William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 4 of 91)
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deed being in the possession of a Chaffee descendant :

"To all People Before whom these Prsents shall Come Nathaniell Chaffe of the
Town of Rehoboth In the County of Bristoll In the Province of the Massachusetts
Bay In New England (yeoman) Sendeth Greeting — Know ye that I the sd Nathan-
iell have for and In Consideration of the Sum of Three pounds Currant money of
Sd Province To me In hand Received Before the Ensealing hereof Well & Truly
paid by Ruth Riply of the Town & province above Sd (Spinster) the Receipt
whereof I do hereby acknowledge & myself therewith fully satisfied & Contented
thereof & of every part & parcell thereof do Exonerate, acquit & discharge the
Sd Ruth Riply, her heirs, Executors, administrators forever by these PrSents
Have given, granted, Bargained, Sold, alioned. Conveyed & Confirmed, And
by these PrSents Have & do fully, freely & absolutely give, grant, Bargain, Sell,
Alione, Convey & Confirm unto her the Sd Ruth Ripley, her heirs, Executors,
administrators & assigns forever A certain lott of land due To me the Sd Nathaniell
Chaffe To be surveyed & laid out by vertue of my Commonage Rights In sd Reho-
both undevided lands & by vertue of a grant of the four Thousand acre division
granted & agreed upon by the propriators of Sd Rehoboth the Second day of
February Anno Domini one Thousand seven Hundred Twelve or Thirteen, And
that the Sd Ruth Riply, her heirs, Executors, & Assigns Shall have by these
Prsents full power & good & Lawful authority To cause the Sd lott of land Con-
taining Twenty acres To be surveyed & Bounded out by the Surveyor & Com-
mittee thereunto Appointed & Improved by the Sd Propriators according to
that privilege & Liberty granted by Sd Propriators as appears of Record And
Record or cause The Sd lott of land To be Recorded (when surveyed & Bounded
out as aforesd) In sd Rehoboth Land Records To her the Sd Ruth Riply, her
heirs, Executors, administrators & asigns forever To have & To Hold the aforesd
lott of land containing Twenty acres as before Mentioned & exprest with all &
singular the appurtenances, privileges & Commodities To the same Belonging or
In any wise appertaining to her the sd Ruth Riply, her heirs, Executors, ad-
ministrators & assigns forever To her & their only proper use Benefit & Behoofe
forever, And I the sd Nathaniell Chaffe for me, my heirs, Executors, administra-
tors do by these Covenant, promise, & grant to and with the sd Ruth Riply, her
heirs, & assigns that at the Time of this Bargain & untill the delivery of these
Prsents I am the True, Sole & LawfuU owner of the above granted & Bargained
Premises & am Lawfully seized & possessed of the same In mine own proper Right
as a good, perfect, & absolute Inheritance In fee simplee. And have In myself good


Right, full power, & Lawful authority To grant. Bargain, sell, Convey & confirm
the so granted & Bargained Premises in manner as Abovesd. And that the sd
Ruth Riply, her heirs, Executors, administrators & assigns shall & may from
time to time & at all Times for ever hereafter by force & vertue of these PrSents;
Lawfully, Peacefully & Quietly Have, hold, use, occupie, possess, & Injoy the sd
demised & Bargained Premises with the appurtenances free & Clear & freely
Clearly acquitted. Exonerated & discharged of & from all & all manner of former
& other gifts, grants. Bargains, Sales, Leases, Mortgages, wills, Entaills Joynters,
dowries, Judgments, Executions, Incumbrances & [torn off]. Furthermore I
the Sd Nathaniell Chaffe for myself, my heirs. Executors, & Administrators do
covenant & Ingage the above demised Premises unto her the sd Ruth Riply, her
heirs & assigns against the Lawful Claims or demands of any person or j^ersons
whatsoever forever hereafter. To warrant, secure & defend In witness whereof
I the sd Nathaniell Chaffe hath hereunto sett my hand & seal this fourth day of
January, Anno Domini one Thousand seven Hundred & Thirteen or fourteen &
In the Twelfth year of her Majesty's reign &c.
"Signed, sealed & delivered Nathaniell Chaffe [seal]

In the Prsence of us
"Thomas Perry Jr.

his mark

"Benjamin X Willson." Experenc Chaffe

mark her

The date of the following entry in the Proprietors Land Records is not mentioned,
but it is evidently after the division made February 12, 1712-13, and after the
sale to Ruth Ripley January 4, 1713-14, but before the gifts to his son Noah, May
3, 1715.

