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The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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3898 iii William Charles Myers, born in Conewaugo, August 2, 1845; married

in Randolph, September 20, 1870, Mary E., daughter of L. H.
Carter of that place; no children; he has a dark complexion, black
eyes, and is five feet, seven inches in height ; at the age of twenty-
eight united with the Congregational Church, of which his wife is
also a member, and of which he was for ten years Clerk; in 1891
he was in the furniture and undertaking business in Randolph.

3899 iv Voalitta Myers.

3900 V David Myers.

1776 Newell Moses ^ Chaffee (Ezra,^ Ezra,^ Ebenezer,* John,3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Smithfield, N. Y., September 25, 1818, and died in Lincoln, ]\Iadison
County, N. Y., April 14, 1906. He married in Smithfield, March 5, 1851, Catherine,
daughter of Colonel Alexander McGregor of that place, who enlisted in the War of
1812 before he was twenty years of age, and died in 1876, in his home in Oneida,
N. Y. Mr. Chaffee had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, ten inches
in height. He attended and helped to support the Presbyterian Church, of which
his wife was a member. He lived on his father's farm in Smithfield until his
marriage, when he bought a neighboring farm. He soon sold this and bought
one in Lincoln and lived on this place for forty years. He was Superintendent
of Poor for Madison County, and Assessor of Lenox, N. Y. He had a refined,
quiet and retiring disposition. Both he and his wife were members of the Madison
County Historical Society. He died of bronchitis at an advanced age and was
buried in Peterboro. Selections from an obituary in a local paper are here given:

"Mr. Chaffee . . . was fully informed on all the questions of the day,
and retained his faculties in a remarkable degree, his memory and judgment being
unusually good for a man of his years. He . . . was one of the oldest and
best-known men in the county. He had held various responsible positions of
trust, and was at all times deeply interested in every movement that had for its
object the up-building of the industrial institutions of the town and county.
He had a potent influence in moulding and directing the opinions of men who
were leaders in the important political movements of the period of his activity.
It could be said of him he was a true patriot. He was a man of pure life, high
ideals and possessed those qualities which constitute the true gentleman — envious
of none, a large charity for all, and a generous liberality to the poor. He was a
worthy citizen, a good neighbor, a devoted husband, and a kind and affectionate
father. Those who knew him best loved him most."

Children :
+ 3901 i Fannie Ella s Chaffee, born May 20, 1853; married John Cowan.

3902 ii Madge Anna Chaffee, born November 17, 1856; residence, 1906,
Peterboro; unmarried.
+ 3903 iii Newell Fred ("Fred") Chaffee, born October 2, 1868; married Nina,
E. Hecox.

3904 iv Daniel Chaffee, died before 1906.

3905 V William Chaffee, died before 1906.


1781 Abigail ^ Kent (Abigail « Chaffee, Ezra,'' Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2
Thomas 1) was born June 17, 1813, and married in Newport, R. I., January 21,
1833, WiUiam Tailman, a sea-captain, born in New Bedford, Mass., April 28, 1809,
died there, January 28, 1887. At the time of her marriage she lived in Newport.

Children :

3906 i Elizabeth Howland s Tailman, born December 17, 1833; died Novem-

ber 8, 1835.

3907 ii William Kent Tailman, born January 3, 1836; died December 19, 1884;

married Caroline Hathaway.

3908 iii George Frederick Tailman, born February 3, 1838; died March 4, 1840.

3909 iv Myra Jane Tailman, born March 26, 1841 ; died October 26, 1842.

3910 V Edward Green Tailman, born May 2, 1845; married Ella Delano.

3911 vi James Howland Tailman, born January 11, 1847; married Elizabeth


3912 vii Herbert Tailman, born in February, 1849; died in March, 1849.

3913 viii Abbie Gordon Tailman, born February 28, 1854; married William C.

Parker; residence, 1891, New Bedford.

3914 ix Sarah Lizzie Tailman, born November 21, 1859.

1782 Abigail ^ Ames (Olive ^ Chaffee, Ezra,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2

Thomas 1) married Green, and in 1891 w^as living in Conewango Valley,

N. Y.

Children :

3915 i Jane » Green.

3916 ii Elizabeth Green.

