born April 29, 1859; married Mary
Dexter 8 Sharpe (3948).

900 Thomas Eddy ^ Chafee (Zechariah,6 Amos,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas i) was born in Providence, R. I., September 18, 1819, and married, Oc-
tober 2, 1845, Lucy E. daughter of Knight Roberts. In 1887 they lived in Provi-
dence, where Mr. Chafee was a mason.

Children, born in Providence :

2334 i A son, 8 born September 2, 1846; died in Providence, September 2,
1846; buried in Locust Grove Cemetery, Providence.
+ 2335 ii Albert Eddy Chafee, born March 28, 1848 ; married Katie P. Budlong.

2336 iii William T. Chafee, born July 26, 1850; died April 7, 1852; buried in

Locust Grove Cemetery, Providence.

2337 iv Edwin Chafee, born January 14, 1852 ; died September 9, 1855 ; buried

in Locust Grove Cemetery, Providence.

2338 V Zechariah Chafee, a twin, born January 14, 1852; died August 22,

1852; buried in Locust Grove Cemetery, Providence.

2339 vi William Thomas Chafee, born October 25, 1854; residence, 1889,

North Attleboro, Mass.

2340 vii Otis Chafee, born April 1, 1857; died February 12, 1873.

2341 viii Frank W. Chafee, born July 27, 1865; died April 23, 1882.

905 Barney Bowen ^ Chafiee (William,« Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Na-
thaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Providence, R. I., May 11, 1809, and died in
Owego, N. Y., April 9, 1869. He married in Providence, Catherine Linnett of
that place. He was a teamster.

Children :

2342 i Daniel « Chaffee, married Lappity.

2343 ii Martha Chaffee.

2344 iii Olive Chaffee, married Warren Hooker.
+ 2345 iv Eliza Chaffee, married James Marien.

2346 V Lois Chaffee, married Benjamin Broome, a mason.
+ 2347 vi Louisa Chaffee, married Albert Lane.

+ 2348 vii Charles Henry Chaffee, born November 22, 1852; married Sally T.

906 William Marinda ^ Chaffee (William, a Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Na-
thaniel, ^ Thomas i) was born in Olneyville, R. I., November 9, 1811, and married
there, October 6, 1833, Sarah, daughter of Ambrose Barney of Rehoboth, Mass.
He bought land in Warren, Pa., in 1837, and was Town Auditor for eighteen years.
In 1884 he was living in Warren Centre, Pa., where he was a blacksmith.

Children, the last five born in Warren:

+ 2349 i Sarah M.s Chaffee, born November 16, 1834; married Frank Allen,
+ 2350 ii William Ambrose Chaffee, born May 11, 1837; married Ellen A.


+ 2351 iii Edmond W. Chaffee, born October 22, 1842; married Harriet Cornell.
+ 2352 iv James Polk Chaffee, born November 13, 1844; married Carrie Pitcher.
+ 2353 V Asa Dodge Chaffee, born April 18, 1847 ; married Elsie Whittaker.
+ 2354 vi Esther P. Chaffee, born December 8, 1849; married E. Frasier Pendle-

2355 vii George H. Chaffee, born September 17, 1855; married, June 11, 1885,

Annie May De Nyse of Brooklyn, N. Y.; he was graduated from
the medical school of the University of Michigan, June 30, 1881 ;
settled in Le Raysville, Pa., in August, 1884; moved to Nebraska,
1884; residence, 1887, Blue Hill, Neb,

907 Caleb Jarvis " Chaffee (William,6 Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,^
Thomas was born in Olneyville, R. I., February 11, 1814, and married Angeline
Bowen. He bought land in Warren, Pa., in 1837 and in 1844. In the latter year
and in 1885 he was living in Owego, N. Y.

Children :

2356 i Frances E.s Chaffee, born August 11, 1842; died November 28, 1864;

married Henry L. Jewett.
+ 2357 ii Delphine A. Chaffee, born March 5, 1845; married George A. Hall.
2358 iii Helen Elizabeth Chaffee, born September 2, 1852; married George H.

909 Oliver Perry ' Chaffee (William,6 Joseph,5 Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas i) was born in Olneyville, R. I., October 1, 1817, and died June 3, 1859.
He married Elizabeth Stanton and at one time lived in Owego, N. Y.

Children :

2359 i Thomas » Chaffee, died before 1883.

2360 ii Fannie Chaffee, died before 1883.

2361 iii Emma A. Chaffee.

