William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 46 of 91)
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with a radiance and beauty akin to that of paradise. He was enamored of the
scene. He called to his companions to come back and take a look at the valley.
At first they refused, but finally consented.

"'Isn't that beautiful!' exclaimed Chaffee. For a moment his companions
did not speak. Chaffee again exclaimed:

" 'Why is not that just the spot we are seeking?'

" ' It is handsome ' ejaculated Bailey in a husky tone.


" 'It is real porty' drawled out Goddard.

" 'But we must hurry, or we shall never get to our stopping place before dark,'
exclaimed Bailey and Goddard.

"In due time they arrived at the cabin where they were to stop over night, and
talked of but little else than what pertained to their newly discovered land of
promise, during that night and the next day.

"Upon their arrival at Red Wing they found several other members of the
colony there to whom they re^Dorted their discovery with much enthusiasm.

" Poor Samuel Chaffee, whose illness had caused him to sit down and rest on the
northern slope of the Zumbro valley and who thus had his attention called to the
valley, took to his bed at the old Tepeetonka hotel in Red Wing, from which a
few days afterwards he was borne to Oakwood cemetery, then almost inaccessible.

"It may not be uninteresting here to say that the Strafford Western Emigra-
tion company was only a small fragment of a large company organized the winter
before in Massachusetts, but which went to pieces after an ineffectual effort by
an incompetent and discordant committee to find a township of land on which
to plant so large a colony. As a matter of fact, the committee of the original
company, consisting of one hundred and sixty members, most of these heads of
families, actually passed just below the valley where the smaller colony after-
wards settled. Had they made the discovery which Chaffee and his party did,
quite likely the great colony would have settled there."

Children, born in Enfield :
-1-3702 i Samuel Whipple s Chaffee, born March 21, 1830; married Almira

3703 ii Margaret Chaffee, born December 14, 1832; married Carl Larsen;

died in Minneapolis, Minn., in June, 1900, of heart disease,
while visiting her brother, Samuel W.

3704 iii Laura Maria Chaffee, born January 9, 1834; died in Enfield, July 29,


3705 iv Mary Elizabeth Chaffee, a twin, born January 9, 1834; died Octo-

ber 17, 1859.

3706 V Sophia Chaffee, born November 5, 1836; married William F. Holt.

3707 vi Laura Maria Chaffee, born July 23, 1838; died in October, 1867.

3708 vii Carohne Amelia Chaffee, born April 30, 1841; died in August, 1861.

3709 viii Angelica Switz Chaffee, born August 26, 1843; was at one time con-

nected with the American nuns in Rome, Italy, and in 1894
with a Roman Catholic Mission in Upper Egypt.

+ 3710 ix Harriet Cornelia Chaffee, born October 13, 1846; married Doctor
Henry W. Stauffer.

+ 3711 X William Chaffee, born November 29, 1848; married Christina Place.

1650 Hannah ^ ChafEe (Joseph, « Isaiah, ^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Adams, Mass., September 7, 1785, and died in Erieville, N. Y., April 10,
1815. She married Benjamin Wadsworth, a carpenter of that place, who, after
her death, married her sister Mercy. Hannah (Chaffe) Wadsworth had a light
complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, six inches in height. She moved to
Warren, N. Y., in 1796, and to Nelson, N. Y., in 1805. She was buried in Erie-

Children :

3712 i Marias Wadsworth, died in Hudson, Wis.; married Roswell Holmes,

and had three children; residence, Hudson.

3713 ii Elmira Wadsworth, married Foster Sprague, and had two sons; resi-

dence, Rochester, N. Y.

3714 iii Desdemona Wadsworth, died in Cazenovia, N. Y.; married Joseph

Stiles, and had two children, one a daughter, now living in Syra-
cuse; buried in Cazenovia.


+ 3715 iv Joseph Wadsworth, married (1) Sylvia Spear; (2) May Campbell;
(3) Jane Coon.