3917 iii John Green.

3918 iv Augusta Green.

3919 V Eva Green.

1783 Jerusha ^ Ames (Olive ^ Chaffee, Ezra,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,^
Thomas 1) married William Evarts.


3920 i Emma 8 Evarts, married Andrew Chase; residence, 1906, Utica, N. Y.

1786 Mary ^ Cottrell (Prudence ^ Chaffee, Ezra,' Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2
Thomas 1) was born January 20, 1819, and married in Troy, N. Y., January 31,
1843, Nathan Thomas Sherwin, born in Whitingham, Vt., December 18, 1818.
He is five feet, eight inches in height, and is a quarryman. In 1891 they lived
in Bristol, R. I.

Children :

3921 i Nathan Francis s Sherwin, born December 11, 1843 ; died April 25, 1863.

3922 ii Eugene William Sherwin, born August 24, 1845; died February 13, 1846.

3923 iii Mary Jane Sherwin, born February 9, 1847; died September 26, 1850.

3924 iv Emma Gertrude Sherwin, born May 11, 1849; died February 1, 1884.

3925 V Marv Ellen Sherwin, born April 6, 1851 ; married Solomon Huffman.

3926 vi William Eugene Sherw^in, born August 14, 1853; died March 23, 1857.

3927 vii Joseph Harvey Sherwin, born January 29, 1856; died January 24, 1886.

1790 Charles Henry ^ Willard (Armilla « Chaffee, Ezra,' Ebenezer,^ John, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Athens, Vt., February 15, 1825, and married (1)
there, April 20, 1851, Lucretia Mary, daughter of Pardon Dunton of Townshend,
Vt. She died January 5, 1853, and was buried there. He married (2), April 17,
1854, Sarah Jane Dunton, who died in October, 1862. He married (3) Abby
Lucinda Morse. Mr. Willard is a farmer and a Deacon in the Baptist Church,


with which he united at the age of thirty-seven. He has a sandy complexion,
blue eyes, and is five feet, seven inches in height. He lived at one time in Athens,
and in 1891 in To^Tishend.

Child, by first wife:

3928 i Cora Jane « Willard, born February 17, 1852; died June 23, 1853.
Child, by second wife :

3929 ii Frederick Hurlbutt Willard, bom March 25, 1858.

Children, by third wife:

3930 iii Charles Sherman Willard, born Julv 27, 1866.

3931 iv Willie Edgar Willard, born December 17, 1867.

3932 V Dorr Henry Willard, born October 7, 1869; died November 17, 1889.

3933 vi Myrtle Abbie Willard, born October 8, 1873; died April 20, 1886.

3934 vii Sarah Armilla May AVillard, born January 14, 1876.

1796 Ethan ^ Chaffee, Jr. (Ethan, ^ Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,^ John,^ Joseph, 2
Thomas 1), was born in Canterbury, Conn., May 21, 1821, and died in Danielson-
ville. Conn., October 5, 1873. He married in Providence, R. I., May 22, 1851,
Mary A., daughter of George Shedd of Boston, Mass. She died October 27, 1880,
and was buried in Brooklyn, Conn. They lived in Canterbury and Brooklyn,
where Mr. Chaffee was a carpenter.

Children, the first three born in Canterbury, the last three in Brooklyn:

3935 i Nellie M.s Chaffee, born March 31, 1853; lived in Brooklyn, and in

1883 in Norwich, Conn.; a dressmaker.

3936 ii George S. Chaffee, born July 5, 1855; residence, 1883, Norwich; a book-


3937 iii Eliza Ann Chaffee, born June 15, 1857; residence, 1883, Norwich, 1886,

Germantow7i, Pa.; a dressmaker.

3938 iv Frank Ashley Chaffee, born September 4, 1859; residence, 1883, Port

Chester, N. Y. ; a printer.

3939 V Gertrude Chaffee, born November 12, 1860; residence, 1883, Willimantic,

Conn.; a dressmaker.

3940 vi Lydia Maria Chaffee, born March 21, 1863.

