William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 64 of 91)
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Thomas was born March 9, 1811, and married Charles Ledyard.


5368 i Mary Jane » Ledyard.

3496 Elmer Williams » Chaffee (Newbury,^ Asa,^ Asa,^ Joseph,^ John, 3 Joseph,^
Thomas i) was born September 21, 1817, and died in Plymouth, Mich., Janu-
ary 4, 1853. He married in Liberty, Mich., January 15, 1838, Melinda L. Shat-
tuck, born November 13, 1813. She is a member of the Baptist Church, and was
living in 1895. Mr. Chaffee had a fair complexion, dark eyes, and was six feet,
one inch in height. He was at one time Town Treasurer. In 1838 he lived in
Plymouth, where he died fifteen years later of consumption. He was a miller.

Children :

5369 i Mary Elizabeths Chaffee, born August 18, 1840; died September 23,


5370 ii Albert Wellington Chaffee, born August 10, 1841; married Wealthy


5371 iii Theodore Newbury Chaffee, born October 15, 1844; died December 7

(2), 1844.

5372 iv Theodore Worthington Chaffee, born March 24, 1846; married Mary


5373 V Albert Williams Chaffee, born in Plymouth, June 16, 1848; married there,

October 21, 1873, Jennie Phillips; no children; he has a fair com-
plexion, dark eyes, and is five feet, five inches in height; is a sales-
man; residence, 1873 and 1895, Plymouth.

5374 vi Elmer Wadsworth Chaffee, born April 19, 1851; married Ella Smith;

in 1895, was Secretary and Treasurer of the Markham Air Rifle
Company, Plymouth.

3501 WilUam » Chaffee (Elem,7 Cyril,^ Asa,5 Joseph," John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas i)
was born on Armory Hill, Springfield, Mass., October 2, 1809, and died in Somers-
ville, Somers Township, Conn., February 7, 1874. He was married in Somers,
October 29, 1835, by Reverend R. G. Dennis, to Belinda, daughter of Alexander


and Abigail (Daniels) Reed. (See Appendix H.) She was born in Tolland, Conn.,
May 8, 1813, died in New York City, August 29, 1894, and was buried beside her
husband in the family lot in Somers burying-ground.

Mr. Chaffee moved with his father from Springfield to Somersville in 1819.
He had a common school education. At one time during his boyhood he took
toll in Hartford, Conn., at the Hartford Bridge. He was also a clerk in Loren
Sexton's store in that city, in that of Timothy Pitkin in Ellington, Conn., and
of his uncle, Chester Spencer, in Somersville. In 1828 he was a member of a
military company in Hartford. In 1835, he, with his brother James and Chester
Spencer, formed a partnership under the name of "Spencer and Chaffees," con-
ducting a general store for the sale of dry goods, groceries, etc., and owning and
operating a grist and saw mill, all being in Somersville (formerly called Billing's
Mills). They also built there on the Scantic River a factory for the manufacture
of satinets, woolen and cotton goods. This building was completed in 1837, and
in that year a stock company, known as the "Somersville Company," and capital-
ized at $30,000, was formed to carry on the business. At one time Mr. Chaffee
sold in Vermont palm-leaf bonnets made in Somers Street by Jonathan and Ebe-
nezer Clark. About 1840 he went to Pennsylvania where for three years he travelled
with a wagon, successfully selling dry goods and notions. At the end of this time
he went to Huron County, 0., with his wife, to visit her parents. He took with
him a number of palm-leaf bonnets, which he sold, buying with the proceeds
goose feathers. Upon his return east he sold these at a profit sufficient to defray
all the expenses of the trip. About 1843 he became a wholesale jobber of dry
goods and notions in Philadelphia, the firm, Chaffees, Stout and Company, being
located on Market Street. A stroke of paralysis in 1870 caused his retirement
from business activities. Soon after this he went for treatment to a sanitarium
in Bay City, Mich., accompanied by his wife. Later he returned to Somersville
and lived on the old Chaffee homestead until his death. His widow thereafter
made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Mary E. (Chaffee) Mixter, in Philadelphia
and with her son, William H. Chaffee, in New York City, at which latter place she
died. The following obituary of her was published September 6, 1894:

