William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 36 of 91)
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the Civil War, enlisting in the 89th New York Infantry, Sep-
tember 10, 1861 ; he was killed in the Battle of Antietam, Sep-
tember 17, 1862; no children; she married (2) in Freedom, O.,
March 8, 1866, Doctor Sylvester Morgan King, born in Charles-
town, 0., September 27, 1836; he was also in the Civil War,
being badly wounded in the Battle of Shiloh ; he was present at
the surrender of Lee's Army; he is a member of the Grand Army
of the Republic and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows; is
a homeopathic physician and surgeon; residence, 1886, Albia,
la.; no children.
-1-2652 V Sherburne Howard Chaffee, born July 15, 1837; married Esther S.

2653 vi Nelson Chaffee, born in Bristol, O., September 16, 1839; married in
Ellsworth, Kan., December 28, 1867, Mary C, daughter of
William Simeon Baxter of Otsego County, N. Y. ; no children;
during the Civil War, he served for six months in Company H,
7th Ohio Infantr}^; in 1861 was taken ill and discharged in Rom-
ney, W. Va. ; in 1862 served in 84th Ohio Infantry four months;
in 1863 enlisted in Lexington, Ky., in 104th Ohio Infantry, and
served until the end of the war; was wounded June 19, 1864, m
the siege of Knoxville, Tenn., and was in the hospital there four
months; rejoined his regiment in Rome, Ga., on its return after
the capture of Atlanta, Ga., and went to Franklin, Tenn., Nash-
ville, Tenn., then to the Halston River ; transported in the winter


of 1865 by water to Cincinnati, 0., thence by rail to Washing-
ton, D. C, thence by water to Fort Fisher; took part in the
capture of Wilmington, N. C, then sent to Raleigh, N. C; trans-
ferred to 183d Ohio Infantry and detailed to drive General
Carter's ambulance; returned home to Ohio in July, 1865, and
moved to Indiana in 1867; in August of that year, he moved to
Kansas; he is a Prohibitionist, was for twenty-two years a
member of the Methodist Church and later of the United Breth-
ren Church; residence, 1886, Wichita, Kan.; an expressman.
-1-2654 vii Adna Romanza Chaffee, born April 14, 1842; married (1) Mrs. Kate
(Hanie) RejTiolds; (2) Annie F. Rockwell.

2655 viii Truman Everel Chaffee, born June 12, 1844; died April 6, 1862, in

the Battle of Shiloh; enlisted in the 14th Ohio Battery, in
August, 1861 ; unmarried ; was a bright scholar, a natural musi-
cian, with a kind and loving disposition.

2656 ix George William Chaffee, born October 12, 1847; married and has no

children; residence, 1887, YoungstoT\Ti, 0.

2657 X Almond Chaffee, born November 28, 1848; married twice and had

two children; residence, 1887, Atchison, Kan.

2658 xi Zorilda Jane Chaffee, born September 12, 1850; married in War-

ren, 0., January 26, 1869, Emanuel Keene, a farmer, born in
Perr>' County, Pa., September 25, 1847; residence, 1887, Bristol-
ville, O.

2659 xii Chfton Elisha Chaffee, born November 22, 1852; married in Atchison,

Jime 29, 1886, Ada Louise, daughter of John Peterson of that
place; residence, 1886, Concordia, Kan.; official stenographer
for the 12th District, Kansas.

1102 Cyrus ' Chaflee (Amos,^ William, s Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, ^
Thomas i) was born in Ashford, Conn., February 11, 1803, and died about 1867.

He married Eunice . Though but a little over eleven years of age at the

time, he is said to have served as Private in the War of 1812, being in the com-
pany of his father. Captain Amos Chaffee, from August 23 to October 14, 1814,
and acting as assistant to him. The company was stationed in Groton, Conn.

2660 i Caroline s Chaffee, married Topliff ; residence, 1883, New York City.

