William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 50 of 91)
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in height. At the age of twenty-one, he united with the Congregational Church,
of which his wife was also a member, and was Superintendent in the Sunday School.
He was a commissioned officer in the Vermont State Militia and also held several
town offices. He was a farmer and lived in Rochester, Bethel and Newport. In
1891 Anna (Chaffee) Richmond lived in Newport.

Children :
+ 4100 i Kendrick* Richmond, born February 28, 1841; married (1) Mary
E. Pratt; (2) Mary E. Brigham.

4101 ii Willie Richmond, born July 8, 1845; married Emma L. Wright.

4102 iii Frank Richmond, born August 30, 1852; died June 26, 1883; married

Eva J. Davison.

1924 Azubah 7 Chaffee (Leonard Brown,« Amos,5 John,'* John,3 Joseph,2
Thomas 1) was born in Rochester, Vt., November 8 (13), 1808, and died April 30,
1875. She married, January 1, 1829, Benjamin Hunton, Jr., born in Unity, Feb-
ruary 7, 1804. They lived in Rochester.

Children :

4103 i Charles* Hunton.

4104 ii Jennette A. Hunton, born in Rochester, November 16, 1833; married,

November 1, 1852, Solon Pollard.

4105 iii Ellen H. Hunton, born January 25, 1838; married, December 24, 1856,

Harvey F. Hodgkins.

4106 iv Addie A. Hunton, born September 23, 1848; died October 14, 1860.

1925 John Willard ^ Chaffee (Leonard Brown,e Amos,^ John,* John,3 Joseph,2
Thomas 1) was born in Rochester, Vt., April 23, 1810, and married there, Novem-


ber 23, 1836, Lomasy, daughter of Ezekiel R. French of that place. She is a mem-
ber of the Congregational Church. He has a light complexion, and is six feet
in height. He is a cabinet maker, and in 1891 lived in Rochester, Vt,, which has
been his home for many years.

Children, born in Rochester:
+ 4107 i Byron Mozart^ Chaffee, born September 1, 1837; married Adelaide

4108 ii Ellen Mary Chaffee, born December 17, 1840; died May 8, 1889.

4109 iii Agnes Fidelia Chaffee, born October 5, 1845.

+ 4110 iv William Allen Chaffee, born January 27, 1850; married (1) Josie Root;
(2) Liela Bride.
4111 V Fred French Chaffee, born January 29, 18.55; married, in South
Strafford, Vt., March 18, 1879, Ellen, daughter of Chester B.
Dow of that place; no children; has a ruddy complexion and is
five feet, ten inches in height; he is a physician; residence, 1879
and 1891, South Strafford.

1930 Walter Stebbins ^ OhafEee (Leonard Brown,^ Amos, ^ John,* John, ^ Joseph, 2
Thomas i) was born in Rochester, Vt., September 15, 1831, and married there
Olive, daughter of Nesibus Worster of Bethel, Vt. Mr. Chaffee is a farmer in
Rochester, where he lived before and after his marriage, and also in 1884. He has
a light complexion, gray eyes, and is five feet, nine inches in height.

Children :

4112 i Abigail^ Chaffee, born May 18, 1856; married Melvin Church.

4113 ii Mary Chaffee, born May 25, 1859; married Charles Perkins.

4114 iii Emma Chaffee, born May 17, 1862.

4115 iv Charles G. Chaffee, born September 24, 1868.

1931 Oliver 7 Stebbins (Phineas « Stebbins, Anna ^ Chaffe, John,* John, 3 Joseph,^
Thomas 1) died. He married Rachel Dunham. ^

Child :

4116 i William 8 Stebbins.

1933 Menzies Rayner ' Stebbins (Phineas » Stebbins, Anna ^ Chaffe, John,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) died. He married Julia Lyman.

Children :

4117 Edmund « Stebbins.

4118 Lucina Stebbins.

1939 William Carpenter 7 Stebbins (Walter « Stebbins, Anna s Chaffe, John,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born August 13, 1806, and died April 8, 1861. He
married, March 3, 1829, Eliza Perrin.


4119 i Frances Ann Ehza ^ Stebbins, born July 5, 1830.

1944 Luther Lester ? Stebbins (Lucina « Stebbins, Anna ^ Chaffe, John,* John, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born February 7, 1803, and died. He married, October 15,
1829, Sophia, daughter of Luther Shaw. They removed to Pittsfield, Pike County,

Children :

4120 i Luther 8 Stebbins, born September 13. 1831; married.

