William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 6 of 91)
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to his son "Dan Chaffe of Rehoboth, Husbandman," for "love and affection,"
fifteen acres of land, part of his home lot. October 15, 1739, Jonathan Chaffe
was chosen Grand Juryman, and May 21, 1744, "the town meeting being met
Chose Jonathan Chaffee to be oversear of the workhouse this present year. He
being present and accepted the said trust and did then declare to the Town that
he would not Charge the Town for his Trouble and Labour in that affair, and
would be content with a Reasonable alowance out of the earnings of the persous
committed to the said house." In October, 1745, he was again chosen as Grand
Juryman, this being his last town office. In 1746, "Jonathan Chaffe yeoman,"
with his son Dan, bought of Peter Walker of Rehoboth for £57, one-half of nine
and a half acres of meadow land there on both sides of Mill Run. May 15, 1749,
he gave to his grandson, William Chaffe (158), two acres of land in Re-
hoboth, "in consequence of love, good will and affection I do bare to my
dutifuU grandchild Wm. Chaffe, son of Dan." October 21, 1751, he was a member
of the "Jury of Inquest," which met in Rehoboth to investigate the death of
John Hunt. April 28, 1752, "Jonathan Chaffe, husbandman" bought of James
Kent for £8, three acres on Mill Run. He made his will May 5, 1754, making his
wife sole executrix, and leaving to each one of his sons and daughters six shillings.
February 7, 1760, Jonathan Chaffe, mason, sold to his grandson, "William Chaffe,
cordwainer" (shoemaker), for £100, twenty-four acres of land in Rehoboth,
being part of his homestead. In the old burying ground, formerly in Rehoboth,
but now in the village of Rumford, in East Providence, R. I., we read on a moss-
encrusted stone this inscription :

"Jonathan Chaffe
Departed this life
December 31, 1766
in the 89th year of
his age."
Children, born in Rehoboth:

-t-38 i Jonathan * Chaffe, Jr., born June 25, 1704; married Abigail Lyon.

-1-39 ii Nathaniel Chaffe, born October 20, 1705; married (1) Rebecca Mason;
(2) Lydia Peck.

-1-40 iii Hannah Chaffe, born October 3, 1707; married Joseph Armuigton.

-|-41 iv Dan Chaffe, born February 6, 1710-11; married Mary Robinson.
42 V Miriam Chaffe, born August 22, 1712; died unmarried about 1787; was
admitted to the First Congregational Church of Rehoboth, August
1, 1736,- May 8, 1767, she bought of Comfort Peck for £10, 10s.,
two acres of land in Rehoboth; her will, made October 21, 1773,
makes her nephew William Chaffe (158) executor and leaves her
property to his son Josiah (453).


43 vi Susanna Chaffe, born September 22, 1714; died in Rehoboth, December
8, 1715.
+44 vii Ephraim Chaffe, born January 25, 1715-6; married (1) Patience Butter-
worth; (2) Hannah Butterworth.

45 viii William Chaffe, born about 1717; died in Rehoboth, April 26, 1730.

46 ix Susanna Chaffe, born June 10, 1720; died young.

47 X Deliverence Chaffe, born September 4, 1721; died in Rehoboth, May 10,

1736; baptized in the First Congregational Church in Rehoboth,
October 22, 1721 ; buried in the old burying ground there (now in
the village of Rumford, East Providence, R, I.).

48 xi Josiah Chaffe, born May 2, 1723; died in Rehoboth, April 7, 1725;

baptized in the First Congregational Church, Rehoboth, June 23,

49 xii Susanna Chaffe, born August 28, 1728; died in Rehoboth, May 20, 1736;

baptized in the First Congregational Church, Rehoboth, September
5, 1728.

9 David ^ ChafEe (Nathaniel 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth, Mass., Au-
gust 22, 1680, and died there, February 25, 1750-1. He married (1) in Rehoboth,
April 7, 1708, Patience, daughter of Watching Atherton (see Appendix- C). She died
there, January 28, 1731-2, in her fiftieth year. There being some property coming
to them from their great-grandfather, Humphrey Atherton, the three children
of an age to choose their own guardian, Atherton, Mary and Margaret, asked to
have their uncle Samuel Atherton appointed, their father "David Chafey" con-
senting, and asking also to have a guardian appointed for Experience, who was
under fourteen. Samuel Atherton was also made her guardian, these records
being dated December 5, 1733, and May 25, 1734.