1104 Amos 7 Chafiee, Jr. (Amos,^ William, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, ^ Nathaniel,^
Thomas 1), was born in Ashford, Conn., October 14, 1806, and died in Eastford,
Conn, (formerly Ashford), February 9, 1863. He married in Ashford, 1834, Mary,
daughter of Samuel Curtis, of that place. She was born April 13, 1814, died Au-
gust 3, 1881, and was buried in Eastford. They probably lived in Ashford until
about 1850, and after that in Eastford, which was organized in 1847 from the
easterly half of Ashford. Amos Chaffee, Jr., was a farmer.

Children, the first nine born in Ashford, the last four in Eastford:

2661 i Mary Jane « Chaffee, born July 27, 1835; died in Webster, Mass.,
about 1863; married George A. Mungan of Dudley, Mass.; no
children; buried in Eastford.
+ 2662 ii Gurdon Amos Chaffee, born May 10, 1837; married (1) Sarah S. F.

Lyon; (2) Caroline F. Capwell.
+ 2663 iii Martha Susan Chaffee, born June 22, 1839; married S. H. Preston.
+ 2664 iv Annie Emily Chaffee, born June 11, 1840; married Gordon S. Haven.

2665 v Amelia Maria Chaffee, born October 28, 1841 ; died in infancy.
+ 2666 vi Harriet Amanda Chaffee, born October 26, 1843; married George A.


+ 26G7 vii Esther Lurancie Chaffee, born March 24, 1847; married John A.

2668 viii David CHnton Chaffee, born December 1, 1848; died in infancy.

2669 ix Andrew Monroe Chaffee, born in December, 1849; died in infancy.

+ 2670 X John Milton Chaffee, born March 13, 1851 ; married Mary E. Phimmer.
+ 2671 xi Ellen Adelia Chaffee, born March 26, 1854 ; married Gilbert S. Shippee.

2672 xii James Maro Chaffee, born August 23, 1856; died in infancy.
+ 2673 xiii Elmina Henrietta Chaffee, born November 6, 1859; married (1) E.
W. Miller; (2) William Munson.

1105 William Fax ^ Chaffee (Amos,^ William, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Na-
thaniel,2 Thomas i) was born April 20, 1809, and married in Ashford, Conn.,
May 12, 1840, Mary Ann Parker.

Children, born in Ashford:

2674 i Harmony Lovina ^ Chaffee, born March 26, 1841.

2675 ii Harriet Maria Chaffee, born June 3, 1842.

2676 iii Juhette Chaffee, born September 12, 1843.

1106 Anna Bibbins ^ ChafiEee (Amos,« William, ^ Jonathan,'* Jonathan, 3 Na-
thaniel, 2 Thomas ^) was born in Ashford, Conn., May 24, 1811, and died Decem-
ber 8, 1881. She married Elijah Fordham, born in New York City, March 8,
1798, died in Wellsville, U., September 9, 1879. He was a carver, gilder and frame
maker. They lived in New York, Illinois, Missouri and Salt Lake City, U., and
other places in that state.

Children :

2677 i Anneliza ^ Fordham.

2678 ii George Fordham.

2679 iii Bathiah Fordham.

2680 iv Mormon Fordham.

2681 V Amos Pierce Fordham.

+ 2682 vi Annie Maria Fordham, married William P. Deakin.

2683 vii Joseph Fordham.

2684 viii Lidda Lovina Fordham.

2685 ix Mary Louisa Fordham.

2686 X Emily Adelia Fordham.

2687 xi Elijah Fordham, Jr.

2688 xii Elizabeth Fordham.

1107 Ephraim Pendleton ^ Chafiee (Amos,« William,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,3
Nathaniel,2 Thomas 1) was born in Ashford, Conn., March 4, 1815, and died in
Brooklyn, N. Y., March 13, 1854. He married in New York City, in 1837, Mar-
garet, daughter of Bartholomew Skeats of that place. She died in 1869. Both
were buried in Cyprus Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn. He was a member of Christ
Episcopal Church, Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn. He was a shipping clerk, had
black eyes, and was of medium height.

