William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 35 of 91)
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2541 i John H.s Ames.

2542 ii Sarah H. Ames, married C. C. Wells; residence, 1891, Covington.

2543 iii A daughter, married George Cleveland; residence, 1891, Wellsboro, Pa.

2544 iv A daughter, married John L. Fowler; residence, 1891, Wellsboro.

2545 v Pliny Ames, residence, 1891, Lindley, N. Y.

1041 Lyman ^ Ames (Lois ^ Chaffe, Thomas,^ Jonathan,-* Jonathan, 3 Nathan-
iel, ^ Thomas 1) was born in Smithfield, Pa., and married. In 1885 he was living
in Smithfield.


2546 i Isaac » Ames, residence, 1885, Smithfield.

1048 Hiram ^ Chaffee (Nathan, •» Thomas, ^ Jonathan, * Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Virgil, N. Y., October 30, 1812, and married in Ledyard,
N. Y., April 20, 1833, Maria B., daughter of Cornelius Wilkinson of that place.
At this time Hiram Chaffee lived in Ledyard, where in 1839 and 1842 he owned
land, and was still living. In 1S93 he was living in Republic, 0. He is a farmer,
has a light complexion, blue eyes and is five feet, eight inches in height.

Children :

+ 2547 i Cornehus s Chaffee, born September 24, 1839; married Sarah E.
2548 ii George W. Chaffee, born February 17, 1842; died October 31, 1862.

1049 Achsah ' Chaffee (Nathan, ^ Thomas,^ Jonathan, •* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 1) was born June 8, 1815, and married, September 5, 1835, John Benedict,
born May 17, 1812. She lived in Virgil, N. Y., at the time of her marriage and
later in Austinville, Pa.



Children :

2549 i Edwin De Witt » Benedict, born June 8, 1838; married Ellen Hulsander.

2550 ii Julia A. Benedict, born March 4, 1841 ; married Elijah Hulsander.

2551 iii Sarah A. Benedict, born August 1, 1844; died November 13, 1861.

2552 iv Mary H. Benedict, born February 7, 1864; married Charles Carroll.

2553 V George W. Benedict, born September 25, 1851; died November 3,


For further descendants, see Benedict Genealogy.

1050 Hannah ^ Putnam (Hannah 6 Chaffe, Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,^
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Becket, Mass., in 1794, and died in 1869. She
married in Becket, August 3, 1820, William Hine. She united with the Congre-
gational Church in Becket at the age of fifty. She had a dark complexion, black
eyes, and was of medium height.

Children :

2554 i Mary « Hine, died in Lee, Mass.; married Doctor Leonard, and lived in


2555 ii James L. Hine, born in 1826; died February 14, 1845.

2556 iii Elizabeth Hine, married William Clark of Northampton, Mass.

2557 iv Emily Hine, married Edward Clark of Northamj^ton ; residence there,


2558 V Sarah Ann Hine, married Browoi; residence, 1890, Northampton.

2559 vi Marshall Hine, married.

1052 Roxana ^ Putnam (Hannah « ChafTe, Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,*
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Becket, Mass., in 1799, and died there, Feb-
ruary 18, 1867. She married in Becket, June 26, 1820, Dana M. Smith. She had
a dark complexion, dark eyes, and was tall.

Children :

2560 i Albert s Smith.

2561 ii John Smith.

2562 iii Harriet Smith, married Wolfe of Lee, Mass.

2563 iv Charles Smith, residence, 1890, Lee.

2564 V Hannah Smith, married.

1053 David 7 Putnam (Hannah e Chaffe, Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,3
Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born in Becket, Mass., in 1801, and died. He married
(1) there, February 1, 1831, Hannah Church. He married (2) Betsey Clark of
Otis, Mass. He united with the First Congregational Church of Becket at the
age of twenty-six. He had a dark complexion, black eyes, and was above medium

Children, by first wife:

2565 i Lorenzo R.s Putnam, born in 1832; married, November 24, 1852, Mary

H. Thayer, and had three sons; residence, 1890, MinneapoUs, Minn.

2566 ii Jane Putnam, died in Minneapolis; married.

2567 iii Emily Putnam, died in Minneapolis; married.

Children, by second wife :

2568 iv Elizabeth Putnam, married George Smith; residence, 1890, Blandford,


2569 V Anna Putnam, unmarried; residence, 1890, Becket.

2570 vi Lucy D. Putnam, married L, L. Twinning of Otis.