David Chaffe married (2) about May, 1733, Mrs. Hannah Pidge of Attleboro,
Mass., their intention of marriage being published there and in Rehoboth, April
28, 1733. She married after David's death. Captain John Hoyle of Providence,
R. I., their intention of marriage being entered in Attleboro, April 18, 1752.

The date of the following entry is not known, but it is thought to have been
made between 1713 and 1715.

The record of the bounds of the land of Nathaniel Chaffee given to his son David

"Twenty acres of Land be it more or less being his first and second lots in the
Divisions granted Anno Domini 1707-8 Lying in three parts, ye first part con-
taining five acres and a quarter, lying on the Southerly side of Capt Pecks lot.
and on the Easterly side of his own land. Bounded said Pecks land. Westerly
his owTi land Southerly a 4 rod highway.

"2nd. Another part containing Two acres be it more or less. Lying on the
Easterly end of said Pecks land, Bounded South easterly a four rod highway.
Northerly Danli Reads land, Westerly a two rod way for Danll Perrin to come to
his land purchased of Timothy Gye that was said Pecks.

"3d. The last part being Twelve acres & Three quarters, be it more or less,
Lying near Rocky meadow, adjoining to Daniel Reads land and to land of Nathll
Read the first corner is a stake, Standing in said Nathll Reads line, thence S. S. W.
36 rods to a stake for a corner thence S. E. B. E. 47 rods to Daniel Reads land
then bounding in said line 46 rods to a stake for a corner, standing in his line.
Thence upon a straight line to Nathll Reads South East corner then bounding
with said Nathll Reads land to the first corner

" Danll Carpenter
" Surveyor.

" A true copy from the 3d Book of Records, Solon Carpenter."


David Chaffe is spoken of in the records as "husbandman" and "yeoman."
He was chosen Surveyor of the Highway in Rehoboth, March 25, 1723, and again
in 1726. February 13, 1724-5, he, his brother Daniel and John Stevens, obtained
of Nathaniel Read leave to build a dam on Ten Mile River, and to build a good
saw-mill and a corn-mill. This was in Attleboro, and was called Chaffe's Dam
and Chaffe's Mill. David and Daniel, together with Nathaniel Read, sold three-
sixteenths of this mill privilege to Daniel Read, May 8, 1725. July 3, 1727, David
Chaffe of Rehoboth, Daniel Chaffe of Attleboro, Captain Daniel Read, Samuel
Robinson and Nathaniel Read, "all of them Millers," bought of Silas Titus,
Rehoboth, land in Attleboro for £15. David Chaffe was chosen Constable of
Rehoboth, March 29, 173L October 9, 1734, he sold to Daniel Perrin, "Cord-
wainer," seven and a quarter acres of land in that town for £14, 10s. In the same
year he bought of his brother Jonathan for £60, one hundred acres of land in
Ashford, Conn. To this he added in 1737, twenty-six and a half acres bought of
Nathaniel Fuller for £150, the property including a house. April 12, 1737,
he sold to Daniel Perrin of Rehoboth for £55, eleven acres of his home lot in
Rehoboth, and January 23d following for £300, twenty-eight acres more of the
same property. In these deeds he is spoken of as "of Rehoboth." In 1739, he
bought of Ichabod Ward for £150, one hundred acres more of land in Ashford,
of which town he was at that time a resident. September 12, 1743, he gave to
his son Atherton, one-half of all his lands, buildings, fences, orchards and im-
provements on his farm in Ashford on which he was then living. In 1746 he
bought of Increase Sumner of Roxbury, twenty-four acres of land in Ashford,
the price being £80 "old tenor bills credit." October 3, 1750, he gave to his son
David, Jr., in consideration of love, good will and fatherly affection, thirty acres
of land in Ashford. November 16, 1750, he sold for £100 to his son Atherton,
three tracts of land there near Lead Mine Hill, containing about eighty-five acres,
a house and buildings. Three months after this he died in Rehoboth. He and
his wife Patience were buried in the western part of Rehoboth, now Seekonk.