4121 ii Lucian Stebbins, born February 1, 1833; married.

4122 iii Cyrus Stebbins, born November 11, 1835.

4123 iv Jane Maria Stebbins, born August 31, 1841; died February 4, 1844.


4124 V Jane Maria Stebbins, born June 9, 1845.

4125 vi Rufus Phineas Stebbins, born October 20, 1849; died in 1861 (?).

1946 Rufus Phineas ^ Stebbins (Lucina " Stebbins, Anna ^ Chaffe, John,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas was born March 3, 1810, and married hi Cambridge,
September 11, 1837, Ehza C. Livermore,


4126 i Nathaniel Livermore ^ Stebbins, born January 9, 1847.

1949 Benjamin ^ Chafee, Jr. (Benjamin, ^ Francis Green, s Benjamin, * Joseph, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas ^), was born in Onondaga County, N. Y., September 27, 1798,
and died in Tama City, la., about 1884. He married (1) in a town at the head of
the Allegheny River, in October', 1818, Maria, daughter of David Lewis of Al-
bany, N. Y. She was born in Troy, N. Y., and died during the Civil War. He
married a second time.

When a young man Mr. Chafee went to Ohio, where he lived for many years in
Cincinnati, during this time making two trips on foot back to his old home in
New York state. About 1835 he moved to Brookville, Ind., where a small farm
two miles north of the town was cleared and where his children grew up. He ran
into debt and in 1849 went to the California gold fields, where he remained about
two years, returning home with sufficient money to pay his indebtedness and
have a balance left for the comfort of his family. Later he made a laborious trip
to Pike's Peak. At the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted and was accepted,
despite his advanced age. Owing to ill health, however, he served but a few
months. After his second marriage he removed to Tama City, where he was living
at the time of his death. He was a tanner and farmer. At one time he owned
land in Marcellus, N. Y., as the records show that February 9, 1835, "Benjamin
Chaffee and Maria his wife of Cincinnati" quitclaimed land in Marcellus, and
April 12, 1843, sold land there, being then of Brookville.

It has been said of him that "a warmer hearted, truer, better man never trod
the earth." He was unswervingly honest and a little after reaching middle life
he became distinctly religious, uniting with the Methodist Church, although his
antecedents had been Baptists.

Children :

4127 i Wilson Whiting » Chafee, born July 20, 1820; died in 1840.

+ 4128 ii David Lewis Chafee, born January 1, 1823; married.

4129 iii Haman Clark Chafee, born October 3, 1825; died in 1829.

+ 4130 iv John Gilmore Chafee, born October 12, 1828; married Clara Sparks.

4131 V Benjamin Henry Chafee, born August 25, 1831 ; died in 1832.

4132 vi Mary M. Chafee, born in Cincinnati, November 20, 1833 ; died April 25,

1861 ; married; no children.

4133 vii Lora L. Chafee, born November 6, 1836; died May 21, 1869; married;

no children.

4134 viii Maria Emma Chafee, born February 7, 1841; married Orn-

baun; residence, 1883, Crawfordville, Ind.

4135 ix Thomas Fitzgerald Chafee, born July 20, 1845.

4136 X Carolina A. Chafee, a twin, born July 20, 1845; died in infancy.

1960 James 7 Chafee (Azotus,^ Zebediah,^ James,^ Joseph,3 Joseph,^ Thomas M
was born in Rupert, Vt., August 26, 1803, and died in Ward, N. Y., January 19,
1880. He married in Cayuga County, N. Y., November 27, 1827 (?) Mary, daughter
of John Black of Scotland. She died June 24, 1877, aged seventy, and was buried


in Philips Creek, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Chafee were both members of the Methodist
Church. He had a light complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair, and was six
feet in height. He was a farmer and held the office of Commissioner of Highways.
At the time of his marriage he lived in Cayuga County, and later in Scio, Alle-
gany County, N. Y.

Children :

4137 i James Morrison^ Chafee, born September 4, 1828; died July 20,
1866; married Welthy Standish of Cayuga County, N. Y., who
married again after his death.

+ 4138 ii Mary A. Chafee, born March 15, 1833; married Charles H. Bliven.

+ 4139 iii Nancy Cordelia Chafee, born February 1, 1841; married David Sabin.

