William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 7 of 91)
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which the God of all mercy blesseth any people with all in this world, that of the
House of God is among them; the Gospel purely preached and the ordinances of
Christ's kingdom duly administered and fathers and children settled under pastoral
watch care and government, under pious learned orthodox ministers being in
our esteem the greatest.

"And we, your petitioners, being under the deplorable privations thereof, do
most hum.bly and earnestlj^ petition this Honorable Court that some methods
may be taken (as in wisdom may be thought best) for our relief, we being assured
of this Honorable General Court's power and good will to help in such cases, from
their repeated acts of the like nature, do the more freely open our malady which be-
speaks pity and cur. Not to mention the ill circumstances, which our different
opinions (in matters of religion from our neighbors) bring our estates under, in
whose power they are in all taxes (though bad enough of itself) is yet little and
light compared with the bitterness we feel at present, and fear for the future for
the very mention of no settled minister, learned and orthodox, no Church of Christ
settled in order, no pastor to feed Christ's lambs among us; this as we believe is
an uncomfortable thought unto all the holy and reverend ministers of Christ that
know our state. So it is a heart-breaking thought to us to think, that when we
are called out of this world to consider in what state we leave our posterity exjjosed
to a ruinating enticement from pure gospel and gospel ordinances. All which
sorrow and misery either felt or feared, if the Honorable General Court do in mercy


and pity prevent by granting us a township according to the hmits of Capt. Samuel
Low's mihtary company in Swansea, thereby enabUng us to settle and maintain
a pious, learned and orthodox minister for the good of us and our posterity, God
will be glorified, Christ's kingdom enlarged and will oblige your most humble
petitioners ever to pray.
"Samuel Low, John Chaffee,

" Daniel Allen, Josiah Ticknor,

"Benj. ViALL, Daniel Allen, Jr.,

"Israel Peck, Obadiah Pettis,

"Samuel Humphrey, Elisha May,

"Zachariah Bicknell, William Corbett,

" Nathaniel Peck, John Toogood,

"James Smith, Samuel Jay,

" Benj. Carey, John Rogers,

"Simon Davis, Joshua Phinney,

"Thomas Turner, Wm. Salisbury,

"Joseph Chaffee, Wm. Salisbury, Jr.,

"Thomas Tiffany, Jonathan Phinney,

"Jonathan Vaill, Ebenezer Phinney."

"Ebenezer Allen,

The other inhabitants of Swansea protested vigorously against this proposed
separation, and the petition was denied, but the Council recommended to them
"the Establishment & Support of a learned orthodox minister of good conversation
and to Endeavor a subscription for his comfortable and honorable maintenance."
The next year a similar petition was presented, with a like result.

At a town meeting on March 25, 1712, John Chaffe and one other were chosen
Field Drivers. [Swansea Records.]

"At a Propriators meeting lawfully warned and met together by adjournment
from the 8th day of January 1712 [1712-13] to the 12th day of Feb., 1712. Then
met together and the propriators of lands in Rehoboth cast lotts for their farms
& each propriator's lott fell as followeth . . . John Chaffee " drawing number
fifty-five. [Rehoboth Records.]

"At a Town Meeting in Swansey: by Lawful warning on ye 25th of March
1713 for the choice of Town officers for the year ensuing . . . also by virtue
of a warrant from the Clerk of Quarter sessions To chues 3 grand Jury men for
the Insuing year and 3 men to on the Jury of Tryels at April Court 1713 proceeded
to choice and chous vizt: . . . John Chafee [and two others] Petty Jurors."
[Swansea Recoi'ds.] He was also chosen, with two others, to serve on the "Jury
of tryels at October Court 1715." [Ibid.]

March 27, 1716, John Chaffe and five others were chosen Fence Viewers. [Ibid.]