Children, by first wife, born in Rehoboth:

-1-50 i David * Chaffe, Jr., born February 27, 1708-9; married Martha Walker.

4-51 ii Elizabeth Chaffe, born March 21, 1710-11; married Ichabod Read.

4-52 iii Patience Chaffe, born April 14, 1713; married Samuel Read.

-f-53 iv Atherton Chaffe, born April 7, 1715; married (1) Abigail Squire; (2)

Rachel Fuller.

4-54 V Mary Chaffe, born June 15, 1717; married Gideon Franklin.

55 vi Margaret Chaffe, born September 13, 1719; died after 1777; admitted

to the First Church in Attleboro, October 25, 1741 ; living there in
1753 and 1777, in the latter year being mentioned in the will of
her niece "Betty Chafee" (201) as "my beloved Aunt Margaret
Chaffe of Attleborough," and recei\'ing a bequest.

56 \'ii Experience Chaffe, born June 20, 1722; diecl; residence, 1753, Attleboro.

10 Experience ^ Chafie (Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth, Mass.,
March 24, 1782-3, and died there April 19, 1754. She married in Rehoboth,
July 21, 1714, Timothy, son of Samuel and Patience (Ide) Carpenter of that place.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

57 i Allethea * Carpenter.

58 ii Amos Carpenter, born February 12, 1715-6; married (1) Polly Gould; (2)

Phebe Gould.


59 iii Experience Carpenter, born June 2, 1718; married Samuel Smith.

60 iv Dorothy Carpenter, born April 20, 1720.

61 V Timotliy Carpenter, Jr., born October 24, 1721; married his cousin, Molly "

Sweeting (100) (Rachel* Chaffe, Thomas,^ Nathaniel, 2 Thomas^),
born in Rehoboth, October 24, 1721.

62 vi Samuel Carpenter, born April 8, 1725; died August 7, 1725.

63 vii Patience Carpenter, a twin, born April 8, 1725; married David Thurston.
For further descendants see Carpenter Genealogy.

12 Daniel ^ OhafEe (Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth, j\Iass., Octo-
ber 30, 1687, and died in Attleboro, Mass., before February 13, 1768. He married

(1) in Rehoboth, March 26, 1713, Alice (or Alse) Millerd. She died, and he married

(2) in Attleboro, November 3, 1757, Mrs. Perces Ormsby.

Daniel Chaffe's first recorded land transaction was June 13, 1712, when he sold
to John French of Attleboro, two and a half acres of land in that town, formerly
a part of the town of Rehoboth. December 17, 1722, he bought of Nicholas Bragg
for £130, one hundred and thirty acres in Attleboro, adjoining the land of his
brother David. February 13, 1724-5, Daniel and David Chaffe and John Stevens
obtained leave of Nathaniel Read of Rehoboth, to build a dam on Ten Mile River
in Attleboro, and a good saw-mill and a corn-mill. In the foregoing deeds Daniel
was "of Rehoboth." May 8, 1725, David Chaffe, " Daniel Chaffe of Attleborough,
mason," and Nathaniel Read sold one-sixteenth of this mill privilege. July 3,
1727, these three, and with them Captain Daniel Read and Samuel Robinson,
"All of them Millers," bought of Silas Titus for £15, land in Attleboro. January
14, 1727-8, Daniel Chaffe "mason," bought of him three acres of land there for
£3, 15s. December 31, 1733, he bought three acres more there for £4 10s., and
March 30, 1734, three and a half acres more for £6. February 22, 1737-8, he
bought of Samuel Robinson for £30, ten acres of land bounding on the line between
Attleboro and Rehoboth. January 4, 1740-2, for £96, he added to this thirty
acres more, and January 18, 1742, bought six acres of land on Ten ^lile River from
Ephraim Hall for £45. October 22, 1742, Daniel Chaffe, "husbandman," bought
of John Kent and wife Rachel of Rehoboth, land in Swansea, Mass., for £47.
November 9th following he sold to Samuel Robinson for £6, the " swamp or meadow
flowed with ye Dam that was erected across Ten Mile River, called Chaffee's Dam
& ]\Iill " Daniel Chaffe, "yeoman," sold sixteen acres of land in Attleboro to
Joshua Parmenter, for £100, December 26, 1744. February 3, 1745, Daniel Chaffe,
"miller," sold to Henry Tolman, Jr., for £30, thirty acres of land there, and July
26, 1746, to Joseph Welman, twenty acres of land there for £80. October 30, 1747,
wdth his son Daniel, Jr., he bought of Silas Titus thirty acres of land there for £350.
November 2, 1747, he bought three acres more there for £30. August 15th follow-
ing, Daniel, Sr., sold to Daniel Jr., for £400, sixty acres of land in the same town.
March 15, 1758, he sold to Jonathan Titus, gunsmith, for £5, land near Chaffe's
mill. March 1, 1758, he bought for £5, land in Attleboro. June 19, 1758, "Perces
Chaffe, formerly Ormsby, wife of Daniel Chaffe," sold to Shubael Peck of Rehoboth,
seventy-five acres of land there for £67, 10s. September 23, 1760, Daniel sold to
Zachariah Carpenter of Rehoboth, one-quarter part of the saw-mill and one-quarter
part of the corn-mill on Ten Mile River and one-quarter part of "Stream and
Dam," etc., for £13, 6s. His final land transaction was the purchase, April 16, 1765,
for £16, 7s. of land in Attleboro. His will, dated May 21, 1763, was witnessed by
"Zeckariah Carpenter, Jonathan Titos, Samuel Atherton, and Peter Thacher." It