1055 Rowena ^ Putnam (Hannah " Chaffc, Thomas, ^ Jonathan, < Jonathan, 3
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas ') was born in Becket, Mass., in 1805, and died in 1887. She
married, April 7, 1830, John Dennison, Jr.


2571 i Emily » Dennison, lived in Brooklyn, O., in the family of a distant cousin,

WilUam H. Robinson (2593).

1056 Isaac ^ Putnam (Hannah « Chaffe, Thomas, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3
Nathaniel,- Thomas ') was born in Becket, Mass., in 1806, and died. He married
there, April 10, 1834, Lucinda E. Church. He had a dark complexion, black
eyes, and was medium in height. He and his wife were both members of the First
Congregational Church of Becket, and were dismissed from that church to the one
in Sandisfield, Mass., in 1873.

Children :

2572 i Harmony s Putnam, married Bills.

2573 ii George Putnam, married; residence, 1890, Winsted, Conn.

2574 iii Isaac Warren Putnam, born January 24, 1845.

2575 iv John Putnam.

1057 Jonathan Marcus ' Putnam (Hannah « Chaffe, Thomas, ^ Jonathan,*
Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, ^ Thomas i) was born in Becket, Mass., in 1807, and married
in January, 1830, Phoebe Rouse of Windsor, Mass. He was a member of the First
Congregational Church of Becket. He had a dark complexion, and dark eyes.

Children :

2576 i Joseph M.s Putnam, residence, 1890, Westfield, Mass.

2577 ii Charles F. Putnam, residence, 1890, Pittsfield, Mass.

2578 iii James Putnam, killed in the Ci\il War.

2579 iv Henry Harrison Putnam, residence, 1890, Dalton, Mass.

2580 V Lucy' Putnam, died before 1890.

2581 vi Rufus Thayer Putnam, residence, 1890, Westfield.

1061 Harriett Cymena ^ Putnam (Hannah ^ Chaffe, Thomas,^ Jonathan,*
Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Becket, Mass., in 1816, and married
Loring Gallup of Dalton, Mass.

Children :

2582 i Emeline 8 Gallup, married Edward Johnson; residence, 1890, South

Lee, Mass.

2583 ii Martha Jane Gallup, married Norman Wells; residence, 1890, Holyoke,


2584 iii Ellen Gallup, died before 1890; unmarried.

2585 iv Eugene Gallup, married; residence, 1890, Troy, N, Y.

2586 V Lucy Gallup, married.

2587 \\ Lucinda Gallup, married.

2588 vii Frank Gallup, married; residence, 1890, Hoosick, N. Y.

1062 William M.' Putnam (Hannah" Chaffe, Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,3
Nathaniel,^ Thomas 1) was born in Becket, Mass., in 1818, and married Novem-
ber 5, 1839, i\Iary Ann Olmstead. He and his wife are both members of the Second
Congregational Church of Becket where at one time they lived. He had a dark
comjilexion, black eyes, and is five feet, ten inches in height.

Children :

2589 i Rowena s Putnam, born March 16, 1841 ; married William B. Church,
Jr., who served in the Civil War; residence, 1890, Chester, Mass.


2590 ii Harriet Cymena Putnam, born in 1846; died September 9, 1864.

2591 iii William David Putnam, born September 25, 1849; died September

26, 1864.
+ 2592 iv Mary D. Putnam, born June 29, 1856; married Frank L. Rice.

1065 Diana - Chafiee (Zephaniah,^ Thomas, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathan-
iel,2 Thomas i) was born in Locke, N. Y., in 1806, and married in Scipio, N. Y.,
April 5, 1825, Ebenezer Robinson of that place. He was born in Vermont, July 19,
1800, and died in Brooklyn, 0., August 3, 1883. He had a light complexion, blue
eyes, and was five feet, four inches in height. He became a member of the Christian
Church at the age of thirty-six, and was a Deacon for twenty-five years.

Diana Chaffee was adopted by Cyrus Avery of Sempronius when three years
old and was called Diana Avery. She lived in Scipio, at the time of her marriage,
and in 1826 moved to Richfield, O. Later she lived in Republic, O., and in 1892
in Brooklyn with her son, WiUiam H. Robinson.

Children :

-1-2593 i William Henry » Robinson, born May 19, 1826; married Martha Serls.

