William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 5 of 91)
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"Know all men by these presents that wee Ann Chaffee & Jno & Joseph Chaffee
all of Swansey in their majesties province of the i\Iassachusetts Bay in New England
and Nathaniel Chaffee & Jno Almsbee of Rehoboth in ye County aforesaid Doe
Stand & are firmly bound and obliged Unto John Saffin Esq in the Sum of two
hundred & Seventy pounds Currant money of New England payd to him the
said John Saffin [illegible] in the office of Probaite of wills & [illegible] well & truly
to be made wee bind ourselves & either of us by himself Joyntly & Severally for
and in the whole Our & Every and Either of our heires Executors and Administra-
tors and every of them firmly by these presents — Sealed with our seals

"Dated in Bristoll aforesaid the thirteenth day of November Annoqu Domini
1694 in the Sixth year of their Majesties reign

"The condition of this obligation is Such that whereas the above bound Ann
Chaffee is made Executrix & Jno. & Joseph Chaffee is made Executors of the
Last W^ill & Testament of Joseph Chaffee Late of Swansey deceased Being the
date the twenty second day of September 1694 and hath now proved the
same Iff therefore the said Executors shall with all convenient Speed bring into
the Registrys Office for the County of Bristol A true and perfect Inventory of the
estate of the said Deed. And shall well & truly administer L^pon & Duly [illegible]
all & Singular the Goods Chattells, Creditts & Estate Left by Him According to
the Tenor & true meaning of his said will as the Law directs. And shall render
& exhibit a true & Just account of their said Administration & of their Doings
therein to this Office att or before the thirteenth Day of November 1695 without
ffraud or farther Delay. Then this obligation to be Voyde & of none Effect or
Els. to Stand & Remain in full force Standing and Virtue.
"Sealed & Delivered Sign um Ann Chafey [seal]

" in presence of John Chafe [seal]

"Banfield Capron Joseph Chaffee [seal]

"Thomas Sanford Nathaniel Chaffee [seal]

John Ormsbee [seal]"


An Inventory of the Estate of Joseph Chaffee Deceased of Swanzey in the
County of Bristoll Taken the 9th of Novembr 1694 By the subscribers hereof —

£ s d

Imprs his wearing apparell Linen & woollen at 07-03-00

one Bed with furniture att 07-00-00

one Bed with appurtenances belonging theretoo 04-00-00

two Beds on the Chamber at 08-10-00


£ s d

In wooll & Smale Spinning wheel 00-16-00

In Salt Beans & tallow at 00-07-00

In Sheets & Pillow Bears 02-00-00

In three Chests & a Box at 01-00-00

In Puter Potts, Platters Stone Juges glass bottles at 02-14-00

two Iron Kettles & three Iron Potts at 01-10-00

A Spit pot hooks tramills frying pan Gridjron 00-14-00

warming Pan Skillett at 00-10-00

wooden Dishes Strainers Spoones 00-14-00

In a Bible [see Appendix A] & other Bookes 01-00-00

Chairs & Table 00-OS-OO

In meat with the tubb that its in 01-00-00

Pailes & other things 00-12-00

In Sider, Keleers and old Barrills 02-00-00
one Gun Sword Ammunision with other

Implements thereto belonging 01-16-00

two oxen at 06-00-00

Six Cowes — five young cattle & three Calves 18-00-00

Fifteen Swine at 6pd 18 2 Steers at 4pd 10-18-00

two Horses one mare & one coalt at 05-00-00

In Rve & flax 03-05-00

In Indian Corn at 07-00-00

In hay at 06-00-00

In a Carte Yoaks & Chaines 03-00-00

In a Thwart Saw tooles & other Utensils 01-19-00

the sum totall 105-01-00

The House housing with all the lands & meadow belonging

theretoo at 101-00-00

moreover a Certaine Tract of Land Lyeing between Decon
John Butterworth & the land yt. was Jno mead berys
A highway on the East & West end at 30-00-00

more fourteen pounds Common at Rehoboth 01-00-00

"John Peck
"Israel Peck
"John Ormsby

"Novembr the 13th 1694 the Executrix to the last & Testament of Joseph Chaffee
Deceased made oath to the truth of this Inventory according to ye Ussuall fforme

"Corame me

"Jno Saffin Proba:e
"John Carey Registem
"This Entered Novembr 13th 1694 By John Carey Registem."