Children :

2689 i Erastus Bartholomews Chaffee, born in 1840; died in Brooklyn, in

1874; unmarried.
+ 2690 ii Amos Banta Chaffee, born in 1842; married Elizabeth Brown.
2691 iii Isabella Chaffee, born in 1843; died in 1880; married George L.
Brown of Boston.
+ 2692 iv Albert Banta Chaffee, born October 13, 1844; married Mary Hews.
2693 V Joseph Chaffee, born in 1845.


+ 2694 vi Mary Eliza Chaffee, born December 5, 1847; married Daniel E.

2695 vii James Clanny Chaffee, born in 1852; married Johanna Gerhart; lived

at one time in Boston with his uncle, Joseph W. Zane.

2696 viii Sarah Louisa Chaffee.

1108 Harmony Claudine ^ Chaffee (Amos,^ William, s Jonathan, < Jonathan, ^
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Ashford, Conn., August 7, 1817, and was mar-
ried (1) there, July 15, 1844, by Reverend Charles Hyde, to Zelotus Plummer
Hiscox of Woodstock, Conn. He died about 1851, and she married (2) Joseph
Farnham, who died before 1883, when she was living in Boston, Mass.

Children :

2697 i Albert « Hiscox, residence, 1881, Kansas City, Mo.

2698 ii A daughter, died about 1881.

1109 Martha B." Whipple (Molly ^ Chaffee, Jonathan,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3
Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born May 29, 1823, and married. May 4, 1851, David K.
Owen, born August 6, 1818, died June 28, 1882.

Children :

2699 i Carrie L.s Owen, born January 29, 1858; died August 20, 1858.

2700 ii George Ernest Owen, born February 14, 1860; died November 30, 1876.

1113 Benjamin James ^ ChaSee (Jonathan, ^ Jonathan, s Jonathan,* Jonathan, ^
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Liberty, N. Y., May 15, 1812, and died in
Windsor, N. Y., April 1, 1895. He married in Liberty, January 29, 1840, Eliza,
daughter of Joseph Taylor of Parksville, N. Y. In 1884 he lived in Windsor,
where he was a farmer.

Children :

2701 i Mary 8 Chaffee, born June 11, 1841; married in Parksville, January 1,

1865, James Conway; residence, 1890, Binghamton, N. Y.

2702 ii Martha Chaffee, a twin, born June 11, 1841; married in Vineland, N. J.,

October 28, 1867, Nelson Searle; residence, 1890, Vineland.

2703 iii Hepsibah Chaffee, born June 28, 1845; married in Binghamton, Sep-

tember 7, 1865, Hiram Hector.

2704 iv Sarah Chaffee, born July 30, 1850; residence, 1890, Windsor; unmarried.

2705 V John Rush Chaffee, born September 21, 1851; married, March 26, 1884,

Ella Buell; residence, 1890, Windsor.

1114 Stephen Mitchell ' Chaffee (Jonathan, ^ Jonathan, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, '
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Liberty, N. Y., August 18, 1817, and died in
Parksville, N. Y., May 16, 1900. He married there in 1844, Mary Ann, daugh-
ter of Joseph Taylor of London, England. She was born February 15, 1816,
died March 22, 1891, and was buried in Parksville. Both were members of the
^lethodist Church, in which Stephen Chaffee was a Class Leader for twenty years.
He had a light complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, ten inches in height.
He was a farmer and the latter years of his life lived in Parksville.

Children :

2706 n James A.s Chaffee, born December 29, 1845; vmmarried in 1900.
+ 2707 ii John Chaffee, a twin, born December 29, 1845; married Frances I.
2708 iii George E. Chaffee, born in 1848; married Libbie R. Krum.


1115 Benjamin Francis ^ Chaffee (Reuben,^ Jonathan, 5 Jonathan, * Jonathan,^
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Middletown, Conn., October 20, 1820, and died
there, November 8, 1878. He married in New York, October 20, 1846, Persis A.

