William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 45 of 91)
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eyes, and was six feet in height. From 1835 to 1868 he lived in Brecksville, 0.,
and later in Grand Haven. He was a farmer.

Children :

3630 i Frances Drusilla » Chaffee, born in South Wilbraham, December 1,

1829; died September 15, 1830.

+ 3631 ii Jonathan Russell Chaffee, born August 31, 1833; married Lucy J. Rich.

+ 3632 iii Frances Drusilla Chaffee, born June 27, 1836; married Asa Reynolds.

+ 3633 iv Comfort Emerson Chaffee, born June 1, 1840; married (1) Louise W.

Snow; (2) Mrs. Cora L. (Richardson) Van Metre.

1619 Persis ' Chaffee (Comfort,^ Comfort,^ Joseph,'* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i)
was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., August 4, 1807, and married there, De-
cember 5, 1832, Simeon S. Hunt, a farmer of that place, their intention of marriage
being entered in South Wilbraham, November 10, 1832. She was baptized in the
Congregational Church there, October 11, 1807.

Children :

3634 i Stacy « Hunt.

3635 ii Comfort Hunt, residence, 1883, North Somers, Conn.

3636 iii Jane Hunt.

3637 iv Hannah Hunt, married Frank Kibbe of Somers, Conn.


1620 William Perrin 7 Chaffee (Comfort, ^ Comfort, ^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2
Thomas i) was born ui South Wilbraham, Mass., April 17, ISIO, and died there,
October 24, 1882. He married (1) in South Wilbraham, April 11, 1838, Martha G.
Perrin of Monson, Mass., their intention of marriage being entered in South Wil-
braham, March 31, 1838. She was born April 2, 1816, died in that place Novem-
ber 15, 1850, and was buried there. He married (2) in South Wilbraham, Octo-
ber 5, 1851, Susan A. Tubbs of Springfield, Mass., born November 14, 1831, died
August 12, 1855, and was buried in South Wilbraham. He married (3) March 3,

1857, Sophronia M. Lincoln. He was baptized in the South Wilbraham Congre-
gational Church, July 7, 1810. He was a farmer in that place, and was buried

Children, by first wife :

3638 i Albert » ChafTee, born about February, 1839; died in South Wilbraham,

November 3, 1839, aged nine months.

3639 ii William Morton Chaffee, born July 21, 1842; died June 16, 1864; buried

in South Wilbraham.

3640 iii Charles Chaffee, born October 21, 1850; residence, 1883, Monson.

Children, by third wife :

3641 iv Martha Susan Chaffee, born August 16, 1859; married, January 19,

1881, John Sheldon; residence, 1883, Fall River, Mass.

3642 V Emily Chaffee.

1621 Electa 7 Chaffe (Comfort, ^ Comfort, s Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i)
was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., March 3, 1813, and died there, February 13,

1858. She married. May 7, 1835, Sullivan Upham Staunton (or Stanton), a far-
mer of South Wilbraham, their intention of marriage being published there,
March 14, 1835. In 1883 he was Postmaster of Hampden (formerly South
Wilbraham). She was baptized in the First Congregational Church in South
Wilbraham, June 17, 1813, and was buried in that town.

Children :

3643 i Sophia 8 Stanton, married Andrew Beebe; residence, 1883, Hampden.

3644 ii Persis Stanton.

3645 iii Robert Stanton.

3646 iv Willie Stanton.

1622 Comfort Jackson ^ ChafEee (Comfort, ^ Comfort, » Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,'
Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., April 14, 1817, and married in
Springfield, Mass., June 24, 1845, Asenath Ward, daughter of Noah Ferry- of
Palmer, Mass. Their marriage intention, entered in South Wilbraham, June 3,
1845, speaks of him as of Northfield, 0., and of her as of South Wilbraham. Mr.
Chaffee was baptized there in the Congregational Church, July 6, 1817. He worked
in South Wilbraham until he was twenty-one, and then learned the armorer's
trade in Milbury, Mass. From there he went to Chicopee Falls, Mass., where he
worked in a manufactory of firearms, the second establishment of its kind in Amer-
ica. 'While here a machine for the making of pins with a solid head, and one for
the pimching out of saw- teeth were invented by Harvey Waters, an agent of the
firearms company. Later Mr. Chaffee worked successively in ]\Iill River, Mass.,
Springfield Hill, Mass., and Brecks\'ille, O., in the latter place being engaged in
the manufacture of firearms with Joshua Stevens, the inventor of the first tools
for the manufacture of the celebrated Colt's revolver. From there he went to
Elyria, Lorain County, O., where he made machinery for the first woolen manu-