1963 Mary Ann ^ Chaffee (Azotus,^ Zebediah,' James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph, 2
Thomas 1) was born in Cayuga County, N. Y., January 19, 1811, and married in
Cato, N. Y., November 11, 1830, John Cowell. In 1884 they lived in Conquest,
N. Y.

Children :

4140 i Horace P.* Cowell, born July 21, 1834.

4141 ii Charlotte M. Cowell, born November 7, 1836; died September 16, 1854.

4142 iii Caroline C. Cowell, born February 26, 1839.
41^3 iv Thirza E. Cowell, born Julv 1, 1842.

4144 V Mary A. E. Cowell, born October 6, 1844; died August 21, 1871.

4145 vi Sarah A. Cowell, born August 16, 1851.

1967 John I.^ Chafee (Azotus,^ Zebediah,^ James,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Thomas 1)
was born in Cayuga County, N. Y., August 14, 1824, and died in September,
1884. He married there, February 17, 1848, Alvira J., daughter of Francis K.
Petty of that county. Mr. Chafee was a mechanic, and lived in Guy's Mills, Pa.

Children :

4146 i Olive E.s Chafee, born December 1, 1854; married De Hart.

4147 ii Don J. Chafee, died February 6, 1870.

4148 iii Harry J. Chafee, born January 26, 1875.

1968 Julius Bachus ^ Chaffee (Zebediah,^ Zebediah,* James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph,2
Thomas 1) was born in Colesville, N. Y., March 12, 1805, and died in Windsor, N. Y.,
March 2, 1889. He married Minerva, daughter of Isaac Ruggles of Colesville.
She died May 8, 1856, aged sixty, and was buried there. He was a farmer; in 1830
and 1884 lived in Colesville, and in 1887 in Onaquaga, N. Y.

Children, born in Colesville:
+ 4149 i Patty M.s Chaffee, born July 29, 1829; married Henry Crofut.
4150 ii Finelia S. Chaffee, born May 22, 1831; married Morgan; resi-
dence, 1887, Iowa.
+ 4151 iii Azotus Chaffee, born February 2, 1832; married (1) Antoinette Mayo;
(2) Mary J. Tompkins.

1970 Sabra Sabrina ^ Chaffee (Zebediah,^ Zebediah,^ James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph,2
Thomas 1) was born in Colesville, N. Y., December 5, 1809, and died there in Oc-
tober, 1861. She married Alonzo Merchant.

Children :

4152 i A daughter,^ married M. 0. Marsh; residence, 1891, HarpersviUe, N. Y.

4153 ii A daughter, married William Keech; residence, 1891, Onaquaga, N. Y.

1971 James Alanson ^ Chaffee (Zebediah,^ Zebediah,^ James,* Joseph,3 Joseph, ^


Thomas i) was born in Colesville, N. Y., May 6, 1812, and died in Harpersville, N. Y.,
April 1, 1895. He married (1) there, November 17, 1835, EmeUne, daughter of
George Morris of that place. She died January 14, 1869, and was buried in Har-
persville. He married (2), December 12, 1871, Mrs. Eliza Jane Knox, widow of
Ira B. Knox. Mr. Chaffee was a First Lieutenant in the State Militia in 1840,
held the offices of Assessor, Inspector and Commissioner of Highways, the latter
for nine years, and was a Vestryman in the Episcopal Church. He had a sandy
complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, nine inches in height. He was a farmer,
and in 1884 lived in Harpersville.

Children, by first wife:
+ 4154 i James Marions Chaffee, born September 28, 1836; married Ger-
trude C. Thompson.

4155 ii Theressa Almina Chaffee, born June 30, 1838; died August 29, 1877;

married, October 30, 1863, Daniel R. Squire, buried in Harpers-

4156 iii Sarah Emeline Chaffee, born September 16, 1840; died in Harpers-

ville, August 23, 1851.

4157 iv Frank Douglas Chaffee, born in Harpersville, October 30, 1842;

married in Bro^^vTiville, Neb., August 29, 1877, Ella L., daughter
of Jonathan Luke Dort of Harpersville; residence, 1884, Tar-
kio, Mo., where he was Assistant Postmaster, and an insurance
agent; residence, 1891, Canon City, Kan.

4158 V Vianna Amanda Chaffee, born June 25, 1846; died September 4,

1877; buried in Harpersville.