910 George Washington ^ Chaffee (Winiam,8 Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Olneyville, R. I., April 6, 1819, and died in
De Kalb, 111., January 2? ■1886. He married, August 22, 1850, Philena Camp-
bell, who was living in 1886 in Courtland, 111. He lived in Owego, N. Y., and in
the spring of 1876 moved with his family to De Kalb, where he spent his remain-
ing years. He was buried in Afton, N. Y. He was a farmer and known as a true
and honorable man.

Children :

+ 2362 i Charles E.s Chaffee, married.
2363 ii Maria B. Chaffee, residence, 1883, De Kalb, 1886, Courtland.

912 James Gardner ^ Chaffee (William,^ Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,^ Na-
thaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Olneyville, R. I., February 27, 1823, and died
in Providence, R. I., August 8, 1878. He married (1) in Providence, in May, 1849,
Abby A., daughter of John Prospect of that place, formerly of Havre, France,
the name being formerly spelled Prospierre. She died August 26, 1863, and he
married (2) in October, 1865, Mrs. Mary L. Robinson, widow of John Robinson
of Worcester, Mass. She died in May, 1872. Mr. Chaffee was an engineer and

Children, by first wife:

2364 i Ella Augustas Chaffee, born February 6, 1850; residence, 1886, Provi-


2365 ii Minetta Arnold Chaffee, born January 30, 1857; residence, 1886, Provi-


2366 iii Lillian Briggs Chaffee, born August 9, 1863; died August 29, 1863.

913 Stephen Geno ^ Chaffee (William,^ Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,^
Thomas was born in Olneyville, R. I., April 14, 1824, and married Harriett
Pendleton. In 1883 he was living in Warren Centre, Pa., where he was a farmer
and blacksmith.

Children :

2367 i Helens Chaffee, born February 27, 1849; married (1) John Fairchild,

who died before 1883; (2) Garfield; residence, 1886, Little

Meadows, Pa.

2368 ii Frank B. Chaffee, born August 7, 1854.

2369 iii Carrie L. Chaffee, born May 2, 1864; married Charles Coburn; residence,

1886, Warren Centre.

916 Joseph B.7 Chaffee (William,^ Joseph,5 Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas i) was born in Olneyville, R. I., October 17, 1827, and died May 11, 1857.
He married Nancy Mary Allen, who after his death married (2) Mr. Whittaker,
a farmer.

Children :
+ 2370 i Idell « Chaffee, married Lester M. Hill.
2371 ii Josephine Chaffee.

919 Joseph B.7 Chaffee (Walker,6 Joseph,5 Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas i), married Rebecca Anthony, and in 1884 lived in East Providence, R. I.

Children :

2372 i Ella » Chaffee.

.Another child, name unknown.

922 Abram Bowen ' Chaffee (Walker,6 Joseph,5 Thomas,* Thomas,^ Nathaniel,^
Thomas i) was born August 10, 1832, and m?"ried in Barrington, R. I., Sarah Mil-
ler. He was living in Providence, R. I., in 1884.

Children :

2373 i William 8 Chaffee, born in Warren, R. I., in 1859; married Ida Mowry;

residence, 1884, Providence.

2374 ii Rebecca Chaffee.

Another child, name unknown.

928 Horace Brown ^ Chaffee (Wilder,^ Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Seekonk, Mass., September 28, 1828, and died December 28,
1893. He married in Sheshequin, Pa., March 4, 1851, Polly, daughter of Abram
Gore of that place. He worked on his father's farm until he was nineteen years
old, when he learned the blacksmith's trade and at the end of three years went
into business for himself in Sheshequin, where he built up a large custom by his
skill and industry. In 1852 he moved to Le Raysville, Pa., where he continued
his trade, in connection with farming. He held various town offices and lived
in Le Raysville for over thirty-nine years. In 1893 he was Postmaster in Chaffee's
Corners, Pa.

Children :

2375 i Charles Francis » Chaffee, born February 11, 1852; married Sarah Bos-


2376 ii Omer Horace Chaffee, born May 2, 1854; married Emma Haight,


2377 iii Willie Alonzo Chaffee, born May G, 1856; died March 4, 1877.

2378 iv Fred Arthur Chaffee, born August 1, 1860.

2379 V Fannie Sabrina ChafYee, born April 25, 1862; married Charles Carrington.

929 Maria Elizabeth ' Chaffee (Wilder,8 Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,^ Nathaniel,2
Thomas i) married, April 4, 1858, George B., son of William and Anna (Humphrey)
Harrington. He was born January 8, 1833, and died April 21, 1863. He was
a mason and farmer, and lived on the family homestead near Le Raysville, Brad-
ford County, Pa. In 1891 Mrs. Harrington lived in South Owego, N. Y.

Children :

2380 i Mary Alice s Harrington.

2381 ii George William Harrington.