factory in that county. In 1840 he began buying land in Northfield, O., and in
1845 he moved there. The place is ten miles from Cleveland, and the farm of
three hundred and seventy-five acres which Mr. Chaffee bought formerly fur-
nished the timber to fit out a part of Commodore Perry's fleet in the War of 1812.
Here Mr. Chaffee raises, buys and sells stock, as well as cultivating the land. In
1891 he still lived in Northfield, and in 1893 in Chaffee, 0.
Children :

3647 i Lucien Mozart** Chaffee, born in Northfield, October 17, 1846; edu-
cated in Baldwin University, Berea, O., standing high in his
class, and showed great skill as a debater, his side usually win-
ning; he is an accomplished musician ; he united with the Methodist
Church at the age of eleven, has been Class Leader and Sunday
School Superintendent for fifteen years, and in 1893 was a Trustee
of the church; ran away from home at the age of seventeen to
enlist in the Civil War, but was refused on account of his youth;
politically, was formerly a Republican and now a Prohibitionist;
he is a farmer and large dealer in dairy cows and horses; has a
light complexion, blue eyes, and is five feet, eleven inches in
height; residence, 1893, Chaffee; unmarried.
+ 3648 ii Anna Maria Eugenie Chaffee, born May 22, 1848; married Doctor
F. M. Coates.

1623 Lathrop Vennor ^ Chaffee (Comfort, ^ Comfort, ^ Joseph,* John,^ Joseph, *
Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., May 1, 1821, and died there,
October 30, 1863. He married (1) in South Wilbraham, April 19, 1843, Nancy M.
Roberts of that place, their intention of marriage being entered there, March 25,
1843. She died soon after and was buried in Pittsfield, ^lass. He married (2)
in South Wilbraham, July 20, 1845, Mrs. Augusta Anna (Wood) Hendrick of that
place, daughter of Jacob Wood of South Wilbraham, and widow of Nelson Hen-
drick. Their marriage intention was published there, June 14, 1845. Augusta
(Wood) Chaffee survived her husband less than six weeks, dying in South Wilbra-
ham, December 8, 1863, aged forty-five. Mr. Chaffee was baptized in the Congre-
gational Church there, August 12, 1821. He had a fight complexion, blue eyes,
and was six feet, one inch in height. He lived in South Wilbraham, where he was
a farmer.

Child, by second wife:
+ 3649 i Nelson Vennor « Chaffee, born December 14, 1856; married Isabel J.

1624 Comfort Bliss 7 Chaffee (Nathaniel Bliss,^ Comfort,* Joseph,* John,3
Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., November 10, 1796, and
died in Orwell, Pa., March 28, 1878. He married there, November 22, 1818,
Docia, daughter of William Sexton of that place. She died June 1, 1879, and was
buried in Orwell. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church, as was her
husband. He joined it at the age of seventeen, and was Deacon, Sunday School
Superintendent, and leader of the singing in the church in Orwell. He moved
from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania in early manhood, accompanied by one of
his brothers, who, however, did not remain. Mr. Chaffee had a light complexion,
blue eyes, and was five feet, ten inches in height. He was a farmer and lived in
Warren, Pa., and Orwell. He was a man of great physical endurance and strength,
having been known, in his younger days, to handle two and three men at a time.
He was of temperate habits, very industrious and accumulated a goodly property.


He was of limited education, but had a strong mind, was very orthodox in re-
hgion and a constant reader of the Bible. In politics he was a Republican.

Children :

3650 i Sarah Jane » Chaffee, born February 1, 1821; married Reuben
Esterbrook; residence, Elmira, N. Y.
+ 3651 ii Jarvis Sexton Chaffee, born April 4, 1824; married Ann M. Frost.
+ 3652 iii Nathaniel Bliss Chaffee, born April 1, 1826; married Tamar A.