The question of the division of the town continuing to occupy the minds of the
people of old Swansea, the third petition to the General Court, in 1717, was heard
and answered by the formation of a new town, and Phebe's Neck and New Meadow
Neck were "erected into a township by the name of Barrington," on November
18, 1717. In 1718-19, in the new town of Barrington, "John Chaffey" was chosen
one of two Fence Viewers for Phebe's Neck, New Meadow Neck also having two.
[Barrington Records.] February 15, 1721, John Chaffe and Sarah (Hills) Chaffe,
his wife, joined with other heirs of Gershom Hills in a quit claim deed to Ebenezer
Hills of Maiden, of two parcels of land in that place, one being eight or ten acres
of land, the other two acres of salt marsh. This land was given to Gershom Hills
by his father, Joseph Hills of Newbury, Mass., September 10, 1677. John Chaffe
swore to his signature to this document before a Justice of the Peace, November


24, 1726. In 1725, with two others, John Chaffee was Surveyor of Highways
[Ibid.] and in 1728 he was Grand Juror and Fence Viewer. [Ibid.] These are the
last entries regarding him in the Barrington town records, for soon after this he
moved to Woodstock. March 13, 1728-9, he bought of Ebenezer Morris of Wood-
stock, for £700, "a certain Messuage or Tenement and Land situated in the Town
of Woodstock aforesd Lying in Sundry parcels. One piece contains by estimation
fourty acres of Land a Mansion House and barn where said Morris now Dwells"
bounded by the land of Benjamin Marcy, Isaiah Tiffany and the highways. Another
piece contained fifty-eight acres and was bounded by the highways and the land
of Benjamin Marcy and Captain Jonathan Payson. The third piece "called ye
orchard " contained two acres.

Two weeks later, March 27, 1729, "John Chaffee yeoman" and Sarah, his wife,
sold to Peleg Heath of Barrington, thirty acres of upland, meadow and salt marsh
there, for £510.

May 9, 1729, John Chaffe and Sarah, his wife, sold to Joseph Chaffe, Sr., their
brother, for £43, two acres of salt marsh bounded by the land of "Joseph Chafee
Senr. & Joseph Chaffe Junr " the river, the creek and the pond. May 17, 1729,
John Chaffe sold another piece of salt marsh, as the following deed, the original
of which is in the possession of the writer, shows :

"To all People to Whome these Presents Shall Com Greeting &c. Know yee
that I John Chaffe of Barington in ye Counry of Bristol in ye pro\'ince of ye massa-
chusetts bay in new england yeoman for and in Consideration of ye sum of Seuenty
pounds Currant mony of ye province aforesd to me in hand before ye ensealing
hearof well and Truly paid by Samuel Barns of Barington in ye County aforesd
yeoman the Receipt whereof I do hearby acknowledge my self there with fully
sattisfied and Contented and of Euery part and persel thereof do Exonerate acquit
and Discharge ye sd Samuel Barns his heirs execurs adminisrs and assign for
Euer: a Certain pice of saltmarsh Scittuate Lying anf being in Barington aforsd
Containing Three ACres and one halfe on aCre more or Less and is buted and
Bounded Southerly on a Salt pond and Salt meadow belonging to Joseph Chaffee
westwardly on a Crike of Runing water and on ye high way northerly on ye Land
and meadow belonging to ye sd Samuel Barns Eastwardly on ye salt water: To
Have and To Hold ye sd pice of Salt marsh or meadow: buted and bounded as
aforesd with all ye appurtenance priulidges and Commodities to the same belong-
ing or in any wise appertaining to him ye sd Samuel Barns hia heirs and assigns
for Euer to his and their only proper Vse benifitt and Behoof for Euer : and the sd
John Chaffee for me my heirs Executers adminisrs do Couenant promise and grant
to and with ye sd Samuel Barns his heirs executors adminisrs and assigns for Euer
that before ye Ensealing and Deliuery hearof I am ye True Sole and Lawfull owner
of all ye aboue granted and bargained premises and am Lawfully Seized and
possesed of ye same in mine own proper Right as a good perfect and absolute
Estate of Inheritance in Fee Simple and haue in myself good Right full power and
Lawfull authority to grant bargain Sell and Conuey and Confirm s Bargained
premises in manner as aboue sd and that the sd Samuel Barns his heirs and assigns
shall and may fromtime to time and at all times for Euer hearafter by force and
Vertue of these prsents Lawfully Peacably & Quiatly haue hold use occupie posses
and Enjoy ye sd Devuised and Bargained premises with their appurtenances free
and freely and Clearly acquited and Discharged of and from all manner of former
or other gifts grants Bargains Sales Leases mortgages will Entails Joyntors Dower
Judgments Executions Incumbrances and Extents and the s John Chaffee do by
these presents for myself my heirs Executors adminisrs do Covenant and Ingage
y aboue Devuised Premises to him ye sd Samuel Barns his heirs and as Signs
against all ye Lawfull Claimes and Demands of all person or persons whome So
Euer for Euer to warrant Secure and Defend: In Witness Whereof I the sd John