3716 V Evaline Wadsworth, died in Michigan.

1651 Betsey ^ ChafEe (Joseph,^ Isaiah,' Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas ^)
was born in Adams, Mass., January 23, 1789, and died in Erieville, N. Y., May 27,
1864. She married there, March 10, 1808, Levi Brown, a farmer, born September 4,
1781, died in Erieville, July 30, 1840. Betsey (Chaffe) Brown had a light com-
plexion, gray eyes, and was five feet, eight inches in height. She was a very in-
telligent woman and a great lover of books. She was a member of the Universa-
list Church and was buried in Erieville.

Children :

3717 i Samuel Catlin « Brown, born in Erieville, December 3, 1809; died in

1865; married Mary Sophia Curtis, and had a son; settled in the

3718 ii John Manning Brown, born August 4, 1812; married and had a

son, who lived in Chicago in 1890, as did his father.
+ 3719 iii Charlotte Brown, born May 8, 1814; married William Richardson.

3720 iv Minerva Bro\\ai, born Februarv 17, 1817; married Arnold.

3721 V Levi Brown, Jr., born May 21, 1819.

3722 vi Hannah Browm, born June 23, 1821; died March 30, 1881; married

Chauncey Abbott.

3723 vii Zurial Brown, born May 25, 1823.

3724 viii William H. Harrison JBrown, born in Erieville, August 2, 1825;

married, and had several children; residence, 1890, Liberty-
ville, 111.

3725 ix Elizabeth Brown, born July 14, 1827; died March 7, 1868; married

Tale Anderson.

3726 X Andromache Brown, born September 26, 1829, died in 1833.

3727 xi Ann D. Brown, born May 9, 1832; residence, 1890, Chicago.

1652 William 7 ChafEe (Joseph,8 Isaiah,' Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1)
was born in Adams, Mass., March 10, 1791, and died in Erieville, N. Y., July 28,
1828. He married there in 1812 (1813), Lucy, daughter of Wadleman Dexter,
of Nelson, N. Y. She was born in Rhode Island in 1794. Mr. Chaffe had a light
complexion, blue eyes, was five feet, ten inches in height, and of a generous and
genial disposition. He was a farmer and lived in Erieville as early as 1805. While
dri\'ing a load of hay, his horses ran away, throwing him off and killing him almost
instantly. He was buried in Erieville.

Children :
+ 3728 i Sarahs Chaffe, born February 14, 1814; married Jonathan Welling-

3729 ii Emily Chaffe, born in Nelson, N. Y., May 8, 1816; died there, Novem-

ber 3, 1852; married in Nelson, in 1849, Reuben Brown; had
two sons, one dead, one married and living in Cortland County,
N. Y.

3730 iii Mercy Chaffe, born in Nelson, February 17, 1818; died in George-

town, May 9, 1873; married Isaac Fletcher of that place; no

+ 3731 iv Lucy Chaffe, born January 14, 1820; married David Hamilton.
+ 3732 V Francis N. Chaffe, born February 17, 1822; married Milo Jennie.
3733 vi William Chaffe, Jr., born August 26, 1824; died in Virginia, June 15,

1862; married Jennette Pease and had a son and a daughter,

who died in infancy; he was killed in the Battle of Shenandoah,

during the Civil War.


3734 vii Stephen J. V. Chaffe, born March 10, 182S; dwd .Jul}- 5, 1899; mar-
ried, September 6, 1854, Sarah, daughter of Ebenezer N. White
of Erieville, where they lived in 1890; no children.

1653 Joseph Manning ^ (" Manning ") Chaphe (Joseph, « Isaiah, & Josejih,* John, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in Adams, Mass., March 24, 1793, and died near
Eaton, N. Y., October 29, 18G8. He married (1) in Utica, N. Y., September 26,
1821, Ehzabeth, daughter of Thomas Grant of that place. She was born June 3,
1800, and died in Erieville, N. Y., October 13, 1832. Manning Chaphe married
there (2), January 20, 1833, Susan, daughter of William and Abigail (Dill) Allen
of Cazenovia, N. Y. [See Appendix G.] She was born September 17, 1805, and
died November 1, 1844. Mr. Chaphe married (3) in Eaton, January 23, 1845,
Caroline Malinda White, born in Salisbury, Conn., July 28, 1802, died in Eaton,
April 14, 1884.