1797 John 7 Chaffee (Ethan,^ Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1)
was born in Canterbury, Conn., July 6, 1823, and died in Canton, 111., April 5,
1903. He married in Stark County, 111., November 4, 1851, Mary A., daughter
of David Fast of Taulon, 111. In 1848 and 1849 Mr. Chaffee lived in West Vir-
ginia ; he was of a cheerful disposition, and in his later life enjoyed fishing, swimming
and playing games with the younger generations. He passed peacefully away
while resting in his chair, as did his wife. He was in the grocery and bakery busi-
ness, as well as being agent for the Masonic Insurance Company. His funeral
was conducted by his ^lasonic lodge. The following obituary is from the Canton

"John Chaffee died, at his home on East Locust street, Simday afternoon at
3 o'clock, after an illness of more than a year.

"Mr. Chaffee was born near Brooklyn, Conn., in the old Chaffee homestead
built in 1781 by his grandfather, and occupied by successive generations for nearly
a hundred years.

"In the year 1851 he left Connecticut and went west to Ohio. Here he met
and married Miss Mary A. Fast. They came to Canton in 1861. In the year 1890
Mrs. Chaffee died. Seven children were born to them. All but one, who died in
infancy, survive. They are Mrs. S. M. Baker, of Boulder, Colo.; Mrs. C. M. Snyder,
of Galesburg; Mrs. W. O. Dean and Mrs. J. I. Leigh of Evanston; Charles J. Chaffee
and Mrs. E. A. Heald, of Canton.


"Mr. Chaffee was engaged in business for a number of years, carrying on a
grocery store and bakery, but retired because of failing healtli. He was a great
sufferer, but rarely spoke of his health and was always inclined to look on the
bright side of life. He passed the winters and summers with his daughters in
Evanston, but clung to the old home where he had spent so many years, and it
was there that he died.

" Few people appreciated friends more than he and he always welcomed them to
his home with a genuine old-fashioned hospitality. He was a regular attendant
at the Methodist Episcopal Church, rarely missing a sermon. He was an honored
member of Morning Star lodge, A. F. and A. M., and also of the Eastern Star
chapter, and was among the oldest members of these organizations, and faithful
in attendance upon the meetings. He will be greatly missed."

Children, the first two born in Canterbury:

3941 i Sarah M.s Chaffee, born March 20, 1853; married Lewis (or S. M.)

Baker; residence, 1903, Boulder, Colo.

3942 ii Alice E. Chaffee, born January 30, 1855; married (1) William M. Au-

gustine; (2) .

3943 iii Emma C. Chaffee, born October 6, 1856; married William 0. Dean;

residence, 1903, Evanston.

3944 iv John Charles (Charles John) Chaffee, born January 9, 1859.

3945 V Mary E. Chaffee, born August 15, 1861 ; married.

3946 vi Lorena S. Chaffee, born May 20, 1865; married.

3947 vii A child, died in infancy.

1806 Lucian ^ Sharpe (Sarah Adams « Chaffee, Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,* John,^
Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in Providence, R. I., March 20, 1830, and died at
sea, October 17, 1899. He married in Smithfield, R. L, June 25, 1857, Louisa,
daughter of Lewis and Mary Dexter of that place. She was born May 15, 1831.
After Mr. Sharpe's death, his heirs carried out his intentions with regard to the
endowment fund of Brown University, by contributing $10,000 to it.

The following obituary is from a Providence paper:

" Lucian Sharpe died of Bright 's disease on board the North German Lloyd
steamer Saale. Mr. Sharpe was a very sick man when he started to return home,
being carried aboard the ship by two attendants in a steamer chair and requiring
the services of nurses, some of whom accompanied him on the voyage home.
Everything possible was done for his comfort, but without avail.