made Daniel's son-in-law, Alexander Moore, executor. Daniel died some time
before February 13, 17G8, as under that date we find in the Taunton Probate Records
the following item :

" Attleborough. These lines inform the Hon'd Judge the widder has no


"Perse x Gaffe."


The inventory was taken March 14, 1768, by Moses Wilmarth and Samuel


The will contains the following bequests :

" Item — I give to my beloved wife, Perces, the use etc., of the West half of my
Dwelling House.

" Item — I give unto my eldest daughter, Allice, and to my four Grandchildren
viz. the children of my son Daniel Chaffe, and to my Grandchild viz. the child of
my Daughter Esther, and to their Respective heirs and assigns [and ^ part thereof
my wife] My daughter Alice to have J part thereof. And J part therof to be equally
divided between my four Grand children, children of Daniel Chaffee viz. Abner,
Daniel, Samuel, and Mary.

"And the remaining 3rd part I give to my Grandson Joel son of my daughter,
Esther Martin."

The executor filed his account April 3, 1769.

Children, by first wife, the first five born in Rehoboth, the last three in Attleboro:

64 i Samuel^ Chaffe, born December 1, 1714; probably died before 1763,

as he is not mentioned in his father's will.

65 ii Elizabeth Chaffe (birth entered in Providence, R. I., and Rehoboth),

born June 12, 1716; probably died before 1763, as she is not
mentioned in her father's will.

66 iii Alice (Alse) Chaffe, born (birth entered in Providence, R. I., and Reho-

both) June 18, 1718; died; married in Attleboro, July 23, 1741,
Alexander Moore, their intention of marriage being published
there, May 9, 1741.

67 iv Daniel Chaffe, Jr., born April 26, 1720; died in infancy.

+ 68 V Daniel Chaffe, Jr., born December 14, 1721 ; married Dorcas Ormsby.
+ 69 vi Esther Chaffe, born March 10, 172-; married Amos Martin.

70 vii Millerd Chaffe, probably died before 1763, as he is not mentioned in

his father's will.

71 viii Abner Chaffe, born July 18, 17 — ; probably died before 1763, as he is

not mentioned in his father's will.

14 Noah 3 Chaffe (Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rehoboth, Mass., Decem-
ber 17, 1692, and died there October 5, 1732. He married (1) in Rehoboth, May 5,
1720, Sarah, daughter of Abiah and Mehitable (Reed) Carpenter. She was born
in Rehoboth, March 3, 1796-7, and died there, September 10, 1722. He married
(2) in Rehoboth, December 16, 1725, Hepzibah Daggett, who died there, August
12, 1736, in her thirty-fifth year. Her estate was administered by her brother,
Israel Daggett, who was appointed August 26, 1736, an inventory of her possessions
being taken August 30, 1736.

The town records make no mention of Noah Chaffe, but his various land trans-
actions are on record. On May 3, 1715, his father gave him six acres of land in
Rehoboth, being the house lot, and also twenty-four acres in Half Mile swamp.