When Manning Chaphe was three years of age his parents moved from Adams
to Warren, N. Y., where he lived for nine years. He used to tell how his grand-
father White would take him out hunting, and let him carry the game. In 1805
his parents moved to Nelson, N. Y., and about four years later he accompanied
his father on a visit to relatives in Wilbraham, Mass., and Enfield, Conn. He was
a bright, good looking boy, and a great favorite with the family. At the age of
eighteen when he was working on the turnpike then being built from Cazenovia
to Smithfield, N. Y., he was felling trees and his knee was badly cut by his axe.
The wound became dangerously inflamed, through cold, and amputation was
necessary. Doctor White of Cherry Valley, a town some sixty miles away, and a
surgeon of note in that part of the country, was summoned and performed a
skillful operation, the wound healing rapidly. When health and strength returned
Manning found employment tending a toll gate on the Skaneateles turnpike, but
being ambitious for something better, after two years of toll-keeping he became
a tailor. He could not stand the confinement of the bench, and in July, 1814,
began work in the machine shop of Amos Rodgers in New Hartford, Oneida
County, N. Y. Despite his crippled condition he was determined to succeed.
The trade he had chosen was a hard one, necessitating his standing all day long,
in great pain. For some time after commencing this work, he would return to his
boarding place at night so exhausted that he thought he could never stand another
day, but in the morning would awake refreshed and with courage and determina-
tion continue his work. To add to his troubles, a fellow boarder passed his even-
ings in playing on the violin, adding much to Manning's discomfort and prevent-
ing him from getting his rest. He never got over his dislike for violin music and
on hearing it seldom failed to remark, "Some fool grinding away on the fiddle."

He worked for Mr. Rodgers until November, 1816, when the latter gave him a
letter of recommendation to Mr. Northrup, agent of a nailing company in Oris-
kany, N. Y., of which a part was as follows :

"He is extremely steady at his work and trusty in business, is ingenious at
taking new kinds of work. You will find him useful in your business and may
expect him to be at work as many days in a month as any young man, for he is
no rambler or idle person and he is of civil habits and good conversation."

He worked in Oriskany three years and in Cooperstown, N. Y., for fifteen months.
From 1821 to 1826 he worked for the Oneida Manufacturing Society in Whites-
town, N. Y., building cotton machinery. On leaving the company's employ he
was given the following letter of recommendation :



"Whitestown, June 26th, 1827.

"The bearer Mr. Joseph M. Chaphe has been employed by the Oneida Manu-
facturing Society as a machinist for considerable time. He is a man of good moral
character, is an excellent workman and faithful to his employers, he will give
good satisfaction to those who may employ him.

"The last work he done for this Society (in connection with Mr. A. S. Sweet)
was so well executed that the Trustees passed the following preamble and Reso-
lution, — 'Whereas in consideration of the faithful performance on the part of
Messrs. Sweet and Chaphe in building the twelve carding machines in a superior
manner it is the opinion of the Trustees that they should be allowed a compensa-
tion over and above the contract price, — therefore, — Resolved, that the Agent
be and he is hereby authorized to pay the said Sweet and Chaphe the further
sum of Twelve Dollars on each Carding Machine over and above the contract


(Signed) "Wm. Walcott, Agt. for the Oneida Mfg. Soc."

In 1824, during his residence in WhitestowTi, he bought land in Oriskany, for
which he paid $1,000. In 1827 he went to work for Mr. Sweet in Auburn, N. Y.,
where he remained for a year; in 182S and 1829 he was employed in New Hartford;
from 1830 to 1832 he lived in Erieville, during part of this time being in the employ
of Philo C. Curtis in Utica. In April, 1833, he bought a farm a mile and a half
north of i\Iorrisville, Madison County, N. Y. and turned his attention to farming.
Here he lived until the autumn of 1854, when he removed to Eaton to remain
until March, 1867, at which time he went to live with his daughter, Mrs. Short,
in whose home on a farm near Eaton he died in the fall of 1868.

During his work as a machinist he helped build the machinery for the New York
Mills factory and bought the first bolt of bleached muslin turned out by this
company, taking the muslin home for family use.