[Bristol County, Mass., Registry of Wills, at Taunton, Vol. VII, p. 106.]

Annis Chaffee had no sooner recovered from the shock of her husband's death
than she was called upon to bear another of a like nature, the death of her father.
He died in the Spring of 1695, the signature to his will being sworn to by the
witnesses thereto May 7th. By this instrument, made June 2, 1686, he left to
daughter Annis one-fourth of his household goods, and after his debts had been
discharged, one-third of his cattle.

"June 16th 1697. The to-mie [Rehoboth] met being lawfully warned and drew
lots for the division of lands before agreed upon and they are drawn up as follow -
eth. . . . John & Widow Chaffee" drawing lot number one hundred and
twenty. [Rehoboth Records.] "Mar. 29th 1703. . . . Drew lots for the divi-


sions of lands before agreed upon and Lotts drawn are as foUoweth. . . .
Widow and John Chaffee." [Ibid.] December 27, 1703, Annis Chaffee sold to
John Whitaker two lots of land in Rehoboth, as is evidenced by the following deed :

"To all Christian People to whom these presents shall Come Annis Chaffe of
the Town of Swansey in the County of Bristol in the Province of the Massachusetts
Bay in Newengland Spinster Sendeth Greeting Know ye that I said Annis Chaffe
have for a good & valluable Consideration by me in hand Received and paid by
John Whiteker of the Town of Rehoboth in the County and province aforesaid
wherewith I the said Annis Chaffe acknowledge my self satisfyed contented and
fully paid and thereof and every part and parcell thereof exonerateth acquitteth
and fully dischargeth the said John Whitaker his heirs execrs adminisrs and assigns
forever Have freely and absolutely given granted bargained & sold and do by
these presents bargain sell enfeoffe and Confirm from me the sd Annis Chaffe &
my heirs to him the said John Whitaker his heirs execrs adminisrs and assigns
forever Two Certain Lotts of Land in Rehoboth dew to me to be surveyed and laid
forth by virtue of fourteen pounds of Estate of Commonage in Rehoboth given
to me by my father Richard Martin deceased which two Lottments was ordered
by the Town of Rehoboth the nineteenth of May anno 1697 to be surveyed and
laid fourth the whole of both allotments amounting to four acres and a quarter
of Land hereby giving the said John Whitaker his heirs and assigns full power &
good and Lawfull authority to Chuse the said Lotts according to the priviledge
ordered by the sd Town and survey and lay them out or Cause them to be layed
and surveyed by the surveyor & Committe appointed by the said Town thereunto
and that the sd John Whitaker or his assigns shall have full power to Record or
Cause the sd Lotts to be Recorded to himself his heirs and assigns forever when
surveyed & laid out To have and to Hold the said four acres and a quarter of
Land be it more or less when it is laid forth with all and singular the Timber Tree
underwood mines moneralls waters grass feedings rents profits priviledges Im-
munities and appurtenances thereunto belonging or appertaining to the sd Lands
to the only proper use & Behoof of the said John Whitaker his heirs execrs admrs
& assigns forever so that neither I the said Annis Chaffe nor my heirs nor any
person from me or them or any of us shall Challenge any right Title or Interest In
said Lands but shall be forever by these presents be barred and I the said Annis
Chaffe do hereby Promise and Ingage to the sd John Whitaker that I have of my
self good right and Lawfull authority to bargain sell & make over the said Lott-
ments aforementioned as the true and only owner of the same In Witness hereof
I the said Annis Chaffe hath hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty Seven
day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and three
and in the second year of the Reign of our sovereign Lady Anne of England Scot-
land France & Ireland Queen Defender of the faith &c.
"Signed Sealed & Delivered "1 the mark of Anies Chafee [seal]

" In the presence of us [
( Daniel Allen
"Witnesses^ Nathaniel Peck

( John Pain

" that Anies Chafee personally appeared before me ye subscriber one of her majesties
of ye peace for ye County of Bristol on ye 21th Day of march 1703 or 4 and ac-
knowledged this Instrument to be her free & Voluntary act and Deed

Nicolas Peck
"Reed Septer 15, 1731
"Recorded by Samel Howland, Register."