3653 iv William Douglas Chaffee, born August 10, 1828; died September 28,


3654 V Ruth Sophia Chaffee, born June 15, 1830; married Oliver Warner.
+ 3655 vi Wilham Douglas Chaffee, born February 14 (16), 1832; married

(1) Henrietta Chaffee (3087) ; (2) Mary E. Upson.
3656 vii Docia Ann Chaffee, born November 16, 1834; married Marcus
Warner, brother of Oliver Warner.
+ 3657 viii Solomon Arthiton Chaffee, born December 5, 1836; married Sa-
vannah Dunlap.
+ 3658 ix Comfort Jerome Chaffee, born July 7, 1838; married Emily Mc-
3659 x Tamson Meriam Chaffee, born May 28, 1840; died September 3,
1864; married Alva Rodgers; she was a talented singer.

1626 Solomon Bliss ^ Chaffee (Nathaniel Bliss,^ Comfort, ^ Joseph,^ John,'
Joseph, 2 Thomas was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., March 4, 1799, and
died in Richland City, Wis., March 25, 1857. He married (1) in New York state,
June 16, 1836, Eunice Pamelia, daughter of Isaac Beech of that state. She died
June 29, 1844, aged twenty-nine, and was buried in Raymond, Wis. Doctor Chaf-
fee married (2), October 25, 1849, Clara Milly Hovej^, who died September 22,
1851, aged thirty-three. Previous to her marriage, she taught in an academy in
Vermont. He married (3), September 1, 1853, Annis Wellington. Doctor Chaffee
was baptized in the South Wilbraham Congregational Church, February 8, 1816,
and was for twenty years or more a minister of that denomination, as well as a
physician. He preached in Central New York for several years, moving in July,
1840, to Wisconsin, where he preached until his death.

Children, by first wife:
+ 3660 i Mary 8 Chaffee, born August 20, 1837; married Nicholas L. Sweet.

3661 ii John Beech Chaffee, born in Cortland County, N. Y., August 3, 1839;

died in Chicago, 111., September 6, 1890; was a physician and
surgeon. A graduate of the St. Louis Medical College; he served
in the Civil War as Assistant Surgeon in the Fifteenth Missouri
Infantry, organized in St. Louis, Mo., in August and September,
1861, to serve three years, being mustered out December 25,
1865; participated in the battles of Chaplin Hills, Stone River,
Chickamauga, Face Ridge, Resaca, Adairsville, New Hope
Church, Dallas, Kenesaw ^lountain. Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta,
Jonesboro, Lovejoye Station, Spring Hill, Franklin, Nashville
and Columbia; was severely wounded on several occasions;
his commander was General Sheridan, who was his lifelong
friend; after the war he settled in Chicago, where he lived until
his death; he was unmarried.

3662 iii Louisa Chaffee, born December 31, 1841; died November 22, 1842.

3663 iv Curtis Chaffee, born April 15, 1844; died July 17, 1844.

Child, by second wife:

3664 V Clara Pamelia Chaffee, born September 1, 1850; residence, 1891,

Worcester, Mass.; unmarried.


Child, by third wife :

3665 vi Anuis Fraiicena Chaffee, born October 16, 1854; probably went West.

1628 Samuel Burge ^ Chaffee (Nathaniel Bliss,^ Comfort, ^ Joseph,* John, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., September 16, 1802,
and died in Wisconsin, in 1874. He married. He was baptized in the South
Wilbraham Congregational Church, February 8, 1816. He had a light complexion,
blue eyes, and was tall. He lived with his grandfather, Comfort Chaffee, for a
time, and also lived in Worcester, Mass.

Children :

3666 i Sarah J.s Chaffee, married Beers.

3667 ii George Bliss Chaffee.

3668 iii Samuel M. Chaffee.

3669 iv Josiah C. Chaffee, died in September, 1874; served in the United States

Navy from 1861 until his death from yellow fever.

3670 V F. Albertus Chaffee, died.

3671 vi Mary B. Chaffee, residence, 1889, Pawtucket, R. I.