When a young man he changed the spelling of his name from Chafee to Chaphe,
at the suggestion of a minister, who said that the name should be spelled as it
was pronounced. Many relatives and descendants have followed his example.
He considered the most prominent events of his life to be his meeting with the
Marquis de Lafayette, with whom he shook hands, on his visit to this country in
1824, his trip with Governor De Witt Clinton on a packet boat through the Erie
Canal, on the completion of that waterway in 1825, and his two visits to New York
City in 1865 and 1867, the summer of which latter year he spent with his son,
Andrew J., in Brooklyn, N. Y.

Manning Chaphe had an ardent, sensitive and noble nature. In his work he
was systematic and neat. He showed excellent judgment in all matters, was a
well-informed man and absolutely self-made. He disliked vain show and boast
of wealth, and was never known to call people by short or familiar names.
• Children, by first wife:

+ 3735 i Thomas Grant* Chaphe, born August 14, 1822; married Cassandria
W. Stone.
3736 ii Joseph Lafayette Chaphe, born in Whitestown, September 11, 1824;
died there, January 31, 1825.
+ 3737 iii George Franklin Chaphe, born May 28, 1826; married Fla villa M.

+ 3738 iv Joseph Babcock Chaphe, born August 20, 1827; married Caroline M.

3739 V Sarah Elizabeth Chaphe, born in Erieville, July 15, 1830; died near

Morris ville, February 12, 1835.

3740 vi Angeline Chaphe, born in Erieville, October 4, 1832; died there,

January 16, 1833.


Children, by second wife, born near Morrisville:

+ 3741 vii Andrew Jackson Chaphe, born June 14, 1834; married Mary A.
3742 viii Susan Chaphe, born March 21, 1836; died in Eaton, September 22,
1864; received her education in the district school of her native
place; removed with her father to Eaton in 1854, living at home,
unmarried, until her death from typhoid fever, after fifteen
days' illness; she was of a mild, quiet and retiring nature, seldom
joining her young friends in their amusements, devoted to home
and church work; she was buried in Eaton.

+ 3743 ix William Henry Chaphe, born January 8, 1838; married Peggy Ben-
3744 X Allen Benton Chaphe, born December 12, 1839; died in Morrisville,
August 26, 1841.

+ 3745 xi Gertrude Lovina Chaphe, born January 7, 1843; married Franklin E.

1654 Mercy ^ Chaffe (Joseph, « Isaiah, s Joseph, < John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas
was born in Adams, Mass., December 16, 1795, and died in Erieville, N. Y., Sei>
tember 4, 1848. She married Benjamin Wadsworth, after the death of his first
wife, her sister, Hannah. Mercy (Chaffe) Wadsworth had a florid complexion,
dark blue eyes, and was five feet, six inches in height. She was a member of the
Universalist Church. She had a wonderful memory and could quote passages of
scripture with great fluency. She lived, died and was buried in Erieville.

Children :

3746 i Jane® Wadsworth, died in West Eaton, N. Y.; married Calvin Welling-


3747 ii Stephen Wadsworth, born in Erieville; died in Morrisville, N. Y., in

1885; married Hill; residence, Morrisville.

3748 iii Andrew Wadsworth, married and had six children, all dead; residence,

1890, Janesville, Wis.

3749 iv Harriet Wadsworth, born in Erieville; lived there in 1890; unmarried.

3750 V Rowina Wadsworth, born in Erieville; died in York, N. Y. (Rochester,

N. Y.), in 1886; married in Erieville, George Hubble.

3751 vi John Wadsworth, born in Erieville; married there Alice Hubbard;

residence, 1890, Erieville.

3752 vii Alice Wadsworth, died in York; married John Spittle.

1655 Eunice ^ Chaffe (Joseph, ^ Isaiah, 5 Joseph, * John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Warren, N. Y., May 24 (25), 1797, and died in Erieville, N. Y., Jan-
uary 17, 1875. She married there, February 5, 1814, Jabez Brown of Nelson, N. Y.
She had a dark complexion, dark blue eyes, and was five feet, three inches in height.
She was a member of the Universalist Church.

Children :

3753 i James® Brown, born in Nelson, February 2, 1815; residence, 1890,

Candor, N. Y.

3754 ii Manning Brown, born in Nelson, January 7, 1817; residence, 1890,

Oconomowoc, Wis.