"The body of Mrs. Belinda (Reed), widow of William Chaffee, was brought
from the residence of her son, William H. Chaffee, New York, to Somersville,
where funeral services and interment took place on Sunday afternoon. She united
with the Broad-st. Baptist church in Philadelphia June 14, 1857, in which church
she bore an active part for many years. During the war of the rebellion she
interested herself (often times to the sacrifice of many pleasures) in the soldiers'
hospital of Philadelphia. It was no uncommon sight to find sitting at her noon-
day table from five to six convalescent union soldiers, to whom a generous invi-
tation had been given to partake of a home-made meal, of which some had been
so long deprived. So much did these brave men appreciate her kind acts that upon
their return home many sent pictures of themselves and families, together with
letters of gratitude, the correspondence being continued for a long time afterwards
by their wives and children. It is not necessary to add that these tokens of loyal
friendship were greatly cherished. Mrs. Chaffee no doubt inherited to some ex-
tent the love of country and patriotism so prominent in her character from her
grandfather, Samuel Reed, a Revolutionary soldier of Tolland, and for whom
she always bore a tender affection. From her father, Alexander Reed, heredity
showed itself in that quick perception so noticeable in both. Her mother, Abigail
(Daniels) Reed, filled with a soul of love and sacrifice, imparted much of the same to
her daughter. Her husband, William Chaffee, was born upon Armory Hill, in
Springfield, Mass., Oct. 2d, 1809, and removed when a boy with his father, Elam,

Mrs. Belixda (Reed) Chaffee


to what is now known as Somersville, Conn., where he became acquainted with
and married the deceased. They removed to Philadelphia about 1842."

Children, born in Philadelphia:
+ 5375 i William Henry ^ Chaffee, born June 21, 1843; married EHza S. Piatt.
5376 ii Elizabeth Maria Chaffee, born December 2, 1849; died in Philadelphia,
December 7, 1850, at 7:30 A. M. and was buried in the family
lot of William and James Chaffee, ^Monument Cemetery, Phila-
delphia, the body being later transferred to the family lot in
+ 5377 iii Mary Ella Chaffee, born January 24, 1853; married George W. Mixter.

3502 James » Chaffee (Elam,^ Cyril, ^ Asa,^ Joseph, * John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas
was born on Armory Hill, Springfield, Mass., August 21, 1811, and died in Union,
N. J., November 12, 1880. He married in Somersville, Conn., September 10, 1834,
Harriet Sophia, daughter of Alpheus Billings of that place, a member of the
Connecticut Legislature in 1836. She lived in Franklin, Ind., March 19, 1889.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee were of Somersville at the time of their marriage. He
had a florid complexion, gray eyes, and was five feet ten inches, in height. He
was employed in the United States Armory in Springfield from April, 1829, to
February, 1830, his work being the cutting and fitting of bayonets. In 1834 he
lived in Somersville and later moved to Philadelphia, where for many years he
was a wholesale dry goods merchant. He united with the Broad Street Baptist
Church there at about the age of forty, and was a Trustee of it for many years.
At the time of his death he lived in Union.