[Bristol County, Mass., Registry of Deeds, Northern District, at Taunton, Vol. XXI,
p. 51.]

"At a Town Meeting Lawfully warned and met together by adjournment from
the 29th of December 1707, until the 9th day of February 1708 [1707-8.] Then


met and the toT\Ti proceeded to draw lotts which are as followeth . . . Wid.
& John Chaffee" drawing lot number fifty-eight. [Rehoboth Records.]

"At a Propriators meeting lawfully warned and continued by adjournment
from the 8th day of January 1712 [13] to the 12th day of Feb. 1712, Then met
together and the propriators of lands in Rehoboth cast lotts for their farms &
each propriator's lott fell as followeth . . . Widow Ann Chaffee Estate 143"
drawing lot number nineteen. [Ibid.]

April 25, 1721, Annis Chaffe made her will, which was offered for probate March
17, 1729-30, probably soon after her death.


" In the Name of God Amen I Annis Chaffee Relict Widdow mr Joseph Chaffee
Late of Swansey now Barrington in the County of Bristol in his majesties Province
of the Massachusets Bay in New England Deceased being aged and Crasey of
Body But of Sound and perfect memory praised be God Therefore Do make and
ordain this my last will and Testament in form and manner and following

"First and Principally I Recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave
it and my Body to the Earth to be buried in Christian Burial at the Discretion of
my Executor hereafter Named Nothing Doubting but that I shall Receive the
same again by the mighty power of God and as touching Such Temporall things
as is left me by my late husband in his last will and which God has other wise
bestowed upon me I give de\'ise and dispose of them in the following manner

"Imp. my will is that my Lawful Debtes and funeral charges be first paid &

Item — I Give and bequeath unto my daughter mary Whittaker as an Addition
to what I have given her Eighteen Pounds to be paid to her or to her Legall Repre-

"Item — I give and bequeath to my Daughter Anne Chaffee Seventy Pounds.

" Item — I Give and Bequeath unto my daughter Ehsabeth Paine Twenty Pounds

"Item — I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Abigail Chaffee Eaighteen
Poimds and half my wearing Apairel of all sorts and my Red broadcloath Blanket

"Item — I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Luther fifteen Pounds
to be paid to her or to her legal Representatives and the other half of my said
appairel I give to her the said Sarah Luther my aforesaid daughter

"Item — My will further is that if Either or both of my two daughters that are
unmarried Dye before they receive their Proportion that then the rest of my
Daughters survi\'ing to have it equally divided amongst them they leaving no
issue behind them

"Item — all the Rest and Residue of my Estate I give and Bequeath unto my
two sons Equelly \nz John Chaffee & Joseph Chaffee whome I make the Executors
of this my last Will and Testament to Paying my Debts and Legacies and Receive
What is due hereby Revocking all other wills by me heretofore made in word or
"WTiting Raty fieng & Confirming thiss and no other to be my last will and Testa-
ment in Wittnes whereof I have heareunto Set my hand and Seal this Twenty
fifth Day of April in the seventh year of his majesties Reign Annoque Dom 1721

" AxNis Chafee

" Signed Sealed Pronounced Published and Declared in
" Presence of us

"Nathaniel Carpenter

"Daniel Smith

"Abiel Smith

" Bristol march ye 17th 1729-30

"Then Before the Honod Nathaniell Blagrove, Esq. Judge of the Probate of
Wills & within the County of Bristol Came Nathaniell Carpenter the only sur\d'vnng
Wittness to the Last Will & Testament of Annis Chaffee Late of Swansey now
Barrington Deceased: and made oath that he saw the said Deceased Signe Seal


publish and Declare the same to be her last will and Testament and that she was
of a sound Disposing mind when she So did and that Daniel Smith and Abiel
Smith Signed as a wittness at the same time and that they all Signed in the presence
of ye Testator

"Stephen Paine Regist Coram Nathaniel Blagrove

"Bristol march ye 19 1729-30

" Entered per Stephen Paine Registr."