Children, born in Middletown :

2709 i Fred Bound » Chaffee, born December 21, 1848; married Mary Brewer,

born in Middletown, May 21, 1851, died there, January 1, 1906.

2710 ii Frank Harris Chaffee, a twin, born December 21, 1848; died June 25,


2711 iii Elmore Reuben Chaffee, born November 26, 1851; married in Middle-

town, October 13, 1891, Cherilla Griswold.

1117 Ephraim Bound 7 Chaffee (Reuben, « Jonathan, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Middletown, Conn., August 28, 1826, and
died August 6, 1902. He married there, June 8, 1852, Sarah Hall, daughter of
John Bliss of that place. She died in Middletown, April 8, 1898. In 1891 he lived
in Middletown, where he was a manufacturer.

Children :

2712 i Lillian Lucy « Chaffee, born July 13, 1856.
+ 2713 ii Susie Nieda ^ Chaffee, born July 15, 1860; married James Y. Fairman.

1118 Flavius Josephus ^ Chaffee (Reuben,^ Jonathan, ^ Jonathan, * Jonathan, 3
Nathaniel, 2 Thomas i) was born in Middletown, Conn., October 30, 1829, and
married in Durham, Conn., September 14, 1851, Ellen Amelia, daughter of John
Hull of New London, Conn., a relative of Commodore Hull, the hero of the Battle
of Lake Champlain. She died in Middletown, January 16, 1890, and was buried
there. She was a member of the Episcopal Church, as is her husband, he having
joined it at the age of thirty years and having been a Vestryman and Parish Clerk
for six years. He has a fair complexion, blue eyes, and is five feet, six and one-half
inches in height. In 1891 he lived in Middletown, where he was a merchant.

Children, born in Middletown :

2714 i Ivonette Louise s Chaffee, born June 12 (19), 1854; died in Middletown,

September 23, 1859.

2715 ii Clifford Hull Chaffee, born September 3, 1860.

2716 iii Louis Bound Chaffee, born August 9, 1862; married in Middletown,

September 24, 1890, Annie Elizabeth Griswold of Portland, Conn.

1120 Reuben ^ Chaffee (Comfort,^ Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3 Na-
thaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Clarendon, Vt., January 23, 1785, and died in
Berkshire, Vt., October 8, 1842. He married there, in May, 1807, Sally, daughter
of William Danforth of Billerica, Mass. She was born March 20, 1783, and died
in Berkshire, June 10, 1873. She was a sister of Priscilla Danforth, who was suc-
cessively the wife of two of Reuben Chaffee's brothers, Comfort and John. Both
husband and wife were members of the Baptist Church. Reuben Chaffee's will
was admitted to probate in St. Albans, Vt., October 26, 1842, and his widow was
appointed administratrix. He was a farmer.

Children :

+ 2717 i Juliana » Chaffee, born December 10, 1807; married Covey.

2718 ii Sally Chaffee, born January 30, 1810; died December 27, 1810.
+ 2719 iii Samuel Luther Chaffee, born September 3, 1812; married Ursula S.


+ 2720 iv Reuben Chaffee, Jr., born March 31, 1814; married Lucy C. Brice.

+ 2721 V Washington Chaffee, born August 12, 1815; married Rachel Brice.
2722 vi Jane Chaffee, born July 24, 1818; died October 27, 1847; married
Alexander Armstrong, and had several children ; residence, Berk-

+ 2723 vii .AJbert Chaffee, born May 2.5, 1820; married (1) Nancy C. Brice; (2)
Mrs. Lucy (Chaffee) Woodworth (2755).

2724 viii S. Miranda Chaffee, born July 6, 1822; married John Armstrong,

brother of Alexander Armstrong, and had children.

2725 ix William Henry Chaffee, born December 20, 1824; died January 25,

1842, from a cut in the foot, received while chopping in the woods;

2726 ix Ithamar Stowe Chaffee, born February 3, 1827; married Hall,

and moved to the West.