"Mrs. Harriet Sophia Chaffee, widow of James Chaffee, and daughter of Alpheus
Billings, Esq., in the evening of life, was called to her eternal abiding place. She
died at the home of her youngest son. Prof. A. B. Chaffee, Franklin, Indiana, in
the seventy-sixth year of her age. In the full fruition of a well spent life she has
gone to her reward. With pleasant earthly surroundings, still she longed for the
far more pleasant heavenly associations. Her life has been one of usefulness.
In the home circle the hallowed influence of a christian wife and mother was always
felt. As an active member of the church she was a power for good. For many
years a teacher in the Sunday school in the various places of her residence —
Philadelphia, Saratoga Springs and elsewhere — she, by her thorough knowledge
of the scripture, pointed those under her charge unerringly to the road which
leadeth heavenward. With a pure, childlike faith she react God's holy word and
upon it were based all her hopes of immortality. When called, as she had often
been, to pass through deep waters of affliction, she rested upon her Saviour who
would not leave or forsake her. She realized that underneath were the everlast-
ing arms to sustain and comfort. Her sorrows were always sanctified to a higher
spiritual advancement. Her God, while He was a God of justice, was a God of
love and compassion, and she rejoiced in the redemptive power of a Saviour which
made it possible for her to attain a blissful future. She had been for j-ears a care-
ful and prayerful student of the inspired word, and her faith was not founded upon
a superficial knowledge of its teachings. She needed no writer of fiction to formu-
late a system of theology for her adoption, offering in place of ' thus saith the Lord '
some delightful pabulum of the word shorn of its force and power and tendered
as a palliative for a condemning conscience. She realized that for humanity in
its sins heroic measures were a necessity or else a Saviour to suffer and die would
not have been provided. She would often exclaim, 'Alas! that there should be
even one for whom He had died in vain.' She was ever ready to give a reason, an
intelligent, Bible-founded reason for her faith. She reared a high standard of
life for her sons, three in number. How near they have approximated the line
so marked for them must be for other lips to tefl and other pens to write. Suffice
it to say that the memory of that sainted mother is precious, and her children rise
up and call her blessed. On Friday, 22d ult., after a brief religious service, the


lifeless form was borne by her sons and a nephew to her last resting place by the
side of her husband, who had gone home nearly a decade before. She was a native
of Somers, Conn., and now lies buried there.

Children :
+ 5378 i Edward James « Chaffee, born August 1, 1836; married (1) Mary E,

Young; (2) Mrs. Mary C. (Baker) Drake.
+ 5379 ii Theodore Spencer Chaffee, born December 21, 1840; married Ellen W.

+ 5380 iii Arthur Billings Chaffee, born June 19, 1852; married Laura C. Putnam.

3503 Spencer s Chaffee (Elam,7 Cyril, s Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1)
was born in Armory Hill, Springfield, Mass., June 21, 1813, and died in Somers-
ville. Conn., May 20, 1854. He was married in Longmeadow, Mass., August 1,
1844, by Reverend Mr. Bachelor, a Baptist minister, to Cindonia, daughter of
Micah and Ruth (Spencer) King, the eleventh of their twelve children. She was
born there July 2, 1820, and died in Wapping, Conn., January 18, 1907. Mr. and Mrs.
Chaffee lie buried together in the family lot in the Somers (Conn.) burying ground.

"Cindonia King, widow of the late Spencer Chaffee, of Somers, Conn., died at
the home of her daughter, Mrs. Clayton Grant, of Wapping, Friday morning,
Jan. 18, 1907, aged 86.

"Such is the formal statement of the outgoing of a single life. We commonly
call it the end. But if we take the larger and happier view of life, believing its
vicissitudes merely incidental to the development of the divine in us, then cer-
tainly the going of those we call * full of years ' is really a springing into new life, —
a glad valedictory.

"Say not good-night, but in some brighter clime, bid me good-morning."

"Cindonia King, the eleventh of the twelve children of Micah King and Ruth
Spencer, was born in Longmeadow, Mass., July 2nd, 1820. She was married to
Spencer Chaffee, Aug. 1st, 1844. They made their home in Somers, Conn., where
Mr. Chaffee conducted a farm. Later he was engaged, with his brother, in selling
goods by team through the Southern states. He was a man of more than usual
ability, a fine type of the men who, a half century ago, gave New England its
reputation for ability and integrity in the business world. He was, however,
early a victim of consumption and died at 41 years of age, just as the material
fruits of his labors seemed about to be realized, leaving the young wife with one
little girl to face life's battle alone.