Chaffee Haue hear unto Sett to my hand and Seal this Seuenteenth day of May in

ye Second year of his Majties Anno Domini 1729 —

"Signed Sealed and Deliuered^

" in the presence of

"James Ilix

"Joseph Chaff e


Bristol ss June 5 1729 Personally appeared
John Chaffe the subscriber to ye aboue
written Instrument and acknowlleged the
same to be his free voluntary act and deed
Before me

" Bristol ss Reed: June 2Sth: 1729 Samll Brown

and this Deed is Recorded in ye Justice of the Peace."

19th Book folio (4) by Samll

Rowland Regr."

Between June 5, 1729, and February 12, 1729-30, John Chaffe had moved to
Woodstock, as is evidenced by the following abstract of a deed of the latter
date :

"John Chaffee of Woodstock, County of Suffolk, Province of Massachusets Bay,
in New England, yeoman ... to Samuel Humphrey, Barrington, County of
Bristol & province aforesaid, yeoman. . . .

All that the said John Chaffe his house & land messuage or Tenement situate
lying and being within the Township of Barrington in the County of Bristol in
the province aforesd, Containing fifty acres of land be the same more or less as
it now lyeth butted and Bounded (viz) Easterly and westerly upon the highway,
southerly on the land of Joseph Chaffe, Northerly on the land of Nathaniel Peck
Jur., with all and singular the Rights, members and appurtenances wayes waters
water courses wood underwood timber, Trees stones mines mineralls, easements,
emoluments, Hereditaments, Immunities, profits, priviledges and advantages to
the said bargained premises belonging, or in any wise appertaining or therewith
used occupied or enjoyed and also all the Housing and Buildings of any sort or
kind thereon erected with all fences orchards, gardens & improvements whatsoever
as also all the estate, right, title Inheritance property claim & demand whatsoever
of the said John Chaffe his heirs, excrs, adminisrs & assigns of in or unto the said
Bargained Premises or and part thereof. . . .
"Signed, sealed and delivered

in the presence of us John Chaffe [seal]

"Isaiah Tiffany her

" Benjamin Marcy. I consent. Sarah G Chaffe [seal]

"Dated February 12, 1729-30."

This deed was made in Woodstock, as is apparent from the names of the witnesses.
Late in February or early in March, 1729-30, John Chaffe's mother died and, as
he was one of the executors, he was obliged to go back to Barrington. At the
probate court in Bristol, March 17th, he and his brother offered their mother's
will for probate and gave bonds, their account being filed soon after. After all
debts and legacies were paid, John must have received about £15 worth of personal
property, as his half of the personal estate, and half of the land which by his
father's will was to revert to him and his brother at his mother's death.

There is no record of his having sold this land. For fifteen years we find no
further mention of him in the records, but we know that during this time he lost
the wife of his youth and married again.