-1-2594 ii Elizabeth Robinson, born January 6, 1830; married Thomas Bolton,

-f 2595 iii Charles Robinson, born April 30, 1832; married Maria Bark.

2596 iv Elvirco Robinson, born February 15, 1836; died December 25, 1836.

1066 Zephaniah," Jr., or Gxiilderoy or Leroy Chafiee (Zephaniah,^ Thomas,^
Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Locke, N. Y., De-
cember 25, 1807, and died in Elk Falls, Kan., June 29, 1881. He married in
Genoa, N. Y., November 21, 1832, Sophronia A., daughter of Daniel Close of that
place, a native of Connecticut. She died March 28, 1885, and was buried in Elk
Falls. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church and later of the Church of
the Disciples of Christ. Of this church Mr. Chaffee was also a member, having
joined it at the age of twenty-six and being for years a Deacon and an Elder.
He lost his mother when only eighteen months of age. It is told of him that when
about seven years old he lived with his uncle and aunt, Amos and Abigail (Chaffee)
Watkins and, being sent one night to bring in the cows from pasture, lost his way
and would have been devoured by wolves had not his uncle who heard the howling
of the wolves, gone in search of him. In 1832 he lived in Genoa, but moved soon
after to Hinckley, O., from which place he moved in 1842 to Sullivan, 0., and from
there in 1870 to St. Louis, Mich. In 1878 he went to Elk Falls, where he spent
the rest of his life. He was a farmer, had a light complexion, dark eyes, and was
five feet, nine and one-half inches in height. He was named for his father, but
later changed his name to Guilderoy and was afterward called Leroy. He was a
strong advocate of every reform movement in society, and was ever known as a
lover of justicer

Children :

+ 2597 i Daniel Close « Chaffee, born August 22, 1833; married (1) Almira W.
Gould; (2) Mrs. Ohve M. (Close) Smith.

2598 ii Adelia Jane Chaffee, born March 9, 1835; married L. D. Smith; resi-

dence, 1893, Hesperia, Mich.

2599 iii Harriet Frances Chaffee, born January 21, 1837; married W. D.

Dickinson; residence, 1893, St. Louis.
+ 2600 iv James Henry Chaffee, born in Hinckley, June 7, 1841; married (1)
Margaret Space; (2) Julia L. Burdick.


1067 Caleb Judson ' ChafEe (Caleb,^ Thomas,'^ Jonathan/ Jonathan,3 Na-
thaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born October 22, 1804, and died in Lexington, Mo., in
1861. He married (1), December 13, 1827, Mary P. Geer, who died September 25,
1840. He married (2), August 5, 1841, Sylva Handy, who died in 1858, and was
buried in Westfield, 111. He married (3) Rachel Rathbun. He was a farmer.
In 1850 he lived in Pennsylvania, in 1855 in Illinois, and in 1860 in Missouri.

Children, by first wife:

2601 i Mary M. C.« Chaffe, born September 10, 1828; died in 1829.

2602 ii Henry C. B. Chaffe, born September 23, 1831; killed in Petersburgh,

Va., in 1863, in the Civil War.

2603 iii Calvin Geer Chaffe, born March 15, 1834.

Children, by second wife:

+ 2604 iv Charles Edwin Chaffe, born August 7, 1843; married Julia L. Mc-

2605 V Sarah Jane Elizabeth Chaffe, born August 22, 1847.
+ 2606 vi Thomas Davis Leroy Chaffe, born July 12, 1855; married Mary M.


1069 James Madison ^ ChafEe (Caleb, « Thomas, ^ Jonathan, ^ Jonathan, 3 Na-
thaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Becket, Mass., July 25, 1810, and married in New
Lebanon, Conn., November 12, 1837, Caroline, daughter of Daniel Parker of
Lenox, Mass. In 1887 he was living in Becket, where he was a farmer.

• Children, born in Becket :

2607 i Chauncy J. Chaffe, born June 26, 1839; married, and has one child.

2608 ii Daniel P. Chaffe, born December 26, 1841 ; married, and has two children.

2609 iii Ellen C. Chaffe, born July 20, 1845; married John Cole, and has seven


2610 iv Franklin Lester Chaffe, born July 15, 1862; a farmer.