1630 Joel 7 Chaffee (Nathaniel Bhss,6 Comfort, ^ Joseph, * John,3 Joseph,2
Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., March 6, 1806, and died in Roches-
ter, N. Y., February 12, 1834. He married there, November 12, 1826, Melissa
Sophronia, daughter of Seth Case. In 1857 and 1890 she was living in Detroit,
Mich. Mr. Chaffee was baptized in the South Wilbraham Congregational Church,
February 8, 1816. He was named for his uncle, Joel Chaffee (623). He was
living in Rochester, June 3, 1828, when he bought of Seth Case, land in Gates,
Monroe County, N. Y. Mr. Chaffee was the Captain of a company of militia in
Rochester. He had a light complexion, dark blue eyes, was five feet, six inches
in height, and of a jovial disposition. He was a carpenter by trade.

Children :

3672 i Mary Ann « Chaffee, married N. S. Whitney; residence, 1890, St.
Louis, Mo.
+ 3673 ii Merrick Joel Chaffee, born September 28, 1834; married Annie L. Clark.

1634 Merrick 7 Chaffee (Nathaniel Bliss,^ Comfort,^ Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,2
Thomas i) was born October 13, 1813, and died in Somers, Conn., January 17,
1866. He married Adelia M. Son of North Chatham, N. Y., born November 7,
1820. She is a member of the Methodist Church. In June, 1895, she was living
in Somers. Mr. Chaffee was baptized in the South Wilbraham Congregational
Church, February 8, 1816. He was of a jovial disposition.

Children, the first born in New York state, the last three in Somers :

3674 i George Merrick s Chaffee, born October 24, 1844; died in Ludlow, Mass.,

August 29, 1846; buried there.

3675 ii Hannah Maria Chaffee, born July 14, 1849; married Charles Luce of

Somers, who died before 1895; had two sons and a daughter, all
living in Springfield, Mass., in 1895.

3676 iii William Merrick Chaffee, born November 16, 1852; married Emma

Griswold, and has two daughters; residence, 1895, Somers.

3677 iv George Dallas Chaffee, born October 10, 1857; died in infancy.

1635 Elizabeth ^ Chaffee (William,6 Isaiah, s Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Enfield, Conn., in October, 1781, and died in Conway, Mass., in No-
vember, 1861. She married Asher Pease, a farmer of Sudfield, Conn., born in
Enfield, September 21, 1780, and died in Conway, in November, 1872. He was


brother of her sister Fanny's husband. At the time of her marriage she Hved in
Enfield, later in Sudfield, and in 1810 removed to Conway, where she and her
husband were buried.
Children :
3678 i Eliza 8 Pease, born March 21, 1803; died in October, 1894; married

Calvin Edson Nye.
3678a ii Newton Pease, born November 17, 1805; died; married (1) Sarah
Dwight, and had seven children; (2) Martha Ogden, and had
two children; he was a farmer in Conway.
+ 3679 iii Maria Pease, born November 30, 1807; married Alvan Clark.
+ 3680 iv Beulah Pease, born October 13, 1809; married Josiah Dwight, Jr.

3681 V Harriet Pease, born October 13, 1813; married David Valentine.

3682 vi Caroline Pease, born March 1, 1816.

3683 vii Lorin Pease, born in 1818.

3684 viii Franklin Pease, born June 27, 1823; married (1) Minerva Nims;

(2) Mrs. Sarah (Leonard) Hathaway.

1637 Fannie 7 Chaffee (William,6 Isaiah,^ Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i)
was born in Enfield, Conn., April 17, 1785, and died in Michigan, September 15,
1853. She married Lyman Pease, brother of her sister Elizabeth's husband,
born in Enfield, May 26, 1784. He lived in Southampton, Easthampton and
Springfield, all in Massachusetts, and in 1858 lived in Jackson City, Mich.

Children :

3685 i William s Pease, born in Enfield, June 30, 1805.

3686 ii Mary A. Pease, born in Southampton; died in 1848; married in 1834,

Stephen Field.

3687 iii Lyman Pease, Jr., born in Southampton, in 1808.

3688 iv Fanny Pease, born in Southampton, in 1811; married Alfred Driggs;

settled in St. Joseph, I\Io.