February 14, 1720-1, Noah Chaffe, "yeoman," bought for £18, Is., eleven and
three-quarters acres of land in Rehoboth of Hannah, widow of Josiah Turner of that
place. February 5, 1724, he sold to his cousin Joseph Chaffe (18) of Barrington,
Mass., one and a half acres of "Salt Marsh" in that place, "the other half being
my brother Thomas Chaffe's." This deed was witnessed by John Chaffe (16) and
Ebenezer Chaffe (78). He sold two acres in Rehoboth for £2, December 20, 1726,
to Joseph Bucklin, Sr., of that place. Between this date and January 20, 1731-2,
he became an inn-holder, as we find him so called in a deed of the latter date, when
he sold to James Walker, a fellow-townsman "a right of commonage" in
Rehoboth for £3, 5s. The next day he sold to Richard Bowen for £185, the
twenty-four acres in Half Mile swamp given him in 1715 by his father. Three
months later, April 25, 1732, he bought for £15, four acres in Rehoboth from John
Sweetland of Attleboro, Mass. This was his last land transaction, as he died the
following October. There is no record that Noah Chaffe ever became a member
of any church, though his wife, Hepzibah, joined the First Congregational Church
of Rehoboth, December 18, 1726. She was appointed administratrix of his estate
on November 9, 1732, but dying before it was settled, her husband's brothers,
Jonathan (8) and Thomas (5), were appointed to complete the administration.
Sarah, Noah's daughter by his first wife, chose as her guardian, August 25, 1736,
her uncle Abiah Carpenter. Jonathan Chaffe (8) was appointed guardian of the
minor children, Shubael and Christopher. October 30, 1738, Noah Chaffe's heirs
drew lot number thirty-eight in Rehoboth.

Noah Chaffe and his second wife were buried in the old burying-ground, Reho-
both (now in the village of Rumford, East Providence, R. I.), where their tomb-
stones bear the following inscriptions :

"Here lies ye bodv of
Mr. Noah Chaffe


Oct' ye 5th 1732.

in ye 40th year of his age."

"Here lies inter'd ye

body of Hephzibah Chaffe

widow & reUct of

Mr. Noah Chaffe

Dec'd Aug. 12th 1736 in

ye 35th year of her age."

Child, by first wife :
-f72 i Sarah* Chaffe, born August 20, 1722; married William Blanden,

Children, by second wife, born in Rehoboth:

73 ii Isaiah Chaffe, born November 4, 1727; died in Rehoboth, February 17,
-1-74 iii Shubael Chaffe, born March 23, 1729-30; married Elizabeth Crawford.

75 iv Christopher Chaffe, born August 7, 1731; died in Woodstock, Conn.,
December 31, 1755; was baptized in the First Congregational Church
of Rehoboth, September 26, 1731; losing both his parents in early
childhood, he probably lived with his uncle and guardian, Jonathan
Chaffe (8) ; when he moved to Woodstock, we do not know, but it
is on record under the date November 10, 1752, that "Christopher


Chaffe, husbandman, of Woodstock, Conn.," sold for £60 to
"Shubael Chaffe husbandman of Rehoboth" his interest in the
estate of their father, being one-fourth part. He served in the
French and Indian War, enlisting from Rehoboth, which is given
as his residence, September 8, 1755, and serving in the expedition
against Crown Point under the command of General William
Johnson, in Captain Aaron Kingsley's company. [Massachusetts
Colonial Records, Vol. XCHI, p. 199.] Soon after this he died;
whether from the effects of his service or not, we do not know;
his tombstone in the West Woodstock cemetery reads:

"Here lies the body of Mr. Christopher Chaffee who died Dec.
ye 31 1755 in ye 25 year of his age."
The inventory of his real estate taken January 24, 1756, gives the
amount as £759, 12s.; apparently he gave, either by will or by gift,
before his death, a sum of money to the New Roxbury Society,
as on December 13, 1756, at a meeting of the inhabitants: "It
was proposed whether or no they would lay out that money that
was given to the society by Christopher Chaffe late of Woodstock
deceased for the finishing of the meeting house in said society
toward the finishing of the pulpit & galleries, and it was voted in
the affirmative by polling"; that his generosity was, though tardily,
appreciated, is proved b}^ the following:

"At a regular meeting of the society in Woodstock on the 10th
day of December A. D. 1764, voted that the society committee
should procure a decent pair of grave-stones for a memoriam of
Christopher Chaffe late of Woodstock deceased. Upon the account
of his generous and pious gift or donation to said society"; these
stones were procured through Shubael Child, and December 15,
1766, he acknowledged the receipt of £1, 12s. in payment for them,

16 John 3 ChafEe (Joseph, 2 Thomasi) was born in Swansea, Mass., December 16,
1673 [Plymouth Colony Records] and died in Woodstock, Conn., December 2, 1757.
He married (1) in Swansea, July 17, 1700, Sarah, daughter of Gershom and Ehzabeth
(Chadwick) Hills of ]\Ialden, Mass., [see Appendix B] and sister of his brother
Joseph's wife. She was of Maiden and died, probably in Woodstock, April 7, 1735.
John ChafTe married (2) in Ashford, Conn., November 4, 1735, Elizabeth Hay-
ward of that place, who died in Woodstock, February 5, 1760, aged eighty-seven.
October 28, 1694, just before John Chaffe 's twenty-first birthday, his father died
and he, together with his mother and younger brother, was made an executor of
the estate. According to the terms of his father's will he received a "heifor," one-
half of his father's "tooles" and gun, and, on attaining the age of twenty-one,
one-fourth part of his "Upland and Meadow ground in Swanzey." (See 1.)
He and his mother drew lot number one hundred and twenty in a division of land
in Rehoboth, June 16, 1697. Rehoboth Records.]

"At a TowTi meeting Legally warned as by ye Constables return & the Town
being together March 23, 1697-8 for choice of Town officers for ye year ensuing
did proceed viz: . . . Surveyors of Highways . . . John Chaffy" and
four others. [Swansea Records.]

March 25, 1701, "John Chafey " was chosen one of two Constables. [Ibid.]

March 29, 1703, he and his mother again received a share in a division of land
in Rehoboth. [Rehoboth Records.]

The next day, March 30, 1703, "John Chaffy" and two others were chosen
Tithingmen. [Swarisea Records.]

On the "2d Tuesday in March 1703-4 . . . Field Drivers Chose for Wanne-


mosset [up to 1667 part of Rehoboth, but at this time the western part of Swansea]
John Chafie " and one other. [Ibid.]

June 6, 1704, John Chaffe of Swansea, bought of John Hall of Rehoboth ten
acres of land there for £1, 10s.

June 30, 1704, "John Chafie" and two others were chosen "to serve on the
Petty Jury at ye Court of Quarter Sessions to be holden at Bristol for ye County
of Bristol on y 2 Tuesday of July next ensuing." [Ibid.]

February 9, 1707-8 "John Chaffee" and his mother again shared in a division
of land in Rehoboth, drawing lot number fifty-eight. [Rehoboth Records.]

June 16, 1708, "John Chaffee of Swanzey yeoman" sold to Thomas Allen of
the same town, six acres of land there for £9.

"Aprel the ninth one thousen seaven hundred and eleavene" an agreement
in regard to a driftway on the west side of Hide's Hole, the hanging of two gates
therein, etc., was signed by seventeen Proprietors of Swansea, two of whom were
John Chafe" and "Joseph Chaffe," his brother.

About this time was agitated the question of forming a new town from that
western part of Swansea called New Meadow Neck and Phebe's Neck, where John
and Joseph Chaffe lived. The matter seems to have arisen from the fact that the
meetinghouse was at such a distance from the dwellers in the western part of
Swansea as to be of little use to them, though they were forced to pay tithes for
the support of the minister and the maintenance of the meetinghouse. There
seemed to be no other way than to form a new town and a new meeting-
house, so the following petition was drawn up and sent to the Governor and


" To His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Captain-General and Governor-in-chief
in and over His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay in N. E., the Honorable
Council and Representatives in General Court assembled at Boston this thirtieth day
of May: [1711.]

"The petition of us the subscribers, inhabitants on the westward end of Swansea,
most humbly sheweth, that among all the outward and external blessings with

Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 6 of 91)