3755 iii Almeron Brown, born in Spafford, April 3, 1819; residence, 1890,

Syracuse, N. Y.

3756 iv Betsey Brown, born in Nelson, August 28, 1821; married

Williamson; residence, 1890, Erieville.

3757 V Mercy Bro^vn, born in Nelson, February 11, 1824; died young.

3758 vi Esther Brown, born in Georgetown, November 10, 1826; married



3759 vii Mercy (Mary) Brown, born in Georgetown, July 17, 1829; married


3760 viii Abigail Browai, born in Nelson, October 17, 1832.

1656 Esther ^ ChafEe (Joseph,^ Isaiah, ^ Joseph, ^ John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i)
was born in Warren, N. Y., May 24 (25), 1797, and died in Erieville, N. Y., July 30,
1879. She married (1) there, December 26, 1832, Eber Sweet of that place, (2)
February 27, 1853, Freeman Matteson, a farmer of Erieville, who died April 10,
1883. She had a sandy complexion, light blue eyes, and was five feet, four inches
in height. She was a member of the Baptist Church and lived in Erieville, where
she was buried.

Children :

3761 i Eunice 8 Sweet, born December 12, 1826; died April 20, 1833.

3762 ii Ambrose S. Sweet, born in Erieville, March 26, 1830; died in August,

1850; unmarried; learned the tinner's trade in Morrisville, N. Y.
+ 3763 iii Mary J. Sweet, born October 9, 1832; married Alva H. Long.

1657 Anna ^ Ghafie (Joseph, ^ Isaiah, ^ Joseph,'' John,^ Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was
born in Warren, N. Y., February 5, 1800, and died in Virgil (Harford), N. Y.,
November 12, 1847. She married in Erieville, N. Y., in 1820, Daniel Holdridge
of Nelson, N. Y., born May 20, 1798, died in Virgil, November 12, 1847. In 1830
they moved to Cortland County, N. Y. Anna (Chaffe) Holdridge had a dark
complexion, and dark blue eyes. She was a member of the Baptist Church and
was a kind, devoted wife and mother. She lived in either Harford or Virgil, where
she died and was buried.

Children :

3764 i Esthers Holdridge, born July 11, 1822; died in 1822.

3765 ii Thomas J. Holdridge, born September 2, 1823; residence, 1890,


3766 iii Joseph M. Holdridge, born August 5, 1825.

+ 3767 iv Enoch J. Holdridge, born April 22, 1827; married Clarissa Turpening.
+ 3768 V Aurilla Jennette Holdridge, born November 11, 1829; married Eli

3769 vi Abigail E. Holdridge, born November 23, 1831; died February 2,


3770 vii Mercy A. Holdridge, born May 15, 1834; married Hillsingen.

3771 viii Daniel M. Holdridge, born November 9, 1836; died in 1876.

3772 ix Louisa M. Holdridge, born December 15, 1840; married.

1658 Stephen Fisk ^ Chaphe (Joseph, « Isaiah, » Joseph, *. John, 3 Joseph, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Warren, N. Y., January 30, 1802, and died in Cazenovia,
N. Y., August 21, 1891. He married (1) in Erieville, N. Y., February 5, 1832,
Josephine, daughter of David Armstrong of Bennington, Vt. She died January 25,
1849, and was buried in Cazenovia. She had a fair complexion, dark blue eyes,
and was five feet, four inches in height. She was a kind and loving mother. Mr.
Chaphe married (2) in Lebanon, N. Y., May 8, 1850, Martha, daughter of Jabin
Armstrong of New London, Conn. She was a cousin of his first wife, and died
March 7, 1877. She had a dark complexion, gray eyes, was five feet, six inches in
height and a member of the Methodist Church.