"When he was seven years of age he went to live with his uncle, Pitt Sharpe,
on the homestead in Pomfret, Conn. In the spring of 1840 Mr. Sharpe's father
purchased a farm in Hartwick, Otsego county, New York, and for two years the
family resided there. Afterward the farm was sold, but for two years Mr. Sharpe
attended school at Hartwick Seminary. In 1844 he returned to Providence and
entered the Elm street grammar school, afterward attending the Providence
High School for two years. He inherited the business instincts of his father and
also his strong physical and mental endowments. To these he added a talent for
business and the power to execute its requirements. In his early manhood he
evinced an appreciation of all improvement in mechanical devices, a faculty which
later proved useful to him. He served a five years' apprenticeship with Joseph R.
Brown, and in 1853 a partnership was formed under the name of J. R. Browne &
Sharpe. At that time about 14 men were employed. The business steadily in-
creased, and in 1858 a contract was made with the Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine
Company to manufacture all their machines. In 1866 the fine scale and measure-
ment business of J. R. Browai & Sharpe was united with that conducted by Samuel
Darling of Bangor, Me., under the corporate name of Darling, BrowTi & Sharpe.
The Bro^NTi & Sharpe Manufacturing Co. and Darling, Bro%\Ti & Sharpe ran along
separately, yet under the same roof, till Mr. Darling's death, Jan. 1, 1897, when
the latter firm was absorbed. Mr. Sharpe filled a number of important positions
other than those in the business with which he was connected. He was a director


in the Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Company of Xew York; trustee of the
Providence Institution for Savings, and at the time of his death its Vice President;
from 1879 to 1891 he was a director in the National Bank of North America, and
had served in a similar capacity since 1897 in the Rhode Island Hospital Trust
Company. For some years he was Vice President of the Union Railroad Com-
pany; in 1883 he was made director in the Providence Gas Company, and had
been President of the Providence Journal Company since 1886.

"Of strict business integrity and a careful worker himself, he endeavored in
every possible way to aid those in his employ to better themselves and to add
to their efficiency as workmen. He established a shop library containing about
2000 volumes and inaugurated a movement whereby the apprentices might have
an association, with meetings in working hours, in which lectures could be held
and the benefit of mutual improvement enjoyed.

"He possessed habits of miusually close observation, in consequence of which
he was full of vrise suggestions in regard to improvements in tools and their manu-
facture. During the 50 years of his connection with the company the workshops
increased in area from 1800 square feet to 283,000 square feet and the number of
employes from 14 men to a working force of 1500.

"Mr. Sharpe made frequent trips to Europe and was well known in London
and Paris. The machinery of his firm has a world-wide reputation.

Children :

3948 i Marv Dexter s Sharpe, born Januarv 2, 1860; married Zechariah Chafee,

^ Jr. (See 2333.)

3949 ii Ellen Sharpe, born July 9, 1861.

3950 iii Amey Sharpe, born July 4, 1864,

3951 iv Louisa Sharpe, born August 4, 1866.

3952 V Lucian Sharpe, Jr., born July 16, 1871.

3953 vi Henry Dexter Sharpe, born December 12, 1872.

1807 Nancy ' Deans (Lucy « Chaffee, Samuel,* Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,2
Thomas i) was born in Woodstock, Conn., October 7, 1803, and died. She married.
November 1, 1834, Reuben Wells.

Children :

3954 Albert » Wells.

3955 Edward Wells.

3956 Pitt WeUs.

1808 Abiel ^ Deans (Lucy « ChafTee, Samuel,* Ebenezer,* John,^ Joseph,^
Thomas i) was born in Woodstock, Conn., October 16, 1805, and died. He married
in April, 1826, Amanda Lillibridge.

Children :

3957 i Francis » Deans.

3958 ii Joseph Deans.

3959 iii Jane Deans.

3960 iv Mary Deans.

1809 Julia Ann 7 Deans (Lucy « Chaffee, Samuel,* Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,2
Thomas i) was born in Woodstock, Conn., May 3, 1808, and married March 19,
1838, Pitt, son of Alice and Caleb Sharpe.

Children :

3961 i William Pitts Sharpe, born July 14, 1840; died February 13, 1841.

3962 ii Alice Sharpe, born September 1, 1843.

3963 iii Edwin Sharpe, a twin, born September 1, 1843.

3964 iv Herbert Sharpe, born December 14, 1845.

1810 Eliza 7 Deans (Lucy s Chaffee, Samuel,^ Ebenezer,^ John, 3 Joseph,2


Thomas i) was born in Woodstock, Conn., January 11, 1811, and married, No-
vember 1, 1835, Francis Fitts.
Children :

3965 i Edward » Fitts, died young.

3966 ii Ellen Fitts.

3967 iii Mary Fitts.

3968 iv Lucy Fitts, died young.