"Mrs. Chaffee spent a year or two in Springfield, then returned to Somers and
upon the marriage of her daughter, Harriet Eliza, to Clayton Grant, of South
Windsor, went to live with them. She has been, for many years, a member of the
Congregational church at Somers. Her last illness was only a fading away of the
physical. The end came in perfect peace. Her life was and her death is, a bene-

"Mrs. Cindonia Chaffee, one of Wapping's oldest and most highly respected
residents, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Clayton Grant, Friday. The
deceased was 86 years old, and had lived in this town many years. She was born
in Somers in 1820 and was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. King. She was the last of
a family of twelve. When a young woman she was married to Spencer Chaffee.
Mr. Chaffee died several years ago. Mrs. Chaffee leaves one child, Mrs. Hattie
Grant, of this place and one grandchild, Mrs. Gertrude P. Boynton of Manchester.
Mrs. Chaffee was well known and was affectionately called 'Grandma Chaffee'
by all who knew her. Funeral was held Sunday at 1 : 30 at the home of the daugh-
ter of the deceased in Wapping. The services were conducted by the Rev. Mr.
Hurlbut. Burial was in Somers on Monday. The pall bearers were Chester Grant,
Clayton Grant, Henry Grant and Frank Grant."

+ 5381 i Harriet Elizabeths Chaffee, born April 25, 1848; married Clayton


3512 Emeline M.s Burt (Olive ^ Chaffee, Ephraim,^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Jo-
seph,2 Thomas i) was born m Monson, Mass., August 19, 1810, and married in
South Wilbraham, Mass., May 5, 1830, Hiram King, a farmer, born in Monson,
March 8, 1804, and where in 1883 they hved.


5382 i Whitney B.9 King, born January 29, 1836; died March 10, 1862; married,

December 7, 1860, Hattie Eldred.

3520 George Bancroft « Newell (Lois ^ Chaffee, Ephraim,® Asa,^ Joseph, * John, 3
Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in Hartford, Conn., November 19, 1823, and died
in Springfield, IMass., April 15, 1854. He married there, October 7, 1850, Mary
Ambridge of Saco, Me.


5383 i Lois Ambridge a Newell, born in Bellows Falls, Vt., October 20, 1851;

married in Hartford, December 25, 1873, Frank Butler, a widower
with a daughter.

3524 Ann Eliza » Newell (Lois ^ Chaffee, Ephraim,^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas was born in Springfield, Mass., February 29, 1840, and mar-
ried there, December 25, 1865, David Edward Childs of Worcester, Mass.

Children, first two born in New Haven, Conn. :

5384 i Harry Linwood » Childs, born March 13, 1873.

5385 ii Frank Childs, born August 6, 1877.

Three other children died in infancy, names unknown.

3526 Nabby Elvira » Chaffee (Norman,^ Calvin,6 Asa,5 Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,2
Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., August 14, 1814, and died Febru-
ary 14, 1888. She married in South Wilbraham, March 31, 1836, John Lacey of
Springfield, Mass., their marriage intention being entered in South Wilbraham,
March 12, 1836.

Children :

5386 i Charles » Lacey, died before 1883.

5387 ii D wight Lacey, died before 1883.

-1-5388 iii John Norman Lacey; married Catharine Woods.

3528 Edmund Dwight « Chaffee (Norman, 7 Calvin,^ Asa,5 Joseph,* John, 3 Jo-
seph,2 Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., INIarch 6, 1818, and mar-
ried there, April 7, 1841, Sarah Seymour, daughter of Robert Harris of Winton-
bury. Conn. She was of Stafford, Conn., and Mr. Chaffee of South Wilbraham
at the time of their marriage. They lived for many years in South Wilbraham,
and then moved to Enfield, Mass., where they were living in 1886. Mr. Chaffee
is a farmer.

Children, born in South Wilbraham:

5389 i Huldah Matilda ^ Chaffee, born September 1, 1842; died in South

Wilbraham, February 2, 1843.
+ 5390 ii Noah Davis Chaffee, born January 22, 1844; married Sarah E. Weath-

+ 5391 iii Robert Dwight Chaffee, born July 21, 1846; married (1) Mary E.

Knowles; (2) Emma J. Hoisington.
+ 5392 iv Norman Sej^mour Chaffee, born January 1, 1848; married (1) Juliette

E. Cadwell; (2) Anna Jane Lanphear (5396).
+ 5393 v Sarah Amanda Chaffee, born January 16, 1854; married Eugene C.



3529 Amorette Jane s Chaffee (Norman, 7 Calvin, s Asa,^ Joseph, * John,^ Jo-
seph,2 Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., April 25, 1820, and mar-
ried there, November 6, 1840, Stephen Gaylord Lanphear of Monson, Mass., their
marriage intention being entered in South Wilbraham, October 17, 1840. He
was born in Monson in 1819, and in 1887 they still lived there. He is a carpenter
and joiner.