3689 V Lorenzo Pease, born in Easthampton, in 1813.

3690 vi Adahne, born in Easthampton, in 1815; died in Jackson, in 1856;

married, in 1834, Sumner Wing.

3691 vii Dorothy Pease, born in Easthampton, in 1817; died in 1839; married

William Morey.

3692 viii Philander Pease, born in Easthampton, in December, 1820.

3693 ix Henry Pease, born in Springfield, in 1827.

1638 Hannah i Chaffee (William, e Isaiah,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i)
was born in Enfield, Conn., in March, 1787, and died in Hartford, Conn., in No-
vember, 1849. She married Moses Pike Holt.


3694 i Martha s Holt, married De Raismes of New York City, and had

four children.

1640 William ^ Chaffee, Jr. (William,^ Isaiah,' Joseph,* John,3 Joseph, 2
Thomas 1), was born in Enfield, Conn., May 12, 1791, and died in East Windsor,
Conn., July 23, 1849. He married in Schenectady, N. Y., Cornelia, daughter of
Peter Van Dyke of that place. She was a member of the Congregational Church,
and died November 23, 1863, aged seventy-two. Both Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee are
buried in Enfield. He had a light complexion, dark blue eyes, was five feet, eight
inches in height, witty, jovial, keenly intellectual, and a student of the Bible.
During the War of 1812 he served as an officer. At the time of his marriage he lived
in Schenectady and later in Enfield and Ellington, Conn., the latter being his home
at the time of his death, which occurred suddenly of heart failure, while he was
reaping in the field. He was a farmer and sawyer.


Children :

3695 i Mary Elizabeth Putnam s Chaffee, born August 30, 1813; died De-

cember 2, 1858; married Dan Warner of Ellington.

3696 ii Anna Warrincr Chaffee, born May 12, 1816; died November 23, 1867;

married Ithamar Bingham.

3697 iii Cornelius Van Dyke Chaffee, born in Enfield, September 10, 1823;

married (1) in New Lebanon, N. Y., September 5, 1851, Eliza A.,
daughter of Lord Anson Smith, of Enfield; she died in Ellington,
September 27, 1879, and was buried in Wethersfield, Conn.;
she was a member of the Baptist Church; he married (2) in
West Hartford, Conn., May 20, 1881, Mary L. Crane; he has a
light complexion, blue eyes, and is five feet, nine and a half
inches, in height; he united with the Baptist Church at the age
of twenty-five; he is a junk dealer; residence, 1851, Fittsfield,
Mass., 1893, Hartford, Conn.

+ 3698 iv Isaiah Manning Chaffee, born September 9, 1826; married Emily F.

+ 3699 V Cornelia Van Dyke Chaffee, born January 9, 1828; married William
C. Edwards.

3700 vi William Hibbard Chaffee, born December 13, 1831 ; died in Enfield,

March 18, 1832.

3701 vii William Hibbard Chaffee, born January 15, 1833; died in Enfield,

May 28, 1834.

1645 Samuel ' Chaffee (William, ^ Isaiah,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Enfield, Conn., November 3, 1801, and died in Red Wing, Minn.,
August 9, 1856. He married in Schenectady, N. Y., November 19, 1828, Maria,
daughter of Peter Van Dyck of Rotterdam, N. Y. She died January 8, 1880, and
was buried in Red Wing. Both Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee were active members of the
Congregational Church in Enfield, where they lived on the homestead built by
Mr. Chaffee, who was a contractor and builder, and where their ten children were

In 1856 Mr. Chaffee became one of the Board of Directors of the Strafford
Western Emigration Company, which was organized with the object of formjng
a settlement in the West, and of carrjnng to it the religious and educational ad-
vantages of New England. Mr. Chaffee with others of the company went West
in the summer of 1856 to investigate the country on the sunset side of the Mis-
sissippi and select a spot for settlement. To him fell the honor of discovering and
pointing out to the company the beauties of the Zumbro River Valley, where
they afterwards located and where now stands the iovm of Zumbrota. Worn out
by the fatigues and hardships to which he was exposed in this Indian land, he was
taken ill in Red Wing, where he died and was followed to his grave by a sorrowing
procession of strangers. A few wild flowers were cast upon his coffin, prayer and
benediction were said, and all was over. He was buried in Oak Wood Cemetery,
Red Wing, on a bluff overlooking the village and the Mississippi. Soon after
Mr. Chaffee's death his widow and children removed to Red Wing.