" Bond of John Chaffe and Joseph Chaffe Executors of the Will of their Mother
Annis Chaffe

"Bound unto Nathl Blagrove Esq. Judge of Probate in his Majesties Province
of the Massachusetts Bay in New England in the sum of Three Hundred Pounds
Current Money in New England

" Sureties Samuel Mason
" Jabez Bosworth
"Signed March 17th 1729-30

John Chaffe [seal]
"John Chaffe Woodstock Suffolk Co. Joseph Chaffe [seal]

" Joseph Chaffe Barrington Samuel Mason [seal]

"Annis Chaffe Swansey." Jabez Bosworth [seal]


" A True Inventory of the Estate of Mrs. Annis Chaffee Widow Late of Barin-
ton Deceased Taken by us the subscribers The 18th Day of this Instant march

1730 as followeth £ s. d.

money Due upon Bond 37-18-08

silver money att 15 penney weight 01-05-00

Bills or paper money 03-06-09

Books 01-04-00

Best Bed and furniture 14-07-00

one bed more 2 Blancets sheets and coverlid 13-03-00

Ticking and feathers 02-10-00

Two Blankets Coverlids with sundry old cloathes 02-05-01

pillion wheel and sundry old lumber 00-15-00

sheetts 04-15-00

pillobears and table linnen 03-13-00

Glasse Bottles and Juggs 00-07-00

warming pan Skillet and scimmer 01-04-00

Tramels scales gridiron Boxiron and heaters 01-08-00

Iron potts kitles and frying pan 03-06-00

puter and earthern ware 01-17-06

pails and Trays 01-03-00

four chairs Table Chest and Reel 01-03-00

meat tub sive and earthern potts 00-10-00

three Bags Churn and several other things 01-01-06

Chest and 2 Boxes 01-16-00

Two cowes 14-00-00

"Samuel Mason
"Samuel Carns
"Jabez Bozworth
"The apprasers were sworn Coram

" N. Blagrove."
"The Accompt of John Chaffe & Joseph Chaffee Executors to the Last Will and
Testament of their Mother Annis Chaffee Late of Barrington Deceased


"The Accomptants Charge themselves with the Inventory Amounting to the
Sum of £

"The Accomptants Prays allowance for the payment of severall Debtes &
Legacies as followeth

Imp — To funerall Charges 4-02-0

Item — To a Legacy Paid Mary Whiterker the Wife of Daniel

Whitiker as per will 8_00-0

Item — To a Legacy Paid Anne Chaffee as per will 20-00-0

To a Legacy Paid Elisabeth Paine the wife of Josiah Paine as per will 15-00-0
To a Legacy Paid Sarah Luther the wife of Samuel Luther as per will 15-00-0
To a Legacy Paid Abigail Chaffe as per will 18-00-0

the wittness coming to prove the will 00-08-0

To a Letter Administration 00-10-0

proving ye will 6-6 Recording ye will 4 00-10-6

allowing and Recording the Inventory 00-06-0

To the Appriasers for appraising ye Estate 01-07-0

To Allowing and Registering this Account 00-10-0

To Drawing the Act 00-01-0

"John Chaffe
"Joseph Chaffe."

Joseph and Annis Chaffe are thought to be buried in the Ancient Chaffee Burying
Ground, which lies on what was once their own farm, but no memorials to them
of any kind remain.

Children, born in Swansea:

15 i Mary 3 Chaffe (Chafy), born February 21, 1671-2; died in Swansea,
May 7, 1674.
+ 16 ii John Chaffe, born December 16, 1673; married (1) Sarah Hills; (2)

Elizabeth Hayward.
+ 17 iii Mary Chaffe, born October 23, 1675; married Daniel Whitaker.
+ 18 iv Joseph Chaffe, born February 6, 1677; married (1) Abigail Hills; (2)
Jemima Chadwick.

19 V Annis (Ann, Anne, Anna) Chaffe, died; married in Barrington, October

15, 1743, Daniel Allen of that place; mentioned in her mother's
will, April 7, 1721, and on her mother's death received the legacy
in 1730; baptized in and united with the First Congregational
Church of Rehoboth, June 6, 1736; January 31, 1744, was dis-
missed from that church to the one in Barrington.