Children, born in Monson:
+ 5394 i Nabby Davis ^ Lanphear, born July 12, 1841; married Charles H.

5395 ii Ralph Chaffee Lanphear, born August 7, 1844; died September 3,


5396 iii Anna Jane Lanphear, born December 21, 1846; married Norman

Seymour Chaffee. (See 5392.)

5397 iv Frank Gaylord Lanphear, born October 11, 1849; married in Mon-

son, June 30, 1875, Ella M. Lowe of that place.
+ 5398 V Sarah Amorette Lanphear, born December 13, 1854; married Lester C.

5399 vi Alanson Eugene Lanphear, born April 19, 1858; died April 30, 1858.
+ 5400 vii Mary Elvira Lanphear, born November 1, 1859; married Milo A.


3531 Ralph Tyler « Chaffee (Norman,^ Calvin,^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,^
Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., November 14, 1823 (Decem-
ber 20, 1823, December 19, 1824), and died in Monson, Mass., March 23, 1878.
He married (1) in Springfield, Mass., October 9, 1845, Sarah Jane, daughter of
Peter Hulst of Newtown, L. I. She died in Windsor Locks, Conn., February 14,
1853, and was buried in New Lots, L. I. He married (2) in Springfield, Novem-
ber 23, 1853, AUetta Ann, also daughter of Peter Hulst. After Doctor Chaffee's
death she married (2), May 3, 1879, John T. Giles of Brooklyn, N. Y., and in 1907
was living, a widow, with her son, George M. Chaffee, in Ridgewood, N. J.

" Dr. Ralph T. Chaffee was the first homeopathic physician in Windsor Locks,
Conn. After practising a short time in Granby he removed to Windsor Locks,
Conn., in 1850 but did not make use of the homeopathic method until 1857. In
1865 he removed to Hartford, Conn., but stayed there only 2 years, returning to
Windsor Locks where he remained until 1871, when he again removed to Hartford.
In 1875 he sold his practice to Dr. P. D. Peltier and took up his residence at Put-
nam, Conn., living there cjuietly and not attempting to practice. Later he re-
moved to Brooklyn, N. Y. where he practised until his death in 1878." [Memorial
History of Hartford, Conn.]

While living in Windsor Locks he was baptized by Doctor Ives and became
a member of the Suffield (Conn.) Baptist Church. While living in Hartford he
was a member of the First Baptist Church there, being prominent both in the
church and in the city. On his removal to Brooklyn he became a member of the
Centennial Baptist Church. It has been said of him :

"He was a man of mark in any congregation. Never shall we forget the support
his presence gave us from his first coming to his last appearance in our sanctuary.
He was fitted to die for he had nobly lived. Many of his friends in Massachusetts
and Connecticut accompanied his remains to our city, and attested to his worth
by their tears of grief and words of praise. He was one of 'God's Noblemen.' "

He died suddenly of heart disease at the home of his brother, Alanson N. Chaffee,
and was buried in New Lots, L. I.

Child, by first wife:
+ 5401 i Emma Jane ^ Chaffee, born April 10, 1847; married Everett C. Towne.



Children, bj'' second wife, the last two born in Hartford :

5402 ii John William Chaffee, born in Brooklyn, July 27, 1855; died April 6,
+ 5403 iii Ellen Amanda Chaffee, born June 28, 1857; married Frederick D.

+ 5404 iv Ralph Giles Chaffee, born March 16, 1865; married Grace Hosford.
5405 V George Mason Chaffee, born November 1, 1871; residence, 1907,
Ridgewood; engaged in business in New York City.

3532 Betsey Samantha s Chaffee (Norman, ^ Calvin, ^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., September 9, 1825,
and died May 3, 1849. She married in South Wilbraham, December 10, 1844,
Jonathan Wood, Jr., of Monson, Mass., their marriage intention being entered
in South Wilbraham, December 21, 1843.