The following account of the settlement of Zumbrota is taken from a Red Wing
paper :

"In fulfillment of my promise to furnish you some of my recollections of the
early days in Goodhue county, I will devote the first article to the settlement of
Zumbrota and to some of the incidents attending it.

"Up to the spring of 1856, that beautiful valley in Goodhue county through
which the Zumbro river courses its way like -a thread of silver, and in the center
of which is now the thrifty village of Zumbrota, was knowTi only to the hunter.


Not a path made b}- the foot of civilized man traversed its length or its breadth.
The deer and the elk grazed on its virgin grass unmolested, while the musk-rat
and the otter sported in the limpid waters of the little river undisturbed. The
valley had been entirely overlooked. The old St. Paul and Dubuque stage road
and also the road from Red Wing to Mantorville and other points to the south-
west lay to the east of it, while on the west there was no road within several miles.

"In the spring of 1856 a backwoodsman by the name of Smith, a native of
Canada, who the year before had settled in the big woods southwest of Pine Island,
found himself on short rations. With rifle in hand, he started out in pursuit of
wild game, which then abounded in the region. He extended his pursuits into
the above-mentioned valley. Its beauty and topography suggested to his shrewd
mind the idea that in the center of this valley was a favorable site for a town,
and as townsites were springing into existence in every direction, he resolved to
become the founder of a city. Having exhausted his ovm. right of pre-emption
in the woods, he found a single man by the name of Doty, who was willing to be
sacrificed to gratify Smith's ambition. A claim was soon taken by Doty and in
due time Smith at once entered with alacrity upon his new enterprise. He en-
listed a merchant of Red Wing by the name of Gambia in the project, who took
a claim adjoining Doty's. Smith had discovered that by straightening the Red
Wing and Mantorville road, it would cross his proposed townisite and that the
St. Paul and Dubuque road had already been surveyed across it.

"Smith had piloted now and then a settler on his way to or from Red Wing
over his new route, for a road. In this manner a wagon trail was made over the
prairie, which could easily be followed. Doty, aided by Smith, had hauled poplar
logs some three miles, and was building a log cabin. W^hile thus engaged. Doty
and Smith observed a party of three men on foot approaching them from the
south, along the wagon trail. As they came up to the cabin, they appeared weary,
footsore and discouraged. They inquired the distance to Red Wing, and also
to the nearest place where they could stay over night. They learned from Smith
that the nearest cabin in the direction of Red Wing was four miles distant. It
was late in the afternoon. The travelers were hungry and thirsty. Smith hastened
to bring them some water from a spring near by, and set before them on a board
in the open air such viands as his scanty larder afforded.

"Smith's inquisitive nature had soon drawn out of his guests the story of their
now disconsolate journey. They were a committee of a colony of New England
people, who had been seeking in vain for a local colony to settle. They were on
their way to Red Wing, intending to take the first boat down the river and return
to their homes in the east. Smith's opportunity had now come. His dream might
be more than realized. He was entertaining angels (messengers) unawares. He
at once informed them that the valley in which they now were was just the spot
they had been looking for. With rude but earnest eloquence he expatiated on
the advantages offered by the locality. There was an abundance of government
land. The site was an ideal one for a town ; there was a mill site on the river within
a few rods of where they then were, etc., etc. But our travelers were disheartened;
one of them was sick. They could not be induced to listen to Smith and took
up their journey towards the Mississippi river, thinking only of joining their
families once more in far off New England. The three persons described were
Samuel Chaffee, Daniel Goddard and Joseph Bailey.

"As the little party had nearly reached the top of the ascent out of the valley,
Samuel Chaffee, who was weak and sick, sat down to rest. He naturally turned
his face toward the valley he had crossed with so much weariness and pain. The
sun was just sinking behind the horizon, and its golden rays clothed the valley

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