2382 iii Lucy Sabrina Harrington.

939 Joel 1 Chafee (Charles,^ Stephen,^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas 1) was born in Wallingford, Vt., May 1, 1807, and died in Springville,
N. Y., March 14, 1883. He married in Spencer, Mass., October 11, 1832, Ann,
daughter of Daniel Moulton of that place. She was born in Spencer, August 8,
1812, and died in Springville, September 24, 1882. Joel Chafee was a farmer.
He bought land in Ashford, N. Y., April 12, 1845, and he and his wife Anna sold
land there, December 16, 1846, on both of which dates he was living in Concord,
N. Y. He also bought other pieces of land in Erie County, N. Y. He also lived
in Springville, where he was buried.

Children, born in Springville:

2383 i Augusta « Chafee, born in 1835; residence, 1890, Utica, N. Y.

2384 ii Bertrand Chafee (Chaffee), born October 26, 1837; married in Sardinia,

N. Y., May 17, 1871, Jennie B., daughter of George Richmond
of that place; he was President of a railroad and owner of the
Springville Flour Mills in 1890, when he lived in Springville.

2385 iii Ellen R. Chafee, born in 1844; died in 1856.
+ 2386 iv Carlos E. Chafee, born in 1851; married.

952 Mary Frances Augusta ^ Chaffee (Jonathan, « Stephen, s Thomas,^ Thomas, 3
Nathaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Boston, Mass., May 15, 1830, and died Jan-
uary 9, 1892. She married there, June 17, 1851, William Henry, son of Henry
and Mary (Brackett) Baldwin. (See Appendix E.) He was born in Brighton,
Mass., October 20, 1826. He was an importer and jobber of dry goods under the
firm name of Baldwin, Baxter and Curry, later Baldwin and Curry, having served
an apprenticeship at that business in the firm of J. M. Beebe & Company in 1846.
In 1868 he retired from business and that year was elected President of the Young
Men's Christian Union, Boston, which position he still held in 1905. Under his
guidance and liberal thought the Union has grown to magnificent proportions,
enrolling over five thousand members and occupying its own building. In 1894
he was also President of the Children's Mission to the Children of the Destitute,
Vice President of the National Unitarian Church Temperance Society, Trustee of
the Franklin Savings Bank, Director of the Massachusetts Society for the Pre-
vention of Cruelty to Animals, and member of the Bostonian Society, and of the
Bostonian Memorial Association. He was also a member of the School Committee
of the City of Boston for several years. Mary F. A. (Chaffee) Baldwin was a
member of the Congregational Church at the time of her marriage, but afterward






united with the Unitarian Church of which her husband is a member. She was
buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plains, Mass. Mr. Baldwin has a fair
complexion, gray eyes, and is five feet, four and a half inches in height. In 1906
he was still living in Boston:

Children, aU but the first born in Boston:

2387 i Marj' Chaffee » Baldwin, born in Brighton, July 10, 1852; married

Herbert Xash.

2388 ii Maria Josephine Baldwin, born January 26, 1855.

2389 iii Harry Heath Baldwin, born January 13, 1857; married Fanny Hall.

2390 iv Frank Fenno Baldwin, born April 22, 1859; married Lucy Xash.

2391 V Fannie Aldrich Baldwin, born December 24, 1860; married Reverend

Charles T. Billings; residence, 1905, Lowell, Mass.
+ 2392 vi William Henry Baldwin, Jr., born February' 5, 1863; married Ruth
S. Bowles.

2393 vii George Storer Baldwin, born June 16, 1866; married X'eUie Swift


2394 viii Robert CoUyer Baldwin, born May 26, 1868.

2395 ix Richard Brackett Baldwin, born February 18, 1873; residence, 1905,

St. Louis, Mo.

954 William Ricker ^ Chaffee (Jonathan,^ Stephen, ^ Thomas,* Thomas,3 X'a-
thaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Boston, Mass., and died there, March 14, 1868.
He married in Boston, Sophia L. Gerts of Portland, ]Me. He was a grocer.

Children :

2396 i Edward Lawrence ^ Chaffee, born in Boston, March 20, 1854; died there,

January 12, 1888; married there about 1874, ilary EUen, daughter

of X'. B. Bryant of Boston; she married (2) Oliver; Mr.

Chaffee was for a time connected with the dry goods commission
house of A. Hamilton & Co., and later was prominently known in
banking and brokerage circles, being Treasurer and General Manager
of the Boston Loan Company from its organization in 1878 until
his death; residence, Boston.

2397 ii Manuela Corillo J. Chaffee, born October 7, 1857.