February 9, 1744-5, "John Chaffee, husbandman, of Woodstock," bought of
his son Joel, for £287, fifty acres of land in the southern part of Woodstock. Prob-


ably this was the land which he sold April 2, 1747, to Ebenezer Smith for £100.
as that is also described as fifty acres of land in the southern part of Woodstock,
The deed also mentions a dwelling house on the property, and is signed by John
and Elizabeth Chaffe.

August 29, 1754, John Chaffe made his will, and the same day, doubtless in
accordance with the custom of the day, he gave to his heirs part of their inheritance.
The deeds state that the property was "sold" for stated sums; but no money
passed between grantor and grantee, the sum being named and the value of the
property fixed so that no dispute might afterwards arise regarding each heir having
had his or her equal share. The children of his deceased son Hezekiah, namely,
John (268) and Hezekiah, Jr. (269), received eight acres of land in Woodstock,
valued at £20. The children of his deceased son Joel, namely, Joel, Jr. (251),
Joshua (250), Abigail (253), Lucy (255), and Ruth (256) received the two acres
of orchard in Woodstock which was one of the three parcels of land bought of
Ebenezer Morris in 1728-9. This also was valued at £20. John Chaffe, Jr.,
received fifty acres of land in Woodstock, valued at £70, and Ebenezer a tenement
and forty acres of land in Woodstock valued at £100. The eldest son, Joseph,
received nothing at this time, but on his father's death in 1757, became his resid-
uary legatee.


" In the Name of God Amen I John Chaffee of Woodstock in the County of Wind-
ham Being infirm of Body but of sound Disposing mind and memory thanks be
given to God therefor Calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that
it is appointed for all men once to die So make and ordain this my last Will and
Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I give and Reccommend my
soul into the hands of God that gave it and my Body I recommend it to the Earth
to be Buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the charge of my three sons
Joseph Ebenezer and John in Equal Cost and at their discretion nothing doubting
but at the General Ressurection I shall Receive the same again by the Almighty
Power of God into whose Kingdom I hope and Desire to be received as a true
Penitent notwithstanding m}' unworthiness therefor by ye alone merits of Jesus
Christ And as touching such Worldly Estates as it hath pleased God to Bless me
with in this life not yet Disposed of I give Devise and Dispose thereof in the follow-
ing manner and form.

" Imprimis It is my will and I do order that in the first Place all my Just debts
be first paid (my funeral charges to be paid by my Three Sons they each of them
having Reed of my Estate Enough for that) and satisfied by my Executor here-
after named.

"Item I give and Bequeath unto EHzabeth my beloved wife the sum of five
Shillings old tenor Common Currency by my Executor as Soon after Probate
hereof as can be which with a maintenance that I have secured by Two Bonds
one from my son Ebenezer ye other from my son John haveing even date Here-
with which I Judge to be in full of her dower and Dower of her Thirds of my

"Item I give and Bequeath unto my Loving Son Ebenezer Chaffee ye sum
of five shiUings old Tenor Common bills of Credit which together with about forty
acres of land more or less w^hich I Purchased of Ebenezer Morriss with a mansion
House & Barn that I this day conveyed to him by deed which I Judge to be his
full part and portion of my Estate and in full for his living with me since he has
been of age all which I have given to him his heirs & assigns forever,

"Item I give and Bequeath unto my loving son John Chaffe the sum of five
shillings like bills which with what I have given him by deed bearing date here-
with of about Fifty acres of land being part of what I Purchased of said Moriss


and the same I have given to him his heirs and assigns forever all which I Judge
to be his full part and Portion of my Estate and for what he had done for me since
he has been of age.

"Item I give & Bequeath unto my Grand Children John Chaffe and Hezikiah
Chaffe Sons of my late son Hezikiah Uesd the sum of five shillings Each and I
have given to them my said Grand Children by deed about eight acres of land
which is all my Pasture by deed having even date herewith I have given to them
in Equal Right to them Their Heirs & assigns forever and that together with what
I have done for their Father and for them I Judge to be full parts out of my Estate.