The bounds of the Lands of Nathaniel Chaffee :

"Imp. His house lot containing six akers, be it more or less. Being bounded
to the North the Lane. To the South William Bowen to the East a Highway
that goes to the mill. To the West the Highway.

"2dly. Six akers of land (wch was formerly the land of John Lutten) be it
more or less, being bounded : To the East the River : to the West the land of William
Carpenter, to the North the common lands, to the South the High way.

"3dly. One plaine lot on the west side of the great plaine, containing two akers,
be it more or less, bounded to the East the Highway lying between William Sabins
and [illegible] Walkers.

"4thly. One lot on the East side of the great plaine containing two akers, be
it more or less. Bounded to the West the Highway, lying between the lands of
William Sabins and [illegible] Walkers.

" 5thly. Half a hundred pound estate in Commenage in the Towne of Rehoboth.

"61y. Ten akers of land be it more or less lying on the eastward end of his
Father Bliss Lands on the west side of Palmers river, being bounded. Westerly
Jonathan Bliss lands Northerly a Highway southerly and easterly the com-
mon land, lying forty rod square the line running East and West North and

"71y. A parcel of upland, swampe and meadow ground on the southerly side
of the ten mile river. Lying between the meadow ground of the [illegible] of
Ensign Henry Smith and Nicholas, do Sen : The upland being about the quantity
of two accers lying between the swampe and meadow and the great hill. Being
bounded Northerly the river, southerly the Hill. This was purchased of Stephen
Paine as apears by a deed of sale bearing date the 8th of February 1686 or 87.
Likewise Ten accers of land be it more or less being his lot in the last division,
part of it adjoining to the westerly side of Captain Peck's lying in the great plaine
going to Kewicks run. the first corner being a white oake marked Capt. Pecks
line & running four & twenty rod N. W. 6 W. to a great pine marked for a corner
by the cartway & along by the cart way, within a rod of the cart way being sixty-
one rod long to a red oake marked for a corner & from thence S. E. 6 E. twenty-


eight rod to a stake for a corner & from thence to Cap't Peck's corner & from
thence to the white oake which was the first corner. [This tract of land given
to his son David, see 9.] Likewise five accers of land be it more or less, being a
lot in the thousand accer division, bounded by a highway between this land &
the perens land of two rods wide, bounded southerly & Easterly his owne land.
[Two acres of this tract given to his son David.] Likewise six accers of Land
be it more or less purchased of Joshua Smith, being the first lot in the Thousand
accer division adjoining to Mr. Sweetings land, being a stake by the North east
corner of Mr. Sweetings land along by the said Sweetings land, west by south
twenty eight rod to a stake by Sweetings line: from thence N. 6 W. Seventy-
eight rod to a pine sapling for a corner in the half mile swamp: & from thence
twenty-nine rod East & by North to a sapling tree & from thence twenty-eight
rod by marked trees to the first corner.

"Likewise five acres & a quarter of an acre more or less, laid out to his own
land & adjoining to Daniel Reads land upon the plain near Nathaniel Reads house
being part of his first lot in the divisions granted Anno Domini 1702-3. The first
corner is a pine tree, being the N. W. corner of his old lot, thence bounding with
a highway of four rods wide 47 rods to a stake for a corner thence S. W. B. S. half
a point South 14 rods to a Stake for a corner, standing in said Reads line of his
lot. Thence bounding with said Reads & Capt. Pecks lot & his own land to the
first corner." [This tract of land given to his son David Chaffe.]