2398 iii William Ricker Chaffee, Jr., born July 13, 1860; married in Roxbury,

Mass., in October, 1888, Isabel E. Waitt; he succeeded his brother
as Treasurer of the Boston Loan Company in 1888.

2399 iv ]Mary Josephine Chaffee, born February 8, 1863.

2400 V Florence Gertrude Chaffee, born December 12, 1864.

955 Stephen ' Chaffee (Stephen Harrison, « Stephen, s Thomas,-* Thomas, ^
Nathaniel;^ Thomas i) was born in Richmond, X''. H., in 1805 and died in Mt.
Holly, Vt., in April, 1874. He married there, Abigail Clark, daughter of Elijah
Davenport of that place. She died September 30, 1833, and was buried in Mt.
Holly. She was a member of the Baptist Church.

Stephen Chaffee lived in Richmond and Swanzey, X. H., until he was ten years
old, when he moved with his mother to ^Nlt. Holly, where he lived all the rest of
his life. He joined the Baptist Church there and later the Advent Church, in which
he was a Deacon up to the time of his death. He had a light complexion, blue
eyes and was five feet, four inches in height. He was a farmer and an honorable,
upright man.


+ 2401 i Stephen Harrison « Chaffee, born October 24, 1831 ; married (1) Roxanna
Tarbell; (2) Hattie E. Hart.


956 Timothy Washington Ranodine ^ Nichols (Rhoda Sophronia ^ Chaffee,
Stephen, 5 Thomas,'* Thomas, ^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas was born in Richmond, Vt.;
September 30, 1815, and married (1) in Essex, Vt., February 22, 1844, Susan A.,
daughter of John S. Tubbs of that place. She died December 1, 1866, and was
buried in Essex. He married (2), March 12, 1868, Julia A. Bliss. He was Assis-
tant Judge of the County Court for four years,- Justice of the Peace for forty years
and Town Clerk for twenty-nine years. He had a fair complexion, blue, eyes and
was a farmer. In 1892 he was living in Essex, which had been his home for years.

Children, by first wife:

2402 i Jane E.s Nichols, born November 16, 1849; married Charles E. Greene.

2403 ii Fayette G. Nichols, born July 24, 1851; married Martha Flag.

958 Albigence ^ Chaffee (Josiah," Josiah,^ Jonathan,'' Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas i) was born in Ashford, Conn., April 14, 1790, and died in Palermo, N. Y.,
November 18, 1857. He married in Connecticut, September 15, 1811, Lucy,
daughter of Levi Streeter of Ashford. She died in Palermo and was buried in
Gilbert's Mills, N. Y. Both joined the Free Will Baptist Church of Ashford in 1831,
in which Mr. Chaffee was a Deacon for fifty years. He had a dark complexion,
dark eyes, and was five feet, seven inches in height. He was a cooper and was
buried in Palermo.

Children :

-F2404 i Lucy Emily » Chaffee, born January 28, 1812; married Smith Moss.
-f-2405 ii Lyman Albigence Chaffee, born August 9, 1814; married Clarissa

-f-2406 iii Minerva Chaffee, married Wilford Sweetland.

959 Fidelia ^ ChafEee (Josiah,^ Josiah,^ Jonathan, * Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Ashford, Conn., February 7, 1791, and died February 5,
1880. She married Ephraim Martin, a farmer of Westerley, R. I. She was buried
in the River Bend Cemetery, Westerly. He died and was also buried in West-
erly. He had a dark complexion, gray eyes, and was six feet in height. Both
were members of the First Baptist Church of Westerly, she having previous to
her removal from Ashford in 1808. been a member of the Baptist Church there.
After their marriage they lived in Natick, Warwick, Providence, Cranston and
Westerly, all in Rhode Island.

Children :

2407 i Marcy Ann » Martin, married Halsey Green.

2408 ii Charles Monroe Martin.

2409 iii Carlos Moran Martin, died in August, 1891; married (1) in North

Providence, R. I., May 18, 1845, Lydia, daughter of Stephen
Potter of Coventry, R. L; (2) Hannah Cowell; residence, 1845,
Warwick, later Providence.

2410 iv Maria Celinda Martin, unmarried.

+ 2411 V William Anthony Martin, born January 22, 1826; married Emma J.

2412 vi John Salsbury Martin, married Charlotte Edwards.

2413 vii George Henry Martin, married Innocent Hill, and had two sons;

residence, 1893, Westerly.