"Item I give & bequeath unto the Children of my late Desd son Joel Chaffee
the sum of Twenty shillings like bills of Credit Share and I have * alike or to
their legal Representatives or the survivors of them which with what I have given
to them by deed bearing Date herewith of my orchard lying south of where I now
live being about two acres more or less which is given to them their Heirs & Assigns
foever in Equal Shares and what I gave to their Father formerly I Judge to be
their full part of my Estate.

"Item I give unto my eldest son Joseph Chaffe and to his heirs & assigns
forever my two cows that are in the hands of my son Ebenezer Chaffe or two that
is obliged to deliver after my Decease as good with all the rest and residue of my
Estate whatsoever and Wheresoever he paying my Just Debts and ye abovesaid
Small Legacies (above given to my wife Children and Grandchildren) which with
what I have already advanced to him as per a receipt that he gave to me Dated
ye 23rd Day of February 1729 and recorded in Woodstock Town book of Records
Liber B page 60 will appear and before and since I Judge to be his full part Portion
and Proportion of my Estate And finally I do Constitute make & ordain my said
Son Joseph Chaffe Sole Executor to this my last will & Testament ChearfuUy
confiding in his FaithfuUness to fulfill this my last will hereby Revokeing all other
or former wills Testaments Legac3's Bequests and Executors before this time
willed Bequeathed or Named Confirming this and no other to be and contain my
last will and Testament.

" In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this 29th Day of
August Anno Dom 1754 and in the 25th year of his majesties Reign George ye
"Signed Sealed PubUshed Pronounced John Cil^ffe

and declared by ye S John Chaffe to be

and contain his last will and Testament
"In Presence of ye Subscribers
"Samuel Mascraft
"Jacob Lvon
"Thos Chandler."

Children, by first wife, all but the second known to have been born in Swansea:

+ 76 i Joseph^ Chaffe, born January 17, 1701; married Hannah May.
+ 77 ii Joel Chaffe, born in 1702; married Elizabeth Bicknell.
+ 78 iii Ebenezer Chaffe, born September 22, 1704; married (1) ]\Iary Scar-
borough; (2) Mary Bacon; (3) Mrs. Sarah (Adams) Durand.
+ 79 iv Hezekiah Chaffe, born April 19, 1706; married Mary Toogood.
+ 80 V John Chaffe, Jr., born February 10, 1706-7; married Mehitable ^lascraft.

17 Mary 3 Chafee (Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Swansea, Mass., October 23,
1675, and died. She married in Rehoboth, Mass., April 16, 1703, Daniel Whitaker.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

81 i Ephraim* Whitaker, born February 8, 1703-4; died in Rehoboth, April

12, 1704.

82 ii Hannah Whitaker, born March 28, 1705.

* So in original.


83 iii Mary Whitaker, born August 24, 1706.

84 iv Daniel Whitaker, Jr., born February 11, 1707.

85 V Dorothy Whitaker, born August 27, 1709.

86 vi Seth Whitaker, born April 11, 1711.

87 vii Ebenezer Whitaker, born April 29, 1713.

88 viii Joseph Whitaker, born February 3, 1715-16; died in Swansea, July 25,


89 ix Anne Whitaker, born October 30, 1717.

18 Joseph 3 Chaffe, Jr. (Joseph, 2 Thomas^) was born in Swansea, Mass., Febru-
ary 6, 1677 [Plymouth Colony Records], and died, probably in Woodstock, Conn.,
not long before August 10, 1759. He was married in Maiden, Mass., December
1, 1709, by Mr. Parsons, to Abigail, daughter of Gershom and Elizabeth (Chadwick)
Hills [Maiden Records, see Appendix B], and sister of his brother John's wife.
Abigail (Hills) Chaffe died in Swansea, October 2, 1710, when her only child was
three weeks old. Joseph Chaffe was married (2) in Falmouth, Mass., October 16,
1712, by Joseph Metcalf, to Jemima Chadwick of that place. She died before
her husband, as she was not mentioned as one of his heirs in the settlement of
his estate.