1070 Nathan Milton 7 ChaflEe (Caleb,^ Thomas,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,3 Na-
thaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Becket, Mass., April 3, 1812, and died about
1869. He married in Otis, Mass., February 13, 1834, Ruth Ann, daughter of Ly-
man Osborn of that place. She died June 29, 1881, and was buried in Granville,
Mass. Nathan M. Chaffe was a farmer.

Children :

2611 i Eliza Ann 8 Chaffe, born February 11, 1839; died February 23, 1841.
+ 2612 ii Nathan Orlando Chaffe, born January 31, 1841; married Sarah R.

2613 iii Frederick Edwin Chaffe, born February 28, 1844; died February 23,


2614 iv Ruth Orlinda Chaffe, born Jime 22, 1846.

+ 2615 V Edmund L. Chaffe, born April 12, 1849; married Sophia T. Cables.

1074 Louise (or Lois) J.^ ChafEe (Caleb,^ Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,^
Nathaniel,^ Thomas 1) died in Lee, Mass., before 1855. She married in Becket,
October 15, 1834, Benjamin S. Rogers.

Children :

2616 i Martha a Rogers.

2617 ii Mary J. Rogers.

1075 Benjamin Davenport ^ ChafEe (Caleb,« Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,3
Nathaniel,2 Thomas 1) was born September 15, 1819, and died in Lee, Mass., in
1889. He married there, June 3, 1841, Malinda Snow.



2618 i Harriet Adaline ^ Chaff e, born in Lee.

1078 Thomas Lewis Dwight ' ChafEe (Caleb, ^ Thomas, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,^
Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born in Becket, Mass., December 20, 1829, and married
in Lee, Mass., February 16, 1852, Angeline Adelia, daughter of Robert Hunter
of that place. Both are members of the United Brethren Church, Mr. Chaffe
having joined at the age of forty-seven. He served as a Private in the Civil War.
He has a light complexion, blue eyes and is five feet, nine and one-half inches in
height. He is a farmer, and in 1891 was living in Arkansas City, Kan.

Children :

2619 i George L.s Chaffe, born May 14, 1853.

2620 ii Harriet E. Chaffe, born March 17, 1859; died December 10, 1860.

2621 iii Loren F. Chaffe, born July 30, 1861 ; died October 10, 1862.

2622 iv Mary E. Chaffe, born July 19, 1875.

1088 Horatio Pease ^ Reed (Wiiham " Reed, Hannah s Chaffe, Jonathan,* Jon-
than,3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Tolland, Conn., February 12, 1821,
and died in Vernon, Conn., August 8, 1877. He married in Tolland, April, 1844,
Vina, daughter of Lathrop Richardson of Newington, Conn. She was born in
1822, died in 1873, and was buried in Tolland, Mr. Reed had black hair, blue
eyes, and was of medium height. He was a farmer and had a jovial disposition.

Children, the first four bom in Tolland, the last in Vernon:

+ 2623 i Loren Horatio « Reed, born March 10, 1846; married (1) Mary Lincoln;
(2) Susan Pinney.

2624 ii Harriet Augusta Reed, died young.

2625 iii Laura Emma Reed, died young.

2626 iv Charles Baker Reed, born December 11, 1856; married Rose Pinney.

2627 V Ellen Mary Reed, born October 18, 1867; married Alfred Thomas.

1089 Jose ' Chaffee (Jonathan, « William,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Ashford, Conn., May 30, 1791, and died in Bristolville, O.,
September 3, 1869. He married in Becket, Mass., April 18, 1813, Theodocia,
daughter of John Fletcher of'that place. She died September 14, 1875, and was
buried in Bristolville. He was a minister and a farmer.

Children, the first six born in Bristolville, the last two in Mecca, O.

2628 i Theodocia » Chaffee, born December 4, 1813.

2629 ii Sally L. Chaffee, born July 23, 1815; married Sperry.

+ 2630 iii Martha Ann Chaffee, born October 18, 1816; married Samuel David-
+ 2631 iv Joseph G. Chaffee, born July 6, 1818; married Wealtha Cook.

2632 V Eunice P. Chaffee, born April 23, 1820; married McCuUom.

2633 vi Mary M. Chaffee, born March 23, 1822; married Cook.

2634 vii Betsey L. Chaffee, born February 7, 1826 ; married Scoville.

2635 viii Nancy Jemima Chaffee, born May 1, 1830; died about 1847, aged

seventeen; unmarried.