3969 V Eliza Fitts.

1811 Catherine 7 Deans (Lucy « Chaffee, Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,^ John, 3 Joseph, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Woodstock, Conn., April 20, 1819, and married, June 26,
1843, Holmes Slade, born July 4, 1819.


3970 i Eliza « Slade, born May 12, 1844.

1814 Albert ^ Chaffee (Luther,6 Samuel,^ Ebenezer,^ John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1)
was born in Connecticut, September 3, 1810, and died in Madison, 0., April 2,
1880. He married in Brokenstraw, Warren County, Pa., December 8, 1833, Anna,
daughter of John Mead of that place, after whose family Meadville, Pa., was named.
She was a member of the Methodist Church. Mr. Chaffee had a dark complexion,
black hair and eyes, and was five feet, ten inches in height. He moved to western
Pennsylvania in 1830, and at the time of his marriage was living in Youngsville,
Warren County. He settled -ndth his bride on a farm of one hundred acres left
them by her father. He was a cabinet maker, making a specialty of clock cases.
In winter he worked at this trade, and in summer farmed his land. He was very
industrious and never ran into debt. In 1866 the homestead was sold to an oil
company, and he moved to Madison, where he bought a farm and lived until his

Children :

3971 i Willie « Chaffee, born February 20, 1835; died in February, 1835.
+ 3972 ii Elliott F. Chaffee, born November 19, 1837; married Edith Brown.

3973 iii Helen Chaffee, born November 28, 1840; died in January, 1841.

3974 iv Andrew Chaffee, born February 28, 1843; married Nancy York;

residence, 1892, Madison.

3975 V Eugene Chaffee, born August 28, 1846; died October 3, 1863.

3976 vi Dwight Chaffee, born April 6, 1851; died August 25, 1871.

3977 vii Carroll H. Chaffee, born April 5, 1854; died September 11, 1858.

1815 Samuel ^ Chaffee (Luther,^ Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1)
was born in Le Raysville, Pa., April 20, 1812, and died in Lanark, 111., October 6,
1873. He married (1) in Milledgeville, 111., Lavinia (or Lovina) Goodell, born
August 14, 1814, died in Illinois. He married (2), June 9, 1854, Ann M. Pulver.
He had a light complexion, brow7i eyes, and was five feet, ten inches in height.
In early life he lived in Easton, Pa., and later went to Illinois, where he lived in
Milledgeville, Savanna and Lanark. He was a member of the United Brethren
Church, and was by trade a carpenter.

Children, by first w4fe:

3978 i Ellen » Chaffee.

3979 ii Franklin Chaffee.

3980 iii Emma Chaffee.

3981 iv Evelyn Chaffee.

3982 V Ethleen Chaffee.

3983 vi Eliza Chaffee.


Child, by second wife:
+ 398-4 vii Volney G. Chaffee, born May 11, 1855; married Delia J. Overholser.

1817 Lois 7 Chaffee (Luther,^ Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born about 1817, and died in May, 1881. She married Nelson Vaness, and
lived in Standing Stone, Pa.

Children :

3985 i A daughter, 8 married Lundy of Standing Stone.

Other children, names unknown.

1818 Daniel Dwight ^ Chaffee (Luther, « Samuel, s Ebenezer,* John,^ Joseph, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Orwell, Pa., October 21, 1819, and died in Campto-^Ti, Pa.,
January 3, 1889. He married, October 22, 1845, Eliza D., daughter of AYilliam
Camp of Camptown, who survived him. He was a great lover of children, with
whom he easily made friends. He was buried in Camptown. The following
obituary is from a local paper:

"Early in life Mr. Chaffee learned the carpenter's trade, and for some time
before reaching his majority he worked in Towanda in Mackinson's turning shop.
In 1842 he worked at his trade in Herrick. WTiile there he formed the acquaint-
ance of Miss Eliza D. Camp of Camptown, to whom he was married in 1845. The
union was a happy one, and she who is now left to mourn speaks of her departed
companion as a kind and considerate husband. Five children were born to them, —
three daughters and two sons, all of whom are living. One daughter, Mrs. G. R.
Stone, resides in California; another, Mrs. C. L. Avery, lives in Penfield in this
State; while the third daughter. Miss Leora, the youngest child of the family,
lives with her mother. Both sons, Clarence and William L., reside in Camptown.
About a year after marriage Mr. Chaffee settled in Camptown, where he spent the
remainder of his life. He was for years an undertaker and furniture dealer, which
gave him a wide acquaintance. In his more than forty years of business life in
this vicinity he established for himself a reputation for promptness and integrity
which is of itself a worthy monument to his memory. As a funeral director he
had no superior. Upon occasions requiring kindness and patience he showed
himself possessed of these qualities, and eA'-ery act was in perfect harmony with
the order and solemnity of the service. As a citizen he was public spirited and
charitable. He was ready for any public enterprise, and would put his hand to
any needed improvement. In his home, in business, on the street, wherever met
he was cheerful and obliging. He greatly loved his home, was proud of his chil-
dren, and aimed to do for them the very best he possibly could. He loved good
books, and was a great lover of nature. Trees and flowers, hills and streams, in
fact everything beautiful or sublime attracted his attention, and drew from him
expressions of admiration. He was not a member of any church but believed in
God, and did not leave his friends to mourn without hope, but assured them that
he believed God would not forsake him. Possessed of a faculty for ready dis-
crimination he knew the genuine, and distinguished it from sham in men and
things. Deceit he despised, and with like readiness he recognized and commended
the true. So his views of religion carried him beyond words and mere professions,
to deeds and practical fruits. He was a valuable man to his home and to the com-
munity, and will be greatly missed in the larger, as well as in the smaller circle."

Children :

3986 i Clarence Scott « Chaffee, born October 9, 1846; residence, 1889, Camp-


3987 ii Ida Josephine Chaffee, born February 2, 1849; married.

3988 iii Fannie Amy Chaffee, born February 29, 1852; married.

3989 iv William Luther Chaffee, born September 30, 1855; residence, 1890,

Campto'^Ti; an undertaker and furniture dealer.

3990 V Leora Gertrude Chaffee, born October 7, 1863; in 1890, a teacher in

Camptown, where she lived with her mother, unmarried.


1821 Ezra ^ Chaffee (Luther, « Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,'' John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Orwell, Pa., January 27, 1827, and married (1) in Pittsfield, Pa.
April 17, 1851, Mary Ann, daughter of Benjamin Smith of that place. She was a
member of the Methodist Church, in which her father was a minister. She died
August 14, 1872, and was buried in Pittsfield. Mr. Chaffee married (2), April 5,
1875, Susan A. Whitney. He has a fair complexion, brown hair, and is five feet
ten inches in height. In religion he is a liberalist. He is a farmer, in 1851 lived
in Pittsfield, and in 1890 in Madison, 0.

Children, by first wife :
4-3991 i Clarence Llewellyn^ ChafTee, born January 7, 1852; married Mary E.

3992 ii C. Nell Chaffee, born February 11, 1861; married William H. Duke

3993 iii Anna May Chaffee, born November 18, 1863; married Elmer Bowen.

1822 Henry L.' Chaffee (Luther,^ Samuel, s Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas 1)
was born about 1829, and died in Camptown, Pa., October 30, 1889. He married
and lived in Camptown.

Children :

3994 i Carrie^ Chaffee, born about 1873; residence, 1890, Herrickville, Pa.

Three other children, names unknown.

1824 Leander Alma ^ Chaffee (Luther,^ Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,* John,^ Joseph, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Orwell, Pa., January 23, 1833, and married in Youngsville,
Pa., June 29, 1855, Rachel A., daughter of Alexander Siggins of that place. In
1892 Mr. Chaffee was a carriage manufacturer in Lanark, 111.

Children :

3995 i Amy Irene * Chaffee, born August 12, 1858.

3996 ii Alice Bell Chaffee, born August 10, 1861; residence, 1889, Lanark.

3997 iii Harry George ChafTee, born August 7, 1864.

3998 iv Mary D. Chaffee, born October 18, 1866; died August 7, 1867.

3999 V Clara M. Chaffee, born March 11, 1869.

4000 vi Fanny Chaffee, born October 20, 1872; died November 30, 1872.

1826 Alice Emily ^ Chaffee (Luther, ^ Samuel, ^ Ebenezer,* John, 3 Joseph, 2

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