+ 5406 i Ellen Samantha ^ Wood, born January 24, 1849; married Lafayette

3533 Amanda Holly » ChaflEee (Norman, ^ Calvin, « Asa,^ Joseph, * John, 3 Jo-
seph, 2 Thomas i) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., October 2, 1827, and died
June 30, 1851. She married, March 15, 1846, Edmund Wood of Monson, Mass.,
their marriage intention being entered in South AVilbraham, February 25, 1846.
In 1881 he was in the hay, grain and fertilizer business with his son, Merrick L.
Wood, in Chicopee, Mass.

Children :
+ 5407 i Elliott Edmund 9 Wood, born December 17, 1846; married Jennie

+ 5408 ii Merrick Lyman Wood, born November 5, 1848; married Emma C.


3542 Minerva s ChafEee (Thomas Elmer,^ Calvin, e Asa,^ Joseph,* John,3 Jo-
seph, 2 Thomas 1) was born January 17, , and died in the fall of 1882. She

married (1) — King; (2) Ivus Brooks; (3) Van Volkinburgh.

Children :

5409 i Ellen King, died before 1883.

5410 ii Charles Brooks.

3543 Lydia Payne s Chaffee (Thomas Elmer,^ Calvin,6 Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3

Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born September 18, , and died in 1885. She married

in Somers, Conn., May 1, 1848, Benjamin T. Harwood, a butcher. In 1883 they
lived in Enfield, Mass.

Children :
+ 5411 i Charles Elmer ^ Harwood, born January 27, 1851; married Elizabeth
5412 ii Clara Jane Harwood, born January 23, 1853.
+ 5413 iii George Sandford Harwood, born March 9, 1856; married Fannie
5414 iv Willard Irving Harwood, born September 14, 1860.

3544 Augusta Harmonia ' Chaffee (Thomas Elmer,^ Calvin, ^ Asa,^ Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1), married in Somers, Conn., in 1845, Philander H. Pike,
born in Petersham, Mass., September 9, 1825, died in Michigan, September 4,
1888. He was a carpenter and joiner, had a light complexion, gray eyes, and was
five feet, six inches in height. He served as a Private in the Civil War, and was


wounded in the left side. Mrs. Pike is a member of the Congregational Church.
In 1896 she was living in Colrain, Mass.
Children :

5415 i Anna « Pike.

5416 ii Elizabeth Pike, married Rhodes; has one daughter.

5417 iii Eugene Pike, married Jones.

5418 iv Delbert Pike.

5419 V Ella Pike, died before 1883.

3554 Jerome s Chaffee (Dan,^ Calvin,^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,2 Thomas
was born in Monson, Mass., October 2, 1824, and died in Springfield, Mass., July 3,
1861. He married there, February 12, 1855, his cousin, Harriet Atwood » Newell
(3521) (Lois 7 Chaffee, Ephraim,^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1), born
in Hartford, Conn., December 7, 1825. She survived her husband and in 1883
lived in Springfield with her daughter, Lois A. Chaffee. Mr. Chaffee was a printer.
Some three years before his death he was injured in a printing establishment,
his clothing catching in the machinery and drawing him into it. He died of con-

Children, born in Springfield:

5420 i Lois Augusta » Chaffee, born April 17, 1857; residence, 1883, Springfield.

5421 ii George Jerome Chaffee, born November 17, 1859; died February 3, 1866.

3555 Edward Brooks « Chaffee (Dan,7 Calvin,^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John,3 Joseph, 2
Thomas 1) was born in ]\Ionson, Mass., in 1830, and died in Rossville, N. Y., about
1873. He married (1) in Mansfield, Pa., IMartha Jane, daughter of Ebenezer
Miles of Mansfield, Conn. She was born in Connecticut, died in Mansfield aged
twenty-nine, and was buried in the family lot in Rutland, Richmond To-miship,
Pa. She was a member of the Disciples Church. Mr. Chaffee married (2) in
Springfield, INIass., in 1858, Melissa H., daughter of Lyman Crawford of Oakham,
Mass. Mr. Chaffee was an engineer. In 1886 his widow was living in Fair Haven,

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