1090 Billings ^ Chaffee (Jonathan, ^ William,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathan-
iel,2 Thomas ^) was born in Becket, Mass., April 13, 1793, and died in Lincoln,
Wis., April 22, 1874. He married (1) in Becket, Mass., August 27, 1813, Char-
lotte, daughter of John Hoskins of that place. She died July 18, 1857, and was


buried in Peninsula, O. He married (2) in Orland, Ind., April 8, 1858, Sally
Brooks, who died there, September 20, 1873.

In 1813 he lived in Becket, in 1820 in Tyringham, Mass., in 1822 in Hinsdale,
Mass., in 1825 in Simsbury, Conn., and in 1831 in Sandisfield, Mass. In Septem-
ber, 1833, he moved to Ohio, where he lived until 1861. He then settled in Or-
land, and after his second wife's death lived with his daughter, Mrs. Beers, in Lin-
coln, where he died and was buried. He was a dyer and dresser of cloth.

Children, by first wife:

2636 i Sally s Chaffee, born January 4, 1814; died January 7, 1814.

2637 ii Jonathan Chaffee, born February 18, 1815; died February 19, 1815.
+ 2638 iii Mary Charlotte Chaffee, born June 8, 1817; married Thomas J.

+ 2639 iv Luna Maria Chaffee, born January 9, 1820; married William Barn-

2640 V Eunice Armena Chaffee, born September 5, 1822; married in Penin-

sula, June 25, 1845, Calvin Beers.

2641 vi Sally Amanda Chaffee, born in Simsbury, February 5, 1825; died

March 6, 1825; buried in Simsbury.
+ 2642 vii Almerin Billings Chaffee, born August 7, 1826; married Mary A.

+ 2643 viii Orson Alpheus Chaffee, born July 9, 1829; married (1) Frances Buell;

(2) Ruby M. Reese.
ix (Adopted) Richard Tower Morton, born October 21, 1814.

1093 Henry Farnham ^ Chaffee (Jonathan, ^ William, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Becket, Mass., June 11, 1802, and died in Bris-
tol, O., October 2, 1874. He married Sally E. Gates, who died in August, 1877,
and was buried in Bristolville, O. He was a school teacher and a farmer.

Children :

2644 i Larinda A.^ Chaffee, married Finney; residence, 1887, Lincoln,


2645 ii Alcina E. Chaffee, married Harrington; residence, 1887,

Painesville, O.

2646 iii Almanza Chaffee, died in the Civil War.

+ 2647 iv Justina C. Chaffee, married Arthur E. Fenton.

1094 Truman Bibbins ^ Chaffee (Jonathan, « William, » Jonathan,* .Jonathan, 3
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Becket, Mass., June 19, 1804, and died in Or-
well, 0., May 9, 1861. He married (1) in Farmington, 0., February 1, 1827,
Grace, daughter of Elisha Hyde of that place. She died in Orwell, March 7, 1856,
of consumption, and was buried there. Both were members of the Methodist
Church. He married (2) in Orwell, September 16, 1856, Mrs. Lydia Babcock,
who was living in 1887. He was a carpenter, cabinetmaker and farmer. He died
of stomach trouble.

Children, by first wife, the last six born in Orwell :

2648 i Alpheus 8 Chaffee, born in Bristol, 0., November 14, 1827; died
March 28, 1829.
+ 2649 ii Sydney Alvares Chaffee, born August 2, 1830; married Nancy J.

2650 iii Orestes Parmeno Chaffee, born in Bloomfield, O., October 3, 1832;
married in Holbrook, Ariz., December 8, 1885, Mrs. Helen
(Jenkins) Nichols, daughter of Upton Jenkins of Marjdand; no
children; residence, 1886, Holbrook, 1904, New Orleans, La.


The following story of his hfe is taken from the N^ew Orleans

"Major O. P. Chaffee, a brother of Gen. Adna Chaffee, chief
of staff of the United States Army, after many vicissitudes now
in the office of Quartermaster Bloom, in New Orleans, yesterday
told a startling, strenuous story, with the elements of both the
fairy tale and the dime novel.