Joseph Chaffe lost his father in November, 1694, when he was only sixteen years
old. He was, with his mother and brother, executor of his father's estate and
under his father's will received the family Bible which had belonged to his father
and his grandfather Chaffe, his father's sword and a heifer, also half his father's
"tooles" and gun, and, on reaching the age of twenty-one, half his upland and
meadow ground in Swansea.

There is no further reference to him in any kind of record until 1701 when "At
a Town meeting ... ye 2oth of March 1701, . . . for field Drivers
Chosen , . . Joseph Chaffy" and two others. [Su-ansea Records.]

Hereafter his name appears frequently in these records, as follows: March
27, 1702. " Joseph Chafy " was chosen one of two Field Drivers for " wannamosset
Neck." March 30, 1703, he was chosen Petty Juryman. March 25, 1707, with
three others, he was chosen again as a Field Driver, and March 23, 1707-8, for
the same office, with four others. August 30, 1710, "Joseph Chafe" was one of
a committee of nine, "of febe's neck In Swansea," which met and chose Benjamin
Viall as clerk to keep the records of the community. April 9, 1711, he and his
brother John were two of seventeen Proprietors of Swansea who signed an agree-
ment in regard to a driftway on the west side of Hide's Hole, the hanging of two
gates therein, etc. The petition, presented in ]\Iay of this year, for the separation
of the western end of Swansea into a separate to-^-nship was also signed by the
two brothers. (See 16.) The last mention of Joseph Chaffe in the Swansea records
is dated March 30, 1714, when he was one of two Constables chosen. In 1717,
the desire of the dwellers on Phebe's Neck and New ^Meadow Neck to be set off
into a separate town was finally granted, and November ISth the Township of
Barrington was formed. In 1718, Joseph Chaffe was chosen as guardian by
Jonathan Paine (27), the son of his cousin Dorothy (Chaffe) Paine (4). The Bar-
rington records show that he continued to occupy the same prominent place in
the affairs of the new town as he did in the old. In 1720 he was one of two Tything-
men, and in 1721 Fence Viewer for Phebe's Neck. February 15, 1721, as heir
of his first wife, Abigail (Hills) Chaffe, he signed a quit claim deed to Ebenezer
Hills of Maiden, on property to which she been one of the heirs. (See 16.) He


swore to his signature to this document, November 24, 1726. November 22, 1721,
"Joseph Chaffee, of Barrington, in the County of i^ristol, in his Majesty's Province,
in tlie Massachusetts bay in New England, husbandman, the son of Joseph Chaffee
deceased" bought of Thomas Tiffany, Sr., of Ashford, Conn., for £42, 10s., one
hundred acres of land there, adjoining the land of Daniel Fuller. In 1722 Joseph
Chaffe was Hog Reeve of Barrington [Barrington Records], his duty being to im-
pound hogs running at large and to execute ordinances as to swine. February
5, 1724, Noah Chaffe of Rehoboth "yeoman" sold to his cousin, Joseph of Bar-
rington, for £22, one-half of three acres of salt marsh in Barrington, "the other
half being my brother Thos. Chaffe's," the deed being witnessed by John (16) and
Ebenezer Chaffe (78). Joseph bought the remaining half of this property of
Thomas, May 4, 1730, for £30. In 1725 Joseph Chaffe was again Hog Reeve and
also Constable, and the town allowed him "15 shillings" "for a house to keep
school in " [Ibid.], some building owned by him being used for that purpose. May
9, 1729, he bought of his brother John and Sarah, his wife, for £43, two acres of
salt marsh bounded by the land of "Joseph Chafee Senr. & Joseph Chaffe Junr,"
the river, the creek, the pond and the creek flowing out of it. In this year his
brother John moved to Woodstock, Joseph remaining behind on the homestead,
his aged mother living with him. She did not long survive her elder son's departure
for his new home, dying the latter part of February, or early in March, 1729-30.
John and Joseph were her executors and they offered the will for probate and gave

Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 7 of 91)