4159 vi Alice Annette Chaffee, born October 20, 1850; married Frank Haynes;

residence, 1891, Deposit, N. Y,

4160 vii Cora Libbie Chaffee, born July 25, 1855; died in Windsor, N. Y.,

February 23, 1875; buried in Harpersville.

1976 Albert Alonzo ^ Tupper (Elizabeth « Chaffee, James,^ James,^ Joseph.^
Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born November 23, 1807, and died August 7, 1863. He
married Theana Seeley, and lived in Monroe County, N. Y. He was buried in
Church\alle, N. Y.

Children :

4161 i Frances M.^ Tupper, born October 12, 1831 ; married (1) Elijah Backus;

(2) L. Roach.

4162 ii Susan Elizabeth Tupper, born December 14, 1834; married Edward


4163 iii Laura S. Tupper, born September 19, 1836; died before 1893; married

Alfred Wheeler, who died before 1893.

4164 iv Roxa Augusta Tupper, born August 6, 1838; married Abel W. Richey,

who died before 1893.
+ 4165 V Albert Alonzo Tupper, Jr., born October 21 1840; married Mary E.

1983 William Edson ^ Chaffee (William, « James,^ James,* Joseph,^ Joseph,2
Thomas i) was born in Churchville, N. Y., November 20, 1S23, and married in
the parsonage of St. Peter's Church, Washington, D. C, August 4, 1850, Elydia
Ann, daughter of Henry Southern Wood of Charles County, ]Md. She is a member
of the Catholic Church. ]\Ir. Chaffee served as a Private in the Civil War, being
among the first to respond to Lincoln's call for volunteers to defend the Capitol,
April 11, 1861. He served ninety days and was then transferred to the Ordnance
Department in the Washington Na\-y Yard. He was stationed at Fort Lincoln
at the time of Early's Raid, in July, 1864, returning to the Na\'y Yard, where he


remained until July, 1865, at the close of the War. He has a light complexion,
blue eyes, and is five feet nine and one-half inches in height. He is a contractor;
in 1850 he lived in Washington, later removed to Pontiac and Adrian, Mich.,
but returned to Washington, where he was living in 1891.
Children :

4166 i Catharine M.s Chaffee, born August 1, 1851; married W. J. Greenwood.

4167 ii William Edgar Chaffee, born October 24, 1854; died July 6, 1889.

4168 iii Frederick Harris Chaffee, born June 13, 1856.

4169 iv Francis Philip Chaffee, born March 18, 1860; married Hannah Lownburg.

4170 V Mary Malvina Chaffee, born November 19, 1862.

4171 vi Nellie Augusta Chaffee, born January 1, 1865.

1994 Edward Franklin ^ ChafEee (William, ^ Nathan, s James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph, 2

Thomas was born in Attica, N. Y., April 14, 1820, and married in Java, N. Y.,

June 15, 1845, Harriett E., daughter of William Jones of England.

"Wm. Chaffee, father of E. F. Chaffee, came from Brookfield, Mass., in the
autumn of 1817, and settled in Attica, then Genesee county, N. Y., where in a
log house Edward Franklin Chaffee was born. He is the seventh of ten chil-
dren. His education, with the exception of one term at a select school, was re-
ceived in the common school and in the chimney corner by the light of a wood
fire. In the autumn of 1840 he commenced teaching school at Bennington Centre,
in a primitive schoolhouse, with side boards for writing desks and long slabs with
bracing legs for seats. He received fourteen dollars per month with the privilege
of boarding with the inhabitants and taught seventy-five pupils. He might be con-
sidered successful in this vocation, as he taught twenty-two years in Attica and
vicinity, the last two terms in the Attica Union school. In 1844 he taught at North
Java, where he cast for Henry Clay, his first Presidential vote. To make up for
the small pay for teaching 123 pupils, as he went ' boarding round ' he became ac-
quainted with Miss Harriett E. Jones, born in Herefordshire, Eng., whose grand
uncle. Sir Hungerford Hold, an officer in the British army, was killed at the battle
of Bunker Hill, while another grand uncle, Wm. Floyd, was a signer of the Declara-
tion of Independence. In the autumn of 1863 Mr. Chaffee was elected School
Commissioner of the First District of Wyoming county, and held that office six
years. He issued a call for a County Teachers' Association in 1861, which is now
one of the most prosperous in the state. In 1867, through his labor, the school of
Attica village was made a free school under an act of the Legislature. His life
work has ever been to encourage the education of the masses and his cheerful
disposition has rendered him apt in that relation. He has held several to^Ti offices,
and being a friend of the poor has been entrusted for many years with funds to
be expended for their comfort. His purpose is to do right regardless of cost.
In the spring of 1830 he became a member of the First Baptist church and has
contributed liberally to its support and also for worthy objects. He has for over
twenty years been a Sunday school superintendent and has compiled the history
of that church, which was organized Aug. 21st, 1806. He is an advocate of tem-
perance and sobriety. He has made several trips into the Western States; the
first was soon after the Black Hawk war, when there was neither wharf nor pier
at Milwaukee, and Chicago was but a small village, the approach to which was by
a pier built out into the lake. He has for several years contributed to the j^ress,
and now, surrounded with pleasant associations at the eve of life, besides super-
intending his valuable farm in the rich and beautiful valley of the Tonawanda,
devotes a part of his time to writing stories, historical sketches, reminiscences,
biographies, etc., for the Attica News."