[Proprietors Land Records, Rehoboth, Vol. II, pp. 218, 219.]

May 3, 1715, he gave "for and in Consideration of the good Will and affection
which I have and do bear toward my Youngest Son, Noah Chaffe, Yeoman,"
twenty-four acres of land at "half Mile Swamp" in Rehoboth, being "a Certain
Tract of Upland and Meadow ground." On the same date he also gave him other
property by the following interesting deed :

"To all people before whom these Presents shall Come, Nathaniel Chaffe of ye
Town of Rehoboth in the County of Bristol in the province of the Massachusetts
Bay in Newengland Yeoman Sendeth Greeting Know Yee that I the said Nathel
Chaffe for and in Consideration of Love good Will & Affection which I have and
do bear toward my youngest son Noah Chaffe of ye Town aforesd who is yet with
me and is to Dwell with me and to take Care of me and my wife and to provide
for each all. Now in our old Age all my children are gone frome me & I have
bestowed upon each of them their portion already of what I am able to do for
them out of that estate as god has been pleased to Bless me with and my Youngest
Son sd Noah Chaffe has not as yet had any Portion of my Estate therefore for
Divers other good Considerations with what I have already above mentioned have
given granted made over Alienated Infeoffed Conveyed and Confirmed unto my
sd son Noah Chaffe his heirs executors admrs and assigns forever all my House-
ing & Lands and Meadows Scituate, lying and being in sd Rehoboth and in the
To-rtTiship of Swansey in ye County Aforesd both Divided & Undevided (Excepting
what I have given to ye Rest of my Children either by Deed or Record as may
appear) the sd houseing & Land hereby given & granted to my sd son Noah Chaffe
are as followeth Imprms My House & Barn & home Lott Containing about Six
acres be it more or less as it is butted and bounded Notherly and westerly High
wayes Southerly the Home Lott of Richard Bowen junr easterly with Land of
John Hunt junr and likewise a plain Lott lying upon ye plaine Containing about
five acres be it more or Less being bounded as may appear upon Record & like-
wise fifty pounds estate of Commonage Rights in sd Rehoboth & likewise all my
salt meadow scituate in sd Swansey Lying adjoining to ye meadow I sold to my
son Thomas Chaffee by ye Meadow of Joseph Chaffe near his house said tract of
salt meadow Containing about one acre & half an acre be it more or less as it is
butted and bounded as may appear by Record.

In Witness whereof I the said Nathaniel Chaffe hath hereimto Set my hand


and Seal this third Day of May anno Domini Seventeen hundred and fifteen and

in the first of his majesties Reign &c

"Signed Sealed & Delivered Nathaniel Chaffe [seal]

in the presence of us
"Francis Stevens
" Danel Carpenter
"Received October 10th 1721, and Recorded by Samel Howland Register."

[Bristol County, Mass., Registry of Deeds, Northern District, at Taunton, Vol. XHI,
pp. 552, 553.]

With this son, Nathaniel and Experience spent their last days, doubtless receiv-
ing loving care from Noah and his wife. Both Nathaniel and his wife died in
September, 1721, and a tradition from Rehoboth tells us that so devoted was he
to his wife that he died of grief a few hours after her death.

No will, inventory, distribution, or other papers relating to Nathaniel Chaffe's
estate are to be found. The old burying ground surrounding the Congregational
church, formerly in Rehoboth, later in Seekonk, Mass., and now in the village
of Rumford, East Providence, R. I., is supposed to be the burial place of Nathaniel
and Experience, though no stones to their memory remain.

Children, the first three born in Swansea, the others in Rehoboth:
+ 4 i Dorothy ^ Chaffe, married Nathaniel Paine.

+ 5 ii Thomas Chaffe, born October 19, 1672; married Margaret Carpenter.
6 iii Rachel Chaffe, born September 7, 1673; died in Rehoboth, February 28,

+ 7 iv Nathaniel Chaffe, Jr., born January 4, 1675-6; married Mercy .