20 vi Dorothy Chaffe (Chafey), born September 4, 1682 ; died August 27, 1698.

21 vii Elizabeth Chaffe (Chafee), born March 18, 1685 ; married Josiah (Joseph)


22 viii Sarah Chaffe (Chafey), born March 18, 1687; married in Swansea,

March 26, 1713, Samuel, son of Samuel Luther, Jr., and grandson
of Elder Luther; mentioned in her mother's will, April 7, 1721, and
on her mother's death received the legacy in 1730.

23 ix Abigail Chaffe, probably married in Providence, R. I., April 28, 1737,

Thomas Field; mentioned in her mother's will, April 7, 1721, and
on her mother's death received the legacy in 1730, being then im-


4 Dorothy ^ ChafEe (Chafey) (Xathaniel,^ Thomas *) was born in Swansea,
Mass., and died in Rehoboth, Mass., May 16, 1718. She married there, May 1,
1694, Nathaniel, son of Stephen and Ann (Chickering) Paine. He was born in
Rehoboth, November 20, 1667, where he 1» m' and was an extensive landowner.
He died March 25, 1718, his wife sur\'iviiig Yua loss only two months. His estate
was administered by his son, Nathaniel, Jr.

Children :

24 i Dorothy * Paine, born Februarj' 3, 1694-5; died in Rehoboth, April, 1725.

25 ii Nathaniel Paine, Jr., born May 24, 1697; married Abigail Smith.

26 iii Abigail Paine, born July 28, 1699; died in Rehoboth, August 31, 1699.

27 iv Jonathan Paine, born July 2, 1701; married Rebecca Peck.

28 V Rachel Paine, born July 13, 1705; married Timothy Borden.

29 vi Ehzabeth Paine, born April 15, 1712; married Joshua Lyon.

For further descendants see Paine Genealogy, by H. D. Paine.

5 Thomas ^ ChafEe (Chafey) (Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Swansea, Mass.,
October 19, 1672, and died in Rehoboth, Mass., February 21, 1754. He married
there, June 4, 1695, Margaret, daughter of Joseph and Margaret (Sutton) Car-
penter. She was born May 4, 1675, and died in Rehoboth, May 6, 1751. July
4, 1731, she was admitted to membership in the First Congregational Church,

At the time of his marriage Thomas Chaffe lived in Rehoboth, where he is
called "yeoman," On November 9, 1703, he sold to his brother Nathaniel (7)
of Rehoboth, twelve acres of land in that town. In the record of this transaction
Thomas is called "weaver" and Nathaniel, "blacksmith." On July 1, 1706,
Thomas Chaffe was chosen to serve on the Jury of Trials at Bristol, Mass., "on
the second Tuesday of July inst." On October 17, 1711, a petition was presented
to the General Court asking that the town of Rehoboth be divided into two pre-
cincts for the support of the ministry, as some of the petitioners were li\'ing from
four to seven miles from meeting. Among the names signed are those of Thomas
Chaffe and his brother Jonathan (8). On January 10, 1718, Thomas bought for
£15 of Joseph Russ of Ashford, Conn., one hundred acres of land in the western
part of that town. At that time and in all later records he is spoken of as
"of Rehoboth"; apparently he never lived in Ashford, nor, so far as is known,
did any of his children. At a towTi meeting held in Rehoboth in the West Meeting
House on Monday, March 29, 1721, he was chosen Surveyor of the Highway, and
on March 25, 1723, Constable. May 4, 1730, he sold for £30, a few acres of land
in Barrington, Mass. (formerly Swansea), to Joseph Chaffe, Sr. (18), his cousin,
who lived there. January 9, 1731, Thomas Chaffe was baptized in the First Con-
gregational Church in Rehoboth, prior to becoming a church member, March 5,

He administered the estate of his brother Noah (14), August 17, 1736.