1121 Lucy <■ Chaffee (Comfort, « Nathaniel, ^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, ^
Thomas i) was born January 3, 1787, and died after 1883. She married Seth
Kendall, who died before 1883, when she was living in Enosburgh, Vt. She was
a member of the Baptist Church.

Children :

2727 i Lucy » Kendall, married Russell Thurber ; lived in Enosburgh Falls,

Vt., and later moved West.
+ 2728 ii Polly Kendall, married Arnold Burt.
+ 2729 iii Seth Kendall, Jr., married Polly Burt.

2730 iv Anna Kendall, married Nathan Chatburn and had one daughter.

2731 V Aaron Kendall, married Anna Williams, and had a large family of

children, several of whom died young; lived in Enosburgh, and
later moved West.

2732 vi Nathan Kendall, married Eliza Emery; no children; residence, 1891,

Enosburgh Falls.

2733 vii Phoebe Kendall, married Samuel Hicks; residence, 1891, West

Berkshire, Vt.

2734 viii Matilda Kendall, died before 1891; married Silas Nobles, and had

four children; his residence, 1891, West Enosburgh.

2735 ix Orilla Kendall, married Solomon Marsh, and had two children; resi-

dence, 1891, Fairfax, Vt.

2736 X William Kendall, died in early manhood.

1122 Jasper ^ Chaffee (Comfort,^ Nathaniel,5 Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,'
Thomas i) was born in Clarendon, Vt., October 4, 1789, and died in Berkshire,
Vt., July 9, 1867. He married there, in 1810, Hannah, daughter of John Burleson
of Providence, R. I., and sister of his brother Warren's wife. She died in 1854,
and was buried in Berkshire. Both were members of the Baptist Church. He was
executor of his father's estate. He was a farmer and also for many years a mer-
chant in Berkshire.

Children :

+ 2737 i Anna s Chaffee, born in 1811 ; married Guy Clark.

2738 ii Avaline Chaffee, died in early womanhood.

2739 iii Nathaniel Chaffee, born in 1815.

+ 2740 iv Hannah Fidelia Chaffee, born in 1818; married Reverend James M.

+ 2741 V Cordelia Chaffee, born in 1820; married Ebenezer Weld.

2742 vi Jasper Chaffee, born in 1823; married Kemp.

+ 2743 vii Mary Chaffee, born in 1825; married John McCarthy.
+ 2744 viii Azro Buck Chaffee, born in 1830; married Foster.


1124 Warren - Chaffee (Comfort,o Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel/ Jonathan,3 Na-
tl lanicl,^ Thomas i) was born in Clarendon, Vt., April 24, 1794, and died in Berk-
shire, Vt., April 10, 1868. He married there (1) in 1814, Sally, daughter of John
Burleson of Providence, R. I., and sister of his brother Jasper's wife. She was
born March 18, 1797, and was buried in Berskhire. Both she and her husband were
members of the Un^versalist church, he having joined at the age of twenty. He
married (2) Prutia Hildreth. He served as a Private in the War of 1812, being
captured and held a prisoner for six months. He had a light complexion, blue
eyes, and was six feet, four inches in height. He was a farmer and owned the
adjoining farm to that of his brother, Aaron S. ChafTee, two miles south of Berk-
shire Centre, on the road to Enosburgh Falls.

Children, by first wife:

2745 i Harmon 8 Chaffee, died in Berkshire, September 14, 1884; married
Sarah Ann Stearns of Canada.
+ 2746 ii Stephen B. Chaffee, born February 10, 1819; married Martha Shan-
non .
2747 iii Warren Chaffee, Jr., born March 17, 1820; died in Berkshire, March 20,
+ 2748 iv Sally Chaffee, born November 16, 1822; married Sydney Butler.
+ 2749 V Electa Chaffee, born January 25, 1826; married William H. Andrus.
+ 2750 vi Ruby Lucy Chaffee, born June 1, 1829; married William P. Ewins.