+ 8 V Jonathan Chaffe, born April 7, 1678; married Hannah Carpenter.

+ 9 vi David Chaffe, born August 22, 1680; married (1) Patience Atherton; (2)

Mrs. Hannah Pidge.
+ 10 vii Experience Chaffe, born March 24, 1682-3 ; married Timothy Carpenter.

11 viii Mehitable Chaffe, born June 10,1685; died in Rehoboth, August 6,
+ 12 ix Daniel Chaffe, born October 30, 1687; married (1) Alice (or Alse) Millerd;
(2) Mrs. Perces Ormsby.

13 X Noah Chaffe, born January 19, 1690-1 ; died in Rehoboth, July 9, 1691.
+ 14 xi Noah Chafte, born December 17, 1692; married (1) Sarah Carpenter; (2)
Hepsibah Daggett.

3 Joseph 2 Chaffe (Thomas i) was probably born in Nantasket, Mass. (later
called Hull), some time between 1639 and 1646, and died in Swansea, Mass., October
28, 1694. He married there, December 8, 1670, Annis, daughter of Richard Martin
of Rehoboth, Mass. She died in Harrington, Mass. (formerly Swansea), probably
early in March, 1729-30.

Joseph Chaffe probably moved with his parents and brother from Hull to Reho-
both between 1657 and 1660. In 1667 that part of Rehoboth where they lived,
called Wannamoisett, was formed into a separate town and called Swansea. So
it is in the Swansea records that we find the first mention of Joseph Chaffe, about

"Joseph Chafy his ear mark for all sorts of cattell is a slit in the upper side of
the left ear and a slit in the imder side of the right ear."

February 5, 1672, an agreement made in regard to the building of a fence was
signed by "Joseph Chafy" and his brother Nathaniel among others. [Ihid.]

January 22, 1673, it was agreed by the Proprietors, of whom "Joseph Chafey"
and his brother were two, that "all Moable grase aJoyning to any of our Medows
Belongs to the said Meadow." [Ibid.']

1 1^ ; m^ o
























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■A -■



Chaffee" sold to Thomas Barnes an acre of salt meadow, the original deed being
in possession of the author:

"TO ALL PEOPLE TO WHOME theise prsents shall come Joseph Chaffe of
the Towne of Swansye, in the Countye of Bristoll in his Majestys Teritorry and
dommion of New England yeoman. Sendeth greet KNOWE YEE that I the
said Joseph Chaffe have for the full sume of Five pounds in currant Silver of New
England in hand Receaved and paid by Thomas Barnes of the same Towne Wwaver :
wherewith the said Joseph Chaffe accknowledgeth him self satisfied contented
and full paid and thereof and every part and prsell thereof exonereth and dis-
chargeth the said Thomas Barnes his heires excecutors administrators and asignes.
HAVE FREELY and absollutly given granted Bargained Sould and in Feoffed
and confirmed and doe by thies presents give grant Bargan Sell in Feoff and con-
firme from me the said Joseph Chaffe and my heires to him the said Thomas Barnes
his heires excecutors administrators and asignes. All that one acer of Salt meadow
be it more or less situate in Swansye. Being Bounded to the west of Joseph
Chaffes meadow from a rocke by the river side straight to a white oake stump
upon the upland Southerly : and westerly the upland of the said Thomas Barnes :
Northerly and Easterly the River, unto the said Thomas Barnes his heires exce-
cutors administratrs an asignes [TO HAVE AND TO HOLD] the aforesaid acer
of Salt meadow be it more or lese with all And Singullar the right, members,
privilledges proffits grase feedings rents herediments immunities and apurtenances
bellonging or appertaining unto the said acer of meadow with the reversion and
reversions Remainder and Remainders imto the said Thomas Barnes as a good
sure absollut indefezable in heritance To the onely proper use and Behouft'e of
the said Thomas Barnes his heires excecutors administratrs and assignes for ever
AND I the said Joseph Chaffe doth by theise prsents for my Selfe and my heires
with the said Thomas Barnes his heires and asignes Covenant promise and grant
to and with him that I the said Joseph Chaffe is the true and onely owner of the
above barganed premisses at the time of this Bargan and hath full power good
Right and LawfuU authoritye to give grant Bargan sell infeoffe confirme and
asure the same unto the said Thomas Barnes his heires and assigns for ever as a
good sure and absolute estate of inheritance in ffce Simplle according to the free
tenure of his Majestys maner of East Grenwich in the County of Kent within the
Realme of England in free and common soccage and not in Capity and Knight
Servise. but without any maner of Condition or Reversion Titill of Dower or
limettation of usses soe as to after chang or defeate or make voide the same AND
that the said Thomas Barnes his heires and asignes shall and may by force and
vertue of theise prsents from time to time and at all times, hereafter Lawefully
peaceablye quietly hould use occupy injoy and possess the afore said prmisses
without any Let Suite trouble deneyall in teruption and contradiction of the said
Joseph Chaffe or any of his heires AND free and cleare and clearly aquitted and
fully discharged of and from all and all maner of former gifts grantes Bargans
sales leases morgayes Jointers dowers thirds Judgments executions exstents and
of and from all maner of in cumbrance whatsoever had made don commited or
sefferd to be don by the said Joseph Chaffe or by his privity or procurement. In
Witness hereof the said Joseph Chaffe hath hereunto set his Hand and Scale this
twelth day of September. In the yeare of or Lord one thousand six Hundred
eighty and eight. And in the ffourth yeare of the Reigne of or Soveraigne Lord
James the Second of England Scotland France and Ireland King : ec.
"Signed Sealed and dellivered [seal]

" in the prsence of vs.

"Jethniel Peck. "The day and yeer aboue written then person-

" William Carpenter J. ally appeered Joseph Chafee whose hand and seal

is heerunto sett & affixed; and owned and ac-
knowleged this Instrament to be his volluntary
act & deed Before one of the Council of his
Majesties Territory and Dominion of New Eng-
land. "Daniel Smith."

^-jy^ o£^^^j^

(No. S, Page 20 )
" Deed signed 12th Day of September in the year of our Lord One thousand six hundred
eighty and eight."

Xov. 13. 1695.
(Page 24)


ifc^ O?^

(No. 16, Page 24; (No. IS, Page 24;

These three signatures from bond signed November 13, 1695.

^MYp CA^t^rt

"^fi <^2^

Nov. 16. 1731
(Page 44)

Oct. 17, 1745.
(No. 76, Page 44)

(No. 242, Page 270)
Wilbrahani, Mass.. IT.tn.





(No. 98, Page 605;
March 7, 1799


(No. 1577, Page 180)
Springfield, Mass, March 20, 1S13.

(No. 3501, Page 479. Signed at Phoenix Bank, Hartford, Conn.. Sept. 7, 1835)
Signatures of Joseph 3 Chaffe, and of some of his Descendants.


"At a TowTi Meeting Warned and mett together according to ye order of ye
Counsel at Plymouth May 2Sth 1689 . . . Viewers of fences Tho: Barnes
Joseph Chafy for Wannamoset," [Swansea Records] their duty being to adjust all
matters of difference between contiguous owners, as to proper fences, location of
boundary lines, and other matters of lilve nature. This year he is on record as a
Proprietor, though not an inhabitant of Rehoboth. March 28, 1693, and March 27,
1694, he was again chosen for the office of Fence Viewer, the last which he held.
[Ibid.] He made his will, "being Sick & weake in Body" September 22, 1694,
five weeks before his death. It was filed ^dth his inventory, November 13, 1694,
by his widow and two sons, and the same day they gave bond for the faithful
performance of their duties in administrating the estate, their sureties being
Nathaniel Chaffee, Joseph's brother, and John Ormsby, probably Annis Chaff e's
brother-in-law, husband of her sister Eleanor (or Elvara) or else his son John.