"He was born on a farm in Ashtabula County, Ohio, and
when merely a boy, started off to St. Louis, to enter a bank as
clerk, not to see his family again for thirty-five years. He
became an express rider with Gen. Joe Johnston and Harney
shortly after the ^fountain ^Meadow massacre in '57. Then he
settled in Wilcox County, in Alabama, as a young planter, and
was accumulating capital when the war between the States
broke out. Enlisting as a private, he was made a major for
gallant conduct on the field of action at Shiloh, was on the staff
of Gens. Bragg, J. K. Duncan, Hood, and Joe Johnston, and
served throughout the war.

" 'After the civil war was ended,' said the kindly old major,
'I started off to Brazil. I embarked on a steamer from New
Orleans to New York, where I remained for a couple of months,
and then left for Rio Janeiro. I arrived there in August, 1866.
Emperor Dom Pedro, hearing of my arrival along with several
other Americans, asked me to come and see him. I did so, and
found that he spoke excellent English. The war with the Para-
guayans, under Gen. Lopez, was going on at that time. The
Paraguayans contended that the Brazilians should not be al-
lowed to use the River Parana, and Brazil fought against that
contention. I was immediately placed upon the stafT of Gen.
Dhu as major and inspector of cavalry.

" 'I remember a peculiar sight which occurred at the battle
of Humaytaia when we drove Lopez back to the mountains.
There were men protecting the fort on the other side and about
17,000 men with us. I never saw men fight like they did. They
stripped, and with nothing but their cartridge belts and guns
rushed upon the foe and fought like demons. They placed all
their clothes in piles. Two days the battle lasted and then
Lopez fled. The war lasted three months more, during which
time we were joined by Gen. Rosas, of Uruguay, one of the
finest soldiers and most elegant gentlemen I ever met in my life.
When I arrived in Brazil I had only 10 cents, and it was fortunate
for me that I was given the position I received at the hands of
the government. After the war was over I took a thousand
acres of land given by the government to those who wished to
cultivate. I established myself at Santarem, in the Amazon
Valley, in October. 1867, and immediately commenced the work.
I cleared the land and planted tobacco, coffee and corn. I had
a man and his wife to help me, and especially to teach me how
to speak Portuguese. They aided me, and tobacco of the finest
kind in the world was gro^Ti in Brazil, but still I did not prosper,
and after wasting three years I got the rubber craze. The
rubber craze in Brazil at that time was similar to the gold craze
in California in '49. In '69 the excitement on the Amazon was
like vmto that in California in '49. Everybody was crazy to
make a fortune in rubber, and so I went with them. I worked
for a year in the interior cutting the rubber with my ovm hands,
and then went into the business of buying and selling it. I had
in the course of a few years accumulated a snug fortime, and
was getting along nicely. I left home one morning, leaving all


my possessions in the thatchhouse some one hundred yards from
the shore of the river. When I returned at night I had nothing
in the world, for the river had washed away the banks and there
was no vestige of where the house stood. The sixteen people
whom I had working for me had scattered to the four winds. I
went to a neighbor's house, borrowed a canoe and went twenty
miles to a man whom I had had dealings with, and told him that
I was going to pay every cent I owed. And then I worked for
a year in the rubber fields until I had paid every cent, and with
$10 to my name I was ready to start out again. Then I returned
to the Amazon again and went into the cane business. I built
it up from small to large accumulations, put in machinery, and
was doing well in the manufacture of caxexa liquor. So it went
along for three years, and then one afternoon, after I had been
away in my canoe with my man all day, I was returning when
a terrible storm came up. The rain poured in torrents, and
when we tried to make our way through the woods we were lost,
and hour after hour we trampled through those woods, and
finally, when we arrived at my home I was taken to my ham-
mock and did not arise again for three years more. I suffered
no pain at all, but I could not use my limbs. They were ab-
normally swollen. The doctors could do nothing, and there
I remained until 1883, when I was enabled to move easily
enough for me to come back to my native land. Upon my
return I went to Arizona, where I was quartermaster's agent
at Fort Holbrook for ten years. I had other experiences after
that, but as I look back now, I must tell you that I would rather
live in Brazil than anywhere. The people are perfectly frank and
true, and life is more enjoyable there, I think, than any where.'
"He was four years in the office of Gen. Wood when he was
military governor of Cuba. Finally he came to New Orleans in
the Quartermaster's Department." He died May 7, 1908, in
Kansas City, Mo.

2651 iv Louisa Matilda Chaffee, born in Bristol, May 2, 1835; married (1)
in Mecca, O., June 3, 1852, Nicholas Rulapaugh, who served in

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