2751 vii John Chaffee, born July 7, 1831 ; died in Berkshire, January 9, 1892.

2752 viii Nathaniel Chaffee, born November 19, 1833; married Delia Ells-

+ 2753 ix Cornelius Perness Chaffee, born March 25, 1836; married (1) Catha-
rine Gallon ; (2) Lenora Boyce.

2754 X Ezra ChafTee, born June 18, 1839; died in Berkshire, July 15, 1843.

1125 John 7 Chaffee (Comfort,^ Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel, ^ Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas i) was born July 12, 1796, and died in July, 1883. He married Mrs. Pris-
cilla (Danforth) Chaffee, daughter of William Danforth of Billerica, Mass., and
widow of his brother Comfort. He succeeded his father as a hotel keeper.

Children :

2755 i Lucy ^ Chaffee, married (1) Hamilton Woodworth; (2) Albert Chaffee.

(See 2723.)

2756 ii John Chaffee, Jr.

+ 2757 iii Homer S. Chaffee, married Mary R. Burleson.

2758 iv James Chaffee, residence, 1886, West Berkshire, Vt.

2759 V Nancy Chaffee.

2760 vi Betsey Chaffee.

2761 vii Charles Chaffee.

2762 viii Comfort Chaffee.

1126 Elijah ^ Chaffee (Comfort,6 Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,2
Thomas i) was born November 5, 1799, and died April 16, 1869. He married
(1) Electa Rood, and (2) Julia Cummings, by whom he had four or five children,
names unknown. He was the owner of a gristmill on Pike River Falls, West
Berkshire, Vt.

Child, by first wife :
2763 i Adaline s Chaffee.

1127 Aaron Stowe " Chaffee (Comfort,^ Nathaniel, ^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3
Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born in Berkshire, Vt., August 18, 1802, and died in


Westfield, Vt., February 9, 1SS7. He married (1) in Enosburgh, Vt., February 26,
1873, Polly W., daughter of James Hill of that place. She died in Westfield,
February 20, 1874, aged seventy. Both husband and wife died at 11 : 30 p. m. and
they were buried side by side in Westfield. Both were members of the Baptist
Church, which Mr, Chaffee joined at the age of sixteen, and of which he continued
an active member through life. He married (2) Charlotte Martin.

After their marriage Aaron Stowe and Polly (Hill) Chaffee lived with their
father, Comfort Chaffee, and their brother, Warren Chaffee, until their house on
the adjoining farm was built, the land at that time being only partly cleared.
This farm lay about two miles south of Berkshire Centre, on the road to Enosburgh
Falls. About 1857 or 1858 they moved to Westfield. All the children of Aaron
and Polly Chaffee are said to have been church members. All had light hair and
blue eyes, and bore a strong resemblance to one another. Every morning after
breakfast family service was held, all the members of the family taking part in the
scripture reading and singing of hymns, followed by a prayer of the father or
mother. In 1873 the golden wedding of this venerable couple was held in West-
field, all the children but one son being present. The family record at that time
showed their descendants to be eleven children, forty-three grandchildren and
one great-grandchild. Mr. Chaffee had a sandy complexion, light blue eyes, and
was five feet, nine inches in height. He was a farmer and died at the home of his
son, Bethuel M. Chaffee.

Children, by first wife, born in Berkshire, Vt. :

-1-2764 i Polly Hills Chaffee, born August 13, 1824; married Lucius B.

+ 2765 ii Comfort Chaffee, born Februarv 17, 1826; married Elizabeth B.

Dike (Dyke).
-1-2766 iii Elvira Rebecca Chaffee, born May 6, 1828; married (1) S. Hamilton

Redding; (2) Lucius H. Wheeler.
-1-2767 iv Lovina Felton Chaffee, born February 22, 1830; married Curtis

-f2768 v Sylvester Aaron Chaffee, born April 2, 1832; married (1) Plantina

0. Pitcher; (2) Mrs. Jean G. (Pocock) Sergei.
+ 2769 vi James Hill Chaffee, born May 14, 1834; married Laura Waite.
+ 2770 vii Lovell Stowe ChafYee, born December 19, 1835; married Emma F.