Children :

4172 i Mary A.s Chaffee, born April 13, 1846; died in Kansas, May 16, 1875;

married Reverend Robert Abell.

4173 ii William F. Chaffee, born April 16, 1848; died September 6, 1866.


4174 iii H. Emma Chaffee, born March 23, 1850; married A. F. Geiger; residence,

1890, Batavia, N. Y.

4175 iv Eliza R. ChafYee, born May 25, 1853; died June 26, 1881; married Henry

Matteson, a postal clerk.

4176 V Katie E. Chaffee, born March 8, 1857; married J, A. Smith, a lawyer

and special deputy clerk in the City Hall, Buffalo, N. Y., where in
1890 they lived.

4177 vi Nellie J. Chaffee, born February 3, 1864; residence, 1890, Attica; un-


2000 Cheeney A.' Chaffee (Calvin,^ Nathan,5 James,* Joseph,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i)
was born in Attica, N. Y., in 1819, and married in Brookfield, Mass., Mary S.,
daughter of David Johnson of Warren, Mass. She died in May, 1878, and was
buried in Brookfield. Mr. Chaffee was a boat finisher. He moved from Brookfield
to Warren, where he was living in 1883.

Children, all but the sixth born in Brookfield:

4178 i George Albert s Chaffee, born May 10, 1848.

4179 ii Botrus Charles Chaffee, born May 24, 1850; died in October, 1879.

4180 iii Mary E. Chaffee, born January 15, 1853.

4181 iv HerlDert B. Chaffee, born October 19, 1858; unmarried in 1883, and

living in Warren, where he was a dealer in books and stationery.

4182 V Fannie S. Chaffee, born November 13, 1861; died October, 1879.

4183 vi Clara M. Chaffee, born in 1865.

4184 vii Willie E. Chaffee, born February 28, 1872.

2001 Caroline Augusta ^ Chafee (Cyril," Chester,^ James,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^
Thomas i) was born in Plainfield, Conn., June 12, 1806, and died in Thompson,
Conn. She married Loren Elliott, and lived in Thompson.

Children :

4185 i Erastus « Elliott.

4186 ii Luther Elliott.

2004 William Grover ^ Chaffee (Cyril, ^ Chester,^ James,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^
Thomas i) was born in Woodstock, Conn., January 20, 1812, and died in Win-
chester, Mass., August 26, 1906. He married (1) in Leicester, Conn., May 3,
1836, A. Tirzah Sprague of that place, who died May 26, 1836, and was buried in
Leicester. He married (2) in Framingham, Mass., April 16, 1845, Susan S. Childs,
born there, died in Winchester, October 17, 1849. He married (3) there, Novem-
ber 15, 1855, Emma Augusta Carter, born in Lowell, Mass. She survived him,
and in 1906 lived in Winchester. She is a member of the Congregational Church,
as was Mr. Chaffee. He had a light complexion, brown eyes, and was over five
feet in height. He left home when quite a young man, spent a few years in Lei-
cester, and several years in Boston, Mass., settling in 1844 in Winchester, where
he lived until his death. He was a retired manufacturer of cabinet work. The
following obituary is from the Putnam (Conn.) Patriot:

"During his life he engaged in a variety of enterprises, being interested in the
manufacture of furniture, pianos and leather, and was for a time at the Charles-
town Navy Yard building boats. During his later years he took up the study
of clocks, in which he was much interested, and nothing delighted him more than
to secure an intricate and difficult specimen and put it in good running order.
He was the last of his family, and the old homestead in Connecticut which has
passed through so many generations is still in the possession of his heirs. The re-
mains were interred in Wildwood cemetery."