"In the Name of God Amen I Joseph Chaffee of the town of Swanzey in the
County of Bristol in the Province of the Masachusetts in New England being
Sick & weake in Body But of sound & perfect mind & memory Prased be god Doe
make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament In manner & forme following :

"First and principally I commend my sowle into the Hands of Almighty God
And Unto Jesus Christ my Dear Redeemer and my Body I commit to the Earth
to be Decently Buried at the Discretion of my Executrix.

"And as Touching the Disposission of all such temporall Estate as God Hath
been pleased to bestow Upon me I give & bestow as followeth:

" Imps. My Will is that all my Just & lawfuU Debts be Discharged.

"Item — I give and Bequeath to my Beloved Wife all my House hold goods
for her to Dispose of them too her selfe or to her Children at her Discretion.

" I give & bequeath Unto my said Wiffe my Dwelling House and one halph of
my Upland and meadow ground Lyeing & being in Swanzey to Have the whole
Benifitt & Improvement During her Natural! Life. And she shall have her halfe
of ye house lot on ye North Side of the lott, and her half of the meadow ground
to be that which is Cald the Swamp Meadow and at my wifes decease it is my
will that my two sons John and Joseph Chaffee shall have it to be equally divided
between them (that is to say all the upland and meadow ground that I have in
Swansey and Joseph shall have the North side of the Home lott as his part after
my wifes decease

"Ittem — I give and Bequeath Unto my Wife all my Rights of lands and Com-
monage in Rehoboth to be Wholly at her Dispose.

"Ittem — I give and bequeath Unto my sons John & Joseph Chaffee the other
halfe of my Upland & Meadow Ground in Swanzey when they come to the age
of Twenty-one Years to them their heirs and Assigns for Ever to be Equally and
Alike Divided between them — Likewise I give Unto my two Sons all my Tooles
& my gun —

" Ittem — I give Unto my Son [John] a Heyfor of three year old

"Ittem — I give Unto my Son Joseph the Great Bible that was my fathers &
my Sword & [illegible] & a heifer that I had of Joseph

"Ittem — It is my will after my wifes Decease when my two Sons Come to
posess the Upland and Meadow ground that I have given to my wife Dureing
he-r Life Shall pay or Cause to be paid three pounds a peice to my Daughters as
a Legan [legacy] which I give to them

"Ittem — It is my will yt all my other Estate as Stock & Debts Due to me I
give to my wife for her Use & Improvements; and for her to give to my Daughter
according as She Shall in her Descretion See

"Ittem — I Doe ordane & Constitute my beloved wife my Executrix & my two
Sons John & Joseph Chaffee to be Executs of this my last will & Testament


"And I Doe hereby Disannul! & make Voyde all former Wills & Testaments
heretofore made

"In wittness whereof I the said Joseph Chaffee to this my Last Will and
Testament Have Sett my hand & Seale this Twenty second Day of September
In the year of our Lord one Thousand Six Hundred Ninety four

"Signed, Sealed & Declared by Joseph Chaffee Joseph Chaffee [Seale]

"yt this was his Last will & Testament in the Presence of Us

"John Martin

"Bamfield Capron

" Nathaell Chaffee

"Memorandum that on the thirteenth Day of Novembr 1694 att Bristoll then

Did John Martin Bamfield Capron & Nathll Chaffee above named make oath they

Did see Joseph Chaffee late of Swansey Deceased Sign Seale and Declare this

Instrument to be his last will & testament and that he was of a Sound Disposing

mind when he so Did, to the best of their apprehension.

" Coram me Jno Saffin ProbaE
"Thiss Entered & Engrossed Novembr thirteenth 1694 by Jno Carey Registr "
[Bristol County, Mass., Registry of Wills, at Taunton, Vol. VII, p. 105. j

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