+ 2771 viii Ransom Nathaniel Chaffee, born November 22, 1837; married Eunice

L. Walker.
+ 2772 ■ ix Palmer Edson Chaffee, born July 21, 1840; married Elizabeth B.

+ 2773 X Bethuel Meritt Chaffee, born April 23, 1842; married Alma H. Co-
2774 xi Filinda Amelia Chafee, born March 17, 1847; married (1) William

H. Ward; (2) George Day; she is a member of the Baptist Church;

residence, 1883, Jay, Vt.

1131 Nathaniel ^ Chaffee (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,3
Nathaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Salisbury, Vt., May 6, 1793, and died in Monk-
ton, Vt., September 4, 1870. He married (1) there, Harriet, daughter of Hiram
Frank of that place. She was a Methodist, and died in Hinesburgh, Vt. He
married (2) in 1823, Lucy Wright, who died February 6, 1862. He had a light
complexion, blue eyes, and was six feet in height. He served in the War, Hved in
Hinesburgh, and was a farmer.


Children, by first wife:

2775 i Melissa » Chaffee, married Joseph Phillips.

2776 ii Cornelia Chaffee, born December 27, 1820; died May 30, 1892; mar-

ried Loyal X. Wright.
+ 2777 iii John F. Chaffee, married Eunice Sherman.

Children, by second wife :

2778 iv Lucinda Chaffee, born April 9, 1824; married Milton H. Bidwell;
residence, 1892, Malone, X. Y.
+ 2779 V Henry Dean Chaffee, born Xovember 5, 1826; married JuHette C.

2780 vi Ruby Chaffee.

2781 \ni Mary Chaffee, married Brooks.

2782 viii Wilkins Chaffee, born August 4, 1833; married Jane Lawrence; no

children; residence, 1892, Starksboro, Vt.; a farmer.

1132 Henry ' Chaffee (Xathaniel,^ Xathaniel,^ X'athaniel,* Jonathan, 3 Na-
thaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born near Monkton, Vt., in 1802, and died in X'^orth
Hudson, Yt. He married (1) Ann Allen. The names of his second and third
wives are unknowni. He lived for some time in the state of X'ew York.

Children, by second wife:

2783 i William » Chaffee, married Cornelia , and had two daughters

and several sons; moved to Minnesota.

2784 ii Huldah Chaffee, died; unmarried.

+ 2785 iii Henry Allen Chaffee, married Frances Duncan.
2786 iv Mary Chaffee, married Taggart.

1142 John 7 Chaffee (Daniel,^ Xathaniel,^ Xathaniel,* Jonathan,3 Xathaniel,2
Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth, Mass., May 18, 1793, and died about 1857. He
married in Seekonk, Mass., September 21, 1823, Fanny Medbury, soon after
moving to Warren, Pa. His will, made August 18, 1837, was probated December 4,
1857. He was a Deacon.

Children :

2787 i William Penn » Chaffee, kiUed by a bull.

2788 ii John Matthew Chaffee.

2789 iii Jesse II. Chaffee.

2790 iv Abigail ^L Chaffee, married Mix.

2791 v Susan Chaffee.

2792 vi Fanny Chaffee.

2793 vii Dexter X. Chaffee.

2794 viii George X. Chaffee.

2795 ix Charles Chaffee.

1144 Daniel " Chaffee, Jr. (Daniel, ^ X'athaniel,^ X'athaniel,* Jonathan, 3 X^a-
thaniel,2 Thomas 1), was born in Rehoboth, Mass., September 2, 1796, and died
in Warren, Pa., August 7, 1875. He married there, Mrs. Lydia (Arnold) Buffing-

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