Child, by third wife :
4187 i Mary Susan « Chafee, born in Winchester, August 29, 1857; residence,
1906, Winchester; unmarried.

2005 Cyril Schuyler ^ Chaffee (Cyril, « Chester.^ James,* Joseph,3 Joseph,2
Thomas i) was born in Woodstock, Conn., November 30, 1814, and died in North
Woodstock, Conn., September 16, 1870. He married in Brooklyn, Conn., May 4,
1848, Tipporah (or Trephosa) Ann, daughter of Jonathan Webb of Scotland, Conn.
She was born in Windham, Conn., about 1822. Both she and her husband were
members of the Congregational Church in North Woodstock. Mr. Chaffee had
blue eyes. He was a farmer and lived and died in the old homestead in North
Woodstock. He was buried in that town.

+ 4188 i Mary Jane « Chaffee, born July 11, 1849; married Charles T. Aldrich.

2006 Samuel ^ Chaffee (Cyril, ^ Chester, ^ James, * Joseph, ^ Joseph, 2 Thomas
was born in Woodstock, Conn., January 30, 1817, and died in Palmer, Mass.,
October 19, 1848. He married Julia M. Cheney, who died April 19, 1884, aged
sixty-six years. Both are buried in North Woodstock, Conn.

Children :

4189 i Merrick 8 Chaffee, born about 1839; died November 30, 1862; married

Mary Nichols of Dudley, ^lass., who survived him but a few years;
at the age of twenty-three, while living in Dudley, Mass., he en-
listed for three years as a Private in Company E, 1st Massachu-
setts Heavy Artillery, being mustered in August 8, 1862; he died
from illness contracted in the service in a regimental hospital after
barely four months' service.

4190 ii William Chaffee, born about June, 1842; died in Washington, D. C,

August 9, 1864, aged twenty years and two months; while living
in Dudley, enlisted for three years as a Private in Company C,
25th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, being mustered in Oc-
tober 5, 1861; was discharged December 17, 1863, to re-enlist,
which he did the same day; died at a regimental hospital from
wounds received in the Battle of Cold Spring Harbor, June 3, 1864.

4191 iii John Chaffee, born about April, 1843; died in Cold Spring Harbor,

June 3, 1864, aged twenty-one years and two months; while living
in Worcester, Mass., enlisted for three years as a Private in Com-
pany C, 25th Massachusetts Volimteer Infantry, being mustered
in September 28, 1861 ; was discharged to re-enlist December 17,
1863, which he did in Shrewsbury, Mass., the following day; killed
in the Battle of Cold Spring Harbor.

2017 Emoret ^ Chaffee (Jolm,8 Chester,5 James,* Joseph,3 Joseph,2 Thomas
was born in New Boston, Conn., in 1813, and died before 1890. She married
Erastus Caldwell, who died before 1890. She was baptized in the First Congrega-
tional Church of Woodstock, Conn., July 7, 1816.

Children :
4191a i Frank ^ Caldwell, residence, 1890, Worcester, Mass.

4192 ii George Caldwell, residence, 1890, Worcester.

Several other children, died before 1890, names imknown.

2019 Faxon 7 Chaffee (John,6 Chester,^ James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Thompson, Conn., December 16, 1817, and died in Danielsonville,
Conn., February 27, 1870. He married in Thompson, August 9, 1846, Sarah Jane,


daughter of Doctor Jeremiah Brown of East Killingly, Conn. Mr. Chaffee was
baptized in the First Congregational Church of Woodstock. He owned land in
Killingly in 1862, and with his wife bought and sold other pieces of land there
from time to time. He was a carriage maker, and in 1869 lived in Danielsonville.

Children :

4193 i Francis Herbert « Chaffee, born June 5, 1847; died August 28, 1847.

4194 ii Ellen Jane Chaffee, born January 5, 1849; married George Rowell;

residence, 1890, East Somerville, Mass.
+ 4195 iii Emory Franklin Chaffee, born January 27, 1856; married Belle G.

2020 Loren ^ Chaffee (John,^ Chester,^ James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Thompson, Conn., August 12, 1820, and married in Oxford, Mass.,

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