Mr. Chaphe had a sandy complexion, light blue eyes, and was five feet, seven
inches in height. When he was three years old his parents moved to Nelson, N. Y.,
and later to Erieville. The first school he attended was in his father's barn. At the
age of twelve he helped his father upon the farm and at blacksmithing during the


summer months, attending school in winter. From fifteen to twenty-three years of
age he was a brickmaker, and then learned the carpenter's trade. At the age of
twenty-seven he learned the millwright's trade, which he followed for many years.
After his marriage he lived in Erieville, his parents making their home with him. In
1846 he moved to Eaton, N. Y. Later he bought a farm in Illinois, upon which he
intended to settle, but his wife's death changed his plans. In 1850 he purchased
an interest in a saw and grist mill in Cazenovia, moving there. He subsequently
owned and operated a cheese box factory and dealt in lumber. He was a public-
spirited citizen, always interested in whatever would tend to improve the village.
He was honorable in every particular, both in public and private life, charitable,
benevolent, a great reader and devoted to his friends. He was a Republican in

"Mr. Chaphe was a man of gentle, kindly disposition, 'with malice toward
none, with charity for all,' and his life was an exemplification of unostentatious
Christianity. His home life, as husband and father, was an especially happy one;
and to the last he was watched over with loving care by his children until he
passed peacefully away, to be gathered, like a sheaf of wheat fully ripe, into life

Children, by first wife, the first five born in Erieville, the last two in Eaton :

+ 3773 i Albert Henry » Chaphe, born September 20, 1833; married Susan

4-3774 ii Rebecca Armstrong Chaphe, born September 2, 1835; married
Oliver Mabie.
3775 iii Ethan Fisk Chaphe, born November 12, 1837; died July 24, 1838.
-1-3776 iv Rankin Chaphe, born November 3, 1839; married Emma Ferry.
3777 V Finnette Chaphe, born October 5, 1843; died in Cazenovia, Febru-
ary 20, 1898; had a dark complexion, dark blue eyes, was five
feet, four inches in height, of a cheerful disposition and de-
voted to her friends and the Methodist Church, which she joined
at the age of fourteen; she was unmarried and lived with her
father in Cazenovia.
-1-3778 vi Elmer Chaphe, born December 2, 1846; married Sarah G. Hall.
-|- 3779 vii Ellen Chaphe, a twin, born December 2, 1846 ; married Irwin A. Forte.

Children, by second wife, born in Cazenovia:
-t-3780 viii Jabin Joseph Chaphe, born July 7, 1851; married Adeline J. Jillson.
3781 ix Frances Josephine Chaphe, born May 13, 1855; died in Cazenovia,
July 23, 1861.

1660 Luther ^ Chaffee (Joel Israel,^ Joshua,^ Joel,* John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i)
was born in Sharon, Conn., November 17, 1784, and died in Ellsworth, Conn.,
March 11, 1863. He married there, April 14, 1811, Polly, daughter of Calvin and
Betsey (Parsons) Peck of that place, where she was born about 1786. She died in
Ellsworth, April 5, 1866, where both she and her husband are buried. They were
members of the Congregational Church. They lived on the old homestead in
Ellsworth, where Mr. Chaffee was a farmer.

Children, born in Ellsworth:
-f3782 i George Whitfield s Chaffee, born July 11, 1812; married Rhoda A.
3783 ii Caroline Maria Chaffee, born February 17, 1816; married in Ells-
worth, August 21, 1834, Garry Stilson Morey; residence, Ells-
+ 3784 iii Calvin Peck Chaffee, born February 11, 1820; married (1) Elizabeth
Lovell (3792) ; (2) Clarissa G. Lovell.


1661 Rachel ^ Chaffee (Joel Israel, « Joshua, ^ Joel,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Sharon, Conn., April 3, 1786, and died. She married in Lee, Mass.,
September 2, 1809, Abraham, son of John and Lydia (Hotchkiss) HaU of Guilford,
Conn. He was born there, August 29, 1776, and died March 17, 1864. He was a
widower with five children. He was a harness maker. ]\Ir. and Mrs. Hall lived
in Lee until 1819, in Sullivan, N. Y., until 1825, in Kirkland, N. Y., mitU 1847,
in Oswego County, N. Y., until 1858, when they settled in Munnsville, N. Y.
They also lived in Richland, N. Y.

Children :

3785 i Lewis P.^ Hall, born in 1811; residence, Richland.

3786 ii Rachel Hall, born in 1814; unmarried.

3787 iii Luther Chaffee Hall, born May 11, 1816.

1663 Abigail ^ Chaffee (Joel Israel, « Joshua, ^ Joel,"* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)

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