960 Joel 7 ChafEee (Josiah,^ Josiah,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan.s Nathaniel,2
Thomas 1) was born in Ashford, Conn., March 16, 1794, and died in Gilbert's Mills,
N. Y., April 7, 1874. He married (1) in Bridgewater, N. Y., December 18, 1818,


Jerusha B., daughter of Willard Converse of that place. She was born there,
January 14, 1801, died May 3, 1838, and was buried in Volney Centre, N. Y.
He married (2) in Schroeppel, N. Y., March 2, 1839, Deborah, daughter of Nathan
Duel of Mexico, N. Y., born there, July 12, 1814. She was living in Syracuse,
N. Y., in 1891.

Joel Chaffee's home was in Bridgewater in 1818. He was living in Volney,
when he bought land there, in 1823 and he was a resident of Schroeppel when he
bought land there in 1837. He was a house builder and farmer and in 1874 was
living in Gilbert's Mills, where he died. At one time he held the town office of
Poor Master. He united with the Advent Church in 1819. He sang well and was
of a jovial disposition, had a dark complexion, black eyes, and was five feet, four
inches in height.

Children, by first wife, the last four born in Palermo, N. Y. :

2414 i Josiah Willard ^ Chaffee, born in Bridgewater, February 3, 1819; died
there, March 21, 1819.
+ 2415 ii Joel Palmer Chaffee, born May 23, 1820; married Hepzibah Chamber-

+ 2416 iii Jerusha Emeline Chaffee, born April 9, 1822; married William Smith.

2417 iv Betsy Caroline Chaffee, born October 3, 1823; died in Volney, where

she lived.

2418 v Sarah Adaline Chaffee, born January 4, 1826; died in Volney, where

she lived.

2419 vi Helen Melvina Chaffee, born October 5, 1829; died in Volney, where

she lived.

2420 vii Mary Elizabeth Chaffee, born November 20, 1831; married, Sep-

tember 29, 1859, Chester Jewett; residence, 1893, Fulton, N. Y.;
no children.

Children, by second wife, born in Schroeppel:

+ 2421 viii Harriet Melinda Chaffee, born September 2, 1839; married Hiram

2422 ix Laura Deborah Chaffee, born April 16, 1841 ; died in Gilbert's Mills,

August 27, 1881 ; lived there.

2423 X William David Chaffee, born June 25, 1846; died in Schroeppel,

where he lived.

961 Israel Dimock ^ Chaffee (Josiah,*" Josiah, s Jonathan,^ Jonathan, 3 Na-
thaniel, ^ Thomas i) was born in Ashford, Conn., May 23, 1796, and died in Brook-
lyn, Conn., January 12, 1858. He married (1) in Ashford, May 27, 1818, Ann
Bailey of that place. She died July 29, 1826, and was buried there. He was
married (2) in Brooklyn, December 25, 1828, by Reverend Ambrose Edson, to Mary
Franklin of that place, who died March 16, 1870. Israel and Ann (Bailey) Chaffee
joined the First Congregational Church of Ashford, iSIarch 28, 1819. He after-
wards became a member of the Episcopal Church. After his first wife's death
he moved to Brooklyn, where his will was probated in 1858. He had a dark com-
plexion, black eyes, and was five feet, six or seven inches in height. He was a

Children, by first wife :

2424 i Lutia Ann s Chaffee, born in Ashford, Februarv 23, 1821 ; died October

6, 1822.

2425 ii James D\\-ight Chaffee, born in WiUington, Conn., December 15, 1823;

died August 27, 1834.
+ 2426 iii Lucius Dimock Chaffee, born March 10, 1825; married Mary A. Davis.


962 David ^ Chaffee (Josiah,« Josiah,^ Jonathan,'* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas was born in Ashford, Conn., February 3, 1798, and died in Gilbert's
Mills, N. Y., August 19, 1824. He married (1) Lucy Perrin of Pennsylvania;
(2) Mary Lamphere of Gilbert's Mills. He lived in Connecticut, Susquehanna
County, Pa., and Oswego County, N. Y.

Child, by first wife:

+ 2427 i Celina Hayward » Chaffee, born December 26, 1820; married Peter

965 Josiah " Chaffee, Jr. (Josiah,6 Josiah,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas i) was born in Ashford, Conn., November 9, 1805, and died in Phcenix,
N. Y., May 5, 1890. He married in Gilbert's Mills, N. Y., in 1832, Emeline M.,
daughter of John W. Davis of that place. Mr. Chaffee went to New York state
in 1820. In 1842 he and his wife lived and sold land in Schroeppel, N. Y., and in
1882 he was living in Phoenix. He was a farmer, and was a Deacon in the Free
Baptist Church. He lead an exemplary Christian life, was highly honored and
respected by all who knew him, and greatly beloved by his family.

Children :

2428 i Jane Maria "^ Chaffee, born in Gilbert's Mills, in 1833; died there in

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