"Thomas Chaffe yeoman of Rehoboth" for "love, good-will and affection"
sold (or rather gave) on May 28, 1737, sixteen acres of land in Rehoboth, "being


part of the Grantor's Homelot," to the heirs of his son Amos (33), " Freelove, (111)
Lilis (114), and Unis (115) Chaffe." For the same reasons he "sold" to his son
Thomas, Jr., of Rehoboth, May 30, 1737, forty acres in that town, being also part
of the home lot.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

30 i Margaret * Chaffe, born September 10, 1696; died; married in Rehoboth,
March 30, 1719, Joseph Baker of Barrington.
+ 31 ii Rachel Chaffe, born November 1, 1698; married John Sweeting,

+ 32 iii Mehitable Chaffe, born November 23, 1700; married Dan Bowen.

+ 33 iv Amos Chaffe, born July ■■' "02; married Freelove Carpenter.

+ 34 v Experience Chaffe, born ., 1705; married Jonathan Ormsbee.

+ 35 vi Tabitha Chaffe, born September 11, 1709; married Aaron Read.

+ 36 vii Thomas Chaffe, Jr., born December 10, 1712; married Rebecca Hunt.

7 Nathaniel ^ Chaffe, Jr. (Nathaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Rehoboth, Mass.,
February 8, 1675, and died February 28, 1703-4. He married about 1701-2,
Mercy . She married (2) in Rehoboth, April 24, 1708, James Read, a tanner.

Nathaniel Chaffe, Jr., "blacksmith" bought twelve acres of land in Rehoboth,
from his brother Thomas, November 9, 1703, but he did not long live to enjoy
his property, dying less than four months after its purchase. May 17, 1704, his
wife and Moses Read were appointed in Rehoboth administrators of his estate.
In 1708 Mercy Chaffe was appointed guardian of her daughter Dorothey, and
January 5, 1708-9, she and her second husband were appointed the child's joint


37 i Dorothey^ Chaffe, born in Rehoboth, March 17, 1702-3; died in Swansea,
Mass.. June 25, 1759; married, April 25, 1723, James Cole of Swansea,
a grandson of Hugh Cole, Sr.; she was baptized in Rehoboth, April 17,

8 Jonathan 3 Chaffe (Nathaniel, 2 Thomas was born in Rehoboth, Mass., April
7, 1678, and died there, December 31, 1766. He married in Rehoboth, November
23, 1703, Hannah, daughter of William and Miriam (Searles) Carpenter. She
was born April 10, 1684 (1685), and in 1767 was appointed executrix of her hus-
band's estate.

February 10, 1701-2, Jonathan Chaffe's father gave him, "for love and affec-
tion," four and a half acres of land in Rehoboth near "Broken Cross." March 19,
1704, he was chosen in Rehoboth to act as Field Driver. November 21, 1715, he
and one hundred and ten others agreed to pay for the building of a new meeting-
house in the following installments: "One hundred pounds this year 1715, & 100
£ in the year 1716, and what more shall be needful for the finishing of the Meeting
House in 1717." In 1718 he bought for £8 of Joseph Russ, one hundred acres
of land in Ashford, Conn. December 11, 1818, he was chosen in Rehoboth to
serve on the Jury of Trials. In 1819 he bought of Jeremiah Allen one hundred
acres more of land in Ashford. March 28, 1720, he was chosen in Rehoboth for the
office of "Tything Man." He, with his wife and son Jonathan, Jr., was admitted
to membership in the First Congregational Church in Rehoboth, June 6, 1725.
He gave one hundred acres of his Ashford property, in 1726, to his eldest son,
Jonathan, who settled there. January 15, 1727, the town meeting " chose Jonathan
Chaffee to project & prepair a method how schools shall be kept in the severall
parts of the town, and how many may be proper for the Towne to have." March


30, 1730, he was again chosen to serve on "the Jury of Triale at Bristol the next
Superior Court." April 10, 1731, he gave to his second son, Nathaniel, "for love
and affection," ten acres of land in Rehoboth, being the easterly side of his home
lot. In 1734 he sold the remainder of his Ashford property to his brother David,
apparently having never hved in that town. November 3, 1736, he was chosen
Selectman of Rehoboth. He was appointed one of the administrators of his
brother Noah's estate, August 19, 1737, on the same day the year previous having
been appointed guardian to Noah's two orphan sons, Christopher (74) and Shubael
(75). He and Edward Glover and Samuel Mason, as his sureties, were bound in
the sum of £500 for the faithful performance of this trust. July 29, 1739, he gave

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